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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bronx,NY
Team Record:  100-62   .617
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Billy Martin
General Manager:   Gabe Paul
Stadium:  Yankee Stadium
Attendance:  2,103,092
Playoffs:  Won World Series (Dodgers)

New York Yankees affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Ellie Hendricks (36)
Youngest Player:  Gil Patterson (21)
Longest Tenure:  Roy White (13)
Top Hitter:  Reggie Jackson (6)
Top Pitcher:  Ron Guidry (7)
Top Draft Pick:  Steve Taylor (#23)

Roster Continuity:  76.44%
American League Standings
NY Yankees10062.617--

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-04-07vs MIL1W  3-01-0243,786 Catfish HunterBill TraversCatfish HunterBill TraversSparky Lyle303
1977-04-09vs MIL2L  2-31-1316,726 Ed FigueroaJerry AugustineJerry AugustineEd FigueroaBill Castro532
1977-04-10vs MIL3L  1-21-2417,117 Don GullettMoose HaasBob McClureDon GullettBill Castro651
1977-04-11@ KCA4L  4-51-3439,460Dock EllisPaul SplittorffMark LittellDick Tidrow 10100
1977-04-13@ KCA5W  5-32-3420,089Ed FigueroaAndy HasslerRon GuidryAndy Hassler 15132
1977-04-15@ MIL6L  4-72-4411,818Don GullettJerry AugustineJerry AugustineDon GullettBob McClure1920-1
1977-04-16@ MIL7L  3-42-5515,913Ken HoltzmanMoose HaasBill CastroSparky Lyle 2224-2
1977-04-17@ MIL8L  0-22-6737,186Dock EllisBill TraversBill TraversDock Ellis 2226-4
1977-04-18vs TOR9L  1-52-779,685 Ed FigueroaDave LemanczykDave LemanczykEd Figueroa 2331-8
1977-04-19vs TOR10L  3-82-879,954 Gil PattersonJerry GarvinJerry GarvinGil Patterson 2639-13
1977-04-20vs TOR11W  7-53-8710,819 Don GullettSteve HarganDon GullettSteve HarganSparky Lyle3344-11
1977-04-21vs TOR12W  8-64-8710,502 Ken HoltzmanJesse JeffersonKen HoltzmanChuck HartensteinSparky Lyle4150-9
1977-04-23@ CLE13W  9-35-8416,334Dock EllisAl FitzmorrisDock EllisAl FitzmorrisDick Tidrow5053-3
1977-04-24@ CLE14W  10-17-830Gil PattersonDennis EckersleyDick TidrowDennis EckersleyRon Guidry60546
1977-04-24@ CLE15W  7-17-8329,260Ed FigueroaPat DobsonEd FigueroaPat Dobson 675512
1977-04-25@ BAL16W  9-68-8317,624Don GullettRoss GrimsleyDick TidrowDennis MartinezSparky Lyle766115
1977-04-26@ BAL17L  2-68-9312,884Ken HoltzmanRudy MayRudy MayKen Holtzman 786711
1977-04-27@ BAL18W  4-39-9315,647Gil PattersonScott McGregorSparky LyleDennis Martinez 827012
1977-04-29vs SEA19W  3-010-9215,284 Ron GuidryStan ThomasRon GuidryStan ThomasSparky Lyle857015
1977-04-30vs SEA20W  7-211-9219,525 Ed FigueroaGary WheelockEd FigueroaGary Wheelock 927220
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-05-01vs SEA21W  5-212-9220,477 Ken HoltzmanGlenn AbbottKen HoltzmanGlenn AbbottSparky Lyle977423
1977-05-03vs CAL22W  8-113-9219,440 Mike TorrezMike CuellarMike TorrezMike CuellarDick Tidrow1057530
1977-05-05vs OAK23L  2-513-10211,889 Catfish HunterVida BlueVida BlueCatfish Hunter 1078027
1977-05-06vs OAK24W  4-114-10217,780 Ed FigueroaDoc MedichEd FigueroaDoc Medich 1118130
1977-05-07vs OAK25W  11-215-10119,125 Don GullettRick LangfordDon GullettRick Langford 1228339
1977-05-08vs OAK26W  10-516-10135,542 Mike TorrezDock EllisMike TorrezDock Ellis 1328844
1977-05-11@ SEA27L  2-516-11123,978Ken HoltzmanGlenn AbbottBill LaxtonKen HoltzmanEnrique Romo1349341
1977-05-12@ SEA28L  6-816-12142,132Catfish HunterRick JonesTommy MooreCatfish Hunter 14010139
1977-05-13@ CAL29W  3-017-12124,028Ed FigueroaWayne SimpsonEd FigueroaWayne Simpson 14310142
1977-05-14@ CAL30W  4-118-12144,000Don GullettNolan RyanDon GullettNolan Ryan 14710245
1977-05-15@ CAL31L  2-818-13227,260Mike TorrezFrank TananaFrank TananaMike Torrez 14911039
1977-05-16@ OAK32L  4-818-14332,409Ken HoltzmanDoc MedichBob LaceyKen Holtzman 15311835
1977-05-17@ OAK33W  5-219-1417,813Ron GuidryVida BlueSparky LyleDave Giusti 15812038
1977-05-19vs BAL34W  9-120-14115,909 Ed FigueroaMike FlanaganEd FigueroaMike Flanagan 16712146
1977-05-20vs BAL35L  5-620-15125,872 Don GullettJim PalmerDennis MartinezDick Tidrow 17212745
1977-05-21vs BAL36L  3-420-16319,968 Mike TorrezRoss GrimsleyTippy MartinezSparky Lyle 17513144
1977-05-22vs BAL37L  1-521-17343,285 Catfish HunterRudy MayRudy MayCatfish Hunter 17613640
1977-05-22vs BAL38W  8-221-17343,285 Ron GuidryScott McGregorRon GuidryScott McGregor 18413846
1977-05-23vs BOS39L  3-421-18331,261 Ed FigueroaBill LeeBill LeeEd FigueroaBill Campbell18714245
1977-05-24vs BOS40W  6-522-18327,013 Ken HoltzmanLuis TiantDick TidrowLuis Tiant 19314746
1977-05-25vs TEX41W  3-223-19219,693 Gil PattersonBert BlylevenGil PattersonBert BlylevenSparky Lyle19614947
1977-05-25vs TEX42L  0-123-19219,693 Mike TorrezGaylord PerryGaylord PerryMike Torrez 19615046
1977-05-27vs CHA43W  8-624-19220,643 Catfish HunterKen BrettDick TidrowBruce Dal CantonSparky Lyle20415648
1977-05-28vs CHA44L  4-924-20354,881 Ron GuidryFrancisco BarriosFrancisco BarriosRon Guidry 20816543
1977-05-29vs CHA45W  5-225-20222,556 Ed FigueroaKen KravecEd FigueroaKen Kravec 21316746
1977-05-30@ BOS46W  5-426-20235,521Mike TorrezBill LeeMike TorrezBill Lee 21817147
1977-05-31@ BOS47L  1-526-21230,102Gil PattersonReggie ClevelandReggie ClevelandGil Patterson 21917643
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-06-01@ MIN48L  3-426-22323,684Ron GuidryGeoff ZahnTom JohnsonRon Guidry 22218042
1977-06-02@ MIN49W  10-327-22230,741Ed FigueroaJeff HollyEd FigueroaJeff HollySparky Lyle23218349
1977-06-03@ CHA50L  5-927-23230,396Mike TorrezKen KravecKen KravecMike TorrezLerrin LaGrow23719245
1977-06-04@ CHA51W  8-628-23235,789Don GullettBart JohnsonDon GullettBart JohnsonSparky Lyle24519847
1977-06-05@ CHA52W  8-629-23223,688Gil PattersonSteve StoneDick TidrowSteve StoneSparky Lyle25320449
1977-06-06@ TEX53W  9-230-23221,978Catfish HunterDoyle AlexanderCatfish HunterDoyle Alexander 26220656
1977-06-07@ TEX54L  3-730-24218,075Ed FigueroaNelson BrilesPaul LindbladEd Figueroa 26521352
1977-06-08@ MIL55W  9-231-24113,508Mike TorrezJerry AugustineMike TorrezJerry Augustine 27421559
1977-06-09@ MIL56W  10-132-24113,608Don GullettMoose HaasDon GullettMoose Haas 28421668
1977-06-10vs MIN57W  4-133-24121,897 Ron GuidryGeoff ZahnRon GuidryGeoff ZahnSparky Lyle28821771
1977-06-11vs MIN58W  6-534-24123,681 Catfish HunterDave GoltzCatfish HunterDave GoltzSparky Lyle29422272
1977-06-12vs MIN59L  1-634-25152,821 Ed FigueroaPaul ThormodsgardPaul ThormodsgardEd Figueroa 29522867
1977-06-13vs KCA60L  3-834-26222,420 Mike TorrezPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffMike TorrezSteve Mingori29823662
1977-06-14vs KCA61W  4-235-26219,559 Don GullettAndy HasslerDon GullettAndy Hassler 30223864
1977-06-16vs KCA62W  7-036-26126,391 Ron GuidryDennis LeonardRon GuidryDennis Leonard 30923871
1977-06-17@ BOS63L  4-936-27234,557Catfish HunterBill LeeBob StanleyKen ClayBill Campbell31324766
1977-06-18@ BOS64L  4-1036-28334,603Mike TorrezReggie ClevelandReggie ClevelandMike TorrezBill Campbell31725760
1977-06-19@ BOS65L  1-1136-29334,750Ed FigueroaFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsEd Figueroa 31826850
1977-06-20@ DET66L  1-236-30347,236Don GullettMark FidrychMark FidrychDon Gullett 31927049
1977-06-21@ DET67L  2-536-31319,272Ron GuidryDave RozemaJim CrawfordRon Guidry 32127546
1977-06-22@ DET68W  12-1137-31218,129Ken HoltzmanDave RobertsSparky LyleSteve FoucaultKen Clay33328647
1977-06-24vs BOS69W  6-538-31254,940 Catfish HunterBill LeeSparky LyleRamon Hernandez 33929148
1977-06-25vs BOS70W  5-139-31247,481 Mike TorrezLuis TiantMike TorrezLuis Tiant 34429252
1977-06-26vs BOS71W  5-440-31255,039 Don GullettReggie ClevelandSparky LyleBill Campbell 34929653
1977-06-27@ TOR72L  6-740-32229,138Ron GuidryJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonRon GuidryJerry Johnson35530352
1977-06-28@ TOR73L  5-841-33240,116Ken ClayDave LemanczykDave LemanczykKen Clay 36031149
1977-06-28@ TOR74W  5-141-33240,116Ken HoltzmanMike WillisDick TidrowJerry Johnson 36531253
1977-06-30@ TOR75W  11-542-33233,283Catfish HunterJerry GarvinCatfish HunterJerry Garvin 37631759
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-07-01vs DET76L  1-542-34222,876 Mike TorrezDave RozemaDave RozemaMike Torrez 37732255
1977-07-02vs DET77W  6-443-34120,825 Don GullettDave RobertsSparky LyleJohn Hiller 38332657
1977-07-03vs DET78W  2-044-35142,549 Ron GuidryFernando ArroyoRon GuidryFernando Arroyo 38532659
1977-07-03vs DET79L  6-1044-35142,549 Ken HoltzmanBob SykesSteve FoucaultDick Tidrow 39133655
1977-07-04vs CLE80W  7-545-35115,920 Ed FigueroaWayne GarlandEd FigueroaWayne Garland 39834157
1977-07-05vs CLE81W  5-446-35116,053 Mike TorrezJim BibbySparky LyleJim Bibby 40334558
1977-07-07vs CLE82W  8-247-35121,419 Catfish HunterRick WaitsCatfish HunterRick Waits 41134764
1977-07-08@ BAL83W  7-548-35133,738Don GullettRudy MayDon GullettRudy MaySparky Lyle41835266
1977-07-09@ BAL84L  5-648-36144,193Ron GuidryJim PalmerTippy MartinezSparky LyleDick Drago42335865
1977-07-10@ BAL85L  0-648-37334,299Ed FigueroaRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyEd Figueroa 42336459
1977-07-11@ BAL86L  3-448-38342,603Mike TorrezMike FlanaganMike FlanaganMike Torrez 42636858
1977-07-12@ MIL87W  5-249-38318,987Don GullettMoose HaasDon GullettMoose HaasDick Tidrow43137061
1977-07-13@ MIL88L  8-949-39318,298Catfish HunterJim SlatonJim SlatonCatfish HunterBill Castro43937960
1977-07-14@ MIL89W  6-350-39322,897Ed FigueroaJerry AugustineEd FigueroaJerry AugustineSparky Lyle44538263
1977-07-15@ KCA90L  4-750-40336,743Ron GuidryPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffRon GuidrySteve Mingori44938960
1977-07-16@ KCA91L  1-550-41340,054Mike TorrezDennis LeonardDennis LeonardMike Torrez 45039456
1977-07-17@ KCA92L  4-850-42338,699Ken ClayAndy HasslerAndy HasslerKen Clay 45440252
1977-07-21vs MIL93W  7-051-43322,812 Catfish HunterJim SlatonCatfish HunterJim Slaton 46140259
1977-07-21vs MIL94L  4-551-43322,812 Ed FigueroaJerry AugustineBill CastroDick Tidrow 46540758
1977-07-22vs MIL95L  3-651-44323,145 Mike TorrezMike CaldwellMike CaldwellMike Torrez 46841355
1977-07-23vs MIL96W  3-152-44338,492 Ron GuidryBill TraversRon GuidryBill Travers 47141457
1977-07-24vs KCA97W  3-153-44341,060 Don GullettAndy HasslerDon GullettAndy HasslerDick Tidrow47441559
1977-07-26vs BAL98W  5-454-44332,097 Ed FigueroaRoss GrimsleySparky LyleScott McGregor 47941960
1977-07-27vs BAL99L  4-654-45347,271 Catfish HunterJim PalmerJim PalmerCatfish HunterTippy Martinez48342558
1977-07-28vs BAL100W  14-255-45340,818 Mike TorrezRudy MayMike TorrezRudy May 49742770
1977-07-29@ OAK101W  4-056-4539,450Ron GuidryPablo TorrealbaRon GuidryPablo TorrealbaSparky Lyle50142774
1977-07-30@ OAK102W  9-357-4539,573Don GullettRick LangfordDon GullettRick LangfordDick Tidrow51043080
1977-07-31@ OAK103W  9-258-45311,052Ed FigueroaVida BlueEd FigueroaVida Blue 51943287
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-08-01@ CAL104L  1-458-46334,852Catfish HunterKen BrettKen BrettCatfish Hunter 52043684
1977-08-02@ CAL105W  9-359-46320,298Mike TorrezPaul HartzellMike TorrezPaul Hartzell 52943990
1977-08-03@ CAL106L  3-559-47326,187Ron GuidryNolan RyanNolan RyanRon GuidryDave LaRoche53244488
1977-08-05@ SEA107L  3-559-48336,833Ed FigueroaDick PoleDick PoleEd FigueroaEnrique Romo53544986
1977-08-06@ SEA108L  2-959-49342,146Catfish HunterGlenn AbbottGlenn AbbottCatfish Hunter 53745879
1977-08-07@ SEA109W  7-160-49329,412Mike TorrezTom HouseMike TorrezJohn Montague 54445985
1977-08-10vs OAK110W  6-361-49316,440 Ron GuidryVida BlueRon GuidryVida Blue 55046288
1977-08-11vs OAK111W  3-062-49316,804 Mike TorrezPablo TorrealbaMike TorrezPablo Torrealba 55346291
1977-08-12vs CAL112W  10-164-49333,473 Catfish HunterKen BrettCatfish HunterKen Brett 563463100
1977-08-12vs CAL113W  9-364-49333,473 Ed FigueroaFred KuhauluaEd FigueroaMike Barlow 572466106
1977-08-13vs CAL114L  5-664-50344,520 Ken HoltzmanNolan RyanNolan RyanSparky LyleMike Barlow577472105
1977-08-14vs CAL115W  15-365-50331,448 Dick TidrowWayne SimpsonDick TidrowWayne SimpsonGil Patterson592475117
1977-08-15vs CHA116W  6-266-50333,902 Mike TorrezKen KravecMike TorrezKen Kravec 598477121
1977-08-16vs CHA117W  11-1067-50329,312 Ron GuidryFrancisco BarriosKen ClayRandy Wiles 609487122
1977-08-17@ DET118W  7-568-50326,718Ed FigueroaFernando ArroyoEd FigueroaFernando ArroyoSparky Lyle616492124
1977-08-18@ DET119W  5-469-50327,564Catfish HunterJim CrawfordCatfish HunterJim CrawfordSparky Lyle621496125
1977-08-19@ TEX120W  8-170-50331,159Mike TorrezRoger MoretMike TorrezRoger Moret 629497132
1977-08-20@ TEX121W  6-271-50334,004Dick TidrowGaylord PerryDick TidrowGaylord PerrySparky Lyle635499136
1977-08-21@ TEX122W  2-172-50227,004Ron GuidryDoyle AlexanderRon GuidryDoyle AlexanderSparky Lyle637500137
1977-08-22@ CHA123L  3-572-51245,443Ed FigueroaFrancisco BarriosFrancisco BarriosEd Figueroa 640505135
1977-08-23@ CHA124W  8-373-51139,340Mike TorrezWilbur WoodMike TorrezWilbur Wood 648508140
1977-08-24vs MIN125W  11-174-51126,676 Catfish HunterPete RedfernCatfish HunterPete Redfern 659509150
1977-08-25vs MIN126W  6-475-51138,846 Dick TidrowGeoff ZahnSparky LyleTom Johnson 665513152
1977-08-26vs TEX127W  6-576-51129,000 Ed FigueroaRoger MoretKen ClayRoger MoretSparky Lyle671518153
1977-08-27vs TEX128L  2-876-52133,179 Mike TorrezBert BlylevenBert BlylevenMike Torrez 673526147
1977-08-28vs TEX129W  1-077-52137,714 Ron GuidryDock EllisRon GuidryDock Ellis 674526148
1977-08-29vs KCA130W  5-378-52131,269 Catfish HunterPaul SplittorffSparky LyleSteve Mingori 679529150
1977-08-30vs SEA131W  6-579-52120,116 Ed FigueroaDick PoleSparky LyleDiego Segui 685534151
1977-08-31vs SEA132W  5-480-52117,362 Mike TorrezRick HoneycuttSparky LyleBob Galasso 690538152
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-09-02@ MIN133W  4-081-52120,270Ron GuidryDave GoltzRon GuidryDave Goltz 694538156
1977-09-03@ MIN134W  7-482-52125,465Ed FigueroaRon SchuelerEd FigueroaRon Schueler 701542159
1977-09-04@ MIN135W  4-083-52129,969Don GullettGeoff ZahnDon GullettGeoff Zahn 705542163
1977-09-05@ CLE136L  3-483-5410Catfish HunterDon HoodDon HoodCatfish HunterJim Kern708546162
1977-09-05@ CLE137L  4-583-54128,184Mike TorrezRick WaitsJim KernMike TorrezJim Bibby712551161
1977-09-06@ CLE138W  8-384-5418,123Dick TidrowDennis EckersleyDick TidrowDennis EckersleySparky Lyle720554166
1977-09-07@ CLE139W  4-385-5417,924Ron GuidryWayne GarlandRon GuidryWayne Garland 724557167
1977-09-08@ CLE140W  4-386-5414,930Ed FigueroaJim BibbyEd FigueroaJim Bibby 728560168
1977-09-09vs TOR141W  2-087-54121,145 Mike TorrezJerry GarvinMike TorrezJerry Garvin 730560170
1977-09-10vs TOR142L  3-1987-55120,296 Catfish HunterJim ClancyJim ClancyCatfish Hunter 733579154
1977-09-11vs TOR143W  4-388-56140,905 Dick TidrowJeff ByrdDick TidrowJeff ByrdSparky Lyle737582155
1977-09-11vs TOR144L  4-688-56140,905 Don GullettTom MurphyTom MurphyDon GullettJerry Johnson741588153
1977-09-13vs BOS145W  4-289-56155,269 Ron GuidryMike PaxtonRon GuidryMike Paxton 745590155
1977-09-14vs BOS146W  2-090-56154,365 Ed FigueroaReggie ClevelandEd FigueroaReggie Cleveland 747590157
1977-09-15vs BOS147L  3-790-57155,218 Mike TorrezLuis TiantLuis TiantSparky Lyle 750597153
1977-09-16@ DET148W  5-491-57118,016Don GullettFernando ArroyoDon GullettFernando Arroyo 755601154
1977-09-17@ DET149W  9-492-57117,656Dick TidrowJim CrawfordDick TidrowJim Crawford 764605159
1977-09-18@ DET150W  6-593-57112,672Ron GuidryBob SykesRon GuidryBob SykesSparky Lyle770610160
1977-09-19@ BOS151L  3-693-58134,346Ed FigueroaReggie ClevelandReggie ClevelandEd Figueroa 773616157
1977-09-21@ BOS152L  2-393-59130,212Mike TorrezLuis TiantJim WilloughbyMike TorrezBill Campbell775619156
1977-09-23@ TOR153W  5-394-59132,590Don GullettJesse JeffersonDon GullettJesse Jefferson 780622158
1977-09-25@ TOR154W  15-096-59135,117Ron GuidryJerry GarvinRon GuidryJerry Garvin 795622173
1977-09-25@ TOR155W  2-096-59135,117Ed FigueroaJim ClancyEd FigueroaJim ClancySparky Lyle797622175
1977-09-26vs CLE156W  4-297-59112,356 Mike TorrezDon HoodMike TorrezDon HoodSparky Lyle801624177
1977-09-27vs CLE157W  2-198-59114,138 Dick TidrowRick WaitsSparky LyleJim Bibby 803625178
1977-09-28vs CLE158W  10-099-59118,430 Don GullettAl FitzmorrisDon GullettAl Fitzmorris 813625188
1977-09-29vs CLE159L  1-499-60115,793 Ed FigueroaWayne GarlandWayne GarlandEd Figueroa 814629185
1977-09-30vs DET160L  2-599-61128,200 Ron GuidryJohn HillerJohn HillerRon Guidry 816634182
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1977-10-01vs DET161L  7-1099-62150,054 Mike TorrezFernando ArroyoBruce TaylorLarry McCall 823644179
1977-10-02vs DET162W  8-7100-62118,778 Ken ClayVern RuhleStan ThomasSteve Foucault 831651180

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