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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  89-73   .549
Result:   2nd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Bill Virdon
General Manager:   Tal Smith
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  1,900,312
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jesus Alou (37)
Youngest Player:  Tom Wiedenbauer (20)
Longest Tenure:  Bob Watson (14)
Top Hitter:  Jose Cruz (18)
Top Pitcher:  J.R. Richard (1)
Top Draft Pick:  John Mizerock (#8)

Roster Continuity:  80.37%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers7983.48811.5
SF Giants7191.43819.5
San Diego6893.42222.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-04-06vs ATL1W  2-1-28,998 J.R. RichardPhil NiekroJ.R. RichardPhil NiekroJoaquin Andujar211
1979-04-07vs ATL2W  6-0-24,325 Ken ForschLarry McWilliamsKen ForschLarry McWilliams 817
1979-04-08vs ATL3W  2-0-16,501 Joe NiekroRick MatulaJoe NiekroRick Matula 1019
1979-04-09vs LAN4L  1-2-12,116 Vern RuhleBob WelchBob WelchVern RuhleJerry Reuss1138
1979-04-10vs LAN5W  2-1-14,091 J.R. RichardBurt HootonJ.R. RichardBurt Hooton 1349
1979-04-11vs LAN6W  10-3-15,964 Ken ForschDon SuttonKen ForschDon Sutton 23716
1979-04-13@ SFN7L  7-8-16,822Joe NiekroEd HalickiEd HalickiJoe NiekroGary Lavelle301515
1979-04-14@ SFN8L  1-2-15,931Vern RuhleVida BlueVida BlueVern Ruhle 311714
1979-04-15@ SFN9W  4-3-0J.R. RichardJohn MontefuscoJ.R. RichardJohn MontefuscoJoe Sambito352015
1979-04-15@ SFN10W  9-1-37,384Joaquin AndujarTom GriffinJoaquin AndujarTom Griffin 442123
1979-04-16@ LAN11W  4-0-29,092Ken ForschDon SuttonKen ForschDon Sutton 482127
1979-04-17@ LAN12L  6-10-27,635Joe NiekroAndy MessersmithJerry ReussTom Dixon 543123
1979-04-18@ LAN13W  4-0-30,811Vern RuhleDoug RauVern RuhleDoug Rau 583127
1979-04-20vs PIT14W  5-4-19,834 J.R. RichardBruce KisonJoe SambitoJim Bibby 633528
1979-04-21vs PIT15W  5-4-48,977 Ken ForschBert BlylevenJoaquin AndujarKent Tekulve 683929
1979-04-22vs PIT16W  3-2-22,403 Joe NiekroJohn CandelariaJoaquin AndujarJohn CandelariaJoe Sambito714130
1979-04-25@ CHN17L  0-4-6,388Vern RuhleDennis LampDennis LampVern Ruhle 714526
1979-04-26@ CHN18W  6-2-4,777J.R. RichardLynn McGlothenJ.R. RichardLynn McGlothenJoe Sambito774730
1979-04-27@ PIT19W  9-8-5,767Ken ForschJohn CandelariaFrank RiccelliEd Whitson 865531
1979-04-29@ PIT20L  5-10-7,598Joe NiekroDon RobinsonBruce KisonJoe NiekroGrant Jackson916526
1979-04-30@ SLN21W  6-5-10,778Vern RuhleBob ForschJoe SambitoTom BrunoJoaquin Andujar977027
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-05-01@ SLN22L  6-7-6,349J.R. RichardSilvio MartinezDarold KnowlesJoe Sambito 1037726
1979-05-02@ SLN23L  2-5-5,190Ken ForschJohn DennyJohn DennyKen Forsch 1058223
1979-05-03@ SLN24W  4-1-7,530Joe NiekroPete VuckovichJoe NiekroPete VuckovichJoaquin Andujar1098326
1979-05-04@ CIN25L  5-6-20,988Vern RuhleTom SeaverDoug BairFrank Riccelli 1148925
1979-05-05@ CIN26L  2-6-25,044Joaquin AndujarTom HumeTom HumeJoaquin AndujarFrank Pastore1169521
1979-05-06@ CIN27L  5-17-0J.R. RichardBill BonhamPedro BorbonJ.R. Richard 1211129
1979-05-06@ CIN28W  8-2-33,618Frank RiccelliFred NormanFrank RiccelliFred Norman 12911415
1979-05-08vs SLN29L  1-4-15,645 Ken ForschPete VuckovichPete VuckovichKen ForschDarold Knowles13011812
1979-05-09vs SLN30W  5-4-11,566 Joe NiekroJohn DennyBo McLaughlinTom Bruno 13512213
1979-05-10vs SLN31L  1-3-15,420 J.R. RichardBob SykesBob SykesJ.R. RichardMark Littell13612511
1979-05-11vs CHN32L  3-5-14,715 Frank RiccelliRick ReuschelRick ReuschelFrank RiccelliBruce Sutter1391309
1979-05-12vs CHN33W  11-3-0 Ken ForschLynn McGlothenKen ForschLynn McGlothen 15013317
1979-05-12vs CHN34L  0-2-35,997 Rick WilliamsKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanRick Williams 15013515
1979-05-13vs CHN35W  3-0-13,604 Joe NiekroMike KrukowJoe NiekroMike Krukow 15313518
1979-05-15vs SFN36L  1-8-13,196 J.R. RichardPhil NastuPhil NastuJ.R. Richard 15414311
1979-05-16vs SFN37L  4-8-10,094 Rick WilliamsBob KnepperGary LavelleBo McLaughlin 1581517
1979-05-17vs SFN38L  0-3-10,626 Ken ForschEd HalickiEd HalickiKen Forsch 1581544
1979-05-18vs SDN39W  3-2-9,445 Joe NiekroBob OwchinkoJoe NiekroRollie Fingers 1611565
1979-05-19vs SDN40L  2-4-18,494 J.R. RichardRandy JonesRollie FingersJ.R. Richard 1631603
1979-05-20vs SDN41W  1-0-0 Rick WilliamsGaylord PerryRick WilliamsGaylord Perry 1641604
1979-05-20vs SDN42W  6-3-15,039 Randy NiemannMickey LolichJoaquin AndujarJohn D'Acquisto 1701637
1979-05-21@ ATL43L  5-7-1,988Tom DixonPhil NiekroPhil NiekroBo McLaughlinGene Garber1751705
1979-05-22@ ATL44W  4-1-5,091Joe NiekroMickey MahlerJoe NiekroMickey Mahler 1791718
1979-05-23@ ATL45L  5-6-1,623J.R. RichardTony BrizzolaraTony BrizzolaraJoaquin AndujarGene Garber1841777
1979-05-25@ SDN46L  1-2-15,289Rick WilliamsGaylord PerryRollie FingersJoe Sambito 1851796
1979-05-26@ SDN47W  9-0-27,331Joe NiekroMickey LolichJoe NiekroMickey Lolich 19417915
1979-05-27@ SDN48W  4-2-17,199J.R. RichardEric RasmussenJ.R. RichardEric Rasmussen 19818117
1979-05-28@ SDN49L  4-5-14,728Joaquin AndujarRandy JonesRandy JonesJoaquin AndujarRollie Fingers20218616
1979-05-29vs CIN50W  2-1-17,458 Randy NiemannPaul MoskauRandy NiemannPaul Moskau 20418717
1979-05-30vs CIN51W  6-3-21,757 Joe NiekroTom SeaverJoe NiekroTom SeaverJoe Sambito21019020
1979-05-31vs CIN52W  3-0-25,453 Rick WilliamsFred NormanRick WilliamsFred Norman 21319023
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-06-01vs MON53W  3-2-14,346 J.R. RichardRoss GrimsleyJ.R. RichardRoss Grimsley 21619224
1979-06-02vs MON54W  2-1-43,893 Joaquin AndujarDan SchatzederJoaquin AndujarElias Sosa 21819325
1979-06-03vs MON55W  5-4-33,821 Joe NiekroSteve RogersJoe NiekroSteve RogersBert Roberge22319726
1979-06-04vs PHI56W  3-0-19,062 Randy NiemannLarry ChristensonRandy NiemannLarry Christenson 22619729
1979-06-05vs PHI57L  0-8-28,244 Rick WilliamsSteve CarltonSteve CarltonRick Williams 22620521
1979-06-06vs PHI58W  4-3-28,955 J.R. RichardRandy LerchJoe SambitoRon ReedBert Roberge23020822
1979-06-08@ NYN59W  5-0-12,196Joe NiekroPat ZachryJoe NiekroPat Zachry 23520827
1979-06-09@ NYN60L  0-4-10,499Joaquin AndujarCraig SwanCraig SwanJoaquin Andujar 23521223
1979-06-10@ NYN61W  5-3-15,879Randy NiemannKevin KobelGeorge ThroopKevin KobelJoe Sambito24021525
1979-06-11@ PHI62L  2-4-31,085J.R. RichardRandy LerchRandy LerchJ.R. Richard 24221923
1979-06-12@ PHI63L  0-4-34,177Rick WilliamsNino EspinosaNino EspinosaRick Williams 24222319
1979-06-13@ PHI64W  4-3-33,627Joe NiekroDick RuthvenJoe NiekroDick Ruthven 24622620
1979-06-15@ MON65W  2-1-28,786Joaquin AndujarScott SandersonJoaquin AndujarElias Sosa 24822721
1979-06-16@ MON66L  2-4-24,336J.R. RichardRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyJ.R. RichardElias Sosa25023119
1979-06-17@ MON67L  3-19-30,245Joe NiekroDan SchatzederDan SchatzederJoe Niekro 2532503
1979-06-18vs NYN68W  3-2-14,076 Rick WilliamsDock EllisBert RobergeTom Hausman 2562524
1979-06-19vs NYN69W  3-1-14,036 Joaquin AndujarAndy HasslerJoaquin AndujarAndy Hassler 2592536
1979-06-20vs NYN70W  5-4-15,946 J.R. RichardCraig SwanJoe SambitoCraig Swan 2642577
1979-06-22vs SDN71W  2-1-30,954 Joe NiekroBob ShirleyJoe NiekroBob ShirleyJoe Sambito2662588
1979-06-23vs SDN72W  3-2-41,429 Rick WilliamsRandy JonesTom DixonRollie Fingers 2692609
1979-06-24vs SDN73W  4-1-19,315 Joaquin AndujarEric RasmussenJoaquin AndujarEric Rasmussen 27326112
1979-06-25vs CIN74L  1-2-0 J.R. RichardTom SeaverTom SeaverJ.R. RichardDoug Bair27426311
1979-06-25vs CIN75W  4-0-46,313 Randy NiemannMike LaCossRandy NiemannMike LaCoss 27826315
1979-06-26vs CIN76W  6-5-37,114 Joe NiekroPaul MoskauBert RobergeDoug BairJoe Sambito28426816
1979-06-27@ SFN77L  3-6-11,563Ken ForschPhil NastuGreg MintonTom DixonDave Roberts28727413
1979-06-28@ SFN78W  6-5-15,624Rick WilliamsEd HalickiRick WilliamsJohn CurtisRandy Niemann29327914
1979-06-29@ SDN79W  4-1-41,822Joaquin AndujarGaylord PerryJoaquin AndujarGaylord Perry 29728017
1979-06-30@ SDN80W  3-0-20,154J.R. RichardBob ShirleyJ.R. RichardBob Shirley 30028020
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-07-01@ SDN81W  4-1-11,615Joe NiekroRandy JonesJoe NiekroRandy JonesJoe Sambito30428123
1979-07-03@ CIN82W  3-2-36,787Ken ForschFred NormanKen ForschDoug Bair 30728324
1979-07-04@ CIN83W  3-2-25,713Joaquin AndujarBill BonhamJoaquin AndujarBill BonhamJoe Sambito31028525
1979-07-05@ CIN84L  4-5-28,249J.R. RichardTom SeaverTom SeaverJ.R. RichardDoug Bair31429024
1979-07-06@ CHN85W  4-2-25,612Joe NiekroLynn McGlothenJoe NiekroLynn McGlothenJoe Sambito31829226
1979-07-07@ CHN86L  0-6-0Rick WilliamsKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanRick Williams 31829820
1979-07-07@ CHN87L  3-8-36,135Randy NiemannDennis LampDennis LampRandy Niemann 32130615
1979-07-08@ CHN88L  0-10-37,614Ken ForschMike KrukowMike KrukowKen ForschDonnie Moore3213165
1979-07-10vs PIT89L  3-4-31,341 Joaquin AndujarJim BibbyJim BibbyJoaquin AndujarKent Tekulve3243204
1979-07-11vs PIT90L  1-5-25,330 J.R. RichardBruce KisonBruce KisonJ.R. Richard 3253250
1979-07-12vs PIT91L  3-5-22,956 Joe NiekroBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJoe NiekroKent Tekulve328330-2
1979-07-13vs SLN92L  0-1-26,041 Ken ForschSilvio MartinezSilvio MartinezKen Forsch 328331-3
1979-07-14vs SLN93W  3-2-45,834 Joaquin AndujarPete VuckovichJoaquin AndujarPete VuckovichJoe Sambito331333-2
1979-07-15vs SLN94L  1-3-41,601 J.R. RichardJohn FulghamJohn FulghamJ.R. Richard 332336-4
1979-07-19@ PIT95L  5-9-0Ken ForschBert BlylevenDave RobertsKen Forsch 337345-8
1979-07-19@ PIT96L  2-4-33,464Joe NiekroBruce KisonBruce KisonJoe NiekroGrant Jackson339349-10
1979-07-20@ PIT97L  3-9-23,585J.R. RichardJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaJ.R. Richard 342358-16
1979-07-21@ PIT98L  5-6-19,570Joaquin AndujarDave RobertsEnrique RomoJoe SambitoKent Tekulve347364-17
1979-07-22@ SLN99W  7-6-27,973Randy NiemannBob ForschJoe SambitoWill McEnaney 354370-16
1979-07-23@ SLN100W  3-2-18,075Joe NiekroJohn FulghamJoe NiekroJohn Fulgham 357372-15
1979-07-24vs CHN101W  6-1-28,431 Ken ForschDennis LampKen ForschDennis Lamp 363373-10
1979-07-25vs CHN102W  6-4-21,910 J.R. RichardRick ReuschelJ.R. RichardRick ReuschelJoe Sambito369377-8
1979-07-26vs LAN103L  5-6-26,834 Joaquin AndujarDon SuttonJoe BeckwithJoaquin AndujarTerry Forster374383-9
1979-07-27vs LAN104L  7-11-39,071 Joe NiekroCharlie HoughCharlie HoughJoe Niekro 381394-13
1979-07-28vs LAN105W  5-2-39,747 Ken ForschJerry ReussKen ForschJerry Reuss 386396-10
1979-07-29vs LAN106W  4-3-46,754 J.R. RichardBurt HootonJ.R. RichardTerry Forster 390399-9
1979-07-30vs SFN107L  0-8-18,995 Joaquin AndujarBob KnepperBob KnepperJoaquin Andujar 390407-17
1979-07-31vs SFN108W  6-4-18,047 Joe NiekroEd WhitsonJoe NiekroEd WhitsonBert Roberge396411-15
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-08-01vs SFN109W  5-4-21,207 Ken ForschVida BlueKen ForschVida BlueBert Roberge401415-14
1979-08-03vs ATL110W  4-1-20,716 J.R. RichardRick MatulaJ.R. RichardRick Matula 405416-11
1979-08-04vs ATL111W  4-3-0 Joaquin AndujarPreston HannaJoe SambitoGene Garber 409419-10
1979-08-04vs ATL112W  6-2-45,110 Frank LaCortePhil NiekroFrank LaCortePhil NiekroJoe Sambito415421-6
1979-08-05vs ATL113W  3-2-35,399 Joe NiekroEddie SolomonBert RobergeGene GarberJoe Sambito418423-5
1979-08-07@ LAN114L  8-10-34,538Ken ForschJerry ReussKen BrettJoe SambitoDave Patterson426433-7
1979-08-08@ LAN115W  4-1-41,584J.R. RichardBurt HootonJ.R. RichardBurt Hooton 430434-4
1979-08-09@ LAN116L  3-4-30,973Joaquin AndujarRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeJoaquin AndujarJoe Beckwith433438-5
1979-08-10@ ATL117W  2-1-10,394Joe NiekroEddie SolomonJoe NiekroEddie SolomonJoe Sambito435439-4
1979-08-12@ ATL118L  2-3-7,557Rick WilliamsPhil NiekroPhil NiekroRick Williams 437442-5
1979-08-13vs MON119W  4-1-21,011 J.R. RichardSteve RogersJ.R. RichardSteve Rogers 441443-2
1979-08-14vs MON120W  2-1-21,871 Joaquin AndujarBill LeeJoaquin AndujarBill Lee 443444-1
1979-08-15vs MON121L  0-3-24,885 Joe NiekroDan SchatzederDan SchatzederJoe NiekroScott Sanderson443447-4
1979-08-17vs PHI122L  2-5-33,782 Frank LaCorteRandy LerchRandy LerchFrank LaCorte 445452-7
1979-08-18vs PHI123L  0-1-37,735 J.R. RichardLarry ChristensonLarry ChristensonJ.R. RichardRon Reed445453-8
1979-08-19vs PHI124L  2-3-30,631 Joaquin AndujarSteve CarltonSteve CarltonJoaquin Andujar 447456-9
1979-08-20@ NYN125W  8-1-10,922Joe NiekroCraig SwanJoe NiekroCraig Swan 455457-2
1979-08-21@ NYN126L  0-5-9,337Frank LaCortePete FalconePete FalconeFrank LaCorte 455462-7
1979-08-22@ NYN127W  3-1-10,477J.R. RichardKevin KobelJ.R. RichardKevin Kobel 458463-5
1979-08-24@ PHI128L  3-5-32,124Joaquin AndujarSteve CarltonSteve CarltonJoaquin Andujar 461468-7
1979-08-25@ PHI129W  3-1-43,109Joe NiekroNino EspinosaJoe NiekroNino EspinosaJoe Sambito464469-5
1979-08-26@ PHI130W  4-1-32,559Rick WilliamsRandy LerchPete LaddKevin SaucierJoe Sambito468470-2
1979-08-27@ MON131W  3-0-30,410J.R. RichardRudy MayJ.R. RichardRudy May 4714701
1979-08-28@ MON132L  6-7-30,513Joaquin AndujarSteve RogersDavid PalmerPete Ladd 4774770
1979-08-29@ MON133L  3-5-25,064Joe NiekroBill LeeBill LeeJoe NiekroElias Sosa480482-2
1979-08-31vs NYN134W  2-0-19,883 Ken ForschCraig SwanKen ForschCraig SwanJoe Sambito4824820
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-09-01vs NYN135W  3-1-23,573 J.R. RichardPete FalconeJ.R. RichardPete Falcone 4854832
1979-09-02vs NYN136L  4-5-14,215 Joaquin AndujarKevin KobelKevin KobelRandy NiemannNeil Allen4894881
1979-09-03vs LAN137L  0-1-19,280 Joe NiekroJerry ReussJerry ReussJoe Niekro 4894890
1979-09-04vs LAN138W  9-4-14,404 Rick WilliamsBurt HootonRick WilliamsJoe BeckwithJoaquin Andujar4984935
1979-09-05vs SDN139W  4-3-12,592 Ken ForschRandy JonesJoe SambitoJohn D'Acquisto 5024966
1979-09-06vs SDN140W  2-0-12,416 J.R. RichardBob OwchinkoJ.R. RichardBob Owchinko 5044968
1979-09-07vs SFN141L  2-9-23,723 Joaquin AndujarVida BlueVida BlueJoaquin Andujar 5065051
1979-09-08vs SFN142L  1-2-32,300 Joe NiekroEd WhitsonGreg MintonJoe SambitoGary Lavelle5075070
1979-09-09vs SFN143W  4-1-11,570 Vern RuhleEd HalickiKen ForschGreg MintonJoe Sambito5115083
1979-09-11@ CIN144L  8-9-40,574J.R. RichardTom SeaverTom HumeJoe Sambito 5195172
1979-09-12@ CIN145L  4-7-42,035Joe NiekroMike LaCossFrank PastoreJoe NiekroTom Hume523524-1
1979-09-14@ SFN146W  7-0-7,817Vern RuhleEd HalickiVern RuhleEd Halicki 5305246
1979-09-15@ SFN147L  3-5-9,795Ken ForschBob KnepperPedro BorbonJoaquin AndujarGreg Minton5335294
1979-09-16@ SFN148L  1-2-12,077J.R. RichardJohn MontefuscoGreg MintonJ.R. Richard 5345313
1979-09-17@ SDN149W  1-0-9,452Joe NiekroBob OwchinkoJoe NiekroBob Owchinko 5355314
1979-09-18@ SDN150L  0-4-6,349Rick WilliamsEric RasmussenEric RasmussenRick Williams 5355350
1979-09-19vs ATL151L  5-6-11,369 Vern RuhleLarry McWilliamsBo McLaughlinVern RuhleGene Garber540541-1
1979-09-20vs ATL152W  7-1-22,584 Ken ForschTommy BoggsKen ForschTommy Boggs 5475425
1979-09-21vs CIN153W  3-2-44,975 J.R. RichardTom SeaverJoe SambitoTom Hume 5505446
1979-09-22vs CIN154W  4-1-46,037 Joe NiekroMike LaCossJoe NiekroMike LaCossJoe Sambito5545459
1979-09-23vs CIN155L  1-7-42,067 Vern RuhleFrank PastoreFrank PastoreVern Ruhle 5555523
1979-09-24@ ATL156L  4-5-0Ken ForschLarry McWilliamsMickey MahlerJoe Sambito 5595572
1979-09-24@ ATL157L  1-8-2,321Rick WilliamsEddie SolomonEddie SolomonRick Williams 560565-5
1979-09-25@ ATL158W  8-0-1,737J.R. RichardTommy BoggsJ.R. RichardTommy Boggs 5685653
1979-09-26@ ATL159L  4-9-2,248Joe NiekroPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJoe Niekro 572574-2
1979-09-28@ LAN160L  5-6-27,719Ken ForschCharlie HoughCharlie HoughVern RuhleBobby Castillo577580-3
1979-09-29@ LAN161W  3-0-20,647J.R. RichardJerry ReussJ.R. RichardJerry ReussJoe Sambito5805800
1979-09-30@ LAN162W  3-2-46,741Joe NiekroRick SutcliffeJoe NiekroRick SutcliffeJoe Sambito5835821

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