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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Los Angeles,CA
Team Record:  95-67   .586
Result:   1st in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Tom Lasorda
General Manager:   Al Campanis
Stadium:  Dodger Stadium
Attendance:  3,347,845
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Yankees)

Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Vic Davalillo (41)
Youngest Player:  Myron White (20)
Longest Tenure:  Don Sutton (13)
Top Hitter:  Steve Garvey (3)
Top Pitcher:  Burt Hooton (10)
Top Draft Pick:  Clay Smith (#47)

Roster Continuity:  86.09%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9567.586--
SF Giants8973.5496.0
San Diego8478.51911.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-04-07@ ATL1W  13-41-0242,866Don SuttonPhil NiekroDon SuttonPhil Niekro 1349
1978-04-08@ ATL2W  6-22-0211,265Tommy JohnDick RuthvenTommy JohnDick RuthvenTerry Forster19613
1978-04-09@ ATL3W  7-43-0211,473Rick RhodenTommy BoggsRick RhodenTommy BoggsBobby Castillo261016
1978-04-10@ HOU4W  5-24-0222,882Doug RauFloyd BannisterDoug RauFloyd BannisterTerry Forster311219
1978-04-11@ HOU5L  0-14-1211,049Burt HootonJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardBurt Hooton 311318
1978-04-12@ HOU6L  10-114-2211,824Don SuttonJoe NiekroJoe SambitoBobby Castillo 412417
1978-04-14vs ATL7W  5-15-2238,397 Tommy JohnDick RuthvenTommy JohnDick Ruthven 462521
1978-04-16vs ATL8W  8-06-2137,161 Rick RhodenPhil NiekroRick RhodenPhil Niekro 542529
1978-04-17vs CIN9L  2-86-3240,527 Burt HootonBill BonhamBill BonhamBurt Hooton 563323
1978-04-18vs CIN10L  3-116-4250,374 Don SuttonFred NormanFred NormanDon SuttonDale Murray594415
1978-04-19vs CIN11W  5-47-4249,333 Tommy JohnTom HumeTommy JohnTom Hume 644816
1978-04-20vs HOU12W  5-18-4224,049 Doug RauMark LemongelloDoug RauMark Lemongello 694920
1978-04-21vs HOU13L  6-88-5244,867 Rick RhodenJ.R. RichardKen ForschBobby Castillo 755718
1978-04-22vs HOU14W  5-19-5252,346 Burt HootonFloyd BannisterBurt HootonFloyd Bannister 805822
1978-04-23vs HOU15W  7-310-5251,500 Don SuttonJoe NiekroDon SuttonJoe Niekro 876126
1978-04-25@ CIN16W  4-211-5127,361Tommy JohnTom HumeTommy JohnTom Hume 916328
1978-04-26@ CIN17W  14-412-5132,872Doug RauTom SeaverDoug RauTom Seaver 1056738
1978-04-28@ SLN18W  7-113-5123,823Rick RhodenBob ForschRick RhodenBob Forsch 1126844
1978-04-29@ SLN19L  0-113-6120,596Burt HootonEric RasmussenEric RasmussenBurt Hooton 1126943
1978-04-30@ SLN20L  0-413-7121,677Don SuttonJohn UrreaJohn UrreaDon SuttonPete Vuckovich1127339
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-05-02@ CHN21L  4-513-816,990Tommy JohnRick ReuschelBruce SutterMike Garman 1167838
1978-05-03@ CHN22W  9-514-819,252Doug RauRay BurrisDoug RauRay BurrisTerry Forster1258342
1978-05-04@ CHN23W  4-115-814,030Rick RhodenWoodie FrymanRick RhodenWoodie Fryman 1298445
1978-05-05@ PIT24W  7-216-817,580Burt HootonBert BlylevenBurt HootonBert Blyleven 1368650
1978-05-06@ PIT25L  2-316-918,919Don SuttonJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaDon SuttonGrant Jackson1388949
1978-05-07@ PIT26L  4-616-10118,208Tommy JohnJim RookerJim RookerTommy JohnKent Tekulve1429547
1978-05-09vs SLN27W  3-117-10133,262 Doug RauEric RasmussenDoug RauEric RasmussenTerry Forster1459649
1978-05-10vs SLN28L  5-617-11134,851 Rick RhodenJohn DennyMark LittellRick Rhoden 15010248
1978-05-11vs SLN29L  0-217-12130,007 Burt HootonBob ForschBob ForschBurt Hooton 15010446
1978-05-12vs CHN30L  7-917-13352,562 Don SuttonRay BurrisDonnie MooreDon SuttonBruce Sutter15711344
1978-05-13vs CHN31W  5-218-13347,970 Tommy JohnWoodie FrymanTommy JohnWoodie FrymanTerry Forster16211547
1978-05-14vs CHN32L  7-1018-14331,698 Doug RauDennis LampPaul ReuschelRick Rhoden 16912544
1978-05-15vs PIT33W  7-619-14335,297 Burt HootonBert BlylevenCharlie HoughBert Blyleven 17613145
1978-05-16vs PIT34W  3-220-14332,243 Don SuttonJohn CandelariaDon SuttonJohn CandelariaTerry Forster17913346
1978-05-17vs PIT35W  10-121-14233,097 Tommy JohnJim RookerTommy JohnJim Rooker 18913455
1978-05-19vs SFN36L  7-1021-15352,389 Rick RhodenJohn MontefuscoJohn MontefuscoBobby CastilloGary Lavelle19614452
1978-05-20vs SFN37W  3-222-15351,370 Doug RauEd HalickiTerry ForsterGary Lavelle 19914653
1978-05-21vs SFN38W  4-123-15249,354 Burt HootonBob KnepperBurt HootonBob KnepperTerry Forster20314756
1978-05-22@ SDN39W  8-124-15221,957Don SuttonBob OwchinkoDon SuttonBob Owchinko 21114863
1978-05-23@ SDN40L  2-324-16227,512Tommy JohnRandy JonesRollie FingersTommy John 21315162
1978-05-24@ SDN41L  3-924-17327,100Rick RhodenGaylord PerryGaylord PerryRick RhodenJohn D'Acquisto21616056
1978-05-26@ SFN42L  1-624-18343,646Doug RauBob KnepperBob KnepperDoug Rau 21716651
1978-05-27@ SFN43W  3-125-18345,865Burt HootonVida BlueBurt HootonVida BlueTerry Forster22016753
1978-05-28@ SFN44L  5-625-19356,103Don SuttonJohn MontefuscoRandy MoffittDon Sutton 22517352
1978-05-29vs SDN45W  9-626-19351,781 Tommy JohnGaylord PerryTommy JohnGaylord Perry 23417955
1978-05-30vs SDN46W  10-227-19331,636 Rick RhodenEric RasmussenRick RhodenEric Rasmussen 24418163
1978-05-31vs SDN47L  1-327-20328,050 Doug RauBob ShirleyBob ShirleyDoug RauRollie Fingers24518461
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-06-02@ PHI48L  2-427-21342,347Burt HootonJim LonborgJim LonborgBurt HootonGene Garber24718859
1978-06-03@ PHI49L  1-527-22331,442Don SuttonLarry ChristensonTug McGrawTerry Forster 24819355
1978-06-04@ PHI50L  4-927-23342,066Tommy JohnJim KaatJim KaatTommy John 25220250
1978-06-05@ NYN51L  8-927-24314,435Rick RhodenMike BruhertSkip LockwoodTerry Forster 26021149
1978-06-06@ NYN52W  8-228-24317,377Doug RauNino EspinosaDoug RauNino Espinosa 26821355
1978-06-07@ NYN53L  2-328-2537,453Burt HootonPat ZachryPat ZachryCharlie Hough 27021654
1978-06-08@ MON54L  1-428-26320,004Don SuttonSteve RogersSteve RogersDon Sutton 27122051
1978-06-09@ MON55L  9-1028-27321,719Tommy JohnRudy MayDan SchatzederTommy JohnDarold Knowles28023050
1978-06-10@ MON56W  5-429-27339,104Rick RhodenWayne TwitchellLance RautzhanBill AtkinsonTerry Forster28523451
1978-06-11@ MON57W  11-430-27348,389Doug RauRoss GrimsleyCharlie HoughRoss Grimsley 29623858
1978-06-12vs PHI58W  6-531-27326,604 Burt HootonJim LonborgBurt HootonJim LonborgLance Rautzhan30224359
1978-06-13vs PHI59W  5-332-27341,257 Don SuttonRandy LerchDon SuttonRandy Lerch 30724661
1978-06-14vs NYN60W  5-333-27331,185 Tommy JohnJerry KoosmanTommy JohnJerry KoosmanCharlie Hough31224963
1978-06-15vs NYN61W  3-034-27331,308 Rick RhodenNino EspinosaRick RhodenNino EspinosaCharlie Hough31524966
1978-06-16vs MON62W  2-135-27345,538 Doug RauSteve RogersDoug RauSteve Rogers 31725067
1978-06-17vs MON63L  3-635-28351,247 Burt HootonRudy MayDan SchatzederBurt HootonHal Dues32025664
1978-06-18vs MON64W  5-036-28341,769 Don SuttonWayne TwitchellDon SuttonWayne Twitchell 32525669
1978-06-20vs HOU65L  3-536-29341,991 Tommy JohnJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardTommy JohnBo McLaughlin32826167
1978-06-21vs HOU66W  5-437-29334,975 Rick RhodenMark LemongelloBob WelchJoe Sambito 33326568
1978-06-22vs HOU67L  3-437-30331,246 Doug RauJoe NiekroJoe NiekroDoug Rau 33626967
1978-06-23vs CIN68W  1-038-30351,068 Burt HootonFred NormanBurt HootonFred Norman 33726968
1978-06-24vs CIN69W  4-339-30346,274 Don SuttonTom HumeDon SuttonTom HumeBob Welch34127269
1978-06-25vs CIN70L  4-539-31350,356 Tommy JohnPaul MoskauPedro BorbonTommy JohnDoug Bair34527768
1978-06-26@ ATL71L  2-539-3238,991Rick RhodenAdrian DevineAdrian DevineRick RhodenGene Garber34728265
1978-06-27@ ATL72W  3-040-32326,245Doug RauRick CampDoug RauDave Campbell 35028268
1978-06-28@ ATL73W  3-241-3237,624Burt HootonPhil NiekroBurt HootonPhil NiekroTerry Forster35328469
1978-06-29@ ATL74W  7-342-3237,408Don SuttonPreston HannaDon SuttonPreston Hanna 36028773
1978-06-30@ CIN75W  5-344-3220Tommy JohnPaul MoskauTommy JohnDoug BairLance Rautzhan36529075
1978-06-30@ CIN76W  5-244-32250,370Bob WelchManny SarmientoBob WelchManny SarmientoCharlie Hough37029278
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-07-01@ CIN77W  2-045-32248,044Rick RhodenTom SeaverRick RhodenTom Seaver 37229280
1978-07-02@ CIN78L  6-745-33246,067Doug RauBill BonhamDoug BairDoug Rau 37829979
1978-07-03vs ATL79L  2-445-34352,190 Burt HootonRick CampRick CampBurt HootonGene Garber38030377
1978-07-04vs ATL80W  4-146-34249,691 Don SuttonPreston HannaDon SuttonPreston HannaBob Welch38430480
1978-07-05vs ATL81L  8-946-35339,036 Tommy JohnAdrian DevineDave CampbellCharlie HoughGene Garber39231379
1978-07-06vs ATL82W  5-147-35318,355 Rick RhodenPhil NiekroCharlie HoughCraig Skok 39731483
1978-07-07@ HOU83W  7-448-35220,707Doug RauMark LemongelloDoug RauMark LemongelloCharlie Hough40431886
1978-07-08@ HOU84W  7-150-3520Burt HootonFloyd BannisterBurt HootonFloyd Bannister 41131992
1978-07-08@ HOU85W  7-550-35237,073Bob WelchTom DixonTommy JohnTom Dixon 41832494
1978-07-09@ HOU86L  1-550-36230,285Don SuttonJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardDon Sutton 41932990
1978-07-13@ SLN87L  1-650-37216,819Tommy JohnJohn DennyJohn DennyTommy John 42033585
1978-07-14@ SLN88L  1-450-38323,694Don SuttonPete VuckovichPete VuckovichDon Sutton 42133982
1978-07-15@ SLN89W  2-151-38333,903Doug RauBob ForschDoug RauBob ForschTerry Forster42334083
1978-07-16@ CHN90L  2-352-3930Rick RhodenMike KrukowMike KrukowRick RhodenBruce Sutter42534382
1978-07-16@ CHN91W  5-352-39341,677Burt HootonRay BurrisBurt HootonRay BurrisLance Rautzhan43034684
1978-07-17@ CHN92W  4-353-39326,821Tommy JohnRick ReuschelTerry ForsterRick ReuschelBob Welch43434985
1978-07-18@ PIT93W  7-254-39215,125Don SuttonDon RobinsonDon SuttonDon Robinson 44135190
1978-07-19@ PIT94L  3-654-40315,527Doug RauJim RookerJim RookerDoug RauKent Tekulve44435787
1978-07-20@ PIT95L  6-754-41313,823Rick RhodenBert BlylevenBruce KisonTerry Forster 45036486
1978-07-21vs SLN96W  7-555-41351,911 Burt HootonSilvio MartinezBurt HootonSilvio MartinezTerry Forster45736988
1978-07-22vs SLN97W  4-356-41342,165 Tommy JohnJohn DennyTommy JohnJohn DennyTerry Forster46137289
1978-07-23vs SLN98L  0-256-42348,184 Don SuttonPete VuckovichPete VuckovichDon Sutton 46137487
1978-07-24vs CHN99W  3-257-42346,822 Bob WelchMike KrukowTerry ForsterDonnie Moore 46437688
1978-07-25vs CHN100W  3-158-42338,465 Rick RhodenRick ReuschelRick RhodenRick ReuschelTommy John46737790
1978-07-26vs CHN101W  8-259-42247,329 Burt HootonDave RobertsBurt HootonDave Roberts 47537996
1978-07-28vs PIT102W  7-360-42243,600 Tommy JohnJohn CandelariaTommy JohnJohn CandelariaTerry Forster482382100
1978-07-29vs PIT103W  2-161-42146,139 Don SuttonDon RobinsonDon SuttonDon Robinson 484383101
1978-07-30vs PIT104L  3-561-43348,587 Doug RauJim RookerJim RookerDoug RauKent Tekulve48738899
1978-07-31@ SDN105L  3-461-44328,592Rick RhodenEric RasmussenEric RasmussenRick RhodenRollie Fingers49039298
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-08-01@ SDN106L  0-161-45340,846Burt HootonRandy JonesRandy JonesBurt Hooton 49039397
1978-08-02@ SDN107L  1-261-46346,751Tommy JohnBob OwchinkoBob OwchinkoTommy JohnRollie Fingers49139596
1978-08-03@ SFN108L  4-561-47342,084Don SuttonJim BarrRandy MoffittTerry Forster 49540095
1978-08-04@ SFN109L  1-261-48347,944Doug RauVida BlueVida BlueDoug RauRandy Moffitt49640294
1978-08-05@ SFN110W  2-062-48349,203Bob WelchEd HalickiBob WelchEd Halicki 49840296
1978-08-06@ SFN111W  5-163-48354,723Burt HootonBob KnepperBurt HootonBob Knepper 503403100
1978-08-07vs SDN112W  3-164-48337,161 Tommy JohnBob OwchinkoTommy JohnBob Owchinko 506404102
1978-08-08vs SDN113W  3-265-48343,515 Don SuttonGaylord PerryDon SuttonGaylord Perry 509406103
1978-08-09vs SDN114W  3-066-48341,597 Doug RauEric RasmussenDoug RauEric Rasmussen 512406106
1978-08-10vs SFN115W  12-267-48150,990 Bob WelchVida BlueBob WelchVida Blue 524408116
1978-08-11vs SFN116W  4-368-48152,869 Burt HootonEd HalickiTerry ForsterGary Lavelle 528411117
1978-08-12vs SFN117L  2-368-49152,294 Tommy JohnBob KnepperBob KnepperTommy John 530414116
1978-08-13vs SFN118L  6-768-50251,417 Don SuttonJohn MontefuscoJohn CurtisCharlie HoughEd Halicki536421115
1978-08-15@ PHI119W  5-469-50138,386Doug RauDick RuthvenDoug RauDick RuthvenLance Rautzhan541425116
1978-08-16@ PHI120W  5-270-50137,660Bob WelchJim KaatBob WelchJim Kaat 546427119
1978-08-17@ PHI121W  5-271-50136,325Burt HootonRandy LerchBurt HootonTug McGrawTerry Forster551429122
1978-08-18@ NYN122W  7-372-50126,660Tommy JohnNino EspinosaTommy JohnNino EspinosaCharlie Hough558432126
1978-08-19@ NYN123L  4-872-51122,963Don SuttonMike BruhertDale MurrayDon SuttonSkip Lockwood562440122
1978-08-20@ NYN124W  5-473-51134,745Doug RauCraig SwanCharlie HoughSkip LockwoodTerry Forster567444123
1978-08-21@ MON125L  2-473-52125,461Bob WelchRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyBob Welch 569448121
1978-08-23@ MON126W  4-274-52131,696Burt HootonSteve RogersBurt HootonSteve RogersCharlie Hough573450123
1978-08-24vs PHI127W  5-475-52149,064 Tommy JohnSteve CarltonTommy JohnWarren BrusstarCharlie Hough578454124
1978-08-25vs PHI128W  6-576-52146,548 Don SuttonDick RuthvenLance RautzhanRon Reed 584459125
1978-08-26vs PHI129L  1-376-53150,194 Doug RauRandy LerchRandy LerchDoug Rau 585462123
1978-08-27vs PHI130L  3-976-54143,065 Bob WelchLarry ChristensonLarry ChristensonBob Welch 588471117
1978-08-28vs MON131W  4-077-54130,984 Burt HootonSteve RogersBurt HootonSteve Rogers 592471121
1978-08-29vs MON132W  4-178-54137,179 Tommy JohnHal DuesTommy JohnHal Dues 596472124
1978-08-30vs MON133W  4-379-54141,469 Don SuttonDan SchatzederCharlie HoughWayne Twitchell 600475125
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-09-01vs NYN134W  4-380-54133,292 Doug RauJerry KoosmanTerry ForsterKevin Kobel 604478126
1978-09-02vs NYN135W  3-281-5510 Burt HootonMike BruhertBurt HootonMike Bruhert 607480127
1978-09-02vs NYN136L  3-581-55149,818 Bob WelchNino EspinosaDale MurrayCharlie Hough 610485125
1978-09-03vs NYN137L  5-881-56126,983 Tommy JohnTom HausmanTom HausmanTommy John 615493122
1978-09-04vs SFN138W  5-482-56152,589 Don SuttonEd HalickiDon SuttonEd HalickiTerry Forster620497123
1978-09-06vs SFN139W  9-283-56127,211 Doug RauJim BarrDoug RauJim Barr 629499130
1978-09-07@ HOU140W  3-284-5617,846Burt HootonMark LemongelloBurt HootonMark LemongelloTerry Forster632501131
1978-09-08@ HOU141L  0-584-57112,905Bob WelchKen ForschKen ForschBob Welch 632506126
1978-09-09@ ATL142L  4-784-58126,777Tommy JohnPhil NiekroPhil NiekroRick RhodenGene Garber636513123
1978-09-10@ ATL143W  11-585-58111,108Don SuttonJim BoutonDon SuttonJim Bouton 647518129
1978-09-11@ SFN144W  7-286-58135,965Doug RauVida BlueDoug RauVida BlueTerry Forster654520134
1978-09-12@ SFN145W  8-087-58138,073Burt HootonJohn MontefuscoBurt HootonJohn Montefusco 662520142
1978-09-13vs HOU146W  6-088-58127,063 Bob WelchKen ForschBob WelchKen Forsch 668520148
1978-09-14vs HOU147W  2-189-58137,423 Rick RhodenJoe NiekroRick RhodenJoe NiekroTerry Forster670521149
1978-09-15vs ATL148W  5-090-58147,188 Don SuttonEddie SolomonDon SuttonEddie Solomon 675521154
1978-09-16vs ATL149W  2-091-58135,834 Doug RauLarry McWilliamsDoug RauLarry McWilliamsTerry Forster677521156
1978-09-17vs ATL150L  2-391-59127,993 Burt HootonPhil NiekroPhil NiekroBurt HootonGene Garber679524155
1978-09-18vs CIN151L  0-491-60150,292 Bob WelchMike LaCossMike LaCossBob Welch 679528151
1978-09-19vs CIN152W  8-092-60150,450 Rick RhodenFred NormanRick RhodenFred Norman 687528159
1978-09-20vs CIN153L  3-492-61151,494 Don SuttonTom SeaverTom SeaverDon SuttonDoug Bair690532158
1978-09-22vs SDN154L  3-1292-62138,743 Doug RauRandy JonesRandy JonesDoug RauBob Shirley693544149
1978-09-23vs SDN155W  5-393-62131,653 Burt HootonJohn D'AcquistoBurt HootonRollie FingersTerry Forster698547151
1978-09-24vs SDN156W  4-094-62150,018 Bob WelchBob OwchinkoBob WelchBob Owchinko 702547155
1978-09-26@ CIN157L  4-694-63127,189Rick RhodenTom SeaverTom SeaverRick Rhoden 706553153
1978-09-27@ CIN158L  3-594-64126,028Don SuttonMario SotoPedro BorbonCharlie HoughDoug Bair709558151
1978-09-28@ CIN159L  7-894-65125,314Doug RauMike LaCossDave TomlinLance Rautzhan 716566150
1978-09-29@ SDN160L  1-394-66126,002Burt HootonJohn D'AcquistoJohn D'AcquistoBurt HootonRollie Fingers717569148
1978-09-30@ SDN161W  7-095-66138,539Tommy JohnSteve MuraTommy JohnSteve Mura 724569155
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1978-10-01@ SDN162L  3-495-67137,185Don SuttonGaylord PerryRollie FingersBobby Castillo 727573154

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