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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Pittsburgh,PA
Team Record:  92-69   .571
Result:   1st in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Danny Murtaugh
General Manager:   Joe Brown
Stadium:  Three Rivers Stadium
Attendance:  1,270,018
Playoffs:  Lost NLCS (Reds)

Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Giusti (35)
Youngest Player:  Miguel Dilone (20)
Longest Tenure:  Willie Stargell (14)
Top Hitter:  Dave Parker (7)
Top Pitcher:  Jerry Reuss (10)
Top Draft Pick:  Dale Berra (#20)

Roster Continuity:  88.61%
National League Standings
NY Mets8280.50610.5
St. Louis8280.50610.5
Chi Cubs7587.46317.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-04-10@ CHN1W  8-41-0119,239Dock EllisBill BonhamDave GiustiKen Frailing 844
1975-04-11vs NYN2W  4-32-0143,880 Jerry ReussJerry KoosmanLarry DemeryRick Baldwin 1275
1975-04-13vs NYN3W  5-33-0114,841 Bruce KisonTom SeaverBruce KisonTom Seaver 17107
1975-04-14vs CHN4L  2-43-124,780 Bob MooseRick ReuschelRick ReuschelBob MooseDarold Knowles19145
1975-04-16vs MON5L  0-53-234,807 Dock EllisWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanDock Ellis 19190
1975-04-17vs MON6L  4-73-335,667 Jerry ReussDave McNallyDave McNallyJerry Reuss 2326-3
1975-04-18@ SLN7L  4-53-4419,975Bruce KisonBob GibsonRay SadeckiSam McDowell 2731-4
1975-04-19@ SLN8W  7-14-4419,775Jim RookerBob ForschJim RookerBob Forsch 34322
1975-04-20@ SLN9W  5-05-4220,935Ken BrettJohn DennyKen BrettJohn DennyDave Giusti39327
1975-04-22@ MON10L  3-45-535,239Dock EllisDave McNallyDave McNallyDock EllisDale Murray42366
1975-04-23@ MON11L  0-55-658,177Jerry ReussWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanJerry Reuss 42411
1975-04-25vs PHI12W  3-26-635,726 Bruce KisonSteve CarltonBruce KisonSteve CarltonDave Giusti45432
1975-04-26vs PHI13W  7-37-6313,120 Jim RookerWayne TwitchellJim RookerWayne Twitchell 52466
1975-04-27vs PHI14W  2-08-6314,074 Dock EllisTom UnderwoodDock EllisTom Underwood 54468
1975-04-29vs SLN15L  0-38-736,319 Ken BrettLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenKen Brett 54495
1975-04-30vs SLN16W  5-09-735,584 Jerry ReussBob GibsonJerry ReussBob Gibson 594910
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-05-02@ PHI17L  5-99-8320,257Bruce KisonWayne TwitchellWayne TwitchellBruce KisonTug McGraw64586
1975-05-03@ PHI18L  2-69-1040Jim RookerTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodJim RookerGene Garber66642
1975-05-03@ PHI19L  3-49-10444,501Dock EllisJim LonborgTug McGrawRamon Hernandez 69681
1975-05-06@ NYN20W  2-110-1048,257Ken BrettTom SeaverKen BrettTom Seaver 71692
1975-05-07@ NYN21W  6-111-10212,216Jerry ReussJon MatlackJerry ReussJon Matlack 77707
1975-05-08@ NYN22W  4-212-10214,053Bruce KisonJerry KoosmanBruce KisonJerry Koosman 81729
1975-05-09vs LAN23W  11-313-10216,378 Dock EllisBurt HootonDock EllisMike MarshallDave Giusti927517
1975-05-10vs LAN24L  2-613-11224,870 Jim RookerDoug RauDoug RauJim Rooker 948113
1975-05-11vs LAN25L  0-713-12215,175 Ken BrettDon SuttonDon SuttonKen Brett 94886
1975-05-13vs SDN26W  2-014-1225,482 Jerry ReussDan SpillnerJerry ReussDan Spillner 96888
1975-05-14vs SDN27W  5-415-1228,334 Dock EllisRandy JonesSam McDowellBill Greif 101929
1975-05-16@ LAN28W  3-216-12244,111Bruce KisonDon SuttonDave GiustiDon Sutton 1049410
1975-05-17@ LAN29L  3-416-13346,790Jim RookerAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithRamon Hernandez 107989
1975-05-18@ LAN30W  7-217-13342,013Ken BrettBurt HootonKen BrettBurt Hooton 11410014
1975-05-19@ SFN31L  4-617-1431,795Jerry ReussMike CaldwellMike CaldwellJerry Reuss 11810612
1975-05-20@ SFN32L  4-1217-1531,759Dock EllisEd HalickiEd HalickiDock Ellis 1221184
1975-05-21@ SFN33L  1-217-1633,513Bruce KisonJohn MontefuscoJim BarrDave Giusti 1231203
1975-05-22@ SDN34W  4-218-1639,148Jim RookerDave FreislebenJim RookerDave FreislebenDave Giusti1271225
1975-05-23@ SDN35L  3-418-17414,858Ken BrettDan SpillnerDanny FrisellaDave Giusti 1301264
1975-05-24@ SDN36L  0-518-18422,758Jerry ReussRandy JonesRandy JonesJerry Reuss 130131-1
1975-05-25@ SDN37W  6-519-18328,778Bob MooseAlan FosterRamon HernandezDanny FrisellaLarry Demery1361360
1975-05-26vs HOU38W  10-220-18311,126 Bruce KisonJ.R. RichardBruce KisonJ.R. Richard 1461388
1975-05-27vs HOU39W  6-521-1827,003 Jim RookerLarry DierkerLarry DemeryJoe Niekro 1521439
1975-05-28vs HOU40W  3-022-1827,601 Ken BrettDave RobertsKen BrettDave Roberts 15514312
1975-05-30vs ATL41W  2-123-18111,565 Jerry ReussBuzz CapraJerry ReussBuzz Capra 15714413
1975-05-31vs ATL42W  11-424-18113,423 Bruce KisonRoric HarrisonBruce KisonRoric Harrison 16814820
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-06-01vs ATL43L  2-524-19237,373 Jim RookerPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJim Rooker 17015317
1975-06-03vs CIN44L  4-824-2029,438 Bob MooseGary NolanGary NolanBob Moose 17416113
1975-06-04vs CIN45W  2-125-20213,754 Jerry ReussFred NormanJerry ReussFred NormanRamon Hernandez17616214
1975-06-06vs SFN46W  7-226-20111,923 Bruce KisonJim BarrBruce KisonJim Barr 18316419
1975-06-07vs SFN47W  7-627-2018,668 Jim RookerMike CaldwellRamon HernandezTommy TomsDave Giusti19017020
1975-06-08vs SFN48L  1-327-2210 John CandelariaEd HalickiEd HalickiJohn Candelaria 19117318
1975-06-08vs SFN49L  2-427-22124,128 Larry DemeryCharlie WilliamsGary LavelleLarry DemeryRandy Moffitt19317716
1975-06-09@ CIN50W  9-228-22122,555Jerry ReussFred NormanJerry ReussFred Norman 20217923
1975-06-10@ CIN51W  9-529-22119,107Sam McDowellPat DarcySam McDowellPat DarcyRamon Hernandez21118427
1975-06-11@ HOU52L  1-529-23110,125Bruce KisonLarry DierkerLarry DierkerBruce Kison 21218923
1975-06-12@ HOU53W  4-230-23110,802Dock EllisDave RobertsDock EllisDave RobertsLarry Demery21619125
1975-06-13@ ATL54W  8-331-2318,998Jim RookerBlue Moon OdomJim RookerBlue Moon Odom 22419430
1975-06-14@ ATL55W  2-132-23129,308Jerry ReussMike ThompsonJerry ReussMike ThompsonDave Giusti22619531
1975-06-15@ ATL56W  8-633-2318,352John CandelariaRay SadeckiLarry DemeryElias Sosa 23420133
1975-06-16vs SLN57W  10-434-23113,003 Bruce KisonRon BryantBruce KisonRon Bryant 24420539
1975-06-17vs SLN58L  4-734-24115,898 Dock EllisLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenDock EllisMike Garman24821236
1975-06-18vs SLN59W  9-335-24122,345 Jim RookerRon ReedJim RookerRon Reed 25721542
1975-06-19vs SLN60W  5-036-2418,198 Jerry ReussJohn CurtisJerry ReussJohn Curtis 26221547
1975-06-20@ NYN61W  5-137-24147,867John CandelariaTom SeaverJohn CandelariaTom Hall 26721651
1975-06-21@ NYN62W  7-338-24131,610Bruce KisonJon MatlackRamon HernandezHarry Parker 27421955
1975-06-22@ NYN63W  2-039-24134,287Dock EllisRandy TateDock EllisRandy Tate 27621957
1975-06-23@ PHI64L  5-639-25134,759Jim RookerSteve CarltonTom HilgendorfLarry DemeryGene Garber28122556
1975-06-24@ PHI65L  3-639-2710Jerry ReussLarry ChristensonLarry ChristensonJerry ReussTug McGraw28423153
1975-06-24@ PHI66L  1-839-27150,463Bruce KisonTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodBruce Kison 28523946
1975-06-25@ PHI67L  6-739-28134,171Bob MooseJim LonborgRon SchuelerDave Giusti 29124645
1975-06-26vs CHN68W  5-240-28110,394 John CandelariaSteve StoneJohn CandelariaKen Frailing 29624848
1975-06-27vs CHN69W  5-142-2810 Dock EllisGeoff ZahnDock EllisGeoff Zahn 30124952
1975-06-27vs CHN70W  5-342-28134,972 Ken BrettRay BurrisRamon HernandezDarold KnowlesDave Giusti30625254
1975-06-28vs CHN71L  0-142-29116,477 Jim RookerBill BonhamBill BonhamJim Rooker 30625353
1975-06-29vs CHN72W  4-344-2910 Bruce KisonRick ReuschelDave GiustiRick Reuschel 31025654
1975-06-29vs CHN73W  7-044-29137,145 Jerry ReussTom DettoreJerry ReussTom Dettore 31725661
1975-06-30@ MON74W  5-345-29113,134Larry DemeryDennis BlairLarry DemeryDennis BlairKent Tekulve32225963
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-07-01@ MON75W  10-446-29115,132John CandelariaWoodie FrymanJohn CandelariaWoodie Fryman 33226369
1975-07-03@ MON76W  5-147-29110,116Dock EllisSteve RogersDock EllisSteve Rogers 33726473
1975-07-04@ CHN77L  1-647-3110Bruce KisonSteve StoneSteve StoneBruce Kison 33827068
1975-07-04@ CHN78L  1-247-31130,355Jerry ReussGeoff ZahnDarold KnowlesJerry Reuss 33927267
1975-07-05@ CHN79W  5-448-31122,393Jim RookerRay BurrisJim RookerRay BurrisRamon Hernandez34427668
1975-07-06@ CHN80W  18-1249-31128,023Larry DemeryBill BonhamRamon HernandezKen Frailing 36228874
1975-07-07@ CHN81W  5-050-31116,540Ken BrettRick ReuschelKen BrettRick ReuschelDave Giusti36728879
1975-07-08vs LAN82L  0-350-32129,376 Dock EllisDon SuttonDon SuttonDock EllisMike Marshall36729176
1975-07-09vs LAN83W  3-251-32122,163 Bruce KisonAndy MessersmithBruce KisonAndy MessersmithDave Giusti37029377
1975-07-10vs LAN84W  4-152-32118,521 Jerry ReussBurt HootonJerry ReussBurt HootonDave Giusti37429480
1975-07-11vs SDN85W  6-254-3210 Jim RookerRich FolkersJim RookerRich FolkersDave Giusti38029684
1975-07-11vs SDN86W  5-054-32131,435 John CandelariaJoe McIntoshJohn CandelariaJoe McIntosh 38529689
1975-07-12vs SDN87W  6-455-32121,877 Ken BrettRandy JonesRamon HernandezRandy JonesLarry Demery39130091
1975-07-13vs SDN88L  5-755-33120,113 Dock EllisBrent StromBrent StromDock EllisDan Spillner39630789
1975-07-17@ LAN89W  5-256-33132,806Bruce KisonAndy MessersmithBruce KisonAndy MessersmithDave Giusti40130992
1975-07-18@ LAN90L  3-456-34152,506Dock EllisDoug RauMike MarshallLarry Demery 40431391
1975-07-19@ LAN91W  5-357-34151,591Jerry ReussDon SuttonDave GiustiMike Marshall 40931693
1975-07-20@ SFN92L  1-258-3510Jim RookerEd HalickiEd HalickiJim Rooker 41031892
1975-07-20@ SFN93W  7-158-35114,723Ken BrettMike CaldwellKen BrettMike Caldwell 41731998
1975-07-21@ SFN94L  2-758-3613,417John CandelariaJim BarrJim BarrJohn Candelaria 41932693
1975-07-22@ SDN95L  0-158-37114,437Bruce KisonRandy JonesRandy JonesBruce Kison 41932792
1975-07-23@ SDN96W  8-159-37114,547Dock EllisDave FreislebenDock EllisDave Freisleben 42732899
1975-07-25vs MON97W  6-160-37120,124 Jerry ReussWoodie FrymanJerry ReussDon DeMola 433329104
1975-07-26vs MON98L  2-560-3814,394 Jim RookerSteve RogersSteve RogersJim Rooker 435334101
1975-07-27vs MON99W  4-162-3810 Ken BrettFred SchermanKen BrettFred SchermanLarry Demery439335104
1975-07-27vs MON100W  5-362-38127,961 John CandelariaDan WarthenDave GiustiDan Warthen 444338106
1975-07-28vs PHI101L  2-562-39130,221 Bruce KisonLarry ChristensonLarry ChristensonBruce Kison 446343103
1975-07-29vs PHI102L  1-562-40133,340 Dock EllisTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodDock Ellis 44734899
1975-07-30vs PHI103W  8-163-40143,260 Jerry ReussSteve CarltonJerry ReussSteve Carlton 455349106
1975-07-31vs NYN104L  2-663-41113,235 Jim RookerJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanJim Rooker 457355102
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-08-01vs NYN105L  2-463-42118,082 Ken BrettGeorge StoneGeorge StoneKen BrettBob Apodaca459359100
1975-08-02vs NYN106L  0-663-43114,306 Bruce KisonJon MatlackJon MatlackBruce Kison 45936594
1975-08-03vs NYN107W  5-465-4310 Dock EllisTom SeaverLarry DemeryBob Apodaca 46436995
1975-08-03vs NYN108W  4-365-43130,070 John CandelariaHank WebbJohn CandelariaHank Webb 46837296
1975-08-04@ SLN109L  4-565-44128,097Jerry ReussJohn CurtisJohn CurtisJerry ReussAl Hrabosky47237795
1975-08-05@ SLN110W  6-166-44125,489Jim RookerEric RasmussenJim RookerEric Rasmussen 478378100
1975-08-06@ SLN111L  2-466-45123,985Ken BrettJohn DennyJohn DennyKen BrettAl Hrabosky48038298
1975-08-07@ HOU112L  1-666-46115,255Bruce KisonDave RobertsDave RobertsBruce Kison 48138893
1975-08-08@ HOU113L  3-566-47114,889Dock EllisDoug KoniecznyJim CrawfordKent Tekulve 48439391
1975-08-09@ HOU114L  0-566-48113,531Jerry ReussJoe NiekroJoe NiekroJerry Reuss 48439886
1975-08-10@ HOU115L  3-566-49112,243Jim RookerJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardJim RookerMike Cosgrove48740384
1975-08-11@ ATL116W  8-167-4914,701John CandelariaJamie EasterlyJohn CandelariaJamie EasterlyKent Tekulve49540491
1975-08-12@ ATL117L  2-367-5014,506Bruce KisonCarl MortonCarl MortonBruce KisonTom House49740790
1975-08-13@ ATL118L  3-467-5114,163Dock EllisBruce Dal CantonTom HouseKen Brett 50041189
1975-08-14@ CIN119L  1-667-52140,062Jerry ReussGary NolanGary NolanJerry Reuss 50141784
1975-08-15@ CIN120L  3-867-53145,003Jim RookerFred NormanFred NormanJim Rooker 50442579
1975-08-16@ CIN121L  3-567-54151,286John CandelariaJack BillinghamJack BillinghamJohn CandelariaRawly Eastwick50743077
1975-08-17@ CIN122L  1-367-55150,121Bruce KisonPat DarcyPat DarcyBruce KisonRawly Eastwick50843375
1975-08-19vs SFN123W  4-068-55122,609 Jerry ReussJim BarrJerry ReussJim Barr 51243379
1975-08-20vs SFN124W  3-169-55114,033 Jim RookerEd HalickiJim RookerEd HalickiDave Giusti51543481
1975-08-22vs CIN125W  7-271-5510 Larry DemeryJack BillinghamLarry DemeryJack Billingham 52243686
1975-08-22vs CIN126W  4-271-55146,576 John CandelariaPat DarcyJohn CandelariaWill McEnaneyDave Giusti52643888
1975-08-23vs CIN127L  7-1271-56132,068 Bruce KisonDon GullettClay KirbyBruce KisonRawly Eastwick53345083
1975-08-24vs CIN128W  5-172-56135,598 Jerry ReussGary NolanJerry ReussGary Nolan 53845187
1975-08-25vs ATL129W  4-073-56111,146 Jim RookerMike ThompsonJim RookerMike Thompson 54245191
1975-08-26vs ATL130W  8-274-56112,213 Larry DemeryJamie EasterlyLarry DemeryJamie Easterly 55045397
1975-08-27vs ATL131L  2-674-57121,209 John CandelariaPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJohn Candelaria 55245993
1975-08-30vs HOU132L  4-774-58113,473 Jerry ReussLarry DierkerLarry DierkerJerry Reuss 55646690
1975-08-31vs HOU133W  9-675-58114,507 Larry DemeryDave RobertsBruce KisonJose SosaDave Giusti56547293
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-09-01@ NYN134L  0-375-59145,991John CandelariaTom SeaverTom SeaverJohn Candelaria 56547590
1975-09-02@ NYN135W  8-476-59126,486Ken BrettJerry KoosmanKent TekulveJerry KoosmanDave Giusti57347994
1975-09-03@ NYN136W  3-177-59127,599Jerry ReussJon MatlackJerry ReussJon Matlack 57648096
1975-09-05@ MON137L  3-478-6010Bruce KisonDan WarthenChuck TaylorKent Tekulve 57948495
1975-09-05@ MON138W  5-278-60115,130Jim RookerSteve RenkoJim RookerSteve RenkoRamon Hernandez58448698
1975-09-06@ MON139W  12-579-60110,206John CandelariaSteve RogersKen BrettDale Murray 596491105
1975-09-07@ MON140W  6-080-60114,041Jerry ReussDennis BlairJerry ReussDennis Blair 602491111
1975-09-08vs CHN141W  4-181-6016,756 Dock EllisWillie PrallDock EllisWillie PrallRamon Hernandez606492114
1975-09-09vs CHN142L  5-681-6117,346 Bruce KisonBill BonhamBill BonhamLarry DemeryPaul Reuschel611498113
1975-09-10vs NYN143W  8-482-61111,988 Jim RookerTom SeaverJim RookerTom Seaver 619502117
1975-09-11vs NYN144L  0-782-6214,762 Jerry ReussJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanJerry Reuss 619509110
1975-09-12vs MON145W  6-383-6219,449 John CandelariaDon CarrithersBob MooseDon Carrithers 625512113
1975-09-13vs MON146L  2-583-63117,310 Dock EllisDan WarthenDan WarthenDock EllisWoodie Fryman627517110
1975-09-14vs MON147W  4-384-63112,335 Larry DemeryDennis BlairRamon HernandezWoodie FrymanDave Giusti631520111
1975-09-15@ CHN148L  5-685-6410Jerry ReussBill BonhamDarold KnowlesDave Giusti 636526110
1975-09-15@ CHN149W  9-185-6415,432Jim RookerWillie PrallJim RookerWillie Prall 645527118
1975-09-16@ CHN150W  22-086-6414,932John CandelariaRick ReuschelJohn CandelariaRick Reuschel 667527140
1975-09-17@ PHI151W  9-187-64138,085Bruce KisonTom UnderwoodBruce KisonTom Underwood 676528148
1975-09-18@ PHI152L  1-487-65127,093Dock EllisSteve CarltonSteve CarltonDock Ellis 677532145
1975-09-19vs SLN153W  7-188-65119,671 Ken BrettJohn DennyKen BrettJohn Denny 684533151
1975-09-20vs SLN154L  2-888-66113,493 Jim RookerEric RasmussenEric RasmussenJim RookerAl Hrabosky686541145
1975-09-21vs SLN155W  5-389-66135,648 Jerry ReussBob ForschJerry ReussMike GarmanKent Tekulve691544147
1975-09-22vs PHI156W  11-390-66113,176 Bruce KisonTom UnderwoodBruce KisonTom UnderwoodKent Tekulve702547155
1975-09-23vs PHI157W  3-191-6616,445 Bob MooseSteve CarltonBob MooseSteve Carlton 705548157
1975-09-24vs PHI158L  1-891-6716,253 Larry DemeryLarry ChristensonLarry ChristensonLarry Demery 706556150
1975-09-26@ SLN159L  0-191-68123,496Jim RookerBob ForschBob ForschJim Rooker 706557149
1975-09-27@ SLN160W  4-292-68119,180Jerry ReussLynn McGlothenJerry ReussLynn McGlothenKent Tekulve710559151
1975-09-28@ SLN161L  2-692-69120,909John CandelariaRon ReedRon ReedJohn Candelaria 712565147

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