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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Cleveland,OH
Team Record:  69-90   .434
Result:   6th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Jeff Torborg
General Manager:   Phil Seghi
Stadium:  Cleveland Stadium
Attendance:  800,584
Playoffs:  -

Cleveland Indians affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Willie Horton (35)
Youngest Player:  Alfredo Griffin (20)
Longest Tenure:  Buddy Bell (7)
Top Hitter:  Andre Thornton (6)
Top Pitcher:  Rick Waits (22)
Top Draft Pick:  Phil Lansford (#10)

Roster Continuity:  57.32%
American League Standings
NY Yankees10063.613--

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-04-08vs KCA1W  8-51-0152,433 Wayne GarlandDennis LeonardWayne GarlandDennis LeonardMike Paxton853
1978-04-09vs KCA2L  4-51-137,473 Rick WiseSteve BusbySteve BusbyRick WiseSteve Mingori12102
1978-04-10vs BOS3W  5-42-124,177 Don HoodAllen RipleyJim KernReggie Cleveland 17143
1978-04-12vs BOS4L  3-62-236,234 Wayne GarlandMike TorrezMike TorrezWayne GarlandDick Drago20200
1978-04-14@ KCA5L  1-32-3417,526Rick WisePaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffRick WiseDoug Bird2123-2
1978-04-15@ KCA6L  5-62-4518,110Don HoodSteve BusbyMarty PattinMike PaxtonAl Hrabosky2629-3
1978-04-16@ KCA7L  1-22-5617,655Wayne GarlandDennis LeonardDennis LeonardWayne Garland 2731-4
1978-04-17vs TEX8W  6-03-563,713 Rick WaitsJon MatlackRick WaitsJon Matlack 33312
1978-04-21@ BOS9L  7-93-6625,401Wayne GarlandMike TorrezDick DragoJim Kern 40400
1978-04-22@ BOS10W  13-44-6536,005Rick WiseAllen RipleyRick WiseAllen Ripley 53449
1978-04-23@ BOS11L  3-65-750Rick WaitsLuis TiantBill CampbellDennis Kinney 56506
1978-04-23@ BOS12W  10-75-7536,246Mike PaxtonDennis EckersleyJim KernBob StanleyDennis Kinney66579
1978-04-24@ TOR13W  4-26-7510,776Don HoodDave LemanczykDon HoodDave LemanczykJim Kern705911
1978-04-25@ TOR14W  6-57-7311,348Wayne GarlandJerry GarvinWayne GarlandJerry GarvinDennis Kinney766412
1978-04-26@ TEX15L  0-37-859,915Rick WiseDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderRick Wise 76679
1978-04-27@ TEX16L  1-37-9511,133Rick WaitsJon MatlackJon MatlackRick WaitsLen Barker77707
1978-04-28@ OAK17W  6-28-955,513Don HoodJohn Henry JohnsonDon HoodJohn Henry Johnson 837211
1978-04-29@ OAK18L  1-58-1055,692Wayne GarlandPete BrobergPete BrobergWayne GarlandBob Lacey84777
1978-04-30@ OAK19L  1-28-1166,378Rick WiseRick LangfordElias SosaRick Wise 85796
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-05-02@ SEA20W  4-19-1145,552Rick WaitsDick PoleRick WaitsDick PoleJim Kern89809
1978-05-03@ SEA21W  10-510-1145,321Don HoodByron McLaughlinDon HoodByron McLaughlinDennis Kinney998514
1978-05-05@ CAL22L  0-510-12517,437Rick WiseNolan RyanNolan RyanRick Wise 99909
1978-05-06@ CAL23L  3-710-13540,750Mike PaxtonChris KnappChris KnappMike Paxton 102975
1978-05-07@ CAL24L  3-1610-14516,883Rick WaitsDon AaseDon AaseRick WaitsPaul Hartzell105113-8
1978-05-09vs SEA25W  5-411-1453,515 Don HoodByron McLaughlinJim KernShane Rawley 110117-7
1978-05-10vs SEA26W  6-112-1443,202 Rick WiseRick HoneycuttRick WiseRick HoneycuttDennis Kinney116118-2
1978-05-12vs CAL27W  4-313-1446,401 Mike PaxtonNolan RyanMike PaxtonNolan RyanJim Kern120121-1
1978-05-13vs CAL28W  2-114-14413,811 Rick WaitsChris KnappRick WaitsChris Knapp 1221220
1978-05-14vs CAL29L  3-414-1545,153 Don HoodFrank TananaFrank TananaDon HoodPaul Hartzell125126-1
1978-05-15vs OAK30L  2-314-1643,454 Rick WiseAlan WirthJoe ColemanRick WiseElias Sosa127129-2
1978-05-16vs OAK31W  3-215-1643,737 David ClydeSteve RenkoDavid ClydeBob Lacey 130131-1
1978-05-17vs NYA32W  5-416-16410,370 Rick WaitsEd FigueroaSid MongeSparky Lyle 1351350
1978-05-18vs NYA33L  3-516-17413,625 Don HoodRon GuidryRon GuidryDennis KinneyRich Gossage138140-2
1978-05-19vs BAL34W  7-517-17415,565 Mike PaxtonDennis MartinezJim KernDon Stanhouse 1451450
1978-05-20vs BAL35L  1-217-18411,426 Rick WiseJim PalmerJim PalmerRick WiseDon Stanhouse146147-1
1978-05-21vs BAL36L  0-318-1940 Rick WaitsScott McGregorScott McGregorRick Waits 146150-4
1978-05-21vs BAL37W  3-218-19423,206 David ClydeNelson BrilesDavid ClydeNelson BrilesDennis Kinney149152-3
1978-05-23@ NYA38L  1-1018-20520,618Don HoodRon GuidryRon GuidryDon Hood 150162-12
1978-05-25@ NYA39L  3-918-21615,403Rick WaitsDick TidrowDick TidrowRick Waits 153171-18
1978-05-26@ BAL40L  3-418-22629,215Rick WiseNelson BrilesTippy MartinezRick Wise 156175-19
1978-05-27@ BAL41W  6-219-2268,920David ClydeMike FlanaganDavid ClydeMike Flanagan 162177-15
1978-05-28@ BAL42W  4-320-2360Don HoodDennis MartinezSid MongeDon Stanhouse 166180-14
1978-05-28@ BAL43L  0-320-23618,276Mike PaxtonJim PalmerJim PalmerMike Paxton 166183-17
1978-05-29vs NYA44L  0-220-24619,563 Rick WaitsAndy MessersmithRawly EastwickRick Waits 166185-19
1978-05-30vs NYA45W  5-121-2466,069 Rick WiseDick TidrowRick WiseDick Tidrow 171186-15
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-06-02@ MIL46W  7-622-24616,779David ClydeAndy ReplogleJim KernBob McClure 178192-14
1978-06-03@ MIL47W  6-423-24511,933Mike PaxtonJerry AugustineMike PaxtonJerry AugustineSid Monge184196-12
1978-06-04@ MIL48L  7-1223-2660Rick WiseMike CaldwellRandy SteinRick Wise 191208-17
1978-06-04@ MIL49L  4-923-26623,850Don HoodBill TraversBill TraversDon HoodBill Castro195217-22
1978-06-05vs CHA50L  0-223-2765,391 Rick WaitsSteve StoneSteve StoneRick Waits 195219-24
1978-06-06vs CHA51L  0-323-2864,417 Sid MongeFrancisco BarriosFrancisco BarriosSid Monge 195222-27
1978-06-09vs MIN52W  7-324-2868,390 David ClydeGeoff ZahnDavid ClydeGeoff ZahnJim Kern202225-23
1978-06-10vs MIN53W  4-325-28616,048 Rick WiseRoger EricksonRick WiseMike MarshallJim Kern206228-22
1978-06-11vs MIN54W  2-126-28625,547 Don HoodGary SerumMike PaxtonMike Marshall 208229-21
1978-06-12@ CHA55L  0-126-29617,373Rick WaitsKen KravecKen KravecRick WaitsJim Willoughby208230-22
1978-06-13@ CHA56L  9-1026-30612,000Sid MongeWilbur WoodRich HintonAl FitzmorrisLerrin LaGrow217240-23
1978-06-14@ MIN57L  2-826-3166,612David ClydeRoger EricksonRoger EricksonDavid Clyde 219248-29
1978-06-16vs MIL58L  6-826-3269,175 Rick WiseLary SorensenBob McClureJim KernBill Castro225256-31
1978-06-17vs MIL59L  3-426-33616,923 Don HoodAndy ReplogleBill CastroJim Kern 228260-32
1978-06-18vs MIL60W  3-027-3460 Rick WaitsMike CaldwellRick WaitsMike Caldwell 231260-29
1978-06-18vs MIL61L  1-427-34620,140 Mike PaxtonJerry AugustineJerry AugustineMike PaxtonBill Castro232264-32
1978-06-19@ KCA62L  5-627-35625,660David ClydeDennis LeonardDennis LeonardDavid ClydeAl Hrabosky237270-33
1978-06-20@ KCA63L  2-327-36620,444Rick WiseLarry GuraLarry GuraRick Wise 239273-34
1978-06-21@ KCA64W  4-228-36623,818Don HoodRich GaleDan SpillnerDoug BirdJim Kern243275-32
1978-06-23vs TOR65W  8-329-3666,514 Rick WaitsJesse JeffersonRick WaitsJesse Jefferson 251278-27
1978-06-24vs TOR66W  12-330-3667,176 Mike PaxtonJim ClancyMike PaxtonJim Clancy 263281-18
1978-06-25vs TOR67L  1-231-3760 David ClydeBalor MooreBalor MooreDavid ClydeVictor Cruz264283-19
1978-06-25vs TOR68W  3-231-37621,959 Rick WiseJerry GarvinRick WiseJerry GarvinSid Monge267285-18
1978-06-26vs DET69W  5-432-3764,633 Don HoodJack BillinghamDon HoodJack BillinghamDan Spillner272289-17
1978-06-27vs DET70L  1-632-38612,214 Dave FreislebenDave RozemaDave RozemaDave Freisleben 273295-22
1978-06-28vs DET71L  3-433-3960 Rick WaitsJim SlatonJim SlatonRick WaitsJohn Hiller276299-23
1978-06-28vs DET72W  2-133-39613,489 Mike PaxtonMilt WilcoxMike PaxtonMilt WilcoxSid Monge278300-22
1978-06-29vs DET73W  6-334-3965,672 David ClydeBob SykesJim KernJack Morris 284303-19
1978-06-30@ TOR74W  3-035-39616,129Rick WiseJerry GarvinRick WiseJerry Garvin 287303-16
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-07-01@ TOR75L  3-935-40619,277Don HoodTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodDon HoodVictor Cruz290312-22
1978-07-02@ TOR76W  2-036-4160Rick WaitsDave LemanczykRick WaitsDave LemanczykJim Kern292312-20
1978-07-02@ TOR77L  1-336-41628,305Dave FreislebenJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonDave Freisleben 293315-22
1978-07-03vs BAL78W  9-037-4169,302 Mike PaxtonScott McGregorMike PaxtonScott McGregor 302315-13
1978-07-04vs BAL79L  4-637-42636,300 David ClydeDennis MartinezDennis MartinezDavid ClydeDon Stanhouse306321-15
1978-07-05@ DET80L  3-1337-43612,778Rick WiseJack BillinghamJack BillinghamRick Wise 309334-25
1978-07-06@ DET81L  4-837-44617,125Rick WaitsJim SlatonBob SykesRick WaitsJohn Hiller313342-29
1978-07-07vs BOS82W  10-938-44619,543 Dave FreislebenMike TorrezDan SpillnerBill Campbell 323351-28
1978-07-08vs BOS83L  5-1238-4660 Mike PaxtonDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyMike Paxton 328363-35
1978-07-08vs BOS84L  2-338-46641,859 David ClydeJim WrightJim WrightDavid ClydeBob Stanley330366-36
1978-07-09vs BOS85W  7-139-46641,394 Rick WiseAllen RipleyRick WiseAllen Ripley 337367-30
1978-07-13@ OAK86L  3-739-4762,987Rick WaitsJohn Henry JohnsonJohn Henry JohnsonRick WaitsDave Heaverlo340374-34
1978-07-14@ OAK87W  11-140-4763,326Rick WiseMatt KeoughRick WiseMatt Keough 351375-24
1978-07-15@ SEA88L  6-740-48626,117Mike PaxtonMike ParrottEnrique RomoMike Paxton 357382-25
1978-07-16@ SEA89W  8-441-4868,312David ClydePaul MitchellDavid ClydePaul MitchellSid Monge365386-21
1978-07-17@ SEA90W  5-242-4867,676Dave FreislebenJim ColbornDave FreislebenJim ColbornSid Monge370388-18
1978-07-18@ CAL91W  8-343-48616,726Rick WaitsDon AaseRick WaitsDon AaseJim Kern378391-13
1978-07-19@ CAL92L  0-343-49618,584Rick WiseNolan RyanNolan RyanRick Wise 378394-16
1978-07-21vs SEA93W  11-044-49613,908 Mike PaxtonMike ParrottMike PaxtonMike Parrott 389394-5
1978-07-22vs SEA94W  8-545-49610,279 David ClydePaul MitchellPaul ReuschelPaul Mitchell 397399-2
1978-07-24vs CAL95L  4-545-5068,798 Rick WisePaul HartzellTom GriffinJim Kern 401404-3
1978-07-25vs CAL96W  5-146-5066,781 Mike PaxtonDave FrostMike PaxtonDave FrostDan Spillner4064051
1978-07-26@ NYA97L  1-346-51631,631Rick WaitsJim BeattieRich GossageRick Waits 407408-1
1978-07-27@ NYA98L  0-1147-5260David ClydeEd FigueroaEd FigueroaDavid Clyde 407419-12
1978-07-27@ NYA99W  17-547-52633,412Don HoodCatfish HunterDon HoodCatfish Hunter 4244240
1978-07-28vs OAK100W  4-248-5268,032 Dave FreislebenPete BrobergJim KernPete Broberg 4284262
1978-07-29vs OAK101L  5-648-53617,828 Rick WiseSteve RenkoSteve RenkoRick WiseDave Heaverlo4334321
1978-07-30vs OAK102L  4-548-54610,272 Mike PaxtonJohn Henry JohnsonElias SosaJim Kern 4374370
1978-07-31vs KCA103W  4-349-5468,149 Rick WaitsLarry GuraSid MongeAl Hrabosky 4414401
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-08-01vs KCA104W  2-150-5468,236 David ClydeRich GaleJim KernSteve Mingori 4434412
1978-08-02vs KCA105W  5-251-5467,834 Dave FreislebenDennis LeonardPaul ReuschelDennis Leonard 4484435
1978-08-04@ TEX106L  0-851-55620,307Rick WiseFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsRick Wise 448451-3
1978-08-05@ TEX107L  3-451-56615,376Mike PaxtonDoyle AlexanderSteve ComerJim Kern 451455-4
1978-08-06@ TEX108L  2-351-57615,004Rick WaitsJon MatlackJon MatlackRick Waits 453458-5
1978-08-08@ BOS109L  7-951-58634,485Dave FreislebenMike TorrezBob StanleyDave Freisleben 460467-7
1978-08-09@ BOS110W  5-152-58633,285Rick WiseBill LeeRick WiseBill LeeJim Kern465468-3
1978-08-10@ BOS111L  5-652-59633,541Mike PaxtonDennis EckersleyBob StanleyDan Spillner 470474-4
1978-08-11vs TEX112L  2-852-60619,085 Rick WaitsJon MatlackJon MatlackRick Waits 472482-10
1978-08-12vs TEX113L  1-652-61613,783 David ClydeDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderDavid Clyde 473488-15
1978-08-13vs TEX114L  2-352-6360 Dave FreislebenDoc MedichDoc MedichDave FreislebenReggie Cleveland475491-16
1978-08-13vs TEX115L  5-652-63614,137 Rick WisePaul MirabellaSteve ComerRick WiseLen Barker480497-17
1978-08-14vs MIN116W  4-353-6366,513 Mike PaxtonJeff HollyMike PaxtonJeff HollyJim Kern484500-16
1978-08-15vs MIN117L  8-953-6466,971 Rick WaitsDarrell JacksonMike MarshallSid MongeGary Serum492509-17
1978-08-16@ DET118L  0-253-65615,819David ClydeJack BillinghamJack BillinghamDavid Clyde 492511-19
1978-08-17@ DET119L  5-953-66618,966Dave FreislebenJim SlatonJack MorrisDon Hood 497520-23
1978-08-18vs CHA120L  1-753-6766,972 Rick WiseMike ProlyMike ProlyRick Wise 498527-29
1978-08-19vs CHA121L  1-253-6865,282 Mike PaxtonFrancisco BarriosFrancisco BarriosMike Paxton 499529-30
1978-08-20vs CHA122W  10-154-6868,233 Rick WaitsSteve StoneRick WaitsSteve Stone 509530-21
1978-08-22@ MIL123L  2-354-7060David ClydeBill TraversBill CastroJim Kern 511533-22
1978-08-22@ MIL124L  4-554-70623,918Paul ReuschelEduardo RodriguezWillie MuellerJim Kern 515538-23
1978-08-23@ MIL125L  4-954-71620,157Rick WiseLary SorensenAndy ReplogleSid Monge 519547-28
1978-08-24@ MIL126W  9-855-71616,362Mike PaxtonJerry AugustineDan SpillnerBob McClureSid Monge528555-27
1978-08-25@ CHA127W  2-156-71618,891Rick WaitsFrancisco BarriosRick WaitsFrancisco BarriosJim Kern530556-26
1978-08-26@ CHA128L  7-856-72619,100David ClydeSteve StoneSteve StoneDavid ClydeJim Willoughby537564-27
1978-08-27@ CHA129L  0-656-73613,008Paul ReuschelRoss BaumgartenRoss BaumgartenPaul Reuschel 537570-33
1978-08-29vs MIL130L  0-656-7465,498 Rick WiseAndy ReplogleAndy ReplogleRick Wise 537576-39
1978-08-31vs MIL131L  0-157-7560 Mike PaxtonMike CaldwellMike CaldwellMike Paxton 537577-40
1978-08-31vs MIL132W  12-657-7565,328 Rick WaitsBill TraversRick WaitsBill Travers 549583-34
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-09-01@ MIN133W  4-158-7564,917David ClydeRoger EricksonDavid ClydeRoger EricksonDan Spillner553584-31
1978-09-02@ MIN134L  1-258-7666,775Paul ReuschelDave GoltzDave GoltzPaul ReuschelMike Marshall554586-32
1978-09-03@ MIN135L  3-1258-7860Rick WiseGary SerumGary SerumRick Wise 557598-41
1978-09-03@ MIN136L  3-458-78610,240Dave FreislebenStan PerzanowskiMike MarshallJim Kern 560602-42
1978-09-04@ TOR137W  5-459-78614,364Mike PaxtonBalor MooreMike PaxtonBalor Moore 565606-41
1978-09-05@ TOR138W  6-260-78611,060Rick WaitsDon KirkwoodRick WaitsDon Kirkwood 571608-37
1978-09-08@ DET139L  3-660-79613,624David ClydeJim SlatonJim SlatonDavid ClydeJohn Hiller574614-40
1978-09-09@ DET140L  2-560-80616,026Mike PaxtonDave RozemaDave RozemaMike Paxton 576619-43
1978-09-10@ DET141W  7-461-80615,583Paul ReuschelMilt WilcoxJim KernMilt Wilcox 583623-40
1978-09-11vs TOR142W  6-462-8160 Rick WaitsJesse JeffersonRick WaitsJesse Jefferson 589627-38
1978-09-11vs TOR143L  1-762-8163,356 Rick WiseDon KirkwoodDon KirkwoodRick Wise 590634-44
1978-09-13vs BOS144W  2-163-8165,568 David ClydeDennis EckersleyDavid ClydeDennis EckersleyJim Kern592635-43
1978-09-14vs BOS145W  4-364-8164,479 Mike PaxtonJim WrightMike PaxtonJim WrightJim Kern596638-42
1978-09-15vs DET146L  0-164-8264,070 Paul ReuschelDave RozemaDave RozemaPaul Reuschel 596639-43
1978-09-16vs DET147L  4-1064-8364,640 Rick WaitsMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxRick Waits 600649-49
1978-09-17vs DET148W  2-165-8364,515 Don HoodKip YoungJim KernKip Young 602650-48
1978-09-18vs BAL149L  3-1065-8462,873 David ClydeScott McGregorScott McGregorDavid Clyde 605660-55
1978-09-19vs BAL150W  2-166-8463,148 Mike PaxtonJim PalmerMike PaxtonDon Stanhouse 607661-54
1978-09-22vs NYA151W  8-767-84610,035 Rick WaitsEd FigueroaSid MongeRich Gossage 615668-53
1978-09-23vs NYA152W  10-168-84617,452 David ClydeJim BeattieDavid ClydeJim Beattie 625669-44
1978-09-24vs NYA153L  0-468-85615,855 Mike PaxtonRon GuidryRon GuidryMike Paxton 625673-48
1978-09-26@ BAL154L  1-368-8663,662Paul ReuschelMike FlanaganMike FlanaganPaul ReuschelDon Stanhouse626676-50
1978-09-27@ BAL155L  1-368-8762,987Rick WaitsDennis MartinezDennis MartinezRick Waits 627679-52
1978-09-28@ BAL156L  2-368-8865,143Don HoodJim PalmerJim PalmerDon HoodDon Stanhouse629682-53
1978-09-29@ NYA157L  1-368-89630,253David ClydeJim BeattieJim BeattieJim KernRich Gossage630685-55
1978-09-30@ NYA158L  0-768-90655,219Mike PaxtonEd FigueroaEd FigueroaMike Paxton 630692-62
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-10-01@ NYA159W  9-269-90639,189Rick WaitsCatfish HunterRick WaitsCatfish Hunter 639694-55

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