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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Oakland,CA
Team Record:  63-98   .391
Result:   7th in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Bobby Winkles, Jack McKeon
General Manager:   Charlie Finley
Stadium:  Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
Attendance:  495,599
Playoffs:  -

Oakland Athletics affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Giusti (37)
Youngest Player:  Matt Keough (21)
Longest Tenure:  Vida Blue (9)
Top Hitter:  Mitchell Page (14)
Top Pitcher:  Vida Blue (13)
Top Draft Pick:  Craig Harris (#17)

Roster Continuity:  33.70%
American League Standings
KC Royals10260.630--
Chi White Sox9072.55612.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-04-09vs MIN1W  7-41-0212,562 Mike TorrezDave GoltzMike TorrezRon Schueler 743
1977-04-10vs MIN2W  9-62-130 Doc MedichPete RedfernDoc MedichPete RedfernPablo Torrealba16106
1977-04-10vs MIN3L  1-72-135,494 Jim UmbargerPaul ThormodsgardPaul ThormodsgardJim UmbargerTom Burgmeier17170
1977-04-11vs CAL4W  3-23-1312,337 Mike NorrisNolan RyanPablo TorrealbaNolan Ryan 20191
1977-04-12vs CAL5W  6-24-132,184 Stan BahnsenGary RossStan BahnsenGary RossDave Giusti26215
1977-04-13vs CAL6W  9-35-113,017 Rick LangfordWayne SimpsonRick LangfordWayne SimpsonPablo Torrealba352411
1977-04-14vs CAL7W  8-76-114,738 Doc MedichFrank TananaDoug BairJohn Verhoeven 433112
1977-04-15@ MIN8W  3-27-1114,788Mike TorrezPaul ThormodsgardMike TorrezPaul ThormodsgardDave Giusti463313
1977-04-16@ MIN9L  1-37-226,946Vida BlueGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnVida Blue 473611
1977-04-17@ MIN10L  2-107-325,921Jim UmbargerMike PazikMike PazikJim Umbarger 49463
1977-04-19vs MIL11L  4-57-423,799 Doc MedichJim SlatonBill CastroDave Giusti 53512
1977-04-20vs MIL12W  4-28-423,849 Mike TorrezJerry AugustineMike TorrezJerry Augustine 57534
1977-04-22vs CHA13L  2-88-525,537 Vida BlueFrancisco BarriosFrancisco BarriosVida Blue 5961-2
1977-04-23vs CHA14W  3-29-525,254 Jim UmbargerSteve StoneJim UmbargerSteve StoneDave Giusti6263-1
1977-04-24vs CHA15L  5-1210-629,187 Mike TorrezChris KnappChris KnappMike TorrezBruce Dal Canton6775-8
1977-04-24vs CHA16W  11-410-629,187 Mike NorrisBart JohnsonMike NorrisBart Johnson 7879-1
1977-04-25@ CAL17L  6-1110-7412,396Doc MedichNolan RyanNolan RyanDoc MedichSid Monge8490-6
1977-04-26@ CAL18W  7-311-7411,506Vida BlueWayne SimpsonVida BlueDick Drago 9193-2
1977-04-27@ CAL19W  7-512-7213,475Jim UmbargerPaul HartzellRick LangfordPaul HartzellStan Bahnsen98980
1977-04-29@ BOS20L  4-712-8217,411Dock EllisFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsDock EllisBill Campbell102105-3
1977-04-30@ BOS21L  4-812-9322,999Mike NorrisLuis TiantLuis TiantMike Norris 106113-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-05-01@ BOS22L  4-612-10422,053Vida BlueBob StanleyBill CampbellStan Bahnsen 110119-9
1977-05-02@ BAL23W  2-013-1034,407Rick LangfordRudy MayRick LangfordRudy MayDave Giusti112119-7
1977-05-04@ BAL24L  2-913-1153,232Dock EllisJim PalmerJim PalmerDock Ellis 114128-14
1977-05-05@ NYA25W  5-214-11411,889Vida BlueCatfish HunterVida BlueCatfish Hunter 119130-11
1977-05-06@ NYA26L  1-414-12517,780Doc MedichEd FigueroaEd FigueroaDoc Medich 120134-14
1977-05-07@ NYA27L  2-1114-13519,125Rick LangfordDon GullettDon GullettRick Langford 122145-23
1977-05-08@ NYA28L  5-1014-14535,542Dock EllisMike TorrezMike TorrezDock Ellis 127155-28
1977-05-09vs BOS29W  2-115-14517,290 Vida BlueReggie ClevelandVida BlueReggie Cleveland 129156-27
1977-05-11vs BOS30W  3-116-1443,183 Doc MedichFergie JenkinsDoc MedichFergie Jenkins 132157-25
1977-05-13vs BAL31L  1-516-1554,115 Vida BlueRudy MayRudy MayVida Blue 133162-29
1977-05-14vs BAL32L  0-216-1654,216 Rick LangfordMike FlanaganMike FlanaganRick Langford 133164-31
1977-05-15vs BAL33L  2-316-1755,419 Stan BahnsenRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyStan BahnsenDennis Martinez135167-32
1977-05-16vs NYA34W  8-417-17532,409 Doc MedichKen HoltzmanBob LaceyKen Holtzman 143171-28
1977-05-17vs NYA35L  2-517-1857,813 Vida BlueRon GuidrySparky LyleDave Giusti 145176-31
1977-05-19vs SEA36L  0-317-1952,179 Rick LangfordDave PaganDave PaganRick Langford 145179-34
1977-05-20vs SEA37W  14-518-1952,660 Doc MedichRick JonesDoc MedichRick Jones 159184-25
1977-05-21vs SEA38L  6-718-2063,230 Dock EllisGlenn AbbottMike KekichBob Lacey 165191-26
1977-05-22vs SEA39L  2-618-2163,138 Vida BlueDick PoleDick PoleVida BlueEnrique Romo167197-30
1977-05-23@ TOR40W  3-019-21427,705Rick LangfordPete VuckovichRick LangfordPete Vuckovich 170197-27
1977-05-25@ TOR41W  6-520-21536,097Jim UmbargerJerry GarvinDave GiustiJerry Garvin 176202-26
1977-05-27@ CLE42L  1-320-22516,557Vida BlueWayne GarlandWayne GarlandVida Blue 177205-28
1977-05-28@ CLE43W  5-121-22515,482Doc MedichJim BibbyDoc MedichJim BibbyBob Lacey182206-24
1977-05-29@ CLE44L  4-521-23525,476Rick LangfordPat DobsonSid MongeBob Lacey 186211-25
1977-05-30@ DET45W  6-322-23512,026Dock EllisDave RobertsDock EllisDave RobertsJoe Coleman192214-22
1977-05-31@ DET46L  2-522-2457,067Vida BlueJohn HillerJohn HillerVida BlueSteve Foucault194219-25
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-06-01@ SEA47W  6-323-24414,350Doc MedichGlenn AbbottDoc MedichGlenn AbbottJoe Coleman200222-22
1977-06-02@ SEA48W  1-024-24410,712Mike NorrisDick PoleMike NorrisDick Pole 201222-21
1977-06-03vs TOR49W  3-225-2453,030 Rick LangfordJesse JeffersonBob LaceyJesse Jefferson 204224-20
1977-06-04vs TOR50L  2-425-2534,525 Dock EllisDave LemanczykDave LemanczykDock EllisPete Vuckovich206228-22
1977-06-05vs TOR51L  3-725-2654,580 Vida BlueJerry GarvinJerry GarvinVida BlueJerry Johnson209235-26
1977-06-06vs CLE52L  1-325-27513,264 Doc MedichPat DobsonPat DobsonBob LaceyJim Kern210238-28
1977-06-08vs CLE53W  3-226-2757,828 Mike NorrisDennis EckersleyPablo TorrealbaDennis EckersleyBob Lacey213240-27
1977-06-10vs DET54L  4-626-2863,799 Rick LangfordFernando ArroyoFernando ArroyoRick LangfordSteve Foucault217246-29
1977-06-11vs DET55L  1-526-29618,164 Dock EllisMark FidrychMark FidrychDock Ellis 218251-33
1977-06-12vs DET56W  7-127-2965,120 Vida BlueDave RozemaVida BlueDave Rozema 225252-27
1977-06-14@ SEA57W  6-328-29513,764Doc MedichRick JonesPablo TorrealbaTom HouseBob Lacey231255-24
1977-06-15@ SEA58L  5-628-30614,248Mike NorrisJohn MontagueMike KekichPablo Torrealba 236261-25
1977-06-16@ SEA59L  1-328-31611,097Rick LangfordGlenn AbbottGlenn AbbottRick Langford 237264-27
1977-06-18@ CHA60L  0-228-32623,483Vida BlueKen KravecKen KravecVida BlueLerrin LaGrow237266-29
1977-06-19@ CHA61L  1-228-34624,161Mike NorrisWilbur WoodWilbur WoodMike NorrisLerrin LaGrow238268-30
1977-06-19@ CHA62L  1-528-34624,161Doc MedichFrancisco BarriosFrancisco BarriosDoc Medich 239273-34
1977-06-20@ CHA63W  7-129-34613,933Rick LangfordChris KnappRick LangfordChris KnappBob Lacey246274-28
1977-06-21@ MIL64L  1-1229-3569,619Paul MitchellJim SlatonJim SlatonPaul Mitchell 247286-39
1977-06-22@ MIL65L  1-529-36616,759Vida BlueJerry AugustineJerry AugustineVida Blue 248291-43
1977-06-24vs KCA66L  0-329-3764,733 Doc MedichDennis LeonardDennis LeonardDoc Medich 248294-46
1977-06-25vs KCA67L  4-629-38712,667 Mike NorrisJim ColbornJim ColbornMike NorrisMark Littell252300-48
1977-06-26vs KCA68W  7-330-3960 Vida BluePaul SplittorffVida BluePaul SplittorffDave Giusti259303-44
1977-06-26vs KCA69L  3-930-3969,404 Rick LangfordMarty PattinMarty PattinRick LangfordLarry Gura262312-50
1977-06-27vs TEX70L  2-530-40613,024 Paul MitchellMike MarshallMike MarshallPaul MitchellPaul Lindblad264317-53
1977-06-28vs TEX71W  6-531-4065,761 Doc MedichRoger MoretDave GiustiAdrian Devine 270322-52
1977-06-29vs TEX72L  0-432-4160 Mike NorrisGaylord PerryGaylord PerryMike Norris 270326-56
1977-06-29vs TEX73W  4-132-41617,370 Rick LangfordDock EllisRick LangfordDock Ellis 274327-53
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-07-01@ CAL74W  2-033-41613,496Vida BlueKen BrettVida BlueKen Brett 276327-51
1977-07-02@ CAL75W  9-434-41615,057Doc MedichGary RossBob LaceyDyar Miller 285331-46
1977-07-03@ CAL76L  4-634-42614,352Mike NorrisFrank TananaFrank TananaMike Norris 289337-48
1977-07-04@ CAL77L  2-434-43641,303Rick LangfordNolan RyanNolan RyanRick Langford 291341-50
1977-07-05@ CAL78L  0-634-44612,957Vida BlueWayne SimpsonWayne SimpsonVida BlueDyar Miller291347-56
1977-07-06@ TEX79L  3-434-4567,729Doc MedichDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderBob LaceyAdrian Devine294351-57
1977-07-07@ TEX80L  3-834-46611,346Mike NorrisLen BarkerRoger MoretMike Norris 297359-62
1977-07-08@ KCA81L  2-634-47627,647Vida BlueDennis LeonardDennis LeonardVida Blue 299365-66
1977-07-09@ KCA82W  7-135-47635,175Rick LangfordJim ColbornRick LangfordJim Colborn 306366-60
1977-07-10@ KCA83L  4-535-48621,677Doc MedichPaul SplittorffDoug BirdDave Giusti 310371-61
1977-07-11vs SEA84W  8-136-4868,760 Joe ColemanTom HouseJoe ColemanTom HouseBob Lacey318372-54
1977-07-12vs SEA85W  3-237-4865,299 Vida BlueGary WheelockVida BlueEnrique Romo 321374-53
1977-07-13vs SEA86L  1-337-4964,529 Rick LangfordGlenn AbbottGlenn AbbottRick Langford 322377-55
1977-07-15vs MIN87W  8-738-4964,559 Doc MedichGeoff ZahnDave GiustiDave Johnson 330384-54
1977-07-16vs MIN88W  8-239-49616,596 Vida BluePete RedfernVida BluePete Redfern 338386-48
1977-07-17vs MIN89L  1-439-5160 Rick LangfordPaul ThormodsgardPaul ThormodsgardRick Langford 339390-51
1977-07-17vs MIN90L  5-939-51610,170 Joe ColemanRon SchuelerGeoff ZahnJoe ColemanTom Johnson344399-55
1977-07-21@ SEA91L  3-439-52717,382Rick LangfordGlenn AbbottGlenn AbbottRick LangfordEnrique Romo347403-56
1977-07-22@ SEA92W  5-340-52613,960Vida BlueDick PoleVida BlueDick PoleBob Lacey352406-54
1977-07-23@ SEA93L  3-1040-53712,216Mike NorrisGary WheelockGary WheelockMike Norris 355416-61
1977-07-24@ MIN94L  3-540-5570Pablo TorrealbaGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnBob LaceyTom Johnson358421-63
1977-07-24@ MIN95L  9-1040-55730,400Joe ColemanRon SchuelerTom JohnsonDoug Bair 367431-64
1977-07-25@ MIN96L  1-240-56718,550Rick LangfordDave GoltzDave GoltzRick Langford 368433-65
1977-07-26vs CAL97W  2-141-5677,757 Vida BlueFrank TananaVida BlueFrank Tanana 370434-64
1977-07-27vs CAL98L  3-941-5775,501 Paul MitchellKen BrettKen BrettPaul Mitchell 373443-70
1977-07-28vs CAL99W  6-442-5776,068 Joe ColemanWayne SimpsonJoe ColemanWayne SimpsonDave Giusti379447-68
1977-07-29vs NYA100L  0-442-5879,450 Pablo TorrealbaRon GuidryRon GuidryPablo TorrealbaSparky Lyle379451-72
1977-07-30vs NYA101L  3-942-5979,573 Rick LangfordDon GullettDon GullettRick LangfordDick Tidrow382460-78
1977-07-31vs NYA102L  2-942-60711,052 Vida BlueEd FigueroaEd FigueroaVida Blue 384469-85
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-08-01vs BAL103L  1-542-6178,831 Joe ColemanRudy MayRudy MayJoe Coleman 385474-89
1977-08-03vs BAL104L  6-842-6275,103 Rick LangfordMike FlanaganTippy MartinezBob Lacey 391482-91
1977-08-04vs BOS105L  1-342-63713,326 Vida BlueFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsVida Blue 392485-93
1977-08-05vs BOS106L  0-142-6477,163 Joe ColemanLuis TiantLuis TiantJoe Coleman 392486-94
1977-08-06vs BOS107L  1-242-6576,331 Pablo TorrealbaDon AaseDon AasePablo TorrealbaBill Campbell393488-95
1977-08-07vs BOS108L  2-542-6677,586 Rick LangfordRick WiseRick WiseRick LangfordBill Campbell395493-98
1977-08-08@ TEX109L  2-542-6870Jim UmbargerBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJim Umbarger 397498-101
1977-08-08@ TEX110L  0-342-68719,909Doc MedichRoger MoretRoger MoretDoc MedichAdrian Devine397501-104
1977-08-10@ NYA111L  3-642-69716,440Vida BlueRon GuidryRon GuidryVida Blue 400507-107
1977-08-11@ NYA112L  0-342-70716,804Pablo TorrealbaMike TorrezMike TorrezPablo Torrealba 400510-110
1977-08-12@ BAL113L  1-642-71731,778Vida BlueJim PalmerJim PalmerVida Blue 401516-115
1977-08-13@ BAL114W  9-643-71716,522Rick LangfordMike FlanaganRick LangfordMike FlanaganDoug Bair410522-112
1977-08-14@ BAL115L  4-543-7279,579Doc MedichRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyDoc MedichTippy Martinez414527-113
1977-08-15@ CLE116L  2-743-7377,186Jim UmbargerRick WaitsRick WaitsJim Umbarger 416534-118
1977-08-16@ CLE117W  7-344-7378,863Vida BlueDennis EckersleyVida BlueDennis Eckersley 423537-114
1977-08-19vs CLE118L  1-244-7472,704 Joe ColemanAl FitzmorrisAl FitzmorrisJoe ColemanJim Kern424539-115
1977-08-20vs CLE119L  4-544-7575,022 Vida BlueRick WaitsJim KernDoug Bair 428544-116
1977-08-21vs CLE120L  1-444-7672,702 Rick LangfordDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyRick Langford 429548-119
1977-08-22vs TOR121W  5-245-7674,429 Doc MedichDave LemanczykDoc MedichDave LemanczykBob Lacey434550-116
1977-08-23vs TOR122L  1-845-7773,797 Jim UmbargerJim ClancyJim ClancyJim Umbarger 435558-123
1977-08-24vs DET123W  3-147-7770 Vida BlueDave RozemaVida BlueDave Rozema 438559-121
1977-08-24vs DET124W  6-547-7777,324 Joe ColemanMilt WilcoxDoug BairJohn Hiller 444564-120
1977-08-26@ TOR125W  8-448-77722,536Rick LangfordJeff ByrdPablo TorrealbaJeff Byrd 452568-116
1977-08-27@ TOR126W  9-849-77723,651Doc MedichDave LemanczykDoc MedichDave LemanczykDoug Bair461576-115
1977-08-28@ TOR127W  6-250-77624,087Vida BlueJim ClancyVida BlueJim Clancy 467578-111
1977-08-29@ BOS128W  8-751-77629,750Joe ColemanRick WiseDoug BairBill Campbell 475585-110
1977-08-30@ BOS129L  2-751-78627,264Rick LangfordLuis TiantLuis TiantRick LangfordReggie Cleveland477592-115
1977-08-31@ MIN130W  4-352-7866,318Doc MedichPaul ThormodsgardDoc MedichPaul ThormodsgardDoug Bair481595-114
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-09-02@ DET131L  4-652-79611,500Vida BlueJim CrawfordJim CrawfordVida BlueJohn Hiller485601-116
1977-09-03@ DET132L  8-1052-80711,159Joe ColemanBob SykesEd GlynnBob LaceySteve Foucault493611-118
1977-09-04@ DET133W  7-553-80715,906Rick LangfordDave RozemaBob LaceyDave RozemaDoug Bair500616-116
1977-09-05vs CHA134W  8-754-8160 Doc MedichKen KravecDoc MedichKen KravecDoug Bair508623-115
1977-09-05vs CHA135L  1-254-81612,067 Pablo TorrealbaWilbur WoodWilbur WoodPablo TorrealbaLerrin LaGrow509625-116
1977-09-06vs CHA136L  2-754-8262,986 Vida BlueChris KnappChris KnappVida BlueClay Carroll511632-121
1977-09-07vs CHA137L  1-554-8363,978 Matt KeoughSteve RenkoSteve RenkoMatt KeoughDave Hamilton512637-125
1977-09-09vs MIL138L  1-354-8474,743 Rick LangfordMoose HaasMoose HaasRick Langford 513640-127
1977-09-10vs MIL139W  4-155-8461,944 Pablo TorrealbaLary SorensenDoc MedichLary Sorensen 517641-124
1977-09-11vs MIL140W  5-356-8462,279 Vida BlueBill TraversVida BlueBill TraversDoug Bair522644-122
1977-09-14@ KCA141L  2-556-8660Rick LangfordJim ColbornJim ColbornRick LangfordLarry Gura524649-125
1977-09-14@ KCA142L  0-656-86616,791Matt KeoughDennis LeonardDennis LeonardMatt Keough 524655-131
1977-09-15@ KCA143L  6-756-8860Vida BlueAndy HasslerDoug BirdDoug Bair 530662-132
1977-09-15@ KCA144L  4-556-88615,182Pablo TorrealbaPaul SplittorffSteve MingoriDoug Bair 534667-133
1977-09-16@ MIL145W  8-157-8865,238Joe ColemanMoose HaasJoe ColemanMoose Haas 542668-126
1977-09-17@ MIL146L  1-857-89610,718Craig MitchellLary SorensenLary SorensenCraig Mitchell 543676-133
1977-09-18@ MIL147W  3-158-8965,891Matt KeoughBill TraversMatt KeoughBill TraversDoug Bair546677-131
1977-09-19@ CHA148L  0-858-9064,401Vida BlueKen KravecKen KravecVida Blue 546685-139
1977-09-20@ CHA149L  2-858-9165,617Rick LangfordSteve StoneSteve StoneRick LangfordDave Hamilton548693-145
1977-09-21@ CHA150W  8-659-9166,963Pablo TorrealbaChris KnappDoug BairClay Carroll 556699-143
1977-09-23vs TEX151L  5-659-9261,798 Matt KeoughGaylord PerryGaylord PerryDoug Bair 561705-144
1977-09-24vs TEX152L  1-359-9362,036 Vida BlueDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderVida Blue 562708-146
1977-09-25vs TEX153L  4-559-9570 Pablo TorrealbaRoger MoretLen BarkerBob Lacey 566713-147
1977-09-25vs TEX154L  6-859-9572,479 Rick LangfordDock EllisDock EllisRick LangfordAdrian Devine572721-149
1977-09-26vs KCA155W  7-160-9573,909 Joe ColemanJim ColbornJoe ColemanJim Colborn 579722-143
1977-09-27vs KCA156W  4-262-9560 Matt KeoughAndy HasslerBob LaceyRandy McGilberry 583724-141
1977-09-27vs KCA157W  3-262-9563,792 Steve McCattyDennis LeonardSteve DunningDennis LeonardDoug Bair586726-140
1977-09-28vs KCA158W  6-563-9563,056 Vida BlueMark LittellBob LaceyGary Lance 592731-139
1977-09-30@ TEX159L  1-463-9667,471Pablo TorrealbaDock EllisDock EllisPablo Torrealba 593735-142
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-10-01@ TEX160L  5-663-97610,768Steve McCattyJim UmbargerAdrian DevineDoug Bair 598741-143
1977-10-02@ TEX161L  7-863-9875,779Matt KeoughJohn PoloniJohn PoloniMatt KeoughRoger Moret605749-144

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