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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  89-73   .549
Result:   2nd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Eddie Kasko, Eddie Popowski
General Manager:   Dick O'Connell
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  1,481,002
Playoffs:  -

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Luis Aparicio (39)
Youngest Player:  Dwight Evans (21)
Longest Tenure:  Carl Yastrzemski (13)
Top Hitter:  Carl Yastrzemski (8)
Top Pitcher:  Luis Tiant (7)
Top Draft Pick:  Ted Cox (#17)

Roster Continuity:  87.24%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8082.49417.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-04-06vs NYA1W  15-51-0232,882 Luis TiantMel StottlemyreLuis TiantMel Stottlemyre 15510
1973-04-07vs NYA2W  10-52-0219,236 Marty PattinSteve KlineMarty PattinSteve KlineBob Veale251015
1973-04-08vs NYA3W  4-33-0212,754 John CurtisDoc MedichBob VealeSparky Lyle 291316
1973-04-14@ NYA4W  3-14-0113,037Luis TiantFritz PetersonLuis TiantFritz PetersonBob Veale321418
1973-04-15@ NYA5L  2-64-1135,700John CurtisMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreJohn Curtis 342014
1973-04-16vs DET6L  7-94-2229,006 Marty PattinMickey LolichMickey LolichMarty PattinLerrin LaGrow412912
1973-04-17vs DET7L  3-64-3211,298 Lynn McGlothenJoe ColemanJoe ColemanLynn McGlothenJohn Hiller44359
1973-04-18vs DET8L  1-74-4315,971 Luis TiantJim PerryJim PerryLuis Tiant 45423
1973-04-19vs DET9L  7-114-5413,572 John CurtisWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanJohn CurtisTom Timmermann5253-1
1973-04-20@ CLE10L  2-34-6612,185Marty PattinGaylord PerryGaylord PerryMarty Pattin 5456-2
1973-04-21@ CLE11W  11-55-649,202Lynn McGlothenDick TidrowLynn McGlothenDick TidrowBill Lee65614
1973-04-22@ CLE12L  7-86-740Luis TiantBrent StromJerry JohnsonSonny Siebert 72693
1973-04-22@ CLE13W  5-26-748,145Roger MoretSteve DunningRoger MoretSteve DunningBob Veale77716
1973-04-24vs MIN14L  4-66-8410,859 Marty PattinDick WoodsonDick WoodsonMarty PattinKen Sanders81774
1973-04-25vs MIN15W  4-37-849,529 Lynn McGlothenBill HandsBill LeeRay CorbinBobby Bolin85805
1973-04-28vs CHA16L  1-27-9418,888 Luis TiantStan BahnsenStan BahnsenLuis TiantTerry Forster86824
1973-04-29vs CHA17L  0-57-10611,617 Marty PattinWilbur WoodWilbur WoodMarty Pattin 8687-1
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-05-01vs TEX18L  6-77-1168,616 Bill LeeRich HandSteve FoucaultLynn McGlothen 9294-2
1973-05-02vs TEX19W  6-28-1168,247 Luis TiantPete BrobergLuis TiantPete Broberg 98962
1973-05-04@ MIN20L  6-98-1267,285Marty PattinJim KaatJim KaatMarty PattinKen Sanders104105-1
1973-05-05@ MIN21W  5-19-1266,996Bill LeeBert BlylevenBill LeeBert BlylevenBob Veale1091063
1973-05-06@ MIN22L  3-109-1367,431Luis TiantBill HandsBill HandsLuis Tiant 112116-4
1973-05-07@ CHA23W  4-110-1346,489John CurtisStan BahnsenJohn CurtisStan Bahnsen 116117-1
1973-05-08@ CHA24L  0-110-1469,234Marty PattinEddie FisherEddie FisherMarty PattinTerry Forster116118-2
1973-05-10vs CLE25W  4-311-1468,640 Bill LeeDick TidrowBill LeeJerry Johnson 120121-1
1973-05-11vs CLE26W  4-212-14312,803 Luis TiantBrent StromLuis TiantBrent Strom 1241231
1973-05-12vs CLE27L  2-1012-15615,510 John CurtisGaylord PerryGaylord PerryJohn Curtis 126133-7
1973-05-13vs CLE28W  8-313-15413,711 Marty PattinMilt WilcoxMarty PattinRay Lamb 134136-2
1973-05-14vs BAL29W  1-014-15113,020 Bill LeeDoyle AlexanderBobby BolinBob Reynolds 135136-1
1973-05-16@ DET30L  5-614-16410,030Luis TiantMickey LolichJohn HillerLuis Tiant 140142-2
1973-05-17@ DET31L  0-114-1759,236John CurtisJim PerryJim PerryJohn Curtis 140143-3
1973-05-18@ DET32L  4-514-18521,845Marty PattinWoodie FrymanTom TimmermannMarty PattinJohn Hiller144148-4
1973-05-19@ BAL33L  1-314-19612,801Bill LeeDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderBill Lee 145151-6
1973-05-21@ BAL34W  4-115-1957,105Luis TiantJim PalmerLuis TiantJim Palmer 149152-3
1973-05-22vs MIL35L  2-415-20610,554 John CurtisJim ColbornJim ColbornJohn CurtisFrank Linzy151156-5
1973-05-23vs MIL36W  5-316-20510,464 Marty PattinJerry BellMarty PattinJerry BellBob Veale156159-3
1973-05-24vs MIL37W  10-117-2058,416 Bill LeeBill ChampionBill LeeBill Champion 1661606
1973-05-27@ KCA38L  3-1318-2150Luis TiantGene GarberGene GarberLuis Tiant 169173-4
1973-05-27@ KCA39W  7-218-21523,952John CurtisSteve BusbyJohn CurtisSteve Busby 1761751
1973-05-28@ KCA40L  4-518-22510,176Marty PattinDick DragoDoug BirdBob Veale 1801800
1973-05-29vs CAL41W  2-119-22412,691 Bill LeeNolan RyanBill LeeNolan RyanBobby Bolin1821811
1973-05-30vs CAL42W  2-120-22411,809 Luis TiantClyde WrightLuis TiantClyde Wright 1841822
1973-05-31vs CAL43L  6-720-23410,600 John CurtisRudy MayRich HandBobby BolinDave Sells1901891
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-06-01vs OAK44W  6-221-23328,053 Marty PattinDave HamiltonMarty PattinDave Hamilton 1961915
1973-06-02vs OAK45L  1-321-24427,692 Bill LeeCatfish HunterCatfish HunterBill Lee 1971943
1973-06-03vs OAK46L  1-1221-25531,497 Luis TiantVida BlueVida BlueLuis TiantHoracio Pina198206-8
1973-06-04vs KCA47W  9-322-25510,653 John CurtisGene GarberJohn CurtisGene GarberDon Newhauser207209-2
1973-06-05vs KCA48W  9-223-25510,966 Marty PattinDick DragoMarty PattinDick Drago 2162115
1973-06-06vs KCA49W  5-424-25412,488 Bill LeeKen WrightBill LeeDoug Bird 2212156
1973-06-08@ TEX50L  2-524-2658,231John CurtisPete BrobergPete BrobergJohn CurtisBill Gogolewski2232203
1973-06-09@ TEX51W  12-125-26512,624Marty PattinSteve DunningMarty PattinSteve DunningBob Veale23522114
1973-06-10@ TEX52W  10-126-2649,729Bill LeeSonny SiebertBill LeeSonny Siebert 24522223
1973-06-12@ CAL53W  6-527-26511,120Luis TiantNolan RyanLuis TiantNolan RyanBobby Bolin25122724
1973-06-13@ CAL54L  5-727-2758,775Ray CulpClyde WrightClyde WrightRay CulpDave Sells25623422
1973-06-14@ CAL55L  3-527-28510,216John CurtisRudy MayRudy MayJohn CurtisDave Sells25923920
1973-06-15@ OAK56L  3-827-2958,196Marty PattinCatfish HunterCatfish HunterMarty Pattin 26224715
1973-06-16@ OAK57L  3-427-3058,935Bill LeeVida BlueDarold KnowlesBobby Bolin 26525114
1973-06-17@ OAK58W  4-228-30515,172Luis TiantKen HoltzmanLuis TiantKen Holtzman 26925316
1973-06-18@ MIL59L  3-828-31522,796Ray CulpJim ColbornJim ColbornRay Culp 27226111
1973-06-19@ MIL60W  8-430-3150Marty PattinJim SlatonMarty PattinFrank Linzy 28026515
1973-06-19@ MIL61W  4-130-31537,836John CurtisChris ShortJohn CurtisSkip LockwoodBob Veale28426618
1973-06-20@ MIL62W  3-231-31512,747Bill LeeBill ParsonsBill LeeBill Parsons 28726819
1973-06-21vs BAL63L  3-631-32521,876 Luis TiantJim PalmerBob ReynoldsLuis TiantGrant Jackson29027416
1973-06-23vs BAL64W  5-132-3340 Ray CulpDave McNallyRay CulpDave McNallyBobby Bolin29527520
1973-06-23vs BAL65L  1-232-33430,676 Marty PattinJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonMarty Pattin 29627719
1973-06-24vs BAL66W  1-033-33426,244 John CurtisDoyle AlexanderJohn CurtisDoyle Alexander 29727720
1973-06-25vs DET67W  2-134-33420,837 Bill LeeJim PerryBill LeeJim Perry 29927821
1973-06-26vs DET68L  1-434-34420,152 Luis TiantMike StrahlerMike StrahlerLuis TiantJohn Hiller30028218
1973-06-28vs CLE69L  2-435-3540 Ray CulpDick TidrowDick TidrowRay CulpTom Timmermann30228616
1973-06-28vs CLE70W  16-735-35415,139 Marty PattinDick BosmanMarty PattinDick BosmanRoger Moret31829325
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-07-01vs MIL71L  5-936-3650 Bill LeeJim ColbornJim ColbornBill LeeFrank Linzy32330221
1973-07-01vs MIL72W  4-236-36525,754 Luis TiantJim SlatonLuis TiantJim Slaton 32730423
1973-07-02@ NYA73W  1-037-36523,453John CurtisFritz PetersonJohn CurtisFritz Peterson 32830424
1973-07-03@ NYA74L  1-337-37414,499Marty PattinSam McDowellSam McDowellMarty PattinSparky Lyle32930722
1973-07-04@ NYA75W  2-139-3730Ray CulpMel StottlemyreRay CulpSparky LyleBob Veale33130823
1973-07-04@ NYA76W  1-039-37341,693Roger MoretDoc MedichRoger MoretDoc Medich 33230824
1973-07-05@ NYA77W  9-440-37312,744Bill LeePat DobsonBill LeePat Dobson 34131229
1973-07-06@ CHA78W  5-241-37328,960Luis TiantWilbur WoodLuis TiantWilbur WoodBob Veale34631432
1973-07-07@ CHA79W  7-342-37335,681John CurtisStan BahnsenJohn CurtisStan Bahnsen 35331736
1973-07-08@ CHA80L  1-643-3820Marty PattinSteve StoneSteve StoneMarty PattinCy Acosta35432331
1973-07-08@ CHA81W  11-243-38219,102Ray CulpBart JohnsonRoger MoretTerry Forster 36532540
1973-07-09@ MIN82W  2-044-38213,692Bill LeeJoe DeckerBill LeeJoe Decker 36732542
1973-07-10@ MIN83W  2-145-38111,907Luis TiantJim KaatLuis TiantJim Kaat 36932643
1973-07-11@ MIN84L  0-345-39211,617John CurtisBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJohn Curtis 36932940
1973-07-12vs TEX85W  5-246-39231,896 Marty PattinDavid ClydeMarty PattinDavid Clyde 37433143
1973-07-13vs TEX86L  1-446-40219,375 Ray CulpJim BibbyJim BibbyRay Culp 37533540
1973-07-14vs TEX87W  6-547-40213,253 Bill LeeSteve DunningBobby BolinJackie BrownBob Veale38134041
1973-07-15vs TEX88W  3-148-40211,793 Luis TiantJim MerrittLuis TiantJim Merritt 38434143
1973-07-16vs CHA89W  9-849-40220,772 John CurtisBart JohnsonBobby BolinCy Acosta 39334944
1973-07-17vs CHA90L  4-849-42325,517 Marty PattinWilbur WoodWilbur WoodMarty PattinTerry Forster39735740
1973-07-17vs CHA91L  0-549-42323,191 Ray CulpStan BahnsenStan BahnsenRay Culp 39736235
1973-07-18vs CHA92W  6-150-42315,809 Bill LeeSteve StoneBill LeeSteve Stone 40336340
1973-07-19vs MIN93L  2-650-43321,359 Luis TiantJoe DeckerJoe DeckerLuis Tiant 40536936
1973-07-20vs MIN94W  5-051-43322,996 John CurtisBert BlylevenJohn CurtisBert Blyleven 41036941
1973-07-21vs MIN95W  3-252-43319,492 Marty PattinDick WoodsonMarty PattinDick WoodsonRoger Moret41337142
1973-07-22vs MIN96L  7-1052-44328,656 Bill LeeJim KaatJim KaatBill LeeRay Corbin42038139
1973-07-26@ DET97L  5-652-45322,364Luis TiantMickey LolichJohn HillerBobby Bolin 42538738
1973-07-27@ DET98L  2-452-46331,828Bill LeeJim PerryJohn HillerBill Lee 42739136
1973-07-28@ CLE99W  7-453-4637,865John CurtisMike KekichJohn CurtisMike KekichRoger Moret43439539
1973-07-29@ CLE100L  2-853-4830Marty PattinGaylord PerryGaylord PerryMarty Pattin 43640333
1973-07-29@ CLE101L  2-653-48326,858Ray CulpTom TimmermannTom TimmermannRay Culp 43840929
1973-07-30vs NYA102W  4-354-48331,700 Luis TiantFred BeeneLuis TiantSparky Lyle 44241230
1973-07-31vs NYA103L  4-554-49433,084 Bill LeePat DobsonLindy McDanielBob Veale 44641729
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-08-01vs NYA104W  3-255-49430,689 John CurtisMel StottlemyreJohn CurtisSparky Lyle 44941930
1973-08-02vs NYA105W  10-056-49430,393 Roger MoretSteve KlineRoger MoretSteve Kline 45941940
1973-08-03@ BAL106W  8-557-5040Luis TiantDave McNallyLuis TiantDave McNally 46742443
1973-08-03@ BAL107L  2-857-50416,712Dick PoleJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonDick Pole 46943237
1973-08-04@ BAL108L  1-457-51420,029Bill LeeJim PalmerJim PalmerBill Lee 47043634
1973-08-05@ BAL109W  7-458-51415,175John CurtisMike CuellarJohn CurtisMike Cuellar 47744037
1973-08-06@ BAL110W  5-359-51312,197Roger MoretDoyle AlexanderRoger MoretDoyle AlexanderBobby Bolin48244339
1973-08-07@ KCA111L  6-759-52422,181Dick PoleDick DragoDoug BirdCraig Skok 48845038
1973-08-08@ KCA112W  9-460-52418,985Luis TiantPaul SplittorffLuis TiantPaul Splittorff 49745443
1973-08-09@ KCA113L  2-360-53417,167Bill LeeSteve BusbySteve BusbyBill LeeDoug Bird49945742
1973-08-10vs CAL114L  3-560-54424,856 John CurtisDick LangeDave SellsJohn Curtis 50246240
1973-08-11vs CAL115W  2-161-54419,046 Roger MoretNolan RyanRoger MoretNolan RyanBob Veale50446341
1973-08-12vs CAL116W  14-862-54320,522 Dick PoleBill SingerDick PoleBill SingerBobby Bolin51847147
1973-08-13vs OAK117L  1-362-55429,960 Luis TiantBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomLuis TiantRollie Fingers51947445
1973-08-14vs OAK118L  0-162-56429,084 Bill LeeDarold KnowlesDarold KnowlesBill Lee 51947544
1973-08-16vs OAK119L  3-662-57420,424 John CurtisVida BlueVida BlueJohn Curtis 52248141
1973-08-17vs KCA120W  6-463-57427,224 Roger MoretDick DragoRoger MoretDick DragoMarty Pattin52848543
1973-08-18vs KCA121W  8-564-57420,065 Dick PolePaul SplittorffDick PolePaul SplittorffBobby Bolin53649046
1973-08-19vs KCA122W  4-365-57427,356 Bill LeeAl FitzmorrisBill LeeAl FitzmorrisBobby Bolin54049347
1973-08-20@ TEX123W  5-466-5734,608John CurtisJim BibbyMarty PattinJackie Brown 54549748
1973-08-21@ TEX124W  15-967-5734,233Roger MoretSteve DunningRoger MoretSteve DunningCraig Skok56050654
1973-08-22@ TEX125W  9-868-5727,787Dick PoleDavid ClydeDick PoleDavid ClydeBobby Bolin56951455
1973-08-24@ CAL126W  3-269-57211,334Bill LeeDick LangeBill LeeDick Lange 57251656
1973-08-25@ CAL127W  4-070-57213,679John CurtisNolan RyanJohn CurtisNolan Ryan 57651660
1973-08-26@ CAL128L  0-170-5828,132Luis TiantBill SingerBill SingerLuis Tiant 57651759
1973-08-27@ OAK129W  5-271-58232,444Roger MoretBlue Moon OdomRoger MoretBlue Moon Odom 58151962
1973-08-28@ OAK130L  1-671-5927,284Dick PoleCatfish HunterCatfish HunterDick PoleRollie Fingers58252557
1973-08-29@ OAK131W  6-472-5927,631Bill LeeVida BlueBill LeeVida BlueBobby Bolin58852959
1973-08-30@ MIL132L  1-472-60210,436John CurtisJim SlatonJim SlatonJohn Curtis 58953356
1973-08-31@ MIL133L  2-372-6220Luis TiantBill ChampionCarlos VelazquezLuis TiantEduardo Rodriguez59153655
1973-08-31@ MIL134L  4-572-62222,198Roger MoretBill ParsonsEduardo RodriguezBobby Bolin 59554154
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-09-01@ MIL135W  5-073-62221,410Marty PattinSkip LockwoodMarty PattinSkip Lockwood 60054159
1973-09-02@ MIL136W  10-474-62211,749Bill LeeJim ColbornBill LeeJim Colborn 61054565
1973-09-03vs BAL137L  8-1375-63227,730 John CurtisDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderJohn CurtisEddie Watt61855860
1973-09-03vs BAL138W  9-875-63222,267 Dick PoleJesse JeffersonBob VealeEddie Watt 62756661
1973-09-04vs BAL139W  2-176-63218,808 Luis TiantJim PalmerLuis TiantJim Palmer 62956762
1973-09-05vs BAL140W  7-577-63221,758 Roger MoretMike CuellarRoger MoretMike CuellarBobby Bolin63657264
1973-09-07vs DET141W  11-378-63229,147 Marty PattinJim PerryMarty PattinJim Perry 64757572
1973-09-08vs DET142L  1-678-64224,694 Bill LeeJoe ColemanJoe ColemanBill LeeJohn Hiller64858167
1973-09-09vs DET143L  4-578-65225,224 John CurtisMickey LolichMickey LolichJohn CurtisJohn Hiller65258666
1973-09-10@ BAL144W  4-379-65218,577Luis TiantJesse JeffersonLuis TiantJesse JeffersonBobby Bolin65658967
1973-09-11@ BAL145L  3-879-66217,278Marty PattinDave McNallyDave McNallyMarty PattinBob Reynolds65959762
1973-09-12@ NYA146W  7-180-66212,556Roger MoretLindy McDanielRoger MoretLindy McDaniel 66659868
1973-09-13@ NYA147L  1-280-6729,797Bill LeeDoc MedichSparky LyleBob Veale 66760067
1973-09-14vs CLE148W  6-481-67211,606 Luis TiantTom TimmermannLuis TiantTom TimmermannBobby Bolin67360469
1973-09-15vs CLE149L  8-981-68211,478 Marty PattinDick TidrowDick TidrowMarty PattinKen Sanders68161368
1973-09-16vs CLE150L  1-581-69212,743 Roger MoretGaylord PerryGaylord PerryRoger Moret 68261864
1973-09-18vs NYA151W  4-282-69217,409 Bill LeeDoc MedichBill LeeDoc Medich 68662066
1973-09-19vs NYA152W  3-183-69217,453 Luis TiantMel StottlemyreLuis TiantMel Stottlemyre 68962168
1973-09-21@ DET153L  1-583-70214,827Roger MoretJim PerryJim PerryRoger MoretJohn Hiller69062664
1973-09-22@ DET154L  3-483-71216,009Bill LeeMickey LolichMickey LolichBill LeeLerrin LaGrow69363063
1973-09-23@ DET155L  0-383-72217,324Luis TiantJoe ColemanJoe ColemanLuis Tiant 69363360
1973-09-24@ DET156W  14-084-72212,108Marty PattinFred HoldsworthMarty PattinFred Holdsworth 70763374
1973-09-25@ CLE157W  3-285-7222,283Roger MoretTom TimmermannRoger MoretTom TimmermannBobby Bolin71063575
1973-09-26@ CLE158L  0-185-7321,453Bill LeeGaylord PerryGaylord PerryBill Lee 71063674
1973-09-28vs MIL159W  11-287-7320 Luis TiantEduardo RodriguezLuis TiantEduardo Rodriguez 72163883
1973-09-28vs MIL160W  5-387-73213,195 Marty PattinKevin KobelMarty PattinKevin Kobel 72664185
1973-09-29vs MIL161W  9-488-7326,882 Roger MoretSkip LockwoodRoger MoretSkip Lockwood 73564590
1973-09-30vs MIL162W  3-289-73211,675 John CurtisJim ColbornJohn CurtisJim ColbornBobby Bolin73864791

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