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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  72-90   .444
Result:   5th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Wes Westrum, Charlie Fox
General Manager:   Horace Stoneham
Stadium:  Candlestick Park
Attendance:  519,987
Playoffs:  -

San Francisco Giants affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Don McMahon (44)
Youngest Player:  Butch Metzger (22)
Longest Tenure:  Tito Fuentes (9)
Top Hitter:  Bobby Bonds (16)
Top Pitcher:  Jim Barr (11)
Top Draft Pick:  Terry Lee (#19)

Roster Continuity:  84.85%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers10260.630--
SF Giants7290.44430.0
San Diego60102.37042.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-04-05vs HOU1W  5-11-0317,527 Tom BradleyDave RobertsTom BradleyDave Roberts 514
1974-04-06vs HOU2W  3-22-0316,727 Mike CaldwellTom GriffinMike CaldwellTom GriffinRandy Moffitt835
1974-04-07vs HOU3W  8-43-0210,341 Jim WilloughbyClaude OsteenJim WilloughbyClaude OsteenJim Barr1679
1974-04-08vs CIN4W  4-34-014,729 John D'AcquistoRoger NelsonJohn D'AcquistoRoger NelsonRandy Moffitt201010
1974-04-09vs CIN5L  3-64-128,426 Tom BradleyJack BillinghamJack BillinghamTom BradleyPedro Borbon23167
1974-04-10vs CIN6W  4-35-128,456 Mike CaldwellDon GullettMike CaldwellDon Gullett 27198
1974-04-12@ SDN7L  2-35-2111,870Jim WilloughbySteve ArlinSteve ArlinJim WilloughbyVicente Romo29227
1974-04-13@ SDN8W  3-26-2115,479John D'AcquistoJim McAndrewJohn D'AcquistoJim McAndrewRandy Moffitt32248
1974-04-14@ SDN9L  5-66-329,562Tom BradleyBill GreifRich TroedsonJim BarrVicente Romo37307
1974-04-15@ HOU10L  1-36-428,713Mike CaldwellLarry DierkerLarry DierkerMike Caldwell 38335
1974-04-16@ HOU11L  0-46-548,191Jim WilloughbyTom GriffinTom GriffinJim Willoughby 38371
1974-04-17@ HOU12L  2-36-6410,038John D'AcquistoClaude OsteenClaude OsteenJohn D'AcquistoKen Forsch40400
1974-04-18@ HOU13W  5-27-648,074Tom BradleyDoug KoniecznyTom BradleyDoug Konieczny 45423
1974-04-19@ LAN14W  5-48-6345,516Mike CaldwellDon SuttonMike CaldwellDon SuttonRandy Moffitt50464
1974-04-20@ LAN15L  2-48-7433,707Jim WilloughbyTommy JohnTommy JohnJim Willoughby 52502
1974-04-21@ LAN16W  6-49-7341,399John D'AcquistoAndy MessersmithRandy MoffittMike Marshall 58544
1974-04-23vs MON17L  4-89-842,627 Tom BradleyMike TorrezMike TorrezTom BradleyTom Walker62620
1974-04-25vs MON18W  8-210-841,789 Mike CaldwellErnie McAnallyMike CaldwellErnie McAnally 70646
1974-04-26vs NYN19L  0-610-948,210 Ron BryantTom SeaverTom SeaverRon Bryant 70700
1974-04-27vs NYN20W  11-311-949,727 John D'AcquistoCraig SwanElias SosaCraig Swan 81738
1974-04-28vs NYN21L  0-611-1150 Tom BradleyJon MatlackJon MatlackTom Bradley 81792
1974-04-28vs NYN22L  4-611-11518,970 Charlie WilliamsHarry ParkerHarry ParkerRandy MoffittBob Miller85850
1974-04-30vs PHI23L  5-611-1252,188 Mike CaldwellDick RuthvenFrank LinzyRandy MoffittEddie Watt9091-1
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-05-01vs PHI24W  13-812-1252,179 Ron BryantSteve CarltonCharlie WilliamsSteve Carlton 103994
1974-05-04@ MON25L  2-412-13412,116John D'AcquistoSteve RogersSteve RogersJohn D'Acquisto 1051032
1974-05-05@ MON26W  4-014-1340Mike CaldwellSteve RenkoMike CaldwellSteve Renko 1091036
1974-05-05@ MON27W  8-114-13416,101Tom BradleyMike TorrezTom BradleyMike Torrez 11710413
1974-05-07@ NYN28W  4-316-1330Ron BryantTom SeaverElias SosaTom Seaver 12110714
1974-05-07@ NYN29W  3-016-13315,352Jim BarrGeorge StoneJim BarrGeorge StoneRandy Moffitt12410717
1974-05-08@ NYN30L  2-416-14313,421John D'AcquistoJon MatlackJon MatlackJohn D'Acquisto 12611115
1974-05-10@ ATL31W  5-417-1435,879Mike CaldwellPhil NiekroElias SosaBuzz Capra 13111516
1974-05-11@ ATL32W  8-718-1437,271Tom BradleyRon ReedTom BradleyRon ReedRandy Moffitt13912217
1974-05-12@ ATL33L  1-519-1530Ron BryantCarl MortonCarl MortonRon Bryant 14012713
1974-05-12@ ATL34W  6-219-15311,076Jim BarrGary GentryRandy MoffittDanny Frisella 14612917
1974-05-13@ CIN35L  1-419-16312,586John D'AcquistoDon GullettDon GullettJohn D'AcquistoPedro Borbon14713314
1974-05-14@ CIN36W  4-020-16216,331Mike CaldwellJack BillinghamMike CaldwellJack Billingham 15113318
1974-05-15@ CIN37L  3-420-17214,227Tom BradleyRoger NelsonRoger NelsonTom BradleyPedro Borbon15413717
1974-05-17vs SDN38L  3-720-1833,099 Ron BryantRandy JonesRandy JonesRon BryantVicente Romo15714413
1974-05-18vs SDN39W  4-221-18315,517 Jim BarrSteve ArlinElias SosaSteve ArlinRandy Moffitt16114615
1974-05-19vs SDN40W  8-222-1930 Mike CaldwellBill GreifMike CaldwellBill Greif 16914821
1974-05-19vs SDN41L  7-1022-19310,876 Tom BradleyJim McAndrewLarry HardyJim Willoughby 17615818
1974-05-21vs ATL42L  1-423-2030 John D'AcquistoCarl MortonCarl MortonJohn D'Acquisto 17716215
1974-05-21vs ATL43W  5-423-2038,809 Ron BryantRoric HarrisonRon BryantRoric HarrisonRandy Moffitt18216616
1974-05-22vs ATL44L  2-623-2135,019 Jim BarrPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJim Barr 18417212
1974-05-23vs LAN45W  7-624-2128,338 Mike CaldwellAndy MessersmithElias SosaMike MarshallRandy Moffitt19117813
1974-05-24vs LAN46W  9-725-21216,860 Tom BradleyDon SuttonTom BradleyDon SuttonRandy Moffitt20018515
1974-05-25vs LAN47L  5-925-22316,392 Ron BryantTommy JohnTommy JohnRon Bryant 20519411
1974-05-26vs LAN48L  5-925-23322,526 Jim BarrDoug RauDoug RauJim BarrMike Marshall2102037
1974-05-27@ CHN49L  4-1225-24418,161Mike CaldwellKen FrailingKen FrailingMike Caldwell 214215-1
1974-05-29@ CHN50W  5-426-2448,632John D'AcquistoRick ReuschelJohn D'AcquistoRick ReuschelRandy Moffitt2192190
1974-05-30@ CHN51L  3-526-25512,630Tom BradleyBill BonhamBill BonhamElias Sosa 222224-2
1974-05-31@ PHI52W  6-227-25523,513Ron BryantRon SchuelerRon BryantRon SchuelerRandy Moffitt2282262
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-06-01@ PHI53L  2-627-26520,167Mike CaldwellJim LonborgJim LonborgMike Caldwell 230232-2
1974-06-02@ PHI54L  3-427-27512,280John D'AcquistoDick RuthvenFrank LinzyRandy Moffitt 233236-3
1974-06-04vs SLN55W  5-328-2753,884 Tom BradleyBob GibsonTom BradleyBob GibsonElias Sosa238239-1
1974-06-05vs SLN56L  1-428-2853,165 Ron BryantSonny SiebertSonny SiebertRon BryantOrlando Pena239243-4
1974-06-06vs SLN57W  9-529-2852,866 Mike CaldwellLynn McGlothenJim BarrLynn McGlothenElias Sosa2482480
1974-06-07vs PIT58W  6-230-2853,845 John D'AcquistoLarry DemeryJohn D'AcquistoLarry Demery 2542504
1974-06-08vs PIT59L  2-530-2959,138 Tom BradleyDock EllisDock EllisTom BradleyBruce Kison2562551
1974-06-09vs PIT60L  1-1430-3058,786 Ron BryantJerry ReussJerry ReussRon Bryant 257269-12
1974-06-11vs CHN61L  4-730-3153,331 John D'AcquistoKen FrailingKen FrailingJohn D'AcquistoHoracio Pina261276-15
1974-06-12vs CHN62L  1-1030-3252,541 Tom BradleyRick ReuschelRick ReuschelTom Bradley 262286-24
1974-06-13vs CHN63W  1-031-3252,342 Jim BarrBill BonhamJim BarrBill Bonham 263286-23
1974-06-14@ PIT64L  2-431-33518,588Ron BryantDock EllisDock EllisRon Bryant 265290-25
1974-06-15@ PIT65L  2-331-34513,571John D'AcquistoJerry ReussDaryl PattersonElias Sosa 267293-26
1974-06-16@ PIT66L  3-431-35512,606Tom BradleyJim RookerJim RookerTom Bradley 270297-27
1974-06-17@ SLN67W  3-032-35517,525Jim BarrJohn CurtisJim BarrJohn Curtis 273297-24
1974-06-18@ SLN68L  0-332-36517,709Ron BryantAlan FosterAlan FosterRon Bryant 273300-27
1974-06-19@ SLN69W  5-433-36517,188John D'AcquistoBob GibsonJohn D'AcquistoBob GibsonSteve Barber278304-26
1974-06-21@ LAN70L  3-433-37543,765Randy MoffittAndy MessersmithMike MarshallElias Sosa 281308-27
1974-06-22@ LAN71L  2-333-38545,538Jim BarrDon SuttonMike MarshallElias Sosa 283311-28
1974-06-23@ LAN72L  3-433-39552,563John D'AcquistoTommy JohnMike MarshallSteve Barber 286315-29
1974-06-24@ SDN73L  1-233-40527,125Ron BryantDan SpillnerDan SpillnerRon BryantVicente Romo287317-30
1974-06-25@ SDN74L  1-333-41510,860Charlie WilliamsLowell PalmerLowell PalmerCharlie Williams 288320-32
1974-06-26@ SDN75L  0-433-42513,092Jim BarrBill GreifBill GreifJim Barr 288324-36
1974-06-27@ SDN76W  4-234-42511,295John D'AcquistoRandy JonesJohn D'AcquistoRandy Jones 292326-34
1974-06-28vs LAN77L  3-1134-43511,210 Ron BryantTommy JohnTommy JohnRon BryantMike Marshall295337-42
1974-06-29vs LAN78L  4-634-44520,737 Charlie WilliamsDoug RauDoug RauCharlie WilliamsCharlie Hough299343-44
1974-06-30vs LAN79L  3-534-45518,360 Jim BarrAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithTom Bradley 302348-46
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-07-02vs SDN80L  1-534-4662,297 John D'AcquistoRandy JonesRandy JonesJohn D'Acquisto 303353-50
1974-07-03vs SDN81W  3-235-4653,489 Ron BryantDave FreislebenRandy MoffittVicente Romo 306355-49
1974-07-04vs SDN82W  9-236-4655,718 Tom BradleyDan SpillnerTom BradleyDan Spillner 315357-42
1974-07-05@ NYN83L  2-336-47519,343Jim BarrJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanJim Barr 317360-43
1974-07-06@ NYN84W  5-237-47523,763John D'AcquistoGeorge StoneJohn D'AcquistoGeorge StoneRandy Moffitt322362-40
1974-07-07@ NYN85L  0-637-48527,190Ron BryantTom SeaverTom SeaverRon BryantBob Apodaca322368-46
1974-07-08@ MON86W  5-438-48513,523Ed HalickiSteve RogersRandy MoffittSteve Rogers 327372-45
1974-07-09@ MON87L  4-538-49510,037Tom BradleyDennis BlairDennis BlairTom BradleyJohn Montague331377-46
1974-07-10@ MON88W  4-239-49515,112Jim BarrSteve RenkoJim BarrSteve Renko 335379-44
1974-07-12vs PHI89L  2-639-5053,329 John D'AcquistoDick RuthvenDick RuthvenElias Sosa 337385-48
1974-07-13vs PHI90W  13-340-5054,720 Mike CaldwellJim LonborgMike CaldwellJim Lonborg 350388-38
1974-07-14vs PHI91L  2-540-5250 Ed HalickiSteve CarltonSteve CarltonEd Halicki 352393-41
1974-07-14vs PHI92L  4-740-5259,239 Tom BradleyWayne TwitchellWayne TwitchellTom Bradley 356400-44
1974-07-16vs NYN93W  9-441-5253,976 Jim BarrJerry KoosmanJim BarrJerry Koosman 365404-39
1974-07-17vs NYN94W  6-242-52510,016 John D'AcquistoBob ApodacaJohn D'AcquistoBob Apodaca 371406-35
1974-07-19vs MON95W  6-243-5253,121 Mike CaldwellMike TorrezMike CaldwellMike TorrezRandy Moffitt377408-31
1974-07-20vs MON96L  2-343-5355,141 Ed HalickiDennis BlairDennis BlairEd Halicki 379411-32
1974-07-21vs MON97W  4-045-5350 Jim BarrSteve RenkoJim BarrSteve Renko 383411-28
1974-07-21vs MON98W  2-045-5358,007 John D'AcquistoSteve RogersJohn D'AcquistoSteve RogersElias Sosa385411-26
1974-07-25@ CIN99L  13-1445-5550Mike CaldwellClay KirbyJack BillinghamRandy Moffitt 398425-27
1974-07-25@ CIN100L  0-545-55540,025Ed HalickiFred NormanFred NormanEd Halicki 398430-32
1974-07-26@ CIN101W  5-446-55530,094Jim BarrDon GullettJim BarrDon GullettElias Sosa403434-31
1974-07-27@ HOU102L  3-1146-56521,563John D'AcquistoLarry DierkerLarry DierkerJohn D'Acquisto 406445-39
1974-07-28@ HOU103L  2-346-57517,958Charlie WilliamsDave RobertsJim YorkRandy Moffitt 408448-40
1974-07-29@ HOU104W  7-247-57515,491Ed HalickiClaude OsteenEd HalickiClaude Osteen 415450-35
1974-07-30@ ATL105W  6-348-5756,378Jim BarrCarl MortonElias SosaDanny Frisella 421453-32
1974-07-31@ ATL106L  0-948-5855,631John D'AcquistoPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJohn D'Acquisto 421462-41
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-08-01vs CIN107L  7-948-5953,818 Charlie WilliamsTom CarrollClay CarrollRon Bryant 428471-43
1974-08-02vs CIN108L  4-948-6056,737 Ed HalickiJack BillinghamJack BillinghamEd Halicki 432480-48
1974-08-03vs ATL109W  3-149-60513,061 Jim BarrBuzz CapraJim BarrBuzz Capra 435481-46
1974-08-04vs ATL110L  2-450-6150 John D'AcquistoRon ReedTom HouseJohn D'Acquisto 437485-48
1974-08-04vs ATL111W  5-250-61511,003 Mike CaldwellMax LeonMike CaldwellMax Leon 442487-45
1974-08-05vs HOU112L  2-750-6254,896 Charlie WilliamsDon WilsonDon WilsonCharlie Williams 444494-50
1974-08-06vs HOU113L  4-1350-6352,746 Ed HalickiTom GriffinMike CosgroveEd Halicki 448507-59
1974-08-09@ CHN114W  3-051-63510,777Jim BarrSteve StoneJim BarrSteve Stone 451507-56
1974-08-11@ CHN115W  5-353-6350Mike CaldwellRick ReuschelMike CaldwellRick Reuschel 456510-54
1974-08-11@ CHN116W  6-453-63518,554John D'AcquistoKen FrailingElias SosaOscar Zamora 462514-52
1974-08-12@ PHI117L  1-453-64516,271Ed HalickiJim LonborgJim LonborgEd Halicki 463518-55
1974-08-13@ PHI118L  5-653-65527,618Jim BarrDick RuthvenDick RuthvenJim BarrRon Schueler468524-56
1974-08-14@ PHI119W  6-454-65524,061Charlie WilliamsWayne TwitchellElias SosaMac Scarce 474528-54
1974-08-16@ SLN120L  1-254-66528,723John D'AcquistoBob GibsonBob GibsonJohn D'Acquisto 475530-55
1974-08-17@ SLN121L  3-554-67532,128Mike CaldwellLynn McGlothenMike GarmanRandy Moffitt 478535-57
1974-08-18@ SLN122L  1-454-68530,208Tom BradleyJohn CurtisJohn CurtisTom Bradley 479539-60
1974-08-19@ PIT123W  5-355-68514,077Ron BryantJim RookerRon BryantJim RookerElias Sosa484542-58
1974-08-20@ PIT124W  8-756-68515,944John D'AcquistoBruce KisonMike CaldwellJohn Morlan 492549-57
1974-08-21@ PIT125L  2-456-69519,814Ed HalickiDock EllisDock EllisEd Halicki 494553-59
1974-08-23vs CHN126L  0-157-6953,099 Jim BarrRick ReuschelRick ReuschelJim Barr 494554-60
1974-08-24vs CHN127L  1-257-7057,155 Ron BryantSteve StoneSteve StoneRon BryantBurt Hooton495556-61
1974-08-25vs CHN128W  4-358-7055,257 Mike CaldwellBill BonhamElias SosaOscar Zamora 499559-60
1974-08-27vs PIT129L  2-1358-7153,273 John D'AcquistoDock EllisDock EllisJohn D'Acquisto 501572-71
1974-08-28vs PIT130L  1-358-7253,679 Jim BarrJerry ReussDave GiustiJim Barr 502575-73
1974-08-29vs PIT131W  3-259-7253,172 Ron BryantBruce KisonRandy MoffittDave Giusti 505577-72
1974-08-30vs SLN132W  8-260-7253,111 Mike CaldwellSonny SiebertMike CaldwellSonny Siebert 513579-66
1974-08-31vs SLN133W  3-261-72514,356 John D'AcquistoBob ForschJohn D'AcquistoBob ForschJohn Morris516581-65
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-09-01vs SLN134L  1-861-7356,842 Ed HalickiBob GibsonBob GibsonEd Halicki 517589-72
1974-09-02@ LAN135W  5-362-73530,713Jim BarrAndy MessersmithJim BarrAndy Messersmith 522592-70
1974-09-03@ LAN136W  9-563-73525,187Ron BryantDoug RauJohn MontefuscoDoug Rau 531597-66
1974-09-04@ LAN137L  3-663-74528,453Mike CaldwellGeoff ZahnCharlie HoughRandy Moffitt 534603-69
1974-09-06@ ATL138W  2-064-7452,122John D'AcquistoCarl MortonJohn D'AcquistoCarl Morton 536603-67
1974-09-07@ ATL139W  6-065-7456,051Jim BarrPhil NiekroJim BarrPhil Niekro 542603-61
1974-09-08@ ATL140L  3-565-7555,210Ron BryantRon ReedRon ReedRon Bryant 545608-63
1974-09-09@ HOU141W  8-666-7553,741John MontefuscoLarry DierkerJohn MontefuscoLarry DierkerElias Sosa553614-61
1974-09-10@ HOU142W  6-567-7554,431Mike CaldwellDave RobertsJohn MorrisKen ForschRandy Moffitt559619-60
1974-09-11vs LAN143L  4-567-7657,842 John D'AcquistoAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithGary Lavelle 563624-61
1974-09-12vs LAN144L  0-1167-7757,349 Jim BarrAl DowningAl DowningJim Barr 563635-72
1974-09-13vs HOU145L  4-567-7851,732 Ron BryantJ.R. RichardMike CosgroveRon BryantKen Forsch567640-73
1974-09-14vs HOU146L  0-567-7953,144 John MontefuscoLarry DierkerLarry DierkerJohn Montefusco 567645-78
1974-09-15vs HOU147L  0-668-8050 Mike CaldwellPaul SiebertPaul SiebertMike Caldwell 567651-84
1974-09-15vs HOU148W  8-468-8054,736 John D'AcquistoDave RobertsJohn D'AcquistoDave Roberts 575655-80
1974-09-16vs ATL149W  4-269-805748 Jim BarrRon ReedJim BarrRon Reed 579657-78
1974-09-17vs ATL150L  3-469-8151,347 Ron BryantBuzz CapraBuzz CapraJohn Morris 582661-79
1974-09-18vs ATL151L  2-469-8251,503 John MontefuscoCarl MortonCarl MortonJohn MontefuscoTom House584665-81
1974-09-19vs CIN152L  4-869-8352,074 John D'AcquistoFred NormanFred NormanJohn D'Acquisto 588673-85
1974-09-20vs CIN153W  4-370-8353,924 Mike CaldwellClay KirbyMike CaldwellClay Kirby 592676-84
1974-09-21vs CIN154W  8-671-8355,455 Jim BarrJack BillinghamButch MetzgerPedro Borbon 600682-82
1974-09-22vs CIN155W  6-072-83516,801 John MontefuscoDon GullettJohn MontefuscoDon Gullett 606682-76
1974-09-24@ SDN156L  2-372-8452,654John D'AcquistoRusty GerhardtRusty GerhardtElias SosaRandy Jones608685-77
1974-09-25@ SDN157L  2-372-8555,070Mike CaldwellJoe McIntoshLarry HardyMike CaldwellBill Greif610688-78
1974-09-27@ CIN158L  3-472-86518,967Jim BarrPat DarcyTom HallGary Lavelle 613692-79
1974-09-28@ CIN159L  6-1372-87528,158John MontefuscoFred NormanClay CarrollGary Lavelle 619705-86
1974-09-29@ CIN160L  3-772-88550,342John D'AcquistoClay KirbyClay KirbyJohn D'Acquisto 622712-90
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-10-01vs SDN161W  7-273-8851,192 Tom BradleyDave FreislebenTom BradleyDave FreislebenJim Barr629714-85
1974-10-02vs SDN162L  5-973-8951,349 Ed HalickiDan SpillnerLarry HardyElias Sosa 634723-89

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