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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bronx,NY
Team Record:  100-63   .613
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Billy Martin, Bob Lemon, Dick Howser
General Manager:   Cedric Tallis
Stadium:  Yankee Stadium I
Attendance:  2,335,871
Playoffs:  Won World Series (Dodgers)

New York Yankees affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Paul Lindblad (36)
Youngest Player:  Damaso Garcia (21)
Longest Tenure:  Roy White (14)
Top Hitter:  Graig Nettles (17)
Top Pitcher:  Ron Guidry (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Rex Hudler (#18)

Roster Continuity:  88.37%
American League Standings
NY Yankees10063.613--

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-04-08@ TEX1L  1-20-1740,078Ron GuidryJon MatlackJon MatlackRich Gossage 12-1
1978-04-09@ TEX2W  7-11-1420,243Ed FigueroaDoyle AlexanderEd FigueroaDoyle Alexander 835
1978-04-10@ TEX3L  2-51-2414,299Dick TidrowDock EllisDock EllisDick TidrowRoger Moret1082
1978-04-11@ MIL4L  6-91-358,934Catfish HunterJerry AugustineJerry AugustineCatfish HunterMike Caldwell1617-1
1978-04-12@ MIL5L  3-51-458,751Ken HoltzmanMoose HaasMoose HaasRich Gossage 1922-3
1978-04-13vs CHA6W  4-22-4544,667 Ron GuidryWilbur WoodRon GuidryWilbur Wood 2324-1
1978-04-15vs CHA7W  3-23-4420,965 Ed FigueroaFrancisco BarriosEd FigueroaFrancisco Barrios 26260
1978-04-16vs CHA8W  3-04-4432,750 Dick TidrowKen KravecDick TidrowKen KravecSparky Lyle29263
1978-04-17vs BAL9L  1-64-5415,674 Catfish HunterMike FlanaganMike FlanaganCatfish Hunter 3032-2
1978-04-18vs BAL10W  4-35-5415,628 Ron GuidryDennis MartinezSparky LyleTippy Martinez 3435-1
1978-04-19@ TOR11L  3-45-6413,306Ken HoltzmanJerry GarvinTom MurphyRich Gossage 3739-2
1978-04-21vs MIL12L  2-95-7515,105 Ed FigueroaJerry AugustineJerry AugustineEd Figueroa 3948-9
1978-04-22vs MIL13W  4-36-7417,594 Dick TidrowMike CaldwellSparky LyleBob McClure 4351-8
1978-04-23vs MIL14L  2-36-8426,291 Catfish HunterLary SorensenLary SorensenCatfish HunterBob McClure4554-9
1978-04-24@ BAL15W  8-27-8418,053Ron GuidryScott McGregorRon GuidryScott McGregor 5356-3
1978-04-25@ BAL16W  4-38-8514,159Jim BeattieJim PalmerJim BeattieJim PalmerSparky Lyle5759-2
1978-04-28@ MIN17W  3-19-8311,674Ed FigueroaPaul ThormodsgardEd FigueroaPaul Thormodsgard 60600
1978-04-29@ MIN18L  1-39-9310,543Dick TidrowGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnDick Tidrow 6163-2
1978-04-30@ MIN19W  3-210-9313,929Ron GuidryRoger EricksonRich GossageMac Scarce 6465-1
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-05-01vs KCA20W  8-411-9317,340 Jim BeattiePaul SplittorffRawly EastwickPaul SplittorffSparky Lyle72693
1978-05-02vs KCA21W  4-212-9219,152 Catfish HunterLarry GuraCatfish HunterLarry GuraSparky Lyle76715
1978-05-03vs KCA22W  6-513-9221,230 Ed FigueroaDennis LeonardEd FigueroaDennis LeonardRich Gossage82766
1978-05-05vs TEX23W  5-214-9217,285 Ron GuidryJon MatlackRon GuidryJon MatlackRich Gossage87789
1978-05-06vs TEX24L  5-914-10319,788 Dick TidrowJim UmbargerJim UmbargerDick Tidrow 92875
1978-05-07vs TEX25W  3-215-10353,829 Jim BeattieDock EllisRich GossageLen Barker 95896
1978-05-09vs MIN26W  3-116-10311,271 Catfish HunterPaul ThormodsgardCatfish HunterPaul ThormodsgardSparky Lyle98908
1978-05-12@ KCA27L  3-416-11333,061Ed FigueroaPaul SplittorffDoug BirdRich Gossage 101947
1978-05-13@ KCA28W  5-217-11340,903Ron GuidryDennis LeonardRon GuidryDennis LeonardRich Gossage1069610
1978-05-14@ KCA29L  9-1017-12336,034Dick TidrowAndy HasslerAl HraboskyKen Clay 1151069
1978-05-15@ CHA30W  4-118-12317,569Jim BeattieRich WorthamJim BeattieRich WorthamSparky Lyle11910712
1978-05-16@ CHA31W  8-319-12321,837Ken HoltzmanWilbur WoodKen HoltzmanWilbur WoodRich Gossage12711017
1978-05-17@ CLE32L  4-519-13310,370Ed FigueroaRick WaitsSid MongeSparky Lyle 13111516
1978-05-18@ CLE33W  5-320-13313,625Ron GuidryDon HoodRon GuidryDennis KinneyRich Gossage13611818
1978-05-19@ TOR34W  11-321-13326,025Dick TidrowJesse JeffersonDick TidrowJesse Jefferson 14712126
1978-05-20@ TOR35L  8-1021-14330,550Jim BeattieDave LemanczykDave LemanczykKen Clay 15513124
1978-05-21@ TOR36W  2-123-1430Ed FigueroaTom UnderwoodEd FigueroaTom UnderwoodRich Gossage15713225
1978-05-21@ TOR37W  9-123-14341,308Ken ClayJerry GarvinKen ClayJerry Garvin 16613333
1978-05-23vs CLE38W  10-124-14320,618 Ron GuidryDon HoodRon GuidryDon Hood 17613442
1978-05-25vs CLE39W  9-325-14215,403 Dick TidrowRick WaitsDick TidrowRick Waits 18513748
1978-05-26vs TOR40W  4-326-14224,171 Jim BeattieJerry GarvinSparky LyleJerry Garvin 18914049
1978-05-27vs TOR41L  1-426-15256,078 Ed FigueroaJim ClancyJim ClancyEd FigueroaTom Murphy19014446
1978-05-28vs TOR42W  5-328-15241,534 Ron GuidryJesse JeffersonRon GuidryJesse Jefferson 19514748
1978-05-28vs TOR43W  6-528-15242,344 Ken ClayDave LemanczykRich GossageTom Murphy 20115249
1978-05-29@ CLE44W  2-029-15219,563Andy MessersmithRick WaitsRawly EastwickRick Waits 20315251
1978-05-30@ CLE45L  1-529-1626,069Dick TidrowRick WiseRick WiseDick Tidrow 20415747
1978-05-31vs BAL46L  2-329-17221,404 Ed FigueroaMike FlanaganMike FlanaganEd Figueroa 20616046
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-06-01vs BAL47L  0-129-18219,943 Jim BeattieJim PalmerJim PalmerJim Beattie 20616145
1978-06-02@ OAK48W  3-130-18218,993Ron GuidryJohn Henry JohnsonRon GuidryJohn Henry JohnsonRich Gossage20916247
1978-06-03@ OAK49L  1-530-19214,499Andy MessersmithMatt KeoughMatt KeoughAndy Messersmith 21016743
1978-06-04@ OAK50L  4-630-20219,289Don GullettJohn Henry JohnsonBob LaceyRawly EastwickElias Sosa21417341
1978-06-05@ SEA51L  3-730-21215,189Ed FigueroaTom HouseTom HouseEd Figueroa 21718037
1978-06-06@ SEA52L  3-430-22212,638Dick TidrowByron McLaughlinShane RawleyRich Gossage 22018436
1978-06-07@ SEA53W  9-131-22212,544Ron GuidryJim ColbornRon GuidryJim Colborn 22918544
1978-06-09@ CAL54W  3-132-22229,415Ed FigueroaFrank TananaEd FigueroaFrank TananaRich Gossage23218646
1978-06-10@ CAL55L  3-432-23237,848Don GullettNolan RyanDave LaRocheRich Gossage 23519045
1978-06-11@ CAL56L  6-932-24231,646Dick TidrowDon AaseDyar MillerKen Clay 24119942
1978-06-12vs OAK57W  2-033-24228,457 Ron GuidryMatt KeoughRon GuidryDave Heaverlo 24319944
1978-06-13vs OAK58W  5-334-24230,779 Ed FigueroaJohn Henry JohnsonEd FigueroaRick LangfordRich Gossage24820246
1978-06-14vs SEA59W  11-935-24218,015 Andy MessersmithTom HouseSparky LyleJohn Montague 25921148
1978-06-15vs SEA60W  5-236-24218,643 Don GullettPaul MitchellDon GullettPaul MitchellSparky Lyle26421351
1978-06-16vs CAL61L  7-1036-25235,968 Jim BeattieDon AaseDon AaseJim Beattie 27122348
1978-06-17vs CAL62W  4-037-25233,162 Ron GuidryPaul HartzellRon GuidryPaul Hartzell 27522352
1978-06-18vs CAL63L  2-337-26355,604 Ed FigueroaChris KnappChris KnappEd Figueroa 27722651
1978-06-19@ BOS64L  4-1037-27433,163Ken ClayLuis TiantTom BurgmeierRich Gossage 28123645
1978-06-20@ BOS65W  10-438-27332,643Don GullettMike TorrezDon GullettMike Torrez 29124051
1978-06-21@ BOS66L  2-938-28432,459Jim BeattieDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyJim Beattie 29324944
1978-06-22@ DET67W  4-239-28333,971Ron GuidryDave RozemaRon GuidryDave RozemaRich Gossage29725146
1978-06-23@ DET68W  12-340-28339,022Ed FigueroaMilt WilcoxSparky LyleMilt Wilcox 30925455
1978-06-24@ DET69L  3-440-29337,681Ken ClayJim SlatonJim SlatonDick Tidrow 31225854
1978-06-25@ DET70W  4-241-29234,014Don GullettSteve BakerDon GullettSteve BakerRich Gossage31626056
1978-06-26vs BOS71L  1-441-30252,124 Andy MessersmithDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyAndy MessersmithBill Campbell31726453
1978-06-27vs BOS72W  6-442-30255,132 Ron GuidryJim WrightSparky LyleDick Drago 32326855
1978-06-28@ MIL73L  0-542-3230Dick TidrowMike CaldwellMike CaldwellDick Tidrow 32327350
1978-06-28@ MIL74L  2-742-32339,283Larry McCallJerry AugustineJerry AugustineLarry McCall 32528045
1978-06-30vs DET75W  10-243-32333,894 Don GullettSteve BakerDon GullettSteve Baker 33528253
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-07-01vs DET76L  4-843-33337,260 Andy MessersmithJack BillinghamJack BillinghamAndy Messersmith 33929049
1978-07-02vs DET77W  3-245-3330 Ron GuidryDave RozemaRon GuidryJohn HillerRich Gossage34229250
1978-07-02vs DET78W  5-345-33351,327 Dave RajsichJim SlatonRich GossageJim Slaton 34729552
1978-07-03@ BOS79L  5-945-34334,722Ed FigueroaDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyEd Figueroa 35230448
1978-07-05@ TEX80L  2-345-35337,702Don GullettJon MatlackJon MatlackDon Gullett 35430747
1978-07-06@ TEX81W  7-246-35237,930Dick TidrowDoc MedichDick TidrowDoc Medich 36130952
1978-07-07@ MIL82L  0-646-36340,216Ron GuidryMike CaldwellMike CaldwellRon Guidry 36131546
1978-07-08@ MIL83L  5-646-37346,518Dave RajsichJerry AugustineEduardo RodriguezRich GossageBob McClure36632145
1978-07-09@ MIL84L  4-846-38342,633Don GullettBill TraversBill TraversDon GullettRandy Stein37032941
1978-07-13vs CHA85L  1-646-39328,532 Dick TidrowWilbur WoodWilbur WoodDick Tidrow 37133536
1978-07-14vs CHA86W  7-647-39321,981 Ron GuidryKen KravecRich GossageRich Hinton 37834137
1978-07-15vs KCA87L  2-847-40334,979 Ed FigueroaDennis LeonardDennis LeonardEd Figueroa 38034931
1978-07-16vs KCA88L  1-347-41445,089 Jim BeattieLarry GuraLarry GuraJim BeattieAl Hrabosky38135229
1978-07-17vs KCA89L  7-947-42427,020 Catfish HunterPaul SplittorffAl HraboskyRich Gossage 38836127
1978-07-19@ MIN90W  2-048-42429,591Ed FigueroaGeoff ZahnEd FigueroaGeoff Zahn 39036129
1978-07-20@ MIN91W  4-049-42430,660Ron GuidryDarrell JacksonRon GuidryDarrell Jackson 39436133
1978-07-21@ CHA92W  7-450-42430,348Jim BeattieFrancisco BarriosSparky LyleRich HintonRich Gossage40136536
1978-07-22@ CHA93W  7-251-42332,163Catfish HunterWilbur WoodCatfish HunterWilbur Wood 40836741
1978-07-23@ CHA94W  3-152-42327,651Ed FigueroaKen KravecEd FigueroaKen KravecRich Gossage41136843
1978-07-24@ KCA95L  2-552-43438,859Dick TidrowDennis LeonardDennis LeonardDick Tidrow 41337340
1978-07-25@ KCA96W  4-053-43440,183Ron GuidryPaul SplittorffRon GuidryPaul Splittorff 41737344
1978-07-26vs CLE97W  3-154-43331,631 Jim BeattieRick WaitsRich GossageRick Waits 42037446
1978-07-27vs CLE98W  11-055-4440 Ed FigueroaDavid ClydeEd FigueroaDavid Clyde 43137457
1978-07-27vs CLE99L  5-1755-44433,412 Catfish HunterDon HoodDon HoodCatfish Hunter 43639145
1978-07-28vs MIN100L  5-755-45425,037 Dick TidrowGeoff ZahnMike MarshallSparky Lyle 44139843
1978-07-29vs MIN101W  7-356-45446,711 Ken ClayDarrell JacksonKen ClayDarrell JacksonRich Gossage44840147
1978-07-30vs MIN102W  4-357-4640 Ron GuidryRoger EricksonRich GossageMike Marshall 45240448
1978-07-30vs MIN103L  0-257-46441,491 Jim BeattieDave GoltzDave GoltzJim BeattieMike Marshall45240646
1978-07-31vs TEX104W  6-158-46415,419 Ed FigueroaDoc MedichEd FigueroaDoc Medich 45840751
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-08-01vs TEX105W  8-159-46318,485 Catfish HunterJon MatlackCatfish HunterJon Matlack 46640858
1978-08-02vs BOS106L  5-759-47352,701 Dick TidrowAndy HasslerBob StanleyKen Clay 47141556
1978-08-03vs BOS107L  1-859-48453,379 Jim BeattieMike TorrezMike TorrezJim Beattie 47242349
1978-08-04vs BAL108L  1-259-49428,189 Ron GuidryMike FlanaganMike FlanaganRon GuidryDon Stanhouse47342548
1978-08-05vs BAL109W  3-260-49426,727 Ed FigueroaScott McGregorSparky LyleTippy Martinez 47642749
1978-08-06vs BAL110W  3-061-49340,765 Catfish HunterJim PalmerCatfish HunterJim Palmer 47942752
1978-08-08vs MIL111W  3-062-49322,549 Dick TidrowMike CaldwellDick TidrowMike CaldwellRich Gossage48242755
1978-08-09vs MIL112W  8-763-49227,172 Ed FigueroaLary SorensenLarry McCallBob McClure 49043456
1978-08-10vs MIL113W  9-064-49235,127 Ron GuidryJerry AugustineRon GuidryJerry Augustine 49943465
1978-08-11@ BAL114W  2-165-49229,539Catfish HunterDennis MartinezCatfish HunterDennis Martinez 50143566
1978-08-12@ BAL115L  4-665-50232,153Jim BeattieMike FlanaganMike FlanaganJim BeattieDon Stanhouse50544164
1978-08-13@ BAL116L  0-365-51231,591Ed FigueroaScott McGregorScott McGregorEd Figueroa 50544461
1978-08-14@ BAL117W  4-166-51230,397Dick TidrowJim PalmerRich GossageJim Palmer 50944564
1978-08-15@ OAK118W  6-067-51213,862Ron GuidryRick LangfordRon GuidryRick Langford 51544570
1978-08-16@ OAK119W  5-368-51210,394Catfish HunterPete BrobergCatfish HunterBob LaceyRich Gossage52044872
1978-08-18@ SEA120W  6-169-51219,824Ed FigueroaPaul MitchellEd FigueroaPaul Mitchell 52644977
1978-08-19@ SEA121L  1-469-52229,915Dick TidrowJim ColbornJim ColbornDick Tidrow 52745374
1978-08-20@ SEA122L  4-569-53321,834Ron GuidryRick HoneycuttEnrique RomoRich Gossage 53145873
1978-08-22@ CAL123W  6-270-53335,644Catfish HunterFrank TananaCatfish HunterFrank Tanana 53746077
1978-08-23@ CAL124L  3-670-54333,472Ed FigueroaChris KnappChris KnappEd FigueroaDave LaRoche54046674
1978-08-25vs OAK125W  7-171-54229,010 Ron GuidryJohn Henry JohnsonRon GuidryJohn Henry Johnson 54746780
1978-08-26vs OAK126W  5-472-54253,883 Dick TidrowMatt KeoughSparky LyleBob Lacey 55247181
1978-08-27vs OAK127W  6-273-54240,628 Catfish HunterRick LangfordCatfish HunterRick LangfordRich Gossage55847385
1978-08-28vs CAL128W  4-174-54222,481 Ed FigueroaFrank TananaEd FigueroaFrank TananaRich Gossage56247488
1978-08-29vs CAL129W  4-375-54224,203 Jim BeattieChris KnappRich GossageDave LaRoche 56647789
1978-08-30@ BAL130W  5-476-54220,501Ron GuidryMike FlanaganRon GuidryTippy MartinezRich Gossage57148190
1978-08-31@ BAL131W  6-277-54215,579Dick TidrowScott McGregorDick TidrowScott McGregorSparky Lyle57748394
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-09-01vs SEA132L  0-377-55220,167 Catfish HunterPaul MitchellPaul MitchellCatfish Hunter 57748691
1978-09-02vs SEA133W  6-278-55218,530 Ed FigueroaJim ColbornEd FigueroaJim Colborn 58348895
1978-09-03vs SEA134W  4-379-55222,386 Jim BeattieRick HoneycuttJim BeattieRick HoneycuttRich Gossage58749196
1978-09-04vs DET135W  9-180-5620 Ron GuidryMilt WilcoxRon GuidryMilt Wilcox 596492104
1978-09-04vs DET136L  4-580-56246,896 Paul LindbladJack MorrisJohn HillerSparky Lyle 600497103
1978-09-05vs DET137W  4-281-56216,891 Dick TidrowKip YoungDick TidrowKip YoungRich Gossage604499105
1978-09-06vs DET138W  8-282-56224,452 Ed FigueroaJack BillinghamEd FigueroaJack Billingham 612501111
1978-09-07@ BOS139W  15-383-56234,119Catfish HunterMike TorrezKen ClayMike Torrez 627504123
1978-09-08@ BOS140W  13-284-56233,134Jim BeattieJim WrightJim BeattieJim Wright 640506134
1978-09-09@ BOS141W  7-085-56233,611Ron GuidryDennis EckersleyRon GuidryDennis Eckersley 647506141
1978-09-10@ BOS142W  7-486-56232,786Ed FigueroaBobby SprowlEd FigueroaBobby SprowlRich Gossage654510144
1978-09-12@ DET143L  4-786-57214,162Dick TidrowKip YoungKip YoungDick TidrowJohn Hiller658517141
1978-09-13@ DET144W  7-387-57116,841Jim BeattieJack BillinghamJim BeattieJack Billingham 665520145
1978-09-14@ DET145W  4-288-57117,118Ed FigueroaJim SlatonEd FigueroaJim SlatonSparky Lyle669522147
1978-09-15vs BOS146W  4-089-57154,901 Ron GuidryLuis TiantRon GuidryLuis Tiant 673522151
1978-09-16vs BOS147W  3-290-57155,091 Catfish HunterMike TorrezCatfish HunterMike Torrez 676524152
1978-09-17vs BOS148L  3-790-58155,088 Jim BeattieDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyJim BeattieBob Stanley679531148
1978-09-18vs MIL149W  4-391-58120,557 Ed FigueroaBill TraversEd FigueroaBill Travers 683534149
1978-09-19vs MIL150L  0-291-59126,682 Dick TidrowMike CaldwellMike CaldwellDick Tidrow 683536147
1978-09-20@ TOR151L  1-892-6010Ron GuidryMike WillisMike WillisRon Guidry 684544140
1978-09-20@ TOR152W  3-292-60138,080Ken ClayTom UnderwoodRich GossageVictor Cruz 687546141
1978-09-21@ TOR153W  7-193-60128,653Catfish HunterBalor MooreCatfish HunterBalor MooreRich Gossage694547147
1978-09-22@ CLE154L  7-893-61110,035Ed FigueroaRick WaitsSid MongeRich Gossage 701555146
1978-09-23@ CLE155L  1-1093-62117,452Jim BeattieDavid ClydeDavid ClydeJim Beattie 702565137
1978-09-24@ CLE156W  4-094-62115,855Ron GuidryMike PaxtonRon GuidryMike Paxton 706565141
1978-09-26vs TOR157W  4-195-62120,535 Ed FigueroaTom UnderwoodEd FigueroaTom UnderwoodRich Gossage710566144
1978-09-27vs TOR158W  5-196-62120,052 Catfish HunterMike WillisCatfish HunterMike Willis 715567148
1978-09-28vs TOR159W  3-197-62130,480 Ron GuidryBalor MooreRon GuidryBalor Moore 718568150
1978-09-29vs CLE160W  3-198-62130,253 Jim BeattieDavid ClydeJim BeattieJim KernRich Gossage721569152
1978-09-30vs CLE161W  7-099-62155,219 Ed FigueroaMike PaxtonEd FigueroaMike Paxton 728569159
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-10-01vs CLE162L  2-999-63239,189 Catfish HunterRick WaitsRick WaitsCatfish Hunter 730578152
1978-10-02@ BOS163W  5-4100-63132,925Ron GuidryMike TorrezRon GuidryMike TorrezRich Gossage735582153

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