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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Arlington,TX
Team Record:  76-86   .469
Result:   4th in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Frank Lucchesi
General Manager:   Dan O'Brien
Stadium:  Arlington Stadium
Attendance:  1,164,982
Playoffs:  -

Texas Rangers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Joe Hoerner (39)
Youngest Player:  Tommy Boggs (20)
Longest Tenure:  Toby Harrah, Jeff Burroughs, Tom Grieve, Len Randle (5)
Top Hitter:  Mike Hargrove (8)
Top Pitcher:  Bert Blyleven (6)
Top Draft Pick:  Billy Simpson (#12)

Roster Continuity:  63.25%
American League Standings
KC Royals9072.556--
Chi White Sox6497.39825.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-04-09vs MIN1W  2-11-0328,947 Gaylord PerryBert BlylevenGaylord PerryBill Campbell 211
1976-04-10vs MIN2W  4-12-0313,005 Jim UmbargerJoe DeckerJim UmbargerJoe Decker 624
1976-04-11vs MIN3L  3-42-1311,781 Bill SingerDave GoltzBill CampbellJeff Terpko 963
1976-04-12vs OAK4W  5-13-136,219 Nelson BrilesPaul MitchellNelson BrilesPaul Mitchell 1477
1976-04-13vs OAK5W  3-14-129,321 Steve BarrMike TorrezSteve BarrMike Torrez 1789
1976-04-14vs OAK6W  4-25-1122,920 Gaylord PerryVida BlueGaylord PerryVida Blue 211011
1976-04-16vs MIL7L  1-35-2222,205 Jim UmbargerJim ColbornJim ColbornJim UmbargerEduardo Rodriguez22139
1976-04-18vs MIL8W  7-46-320 Bill SingerJim SlatonBill SingerJim SlatonSteve Foucault291712
1976-04-18vs MIL9L  1-46-3213,944 Nelson BrilesBill TraversBill TraversNelson BrilesEduardo Rodriguez30219
1976-04-20@ CLE10L  1-96-429,328Gaylord PerryJim BibbyJim BibbyGaylord PerryJim Kern31301
1976-04-23@ DET11L  6-76-5110,754Jim UmbargerRay BareJohn HillerSteve Barr 37370
1976-04-24@ DET12W  5-47-518,862Bill SingerVern RuhleSteve FoucaultJohn Hiller 42411
1976-04-27vs NYA13L  0-17-6120,019 Gaylord PerryDock EllisDock EllisGaylord PerrySparky Lyle42420
1976-04-29vs BOS14W  6-18-617,394 Nelson BrilesBill LeeNelson BrilesBill Lee 48435
1976-04-30vs BOS15W  6-59-6114,471 Jim UmbargerFergie JenkinsJim UmbargerFergie JenkinsJoe Hoerner54486
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-05-01vs BOS16W  7-110-6122,486 Bill SingerRick WiseBill SingerRick Wise 614912
1976-05-02vs BOS17W  6-311-6124,464 Gaylord PerryLuis TiantGaylord PerryLuis Tiant 675215
1976-05-04@ MIL18W  7-412-616,111Nelson BrilesJim ColbornNelson BrilesJim ColbornSteve Foucault745618
1976-05-08@ BOS19W  6-514-610Bill SingerRick WiseSteve HarganDick PoleJoe Hoerner806119
1976-05-08@ BOS20W  12-414-6123,737Jim UmbargerLuis TiantJim UmbargerLuis Tiant 926527
1976-05-09@ BOS21W  6-515-6118,618Gaylord PerryBill LeeSteve FoucaultJim Willoughby 987028
1976-05-10vs CHA22L  6-715-7115,333 Nelson BrilesRich GossageDave HamiltonSteve Hargan 1047727
1976-05-11vs CHA23W  6-516-7114,713 Steve BarrTerry ForsterJeff TerpkoDave Hamilton 1108228
1976-05-12@ CAL24W  1-017-718,539Bill SingerDon KirkwoodBill SingerDon Kirkwood 1118229
1976-05-13@ CAL25L  5-717-818,287Jim UmbargerFrank TananaFrank TananaJim UmbargerPaul Hartzell1168927
1976-05-14@ OAK26W  4-318-815,196Gaylord PerryMike TorrezGaylord PerryRollie Fingers 1209228
1976-05-15@ OAK27W  6-419-815,039Nelson BrilesPaul MitchellSteve FoucaultJim Todd 1269630
1976-05-16@ OAK28L  2-319-914,940Steve BarrVida BlueVida BlueSteve Barr 1289929
1976-05-17@ KCA29L  7-819-10118,936Bill SingerDennis LeonardTom HallSteve Foucault 13510728
1976-05-18@ KCA30L  1-319-11214,116Jim UmbargerAl FitzmorrisAl FitzmorrisJim Umbarger 13611026
1976-05-20vs CAL31L  3-619-12212,116 Gaylord PerryGary RossGary RossGaylord PerryJim Brewer13911623
1976-05-21vs CAL32W  5-220-12240,854 Nelson BrilesDon KirkwoodNelson BrilesDon Kirkwood 14411826
1976-05-22vs CAL33L  1-520-13225,332 Bill SingerFrank TananaFrank TananaBill Singer 14512322
1976-05-23vs CAL34W  9-021-13222,403 Jim UmbargerNolan RyanJim UmbargerNolan Ryan 15412331
1976-05-24vs KCA35L  11-1421-14212,751 Steve BarrDoug BirdSteve MingoriSteve Barr 16513728
1976-05-26vs KCA36L  2-1422-1520 Gaylord PerryDennis LeonardDennis LeonardGaylord Perry 16715116
1976-05-26vs KCA37W  5-422-15216,510 Nelson BrilesAl FitzmorrisSteve FoucaultMarty Pattin 17215517
1976-05-27vs KCA38W  6-423-15214,755 Bill SingerPaul SplittorffBill SingerPaul SplittorffJoe Hoerner17815919
1976-05-28@ MIN39W  4-024-1524,241Jim UmbargerSteve LuebberJim UmbargerSteve Luebber 18215923
1976-05-29@ MIN40L  1-524-1626,112Steve HarganJim HughesJim HughesSteve Hargan 18316419
1976-05-30@ MIN41L  3-424-1728,998Gaylord PerryDave GoltzDave GoltzSteve Foucault 18616818
1976-05-31@ CHA42L  4-924-18216,065Nelson BrilesPete VuckovichPete VuckovichNelson Briles 19017713
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-06-01@ CHA43W  6-525-1828,736Bill SingerKen BrettSteve FoucaultJesse Jefferson 19618214
1976-06-02@ CHA44L  0-125-1928,013Jim UmbargerBart JohnsonDave HamiltonJim Umbarger 19618313
1976-06-04vs DET45W  14-326-19224,978 Gaylord PerryBill LaxtonGaylord PerryBill Laxton 21018624
1976-06-05vs DET46L  2-326-20232,678 Bert BlylevenMark FidrychMark FidrychBert Blyleven 21218923
1976-06-06vs DET47W  16-627-20218,171 Nelson BrilesJoe ColemanNelson BrilesJoe Coleman 22819533
1976-06-07@ BAL48W  6-428-20211,626Jim UmbargerRoss GrimsleyJim UmbargerRoss GrimsleySteve Foucault23419935
1976-06-08@ BAL49W  6-329-20210,006Fritz PetersonDoyle AlexanderFritz PetersonDoyle AlexanderSteve Foucault24020238
1976-06-09@ BAL50W  4-130-2028,379Gaylord PerryKen HoltzmanGaylord PerryKen Holtzman 24420341
1976-06-11@ NYA51L  5-730-21224,315Bert BlylevenEd FigueroaTippy MartinezBert Blyleven 24921039
1976-06-12@ NYA52W  2-131-21227,158Nelson BrilesDave PaganNelson BrilesDave PaganJoe Hoerner25121140
1976-06-13@ NYA53W  7-132-21234,262Jim UmbargerCatfish HunterJim UmbargerCatfish Hunter 25821246
1976-06-15vs CLE54W  3-233-21218,466 Gaylord PerryJim BibbyGaylord PerryJim Bibby 26121447
1976-06-16vs CLE55L  4-933-22218,006 Bert BlylevenJackie BrownJackie BrownBert Blyleven 26522342
1976-06-17vs BAL56L  1-433-23215,400 Nelson BrilesWayne GarlandWayne GarlandNelson BrilesDave Pagan26622739
1976-06-18vs BAL57L  4-933-24232,001 Jim UmbargerRudy MayRudy MayJim Umbarger 27023634
1976-06-19vs BAL58L  4-833-25223,652 Fritz PetersonJim PalmerJim PalmerSteve Foucault 27424430
1976-06-20vs BAL59L  0-233-26220,081 Gaylord PerryMike CuellarMike CuellarGaylord Perry 27424628
1976-06-21@ OAK60W  1-034-26221,800Bert BlylevenPaul MitchellBert BlylevenPaul Mitchell 27524629
1976-06-22@ OAK61L  2-534-2724,811Nelson BrilesDick BosmanDick BosmanNelson BrilesPaul Lindblad27725126
1976-06-23vs KCA62W  7-535-27221,336 Jim UmbargerDennis LeonardSteve FoucaultDennis Leonard 28425628
1976-06-24vs KCA63W  5-236-27214,455 Steve HarganAl FitzmorrisSteve HarganAl FitzmorrisJoe Hoerner28925831
1976-06-25vs CHA64W  8-437-2820 Gaylord PerryTerry ForsterGaylord PerryDave Hamilton 29726235
1976-06-25vs CHA65L  9-1437-28229,049 Steve BarrFrancisco BarriosPete VuckovichSteve Foucault 30627630
1976-06-26vs CHA66W  1-038-28220,903 Bert BlylevenKen BrettBert BlylevenKen Brett 30727631
1976-06-27vs CHA67L  2-638-29212,567 Nelson BrilesBart JohnsonBart JohnsonNelson BrilesDave Hamilton30928227
1976-06-28vs OAK68W  3-239-29213,679 Jim UmbargerMike NorrisSteve FoucaultJim Todd 31228428
1976-06-29vs OAK69L  3-839-30213,964 Steve BarrGlenn AbbottStan BahnsenSteve BarrRollie Fingers31529223
1976-06-30vs OAK70W  3-240-30214,936 Gaylord PerryMike TorrezGaylord PerryMike TorrezSteve Foucault31829424
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-07-02@ CHA71L  0-140-31217,162Bert BlylevenBart JohnsonBart JohnsonBert Blyleven 31829523
1976-07-03@ CHA72W  3-041-31210,099Nelson BrilesTerry ForsterNelson BrilesTerry Forster 32129526
1976-07-04@ CHA73L  6-742-3220Jim UmbargerFrancisco BarriosDave HamiltonMike Bacsik 32730225
1976-07-04@ CHA74W  3-242-32215,689Steve HarganChris KnappSteve HarganChris KnappJoe Hoerner33030426
1976-07-05vs DET75W  8-643-32233,847 Gaylord PerryDave RobertsJeff TerpkoDave Roberts 33831028
1976-07-06vs DET76W  3-244-32215,873 Steve BarrVern RuhleSteve BarrVern Ruhle 34131229
1976-07-07vs DET77L  1-244-33220,052 Bert BlylevenDave LemanczykJohn HillerBert BlylevenSteve Grilli34231428
1976-07-08@ MIL78L  4-544-3425,181Nelson BrilesJim ColbornDanny FrisellaJoe Hoerner 34631927
1976-07-09@ MIL79L  2-744-35222,912Jim UmbargerPete BrobergEduardo RodriguezJim Umbarger 34832622
1976-07-10@ MIL80L  1-344-36225,170Gaylord PerryBill TraversBill TraversGaylord PerryDanny Frisella34932920
1976-07-11@ MIL81L  3-644-3820Bert BlylevenJim SlatonJim SlatonBert Blyleven 35233517
1976-07-11@ MIL82L  4-544-38228,149Steve BarrJerry AugustineBill CastroSteve Foucault 35634016
1976-07-15vs NYA83L  6-744-4020 Gaylord PerryEd FigueroaEd FigueroaGaylord PerryDick Tidrow36234715
1976-07-15vs NYA84L  4-644-40225,039 Nelson BrilesCatfish HunterCatfish HunterJoe HoernerDick Tidrow36635313
1976-07-16vs NYA85L  0-344-41221,930 Bert BlylevenKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanBert Blyleven 36635610
1976-07-17vs NYA86L  5-744-42232,605 Steve BarrDock EllisDock EllisSteve BarrDick Tidrow3713638
1976-07-18vs NYA87W  3-245-42213,736 Steve HarganDoyle AlexanderSteve HarganSparky Lyle 3743659
1976-07-19vs BOS88W  4-346-42211,166 Tommy BoggsDick PoleMike BacsikJim Willoughby 37836810
1976-07-20vs BOS89L  2-446-43313,495 Nelson BrilesRick JonesRick JonesNelson BrilesJim Willoughby3803728
1976-07-21vs BAL90L  4-646-44310,273 Bert BlylevenDave PaganTippy MartinezJoe HoernerFred Holdsworth3843786
1976-07-22vs BAL91L  3-446-45310,336 Gaylord PerryRoss GrimsleyFred HoldsworthGaylord Perry 3873825
1976-07-24@ CAL92L  0-846-4730Jim UmbargerPaul HartzellPaul HartzellJim Umbarger 387390-3
1976-07-24@ CAL93L  3-446-47312,716Tommy BoggsDon KirkwoodDon KirkwoodTommy BoggsJohn Verhoeven390394-4
1976-07-25@ CAL94L  3-746-4838,532Nelson BrilesGary RossDick DragoSteve Foucault 393401-8
1976-07-26@ MIN95W  3-047-4839,184Bert BlylevenDave GoltzBert BlylevenDave Goltz 396401-5
1976-07-28@ MIN96L  5-847-5040Steve HarganJim HughesJim HughesSteve HarganBill Campbell401409-8
1976-07-28@ MIN97L  0-847-5045,983Steve BarrSteve LuebberSteve LuebberSteve Barr 401417-16
1976-07-29@ MIN98L  1-247-51414,203Jim UmbargerEddie BaneEddie BaneJim UmbargerBill Campbell402419-17
1976-07-30@ KCA99L  1-247-52428,411Nelson BrilesDennis LeonardDennis LeonardNelson BrilesMark Littell403421-18
1976-07-31@ KCA100W  4-248-52435,786Bert BlylevenAl FitzmorrisBert BlylevenAl Fitzmorris 407423-16
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-08-01@ KCA101W  8-449-52424,732Gaylord PerryAndy HasslerGaylord PerryAndy Hassler 415427-12
1976-08-03vs CAL102L  0-449-53410,301 Jim UmbargerPaul HartzellPaul HartzellJim Umbarger 415431-16
1976-08-04vs CAL103L  6-949-5449,489 Nelson BrilesNolan RyanNolan RyanNelson Briles 421440-19
1976-08-05vs CAL104W  1-050-5449,679 Bert BlylevenGary RossBert BlylevenGary Ross 422440-18
1976-08-06vs MIN105W  6-051-54423,078 Gaylord PerryPete RedfernGaylord PerryPete Redfern 428440-12
1976-08-07vs MIN106L  1-351-55411,954 Tommy BoggsSteve LuebberSteve LuebberTommy BoggsBill Campbell429443-14
1976-08-08vs MIN107W  5-452-5547,855 Jim UmbargerEddie BaneJeff TerpkoBill Campbell 434447-13
1976-08-09@ DET108W  8-153-55414,963Nelson BrilesDave LemanczykNelson BrilesDave Lemanczyk 442448-6
1976-08-10@ DET109L  5-754-5640Bert BlylevenDave RobertsDave LemanczykJeff Terpko 447455-8
1976-08-10@ DET110W  3-054-56415,028Steve HarganJim CrawfordSteve HarganJim Crawford 450455-5
1976-08-11@ DET111L  3-454-57436,523Gaylord PerryMark FidrychMark FidrychGaylord Perry 453459-6
1976-08-12@ CLE112L  4-554-5843,786Tommy BoggsPat DobsonDave LaRocheJeff Terpko 457464-7
1976-08-13@ CLE113W  2-155-58411,954Jim UmbargerDennis EckersleyJim UmbargerDennis Eckersley 459465-6
1976-08-14@ CLE114W  4-356-58313,640Nelson BrilesRick WaitsSteve FoucaultJim Kern 463468-5
1976-08-15@ CLE115L  4-656-6040Bert BlylevenStan ThomasStan ThomasBert BlylevenJim Kern467474-7
1976-08-15@ CLE116L  0-356-60423,790Steve HarganJim BibbyJim BibbySteve Hargan 467477-10
1976-08-16@ NYA117L  1-556-61421,621Gaylord PerryCatfish HunterCatfish HunterGaylord Perry 468482-14
1976-08-17@ NYA118L  1-256-62420,959Tommy BoggsDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderTommy Boggs 469484-15
1976-08-18@ NYA119L  6-856-63423,358Jim UmbargerKen HoltzmanSparky LyleSteve Hargan 475492-17
1976-08-19vs CLE120L  5-756-64420,076 Nelson BrilesRick WaitsTom BuskeyCraig SkokDave LaRoche480499-19
1976-08-20vs CLE121W  3-057-6447,964 Bert BlylevenJim BibbyBert BlylevenJim Bibby 483499-16
1976-08-21vs CLE122W  5-358-64412,696 Gaylord PerryJackie BrownGaylord PerryJackie Brown 488502-14
1976-08-22vs CLE123L  1-358-6545,654 Tommy BoggsPat DobsonPat DobsonTommy BoggsDave LaRoche489505-16
1976-08-23vs MIL124L  2-658-6645,283 Jim UmbargerEduardo RodriguezEduardo RodriguezJim UmbargerBill Castro491511-20
1976-08-24vs MIL125L  0-158-6746,370 Nelson BrilesJerry AugustineJerry AugustineSteve Foucault 491512-21
1976-08-25vs MIL126L  1-558-6846,121 Bert BlylevenBill TraversBill TraversBert BlylevenBill Castro492517-25
1976-08-27@ BAL127L  0-358-6946,418Gaylord PerryJim PalmerJim PalmerGaylord Perry 492520-28
1976-08-28@ BAL128L  4-658-70447,153Tommy BoggsMike FlanaganFred HoldsworthSteve Hargan 496526-30
1976-08-29@ BAL129W  11-059-7047,922Jim UmbargerWayne GarlandJim UmbargerWayne Garland 507526-19
1976-08-30@ BOS130L  3-1159-71417,101Bert BlylevenLuis TiantLuis TiantBert Blyleven 510537-27
1976-08-31@ BOS131W  8-360-71418,145Nelson BrilesReggie ClevelandNelson BrilesReggie Cleveland 518540-22
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-09-01@ BOS132L  0-360-72419,330Gaylord PerryFergie JenkinsTom MurphyGaylord Perry 518543-25
1976-09-03@ KCA133W  4-161-72417,748Tommy BoggsAl FitzmorrisTommy BoggsAl Fitzmorris 522544-22
1976-09-04@ KCA134L  0-761-73431,541Jim UmbargerDennis LeonardDennis LeonardJim Umbarger 522551-29
1976-09-05@ KCA135W  3-162-73422,025Bert BlylevenAndy HasslerBert BlylevenAndy Hassler 525552-27
1976-09-06@ KCA136W  5-463-73427,008Nelson BrilesDoug BirdSteve HarganDoug BirdJoe Hoerner530556-26
1976-09-07vs MIN137L  0-163-7444,640 Gaylord PerryPete RedfernPete RedfernGaylord PerryBill Campbell530557-27
1976-09-08vs MIN138L  1-363-7543,777 Tommy BoggsSteve LuebberSteve LuebberTommy Boggs 531560-29
1976-09-09vs MIN139L  0-663-7643,603 Jim UmbargerDave GoltzDave GoltzJim Umbarger 531566-35
1976-09-10vs OAK140W  5-464-7647,297 Bert BlylevenVida BlueMike BacsikVida Blue 536570-34
1976-09-11vs OAK141L  0-164-7759,554 Nelson BrilesMike TorrezMike TorrezNelson Briles 536571-35
1976-09-12vs OAK142L  6-964-7855,070 Gaylord PerryStan BahnsenStan BahnsenGaylord PerryJim Todd542580-38
1976-09-13vs CAL143L  2-664-7953,500 Tommy BoggsGary RossDick DragoMike Bacsik 544586-42
1976-09-14vs CAL144L  4-664-8053,736 Len BarkerPaul HartzellPaul HartzellSteve Hargan 548592-44
1976-09-15@ CHA145W  4-365-8053,912Bert BlylevenBart JohnsonBert BlylevenBart Johnson 552595-43
1976-09-16@ CHA146W  5-466-8051,826Nelson BrilesKen KravecNelson BrilesKen KravecJoe Hoerner557599-42
1976-09-17@ OAK147W  4-367-8059,073Gaylord PerryGlenn AbbottGaylord PerryDick Bosman 561602-41
1976-09-18@ OAK148L  2-367-8156,014Tommy BoggsVida BlueVida BlueTommy BoggsPaul Lindblad563605-42
1976-09-19@ OAK149W  9-168-8250Jim UmbargerMike TorrezJim UmbargerMike Torrez 572606-34
1976-09-19@ OAK150L  3-1368-82511,421Steve HarganPaul MitchellPaul MitchellSteve Hargan 575619-44
1976-09-20@ CAL151L  0-168-8355,738Bert BlylevenNolan RyanNolan RyanBert Blyleven 575620-45
1976-09-21@ CAL152L  1-268-8455,048Nelson BrilesFrank TananaFrank TananaJoe Hoerner 576622-46
1976-09-22@ CAL153W  2-169-8454,920Gaylord PerryGary RossGaylord PerryGary Ross 578623-45
1976-09-23@ CAL154W  6-570-8455,044Tommy BoggsPaul HartzellSteve HarganDick Drago 584628-44
1976-09-24vs KCA155L  1-270-8556,949 Jim UmbargerAl FitzmorrisLarry GuraSteve FoucaultMark Littell585630-45
1976-09-25vs KCA156W  1-071-8549,001 Bert BlylevenAndy HasslerBert BlylevenAndy Hassler 586630-44
1976-09-26vs KCA157W  3-172-8544,650 Nelson BrilesDoug BirdNelson BrilesDoug BirdSteve Hargan589631-42
1976-09-28@ MIN158W  7-073-8542,122Gaylord PerryBill SingerGaylord PerryBill Singer 596631-35
1976-09-29@ MIN159L  1-973-8652,444Tommy BoggsPete RedfernPete RedfernTommy Boggs 597640-43
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-10-01vs CHA160W  11-874-8654,907 Jim UmbargerChris KnappSteve HarganFrancisco BarriosNelson Briles608648-40
1976-10-02vs CHA161W  5-475-8649,406 Bert BlylevenBart JohnsonMike BacsikPete Vuckovich 613652-39
1976-10-03vs CHA162W  3-076-8644,455 Len BarkerRich GossageLen BarkerRich Gossage 616652-36

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