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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Oakland,CA
Team Record:  90-72   .556
Result:   1st in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Alvin Dark
General Manager:   Charlie Finley
Stadium:  Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
Attendance:  845,693
Playoffs:  Won World Series (Dodgers)

Oakland Athletics affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Vic Davalillo (37)
Youngest Player:  Claudell Washington (19)
Longest Tenure:  Dick Green, Sal Bando, Bert Campaneris, Rollie Fingers, Joe Rudi, Catfish Hunter, Reggie Jackson, Blue Moon Odom (7)
Top Hitter:  Reggie Jackson (3)
Top Pitcher:  Catfish Hunter (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Jerry Johnson (#22)

Roster Continuity:  88.74%
American League Standings
Chi White Sox8080.5009.0
KC Royals7785.47513.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-04-04@ TEX1W  7-21-0121,907Catfish HunterJim BibbyCatfish HunterJim Bibby 725
1974-04-06@ TEX2L  0-21-1416,965Ken HoltzmanFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsKen Holtzman 743
1974-04-07@ TEX3W  8-42-1112,901Vida BluePete BrobergRollie FingersPete Broberg 1587
1974-04-09@ KCA4W  6-43-1117,792Catfish HunterPaul SplittorffDarold KnowlesGene GarberPaul Lindblad21129
1974-04-10@ KCA5L  1-43-2214,679Ken HoltzmanSteve BusbySteve BusbyKen Holtzman 22166
1974-04-13vs TEX6L  3-103-3422,743 Vida BlueJim BibbyJim BibbyVida Blue 2526-1
1974-04-14vs TEX7W  4-24-440 Catfish HunterSteve HarganCatfish HunterSteve Hargan 29281
1974-04-14vs TEX8L  2-104-4411,125 Blue Moon OdomFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsBlue Moon Odom 3138-7
1974-04-15vs CHA9W  4-35-435,718 Ken HoltzmanJim KaatRollie FingersTerry Forster 3541-6
1974-04-16vs CHA10W  4-36-433,641 Paul LindbladWilbur WoodPaul LindbladWilbur WoodRollie Fingers3944-5
1974-04-17vs CHA11L  3-56-533,465 Vida BlueStan BahnsenStan BahnsenVida Blue 4249-7
1974-04-19vs CAL12W  5-17-525,347 Catfish HunterBill SingerCatfish HunterBill Singer 4750-3
1974-04-20vs CAL13W  7-68-515,985 Ken HoltzmanNolan RyanRollie FingersDick Selma 5456-2
1974-04-21vs CAL14L  5-98-628,449 Vida BlueBill StonemanSkip LockwoodRollie Fingers 5965-6
1974-04-23@ CLE15L  1-28-731,405Catfish HunterGaylord PerryGaylord PerryCatfish Hunter 6067-7
1974-04-24@ CLE16W  9-29-731,564Ken HoltzmanDick TidrowKen HoltzmanDick Tidrow 69690
1974-04-26@ BAL17L  5-69-8310,175Vida BlueJim PalmerGrant JacksonPaul Lindblad 7475-1
1974-04-27@ BAL18W  11-510-8238,253Catfish HunterMike CuellarCatfish HunterMike Cuellar 85805
1974-04-28@ BAL19L  3-410-9311,849Ken HoltzmanRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyKen HoltzmanBob Reynolds88844
1974-04-30@ NYA20L  3-410-10210,199Vida BlueMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreVida BlueSparky Lyle91883
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-05-01@ NYA21L  3-410-1147,600Catfish HunterPat DobsonPat DobsonCatfish HunterSparky Lyle94922
1974-05-03vs CLE22W  3-111-1134,460 Ken HoltzmanJim PerryKen HoltzmanJim PerryRollie Fingers97934
1974-05-04vs CLE23L  2-811-1254,884 Vida BlueGaylord PerryGaylord PerryVida Blue 99101-2
1974-05-05vs CLE24W  3-012-1350 Catfish HunterSteve KlineCatfish HunterSteve Kline 1021011
1974-05-05vs CLE25L  3-912-13510,100 Blue Moon OdomBob JohnsonBob JohnsonBlue Moon OdomTom Buskey105110-5
1974-05-06vs BAL26L  3-612-14522,322 Paul LindbladMike CuellarMike CuellarPaul Lindblad 108116-8
1974-05-07vs BAL27L  3-912-1552,718 Ken HoltzmanRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyKen Holtzman 111125-14
1974-05-08vs BAL28W  7-313-1552,980 Vida BlueJim PalmerVida BlueJim Palmer 118128-10
1974-05-10vs MIN29W  4-214-1554,755 Catfish HunterBert BlylevenCatfish HunterBert BlylevenDarold Knowles122130-8
1974-05-11vs MIN30W  4-115-1536,107 Ken HoltzmanVic AlburyKen HoltzmanVic AlburyRollie Fingers126131-5
1974-05-12vs MIN31W  9-216-1525,549 Dave HamiltonJoe DeckerDave HamiltonJoe Decker 1351332
1974-05-13vs KCA32W  11-217-1513,615 Vida BlueMarty PattinVida BlueMarty Pattin 14613511
1974-05-14vs KCA33L  2-418-1610 Catfish HunterPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffCatfish HunterDoug Bird1481399
1974-05-14vs KCA34W  2-118-1617,271 Glenn AbbottLindy McDanielRollie FingersLindy McDaniel 15014010
1974-05-16@ CHA35L  3-418-17212,818Ken HoltzmanWilbur WoodWilbur WoodKen HoltzmanTerry Forster1531449
1974-05-17@ CHA36W  10-419-17217,772Dave HamiltonJim KaatDave HamiltonJim Kaat 16314815
1974-05-18@ CHA37L  2-319-18219,064Vida BlueBill MoranBill MoranVida BlueTerry Forster16515114
1974-05-19@ CHA38W  8-320-18216,223Catfish HunterStan BahnsenCatfish HunterStan Bahnsen 17315419
1974-05-20@ MIN39W  5-421-1815,466Ken HoltzmanBill ButlerKen HoltzmanBill ButlerDarold Knowles17815820
1974-05-21@ MIN40W  8-122-1814,639Dave HamiltonJoe DeckerDave HamiltonJoe Decker 18615927
1974-05-22@ MIN41W  7-423-1814,956Vida BlueDave GoltzPaul LindbladBill Campbell 19316330
1974-05-24@ CAL42L  3-423-19124,855Catfish HunterDick LangeDick LangeCatfish HunterDave Sells19616729
1974-05-25@ CAL43L  2-823-20117,798Ken HoltzmanFrank TananaFrank TananaKen Holtzman 19817523
1974-05-26@ CAL44W  6-524-20113,329Dave HamiltonBill SingerRollie FingersDave Sells 20418024
1974-05-27vs DET45W  12-225-20110,084 Vida BlueJoe ColemanVida BlueJoe Coleman 21618234
1974-05-28vs DET46L  1-325-2113,093 Catfish HunterWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanCatfish HunterJohn Hiller21718532
1974-05-29vs DET47W  4-126-2113,783 Ken HoltzmanLerrin LaGrowKen HoltzmanLerrin LaGrow 22118635
1974-05-31vs MIL48W  5-227-2115,526 Dave HamiltonKevin KobelDave HamiltonKevin KobelRollie Fingers22618838
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-06-01vs MIL49W  4-128-2116,920 Vida BlueJim SlatonVida BlueJim Slaton 23018941
1974-06-02vs MIL50W  6-429-2119,309 Catfish HunterClyde WrightCatfish HunterClyde WrightRollie Fingers23619343
1974-06-04@ DET51W  4-030-2210Ken HoltzmanMickey LolichKen HoltzmanMickey Lolich 24019347
1974-06-04@ DET52L  1-430-22133,331Dave HamiltonLerrin LaGrowLerrin LaGrowDave Hamilton 24119744
1974-06-05@ DET53W  9-131-22120,607Vida BlueJoe ColemanVida BlueJoe Coleman 25019852
1974-06-07@ MIL54L  4-631-23111,395Catfish HunterBill ChampionJim ColbornCatfish Hunter 25420450
1974-06-08@ MIL55L  2-331-24125,803Dave HamiltonKevin KobelEduardo RodriguezRollie Fingers 25620749
1974-06-09@ MIL56W  5-432-24146,812Ken HoltzmanJim SlatonKen HoltzmanJim SlatonPaul Lindblad26121150
1974-06-10@ BOS57L  1-432-25128,537Vida BlueLuis TiantLuis TiantVida Blue 26221547
1974-06-11@ BOS58L  9-1032-26124,762Catfish HunterReggie ClevelandDiego SeguiCatfish HunterBob Veale27122546
1974-06-12@ BOS59L  3-532-27127,079Dave HamiltonDick DragoDick DragoDarold Knowles 27423044
1974-06-14vs NYA60L  1-532-2818,435 Ken HoltzmanDick TidrowDick TidrowKen Holtzman 27523540
1974-06-15vs NYA61W  9-133-28127,016 Vida BlueDoc MedichVida BlueDoc Medich 28423648
1974-06-16vs NYA62L  3-533-29112,530 Catfish HunterPat DobsonPat DobsonCatfish Hunter 28724146
1974-06-17vs BOS63W  3-234-29137,095 Dave HamiltonDick DragoRollie FingersDick Drago 29024347
1974-06-18vs BOS64L  1-634-3013,033 Ken HoltzmanRoger MoretRoger MoretKen Holtzman 29124942
1974-06-19vs BOS65L  1-234-3117,281 Vida BlueLuis TiantLuis TiantVida BlueDiego Segui29225141
1974-06-20vs KCA66W  4-035-3114,662 Catfish HunterAl FitzmorrisCatfish HunterAl Fitzmorris 29625145
1974-06-21vs KCA67W  5-436-3116,577 Dave HamiltonBruce Dal CantonDarold KnowlesJoe HoernerRollie Fingers30125546
1974-06-22vs KCA68W  3-237-3118,705 Ken HoltzmanPaul SplittorffKen HoltzmanPaul Splittorff 30425747
1974-06-23vs KCA69L  1-437-3219,891 Glenn AbbottLindy McDanielLindy McDanielGlenn Abbott 30526144
1974-06-24vs CAL70W  11-338-3214,978 Vida BlueDick LangeVida BlueDick Lange 31626452
1974-06-25vs CAL71W  6-139-3214,344 Catfish HunterFrank TananaCatfish HunterFrank Tanana 32226557
1974-06-26vs CAL72W  5-040-3215,851 Dave HamiltonBill StonemanDave HamiltonBill Stoneman 32726562
1974-06-27@ KCA73L  4-540-33124,894Ken HoltzmanLindy McDanielMarty PattinKen Holtzman 33127061
1974-06-28@ KCA74W  7-141-33132,400Glenn AbbottNelson BrilesGlenn AbbottNelson Briles 33827167
1974-06-29@ KCA75L  0-241-34139,474Vida BlueSteve BusbySteve BusbyVida Blue 33827365
1974-06-30@ KCA76L  7-841-35132,094Catfish HunterAl FitzmorrisGene GarberDarold Knowles 34528164
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-07-01@ CAL77W  5-342-35116,405Dave HamiltonNolan RyanRollie FingersNolan Ryan 35028466
1974-07-02@ CAL78W  7-543-3519,533Ken HoltzmanFrank TananaKen HoltzmanFrank TananaPaul Lindblad35728968
1974-07-03@ CAL79W  3-244-3519,979Glenn AbbottAndy HasslerGlenn AbbottAndy Hassler 36029169
1974-07-04@ CAL80W  9-445-35141,760Vida BlueDick LangeVida BlueDick Lange 36929574
1974-07-05vs BAL81W  6-046-3519,671 Catfish HunterMike CuellarCatfish HunterMike Cuellar 37529580
1974-07-06vs BAL82L  0-346-36132,319 Dave HamiltonRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyDave Hamilton 37529877
1974-07-07vs BAL83L  1-446-37110,181 Ken HoltzmanDave McNallyDave McNallyKen Holtzman 37630274
1974-07-08vs CLE84W  4-347-37147,582 Vida BlueGaylord PerryVida BlueGaylord Perry 38030575
1974-07-09vs CLE85W  7-048-3716,655 Catfish HunterSteve ArlinCatfish HunterSteve Arlin 38730582
1974-07-12@ NYA86L  0-348-38129,332Ken HoltzmanPat DobsonPat DobsonKen Holtzman 38730879
1974-07-13@ NYA87L  6-1248-39124,204Vida BlueDick TidrowDick TidrowVida BlueSparky Lyle39332073
1974-07-14@ NYA88W  7-350-3910Catfish HunterDave PaganCatfish HunterCecil UpshawRollie Fingers40032377
1974-07-14@ NYA89W  6-150-39143,799Dave HamiltonSam McDowellDave HamiltonSam McDowellPaul Lindblad40632482
1974-07-15@ BAL90W  6-451-39115,510Glenn AbbottWayne GarlandBlue Moon OdomWayne Garland 41232884
1974-07-16@ BAL91W  4-352-39118,429Ken HoltzmanDoyle AlexanderKen HoltzmanDoyle AlexanderRollie Fingers41633185
1974-07-17@ BAL92W  2-053-39122,607Vida BlueMike CuellarVida BlueMike CuellarRollie Fingers41833187
1974-07-18@ CLE93W  3-254-39141,848Catfish HunterGaylord PerryCatfish HunterGaylord Perry 42133388
1974-07-19@ CLE94L  0-454-40124,302Dave HamiltonDick BosmanDick BosmanDave Hamilton 42133784
1974-07-20@ CLE95L  9-1054-41119,126Ken HoltzmanFritz PetersonTom HilgendorfRollie Fingers 43034783
1974-07-21@ CLE96W  6-355-41140,368Vida BlueJim PerryVida BlueJim PerryPaul Lindblad43635086
1974-07-25vs MIN97W  5-156-4115,606 Vida BlueJoe DeckerVida BlueJoe Decker 44135190
1974-07-26vs MIN98W  5-357-4119,059 Glenn AbbottBert BlylevenGlenn AbbottBert BlylevenRollie Fingers44635492
1974-07-27vs MIN99L  1-657-4219,523 Catfish HunterRay CorbinRay CorbinCatfish Hunter 44736087
1974-07-28vs CHA100W  7-259-4210 Ken HoltzmanStan BahnsenKen HoltzmanStan Bahnsen 45436292
1974-07-28vs CHA101W  3-259-42124,317 Dave HamiltonLloyd AllenPaul LindbladLloyd AllenRollie Fingers45736493
1974-07-29vs CHA102W  11-960-42144,279 Vida BlueWilbur WoodPaul LindbladTerry Forster 46837395
1974-07-30vs TEX103W  11-361-4215,949 Glenn AbbottJim BibbyGlenn AbbottJim Bibby 479376103
1974-07-31vs TEX104L  6-761-4318,886 Catfish HunterSteve HarganSteve FoucaultPaul Lindblad 485383102
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-08-01@ CHA105L  3-761-44120,530Ken HoltzmanStan BahnsenStan BahnsenKen Holtzman 48839098
1974-08-02@ CHA106W  3-262-44132,056Vida BlueWilbur WoodVida BlueWilbur Wood 49139299
1974-08-04@ MIN107W  10-463-4510Catfish HunterJoe DeckerCatfish HunterJoe Decker 501396105
1974-08-04@ MIN108L  1-263-45134,145Glenn AbbottBill ButlerBill ButlerGlenn Abbott 502398104
1974-08-05@ MIN109W  2-164-4610Ken HoltzmanBert BlylevenKen HoltzmanBert BlylevenRollie Fingers504399105
1974-08-05@ MIN110L  3-464-46123,316Dave HamiltonBill HandsBill HandsDave HamiltonBill Campbell507403104
1974-08-06@ TEX111L  0-164-47122,882Blue Moon OdomFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsBlue Moon Odom 507404103
1974-08-07@ TEX112W  8-465-47125,277Darold KnowlesJim BibbyDarold KnowlesJim BibbyRollie Fingers515408107
1974-08-08@ TEX113W  10-266-47114,727Catfish HunterDavid ClydeCatfish HunterDavid Clyde 525410115
1974-08-09vs BOS114L  2-666-48112,214 Ken HoltzmanBill LeeBill LeeKen Holtzman 527416111
1974-08-10vs BOS115W  5-367-48111,414 Vida BlueReggie ClevelandVida BlueReggie Cleveland 532419113
1974-08-11vs BOS116L  1-267-49114,291 Glenn AbbottJuan MarichalJuan MarichalGlenn Abbott 533421112
1974-08-12vs NYA117W  3-268-49127,137 Catfish HunterPat DobsonCatfish HunterPat Dobson 536423113
1974-08-13vs NYA118W  6-169-4916,255 Ken HoltzmanDoc MedichKen HoltzmanDoc Medich 542424118
1974-08-14vs NYA119L  1-469-5017,676 Vida BlueRudy MayRudy MayVida Blue 543428115
1974-08-16vs DET120L  3-569-5116,813 Catfish HunterMickey LolichMickey LolichCatfish Hunter 546433113
1974-08-17vs DET121L  3-469-52110,600 Glenn AbbottLerrin LaGrowJohn HillerGlenn Abbott 549437112
1974-08-18vs DET122W  13-370-5219,327 Ken HoltzmanJoe ColemanKen HoltzmanJoe ColemanRollie Fingers562440122
1974-08-19vs MIL123L  0-170-53133,213 Vida BlueBill ChampionBill ChampionVida BlueTom Murphy562441121
1974-08-20vs MIL124W  7-171-5314,737 Catfish HunterEduardo RodriguezCatfish HunterEduardo Rodriguez 569442127
1974-08-21vs MIL125L  3-571-5415,240 Blue Moon OdomKevin KobelKevin KobelBlue Moon Odom 572447125
1974-08-23@ BOS126L  0-371-55135,866Vida BlueLuis TiantLuis TiantVida Blue 572450122
1974-08-24@ BOS127W  4-172-55134,693Catfish HunterBill LeeCatfish HunterDiego Segui 576451125
1974-08-25@ BOS128W  7-073-55134,293Ken HoltzmanRoger MoretKen HoltzmanRoger Moret 583451132
1974-08-26@ MIL129L  1-273-5619,244Blue Moon OdomBill ChampionBill ChampionBlue Moon OdomTom Murphy584453131
1974-08-27@ MIL130W  3-274-56114,363Vida BlueJim SlatonRollie FingersTom Murphy 587455132
1974-08-28@ MIL131W  3-175-56111,059Catfish HunterJim ColbornCatfish HunterJim ColbornRollie Fingers590456134
1974-08-30@ DET132W  10-576-56118,010Ken HoltzmanLerrin LaGrowKen HoltzmanLerrin LaGrowBlue Moon Odom600461139
1974-08-31@ DET133L  3-776-57122,247Vida BlueJoe ColemanJoe ColemanVida Blue 603468135
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-09-01@ DET134W  5-377-57117,235Catfish HunterMickey LolichCatfish HunterMickey LolichRollie Fingers608471137
1974-09-02vs CAL135W  6-478-57125,640 Glenn AbbottFrank TananaGlenn AbbottFrank TananaRollie Fingers614475139
1974-09-03vs CAL136W  7-079-5714,341 Ken HoltzmanNolan RyanKen HoltzmanNolan Ryan 621475146
1974-09-04vs CAL137L  2-579-5813,218 Vida BlueAndy HasslerAndy HasslerVida Blue 623480143
1974-09-05vs TEX138W  3-080-5812,876 Catfish HunterJackie BrownCatfish HunterJackie Brown 626480146
1974-09-06vs TEX139L  4-580-5919,781 Dave HamiltonJim BibbySteve FoucaultRollie Fingers 630485145
1974-09-07vs TEX140L  2-880-6015,847 Glenn AbbottSteve HarganSteve HarganGlenn Abbott 632493139
1974-09-08vs TEX141L  1-580-6118,984 Ken HoltzmanFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsKen Holtzman 633498135
1974-09-09vs KCA142W  3-082-6110 Vida BlueSteve BusbyVida BlueSteve Busby 636498138
1974-09-09vs KCA143W  7-082-61146,780 Catfish HunterPaul SplittorffCatfish HunterPaul Splittorff 643498145
1974-09-11@ MIN144L  3-582-6213,982Glenn AbbottJoe DeckerBill CampbellDarold Knowles 646503143
1974-09-12@ MIN145W  2-183-6214,743Ken HoltzmanBert BlylevenKen HoltzmanBert Blyleven 648504144
1974-09-13@ TEX146L  1-383-63121,411Catfish HunterFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsCatfish Hunter 649507142
1974-09-14@ TEX147L  3-883-64128,140Vida BlueJackie BrownJackie BrownVida Blue 652515137
1974-09-15@ TEX148W  4-184-64119,533Glenn AbbottJim BibbyRollie FingersJim Bibby 656516140
1974-09-17@ KCA149L  1-284-65114,412Catfish HunterSteve BusbySteve BusbyCatfish Hunter 657518139
1974-09-18@ KCA150W  5-485-65114,976Ken HoltzmanPaul SplittorffKen HoltzmanPaul SplittorffRollie Fingers662522140
1974-09-19@ KCA151L  3-485-66114,218Vida BlueNelson BrilesDoug BirdRollie Fingers 665526139
1974-09-20@ CHA152L  0-285-6719,129Glenn AbbottBart JohnsonBart JohnsonGlenn AbbottTerry Forster665528137
1974-09-21@ CHA153W  3-286-6718,155Catfish HunterWilbur WoodCatfish HunterWilbur Wood 668530138
1974-09-22@ CHA154L  1-386-6819,471Ken HoltzmanJim KaatJim KaatKen Holtzman 669533136
1974-09-24vs MIN155W  5-187-6814,047 Vida BlueJoe DeckerVida BlueJoe Decker 674534140
1974-09-25vs MIN156L  0-187-6913,211 Glenn AbbottBert BlylevenBert BlylevenGlenn Abbott 674535139
1974-09-26vs MIN157W  2-188-6913,461 Catfish HunterDave GoltzCatfish HunterDave Goltz 676536140
1974-09-27vs CHA158L  2-388-7017,177 Ken HoltzmanStan BahnsenStan BahnsenKen HoltzmanTerry Forster678539139
1974-09-28vs CHA159W  6-589-70121,560 Vida BlueJack KucekVida BlueJack KucekPaul Lindblad684544140
1974-09-29vs CHA160W  3-290-7016,448 Glenn AbbottJim OttenDave HamiltonJim OttenDarold Knowles687546141
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-10-01@ CAL161L  0-290-7115,058Catfish HunterFrank TananaFrank TananaKen Holtzman 687548139
1974-10-02@ CAL162L  2-390-7216,861Vida BlueChuck DobsonChuck DobsonPaul Lindblad 689551138

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