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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bronx,NY
Team Record:  97-62   .610
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Billy Martin
General Manager:   Gabe Paul
Stadium:  Yankee Stadium I
Attendance:  2,012,434
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Reds)

New York Yankees affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Cesar Tovar (35)
Youngest Player:  Mickey Klutts (21)
Longest Tenure:  Roy White (12)
Top Hitter:  Roy White (4)
Top Pitcher:  Catfish Hunter (4)
Top Draft Pick:  Pat Tabler (#16)

Roster Continuity:  66.80%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9762.610--

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-04-08@ MIL1L  0-50-1644,868Catfish HunterJim SlatonJim SlatonCatfish Hunter 05-5
1976-04-10@ MIL2W  9-71-1410,871Ed FigueroaBill TraversSparky LyleTom MurphyKen Brett912-3
1976-04-12@ BAL3W  3-02-127,143Catfish HunterRoss GrimsleyCatfish HunterRoss Grimsley 12120
1976-04-13@ BAL4W  7-13-118,280Dock EllisJim PalmerDock EllisJim Palmer 19136
1976-04-15vs MIN5W  11-44-1152,613 Rudy MayDave GoltzDick TidrowVic AlburySparky Lyle301713
1976-04-17vs MIN6W  10-05-1126,881 Ed FigueroaJim HughesEd FigueroaJim Hughes 401723
1976-04-18vs MIN7L  4-55-2125,330 Catfish HunterBert BlylevenBert BlylevenCatfish HunterBill Campbell442222
1976-04-20vs CHA8W  5-46-2120,337 Dock EllisBart JohnsonTippy MartinezBart JohnsonSparky Lyle492623
1976-04-21vs CHA9W  10-77-2119,616 Rudy MayDave HamiltonRudy MayDave Hamilton 593326
1976-04-23vs KCA10L  2-37-3135,116 Catfish HunterPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffCatfish HunterSteve Mingori613625
1976-04-24vs KCA11W  9-88-3116,034 Ed FigueroaSteve BusbySparky LyleMarty Pattin 704426
1976-04-27@ TEX12W  1-09-3120,019Dock EllisGaylord PerryDock EllisGaylord PerrySparky Lyle714427
1976-04-30@ KCA13W  5-310-3111,368Catfish HunterPaul SplittorffCatfish HunterPaul Splittorff 764729
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-05-01@ KCA14L  1-410-4118,703Ed FigueroaSteve BusbySteve BusbyEd Figueroa 775126
1976-05-02@ KCA15L  1-210-5213,424Rudy MayDennis LeonardDoug BirdSparky Lyle 785325
1976-05-04@ CAL16W  2-111-5110,957Dock EllisFrank TananaDock EllisFrank TananaSparky Lyle805426
1976-05-05@ CAL17W  10-412-5125,790Catfish HunterNolan RyanCatfish HunterNolan Ryan 905832
1976-05-06@ CAL18W  4-213-518,365Ed FigueroaGary RossEd FigueroaGary RossSparky Lyle946034
1976-05-07@ OAK19W  14-414-516,810Rudy MayVida BlueRudy MayVida BlueDick Tidrow1086444
1976-05-08@ OAK20W  8-415-518,687Dock EllisGlenn AbbottDick TidrowJim Todd 1166848
1976-05-09@ OAK21L  3-415-6111,144Catfish HunterMike TorrezPaul LindbladCatfish Hunter 1197247
1976-05-11vs DET22L  3-415-7112,123 Ed FigueroaDave RobertsSteve GrilliEd Figueroa 1227646
1976-05-12vs DET23W  7-616-7114,575 Dock EllisRay BareDock EllisRay BareSparky Lyle1298247
1976-05-13vs DET24L  2-316-8114,920 Rudy MayVern RuhleVern RuhleRudy MayJohn Hiller1318546
1976-05-14vs BAL25L  2-616-9127,431 Catfish HunterRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyCatfish HunterGrant Jackson1339142
1976-05-15vs BAL26W  7-317-9122,242 Ed FigueroaMike CuellarEd FigueroaMike CuellarSparky Lyle1409446
1976-05-16vs BAL27L  0-717-10125,465 Dock EllisKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanDock Ellis 14010139
1976-05-18@ CLE28W  11-618-1013,895Catfish HunterFritz PetersonSparky LyleJim Kern 15110744
1976-05-19@ CLE29W  3-219-1014,756Rudy MayDon HoodRudy MayDon HoodTippy Martinez15410945
1976-05-20vs BOS30L  2-819-11128,418 Ed FigueroaBill LeeReggie ClevelandEd FigueroaTom House15611739
1976-05-21vs BOS31W  6-520-11142,342 Dock EllisLuis TiantSparky LyleJim Willoughby 16212240
1976-05-22vs BOS32W  1-021-11143,513 Catfish HunterDick PoleCatfish HunterTom House 16312241
1976-05-23vs BOS33L  6-721-12152,994 Rudy MayFergie JenkinsReggie ClevelandSparky Lyle 16912940
1976-05-24vs MIL34W  5-222-12111,316 Ed FigueroaJim ColbornEd FigueroaJim Colborn 17413143
1976-05-25vs MIL35L  0-122-13110,477 Dock EllisBill TraversBill TraversDock Ellis 17413242
1976-05-26vs CLE36W  4-323-13113,369 Catfish HunterDon HoodCatfish HunterDon Hood 17813543
1976-05-27vs CLE37L  3-523-14114,025 Rudy MayFritz PetersonJim BibbyRudy MayDave LaRoche18114041
1976-05-28@ DET38W  9-524-14119,909Ed FigueroaVern RuhleEd FigueroaVern RuhleTippy Martinez19014545
1976-05-29@ DET39L  1-424-15114,923Dock EllisDave RobertsDave RobertsDock Ellis 19114942
1976-05-30@ DET40W  4-025-15116,038Rudy MayBill LaxtonRudy MayBill Laxton 19514946
1976-05-31@ BOS41W  8-326-15135,939Catfish HunterFergie JenkinsCatfish HunterFergie Jenkins 20315251
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-06-02@ BOS42W  7-227-15130,110Ed FigueroaDick PoleEd FigueroaDick Pole 21015456
1976-06-03@ BOS43L  2-827-16129,505Dock EllisLuis TiantLuis TiantDock Ellis 21216250
1976-06-04vs OAK44L  4-627-17144,944 Catfish HunterPaul MitchellJim ToddSparky Lyle 21616848
1976-06-05vs OAK45L  6-727-18126,756 Rudy MayMike TorrezRollie FingersSparky Lyle 22217547
1976-06-06vs OAK46L  2-328-1910 Ed FigueroaVida BlueVida BlueEd FigueroaRollie Fingers22417846
1976-06-06vs OAK47W  5-228-19147,431 Dave PaganStan BahnsenDave PaganPaul Lindblad 22918049
1976-06-08vs CAL48W  4-229-19114,867 Dock EllisGary RossDock EllisGary Ross 23318251
1976-06-09vs CAL49W  4-330-19121,811 Catfish HunterDon KirkwoodCatfish HunterDon KirkwoodSparky Lyle23718552
1976-06-10vs CAL50L  0-230-20114,360 Rudy MayFrank TananaFrank TananaRudy May 23718750
1976-06-11vs TEX51W  7-531-20124,315 Ed FigueroaBert BlylevenTippy MartinezBert Blyleven 24419252
1976-06-12vs TEX52L  1-231-21127,158 Dave PaganNelson BrilesNelson BrilesDave PaganJoe Hoerner24519451
1976-06-13vs TEX53L  1-731-22134,262 Catfish HunterJim UmbargerJim UmbargerCatfish Hunter 24620145
1976-06-15@ MIN54W  4-232-2219,772Dock EllisPete RedfernDock EllisPete RedfernSparky Lyle25020347
1976-06-16@ MIN55W  9-433-2218,801Ed FigueroaBill SingerEd FigueroaBill Singer 25920752
1976-06-17@ CHA56W  5-434-22116,320Catfish HunterTerry ForsterCatfish HunterTerry ForsterSparky Lyle26421153
1976-06-18@ CHA57W  3-235-22122,897Ken HoltzmanBart JohnsonGrant JacksonDave Hamilton 26721354
1976-06-19@ CHA58W  4-336-22125,483Doyle AlexanderRich GossageDoyle AlexanderRich GossageSparky Lyle27121655
1976-06-20@ CHA59W  6-337-22140,848Dock EllisKen BrettDock EllisKen BrettSparky Lyle27721958
1976-06-21vs CLE60W  6-038-22119,685 Ed FigueroaDennis EckersleyEd FigueroaDennis Eckersley 28321964
1976-06-22vs CLE61L  2-338-23122,265 Catfish HunterRick WaitsRick WaitsCatfish HunterDave LaRoche28522263
1976-06-23vs CLE62L  1-438-24126,117 Ken HoltzmanDon HoodDon HoodKen HoltzmanDave LaRoche28622660
1976-06-24vs CLE63W  6-539-24120,981 Doyle AlexanderPat DobsonSparky LyleDave LaRoche 29223161
1976-06-25vs MIL64W  1-040-24121,389 Dock EllisBill TraversDock EllisBill Travers 29323162
1976-06-26vs MIL65W  6-341-24129,395 Ed FigueroaJim SlatonEd FigueroaJim SlatonSparky Lyle29923465
1976-06-27vs MIL66W  6-243-2410 Catfish HunterJerry AugustineCatfish HunterJerry AugustineSparky Lyle30523669
1976-06-27vs MIL67W  10-243-24141,249 Dick TidrowPete BrobergDick TidrowPete Broberg 31523877
1976-06-28@ DET68L  1-543-25147,855Ken HoltzmanMark FidrychMark FidrychKen Holtzman 31624373
1976-06-29@ DET69L  5-743-26121,350Doyle AlexanderJim CrawfordDave LemanczykSparky LyleJohn Hiller32125071
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-07-01@ CLE70L  2-343-27123,467Ed FigueroaPat DobsonPat DobsonEd FigueroaJim Kern32325370
1976-07-02@ CLE71W  7-144-27135,800Catfish HunterRick WaitsCatfish HunterRick Waits 33025476
1976-07-03@ CLE72W  7-345-27164,529Ken HoltzmanDon HoodKen HoltzmanDon HoodSparky Lyle33725780
1976-07-04@ CLE73W  4-346-27162,504Dock EllisJackie BrownDock EllisJackie BrownSparky Lyle34126081
1976-07-05vs KCA74L  1-246-28128,041 Doyle AlexanderPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffDoyle AlexanderSteve Mingori34226280
1976-07-06vs KCA75L  1-347-2910 Ed FigueroaDoug BirdDoug BirdEd FigueroaSteve Mingori34326578
1976-07-06vs KCA76W  7-447-29135,370 Dick TidrowSteve BusbySparky LyleSteve Busby 35026981
1976-07-07vs KCA77L  1-247-30123,172 Catfish HunterAndy HasslerMark LittellCatfish HunterSteve Mingori35127180
1976-07-08vs CHA78W  6-048-30114,545 Ken HoltzmanRich GossageKen HoltzmanRich Gossage 35727186
1976-07-09vs CHA79W  2-149-30121,097 Dock EllisFrancisco BarriosDock EllisTerry ForsterSparky Lyle35927287
1976-07-10vs CHA80L  1-449-31125,348 Doyle AlexanderKen BrettKen BrettDoyle Alexander 36027684
1976-07-11vs CHA81W  5-050-31153,160 Ed FigueroaBart JohnsonEd FigueroaBart Johnson 36527689
1976-07-15@ TEX82W  7-652-3110Ed FigueroaGaylord PerryEd FigueroaGaylord PerryDick Tidrow37228290
1976-07-15@ TEX83W  6-452-31125,039Catfish HunterNelson BrilesCatfish HunterJoe HoernerDick Tidrow37828692
1976-07-16@ TEX84W  3-053-31121,930Ken HoltzmanBert BlylevenKen HoltzmanBert Blyleven 38128695
1976-07-17@ TEX85W  7-554-31132,605Dock EllisSteve BarrDock EllisSteve BarrDick Tidrow38829197
1976-07-18@ TEX86L  2-354-32113,736Doyle AlexanderSteve HarganSteve HarganSparky Lyle 39029496
1976-07-19@ CHA87W  3-255-32111,544Ed FigueroaTerry ForsterEd FigueroaDave HamiltonSparky Lyle39329697
1976-07-20@ CHA88W  14-956-32119,776Ken HoltzmanKen BrettJim YorkPete Vuckovich 407305102
1976-07-21vs OAK89W  10-157-32126,451 Catfish HunterMike NorrisCatfish HunterMike Norris 417306111
1976-07-22vs OAK90L  5-657-33132,843 Dock EllisPaul MitchellRollie FingersDick Tidrow 422312110
1976-07-23vs BOS91W  9-158-33143,252 Doyle AlexanderBill LeeDoyle AlexanderBill Lee 431313118
1976-07-24vs BOS92W  4-159-33146,925 Ed FigueroaRick JonesEd FigueroaRick Jones 435314121
1976-07-25vs BOS93W  6-560-33149,723 Ken HoltzmanRick WiseDick TidrowTom House 441319122
1976-07-26@ BAL94L  1-360-34124,303Catfish HunterRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyCatfish Hunter 442322120
1976-07-27@ BAL95L  1-460-35121,153Dock EllisJim PalmerJim PalmerDock Ellis 443326117
1976-07-28@ BAL96L  3-460-36123,701Doyle AlexanderWayne GarlandTippy MartinezDoyle Alexander 446330116
1976-07-30@ BOS97W  6-461-36127,728Ed FigueroaLuis TiantEd FigueroaLuis Tiant 452334118
1976-07-31@ BOS98L  2-461-38128,799Ken HoltzmanFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsKen Holtzman 454338116
1976-07-31@ BOS99L  4-661-38126,637Catfish HunterReggie ClevelandReggie ClevelandCatfish HunterTom Murphy458344114
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-08-01@ BOS100L  4-561-39129,127Dock EllisRick JonesBill LeeDick Tidrow 462349113
1976-08-02vs DET101W  1-062-39122,245 Doyle AlexanderDave RobertsDoyle AlexanderDave Roberts 463349114
1976-08-03vs DET102W  4-363-39144,909 Ed FigueroaMark FidrychGrant JacksonMark Fidrych 467352115
1976-08-04@ MIL103L  3-464-4010Catfish HunterBill TraversBill TraversCatfish Hunter 470356114
1976-08-04@ MIL104W  7-264-40122,543Ken HoltzmanJim SlatonKen HoltzmanJim Slaton 477358119
1976-08-05@ MIL105L  3-964-41127,156Dock EllisJerry AugustineDanny FrisellaDock Ellis 480367113
1976-08-07vs BAL106L  4-764-42147,798 Doyle AlexanderRudy MayRudy MayDoyle Alexander 484374110
1976-08-08vs BAL107L  5-864-43134,485 Catfish HunterRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyCatfish HunterMike Cuellar489382107
1976-08-09@ KCA108L  2-864-44140,435Ken HoltzmanDennis LeonardDennis LeonardKen Holtzman 491390101
1976-08-10@ KCA109W  2-165-44125,173Dock EllisAndy HasslerDock EllisSteve MingoriSparky Lyle493391102
1976-08-11@ KCA110W  5-366-44123,394Doyle AlexanderDoug BirdDoyle AlexanderDoug BirdSparky Lyle498394104
1976-08-12@ MIN111W  12-567-44120,597Catfish HunterSteve LuebberCatfish HunterSteve Luebber 510399111
1976-08-13@ MIN112W  9-368-44120,746Ed FigueroaEddie BaneEd FigueroaEddie Bane 519402117
1976-08-14@ MIN113W  5-469-44119,005Ken HoltzmanDave GoltzKen HoltzmanDave Goltz 524406118
1976-08-15@ MIN114L  8-969-45122,535Dock EllisBill SingerJim HughesSparky LyleBill Campbell532415117
1976-08-16vs TEX115W  5-170-45121,621 Catfish HunterGaylord PerryCatfish HunterGaylord Perry 537416121
1976-08-17vs TEX116W  2-171-45120,959 Doyle AlexanderTommy BoggsDoyle AlexanderTommy Boggs 539417122
1976-08-18vs TEX117W  8-672-45123,358 Ken HoltzmanJim UmbargerSparky LyleSteve Hargan 547423124
1976-08-20vs CAL118L  3-572-46126,185 Ed FigueroaDon KirkwoodDon KirkwoodEd FigueroaMickey Scott550428122
1976-08-21vs CAL119L  3-472-47124,588 Dock EllisGary RossMickey ScottDick Tidrow 553432121
1976-08-22vs CAL120L  8-1172-48152,864 Catfish HunterFrank TananaSid MongeSparky Lyle 561443118
1976-08-23vs MIN121W  9-473-48117,558 Ken HoltzmanBill SingerKen HoltzmanBill Singer 570447123
1976-08-24vs MIN122W  5-474-48118,600 Doyle AlexanderEddie BaneDoyle AlexanderEddie BaneGrant Jackson575451124
1976-08-25vs MIN123W  5-475-48124,351 Ed FigueroaPete RedfernGrant JacksonTom Burgmeier 580455125
1976-08-27@ CAL124W  5-076-48117,877Catfish HunterFrank TananaGrant JacksonSid Monge 585455130
1976-08-28@ CAL125W  8-177-48116,883Dock EllisNolan RyanDock EllisNolan Ryan 593456137
1976-08-29@ CAL126L  4-577-49113,919Ken HoltzmanGary RossMickey ScottDick Tidrow 597461136
1976-08-30@ OAK127W  5-278-49132,458Ed FigueroaMike NorrisEd FigueroaMike Norris 602463139
1976-08-31@ OAK128W  2-179-4916,408Doyle AlexanderStan BahnsenDoyle AlexanderStan Bahnsen 604464140
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-09-01@ OAK129L  0-579-5018,881Catfish HunterVida BlueVida BlueCatfish Hunter 604469135
1976-09-03@ BAL130W  3-180-50117,988Dock EllisWayne GarlandDock EllisWayne GarlandDick Tidrow607470137
1976-09-04@ BAL131W  4-281-5110Ken HoltzmanJim PalmerKen HoltzmanJim PalmerDick Tidrow611472139
1976-09-04@ BAL132L  2-681-51135,305Ed FigueroaRudy MayRudy MayEd Figueroa 613478135
1976-09-05@ BAL133L  3-581-52121,279Catfish HunterRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyCatfish HunterTippy Martinez616483133
1976-09-06vs BOS134W  6-582-52125,118 Doyle AlexanderRick JonesDoyle AlexanderRick JonesDick Tidrow622488134
1976-09-07vs BOS135W  4-283-52123,160 Dock EllisLuis TiantDock EllisLuis TiantDick Tidrow626490136
1976-09-08vs MIL136W  8-084-52112,965 Ed FigueroaJerry AugustineEd FigueroaJerry Augustine 634490144
1976-09-09vs MIL137W  4-285-52111,186 Ken HoltzmanBill TraversKen HoltzmanBill Travers 638492146
1976-09-10vs MIL138W  6-486-52116,607 Catfish HunterJim SlatonCatfish HunterJim Slaton 644496148
1976-09-11vs DET139L  5-686-53131,122 Doyle AlexanderDave RobertsDave RobertsDoyle AlexanderJohn Hiller649502147
1976-09-12vs DET140L  0-687-5410 Dock EllisMark FidrychMark FidrychDock Ellis 649508141
1976-09-12vs DET141W  3-187-54152,707 Ed FigueroaEd GlynnEd FigueroaEd Glynn 652509143
1976-09-13vs DET142L  1-387-55111,723 Ken HoltzmanJim CrawfordJim CrawfordKen HoltzmanJohn Hiller653512141
1976-09-14@ CLE143W  8-288-5517,796Grant JacksonPat DobsonGrant JacksonPat Dobson 661514147
1976-09-15@ CLE144W  2-089-5517,942Doyle AlexanderRick WaitsDoyle AlexanderRick Waits 663514149
1976-09-17@ MIL145W  5-390-55140,383Ed FigueroaJerry AugustineEd FigueroaKevin KobelDick Tidrow668517151
1976-09-18@ MIL146W  5-391-5516,283Dock EllisBill TraversDock EllisBill TraversSparky Lyle673520153
1976-09-19@ MIL147W  2-192-5516,887Catfish HunterJim SlatonCatfish HunterJim Slaton 675521154
1976-09-20@ MIL148L  2-492-5613,455Ken HoltzmanGary BeareGary BeareKen HoltzmanBill Castro677525152
1976-09-21vs BAL149L  8-1192-57116,160 Doyle AlexanderRoss GrimsleyTippy MartinezDick Tidrow 685536149
1976-09-22vs BAL150L  0-292-5910 Dock EllisJim PalmerJim PalmerDock Ellis 685538147
1976-09-22vs BAL151L  2-592-59131,471 Ed FigueroaRudy MayRudy MayEd FigueroaTippy Martinez687543144
1976-09-23vs BAL152L  1-292-60117,238 Catfish HunterMike FlanaganMike FlanaganCatfish Hunter 688545143
1976-09-24@ DET153L  0-393-6110Ken HoltzmanDave RobertsDave RobertsKen Holtzman 688548140
1976-09-24@ DET154W  8-093-61110,522Grant JacksonJim CrawfordGrant JacksonJim Crawford 696548148
1976-09-25@ DET155W  10-694-61112,814Doyle AlexanderEd GlynnDoyle AlexanderEd GlynnDick Tidrow706554152
1976-09-28@ BOS156L  5-794-62121,200Ed FigueroaRick KreugerRick KreugerEd FigueroaTom Murphy711561150
1976-09-29@ BOS157W  9-695-62123,980Catfish HunterLuis TiantCatfish HunterLuis Tiant 720567153
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1976-10-02vs CLE158W  6-597-6210 Dock EllisJim BibbyDock EllisStan ThomasSparky Lyle726572154
1976-10-02vs CLE159W  4-397-62122,905 Ken HoltzmanDennis EckersleyKen HoltzmanTom BuskeySparky Lyle730575155

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