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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Detroit,MI
Team Record:  85-76   .528
Result:   5th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Sparky Anderson, Les Moss, Dick Tracewski
General Manager:   Jim Campbell
Stadium:  Tiger Stadium
Attendance:  1,630,929
Playoffs:  -

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jack Billingham (36)
Youngest Player:  Bruce Robbins (19)
Longest Tenure:  John Hiller (14)
Top Hitter:  Steve Kemp (19)
Top Pitcher:  Jack Morris (11)
Top Draft Pick:  Rick Leach (#13)

Roster Continuity:  82.85%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8971.55613.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-04-07vs TEX1L  2-80-1543,708 Dave RozemaFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsDave Rozema 28-6
1979-04-09@ KCA2W  7-31-1418,429Milt WilcoxRich GaleMilt WilcoxRich GaleJohn Hiller911-2
1979-04-11@ KCA3L  3-101-2514,833Jack BillinghamLarry GuraEduardo RodriguezBruce Taylor 1221-9
1979-04-13@ TEX4L  4-51-3623,095Dave RozemaDock EllisJim KernSheldon BurnsideSparky Lyle1626-10
1979-04-14@ TEX5L  5-71-4630,014Milt WilcoxDoyle AlexanderSparky LyleSteve Baker 2133-12
1979-04-15@ TEX6W  11-62-4619,353Kip YoungSteve ComerSheldon BurnsideSparky Lyle 3239-7
1979-04-16vs KCA7W  10-43-459,457 Jack BillinghamLarry GuraJack BillinghamLarry GuraSteve Baker4243-1
1979-04-17vs KCA8W  6-34-4415,275 Dave RozemaPaul SplittorffJohn HillerPaul Splittorff 48462
1979-04-20vs TOR9W  7-25-4413,617 Milt WilcoxMark LemongelloMilt WilcoxMark Lemongello 55487
1979-04-21vs TOR10L  4-55-5410,904 Jack BillinghamPhil HuffmanPhil HuffmanJack BillinghamDave Freisleben59536
1979-04-22vs TOR11W  4-16-5314,543 Dave RozemaTom UnderwoodDave RozemaTom Underwood 63549
1979-04-26@ MIL12L  1-56-750Jack BillinghamJim SlatonJim SlatonJack Billingham 64595
1979-04-26@ MIL13L  5-76-758,839Steve BakerJerry AugustineReggie ClevelandSteve BakerBill Castro69663
1979-04-27vs MIN14L  3-56-8511,262 Dave RozemaJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanDave RozemaMike Marshall72711
1979-04-28vs MIN15W  5-37-858,818 Kip YoungDave GoltzKip YoungDave GoltzJohn Hiller77743
1979-04-29vs MIN16L  3-57-9512,577 Milt WilcoxGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnMilt WilcoxMike Marshall80791
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-05-01@ CHA17W  5-28-9516,470Steve BakerKen KravecSteve BakerKen KravecJack Billingham85814
1979-05-03@ MIN18L  6-78-1054,581Kip YoungRoger EricksonMike MarshallJack Billingham 91883
1979-05-04@ MIN19L  6-78-1155,768Milt WilcoxPete RedfernMike MarshallAurelio Lopez 97952
1979-05-05@ MIN20W  8-49-11515,002Mark FidrychPaul HartzellJack BillinghamPaul Hartzell 105996
1979-05-06@ MIN21L  6-99-12515,235Steve BakerJerry KoosmanMike MarshallJohn Hiller 1111083
1979-05-07vs CHA22W  5-410-12513,921 Dave RozemaSteve TroutBruce TaylorSteve Trout 1161124
1979-05-08vs CHA23W  10-811-12513,769 Kip YoungFrancisco BarriosJack BillinghamRandy Scarbery 1261206
1979-05-09vs CHA24L  4-511-13513,167 Milt WilcoxRoss BaumgartenRoss BaumgartenMilt WilcoxKen Kravec1301255
1979-05-11vs MIL25L  1-511-14542,563 Mark FidrychLary SorensenLary SorensenMark Fidrych 1311301
1979-05-12vs MIL26L  2-311-15519,801 Dave RozemaBill TraversJerry AugustineBruce TaylorBob McClure1331330
1979-05-13vs MIL27W  6-212-15512,162 Jack MorrisMoose HaasJack MorrisMoose HaasJack Billingham1391354
1979-05-14@ NYA28W  3-113-15515,650Milt WilcoxEd FigueroaMilt WilcoxEd Figueroa 1421366
1979-05-15@ NYA29L  3-1113-16518,876Steve BakerTommy JohnTommy JohnSteve Baker 145147-2
1979-05-16@ NYA30L  2-613-17543,843Mark FidrychRon GuidryRon GuidryMark Fidrych 147153-6
1979-05-18@ CLE31W  5-314-17510,452Dave RozemaWayne GarlandJohn HillerSid Monge 152156-4
1979-05-19@ CLE32L  0-614-1857,229Jack MorrisRick WaitsRick WaitsJack Morris 152162-10
1979-05-20@ CLE33L  7-914-19511,571Milt WilcoxEric WilkinsDan SpillnerJohn Hiller 159171-12
1979-05-21vs NYA34W  3-115-19526,153 Jack BillinghamRon GuidryJack BillinghamRon Guidry 162172-10
1979-05-22vs NYA35L  8-1215-20533,497 Mark FidrychLuis TiantLuis TiantMark Fidrych 170184-14
1979-05-23vs NYA36W  4-316-20521,671 Jack MorrisJim BeattieJohn HillerKen Clay 174187-13
1979-05-26vs BAL37L  5-716-21614,583 Milt WilcoxMike FlanaganSammy StewartJohn Hiller 179194-15
1979-05-27vs BAL38W  5-118-2150 Jack BillinghamScott McGregorJack BillinghamScott McGregor 184195-11
1979-05-27vs BAL39W  10-318-21527,425 Dave RozemaSteve StoneDave RozemaSteve Stone 194198-4
1979-05-28@ TOR40W  6-219-21510,740Jack MorrisDave LemanczykJack MorrisDave Lemanczyk 2002000
1979-05-29@ TOR41W  9-820-21511,449Steve BakerJerry GarvinDave TobikTom BuskeyJohn Hiller2092081
1979-05-30@ TOR42W  8-221-21521,359Milt WilcoxPhil HuffmanMilt WilcoxPhil Huffman 2172107
1979-05-31@ TOR43W  1-022-21512,423Pat UnderwoodTom UnderwoodPat UnderwoodTom UnderwoodJohn Hiller2182108
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-06-01@ OAK44L  2-322-2252,731Jack BillinghamSteve McCattySteve McCattyJohn Hiller 2202137
1979-06-02@ OAK45W  9-323-2253,420Jack MorrisCraig MinettoJack MorrisCraig MinettoDave Tobik22921613
1979-06-03@ OAK46W  2-024-2254,030Dave RozemaJohn Henry JohnsonDave RozemaJohn Henry Johnson 23121615
1979-06-04@ SEA47L  2-1124-2355,529Milt WilcoxRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttMilt Wilcox 2332276
1979-06-05@ SEA48W  3-125-2356,156Jack BillinghamGlenn AbbottJack BillinghamGlenn AbbottJohn Hiller2362288
1979-06-06@ SEA49L  3-425-2456,382Jack MorrisFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterJack MorrisByron McLaughlin2392327
1979-06-08@ CAL50L  4-625-25528,298Milt WilcoxDon AaseDon AaseMilt WilcoxMark Clear2432385
1979-06-09@ CAL51L  1-925-26636,499Dave RozemaNolan RyanNolan RyanDave Rozema 244247-3
1979-06-10@ CAL52W  10-726-26530,229Jack BillinghamFrank TananaFernando ArroyoFrank TananaJohn Hiller2542540
1979-06-11vs OAK53W  3-127-26515,625 Jack MorrisSteve McCattyJack MorrisSteve McCatty 2572552
1979-06-12vs OAK54W  9-228-26516,278 Pat UnderwoodCraig MinettoPat UnderwoodCraig Minetto 2662579
1979-06-13vs SEA55W  7-329-26516,113 Milt WilcoxMike ParrottMilt WilcoxMike ParrottJohn Hiller27326013
1979-06-14vs SEA56L  2-329-27521,957 Jack BillinghamRick HoneycuttShane RawleyJohn HillerByron McLaughlin27526312
1979-06-15vs CAL57L  7-829-28541,151 Dave RozemaJim BarrMark ClearDave Tobik 28227111
1979-06-16vs CAL58L  2-429-29639,240 Jack MorrisDave FrostDave FrostJack MorrisDave LaRoche2842759
1979-06-17vs CAL59W  8-430-29532,744 Pat UnderwoodDon AaseAurelio LopezDon Aase 29227913
1979-06-18@ BOS60L  8-930-30629,533Milt WilcoxSteve RenkoDick DragoFernando ArroyoBill Campbell30028812
1979-06-19@ BOS61W  10-431-30534,153Jack BillinghamJoel FinchAurelio LopezBob Stanley 31029218
1979-06-20@ BOS62L  3-1331-31534,035Steve BakerMike TorrezMike TorrezSteve Baker 3133058
1979-06-21@ BOS63L  2-331-32534,316Jack MorrisDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyJack Morris 3153087
1979-06-22@ BAL64L  5-631-33535,456Pat UnderwoodMike FlanaganTippy MartinezDave Tobik 3203146
1979-06-23@ BAL65L  6-831-3560Milt WilcoxScott McGregorTippy MartinezJohn Hiller 3263224
1979-06-23@ BAL66L  5-631-35645,814Jack BillinghamJim PalmerSammy StewartJack Billingham 3313283
1979-06-24@ BAL67W  6-432-35541,200Steve BakerDennis MartinezAurelio LopezDennis Martinez 3373325
1979-06-26vs BOS68W  6-433-35536,247 Jack MorrisDennis EckersleyJack MorrisBill Campbell 3433367
1979-06-27vs BOS69L  1-333-36532,381 Pat UnderwoodJoel FinchBob StanleyDave Tobik 3443395
1979-06-28vs BOS70W  6-334-36532,755 Jack BillinghamSteve RenkoJack BillinghamSteve RenkoAurelio Lopez3503428
1979-06-29vs CLE71W  8-635-36520,289 Steve BakerRick WaitsMilt WilcoxVictor CruzDave Tobik35834810
1979-06-30vs CLE72L  2-435-37527,104 Kip YoungDavid ClydeDavid ClydeKip YoungSid Monge3603528
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-07-01vs CLE73W  10-236-37520,121 Jack MorrisLen BarkerJack MorrisLen Barker 37035416
1979-07-02vs CLE74L  4-836-38520,990 Pat UnderwoodMike PaxtonVictor CruzAurelio Lopez 37436212
1979-07-03vs TOR75L  1-936-39520,885 Jack BillinghamBalor MooreBalor MooreJack Billingham 3753714
1979-07-04vs TOR76L  6-736-40513,772 Steve BakerDave StiebTom BuskeyDave Tobik 3813783
1979-07-05vs TOR77W  3-237-40513,199 Kip YoungPhil HuffmanKip YoungPhil HuffmanAurelio Lopez3843804
1979-07-06@ MIL78W  7-439-4050Jack MorrisMoose HaasJack MorrisMoose HaasAurelio Lopez3913847
1979-07-06@ MIL79W  5-439-40554,630Milt WilcoxJim SlatonMilt WilcoxJim SlatonDave Tobik3963888
1979-07-07@ MIL80W  6-340-40533,265Pat UnderwoodPaul MitchellPat UnderwoodPaul MitchellAurelio Lopez40239111
1979-07-08@ MIL81L  4-540-4250Jack BillinghamMike CaldwellMike CaldwellJohn Hiller 40639610
1979-07-08@ MIL82L  1-340-42539,141Dan PetryBill TraversBill TraversDan Petry 4073998
1979-07-09vs MIN83L  3-540-43515,742 Steve BakerJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanSteve BakerMike Marshall4104046
1979-07-10vs MIN84W  6-541-43517,747 Kip YoungGeoff ZahnAurelio LopezMike Marshall 4164097
1979-07-11vs MIN85L  0-341-44616,180 Jack MorrisDarrell JacksonDarrell JacksonJack MorrisPete Redfern4164124
1979-07-12@ CHA86W  4-142-44547,795Pat UnderwoodFred HowardPat UnderwoodFred HowardAurelio Lopez4204137
1979-07-12@ CHA87L  0-042-44500000 4204137
1979-07-13@ CHA88W  3-143-44527,587Dan PetryKen KravecDan PetryKen Kravec 4234149
1979-07-14@ CHA89L  4-1243-45523,887Steve BakerRoss BaumgartenRoss BaumgartenSteve Baker 4274261
1979-07-15@ CHA90W  14-544-45525,873Jack MorrisRich WorthamJack MorrisRich Wortham 44143110
1979-07-19@ MIN91W  8-345-45517,391Pat UnderwoodJerry KoosmanPat UnderwoodJerry Koosman 44943415
1979-07-20@ MIN92L  6-1445-46514,509Jack MorrisDarrell JacksonGary SerumKip Young 4554487
1979-07-21vs CHA93W  4-246-46537,596 Dan PetryRoss BaumgartenDan PetryRoss BaumgartenAurelio Lopez4594509
1979-07-22vs CHA94W  1-047-46527,461 Milt WilcoxRandy ScarberyMilt WilcoxRandy ScarberyAurelio Lopez46045010
1979-07-23vs CHA95L  3-1147-47521,436 Steve BakerSteve TroutSteve TroutSteve BakerEd Farmer4634612
1979-07-24vs MIL96L  4-547-48520,630 Pat UnderwoodBill TraversBill TraversPat UnderwoodBob Galasso4674661
1979-07-25vs MIL97W  11-248-48517,858 Jack MorrisJim SlatonJack MorrisJim Slaton 47846810
1979-07-26vs MIL98W  5-249-48524,079 Dan PetryMoose HaasDan PetryMoose Haas 48347013
1979-07-27@ TOR99W  4-350-48523,814Milt WilcoxPhil HuffmanAurelio LopezTom Buskey 48747314
1979-07-28@ TOR100L  0-350-49530,131Bruce RobbinsDave LemanczykDave LemanczykBruce Robbins 48747611
1979-07-29@ TOR101W  5-451-49533,824Pat UnderwoodJim ClancyPat UnderwoodJim ClancyAurelio Lopez49248012
1979-07-30@ TEX102W  6-452-49514,297Jack MorrisJohn Henry JohnsonJohn HillerDanny DarwinAurelio Lopez49848414
1979-07-31@ TEX103L  3-1152-50512,218Dan PetryDoc MedichDoc MedichDan Petry 5014956
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-08-01@ TEX104L  3-452-51513,803Milt WilcoxSteve ComerSteve ComerMilt WilcoxJim Kern5044995
1979-08-03vs KCA105L  3-553-5250 Pat UnderwoodSteve BusbySteve BusbyPat UnderwoodAl Hrabosky5075043
1979-08-03vs KCA106W  4-353-52543,047 Bruce RobbinsPaul SplittorffAurelio LopezSteve Mingori 5115074
1979-08-04vs KCA107W  5-254-52539,402 Mike ChrisLarry GuraMike ChrisLarry GuraJohn Hiller5165097
1979-08-05vs KCA108L  2-354-53528,703 Dan PetryDennis LeonardDennis LeonardDan PetryDan Quisenberry5185126
1979-08-07vs TEX109W  3-156-5350 Milt WilcoxSteve ComerMilt WilcoxJim Kern 5215138
1979-08-07vs TEX110W  8-256-53527,009 Jack BillinghamDave RajsichJack BillinghamDave RajsichAurelio Lopez52951514
1979-08-08vs TEX111L  9-1657-5450 Pat UnderwoodFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsPat Underwood 5385317
1979-08-08vs TEX112W  10-457-54528,619 Bruce RobbinsJohn Henry JohnsonBruce RobbinsJohn Henry Johnson 54853513
1979-08-09vs TEX113W  3-258-54523,663 Mike ChrisDoc MedichMike ChrisDoc MedichAurelio Lopez55153714
1979-08-10@ KCA114L  6-758-5650Dan PetryRich GaleDan QuisenberryAurelio Lopez 55754413
1979-08-10@ KCA115L  3-758-56537,012Pat UnderwoodDennis LeonardDennis LeonardPat UnderwoodDan Quisenberry5605519
1979-08-11@ KCA116L  5-1158-57540,255Jack BillinghamPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffJack Billingham 5655623
1979-08-12@ KCA117L  1-758-58632,671Milt WilcoxCraig ChamberlainCraig ChamberlainMilt Wilcox 566569-3
1979-08-13@ CAL118W  5-359-58634,032Jack MorrisNolan RyanJack MorrisNolan RyanAurelio Lopez571572-1
1979-08-14@ CAL119W  6-360-58629,465Bruce RobbinsDon AaseBruce RobbinsDon AaseJack Billingham5775752
1979-08-15@ CAL120W  6-161-58531,885Dan PetryJim BarrDan PetryJim Barr 5835767
1979-08-17@ SEA121W  9-262-58511,074Milt WilcoxRick HoneycuttMilt WilcoxRick HoneycuttJohn Hiller59257814
1979-08-18@ SEA122W  7-463-58514,049Jack MorrisRob DresslerJack MorrisRob Dressler 59958217
1979-08-19@ SEA123L  4-863-5957,262Bruce RobbinsFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterBruce Robbins 60359013
1979-08-20@ OAK124W  7-364-5955,171Dan PetryCraig MinettoDan PetryDave Heaverlo 61059317
1979-08-21@ OAK125L  1-864-6051,563Mike ChrisBrian KingmanBrian KingmanMike Chris 61160110
1979-08-22@ OAK126W  3-165-6052,609Milt WilcoxSteve McCattyMilt WilcoxSteve McCattyAurelio Lopez61460212
1979-08-24vs SEA127W  5-266-60526,068 Jack MorrisFloyd BannisterJack MorrisFloyd BannisterAurelio Lopez61960415
1979-08-25vs SEA128L  4-866-61528,770 Dan PetryMike ParrottMike ParrottDan Petry 62361211
1979-08-26vs SEA129W  4-368-6150 Mike ChrisRob DresslerAurelio LopezByron McLaughlin 62761512
1979-08-26vs SEA130W  9-868-61531,770 Pat UnderwoodShane RawleyDave TobikRandy Stein 63662313
1979-08-27vs CAL131W  3-269-61522,874 Jack BillinghamJim BarrJack BillinghamJim BarrAurelio Lopez63962514
1979-08-28vs CAL132W  12-270-61519,178 Bruce RobbinsDon AaseBruce RobbinsDon Aase 65162724
1979-08-29vs CAL133W  2-171-61519,880 Jack MorrisDave FrostJack MorrisDave FrostAurelio Lopez65362825
1979-08-30vs OAK134W  8-772-61512,870 Dan PetryCraig MinettoDave TobikCraig Minetto 66163526
1979-08-31vs OAK135L  3-572-62518,454 Milt WilcoxBrian KingmanBrian KingmanDave TobikDave Hamilton66464024
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-09-01vs OAK136L  3-672-63515,235 Jack BillinghamSteve McCattySteve McCattyAurelio LopezDave Hamilton66764621
1979-09-02vs OAK137L  4-572-64514,379 Bruce RobbinsRick LangfordRick LangfordBruce Robbins 67165120
1979-09-03@ CLE138L  3-472-6559,095Jack MorrisRick WiseRick WiseJack Morris 67465519
1979-09-04@ CLE139L  3-572-6654,824Dan PetryLen BarkerLen BarkerDan PetrySid Monge67766017
1979-09-05@ CLE140W  9-373-6655,172Dave RozemaDan SpillnerAurelio LopezVictor Cruz 68666323
1979-09-06vs NYA141L  1-373-67519,196 Milt WilcoxDon HoodRich GossageMilt Wilcox 68766621
1979-09-07vs NYA142W  6-074-67528,943 Bruce RobbinsKen ClayJack BillinghamKen Clay 69366627
1979-09-08vs NYA143L  4-574-68530,069 Jack MorrisRon GuidryRon GuidryJack MorrisRich Gossage69767126
1979-09-09vs NYA144W  3-175-68530,836 Mike ChrisTommy JohnMike ChrisTommy JohnAurelio Lopez70067228
1979-09-11vs CLE145W  14-176-6857,983 Dave RozemaDan SpillnerDave RozemaDan Spillner 71467341
1979-09-12vs CLE146W  4-177-6858,517 Milt WilcoxRick WaitsMilt WilcoxRick WaitsAurelio Lopez71867444
1979-09-15@ NYA147W  4-378-6950Jack MorrisTommy JohnJack MorrisTommy JohnAurelio Lopez72267745
1979-09-15@ NYA148L  1-778-69530,050Mike ChrisDon HoodRon DavisMike ChrisJim Kaat72368439
1979-09-16@ NYA149W  8-479-69540,192Dave RozemaDave RighettiAurelio LopezRich Gossage 73168843
1979-09-17vs BAL150L  1-279-70512,918 Milt WilcoxScott McGregorScott McGregorMilt Wilcox 73269042
1979-09-18vs BAL151W  2-180-70513,586 Dan PetryMike FlanaganDan PetryMike FlanaganAurelio Lopez73469143
1979-09-19vs BAL152W  5-081-70512,573 Jack MorrisDennis MartinezJack MorrisDennis Martinez 73969148
1979-09-20vs BAL153L  7-881-71510,024 Mike ChrisSteve StoneTippy MartinezJack BillinghamDon Stanhouse74669947
1979-09-21@ BOS154L  1-481-72524,802Dave RozemaJohn TudorJohn TudorDave Rozema 74770344
1979-09-23@ BOS155L  1-282-7350Milt WilcoxDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyMilt Wilcox 74870543
1979-09-23@ BOS156W  3-282-73531,871Dan PetryMike TorrezAurelio LopezMike Torrez 75170744
1979-09-25@ BAL157W  3-283-73512,543Jack MorrisSteve StoneJack MorrisTippy MartinezAurelio Lopez75470945
1979-09-26@ BAL158L  2-1383-74517,205Mike ChrisScott McGregorScott McGregorMike Chris 75672234
1979-09-28vs BOS159L  4-783-75517,846 Milt WilcoxMike TorrezMike TorrezMilt WilcoxTom Burgmeier76072931
1979-09-29vs BOS160L  5-883-76519,907 Dan PetrySteve RenkoSteve RenkoAurelio LopezDick Drago76573728
1979-09-30vs BOS161W  5-184-76520,167 Jack MorrisBob StanleyJack MorrisBob Stanley 77073832

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