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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Baltimore,MD
Team Record:  91-71   .562
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Earl Weaver
General Manager:   Frank Cashen
Stadium:  Memorial Stadium
Attendance:  962,572
Playoffs:  Lost ALCS (Athletics)

Baltimore Orioles affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Mike Cuellar (37)
Youngest Player:  Rich Coggins (23)
Longest Tenure:  Brooks Robinson (20)
Top Hitter:  Bobby Grich (5)
Top Pitcher:  Ross Grimsley (9)
Top Draft Pick:  Rich Dauer (#24)

Roster Continuity:  90.02%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8973.5492.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-04-05vs DET1W  3-21-0123,918 Jim PalmerMickey LolichJim PalmerMickey LolichGrant Jackson321
1974-04-06vs DET2L  2-31-123,749 Dave McNallyJoe ColemanJohn HillerDave McNally 550
1974-04-07vs DET3W  5-12-220 Ross GrimsleyWoodie FrymanRoss GrimsleyWoodie Fryman 1064
1974-04-07vs DET4L  4-82-2216,400 Mike CuellarLerrin LaGrowJohn HillerGrant Jackson 14140
1974-04-11@ BOS5W  7-63-2323,441Jim PalmerLuis TiantBob ReynoldsDiego Segui 21201
1974-04-12@ MIL6W  5-34-219,433Dave McNallyJim SlatonDave McNallyJim SlatonGrant Jackson26233
1974-04-13@ MIL7L  2-34-338,569Ross GrimsleyKevin KobelEduardo RodriguezRoss Grimsley 28262
1974-04-15@ MIL8L  1-64-445,865Mike CuellarClyde WrightClyde WrightMike Cuellar 2932-3
1974-04-17@ DET9W  6-15-4212,166Jim PalmerWoodie FrymanJim PalmerWoodie Fryman 35332
1974-04-19vs NYA10W  5-36-427,002 Ross GrimsleySteve KlineRoss GrimsleySteve KlineGrant Jackson40364
1974-04-20vs NYA11L  3-46-545,095 Dave McNallyMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreGrant Jackson 43403
1974-04-21vs NYA12W  6-57-640 Jim PalmerPat DobsonDoyle AlexanderTom Buskey 49454
1974-04-21vs NYA13L  0-37-6420,329 Mike CuellarSam McDowellSam McDowellMike CuellarFred Beene49481
1974-04-23vs CAL14W  4-38-633,743 Ross GrimsleyFrank TananaBob ReynoldsDave Sells 53512
1974-04-24vs CAL15W  4-39-613,549 Dave McNallyBill SingerDave McNallyBill SingerBob Reynolds57543
1974-04-26vs OAK16W  6-510-6110,175 Jim PalmerVida BlueGrant JacksonPaul Lindblad 63594
1974-04-27vs OAK17L  5-1110-7238,253 Mike CuellarCatfish HunterCatfish HunterMike Cuellar 6870-2
1974-04-28vs OAK18W  4-311-7111,849 Ross GrimsleyKen HoltzmanRoss GrimsleyKen HoltzmanBob Reynolds7273-1
1974-04-30@ CHA19L  1-211-815,836Jim PalmerStan BahnsenStan BahnsenJim Palmer 7375-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-05-01@ CHA20L  0-211-936,854Dave McNallyJim KaatJim KaatDave McNallyTerry Forster7377-4
1974-05-03@ CAL21L  0-211-10411,139Ross GrimsleyFrank TananaFrank TananaRoss GrimsleyRudy May7379-6
1974-05-04@ CAL22L  1-311-11335,084Jim PalmerBill SingerBill SingerJim Palmer 7482-8
1974-05-05@ CAL23L  7-811-12412,124Dave McNallyNolan RyanDick SelmaGrant Jackson 8190-9
1974-05-06@ OAK24W  6-312-12322,322Mike CuellarPaul LindbladMike CuellarPaul Lindblad 8793-6
1974-05-07@ OAK25W  9-313-1222,718Ross GrimsleyKen HoltzmanRoss GrimsleyKen Holtzman 96960
1974-05-08@ OAK26L  3-713-1332,980Jim PalmerVida BlueVida BlueJim Palmer 99103-4
1974-05-10@ CLE27W  3-114-13217,889Dave McNallySteve KlineDave McNallySteve Kline 102104-2
1974-05-11@ CLE28W  12-115-1326,796Mike CuellarFritz PetersonMike CuellarFritz Peterson 1141059
1974-05-13vs MIL29L  4-915-1425,191 Ross GrimsleyEd SpragueEd SpragueRoss GrimsleyTom Murphy1181144
1974-05-14vs MIL30L  3-815-1534,611 Jim PalmerBill ChampionBill ChampionJim Palmer 121122-1
1974-05-15vs MIL31W  6-516-1524,967 Dave McNallyJim SlatonBob ReynoldsJim Slaton 1271270
1974-05-17vs BOS32W  6-017-15113,178 Mike CuellarBill LeeMike CuellarBill Lee 1331276
1974-05-18vs BOS33L  2-1017-1636,081 Ross GrimsleyLuis TiantLuis TiantRoss Grimsley 135137-2
1974-05-19vs BOS34L  2-1117-1860 Dave McNallyReggie ClevelandReggie ClevelandDave McNally 137148-11
1974-05-19vs BOS35L  4-617-18624,839 Doyle AlexanderDick DragoDick DragoDoyle Alexander 141154-13
1974-05-21vs CLE36W  7-118-1834,398 Mike CuellarSteve KlineMike CuellarSteve Kline 148155-7
1974-05-22vs CLE37W  1-019-1835,360 Ross GrimsleyJim PerryRoss GrimsleyTom Buskey 149155-6
1974-05-23vs CLE38L  0-219-1934,483 Jim PalmerGaylord PerryGaylord PerryJim Palmer 149157-8
1974-05-24@ NYA39W  6-320-19311,369Dave McNallyMel StottlemyreDave McNallyMel StottlemyreBob Reynolds155160-5
1974-05-25@ NYA40W  5-121-19210,704Mike CuellarPat DobsonMike CuellarPat Dobson 160161-1
1974-05-26@ NYA41L  5-621-2130Ross GrimsleyDick TidrowDick TidrowRoss GrimsleySparky Lyle165167-2
1974-05-26@ NYA42L  5-721-21323,882Doyle AlexanderDick WoodsonMike WallaceDoyle AlexanderCecil Upshaw170174-4
1974-05-27@ KCA43L  1-921-22316,193Jim PalmerBruce Dal CantonBruce Dal CantonJim Palmer 171183-12
1974-05-28@ KCA44L  5-921-23510,995Dave McNallyPaul SplittorffDoug BirdBob Reynolds 176192-16
1974-05-29@ KCA45W  10-322-23314,727Mike CuellarSteve BusbyMike CuellarSteve Busby 186195-9
1974-05-31@ TEX46L  6-722-24320,984Ross GrimsleyFergie JenkinsSteve FoucaultBob Reynolds 192202-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-06-01@ TEX47L  2-422-25539,269Dave McNallyJim BibbyJim BibbyDave McNallySteve Foucault194206-12
1974-06-02@ TEX48W  6-523-25518,452Mike CuellarDavid ClydeWayne GarlandJackie Brown 200211-11
1974-06-03vs KCA49W  4-324-2536,645 Doyle AlexanderSteve BusbyDoyle AlexanderSteve BusbyGrant Jackson204214-10
1974-06-04vs KCA50L  0-824-2647,007 Ross GrimsleyAl FitzmorrisAl FitzmorrisRoss Grimsley 204222-18
1974-06-05vs KCA51W  5-425-2647,277 Dave McNallyBruce Dal CantonBob ReynoldsDoug Bird 209226-17
1974-06-07vs TEX52L  3-525-27410,620 Jim PalmerDavid ClydeSteve HarganJim PalmerSteve Foucault212231-19
1974-06-08vs TEX53W  6-426-27412,455 Mike CuellarFergie JenkinsMike CuellarFergie JenkinsGrant Jackson218235-17
1974-06-09vs TEX54L  2-326-28611,249 Ross GrimsleyJim BibbyJim BibbyRoss GrimsleySteve Foucault220238-18
1974-06-10@ MIN55L  1-926-2965,386Dave McNallyRay CorbinBill ButlerDave McNallyBill Hands221247-26
1974-06-11@ MIN56W  4-227-2967,503Jim PalmerBert BlylevenJim PalmerBert BlylevenBob Reynolds225249-24
1974-06-12@ MIN57W  4-328-2966,359Mike CuellarVic AlburyMike CuellarVic Albury 229252-23
1974-06-14vs CHA58W  2-129-29311,844 Ross GrimsleySkip PitlockRoss GrimsleyTerry Forster 231253-22
1974-06-15vs CHA59W  4-330-29319,553 Dave McNallyStan BahnsenDave McNallyCy Acosta 235256-21
1974-06-16vs CHA60L  1-930-3049,066 Jim PalmerWilbur WoodWilbur WoodJim Palmer 236265-29
1974-06-17vs MIN61W  1-031-3047,157 Mike CuellarVic AlburyMike CuellarVic Albury 237265-28
1974-06-18vs MIN62W  10-132-30311,223 Ross GrimsleyJoe DeckerRoss GrimsleyJoe Decker 247266-19
1974-06-19vs MIN63W  6-533-3027,325 Dave McNallyBill ButlerDave McNallyBill ButlerWayne Garland253271-18
1974-06-20@ MIL64L  0-633-3147,383Doyle AlexanderEd SpragueEd SpragueDoyle Alexander 253277-24
1974-06-21@ MIL65L  6-833-32418,871Mike CuellarBill TraversJim SlatonWayne GarlandTom Murphy259285-26
1974-06-22@ MIL66W  7-234-32428,161Ross GrimsleyKevin KobelRoss GrimsleyKevin Kobel 266287-21
1974-06-23@ MIL67L  4-934-33423,946Dave McNallyClyde WrightClyde WrightDave McNally 270296-26
1974-06-24vs DET68W  3-135-3346,546 Doyle AlexanderLerrin LaGrowDoyle AlexanderLerrin LaGrow 273297-24
1974-06-25vs DET69L  0-235-34410,016 Mike CuellarMickey LolichMickey LolichMike Cuellar 273299-26
1974-06-26vs DET70W  5-436-3448,170 Ross GrimsleyWoodie FrymanRoss GrimsleyJohn Hiller 278303-25
1974-06-29vs NYA71W  2-037-34332,905 Dave McNallyDick TidrowDave McNallyDick Tidrow 280303-23
1974-06-30vs NYA72W  3-038-34321,186 Mike CuellarRudy MayMike CuellarRudy May 283303-20
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-07-01vs BOS73L  4-638-35315,696 Doyle AlexanderBill LeeBill LeeDoyle AlexanderDiego Segui287309-22
1974-07-02vs BOS74L  6-938-36415,316 Ross GrimsleyRoger MoretDiego SeguiDave Johnson 293318-25
1974-07-03@ BOS75W  9-240-3640Dave McNallyDick DragoDoyle AlexanderDick Drago 302320-18
1974-07-03@ BOS76W  6-440-36427,730Wayne GarlandReggie ClevelandWayne GarlandReggie ClevelandDave McNally308324-16
1974-07-04@ BOS77W  10-641-36313,622Jesse JeffersonLuis TiantJesse JeffersonLuis Tiant 318330-12
1974-07-05@ OAK78L  0-641-3749,671Mike CuellarCatfish HunterCatfish HunterMike Cuellar 318336-18
1974-07-06@ OAK79W  3-042-37332,319Ross GrimsleyDave HamiltonRoss GrimsleyDave Hamilton 321336-15
1974-07-07@ OAK80W  4-143-37310,181Dave McNallyKen HoltzmanDave McNallyKen Holtzman 325337-12
1974-07-08@ CAL81W  6-544-37215,261Doyle AlexanderAndy HasslerWayne GarlandAndy HasslerDave Johnson331342-11
1974-07-09@ CAL82W  3-145-3728,213Mike CuellarDick LangeMike CuellarDick LangeBob Reynolds334343-9
1974-07-10@ CAL83W  9-146-3726,731Ross GrimsleyNolan RyanRoss GrimsleyNolan Ryan 343344-1
1974-07-11@ CHA84L  3-446-38311,790Dave McNallyBart JohnsonBart JohnsonBob Reynolds 346348-2
1974-07-12@ CHA85L  3-446-39320,486Doyle AlexanderJim KaatRich GossageDoyle Alexander 349352-3
1974-07-13@ CHA86W  2-147-39225,593Mike CuellarWilbur WoodMike CuellarWilbur WoodGrant Jackson351353-2
1974-07-14@ CHA87L  1-347-40318,207Ross GrimsleyStan BahnsenStan BahnsenRoss GrimsleyRich Gossage352356-4
1974-07-15vs OAK88L  4-647-41315,510 Wayne GarlandGlenn AbbottBlue Moon OdomWayne Garland 356362-6
1974-07-16vs OAK89L  3-447-42318,429 Doyle AlexanderKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanDoyle AlexanderRollie Fingers359366-7
1974-07-17vs OAK90L  0-247-43322,607 Mike CuellarVida BlueVida BlueMike CuellarRollie Fingers359368-9
1974-07-19vs CAL91W  5-448-43214,027 Ross GrimsleyDick LangeDon HoodSkip Lockwood 364372-8
1974-07-20vs CAL92L  0-249-4430 Wayne GarlandNolan RyanNolan RyanWayne Garland 364374-10
1974-07-20vs CAL93W  5-249-44323,379 Mike CuellarEd FigueroaMike CuellarEd Figueroa 369376-7
1974-07-21vs CAL94L  4-649-45313,443 Dave McNallyAndy HasslerFrank TananaDave McNally 373382-9
1974-07-25@ CLE95L  7-849-4730Dave McNallyDick BosmanDick BosmanDave McNallyTom Buskey380390-10
1974-07-25@ CLE96L  4-549-47326,296Ross GrimsleyFritz PetersonTom HilgendorfBob Reynolds 384395-11
1974-07-26@ CLE97W  9-550-47342,818Mike CuellarGaylord PerryDave JohnsonGaylord Perry 393400-7
1974-07-27vs MIL98L  3-550-48326,680 Wayne GarlandBill ChampionBill ChampionWayne GarlandTom Murphy396405-9
1974-07-28vs MIL99L  0-450-49313,286 Doyle AlexanderJim SlatonJim SlatonDoyle Alexander 396409-13
1974-07-29vs MIL100W  6-251-4936,030 Ross GrimsleyClyde WrightRoss GrimsleyClyde Wright 402411-9
1974-07-30vs CLE101L  6-851-50311,379 Mike CuellarDick BosmanDick BosmanMike Cuellar 408419-11
1974-07-31vs CLE102W  7-452-50312,781 Dave McNallyGaylord PerryDave McNallyGaylord Perry 415423-8
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-08-01@ BOS103L  3-1152-51327,596Wayne GarlandBill LeeBill LeeWayne Garland 418434-16
1974-08-02@ BOS104L  5-752-52325,046Jesse JeffersonRick WiseJuan MarichalDoyle Alexander 423441-18
1974-08-03@ DET105W  6-253-52330,019Ross GrimsleyMickey LolichRoss GrimsleyMickey Lolich 429443-14
1974-08-04@ DET106L  1-654-5330Mike CuellarJoe ColemanJoe ColemanMike Cuellar 430449-19
1974-08-04@ DET107W  9-354-53334,317Dave McNallyLerrin LaGrowDave McNallyLerrin LaGrow 439452-13
1974-08-05@ DET108W  7-456-5330Wayne GarlandWoodie FrymanWayne GarlandWoodie FrymanRoss Grimsley446456-10
1974-08-05@ DET109W  6-356-53337,030Doyle AlexanderLuke WalkerDoyle AlexanderLuke WalkerGrant Jackson452459-7
1974-08-06@ NYA110W  4-157-53316,818Don HoodDick TidrowDave JohnsonDick TidrowGrant Jackson456460-4
1974-08-07@ NYA111L  3-457-5439,972Ross GrimsleyPat DobsonPat DobsonRoss GrimsleyCecil Upshaw459464-5
1974-08-09@ MIN112L  2-657-55314,390Dave McNallyBill HandsBill HandsDave McNally 461470-9
1974-08-10@ MIN113L  1-557-56315,493Mike CuellarBert BlylevenBert BlylevenMike Cuellar 462475-13
1974-08-11@ MIN114L  4-557-57327,363Ross GrimsleyDave GoltzDave GoltzRoss GrimsleyBill Campbell466480-14
1974-08-13vs CHA115W  8-258-57310,086 Jim PalmerBart JohnsonJim PalmerBart JohnsonGrant Jackson474482-8
1974-08-14vs CHA116L  4-558-5838,727 Dave McNallyWilbur WoodTerry ForsterDoyle Alexander 478487-9
1974-08-15vs CHA117W  2-159-5837,839 Mike CuellarJim KaatMike CuellarJim Kaat 480488-8
1974-08-16vs KCA118W  1-060-58318,896 Ross GrimsleyBruce Dal CantonRoss GrimsleyBruce Dal Canton 481488-7
1974-08-17vs KCA119L  2-360-59319,665 Jim PalmerPaul SplittorffSteve MingoriBob Reynolds 483491-8
1974-08-18vs KCA120W  1-061-59310,193 Dave McNallySteve BusbyDave McNallySteve Busby 484491-7
1974-08-20vs TEX121W  2-162-5937,482 Mike CuellarJackie BrownMike CuellarJackie Brown 486492-6
1974-08-21vs TEX122L  1-562-6039,562 Ross GrimsleyJim BibbyJim BibbyRoss GrimsleySteve Foucault487497-10
1974-08-22vs TEX123L  2-662-6137,455 Jim PalmerFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsJim Palmer 489503-14
1974-08-23vs MIN124W  4-163-6139,390 Dave McNallyDave GoltzDave McNallyDave Goltz 493504-11
1974-08-24vs MIN125L  5-963-62411,348 Mike CuellarJoe DeckerRay CorbinMike CuellarBill Campbell498513-15
1974-08-25vs MIN126L  1-563-63310,951 Ross GrimsleyBert BlylevenBert BlylevenRoss Grimsley 499518-19
1974-08-27@ TEX127L  1-263-64429,699Jim PalmerFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsJim Palmer 500520-20
1974-08-28@ TEX128L  2-463-6546,069Dave McNallyJackie BrownJackie BrownDave McNally 502524-22
1974-08-29@ TEX129W  6-264-6546,436Ross GrimsleyJim BibbyRoss GrimsleyJim Bibby 508526-18
1974-08-30@ KCA130W  9-265-65416,277Mike CuellarBruce Dal CantonMike CuellarBruce Dal Canton 517528-11
1974-08-31@ KCA131W  3-266-65418,737Jim PalmerPaul SplittorffJim PalmerPaul SplittorffGrant Jackson520530-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-09-01@ KCA132W  7-167-65315,499Dave McNallySteve BusbyDave McNallySteve Busby 527531-4
1974-09-02vs BOS133W  1-069-6530 Ross GrimsleyLuis TiantRoss GrimsleyLuis Tiant 528531-3
1974-09-02vs BOS134W  1-069-65329,053 Mike CuellarBill LeeMike CuellarBill Lee 529531-2
1974-09-04vs BOS135W  6-070-65316,856 Jim PalmerRoger MoretJim PalmerRoger Moret 5355314
1974-09-06@ CLE136W  2-072-6520Dave McNallyFritz PetersonDave McNallyFritz Peterson 5375316
1974-09-06@ CLE137W  1-072-65227,341Mike CuellarJim KernMike CuellarJim Kern 5385317
1974-09-07@ CLE138W  3-273-6529,890Ross GrimsleyGaylord PerryRoss GrimsleyGaylord PerryBob Reynolds5415338
1974-09-08@ CLE139L  4-773-66315,985Jim PalmerJim PerryJim PerryJim PalmerTom Buskey5455405
1974-09-09@ MIL140W  6-574-6625,268Mike CuellarKevin KobelBob ReynoldsTom MurphyDave Johnson5515456
1974-09-10@ MIL141L  5-674-6725,718Dave McNallyBill ChampionTom MurphyGrant Jackson 5565515
1974-09-11vs NYA142W  3-275-6820 Ross GrimsleyRudy MayGrant JacksonCecil Upshaw 5595536
1974-09-11vs NYA143L  1-575-68228,923 Don HoodLarry GuraLarry GuraDon Hood 5605582
1974-09-12vs NYA144L  0-375-69314,909 Jim PalmerMike WallaceMike WallaceJim PalmerDick Tidrow560561-1
1974-09-13vs CLE145W  3-277-6930 Mike CuellarDick BosmanMike CuellarDick Bosman 5635630
1974-09-13vs CLE146W  8-677-69316,283 Doyle AlexanderJim KernBob ReynoldsTom BuskeyGrant Jackson5715692
1974-09-14vs CLE147W  7-178-69211,715 Dave McNallyFritz PetersonDave McNallyFritz Peterson 5785708
1974-09-15vs CLE148L  0-178-70215,032 Ross GrimsleyGaylord PerryGaylord PerryRoss Grimsley 5785717
1974-09-17@ NYA149W  4-079-70233,784Jim PalmerDoc MedichJim PalmerDoc Medich 58257111
1974-09-18@ NYA150W  10-480-70231,093Mike CuellarPat DobsonMike CuellarPat Dobson 59257517
1974-09-19@ NYA151W  7-081-70121,795Dave McNallyRudy MayDave McNallyRudy May 59957524
1974-09-20@ BOS152W  2-182-70127,283Ross GrimsleyDick DragoRoss GrimsleyDick DragoGrant Jackson60157625
1974-09-21@ BOS153L  5-682-71221,555Jim PalmerBill LeeBill LeeDave Johnson 60658224
1974-09-22@ BOS154W  7-283-71226,495Mike CuellarReggie ClevelandMike CuellarReggie Cleveland 61358429
1974-09-24vs DET155W  5-484-71111,492 Dave McNallyVern RuhleBob ReynoldsJohn Hiller 61858830
1974-09-25vs DET156W  5-485-71110,542 Ross GrimsleyMickey LolichWayne GarlandMickey Lolich 62359231
1974-09-27vs MIL157W  1-086-71117,695 Jim PalmerJim ColbornGrant JacksonTom Murphy 62459232
1974-09-28vs MIL158W  7-187-71112,093 Mike CuellarBill ChampionMike CuellarBill Champion 63159338
1974-09-29vs MIL159W  4-388-71120,456 Dave McNallyJim SlatonGrant JacksonJim Slaton 63559639
1974-09-30@ DET160W  12-689-7116,575Ross GrimsleyMickey LolichGrant JacksonMickey Lolich 64760245
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-10-01@ DET161W  7-690-7113,673Jim PalmerJoe ColemanGrant JacksonJohn HillerBob Reynolds65460846
1974-10-02@ DET162W  5-491-7114,671Mike CuellarLerrin LaGrowDoyle AlexanderLerrin LaGrowDon Hood65961247

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