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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Los Angeles,CA
Team Record:  79-83   .488
Result:   3rd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Tom Lasorda
General Manager:   Al Campanis
Stadium:  Dodger Stadium
Attendance:  2,860,954
Playoffs:  -

Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Vic Davalillo (42)
Youngest Player:  Bob Welch (22)
Longest Tenure:  Don Sutton (14)
Top Hitter:  Steve Garvey (6)
Top Pitcher:  Don Sutton (8)
Top Draft Pick:  Steve Howe (#16)

Roster Continuity:  79.43%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers7983.48811.5
SF Giants7191.43819.5
San Diego6893.42222.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-04-05vs SDN1L  3-40-1646,536 Burt HootonGaylord PerryGaylord PerryLance RautzhanRollie Fingers34-1
1979-04-06vs SDN2W  10-11-1335,979 Don SuttonRandy JonesDon SuttonRandy Jones 1358
1979-04-07vs SDN3W  5-22-1344,327 Andy MessersmithEric RasmussenAndy MessersmithEric RasmussenLance Rautzhan18711
1979-04-08vs SDN4W  6-53-1239,562 Doug RauBob OwchinkoRick SutcliffeBob Shirley 241212
1979-04-09@ HOU5W  2-14-1112,116Bob WelchVern RuhleBob WelchVern RuhleJerry Reuss261313
1979-04-10@ HOU6L  1-24-2314,091Burt HootonJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardBurt Hooton 271512
1979-04-11@ HOU7L  3-104-3315,964Don SuttonKen ForschKen ForschDon Sutton 30255
1979-04-12vs ATL8L  2-104-4327,510 Andy MessersmithLarry McWilliamsLarry McWilliamsAndy Messersmith 3235-3
1979-04-13vs ATL9L  1-24-5442,284 Doug RauRick MatulaRick MatulaDoug RauGene Garber3337-4
1979-04-14vs ATL10W  6-55-5347,064 Bob WelchPhil NiekroBob WelchPhil NiekroJerry Reuss3942-3
1979-04-15vs ATL11L  4-115-6432,799 Burt HootonEddie SolomonEddie SolomonBurt HootonGene Garber4353-10
1979-04-16vs HOU12L  0-45-7429,092 Don SuttonKen ForschKen ForschDon Sutton 4357-14
1979-04-17vs HOU13W  10-66-7427,635 Andy MessersmithJoe NiekroJerry ReussTom Dixon 5363-10
1979-04-18vs HOU14L  0-46-8530,811 Doug RauVern RuhleVern RuhleDoug Rau 5367-14
1979-04-20@ SFN15L  2-36-9539,906Bob WelchJohn MontefuscoGary LavelleJerry Reuss 5570-15
1979-04-21@ SFN16W  2-17-9537,775Burt HootonBob KnepperBurt HootonTom Griffin 5771-14
1979-04-22@ SFN17W  9-28-9451,711Don SuttonEd HalickiDon SuttonEd Halicki 6673-7
1979-04-23@ PHI18L  3-48-10532,826Andy MessersmithRandy LerchTug McGrawLance Rautzhan 6977-8
1979-04-24@ PHI19L  6-78-11531,140Doug RauJim KaatRon ReedJerry Reuss 7584-9
1979-04-25@ PHI20L  4-58-12534,303Bob WelchDick RuthvenRon ReedRick Sutcliffe 7989-10
1979-04-28@ NYN21W  3-19-12311,426Burt HootonPete FalconeBurt HootonPete Falcone 8290-8
1979-04-29@ NYN22W  8-310-1330Don SuttonNeil AllenDon SuttonNeil Allen 9093-3
1979-04-29@ NYN23L  3-610-13319,982Andy MessersmithMike ScottDale MurrayRick SutcliffeSkip Lockwood9399-6
1979-04-30@ MON24L  4-810-14311,435Doug RauSteve RogersSteve RogersDoug Rau 97107-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-05-01@ MON25L  3-710-15511,621Bob WelchBill LeeBill LeeBob WelchElias Sosa100114-14
1979-05-03vs PHI26W  5-211-15541,215 Rick SutcliffeSteve CarltonRick SutcliffeSteve Carlton 105116-11
1979-05-04vs PHI27L  2-511-16542,717 Don SuttonRandy LerchRandy LerchDon Sutton 107121-14
1979-05-05vs PHI28L  0-1111-17545,169 Andy MessersmithDick RuthvenDick RuthvenAndy Messersmith 107132-25
1979-05-06vs PHI29L  0-411-18542,184 Doug RauNino EspinosaNino EspinosaDoug Rau 107136-29
1979-05-07vs NYN30W  5-212-18527,230 Burt HootonPete FalconeBurt HootonPete FalconeBob Welch112138-26
1979-05-08vs NYN31W  3-213-18427,092 Rick SutcliffeMike ScottRick SutcliffeDale MurrayBob Welch115140-25
1979-05-09vs NYN32W  7-214-18423,313 Don SuttonNeil AllenDon SuttonNeil Allen 122142-20
1979-05-10vs NYN33W  14-115-18326,399 Andy MessersmithCraig SwanAndy MessersmithCraig Swan 136143-7
1979-05-11vs MON34W  7-016-18343,297 Doug RauBill LeeDoug RauBill Lee 1431430
1979-05-12vs MON35W  4-317-18339,310 Burt HootonScott SandersonBob WelchStan Bahnsen 1471461
1979-05-13vs MON36W  8-218-18347,596 Rick SutcliffeRoss GrimsleyRick SutcliffeRoss GrimsleyJerry Reuss1551487
1979-05-15@ ATL37W  5-419-1838,139Don SuttonRick MatulaBob WelchAdrian Devine 1601528
1979-05-16@ ATL38L  2-319-1936,277Andy MessersmithEddie SolomonEddie SolomonAndy MessersmithGene Garber1621557
1979-05-17@ ATL39L  3-619-20412,079Doug RauPhil NiekroPhil NiekroCharlie Hough 1651614
1979-05-18@ CIN40L  6-719-21434,192Burt HootonMike LaCossPedro BorbonJerry Reuss 1711683
1979-05-19@ CIN41L  4-519-22446,753Rick SutcliffePaul MoskauPaul MoskauRick SutcliffePedro Borbon1751732
1979-05-20@ CIN42W  6-420-22440,087Don SuttonTom SeaverDon SuttonTom HumeBob Welch1811774
1979-05-21@ SDN43L  2-320-23420,981Andy MessersmithEric RasmussenEric RasmussenAndy Messersmith 1831803
1979-05-22@ SDN44L  6-720-24429,830Doug RauBob OwchinkoRollie FingersJerry Reuss 1891872
1979-05-23@ SDN45W  4-221-24429,158Burt HootonRandy JonesBurt HootonRandy Jones 1931894
1979-05-25vs CIN46W  17-622-24449,372 Rick SutcliffeTom SeaverRick SutcliffeTom Seaver 21019515
1979-05-26vs CIN47L  1-322-25439,533 Don SuttonFred NormanFred NormanDon Sutton 21119813
1979-05-27vs CIN48W  8-723-25444,150 Andy MessersmithBill BonhamLerrin LaGrowPedro BorbonBob Welch21920514
1979-05-28vs CIN49L  2-323-26449,114 Doug RauMike LaCossDave TomlinCharlie HoughTom Hume22120813
1979-05-29vs SFN50W  6-524-26435,845 Burt HootonBob KnepperTerry ForsterGary Lavelle 22721314
1979-05-30vs SFN51W  6-525-26442,819 Rick SutcliffeJohn CurtisJerry ReussGary LavelleLerrin LaGrow23321815
1979-05-31vs SFN52W  12-1026-26336,288 Don SuttonVida BlueDon SuttonVida BlueBob Welch24522817
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-06-01@ SLN53L  7-826-27326,687Andy MessersmithJohn DennyBuddy SchultzBob Welch 25223616
1979-06-02@ SLN54L  5-1226-28433,452Doug RauBob ForschBob ForschDoug Rau 2572489
1979-06-03@ SLN55L  4-626-29431,217Burt HootonPete VuckovichPete VuckovichBurt Hooton 2612547
1979-06-04@ PIT56W  4-227-29314,727Rick SutcliffeJim RookerRick SutcliffeJim Rooker 2652569
1979-06-05@ PIT57L  1-327-30311,088Don SuttonBert BlylevenBert BlylevenDon SuttonKent Tekulve2662597
1979-06-06@ PIT58L  4-527-31316,666Jerry ReussEd WhitsonEnrique RomoBob WelchKent Tekulve2702646
1979-06-08@ CHN59W  11-428-31321,162Burt HootonMike KrukowBurt HootonMike Krukow 28126813
1979-06-09@ CHN60L  3-528-32425,683Rick SutcliffeDennis LampDennis LampRick SutcliffeDick Tidrow28427311
1979-06-10@ CHN61L  3-1028-33424,088Don SuttonRick ReuschelRick ReuschelDon SuttonLynn McGlothen2872834
1979-06-11vs SLN62L  7-928-34432,159 Jerry ReussBob SykesTom BrunoLerrin LaGrow 2942922
1979-06-12vs SLN63W  9-329-34435,651 Burt HootonJohn DennyBurt HootonJohn Denny 3032958
1979-06-13vs SLN64W  9-830-34442,235 Rick SutcliffeBob ForschRick SutcliffeBob ForschTerry Forster3123039
1979-06-15vs PIT65L  2-630-35450,299 Don SuttonBert BlylevenBert BlylevenDon SuttonKent Tekulve3143095
1979-06-16vs PIT66L  3-630-36449,448 Bob WelchDon RobinsonDon RobinsonBob Welch 3173152
1979-06-17vs PIT67L  1-530-37445,835 Jerry ReussEd WhitsonEd WhitsonJerry ReussKent Tekulve318320-2
1979-06-18vs CHN68W  7-331-37427,569 Burt HootonDennis LampBurt HootonDennis Lamp 3253232
1979-06-19vs CHN69L  4-731-38438,605 Rick SutcliffeRick ReuschelDick TidrowRick SutcliffeBruce Sutter329330-1
1979-06-21@ ATL70W  6-432-38410,717Don SuttonMickey MahlerDon SuttonMickey MahlerDave Patterson3353341
1979-06-22@ ATL71L  2-332-39415,528Bob WelchTony BrizzolaraTony BrizzolaraBob WelchGene Garber3373370
1979-06-23@ ATL72L  3-732-40416,347Jerry ReussPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJerry Reuss 340344-4
1979-06-24@ ATL73L  2-432-41414,305Burt HootonRick MatulaRick MatulaBurt Hooton 342348-6
1979-06-25vs SDN74W  4-333-41429,142 Rick SutcliffeGaylord PerryKen BrettRollie Fingers 346351-5
1979-06-26vs SDN75L  1-533-42435,001 Don SuttonBob ShirleyBob ShirleyDon Sutton 347356-9
1979-06-27vs CIN76L  1-933-43540,768 Jerry ReussFred NormanFred NormanJerry Reuss 348365-17
1979-06-28vs CIN77L  1-233-44538,873 Burt HootonTom HumeTom HumeBurt HootonDoug Bair349367-18
1979-06-29vs ATL78L  2-533-45535,359 Rick SutcliffeRick MatulaRick MatulaRick SutcliffeGene Garber351372-21
1979-06-30vs ATL79L  4-733-46538,760 Don SuttonEddie SolomonGene GarberTerry Forster 355379-24
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-07-01vs ATL80L  1-233-47532,196 Jerry ReussPhil NiekroPhil NiekroKen BrettJoey McLaughlin356381-25
1979-07-02@ SDN81W  6-334-47513,535Burt HootonJohn D'AcquistoKen BrettBob Owchinko 362384-22
1979-07-03@ SDN82L  2-334-48524,674Rick SutcliffeGaylord PerryGaylord PerryRick Sutcliffe 364387-23
1979-07-04@ SDN83L  0-634-49645,481Don SuttonBob ShirleyBob ShirleyDon Sutton 364393-29
1979-07-06@ MON84L  4-634-50637,460Jerry ReussDan SchatzederDan SchatzederJerry ReussElias Sosa368399-31
1979-07-07@ MON85L  1-234-51646,502Burt HootonSteve RogersSteve RogersBurt Hooton 369401-32
1979-07-08@ MON86W  8-635-51646,601Rick SutcliffeRoss GrimsleyRick SutcliffeRoss GrimsleyLerrin LaGrow377407-30
1979-07-09@ MON87L  0-335-52630,930Don SuttonBill LeeBill LeeDon Sutton 377410-33
1979-07-10@ NYN88W  7-436-52612,218Bob WelchCraig SwanCharlie HoughCraig SwanDave Patterson384414-30
1979-07-11@ NYN89L  3-436-53611,401Jerry ReussPete FalconeNeil AllenDennis Lewallyn 387418-31
1979-07-12@ NYN90L  5-1236-54613,218Burt HootonDock EllisDock EllisBurt Hooton 392430-38
1979-07-13@ PHI91L  2-336-55646,542Rick SutcliffeDickie NolesDickie NolesRick SutcliffeTug McGraw394433-39
1979-07-14@ PHI92L  7-1036-56640,602Don SuttonNino EspinosaNino EspinosaDon SuttonTug McGraw401443-42
1979-07-15@ PHI93L  3-1036-57647,315Bob WelchRandy LerchRandy LerchBob WelchRawly Eastwick404453-49
1979-07-19vs MON94W  7-337-57629,046 Burt HootonDan SchatzederBurt HootonDan Schatzeder 411456-45
1979-07-20vs MON95W  6-538-57648,825 Rick SutcliffeSteve RogersDave PattersonWoodie Fryman 417461-44
1979-07-21vs MON96L  2-738-58630,143 Don SuttonBill LeeBill LeeDon Sutton 419468-49
1979-07-22vs NYN97W  4-339-58634,198 Charlie HoughDock EllisLerrin LaGrowEd Glynn 423471-48
1979-07-23vs NYN98W  3-140-58625,351 Jerry ReussPete FalconeJerry ReussPete Falcone 426472-46
1979-07-24vs PHI99W  15-341-58539,336 Burt HootonRandy LerchBurt HootonRandy Lerch 441475-34
1979-07-25vs PHI100W  16-842-58534,370 Rick SutcliffeDick RuthvenRick SutcliffeDick Ruthven 457483-26
1979-07-26@ HOU101W  6-543-58526,834Don SuttonJoaquin AndujarJoe BeckwithJoaquin AndujarTerry Forster463488-25
1979-07-27@ HOU102W  11-744-58539,071Charlie HoughJoe NiekroCharlie HoughJoe Niekro 474495-21
1979-07-28@ HOU103L  2-544-59539,747Jerry ReussKen ForschKen ForschJerry Reuss 476500-24
1979-07-29@ HOU104L  3-444-60546,754Burt HootonJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardTerry Forster 479504-25
1979-07-30@ CIN105L  4-944-61534,562Rick SutcliffeTom SeaverDoug BairKen Brett 483513-30
1979-07-31@ CIN106W  7-645-61532,649Don SuttonPaul MoskauDon SuttonPaul MoskauDave Patterson490519-29
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-08-01@ CIN107L  5-1045-62528,409Charlie HoughMike LaCossMike LaCossCharlie HoughTom Hume495529-34
1979-08-03vs SFN108W  11-346-62544,275 Burt HootonJohn CurtisBurt HootonJohn Curtis 506532-26
1979-08-04vs SFN109W  4-347-62544,818 Rick SutcliffeJohn MontefuscoDave PattersonGary Lavelle 510535-25
1979-08-05vs SFN110W  8-148-62538,962 Don SuttonBob KnepperDon SuttonBob Knepper 518536-18
1979-08-06vs SFN111L  1-748-63530,453 Charlie HoughEd WhitsonEd WhitsonCharlie Hough 519543-24
1979-08-07vs HOU112W  10-849-63534,538 Jerry ReussKen ForschKen BrettJoe SambitoDave Patterson529551-22
1979-08-08vs HOU113L  1-449-64541,584 Burt HootonJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardBurt Hooton 530555-25
1979-08-09vs HOU114W  4-350-64530,973 Rick SutcliffeJoaquin AndujarRick SutcliffeJoaquin AndujarJoe Beckwith534558-24
1979-08-10@ SFN115W  9-051-64531,530Don SuttonBob KnepperDon SuttonBob Knepper 543558-15
1979-08-11@ SFN116W  7-452-64442,477Charlie HoughEd WhitsonCharlie HoughEd WhitsonDave Patterson550562-12
1979-08-12@ SFN117L  1-452-65539,914Jerry ReussVida BlueVida BlueJerry Reuss 551566-15
1979-08-14@ SLN118W  9-053-65421,126Burt HootonJohn DennyBurt HootonJohn Denny 560566-6
1979-08-15@ SLN119W  6-554-65429,369Rick SutcliffeSilvio MartinezRick SutcliffeSilvio MartinezKen Brett566571-5
1979-08-16@ SLN120W  4-255-65419,551Don SuttonBob ForschBobby CastilloGeorge Frazier 570573-3
1979-08-17@ PIT121W  7-656-65422,416Charlie HoughJim BibbyDave PattersonJim BibbyBobby Castillo577579-2
1979-08-18@ PIT122W  5-157-65340,238Jerry ReussDon RobinsonJerry ReussDon Robinson 5825802
1979-08-19@ PIT123L  0-257-66328,382Burt HootonJohn CandelariaKent TekulveBurt Hooton 5825820
1979-08-20@ CHN124L  1-257-67325,285Rick SutcliffeLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenRick SutcliffeBruce Sutter583584-1
1979-08-21@ CHN125W  4-258-67334,745Don SuttonBill CaudillDon SuttonBill CaudillBobby Castillo5875861
1979-08-22@ CHN126W  7-259-67331,249Charlie HoughMike KrukowCharlie HoughMike KrukowBobby Castillo5945886
1979-08-24vs SLN127L  5-1259-68340,478 Jerry ReussPete VuckovichPete VuckovichJerry Reuss 599600-1
1979-08-25vs SLN128L  4-559-69347,244 Burt HootonJohn DennyRoy ThomasKen Brett 603605-2
1979-08-26vs SLN129W  4-160-69329,461 Rick SutcliffeSilvio MartinezRick SutcliffeSilvio MartinezBobby Castillo6076061
1979-08-27vs PIT130W  4-261-69335,705 Don SuttonJim BibbyKen BrettKent Tekulve 6116083
1979-08-28vs PIT131L  1-461-70331,587 Charlie HoughJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaCharlie Hough 6126120
1979-08-29vs PIT132L  1-461-71332,816 Jerry ReussBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJerry ReussKent Tekulve613616-3
1979-08-30vs CHN133L  1-461-72328,406 Burt HootonDennis LampDennis LampBurt HootonBruce Sutter614620-6
1979-08-31vs CHN134W  6-462-72335,648 Rick SutcliffeBill CaudillRick SutcliffeBill CaudillBobby Castillo620624-4
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-09-01vs CHN135W  5-463-72331,586 Don SuttonRick ReuschelDon SuttonRick Reuschel 625628-3
1979-09-02vs CHN136W  6-264-72327,092 Charlie HoughLynn McGlothenLerrin LaGrowBruce Sutter 6316301
1979-09-03@ HOU137W  1-065-72319,280Jerry ReussJoe NiekroJerry ReussJoe Niekro 6326302
1979-09-04@ HOU138L  4-965-73314,404Burt HootonRick WilliamsRick WilliamsJoe BeckwithJoaquin Andujar636639-3
1979-09-05@ ATL139W  5-366-7332,606Rick SutcliffePhil NiekroLerrin LaGrowGene GarberDave Patterson641642-1
1979-09-06@ ATL140L  2-666-7432,583Don SuttonPreston HannaPreston HannaDon SuttonJoey McLaughlin643648-5
1979-09-07@ CIN141W  6-567-74333,937Charlie HoughMike LaCossBobby CastilloTom HumeGerry Hannahs649653-4
1979-09-08@ CIN142L  1-467-75340,345Jerry ReussBill BonhamBill BonhamJerry ReussTom Hume650657-7
1979-09-09@ CIN143W  3-168-75339,066Rick SutcliffeFred NormanRick SutcliffeFred NormanLerrin LaGrow653658-5
1979-09-11vs SDN144L  1-368-76320,870 Don SuttonBob OwchinkoBob OwchinkoDon SuttonSteve Mura654661-7
1979-09-12vs SDN145W  5-269-76320,600 Charlie HoughEric RasmussenCharlie HoughEric RasmussenBobby Castillo659663-4
1979-09-13vs SDN146W  8-670-76321,972 Jerry ReussBob ShirleyJerry ReussBob ShirleyKen Brett667669-2
1979-09-14vs CIN147W  2-071-76337,514 Rick SutcliffeBill BonhamRick SutcliffeBill Bonham 6696690
1979-09-15vs CIN148L  1-271-77327,892 Bob WelchFred NormanMario SotoJoe Beckwith 670671-1
1979-09-16vs CIN149L  0-271-78328,322 Don SuttonTom SeaverTom SeaverDon Sutton 670673-3
1979-09-17vs ATL150W  9-472-78316,700 Charlie HoughPhil NiekroCharlie HoughPhil Niekro 6796772
1979-09-18vs ATL151W  6-173-78321,591 Jerry ReussEddie SolomonJerry ReussEddie Solomon 6856787
1979-09-19vs SFN152W  7-274-78320,827 Rick SutcliffeEd HalickiRick SutcliffeEd Halicki 69268012
1979-09-20vs SFN153W  3-075-78324,522 Bob WelchBob KnepperBob WelchBob KnepperJoe Beckwith69568015
1979-09-21@ SDN154L  1-375-79316,514Gerry HannahsJuan EichelbergerJuan EichelbergerGerry Hannahs 69668313
1979-09-22@ SDN155L  8-1075-80316,299Charlie HoughBob OwchinkoSteve MuraDave PattersonMark Lee70469311
1979-09-23@ SDN156W  5-276-80315,171Jerry ReussEric RasmussenLerrin LaGrowSteve MuraDon Sutton70969514
1979-09-25@ SFN157W  11-277-8038,694Rick SutcliffeEd HalickiRick SutcliffeEd Halicki 72069723
1979-09-26@ SFN158W  8-478-80310,791Bob WelchTom GriffinDave PattersonTom GriffinLerrin LaGrow72870127
1979-09-27@ SFN159L  3-578-8138,381Gerry HannahsVida BlueVida BlueGerry HannahsGreg Minton73170625
1979-09-28vs HOU160W  6-579-81327,719 Charlie HoughKen ForschCharlie HoughVern RuhleBobby Castillo73771126
1979-09-29vs HOU161L  0-379-82320,647 Jerry ReussJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardJerry ReussJoe Sambito73771423
1979-09-30vs HOU162L  2-379-83346,741 Rick SutcliffeJoe NiekroJoe NiekroRick SutcliffeJoe Sambito73971722

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