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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  74-88   .457
Result:   5th in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Dave Garcia, Norm Sherry
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  Anaheim Stadium
Attendance:  1,432,633
Playoffs:  -

California Angels affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Mike Cuellar (40)
Youngest Player:  Thad Bosley (20)
Longest Tenure:  Nolan Ryan (6)
Top Hitter:  Bobby Bonds (4)
Top Pitcher:  Nolan Ryan (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Richard Dotson (#7)

Roster Continuity:  77.75%
American League Standings
KC Royals10260.630--
Chi White Sox9072.55612.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-04-06@ SEA1W  7-01-0157,762Frank TananaDiego SeguiFrank TananaDiego Segui 707
1977-04-07@ SEA2W  2-02-0310,144Nolan RyanEnrique RomoNolan RyanEnrique Romo 909
1977-04-08@ SEA3L  6-72-1311,845Gary RossStan ThomasBill LaxtonJohn Verhoeven 1578
1977-04-09@ SEA4L  1-52-2627,668Wayne SimpsonGary WheelockGary WheelockWayne SimpsonJohn Montague16124
1977-04-10@ SEA5W  12-53-2410,405Frank TananaGlenn AbbottFrank TananaGlenn Abbott 281711
1977-04-11@ OAK6L  2-33-3512,337Nolan RyanMike NorrisPablo TorrealbaNolan Ryan 302010
1977-04-12@ OAK7L  2-63-462,184Gary RossStan BahnsenStan BahnsenGary RossDave Giusti32266
1977-04-13@ OAK8L  3-93-573,017Wayne SimpsonRick LangfordRick LangfordWayne SimpsonPablo Torrealba35350
1977-04-14@ OAK9L  7-83-674,738Frank TananaDoc MedichDoug BairJohn Verhoeven 4243-1
1977-04-15vs SEA10W  7-04-6634,654 Nolan RyanGlenn AbbottNolan RyanGlenn Abbott 49436
1977-04-16vs SEA11W  6-45-6519,690 Paul HartzellDiego SeguiPaul HartzellJohn MontagueDon Kirkwood55478
1977-04-17vs SEA12L  7-115-7713,813 Wayne SimpsonEnrique RomoMike KekichSid MongeDave Pagan62584
1977-04-19vs CHA13W  11-26-7612,625 Frank TananaBart JohnsonFrank TananaBart Johnson 736013
1977-04-20vs CHA14L  2-36-8614,373 Nolan RyanChris KnappChris KnappNolan RyanLerrin LaGrow756312
1977-04-22vs MIL15W  7-47-8614,773 Wayne SimpsonMoose HaasWayne SimpsonMoose HaasDick Drago826715
1977-04-23vs MIL16L  1-47-9642,368 Paul HartzellBill TraversBill TraversPaul HartzellBill Castro837112
1977-04-24vs MIL17L  9-107-10614,878 Frank TananaJim SlatonGary BeareMickey ScottBill Castro928111
1977-04-25vs OAK18W  11-68-10612,396 Nolan RyanDoc MedichNolan RyanDoc MedichSid Monge1038716
1977-04-26vs OAK19L  3-78-11611,506 Wayne SimpsonVida BlueVida BlueDick Drago 1069412
1977-04-27vs OAK20L  5-78-12613,475 Paul HartzellJim UmbargerRick LangfordPaul HartzellStan Bahnsen11110110
1977-04-29@ BAL21W  3-29-1268,155Frank TananaJim PalmerFrank TananaDyar Miller 11410311
1977-04-30@ BAL22L  3-49-1369,138Nolan RyanMike FlanaganDennis MartinezNolan Ryan 11710710
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-05-01@ BAL23L  2-39-1469,061Gary RossRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyPaul Hartzell 1191109
1977-05-03@ NYA24L  1-89-15619,440Mike CuellarMike TorrezMike TorrezMike CuellarDick Tidrow1201182
1977-05-06@ BOS25W  8-410-15624,301Nolan RyanLuis TiantNolan RyanLuis TiantPaul Hartzell1281226
1977-05-07@ BOS26L  0-310-16628,426Frank TananaBob StanleyBob StanleyFrank Tanana 1281253
1977-05-08@ BOS27L  3-410-17620,864Gary RossBill LeeJim WilloughbyGary Ross 1311292
1977-05-09@ KCA28W  5-311-17621,901Wayne SimpsonJim ColbornWayne SimpsonJim ColbornPaul Hartzell1361324
1977-05-10@ KCA29W  6-112-17616,740Nolan RyanPaul SplittorffNolan RyanPaul Splittorff 1421339
1977-05-11vs BAL30W  6-013-17611,025 Frank TananaRoss GrimsleyFrank TananaRoss Grimsley 14813315
1977-05-12vs BAL31W  7-514-17610,208 Gary RossJim PalmerDon KirkwoodJim PalmerDave LaRoche15513817
1977-05-13vs NYA32L  0-314-18624,028 Wayne SimpsonEd FigueroaEd FigueroaWayne Simpson 15514114
1977-05-14vs NYA33L  1-414-19644,000 Nolan RyanDon GullettDon GullettNolan Ryan 15614511
1977-05-15vs NYA34W  8-215-19627,260 Frank TananaMike TorrezFrank TananaMike Torrez 16414717
1977-05-16vs BOS35L  7-815-20611,714 Gary RossReggie ClevelandBill CampbellPaul Hartzell 17115516
1977-05-17vs BOS36W  6-216-20613,883 Wayne SimpsonFergie JenkinsWayne SimpsonFergie JenkinsPaul Hartzell17715720
1977-05-19vs MIN37W  5-317-20615,167 Nolan RyanDave GoltzNolan RyanDave Goltz 18216022
1977-05-20vs MIN38W  3-018-20624,164 Frank TananaPaul ThormodsgardFrank TananaPaul Thormodsgard 18516025
1977-05-21vs MIN39W  5-119-20424,139 Gary RossGeoff ZahnGary RossGeoff ZahnDave LaRoche19016129
1977-05-22vs MIN40L  5-819-21421,048 Wayne SimpsonPete RedfernTom JohnsonMickey Scott 19516926
1977-05-24@ DET41W  2-120-21414,194Nolan RyanJohn HillerNolan RyanJohn Hiller 19717027
1977-05-25@ DET42W  4-021-21413,150Frank TananaDave RobertsFrank TananaDave Roberts 20117031
1977-05-27@ TOR43W  4-122-21424,779Gary RossBill SingerGary RossJerry JohnsonPaul Hartzell20517134
1977-05-28@ TOR44L  4-622-22430,034Wayne SimpsonJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonWayne SimpsonPete Vuckovich20917732
1977-05-29@ TOR45W  3-223-22430,009Nolan RyanDave LemanczykNolan RyanDave Lemanczyk 21217933
1977-05-30@ CLE46L  0-123-23413,400Frank TananaDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyFrank Tanana 21218032
1977-05-31@ CLE47W  7-624-2335,174Paul HartzellWayne GarlandDave LaRocheJim KernDick Drago21918633
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-06-04vs DET48L  6-924-24530,331 Nolan RyanDave RobertsJohn HillerNolan Ryan 22519530
1977-06-05vs DET49W  5-125-24421,032 Frank TananaFernando ArroyoFrank TananaFernando Arroyo 23019634
1977-06-06vs DET50L  0-825-25438,551 Gary RossMark FidrychMark FidrychGary Ross 23020426
1977-06-07vs TOR51L  3-625-26510,239 Paul HartzellPete VuckovichMike WillisPaul Hartzell 23321023
1977-06-08vs TOR52W  2-126-26411,678 Nolan RyanJesse JeffersonDave LaRocheTom Bruno 23521124
1977-06-10vs CLE53W  1-027-26420,000 Frank TananaWayne GarlandFrank TananaWayne Garland 23621125
1977-06-11vs CLE54L  1-327-27416,247 Gary RossJim BibbyJim BibbyGary RossJim Kern23721423
1977-06-12vs CLE55W  11-428-27323,926 Nolan RyanPat DobsonNolan RyanPat DobsonDave LaRoche24821830
1977-06-14@ MIN56W  12-929-27312,344Paul HartzellPete RedfernDyar MillerRon SchuelerDave LaRoche26022733
1977-06-15@ MIN57L  2-329-28411,724Frank TananaDave GoltzDave GoltzFrank Tanana 26223032
1977-06-16@ MIN58L  6-729-29421,036Nolan RyanPaul ThormodsgardTom JohnsonNolan Ryan 26823731
1977-06-17@ MIL59W  7-530-29410,881Ken BrettLary SorensenDyar MillerBill Castro 27524233
1977-06-18@ MIL60L  2-430-30447,949Gary NolanGary BeareGary BeareGary NolanBill Castro27724631
1977-06-19@ MIL61W  7-031-30314,244Frank TananaMoose HaasFrank TananaMoose Haas 28424638
1977-06-21@ CHA62L  2-331-31515,755Nolan RyanSteve StoneSteve StoneNolan RyanLerrin LaGrow28624937
1977-06-22@ CHA63L  2-631-32512,912Ken BrettKen KravecBart JohnsonKen Brett 28825533
1977-06-23@ CHA64W  10-632-32517,525Wayne SimpsonFrancisco BarriosDyar MillerLarry Anderson 29826137
1977-06-24vs TEX65L  0-132-33518,983 Frank TananaGaylord PerryAdrian DevineFrank Tanana 29826236
1977-06-25vs TEX66W  3-233-33515,247 Nolan RyanDock EllisDave LaRocheMike Marshall 30126437
1977-06-26vs TEX67W  4-335-3330 Gary RossDoyle AlexanderPaul HartzellDoyle Alexander 30526738
1977-06-26vs TEX68W  4-335-33337,768 Ken BrettNelson BrilesPaul HartzellAdrian DevineDave LaRoche30927039
1977-06-27vs KCA69L  2-735-34414,794 Wayne SimpsonAndy HasslerAndy HasslerWayne Simpson 31127734
1977-06-28vs KCA70L  1-335-35416,103 Frank TananaDennis LeonardDennis LeonardFrank Tanana 31228032
1977-06-29vs KCA71W  7-036-35417,550 Nolan RyanJim ColbornNolan RyanJim Colborn 31928039
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-07-01vs OAK72L  0-236-36413,496 Ken BrettVida BlueVida BlueKen Brett 31928237
1977-07-02vs OAK73L  4-936-37415,057 Gary RossDoc MedichBob LaceyDyar Miller 32329132
1977-07-03vs OAK74W  6-437-37414,352 Frank TananaMike NorrisFrank TananaMike Norris 32929534
1977-07-04vs OAK75W  4-238-37441,303 Nolan RyanRick LangfordNolan RyanRick Langford 33329736
1977-07-05vs OAK76W  6-039-37412,957 Wayne SimpsonVida BlueWayne SimpsonVida BlueDyar Miller33929742
1977-07-06@ MIN77L  3-439-38410,690Ken BrettPete RedfernTom JohnsonPaul Hartzell 34230141
1977-07-07@ MIN78L  6-839-39418,121Frank TananaRon SchuelerRon SchuelerFrank TananaTom Johnson34830939
1977-07-08@ TEX79L  5-939-40534,238Nolan RyanDock EllisDock EllisNolan RyanDarold Knowles35331835
1977-07-09@ TEX80L  2-739-41517,550Wayne SimpsonGaylord PerryGaylord PerryWayne Simpson 35532530
1977-07-10@ TEX81L  2-439-42514,321Ken BrettBert BlylevenBert BlylevenKen BrettAdrian Devine35732928
1977-07-11vs MIN82W  6-540-42530,403 Frank TananaPete RedfernDave LaRocheDave Johnson 36333429
1977-07-12vs MIN83W  3-041-42516,117 Nolan RyanPaul ThormodsgardNolan RyanPaul Thormodsgard 36633432
1977-07-13vs MIN84L  3-641-43515,276 Paul HartzellDave GoltzDave GoltzWayne Simpson 36934029
1977-07-14vs SEA85L  1-441-44511,400 Ken BrettDick PoleDick PoleKen BrettEnrique Romo37034426
1977-07-15vs SEA86L  2-641-45511,383 Gary NolanTom HouseTom HouseGary Nolan 37235022
1977-07-16vs SEA87W  5-442-45529,068 Nolan RyanDiego SeguiNolan RyanEnrique Romo 37735423
1977-07-17vs SEA88L  7-842-46510,879 Paul HartzellGary WheelockMike KekichDave LaRoche 38436222
1977-07-21@ MIN89L  2-342-47521,239Nolan RyanDave GoltzDave GoltzNolan Ryan 38636521
1977-07-22@ MIN90W  6-243-47519,133Ken BrettPaul ThormodsgardKen BrettPaul Thormodsgard 39236725
1977-07-23@ MIN91L  4-1043-48518,207Frank TananaPete RedfernPete RedfernMike Barlow 39637719
1977-07-24@ SEA92W  3-145-4850Paul HartzellTom HousePaul HartzellTom HouseDyar Miller39937821
1977-07-24@ SEA93W  4-345-48525,344Wayne SimpsonBob GalassoWayne SimpsonBob GalassoDave LaRoche40338122
1977-07-25@ SEA94W  7-246-48510,886Nolan RyanDick PoleNolan RyanDick Pole 41038327
1977-07-26@ OAK95L  1-246-4957,757Frank TananaVida BlueVida BlueFrank Tanana 41138526
1977-07-27@ OAK96W  9-347-4955,501Ken BrettPaul MitchellKen BrettPaul Mitchell 42038832
1977-07-28@ OAK97L  4-647-5056,068Wayne SimpsonJoe ColemanJoe ColemanWayne SimpsonDave Giusti42439430
1977-07-29vs BOS98L  5-647-51523,542 Paul HartzellFergie JenkinsBill CampbellDyar Miller 42940029
1977-07-30vs BOS99L  0-347-52532,662 Nolan RyanLuis TiantLuis TiantNolan RyanBob Stanley42940326
1977-07-31vs BOS100L  0-147-53519,514 Frank TananaDon AaseDon AaseDave LaRoche 42940425
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-08-01vs NYA101W  4-148-53534,852 Ken BrettCatfish HunterKen BrettCatfish Hunter 43340528
1977-08-02vs NYA102L  3-948-54520,298 Paul HartzellMike TorrezMike TorrezPaul Hartzell 43641422
1977-08-03vs NYA103W  5-349-54526,187 Nolan RyanRon GuidryNolan RyanRon GuidryDave LaRoche44141724
1977-08-05vs BAL104W  5-050-54518,078 Frank TananaRoss GrimsleyFrank TananaRoss Grimsley 44641729
1977-08-06vs BAL105W  9-551-54520,859 Ken BrettRudy MayKen BrettRudy May 45542233
1977-08-07vs BAL106W  6-352-54515,729 Paul HartzellJim PalmerDave LaRocheJim PalmerDyar Miller46142536
1977-08-08@ KCA107W  6-454-5450Nolan RyanAndy HasslerNolan RyanAndy HasslerDave LaRoche46742938
1977-08-08@ KCA108W  7-254-54540,525Wayne SimpsonPaul SplittorffWayne SimpsonPaul Splittorff 47443143
1977-08-10@ BOS109L  10-1154-55534,869Frank TananaLuis TiantJim WilloughbyDyar Miller 48444242
1977-08-11@ BOS110W  7-355-55535,691Paul HartzellDon AasePaul HartzellDon Aase 49144546
1977-08-12@ NYA111L  1-1055-57533,473Ken BrettCatfish HunterCatfish HunterKen Brett 49245537
1977-08-12@ NYA112L  3-955-57533,473Fred KuhauluaEd FigueroaEd FigueroaMike Barlow 49546431
1977-08-13@ NYA113W  6-556-57544,520Nolan RyanKen HoltzmanNolan RyanSparky LyleMike Barlow50146932
1977-08-14@ NYA114L  3-1556-58531,448Wayne SimpsonDick TidrowDick TidrowWayne SimpsonGil Patterson50448420
1977-08-15@ TOR115W  7-457-58518,453Frank TananaJesse JeffersonFrank TananaJesse Jefferson 51148823
1977-08-16@ TOR116W  7-258-58515,424Paul HartzellJeff ByrdPaul HartzellJeff Byrd 51849028
1977-08-19vs TOR117L  1-358-59516,570 Nolan RyanJerry GarvinJerry GarvinNolan RyanPete Vuckovich51949326
1977-08-20vs TOR118L  4-558-60515,311 Ken BrettJesse JeffersonPete VuckovichDave LaRoche 52349825
1977-08-21vs TOR119W  3-259-60512,421 Frank TananaJeff ByrdFrank TananaJeff Byrd 52650026
1977-08-22vs DET120L  1-559-61524,304 Paul HartzellFernando ArroyoFernando ArroyoPaul Hartzell 52750522
1977-08-23vs DET121L  1-359-62513,875 Wayne SimpsonBob SykesBob SykesWayne SimpsonSteve Foucault52850820
1977-08-24vs CLE122L  3-560-6350 Nolan RyanAl FitzmorrisAl FitzmorrisNolan RyanJim Kern53151318
1977-08-24vs CLE123W  5-260-63516,394 Ken BrettRick WaitsKen BrettRick WaitsDave LaRoche53651521
1977-08-26@ DET124W  7-461-63522,602Frank TananaJack MorrisDave LaRocheSteve Foucault 54351924
1977-08-27@ DET125L  6-761-64523,105Paul HartzellFernando ArroyoJohn HillerDave LaRoche 54952623
1977-08-28@ DET126L  9-1261-65514,985Gary NolanBob SykesSteve FoucaultDyar Miller 55853820
1977-08-29@ BAL127L  1-661-66510,103Nolan RyanRudy MayRudy MayNolan Ryan 55954415
1977-08-30@ BAL128L  2-861-6757,583Ken BrettJim PalmerJim PalmerKen Brett 5615529
1977-08-31@ BAL129L  3-461-6859,416Frank TananaDennis MartinezDennis MartinezFrank Tanana 5645568
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-09-02@ CLE130L  1-361-6955,349Paul HartzellJim BibbyJim BibbyPaul HartzellJim Kern5655596
1977-09-03@ CLE131W  3-262-69511,054Nolan RyanWayne GarlandNolan RyanWayne Garland 5685617
1977-09-04@ CLE132W  7-363-6957,580Ken BrettAl FitzmorrisKen BrettAl Fitzmorris 57556411
1977-09-05vs MIL133L  5-663-70510,575 Frank TananaJim SlatonJim SlatonFrank TananaEduardo Rodriguez58057010
1977-09-07vs MIL134W  4-164-70510,066 Paul HartzellJerry AugustinePaul HartzellJerry Augustine 58457113
1977-09-08vs CHA135W  2-066-7050 Nolan RyanFrancisco BarriosNolan RyanFrancisco BarriosDave LaRoche58657115
1977-09-08vs CHA136W  3-266-70515,045 Gary NolanKen KravecMike BarlowClay Carroll 58957316
1977-09-09vs CHA137L  1-466-71521,308 Ken BrettSteve StoneSteve StoneKen BrettLerrin LaGrow59057713
1977-09-10vs CHA138W  6-167-71510,659 John CaneiraWilbur WoodJohn CaneiraWilbur Wood 59657818
1977-09-11vs CHA139L  2-668-7250 Paul HartzellChris KnappChris KnappPaul Hartzell 59858414
1977-09-11vs CHA140W  5-468-72516,147 Wayne SimpsonDave FrostMike BarlowSilvio MartinezDave LaRoche60358815
1977-09-12@ TEX141L  2-368-7355,258Nolan RyanDock EllisDock EllisNolan RyanLen Barker60559114
1977-09-13@ TEX142W  12-769-7355,922Balor MooreGaylord PerryMike BarlowJim Umbarger 61759819
1977-09-14@ TEX143L  1-269-7454,538Ken BrettDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderKen Brett 61860018
1977-09-15@ TEX144L  4-669-7555,497John CaneiraNelson BrilesNelson BrilesJohn CaneiraAdrian Devine62260616
1977-09-16@ CHA145W  4-170-75518,585Paul HartzellChris KnappPaul HartzellChris Knapp 62660719
1977-09-17@ CHA146W  4-371-75515,378Wayne SimpsonSteve RenkoDyar MillerDave HamiltonDave LaRoche63061020
1977-09-18@ CHA147L  3-671-7750Gary NolanFrancisco BarriosFrancisco BarriosGary NolanLerrin LaGrow63361617
1977-09-18@ CHA148L  3-771-77522,215Balor MooreDave FrostDave FrostBalor Moore 63662313
1977-09-19vs TEX149L  1-671-78526,718 Nolan RyanDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderNolan Ryan 6376298
1977-09-20vs TEX150W  5-272-7859,415 Ken BrettPaul LindbladKen BrettPaul Lindblad 64263111
1977-09-21vs TEX151L  1-972-7958,426 John CaneiraDock EllisDock EllisJohn Caneira 6436403
1977-09-22vs TEX152L  0-672-8058,031 Paul HartzellBert BlylevenBert BlylevenPaul Hartzell 643646-3
1977-09-23vs KCA153L  3-772-81510,888 Wayne SimpsonDennis LeonardDennis LeonardWayne Simpson 646653-7
1977-09-24vs KCA154L  3-472-8258,989 Balor MooreMark LittellMark LittellBalor MooreDoug Bird649657-8
1977-09-25vs KCA155L  3-672-8450 Ken BrettPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffKen BrettGeorge Throop652663-11
1977-09-25vs KCA156L  2-672-84522,943 Nolan RyanMarty PattinMarty PattinNolan Ryan 654669-15
1977-09-27@ MIL157L  5-772-8553,142Paul HartzellJim SlatonEduardo RodriguezDave LaRoche 659676-17
1977-09-28@ MIL158W  4-273-8553,176John CaneiraJerry AugustineJohn CaneiraJerry AugustineDyar Miller663678-15
1977-09-29@ KCA159L  3-673-86514,334Wayne SimpsonLarry GuraLarry GuraWayne SimpsonDoug Bird666684-18
1977-09-30@ KCA160L  5-873-87533,289Ken BrettPaul SplittorffMarty PattinKen Brett 671692-21
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-10-01@ KCA161W  4-174-87523,497Mike BarlowAndy HasslerMike BarlowAndy HasslerDave LaRoche675693-18
1977-10-02@ KCA162L  0-274-88522,404Paul HartzellDennis LeonardDennis LeonardPaul Hartzell 675695-20

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