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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Montreal,QC
Team Record:  79-82   .491
Result:   4th in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Gene Mauch
General Manager:   Jim Fanning
Stadium:  Jarry Park
Attendance:  1,019,134
Playoffs:  -

Montreal Expos affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Ron Fairly (35)
Youngest Player:  Dennis Blair (20)
Longest Tenure:  Bob Bailey, Steve Renko (6)
Top Hitter:  Willie Davis (19)
Top Pitcher:  Steve Rogers (14)
Top Draft Pick:  Ron Sorey (#9)

Roster Continuity:  75.40%
National League Standings
St. Louis8675.5341.5
NY Mets7191.43817.0
Chi Cubs6696.40722.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-04-10@ PIT1W  12-81-0240,434Steve RenkoKen BrettChuck TaylorRamon Hernandez 1284
1974-04-11@ PIT2W  5-12-015,606Steve RogersDock EllisSteve RogersDock Ellis 1798
1974-04-13@ CHN3L  4-73-120Ernie McAnallyKen FrailingKen FrailingErnie McAnally 21165
1974-04-13@ CHN4W  13-33-1230,066Mike TorrezBill BonhamMike TorrezBill Bonham 341915
1974-04-16vs NYN5W  4-14-1118,425 Steve RenkoTom SeaverSteve RenkoTom Seaver 382018
1974-04-17vs NYN6W  7-45-1110,007 Steve RogersGeorge StoneSteve RogersGeorge Stone 452421
1974-04-18vs NYN7W  8-56-118,390 Mike TorrezRay SadeckiMike TorrezRay SadeckiChuck Taylor532924
1974-04-19@ SLN8W  5-47-1129,171Ernie McAnallyJohn CurtisErnie McAnallyJohn CurtisChuck Taylor583325
1974-04-20@ SLN9L  4-107-2116,400Steve RenkoAlan FosterAlan FosterSteve Renko 624319
1974-04-21@ SLN10W  9-58-2112,327Steve RogersBob GibsonSteve RogersBob Gibson 714823
1974-04-23@ SFN11W  8-49-212,627Mike TorrezTom BradleyMike TorrezTom BradleyTom Walker795227
1974-04-25@ SFN12L  2-89-311,789Ernie McAnallyMike CaldwellMike CaldwellErnie McAnally 816021
1974-04-26@ LAN13L  1-79-4130,028Steve RenkoAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithSteve Renko 826715
1974-04-27@ LAN14L  2-59-5116,914Steve RogersAl DowningAl DowningSteve Rogers 847212
1974-04-28@ LAN15L  0-49-6127,937Mike TorrezDoug RauDoug RauMike TorrezMike Marshall84768
1974-04-30@ SDN16L  1-29-729,390Steve RenkoBill GreifBill GreifSteve RenkoVicente Romo85787
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-05-01@ SDN17L  1-59-8212,361Ernie McAnallyDave FreislebenDave FreislebenErnie McAnally 86833
1974-05-04vs SFN18W  4-210-8112,116 Steve RogersJohn D'AcquistoSteve RogersJohn D'Acquisto 90855
1974-05-05vs SFN19L  0-410-1030 Steve RenkoMike CaldwellMike CaldwellSteve Renko 90891
1974-05-05vs SFN20L  1-810-10316,101 Mike TorrezTom BradleyTom BradleyMike Torrez 9197-6
1974-05-08vs LAN21L  3-610-11316,141 Ernie McAnallyAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithErnie McAnally 94103-9
1974-05-10vs SLN22W  5-411-1137,105 Steve RogersAlan FosterSteve RogersAlan Foster 99107-8
1974-05-11vs SLN23W  3-112-11311,730 Steve RenkoSonny SiebertSteve RenkoSonny Siebert 102108-6
1974-05-14@ PHI24W  9-213-1118,413Steve RogersJim LonborgSteve RogersJim Lonborg 1111101
1974-05-15@ PHI25W  5-414-11110,105Steve RenkoDick RuthvenTom WalkerMac Scarce 1161142
1974-05-16@ PHI26L  3-614-1217,311Mike TorrezSteve CarltonSteve CarltonMike Torrez 119120-1
1974-05-17@ NYN27L  0-514-13323,200Balor MooreTom SeaverTom SeaverBalor Moore 119125-6
1974-05-18@ NYN28L  0-614-14348,736Steve RogersJon MatlackJon MatlackSteve Rogers 119131-12
1974-05-19@ NYN29W  7-416-1430Steve RenkoCraig SwanSteve RenkoCraig SwanChuck Taylor126135-9
1974-05-19@ NYN30W  5-016-14340,641Ernie McAnallyJerry KoosmanErnie McAnallyJerry Koosman 131135-4
1974-05-20vs PIT31W  4-217-14212,228 Mike TorrezJim RookerMike TorrezJim RookerChuck Taylor135137-2
1974-05-21vs PIT32L  4-817-1529,231 Balor MooreKen BrettKen BrettBalor Moore 139145-6
1974-05-23vs PIT33W  5-418-1527,209 Steve RogersBruce KisonSteve RogersBruce KisonChuck Taylor144149-5
1974-05-24@ PHI34W  4-219-15214,131Ernie McAnallyJim LonborgErnie McAnallyJim Lonborg 148151-3
1974-05-25@ PHI35L  3-419-1720Mike TorrezDick RuthvenEddie WattMike Torrez 151155-4
1974-05-25@ PHI36L  2-419-17241,350Steve RenkoSteve CarltonSteve CarltonSteve Renko 153159-6
1974-05-26@ PHI37W  5-120-17227,324Dennis BlairRon SchuelerDennis BlairRon Schueler 158160-2
1974-05-28vs HOU38L  4-820-18210,618 Steve RogersTom GriffinMike CosgroveSteve Rogers 162168-6
1974-05-29vs HOU39L  3-520-19213,119 Ernie McAnallyClaude OsteenKen ForschTom Walker 165173-8
1974-05-30vs HOU40L  3-420-2036,593 Mike TorrezLarry DierkerJerry JohnsonChuck TaylorFred Scherman168177-9
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-06-01vs ATL41W  7-621-20322,123 Dennis BlairPhil NiekroChuck TaylorLew Krausse 175183-8
1974-06-02vs ATL42L  0-921-21324,432 Steve RogersBuzz CapraBuzz CapraSteve Rogers 175192-17
1974-06-04@ HOU43W  5-022-21311,017Ernie McAnallyTom GriffinErnie McAnallyTom Griffin 180192-12
1974-06-05@ HOU44W  8-323-21310,472Mike TorrezClaude OsteenMike TorrezClaude Osteen 188195-7
1974-06-06@ HOU45L  0-423-2238,029Steve RenkoLarry DierkerLarry DierkerSteve Renko 188199-11
1974-06-07@ ATL46L  0-523-2336,518Dennis BlairBuzz CapraBuzz CapraDennis Blair 188204-16
1974-06-08@ ATL47L  3-523-24313,705Steve RogersCarl MortonCarl MortonSteve RogersTom House191209-18
1974-06-09@ ATL48L  2-324-2530Ernie McAnallyPhil NiekroPhil NiekroErnie McAnallyDanny Frisella193212-19
1974-06-09@ ATL49W  7-324-25320,138Mike TorrezRoric HarrisonMike TorrezRoric Harrison 200215-15
1974-06-10vs CIN50W  3-125-25314,192 Steve RenkoJack BillinghamSteve RenkoJack BillinghamChuck Taylor203216-13
1974-06-11vs CIN51W  16-626-25312,450 Dennis BlairRoger NelsonTom WalkerTom Hall 219222-3
1974-06-12vs CIN52L  1-326-26311,531 Steve RogersClay KirbyClay KirbySteve Rogers 220225-5
1974-06-14vs SDN53L  4-526-27317,124 Ernie McAnallyDan SpillnerLarry HardyErnie McAnallyRandy Jones224230-6
1974-06-15vs SDN54W  6-427-27316,224 Mike TorrezBill GreifJohn MontagueBill GreifTom Walker230234-4
1974-06-16vs SDN55W  9-828-27313,534 Steve RenkoLowell PalmerDon DeMolaVicente Romo 239242-3
1974-06-17@ CIN56L  3-1228-28318,001Steve RogersFred NormanFred NormanSteve Rogers 242254-12
1974-06-18@ CIN57W  2-129-28321,656Ernie McAnallyClay KirbyErnie McAnallyClay Kirby 244255-11
1974-06-19@ CIN58W  4-230-28222,344Mike TorrezDon GullettMike TorrezDon GullettJohn Montague248257-9
1974-06-21@ SLN59L  1-530-29317,949Steve RenkoSonny SiebertSonny SiebertSteve Renko 249262-13
1974-06-22@ SLN60L  3-430-30342,640Steve RogersLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenSteve RogersMike Garman252266-14
1974-06-23@ SLN61W  4-231-30321,528Ernie McAnallyJohn CurtisChuck TaylorAl Hrabosky 256268-12
1974-06-24vs PHI62L  2-831-31315,083 Mike TorrezJim LonborgJim LonborgMike Torrez 258276-18
1974-06-25vs PHI63W  5-032-31318,122 Steve RenkoDick RuthvenSteve RenkoDick Ruthven 263276-13
1974-06-26vs PHI64W  2-033-31316,108 Steve RogersSteve CarltonSteve RogersSteve Carlton 265276-11
1974-06-27vs CHN65L  4-533-32312,345 Ernie McAnallyBill BonhamBill BonhamErnie McAnallyOscar Zamora269281-12
1974-06-28vs CHN66L  7-834-3330 Mike TorrezJim ToddRay BurrisErnie McAnallyBill Bonham276289-13
1974-06-28vs CHN67W  15-034-33320,098 Dennis BlairKen FrailingDennis BlairKen Frailing 2912892
1974-06-29vs CHN68L  1-234-34314,283 Steve RenkoRick ReuschelRick ReuschelSteve Renko 2922911
1974-06-30vs CHN69W  10-235-34213,406 Steve RogersSteve StoneSteve RogersSteve Stone 3022939
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-07-01vs CHN70W  10-436-34217,143 Ernie McAnallyBill BonhamErnie McAnallyBill Bonham 31229715
1974-07-02@ PIT71L  2-436-35213,138Mike TorrezJim RookerJim RookerJohn Montague 31430113
1974-07-03@ PIT72L  1-236-36211,123Don DeMolaJerry ReussJerry ReussJohn Montague 31530312
1974-07-04@ PIT73W  2-137-3720Steve RogersKen BrettSteve RogersKen Brett 31730413
1974-07-04@ PIT74L  2-337-37222,456Dennis BlairDave GiustiBruce KisonDennis Blair 31930712
1974-07-05vs LAN75W  11-638-3820 Steve RenkoAl DowningSteve RenkoAl DowningChuck Taylor33031317
1974-07-05vs LAN76L  0-738-38223,167 Ernie McAnallyGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnErnie McAnally 33032010
1974-07-06vs LAN77W  6-139-38222,127 Mike TorrezDon SuttonMike TorrezDon Sutton 33632115
1974-07-07vs LAN78L  1-439-4030 John MontagueTommy JohnTommy JohnJohn MontagueMike Marshall33732512
1974-07-07vs LAN79L  3-539-40330,416 Don CarrithersDoug RauDoug RauDon CarrithersMike Marshall34033010
1974-07-08vs SFN80L  4-539-41313,523 Steve RogersEd HalickiRandy MoffittSteve Rogers 3443359
1974-07-09vs SFN81W  5-440-41310,037 Dennis BlairTom BradleyDennis BlairTom BradleyJohn Montague34933910
1974-07-10vs SFN82L  2-440-42315,112 Steve RenkoJim BarrJim BarrSteve Renko 3513438
1974-07-12@ SDN83L  0-140-43324,511Ernie McAnallyRandy JonesRandy JonesErnie McAnally 3513447
1974-07-13@ SDN84L  1-540-44310,649Steve RogersDave FreislebenDave FreislebenSteve Rogers 3523493
1974-07-14@ SDN85W  6-142-4430Mike TorrezDan SpillnerMike TorrezDan Spillner 3583508
1974-07-14@ SDN86W  6-242-44313,107Dennis BlairLowell PalmerDennis BlairLowell Palmer 36435212
1974-07-16@ LAN87W  8-743-44235,544Steve RenkoDon SuttonJohn MontagueCharlie Hough 37235913
1974-07-17@ LAN88W  5-444-44225,176Steve RogersTommy JohnDon CarrithersGeoff Zahn 37736314
1974-07-18@ LAN89L  5-744-45224,491Ernie McAnallyAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithErnie McAnally 38237012
1974-07-19@ SFN90L  2-644-4623,121Mike TorrezMike CaldwellMike CaldwellMike TorrezRandy Moffitt3843768
1974-07-20@ SFN91W  3-245-4625,141Dennis BlairEd HalickiDennis BlairEd Halicki 3873789
1974-07-21@ SFN92L  0-445-4830Steve RenkoJim BarrJim BarrSteve Renko 3873825
1974-07-21@ SFN93L  0-245-4838,007Steve RogersJohn D'AcquistoJohn D'AcquistoSteve RogersElias Sosa3873843
1974-07-25vs PIT94W  10-546-4930 Steve RenkoJim RookerSteve RenkoJim Rooker 3973898
1974-07-25vs PIT95L  2-346-49327,283 Steve RogersJerry ReussJerry ReussSteve RogersDave Giusti3993927
1974-07-26vs PIT96L  0-346-50422,278 Dennis BlairDock EllisDock EllisDennis BlairRamon Hernandez3993954
1974-07-27@ NYN97L  5-846-51432,565Mike TorrezBob ApodacaBob ApodacaMike Torrez 4044031
1974-07-28@ NYN98L  1-446-52426,306Ernie McAnallyHarry ParkerTug McGrawErnie McAnally 405407-2
1974-07-29@ NYN99L  3-446-53417,343Steve RogersGeorge StoneJack AkerSteve Rogers 408411-3
1974-07-30@ CHN100W  4-347-53412,000Steve RenkoRick ReuschelJohn MontagueRick Reuschel 412414-2
1974-07-31@ CHN101W  7-449-5340Mike TorrezBill BonhamChuck TaylorBill Bonham 4194181
1974-07-31@ CHN102W  4-049-53419,329Dennis BlairHerb HutsonDennis BlairHerb Hutson 4234185
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-08-01@ PHI103L  4-649-5440Ernie McAnallyWayne TwitchellWayne TwitchellErnie McAnally 4274243
1974-08-02@ PHI104W  3-250-54421,068Steve RogersSteve CarltonSteve RogersEddie WattChuck Taylor4304264
1974-08-03vs NYN105L  0-350-55421,089 Steve RenkoJon MatlackJon MatlackSteve Renko 4304291
1974-08-05vs NYN106L  4-1050-56420,118 Dennis BlairTom SeaverTug McGrawDennis Blair 434439-5
1974-08-06vs SLN107L  4-550-5840 Mike TorrezLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenMike TorrezAl Hrabosky438444-6
1974-08-06vs SLN108L  4-950-58421,352 Steve RogersRay BareRich FolkersSteve Rogers 442453-11
1974-08-07vs SLN109W  7-551-58419,023 Steve RenkoBob ForschSteve RenkoBob Forsch 449458-9
1974-08-08vs SLN110W  3-252-58417,205 Tom WalkerSonny SiebertDon CarrithersJohn Curtis 452460-8
1974-08-09@ HOU111W  4-353-58412,832Dennis BlairDon WilsonDennis BlairDon WilsonDon Carrithers456463-7
1974-08-10@ HOU112W  2-154-58417,107Steve RogersTom GriffinSteve RogersTom Griffin 458464-6
1974-08-11@ HOU113W  5-255-58415,180Steve RenkoLarry DierkerSteve RenkoLarry DierkerChuck Taylor463466-3
1974-08-13@ ATL114L  3-455-5947,950Tom WalkerRon ReedRon ReedTom WalkerPhil Niekro466470-4
1974-08-14@ ATL115L  1-655-6046,009Dennis BlairCarl MortonCarl MortonDennis Blair 467476-9
1974-08-16vs HOU116L  3-855-61418,129 Steve RogersTom GriffinTom GriffinSteve RogersMike Cosgrove470484-14
1974-08-17vs HOU117W  3-256-61415,175 Steve RenkoLarry DierkerChuck TaylorKen Forsch 473486-13
1974-08-18vs HOU118L  0-356-62419,098 Tom WalkerDave RobertsDave RobertsTom Walker 473489-16
1974-08-19vs SDN119W  7-457-62411,146 Dennis BlairRandy JonesDon CarrithersRandy JonesChuck Taylor480493-13
1974-08-20vs SDN120L  0-357-63412,713 Steve RogersDave FreislebenDave FreislebenSteve Rogers 480496-16
1974-08-21vs SDN121W  8-758-63418,037 Steve RenkoDan SpillnerChuck TaylorLarry Hardy 488503-15
1974-08-23vs CIN122L  7-1058-64420,468 Tom WalkerJack BillinghamClay CarrollTom Walker 495513-18
1974-08-24vs CIN123L  4-658-65418,466 Steve RogersDon GullettDon GullettSteve Rogers 499519-20
1974-08-25vs CIN124L  1-358-66421,161 Dennis BlairClay KirbyClay KirbyDennis Blair 500522-22
1974-08-26vs ATL125L  2-358-67414,139 Steve RenkoBuzz CapraBuzz CapraSteve RenkoMax Leon502525-23
1974-08-27vs ATL126W  6-159-67412,183 Mike TorrezRon ReedMike TorrezRon Reed 508526-18
1974-08-28vs ATL127L  2-459-68414,121 Tom WalkerCarl MortonCarl MortonJohn Montague 510530-20
1974-08-29vs ATL128L  2-759-6945,187 Steve RogersPhil NiekroPhil NiekroSteve Rogers 512537-25
1974-08-30@ CIN129W  11-360-69426,714Dennis BlairClay KirbyDennis BlairClay Kirby 523540-17
1974-08-31@ CIN130L  3-1060-70434,101Steve RenkoJack BillinghamJack BillinghamSteve Renko 526550-24
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-09-01@ CIN131W  2-161-70430,037Mike TorrezDon GullettMike TorrezDon Gullett 528551-23
1974-09-03@ SLN132L  1-561-7250Tom WalkerLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenTom Walker 529556-27
1974-09-03@ SLN133L  4-861-72515,366Steve RogersJohn CurtisMike GarmanSteve Rogers 533564-31
1974-09-04@ SLN134L  4-561-73513,288Dennis BlairAlan FosterRich FolkersChuck TaylorAl Hrabosky537569-32
1974-09-06@ PIT135L  1-261-74515,386Steve RenkoDock EllisDock EllisSteve Renko 538571-33
1974-09-07@ PIT136L  5-661-75517,576Mike TorrezJerry ReussRamon HernandezDale Murray 543577-34
1974-09-08@ PIT137L  2-861-76518,870Steve RogersJim RookerJim RookerSteve Rogers 545585-40
1974-09-09@ NYN138L  1-761-7759,960Dennis BlairRay SadeckiRay SadeckiDennis Blair 546592-46
1974-09-10@ NYN139W  6-462-7759,951Ernie McAnallyTug McGrawDon CarrithersTug McGrawDale Murray552596-44
1974-09-11vs CHN140W  6-164-7750 Steve RenkoBill BonhamSteve RenkoBill BonhamDale Murray558597-39
1974-09-11vs CHN141W  13-464-7757,462 Tom WalkerRay BurrisTom WalkerRay BurrisChuck Taylor571601-30
1974-09-12vs CHN142W  2-165-7755,163 Mike TorrezTom DettoreMike TorrezTom DettoreDale Murray573602-29
1974-09-13vs PIT143W  3-266-7749,283 Steve RogersJim RookerSteve RogersJim Rooker 576604-28
1974-09-14vs PIT144W  17-267-77415,566 Dennis BlairLarry DemeryDennis BlairLarry Demery 593606-13
1974-09-15vs PIT145W  5-468-77415,438 Steve RenkoKen BrettSteve RenkoKen BrettDale Murray598610-12
1974-09-16vs NYN146W  3-269-7840 Mike TorrezJerry KoosmanMike TorrezJerry KoosmanJohn Montague601612-11
1974-09-16vs NYN147L  2-369-7849,166 Don CarrithersRandy SterlingRandy SterlingDon CarrithersTug McGraw603615-12
1974-09-18vs NYN148W  3-271-7840 Steve RogersJon MatlackSteve RogersJon MatlackDale Murray606617-11
1974-09-18vs NYN149W  4-071-7849,288 Dennis BlairTom SeaverDennis BlairTom SeaverDale Murray610617-7
1974-09-20vs PHI150L  2-1071-7948,166 Steve RenkoSteve CarltonSteve CarltonSteve Renko 612627-15
1974-09-22vs PHI151L  2-372-8040 Steve RogersJim LonborgJim LonborgSteve RogersGene Garber614630-16
1974-09-22vs PHI152W  8-572-80411,183 Mike TorrezDick RuthvenMike TorrezDick RuthvenDale Murray622635-13
1974-09-24@ CHN153L  4-673-8140Steve RenkoBurt HootonBurt HootonSteve RenkoOscar Zamora626641-15
1974-09-24@ CHN154W  11-273-8141,751Don CarrithersRay BurrisDon CarrithersRay BurrisDale Murray637643-6
1974-09-25@ CHN155W  7-175-8140Tom WalkerBill BonhamTom WalkerBill Bonham 6446440
1974-09-25@ CHN156W  3-275-8142,537Steve RogersJim KremmelSteve RogersJim KremmelDale Murray6476461
1974-09-27vs PHI157W  2-076-8148,179 Mike TorrezJim LonborgMike TorrezJim Lonborg 6496463
1974-09-28vs PHI158W  3-177-8146,499 Steve RenkoSteve CarltonSteve RenkoSteve Carlton 6526475
1974-09-29vs PHI159W  6-378-81323,326 Dennis BlairRon SchuelerDennis BlairRon SchuelerDale Murray6586508
1974-09-30vs SLN160L  1-578-8235,337 Steve RogersBob ForschBob ForschSteve Rogers 6596554
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-10-01vs SLN161W  3-279-8235,112 Mike TorrezBob GibsonDale MurrayBob Gibson 6626575

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