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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Pittsburgh,PA
Team Record:  92-70   .568
Result:   2nd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Danny Murtaugh
General Manager:   Joe Brown
Stadium:  Three Rivers Stadium
Attendance:  1,025,945
Playoffs:  -

Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Giusti (36)
Youngest Player:  Miguel Dilone (21)
Longest Tenure:  Willie Stargell (15)
Top Hitter:  Richie Zisk (10)
Top Pitcher:  John Candelaria (9)
Top Draft Pick:  Jim Parke (#21)

Roster Continuity:  87.34%
National League Standings
NY Mets8676.53115.0
Chi Cubs7587.46326.0
St. Louis7290.44429.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-04-10@ PHI1W  5-41-0242,147Doc MedichJim KaatLarry DemeryTug McGraw 541
1976-04-11@ PHI2W  8-32-0118,373Bruce KisonSteve CarltonBruce KisonSteve CarltonBob Moose1376
1976-04-13vs SLN3W  14-43-0140,937 Jerry ReussPete FalconeJerry ReussPete Falcone 271116
1976-04-15vs SLN4W  9-34-019,490 Jim RookerLynn McGlothenJim RookerLynn McGlothenRamon Hernandez361422
1976-04-16vs NYN5W  3-15-0119,899 Doc MedichMickey LolichDoc MedichMickey Lolich 391524
1976-04-17vs NYN6L  1-175-1113,082 Bruce KisonJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanBruce Kison 40328
1976-04-18vs NYN7W  7-56-119,106 Jerry ReussCraig SwanJerry ReussCraig SwanRamon Hernandez473710
1976-04-20vs PHI8L  1-56-218,800 John CandelariaJim KaatJim KaatJohn Candelaria 48426
1976-04-21vs PHI9L  0-36-319,175 Doc MedichTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodDoc MedichTug McGraw48453
1976-04-23@ SFN10L  3-76-4115,621Jerry ReussJohn MontefuscoJohn MontefuscoJerry ReussGary Lavelle5152-1
1976-04-24@ SFN11L  1-36-529,222Jim RookerEd HalickiEd HalickiJim RookerGary Lavelle5255-3
1976-04-25@ SFN12W  3-07-5123,700John CandelariaMike CaldwellJohn CandelariaMike Caldwell 55550
1976-04-26@ LAN13L  1-77-6323,374Doc MedichTommy JohnTommy JohnDoc Medich 5662-6
1976-04-27@ LAN14L  3-57-7321,612Bruce KisonDoug RauDoug RauBruce KisonCharlie Hough5967-8
1976-04-28@ LAN15L  1-27-8522,769Jerry ReussBurt HootonBurt HootonJerry Reuss 6069-9
1976-04-30@ SDN16W  4-38-8317,010Jim RookerDan SpillnerJim RookerDan SpillnerBob Moose6472-8
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-05-01@ SDN17W  10-69-8321,773John CandelariaBill GreifJohn CandelariaBill Greif 7478-4
1976-05-02@ SDN18L  2-49-9421,702Doc MedichRandy JonesRandy JonesDoc Medich 7682-6
1976-05-04vs SFN19W  6-510-934,729 Jerry ReussMike CaldwellJerry ReussMike CaldwellBob Moose8287-5
1976-05-05vs SFN20W  6-111-936,321 Bruce KisonEd HalickiBruce KisonEd Halicki 88880
1976-05-06vs SFN21W  3-012-935,111 Jim RookerJim BarrJim RookerJim BarrLarry Demery91883
1976-05-07vs ATL22W  3-113-936,049 John CandelariaAndy MessersmithJohn CandelariaAndy Messersmith 94895
1976-05-08vs ATL23W  5-314-936,864 Doc MedichPhil NiekroDoc MedichPhil NiekroDave Giusti99927
1976-05-09vs ATL24W  5-215-939,275 Jerry ReussDick RuthvenJerry ReussDick Ruthven 1049410
1976-05-11@ CIN25L  0-615-10326,850Bruce KisonGary NolanGary NolanBruce Kison 1041004
1976-05-12@ CIN26W  6-316-10326,053Jim RookerDon GullettJim RookerDon Gullett 1101037
1976-05-14vs LAN27L  2-316-11313,764 John CandelariaTommy JohnCharlie HoughJohn CandelariaMike Marshall1121066
1976-05-15vs LAN28W  4-217-11212,165 Doc MedichDoug RauDoc MedichDoug RauBob Moose1161088
1976-05-16vs LAN29L  0-617-12315,334 Jerry ReussBurt HootonBurt HootonJerry Reuss 1161142
1976-05-17@ SLN30W  2-118-12210,538Bruce KisonJohn CurtisBruce KisonJohn CurtisBob Moose1181153
1976-05-18@ SLN31W  4-119-12210,288Jim RookerBob ForschJim RookerAl Hrabosky 1221166
1976-05-19@ SLN32W  7-620-12211,229John CandelariaLynn McGlothenRamon HernandezEric RasmussenBob Moose1291227
1976-05-20@ SLN33L  1-420-13211,315Doc MedichJohn DennyJohn DennyDoc Medich 1301264
1976-05-21vs CHN34L  4-520-1429,342 Larry DemeryRick ReuschelRick ReuschelLarry DemeryDarold Knowles1341313
1976-05-22vs CHN35W  4-321-1427,081 Bruce KisonSteve RenkoBob MoosePaul Reuschel 1381344
1976-05-23vs CHN36L  5-622-1520 Jim RookerBill BonhamOscar ZamoraKent TekulveBruce Sutter1431403
1976-05-23vs CHN37W  9-122-15220,477 Jerry ReussMike GarmanJerry ReussMike Garman 15214111
1976-05-24vs MON38L  2-422-1625,420 John CandelariaWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanJohn CandelariaFred Scherman1541459
1976-05-25vs MON39L  3-622-1724,805 Doc MedichSteve RogersWayne GrangerBob Moose 1571516
1976-05-26vs MON40W  6-323-1726,581 Larry DemeryDan WarthenLarry DemeryDan WarthenJohn Candelaria1631549
1976-05-29@ CHN41L  1-423-18212,357Bruce KisonBill BonhamBill BonhamBruce KisonOscar Zamora1641586
1976-05-30@ CHN42W  4-224-18219,410Jim RookerRay BurrisJim RookerRay Burris 1681608
1976-05-31@ NYN43L  2-1325-1920Jerry ReussJon MatlackJon MatlackJerry Reuss 170173-3
1976-05-31@ NYN44W  2-125-19246,004Doc MedichBob ApodacaDoc MedichBob Apodaca 172174-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-06-01@ NYN45W  3-226-19213,596John CandelariaJerry KoosmanJohn CandelariaJerry Koosman 175176-1
1976-06-02@ MON46W  4-227-19211,337Bruce KisonWoodie FrymanBruce KisonWoodie FrymanDave Giusti1791781
1976-06-03@ MON47L  1-727-2027,951Jim RookerDon StanhouseDon StanhouseJim Rooker 180185-5
1976-06-04vs SDN48W  7-228-2029,249 Jerry ReussDave FreislebenJerry ReussDave Freisleben 1871870
1976-06-05vs SDN49L  9-1128-21215,558 Doc MedichRandy JonesDave FreislebenRamon Hernandez 196198-2
1976-06-06vs SDN50L  1-628-22251,726 John CandelariaBrent StromBrent StromJohn Candelaria 197204-7
1976-06-07vs CIN51W  5-429-22216,001 Bruce KisonJack BillinghamBob MooseWill McEnaneyDave Giusti202208-6
1976-06-08vs CIN52L  5-1029-23217,331 Jim RookerSanto AlcalaSanto AlcalaJim RookerWill McEnaney207218-11
1976-06-09vs CIN53L  1-629-24218,127 Jerry ReussGary NolanGary NolanJerry Reuss 208224-16
1976-06-10vs CIN54L  1-629-25217,280 Doc MedichDon GullettDon GullettDoc Medich 209230-21
1976-06-11@ ATL55W  6-230-25213,687John CandelariaRoger MoretJohn CandelariaRoger MoretBob Moose215232-17
1976-06-12@ ATL56W  4-231-25220,117Bruce KisonCarl MortonBob MooseAdrian DevineKent Tekulve219234-15
1976-06-13@ ATL57W  6-532-25215,656Jim RookerPhil NiekroLarry DemeryMax LeonBob Moose225239-14
1976-06-14@ HOU58W  2-133-2529,884Jerry ReussJ.R. RichardJerry ReussJ.R. Richard 227240-13
1976-06-16@ HOU59W  6-334-25212,249Doc MedichJoaquin AndujarDoc MedichJoaquin AndujarLarry Demery233243-10
1976-06-18vs HOU60W  7-335-25219,141 John CandelariaJ.R. RichardJohn CandelariaJ.R. Richard 240246-6
1976-06-20vs HOU61L  4-935-26218,670 Bruce KisonLarry DierkerTom GriffinBob Moose 244255-11
1976-06-22@ CHN62W  10-736-26210,116Jerry ReussBill BonhamLarry DemeryDarold KnowlesRamon Hernandez254262-8
1976-06-23@ CHN63L  5-636-27217,661Jim RookerRick ReuschelOscar ZamoraBob Moose 259268-9
1976-06-24@ CHN64L  1-236-2823,824John CandelariaSteve RenkoOscar ZamoraRick Langford 260270-10
1976-06-25@ MON65W  9-237-2826,581Bruce KisonDon CarrithersBruce KisonDon Carrithers 269272-3
1976-06-26@ MON66W  7-638-28210,445Jerry ReussDan WarthenLarry DemeryDale Murray 276278-2
1976-06-27@ MON67L  3-438-29212,824Doc MedichWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanDoc MedichDale Murray279282-3
1976-06-28vs CHN68W  9-239-2927,370 Jim RookerJoe ColemanJim RookerJoe Coleman 2882844
1976-06-29vs CHN69W  10-140-2928,774 John CandelariaSteve RenkoJohn CandelariaSteve Renko 29828513
1976-06-30vs CHN70W  7-541-29210,681 Bruce KisonBill BonhamBruce KisonBill BonhamBob Moose30529015
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-07-02vs PHI71W  10-942-29239,328 Jerry ReussLarry ChristensonRamon HernandezGene Garber 31529916
1976-07-03vs PHI72L  2-342-30219,327 Doc MedichTom UnderwoodTug McGrawBob Moose 31730215
1976-07-04vs PHI73L  5-1043-3120 Larry DemerySteve CarltonSteve CarltonLarry DemeryRon Reed32231210
1976-07-04vs PHI74W  7-143-31232,422 Bruce KisonJim KaatBruce KisonJim Kaat 32931316
1976-07-05@ ATL75L  6-843-32248,467John CandelariaPhil NiekroBruce Dal CantonRamon HernandezMike Marshall33532114
1976-07-06@ ATL76L  2-443-33212,448Jim RookerAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithJim RookerMike Marshall33732512
1976-07-07@ ATL77W  9-744-33211,480Jerry ReussDick RuthvenJerry ReussDick RuthvenBob Moose34633214
1976-07-09@ CIN78L  11-1244-3520Bruce KisonGary NolanRawly EastwickLarry Demery 35734413
1976-07-09@ CIN79L  1-244-35253,328Doc MedichFred NormanFred NormanDoc Medich 35834612
1976-07-10@ CIN80W  7-145-35250,756John CandelariaJack BillinghamJohn CandelariaJack Billingham 36534718
1976-07-11@ CIN81W  8-546-35247,153Jim RookerDon GullettKent TekulvePedro BorbonJerry Reuss37335221
1976-07-15vs ATL82W  13-147-35210,488 John CandelariaPhil NiekroJohn CandelariaPhil Niekro 38635333
1976-07-16vs ATL83W  7-248-35211,151 Jerry ReussAndy MessersmithJerry ReussAndy Messersmith 39335538
1976-07-17vs ATL84L  2-1048-36214,776 Bruce KisonDick RuthvenDick RuthvenBruce Kison 39536530
1976-07-18vs CIN85L  8-948-37233,697 Doc MedichDon GullettJack BillinghamDoc MedichRawly Eastwick40337429
1976-07-19vs CIN86L  2-448-38226,585 Jim RookerPat ZachryPat ZachryJim Rooker 40537827
1976-07-20vs HOU87W  9-549-3920 John CandelariaTom GriffinJohn CandelariaTom GriffinKent Tekulve41438331
1976-07-20vs HOU88L  3-449-39211,922 Rick LangfordBo McLaughlinKen ForschDave Giusti 41738730
1976-07-21vs HOU89W  5-151-3920 Jerry ReussLarry DierkerJerry ReussLarry Dierker 42238834
1976-07-21vs HOU90W  4-151-39212,209 Larry DemeryJoaquin AndujarLarry DemeryJoaquin AndujarDave Giusti42638937
1976-07-22@ PHI91L  0-351-40243,050Bruce KisonTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodBruce KisonRon Reed42639234
1976-07-23@ PHI92L  1-1151-41240,120Doc MedichJim LonborgJim LonborgDoc Medich 42740324
1976-07-24@ PHI93W  8-552-4220Jim RookerLarry ChristensonJim RookerLarry ChristensonDave Giusti43540827
1976-07-24@ PHI94L  1-752-42257,723Bob MooseSteve CarltonSteve CarltonBob Moose 43641521
1976-07-25@ PHI95L  7-1352-43237,692John CandelariaJim KaatRon ReedDave Giusti 44342815
1976-07-27@ SLN96W  3-153-43213,953Bruce KisonPete FalconeBruce KisonPete Falcone 44642917
1976-07-28@ NYN97W  1-054-43222,215Doc MedichTom SeaverDave GiustiKen Sanders 44742918
1976-07-29@ NYN98W  2-155-43212,588Jim RookerMickey LolichKent TekulveSkip Lockwood 44943019
1976-07-30vs MON99W  4-356-43212,774 John CandelariaDon CarrithersKent TekulveJoe Kerrigan 45343320
1976-07-31vs MON100L  6-756-44210,981 Jerry ReussDon StanhouseDale MurrayBob Moose 45944019
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-08-01vs MON101L  0-256-45217,150 Bruce KisonSteve RogersSteve RogersBruce Kison 45944217
1976-08-02vs SLN102L  0-456-4627,553 Doc MedichPete FalconePete FalconeDoc Medich 45944613
1976-08-03vs SLN103W  2-157-4720 Jim RookerEric RasmussenJim RookerBill Greif 46144714
1976-08-03vs SLN104L  2-457-47214,781 Larry DemeryJohn CurtisAl HraboskyDave GiustiMike Wallace46345112
1976-08-04vs SLN105W  2-158-4728,426 John CandelariaBob ForschDave GiustiMike Wallace 46545213
1976-08-05vs NYN106L  4-758-4827,836 Jerry ReussJon MatlackJon MatlackJerry ReussSkip Lockwood46945910
1976-08-07vs NYN107W  12-359-4920 Bruce KisonTom SeaverBruce KisonTom Seaver 48146219
1976-08-07vs NYN108L  2-459-49212,364 Doc MedichNino EspinosaNino EspinosaDoc MedichSkip Lockwood48346617
1976-08-08vs NYN109L  4-759-50216,538 Jim RookerMickey LolichMickey LolichJim Rooker 48747314
1976-08-09vs LAN110W  2-060-5029,860 John CandelariaDoug RauJohn CandelariaDoug Rau 48947316
1976-08-10vs LAN111L  1-560-51213,670 Jerry ReussDon SuttonDon SuttonJerry Reuss 49047812
1976-08-11vs LAN112L  0-260-52216,222 Larry DemeryRick RhodenRick RhodenLarry Demery 49048010
1976-08-13@ HOU113W  8-561-52217,876Bruce KisonJ.R. RichardKent TekulveJoe Niekro 49848513
1976-08-14@ HOU114W  5-462-5229,721John CandelariaJoaquin AndujarDave GiustiGene Pentz 50348914
1976-08-15@ HOU115W  8-664-5220Doc MedichDan LarsonDoc MedichDan LarsonKent Tekulve51149516
1976-08-15@ HOU116W  3-064-52216,326Jerry ReussJoe SambitoJerry ReussJoe Sambito 51449519
1976-08-17@ SFN117L  6-764-5329,215Larry DemeryJohn D'AcquistoGary LavelleBob MooseCharlie Williams52050218
1976-08-18@ SFN118W  12-165-5323,817Jim RookerJohn MontefuscoJim RookerJohn Montefusco 53250329
1976-08-19@ SFN119W  1-066-5322,709John CandelariaJim BarrJohn CandelariaJim Barr 53350330
1976-08-20@ LAN120L  1-866-54225,107Bruce KisonDoug RauDoug RauBruce KisonCharlie Hough53451123
1976-08-21@ LAN121L  1-566-55242,235Bob MooseDon SuttonDon SuttonBob Moose 53551619
1976-08-22@ LAN122W  6-167-55224,295Larry DemeryRick RhodenLarry DemeryRick RhodenKent Tekulve54151724
1976-08-23@ SDN123L  4-567-56218,396Jim RookerRick SawyerJerry JohnsonJim RookerButch Metzger54552223
1976-08-24@ SDN124L  3-767-57211,002John CandelariaBrent StromBrent StromJohn Candelaria 54852919
1976-08-25@ SDN125W  3-068-57210,963Bruce KisonDave FreislebenBruce KisonDave Freisleben 55152922
1976-08-27vs SFN126W  5-269-57212,580 Larry DemeryJohn MontefuscoLarry DemeryJohn Montefusco 55653125
1976-08-28vs SFN127W  7-170-57211,043 Jim RookerJohn D'AcquistoJim RookerJohn D'Acquisto 56353231
1976-08-29vs SFN128W  3-271-57212,972 John CandelariaJim BarrJohn CandelariaRandy Moffitt 56653432
1976-08-31vs SDN129W  3-072-5729,674 Jerry ReussRandy JonesJerry ReussRandy Jones 56953435
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-09-01vs SDN130W  4-173-5725,381 Bruce KisonBrent StromBruce KisonBrent StromKent Tekulve57353538
1976-09-02vs SDN131W  5-074-5725,545 Larry DemeryDave FreislebenLarry DemeryDave Freisleben 57853543
1976-09-03@ MON132W  9-776-5720Jim RookerDon StanhouseJim RookerDon StanhouseKent Tekulve58754245
1976-09-03@ MON133W  7-276-5726,342John CandelariaDon CarrithersJohn CandelariaDon Carrithers 59454450
1976-09-04@ MON134W  5-377-5723,290Doc MedichDennis BlairDave GiustiDale MurrayKent Tekulve59954752
1976-09-05@ MON135L  0-177-5826,180Jerry ReussWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanJerry Reuss 59954851
1976-09-06vs PHI136W  6-279-5820 Bruce KisonJim KaatBruce KisonJim Kaat 60555055
1976-09-06vs PHI137W  5-179-58241,703 Larry DemeryTom UnderwoodLarry DemeryTom Underwood 61055159
1976-09-08vs PHI138W  6-180-58230,976 Jim RookerSteve CarltonJim RookerSteve Carlton 61655264
1976-09-10vs MON139L  2-480-59212,032 John CandelariaWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanJohn Candelaria 61855662
1976-09-11vs MON140W  4-381-5927,509 Jerry ReussSteve RogersJerry ReussSteve RogersKent Tekulve62255963
1976-09-12vs MON141W  6-182-59212,765 Bruce KisonDon StanhouseBruce KisonDon StanhouseKent Tekulve62856068
1976-09-13vs NYN142L  0-582-6027,892 Larry DemeryTom SeaverTom SeaverLarry Demery 62856563
1976-09-14vs NYN143L  3-482-6127,867 Jim RookerCraig SwanSkip LockwoodJim Rooker 63156962
1976-09-15@ PHI144W  7-283-61245,010John CandelariaJim KaatJohn CandelariaJim Kaat 63857167
1976-09-16@ PHI145W  7-684-61235,806Jerry ReussTom UnderwoodKent TekulveRon Reed 64557768
1976-09-17@ NYN146W  4-185-61214,304Doc MedichJon MatlackDoc MedichJon MatlackDave Giusti64957871
1976-09-18@ NYN147L  2-685-62215,879Larry DemeryTom SeaverTom SeaverLarry Demery 65158467
1976-09-19@ NYN148L  6-785-63218,652Jim RookerCraig SwanNino EspinosaDave GiustiSkip Lockwood65759166
1976-09-20@ NYN149L  4-585-6425,922John CandelariaMickey LolichBob ApodacaKent Tekulve 66159665
1976-09-21@ CHN150W  4-386-6520Bruce KisonSteve RenkoBruce KisonSteve RenkoJim Rooker66559966
1976-09-21@ CHN151L  1-286-6525,017Jerry ReussSteve StonePaul ReuschelBob Moose 66660165
1976-09-22@ CHN152L  3-486-6623,375Doc MedichBill BonhamJoe ColemanKent Tekulve 66960564
1976-09-23@ CHN153W  5-487-6622,132Larry DemeryRick ReuschelDave GiustiDarold KnowlesBruce Kison67460965
1976-09-24@ SLN154L  6-1088-6720John CandelariaBob ForschBob ForschJohn Candelaria 68061961
1976-09-24@ SLN155W  11-188-67210,368Jim RookerJohn CurtisJim RookerJohn Curtis 69162071
1976-09-25@ SLN156L  0-388-6827,858Jerry ReussLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenJerry Reuss 69162368
1976-09-26@ SLN157L  2-588-69210,456Bruce KisonJohn DennyJohn DennyBruce KisonAl Hrabosky69362865
1976-09-28vs CHN158W  5-189-6922,880 Doc MedichRick ReuschelDoc MedichRick ReuschelJerry Reuss69862969
1976-09-29vs CHN159L  0-189-7022,880 Larry DemerySteve RenkoSteve RenkoLarry Demery 69863068
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-10-02vs SLN160W  8-090-7024,250 John CandelariaLynn McGlothenJohn CandelariaLynn McGlothen 70663076
1976-10-03vs SLN161W  1-092-7020 Jim RookerJohn DennyJim RookerJohn Denny 70763077
1976-10-03vs SLN162W  1-092-70224,228 Jerry ReussPete FalconeJerry ReussPete Falcone 70863078

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