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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Detroit,MI
Team Record:  72-90   .444
Result:   6th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Ralph Houk
General Manager:   Jim Campbell
Stadium:  Tiger Stadium
Attendance:  1,243,080
Playoffs:  -

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Norm Cash (39)
Youngest Player:  Tom Veryzer (21)
Longest Tenure:  Al Kaline (22)
Top Hitter:  Aurelio Rodriguez (44)
Top Pitcher:  Mickey Lolich (7)
Top Draft Pick:  Lance Parrish (#16)

Roster Continuity:  69.42%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8973.5492.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-04-05@ BAL1L  2-30-1423,918Mickey LolichJim PalmerJim PalmerMickey LolichGrant Jackson23-1
1974-04-06@ BAL2W  3-21-143,749Joe ColemanDave McNallyJohn HillerDave McNally 550
1974-04-07@ BAL3L  1-52-240Woodie FrymanRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyWoodie Fryman 610-4
1974-04-07@ BAL4W  8-42-2416,400Lerrin LaGrowMike CuellarJohn HillerGrant Jackson 14140
1974-04-09vs NYA5L  0-32-3544,047 Mickey LolichSteve KlineSteve KlineMickey LolichSparky Lyle1417-3
1974-04-11vs NYA6W  4-13-346,640 Joe ColemanMel StottlemyreJoe ColemanMel Stottlemyre 18180
1974-04-12@ BOS7L  3-63-458,481Lerrin LaGrowBill LeeBill LeeLerrin LaGrow 2124-3
1974-04-13@ BOS8L  1-83-558,159Bill SlaybackRick WiseRick WiseBill Slayback 2232-10
1974-04-14@ BOS9L  5-73-6611,274Mickey LolichJuan MarichalDick DragoMickey LolichDiego Segui2739-12
1974-04-15@ BOS10W  1-04-6523,498Joe ColemanReggie ClevelandJoe ColemanReggie Cleveland 2839-11
1974-04-17vs BAL11L  1-64-7612,166 Woodie FrymanJim PalmerJim PalmerWoodie Fryman 2945-16
1974-04-20vs MIL12L  1-34-859,485 Joe ColemanClyde WrightClyde WrightJoe Coleman 3048-18
1974-04-21vs MIL13W  6-55-8519,654 Mickey LolichJim ColbornJohn HillerTom Murphy 3653-17
1974-04-23vs MIN14L  0-15-955,422 Lerrin LaGrowDick WoodsonBill CampbellLerrin LaGrow 3654-18
1974-04-24vs MIN15W  8-46-956,804 Joe ColemanBill HandsJoe ColemanBill HandsJohn Hiller4458-14
1974-04-26@ CHA16L  2-86-10516,152Mickey LolichStan BahnsenStan BahnsenMickey Lolich 4666-20
1974-04-27@ CHA17W  8-37-10532,737Lerrin LaGrowJim KaatLerrin LaGrowJim KaatJohn Hiller5469-15
1974-04-28@ CHA18W  6-48-10514,443Joe ColemanWilbur WoodJoe ColemanWilbur WoodJohn Hiller6073-13
1974-04-30@ KCA19W  7-29-1059,310Mickey LolichPaul SplittorffMickey LolichPaul Splittorff 6775-8
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-05-01@ KCA20W  2-110-1049,146Lerrin LaGrowSteve BusbyLerrin LaGrowSteve Busby 6976-7
1974-05-02@ KCA21W  9-711-1049,162Joe ColemanAl FitzmorrisJoe ColemanAl Fitzmorris 7883-5
1974-05-03@ MIN22W  4-312-1024,467Bill SlaybackJoe DeckerBill SlaybackJoe DeckerJohn Hiller8286-4
1974-05-04@ MIN23L  0-1012-1124,540Mickey LolichBert BlylevenBert BlylevenMickey Lolich 8296-14
1974-05-05@ MIN24L  3-812-12218,673Woodie FrymanVic AlburyVic AlburyWoodie Fryman 85104-19
1974-05-06vs CHA25W  5-413-1227,355 Joe ColemanStan PerzanowskiJohn HillerCy Acosta 90108-18
1974-05-07vs CHA26L  0-113-1347,327 Lerrin LaGrowWilbur WoodWilbur WoodLerrin LaGrow 90109-19
1974-05-10vs BOS27W  6-514-13316,322 Mickey LolichReggie ClevelandJohn HillerDiego Segui 96114-18
1974-05-11vs BOS28L  5-814-14410,487 Joe ColemanRoger MoretLance ClemonsJohn Hiller 101122-21
1974-05-12vs BOS29L  3-414-15623,686 Lerrin LaGrowBill LeeBill LeeJohn HillerDiego Segui104126-22
1974-05-14@ NYA30W  5-215-1549,598Mickey LolichPat DobsonMickey LolichPat Dobson 109128-19
1974-05-15@ NYA31W  6-516-1537,360Joe ColemanDick TidrowJoe ColemanCecil UpshawJohn Hiller115133-18
1974-05-17@ CLE32W  4-317-15211,292Lerrin LaGrowFritz PetersonLerrin LaGrowFritz PetersonJohn Hiller119136-17
1974-05-18@ CLE33W  3-218-1516,597Mickey LolichJim PerryMickey LolichJim Perry 122138-16
1974-05-19@ CLE34L  1-218-1720Joe ColemanGaylord PerryGaylord PerryJoe Coleman 123140-17
1974-05-19@ CLE35L  4-918-17249,419Bill SlaybackBob JohnsonBob JohnsonBill Slayback 127149-22
1974-05-20@ MIL36L  4-618-1845,835Woodie FrymanEd SpragueEd SpragueJohn HillerEduardo Rodriguez131155-24
1974-05-21@ MIL37L  5-618-1956,885Lerrin LaGrowClyde WrightEduardo RodriguezJohn Hiller 136161-25
1974-05-22@ MIL38W  6-419-1947,698Mickey LolichKevin KobelMickey LolichKevin Kobel 142165-23
1974-05-23@ MIL39L  3-719-20510,505Joe ColemanJim SlatonJim SlatonJoe Coleman 145172-27
1974-05-24vs CLE40L  1-319-21515,149 Bill SlaybackFritz PetersonFritz PetersonBill Slayback 146175-29
1974-05-25vs CLE41W  5-420-21512,483 Lerrin LaGrowBob JohnsonLuke WalkerFred BeeneJohn Hiller151179-28
1974-05-26vs CLE42W  2-121-21416,492 Mickey LolichSteve KlineMickey LolichSteve Kline 153180-27
1974-05-27@ OAK43L  2-1221-22410,084Joe ColemanVida BlueVida BlueJoe Coleman 155192-37
1974-05-28@ OAK44W  3-122-2233,093Woodie FrymanCatfish HunterWoodie FrymanCatfish HunterJohn Hiller158193-35
1974-05-29@ OAK45L  1-422-2343,783Lerrin LaGrowKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanLerrin LaGrow 159197-38
1974-05-31@ CAL46L  3-522-24410,760Mickey LolichBill SingerBill SingerMickey Lolich 162202-40
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-06-01@ CAL47L  1-422-25616,481Joe ColemanNolan RyanNolan RyanJoe Coleman 163206-43
1974-06-02@ CAL48W  2-023-25616,550Woodie FrymanDick LangeWoodie FrymanDick LangeJohn Hiller165206-41
1974-06-04vs OAK49L  0-424-2650 Mickey LolichKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanMickey Lolich 165210-45
1974-06-04vs OAK50W  4-124-26533,331 Lerrin LaGrowDave HamiltonLerrin LaGrowDave Hamilton 169211-42
1974-06-05vs OAK51L  1-924-27520,607 Joe ColemanVida BlueVida BlueJoe Coleman 170220-50
1974-06-07vs CAL52W  5-425-27515,007 Woodie FrymanDick LangeJohn HillerJohn Cumberland 175224-49
1974-06-08vs CAL53W  5-226-27512,053 Mickey LolichFrank TananaMickey LolichFrank Tanana 180226-46
1974-06-09vs CAL54W  5-327-27442,491 Lerrin LaGrowNolan RyanLerrin LaGrowNolan RyanJohn Hiller185229-44
1974-06-10vs TEX55L  3-627-28522,696 Joe ColemanJackie BrownJackie BrownJoe Coleman 188235-47
1974-06-11vs TEX56W  8-628-28413,604 Woodie FrymanDavid ClydeWoodie FrymanDavid ClydeJim Ray196241-45
1974-06-12vs TEX57W  7-029-28417,552 Mickey LolichFergie JenkinsMickey LolichFergie Jenkins 203241-38
1974-06-14vs KCA58L  3-429-29422,423 Lerrin LaGrowSteve BusbySteve BusbyLerrin LaGrow 206245-39
1974-06-15vs KCA59W  11-930-29414,009 Joe ColemanAl FitzmorrisLuke WalkerJoe Hoerner 217254-37
1974-06-16vs KCA60W  3-231-29315,446 Mickey LolichBruce Dal CantonMickey LolichBruce Dal Canton 220256-36
1974-06-17@ TEX61W  6-432-29311,471Woodie FrymanFergie JenkinsJohn HillerFergie Jenkins 226260-34
1974-06-18@ TEX62L  0-632-30413,953Lerrin LaGrowJim BibbyJim BibbyLerrin LaGrow 226266-40
1974-06-19@ TEX63W  4-233-30414,870Joe ColemanJackie BrownJohn HillerJackie Brown 230268-38
1974-06-21@ NYA64W  3-234-30213,661Mickey LolichPat DobsonMickey LolichCecil Upshaw 233270-37
1974-06-22@ NYA65W  4-135-30213,506Woodie FrymanDick TidrowJohn HillerDick Tidrow 237271-34
1974-06-23@ NYA66L  1-435-31219,073Joe ColemanRudy MayRudy MayJoe Coleman 238275-37
1974-06-24@ BAL67L  1-335-3236,546Lerrin LaGrowDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderLerrin LaGrow 239278-39
1974-06-25@ BAL68W  2-036-32210,016Mickey LolichMike CuellarMickey LolichMike Cuellar 241278-37
1974-06-26@ BAL69L  4-536-3338,170Woodie FrymanRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyJohn Hiller 245283-38
1974-06-27vs MIL70L  1-536-34415,298 Joe ColemanClyde WrightClyde WrightJoe Coleman 246288-42
1974-06-28vs MIL71W  9-737-34322,431 Luke WalkerKevin KobelLuke WalkerKevin Kobel 255295-40
1974-06-29vs MIL72L  0-937-35423,574 Mickey LolichJim ColbornJim ColbornMickey Lolich 255304-49
1974-06-30vs MIL73L  1-438-3640 Woodie FrymanEd SpragueEd SpragueWoodie FrymanTom Murphy256308-52
1974-06-30vs MIL74W  3-238-36427,050 Lerrin LaGrowJim SlatonLerrin LaGrowJim Slaton 259310-51
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-07-01vs NYA75W  4-339-36421,532 Joe ColemanDoc MedichJohn HillerDoc Medich 263313-50
1974-07-02vs NYA76W  4-240-36313,866 Luke WalkerPat DobsonLuke WalkerPat DobsonJim Ray267315-48
1974-07-03vs NYA77W  8-641-36317,846 Mickey LolichDave PaganJohn HillerSparky Lyle 275321-46
1974-07-04vs NYA78L  4-641-37415,058 Woodie FrymanDick TidrowDick TidrowJohn Hiller 279327-48
1974-07-05vs CHA79W  9-643-3730 Joe ColemanStan BahnsenJoe ColemanStan Bahnsen 288333-45
1974-07-05vs CHA80W  7-443-37325,819 Lerrin LaGrowRich GossageLerrin LaGrowBill Moran 295337-42
1974-07-06vs CHA81L  8-943-38417,470 Luke WalkerWilbur WoodWilbur WoodLuke WalkerTerry Forster303346-43
1974-07-07vs CHA82L  1-343-39431,680 Mickey LolichBart JohnsonBart JohnsonMickey Lolich 304349-45
1974-07-08@ MIN83L  2-643-4047,343Woodie FrymanBert BlylevenBert BlylevenWoodie Fryman 306355-49
1974-07-09@ MIN84L  2-343-4146,525Joe ColemanVic AlburyBill HandsJohn Hiller 308358-50
1974-07-10@ MIN85L  6-1143-4256,884Lerrin LaGrowDave GoltzTom BurgmeierJim Ray 314369-55
1974-07-12@ KCA86L  2-743-43517,590Mickey LolichSteve BusbySteve BusbyMickey Lolich 316376-60
1974-07-13@ KCA87W  8-244-43525,834Woodie FrymanPaul SplittorffWoodie FrymanPaul Splittorff 324378-54
1974-07-14@ KCA88L  1-244-44522,167Joe ColemanBruce Dal CantonDoug BirdJim Ray 325380-55
1974-07-15@ CHA89L  2-344-45515,033Lerrin LaGrowBart JohnsonRich GossageLerrin LaGrow 327383-56
1974-07-16@ CHA90L  0-644-46614,876Mickey LolichJim KaatJim KaatMickey Lolich 327389-62
1974-07-17@ CHA91L  1-744-47614,022Woodie FrymanWilbur WoodWilbur WoodWoodie Fryman 328396-68
1974-07-18vs MIN92W  5-345-47614,383 Joe ColemanBill ButlerJoe ColemanBill Butler 333399-66
1974-07-19vs MIN93L  5-745-48619,138 Lerrin LaGrowVic AlburyDave GoltzLerrin LaGrowTom Burgmeier338406-68
1974-07-20vs MIN94L  6-1245-49623,593 Mickey LolichJoe DeckerJoe DeckerMickey LolichBill Campbell344418-74
1974-07-21vs MIN95L  7-1045-50617,269 Luke WalkerBert BlylevenBert BlylevenLuke WalkerTom Burgmeier351428-77
1974-07-25vs BOS96L  4-1245-51617,005 Mickey LolichRoger MoretRoger MoretMickey LolichDick Drago355440-85
1974-07-26vs BOS97W  1-046-51626,922 Joe ColemanReggie ClevelandJoe ColemanReggie Cleveland 356440-84
1974-07-27@ CLE98L  2-346-52612,075Lerrin LaGrowJim PerryJim PerryLerrin LaGrowTom Buskey358443-85
1974-07-28@ CLE99W  6-347-52624,809Luke WalkerSteve ArlinJohn HillerFred Beene 364446-82
1974-07-29@ CLE100W  8-248-52618,708Mickey LolichFritz PetersonMickey LolichFritz Peterson 372448-76
1974-07-30@ BOS101W  7-549-52621,456Joe ColemanReggie ClevelandJohn HillerReggie Cleveland 379453-74
1974-07-31@ BOS102L  4-549-53624,935Lerrin LaGrowLuis TiantLuis TiantLerrin LaGrow 383458-75
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-08-01@ MIL103W  2-050-5369,010Woodie FrymanJim SlatonWoodie FrymanJim Slaton 385458-73
1974-08-02@ MIL104W  4-151-53422,160Dave LemanczykClyde WrightDave LemanczykClyde Wright 389459-70
1974-08-03vs BAL105L  2-651-54530,019 Mickey LolichRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyMickey Lolich 391465-74
1974-08-04vs BAL106W  6-152-5540 Joe ColemanMike CuellarJoe ColemanMike Cuellar 397466-69
1974-08-04vs BAL107L  3-952-55434,317 Lerrin LaGrowDave McNallyDave McNallyLerrin LaGrow 400475-75
1974-08-05vs BAL108L  4-752-5760 Woodie FrymanWayne GarlandWayne GarlandWoodie FrymanRoss Grimsley404482-78
1974-08-05vs BAL109L  3-652-57637,030 Luke WalkerDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderLuke WalkerGrant Jackson407488-81
1974-08-06vs CLE110L  7-952-58514,234 Dave LemanczykJim PerryMilt WilcoxJim RayTom Buskey414497-83
1974-08-07vs CLE111W  3-253-58513,633 Mickey LolichFritz PetersonMickey LolichFred Beene 417499-82
1974-08-08vs CLE112W  4-354-58512,408 Joe ColemanSteve ArlinJim RayTom Buskey 421502-81
1974-08-09@ TEX113L  3-454-59510,620Fred HoldsworthJackie BrownSteve FoucaultJohn Hiller 424506-82
1974-08-10@ TEX114L  4-554-60537,737Lerrin LaGrowFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsLerrin LaGrow 428511-83
1974-08-11@ TEX115L  0-954-61511,434Dave LemanczykJim BibbyJim BibbyDave Lemanczyk 428520-92
1974-08-12vs KCA116W  5-155-61516,034 Mickey LolichNelson BrilesMickey LolichNelson Briles 433521-88
1974-08-13vs KCA117L  2-655-62512,510 Joe ColemanAl FitzmorrisAl FitzmorrisJoe Coleman 435527-92
1974-08-14vs KCA118L  1-955-63613,504 Fred HoldsworthSteve BusbySteve BusbyFred Holdsworth 436536-100
1974-08-16@ OAK119W  5-356-6356,813Mickey LolichCatfish HunterMickey LolichCatfish Hunter 441539-98
1974-08-17@ OAK120W  4-357-63510,600Lerrin LaGrowGlenn AbbottJohn HillerGlenn Abbott 445542-97
1974-08-18@ OAK121L  3-1357-6469,327Joe ColemanKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanJoe ColemanRollie Fingers448555-107
1974-08-19@ CAL122L  0-157-65616,694Fred HoldsworthFrank TananaFrank TananaFred Holdsworth 448556-108
1974-08-20@ CAL123W  1-058-65612,433Mickey LolichNolan RyanMickey LolichNolan Ryan 449556-107
1974-08-21@ CAL124L  0-258-6668,419Lerrin LaGrowAndy HasslerAndy HasslerLerrin LaGrow 449558-109
1974-08-23vs TEX125L  2-558-67620,020 Joe ColemanSteve HarganSteve HarganJoe Coleman 451563-112
1974-08-24vs TEX126L  4-658-68622,218 Mickey LolichJackie BrownSteve FoucaultMickey Lolich 455569-114
1974-08-25vs TEX127W  6-559-68616,256 Fred HoldsworthJim BibbyJohn HillerSteve Foucault 461574-113
1974-08-26vs CAL128W  6-260-68612,323 Lerrin LaGrowAndy HasslerLerrin LaGrowAndy Hassler 467576-109
1974-08-27vs CAL129L  6-760-6968,479 Joe ColemanSkip LockwoodHoracio PinaJohn Hiller 473583-110
1974-08-28vs CAL130W  2-161-6969,513 Mickey LolichFrank TananaMickey LolichFrank Tanana 475584-109
1974-08-30vs OAK131L  5-1061-70618,010 Lerrin LaGrowKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanLerrin LaGrowBlue Moon Odom480594-114
1974-08-31vs OAK132W  7-362-70622,247 Joe ColemanVida BlueJoe ColemanVida Blue 487597-110
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-09-01vs OAK133L  3-562-71617,235 Mickey LolichCatfish HunterCatfish HunterMickey LolichRollie Fingers490602-112
1974-09-03vs CLE134L  1-563-7260 Fred HoldsworthGaylord PerryGaylord PerryFred Holdsworth 491607-116
1974-09-03vs CLE135W  5-463-7267,050 Lerrin LaGrowDick BosmanJohn HillerTom Buskey 496611-115
1974-09-04vs CLE136L  4-563-7366,513 Joe ColemanJim PerryTom BuskeyJohn Hiller 500616-116
1974-09-06@ NYA137L  2-663-74620,712Mickey LolichPat DobsonPat DobsonMickey Lolich 502622-120
1974-09-07@ NYA138W  8-364-7560Luke WalkerRudy MayLuke WalkerRudy MayJohn Hiller510625-115
1974-09-07@ NYA139L  0-164-75625,586Woodie FrymanLarry GuraLarry GuraWoodie Fryman 510626-116
1974-09-08@ NYA140W  11-365-75624,216Joe ColemanDick TidrowJoe ColemanDick Tidrow 521629-108
1974-09-09@ CLE141L  1-765-7664,152Lerrin LaGrowDick BosmanDick BosmanLerrin LaGrow 522636-114
1974-09-10@ CLE142L  6-1265-7763,570Mickey LolichFritz PetersonFritz PetersonMickey Lolich 528648-120
1974-09-11vs MIL143L  0-365-7865,896 Luke WalkerJim SlatonJim SlatonLuke Walker 528651-123
1974-09-12vs MIL144W  9-766-7865,806 Joe ColemanJim ColbornJohn HillerTom Murphy 537658-121
1974-09-13vs NYA145W  6-367-78610,963 Woodie FrymanDoc MedichWoodie FrymanDoc Medich 543661-118
1974-09-14vs NYA146L  7-1067-79612,662 Mickey LolichPat DobsonDick TidrowJohn Hiller 550671-121
1974-09-15vs NYA147L  2-1067-80611,849 Luke WalkerLarry GuraLarry GuraLuke Walker 552681-129
1974-09-17@ BOS148W  5-368-80612,213Joe ColemanBill LeeJoe ColemanBill LeeJohn Hiller557684-127
1974-09-18@ BOS149L  5-868-81612,213Lerrin LaGrowJuan MarichalReggie ClevelandLerrin LaGrow 562692-130
1974-09-19@ BOS150W  3-169-81612,290Vern RuhleLuis TiantVern RuhleLuis Tiant 565693-128
1974-09-20@ MIL151W  8-570-8167,249Woodie FrymanBill ChampionDave LemanczykTom Murphy 573698-125
1974-09-21@ MIL152L  2-670-8266,714Mickey LolichJim SlatonJim SlatonMickey Lolich 575704-129
1974-09-22@ MIL153W  6-571-8265,126Joe ColemanClyde WrightJoe ColemanClyde WrightJohn Hiller581709-128
1974-09-24@ BAL154L  4-571-83611,492Vern RuhleDave McNallyBob ReynoldsJohn Hiller 585714-129
1974-09-25@ BAL155L  4-571-84610,542Mickey LolichRoss GrimsleyWayne GarlandMickey Lolich 589719-130
1974-09-26vs BOS156L  3-571-8567,636 Joe ColemanDick DragoDick DragoJohn Hiller 592724-132
1974-09-27vs BOS157L  3-971-8668,177 Woodie FrymanReggie ClevelandReggie ClevelandWoodie Fryman 595733-138
1974-09-28vs BOS158L  2-771-87610,035 Lerrin LaGrowLuis TiantLuis TiantLerrin LaGrowDick Pole597740-143
1974-09-29vs BOS159W  7-472-87621,178 Vern RuhleRoger MoretVern RuhleRoger Moret 604744-140
1974-09-30vs BAL160L  6-1272-8866,575 Mickey LolichRoss GrimsleyGrant JacksonMickey Lolich 610756-146
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1974-10-01vs BAL161L  6-772-8963,673 Joe ColemanJim PalmerGrant JacksonJohn HillerBob Reynolds616763-147
1974-10-02vs BAL162L  4-572-9064,671 Lerrin LaGrowMike CuellarDoyle AlexanderLerrin LaGrowDon Hood620768-148

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