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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Detroit,MI
Team Record:  85-77   .525
Result:   3rd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Billy Martin, Joe Schultz
General Manager:   Jim Campbell
Stadium:  Tiger Stadium
Attendance:  1,724,146
Playoffs:  -

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Norm Cash (38)
Youngest Player:  Tom Veryzer (20)
Longest Tenure:  Al Kaline (21)
Top Hitter:  Mickey Stanley (35)
Top Pitcher:  Mickey Lolich (9)
Top Draft Pick:  Charles Bates (#19)

Roster Continuity:  87.40%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8082.49417.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-04-07@ CLE1L  1-20-1474,420Mickey LolichGaylord PerryGaylord PerryMickey Lolich 12-1
1973-04-08@ CLE2W  4-01-1410,798Joe ColemanDick TidrowJoe ColemanDick TidrowLerrin LaGrow523
1973-04-11vs BAL3L  1-31-2446,389 Woodie FrymanJim PalmerEddie WattLerrin LaGrow 651
1973-04-12vs BAL4L  0-11-356,303 Mickey LolichDave McNallyDave McNallyMickey LolichOrlando Pena660
1973-04-13vs CLE5W  4-32-335,009 Joe ColemanBrent StromJoe ColemanEd Farmer 1091
1973-04-14vs CLE6W  8-23-3311,908 Jim PerrySteve DunningJim PerrySteve Dunning 18117
1973-04-15vs CLE7L  0-73-4316,726 Tom TimmermannGaylord PerryGaylord PerryTom Timmermann 18180
1973-04-16@ BOS8W  9-74-4329,006Mickey LolichMarty PattinMickey LolichMarty PattinLerrin LaGrow27252
1973-04-17@ BOS9W  6-35-4311,298Joe ColemanLynn McGlothenJoe ColemanLynn McGlothenJohn Hiller33285
1973-04-18@ BOS10W  7-16-4215,971Jim PerryLuis TiantJim PerryLuis Tiant 402911
1973-04-19@ BOS11W  11-77-4213,572Woodie FrymanJohn CurtisWoodie FrymanJohn CurtisTom Timmermann513615
1973-04-20@ BAL12L  5-67-5214,626Mickey LolichDoyle AlexanderBob ReynoldsLerrin LaGrow 564214
1973-04-21@ BAL13W  3-18-5215,448Joe ColemanDave McNallyJoe ColemanDave McNally 594316
1973-04-22@ BAL14L  3-58-6212,883Jim PerryMike CuellarMike CuellarJim Perry 624814
1973-04-24@ TEX15L  1-28-737,119Mickey LolichMike PaulMike PaulMickey LolichSteve Foucault635013
1973-04-25@ TEX16L  1-48-827,386Joe ColemanRich HandRich HandJoe ColemanSteve Foucault645410
1973-04-26@ TEX17W  3-29-835,399Woodie FrymanPete BrobergWoodie FrymanPete BrobergJohn Hiller675611
1973-04-27vs KCA18L  0-39-9216,345 Jim PerrySteve BusbySteve BusbyJim Perry 67598
1973-04-28vs KCA19L  4-79-10312,231 Mickey LolichPaul SplittorffGene GarberJohn Hiller 71665
1973-04-29vs KCA20W  6-110-10216,245 Joe ColemanWayne SimpsonJoe ColemanWayne Simpson 776710
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-05-01vs CAL21L  2-610-11410,118 Woodie FrymanBill SingerBill SingerWoodie Fryman 79736
1973-05-02vs CAL22L  3-510-12510,003 Mickey LolichNolan RyanNolan RyanLerrin LaGrow 82784
1973-05-04vs TEX23W  5-111-1219,639 Jim PerryDick BosmanJim PerryDick BosmanJohn Hiller87798
1973-05-05vs TEX24W  2-012-12111,033 Joe ColemanMike PaulJoe ColemanMike PaulJohn Hiller897910
1973-05-06vs TEX25L  2-712-13114,600 Mickey LolichRich HandRich HandMickey Lolich 91865
1973-05-08@ KCA26L  2-712-14213,065Woodie FrymanPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffWoodie Fryman 93930
1973-05-09@ KCA27W  4-113-14115,680Jim PerrySteve BusbyJim PerrySteve BusbyJohn Hiller97943
1973-05-10@ KCA28L  2-813-15211,412Joe ColemanDick DragoDick DragoJoe Coleman 99102-3
1973-05-11vs MIL29W  6-514-15112,415 Mickey LolichJerry BellMickey LolichJerry Bell 105107-2
1973-05-12vs MIL30L  2-614-16212,640 Woodie FrymanJim SlatonJim SlatonWoodie Fryman 107113-6
1973-05-13vs MIL31L  5-614-17523,810 Jim PerryJim ColbornChris ShortJohn HillerFrank Linzy112119-7
1973-05-14@ NYA32W  8-015-1738,643Joe ColemanFritz PetersonJoe ColemanFritz Peterson 1201191
1973-05-16vs BOS33W  6-516-17110,030 Mickey LolichLuis TiantJohn HillerLuis Tiant 1261242
1973-05-17vs BOS34W  1-017-1719,236 Jim PerryJohn CurtisJim PerryJohn Curtis 1271243
1973-05-18vs BOS35W  5-418-17121,845 Woodie FrymanMarty PattinTom TimmermannMarty PattinJohn Hiller1321284
1973-05-19@ MIL36W  4-219-17111,609Joe ColemanJerry BellJoe ColemanJerry Bell 1361306
1973-05-20@ MIL37L  0-120-1810Mickey LolichBill ParsonsFrank LinzyMickey Lolich 1361315
1973-05-20@ MIL38W  5-320-18141,655Jim PerryGary RyersonJim PerryGary RyersonJohn Hiller1411347
1973-05-22vs NYA39L  2-720-1919,222 Woodie FrymanMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreWoodie Fryman 1431412
1973-05-23vs NYA40L  5-620-20112,038 Joe ColemanFritz PetersonSparky LyleJoe Coleman 1481471
1973-05-24vs NYA41W  4-021-20112,391 Mickey LolichDoc MedichMickey LolichDoc Medich 1521475
1973-05-25vs OAK42W  1-022-20124,011 Jim PerryCatfish HunterJohn HillerRollie Fingers 1531476
1973-05-26vs OAK43W  8-523-20121,179 Woodie FrymanKen HoltzmanChuck SeelbachHoracio PinaJohn Hiller1611529
1973-05-28vs OAK44W  4-324-20121,354 Joe ColemanBlue Moon OdomJoe ColemanBlue Moon OdomJohn Hiller16515510
1973-05-30@ CHA45W  8-325-20114,777Mickey LolichStan BahnsenMickey LolichStan Bahnsen 17315815
1973-05-31@ CHA46L  2-1025-21112,800Jim PerryEddie FisherEddie FisherJim Perry 1751687
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-06-01@ MIN47W  8-326-21119,950Joe ColemanJim KaatJoe ColemanJim KaatJohn Hiller18317112
1973-06-02@ MIN48L  2-326-22113,998Woodie FrymanBert BlylevenKen SandersWoodie Fryman 18517411
1973-06-03@ MIN49W  8-227-22135,815Mickey LolichBill HandsMickey LolichBill Hands 19317617
1973-06-05@ CAL50W  5-228-2219,777Jim PerryRich HandJim PerryRich HandJohn Hiller19817820
1973-06-06@ CAL51L  4-728-23111,691Joe ColemanBill SingerBill SingerJoe ColemanDave Sells20218517
1973-06-07@ CAL52L  0-328-24113,807Woodie FrymanNolan RyanNolan RyanWoodie Fryman 20218814
1973-06-08@ OAK53W  4-129-24113,135Mickey LolichVida BlueMickey LolichVida Blue 20618917
1973-06-09@ OAK54L  0-429-25218,779Jim PerryKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanJim Perry 20619313
1973-06-10@ OAK55L  0-529-26211,782Joe ColemanCatfish HunterCatfish HunterJoe Coleman 2061988
1973-06-12vs CHA56W  6-530-26130,302 Woodie FrymanWilbur WoodJohn HillerWilbur Wood 2122039
1973-06-13vs CHA57L  2-1030-27226,437 Mickey LolichStan BahnsenStan BahnsenMickey Lolich 2142131
1973-06-15vs MIN58L  6-1330-28434,926 Jim PerryDick WoodsonJim KaatJim Perry 220226-6
1973-06-16vs MIN59L  0-530-29423,428 Joe ColemanBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJoe Coleman 220231-11
1973-06-17vs MIN60W  6-031-29452,622 Mickey LolichJoe DeckerMickey LolichJoe Decker 226231-5
1973-06-18@ CLE61W  5-132-29320,011Jim PerryBrent StromJim PerryBrent Strom 231232-1
1973-06-19@ CLE62L  7-832-3043,485Woodie FrymanDick TidrowJerry JohnsonFred Scherman 238240-2
1973-06-20@ CLE63L  6-732-3144,637Joe ColemanDick BosmanTom TimmermannMike Strahler 244247-3
1973-06-21@ NYA64L  1-532-32414,940Mickey LolichPat DobsonPat DobsonMickey Lolich 245252-7
1973-06-22@ NYA65L  4-532-33419,501Jim PerryFritz PetersonLindy McDanielFred Scherman 249257-8
1973-06-23@ NYA66L  2-332-34521,797Woodie FrymanSam McDowellSam McDowellWoodie FrymanLindy McDaniel251260-9
1973-06-24@ NYA67L  2-332-3650Joe ColemanSteve KlineFred BeeneJoe ColemanSparky Lyle253263-10
1973-06-24@ NYA68L  1-232-36562,107Mickey LolichDoc MedichLindy McDanielMickey Lolich 254265-11
1973-06-25@ BOS69L  1-232-37520,837Jim PerryBill LeeBill LeeJim Perry 255267-12
1973-06-26@ BOS70W  4-133-37520,152Mike StrahlerLuis TiantMike StrahlerLuis TiantJohn Hiller259268-9
1973-06-27vs MIL71W  6-335-3750 Joe ColemanJim SlatonJoe ColemanFrank LinzyJohn Hiller265271-6
1973-06-27vs MIL72W  5-435-37530,661 Woodie FrymanEduardo RodriguezEd FarmerSkip LockwoodJohn Hiller270275-5
1973-06-28vs MIL73W  8-636-37515,155 Mickey LolichChris ShortBob MillerRob GardnerJohn Hiller278281-3
1973-06-29vs BAL74L  2-936-38535,247 Jim PerryDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderJim Perry 280290-10
1973-06-30vs BAL75W  4-137-38527,085 Mike StrahlerMike CuellarMike StrahlerMike CuellarJohn Hiller284291-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-07-01vs BAL76W  5-339-3840 Joe ColemanJim PalmerJoe ColemanJim PalmerJohn Hiller289294-5
1973-07-01vs BAL77W  1-039-38448,273 Mickey LolichDave McNallyMickey LolichDave McNally 290294-4
1973-07-02@ CLE78W  4-340-3844,989Woodie FrymanDick TidrowEd FarmerDick TidrowJohn Hiller294297-3
1973-07-03@ CLE79W  5-441-3839,064Jim PerryGaylord PerryEd FarmerGaylord PerryJohn Hiller299301-2
1973-07-04vs CLE80L  2-541-39426,012 Mike StrahlerMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxMike StrahlerTom Hilgendorf301306-5
1973-07-05vs CLE81W  7-542-39417,891 Mickey LolichBrent StromBob MillerTom Timmermann 308311-3
1973-07-06@ KCA82L  1-1242-40417,313Joe ColemanSteve BusbySteve BusbyJoe Coleman 309323-14
1973-07-07@ KCA83L  2-542-41425,178Jim PerryKen WrightKen WrightJim Perry 311328-17
1973-07-08@ KCA84W  3-043-41424,912Mike StrahlerDick DragoMike StrahlerDick DragoJohn Hiller314328-14
1973-07-09vs TEX85L  7-943-42421,933 Mickey LolichSteve DunningBill GogolewskiBob Miller 321337-16
1973-07-10vs TEX86W  5-444-42415,534 Joe ColemanJim MerrittJoe ColemanJim MerrittJohn Hiller326341-15
1973-07-11vs TEX87W  14-245-42413,326 Jim PerryLloyd AllenJim PerryLloyd AllenEd Farmer340343-3
1973-07-12vs CAL88W  7-646-42415,513 Mike StrahlerBill SingerJohn HillerDave Sells 347349-2
1973-07-13vs CAL89W  8-247-42426,646 Mickey LolichClyde WrightMickey LolichClyde Wright 3553514
1973-07-14vs CAL90W  2-148-42428,253 Joe ColemanRudy MayJoe ColemanRudy May 3573525
1973-07-15vs CAL91L  0-648-43441,411 Jim PerryNolan RyanNolan RyanJim Perry 357358-1
1973-07-16vs KCA92L  2-1048-44427,360 Mike StrahlerDick DragoDick DragoMike Strahler 359368-9
1973-07-17vs KCA93L  3-448-45419,903 Mickey LolichAl FitzmorrisAl FitzmorrisMickey LolichDoug Bird362372-10
1973-07-18vs KCA94W  14-449-45419,256 Joe ColemanSteve BusbyJoe ColemanSteve Busby 3763760
1973-07-20@ TEX95L  6-849-4648,770Jim PerryJim MerrittBill GogolewskiJim PerryMike Paul382384-2
1973-07-21@ TEX96L  3-449-47421,643Mickey LolichDavid ClydeJackie BrownMickey Lolich 385388-3
1973-07-22@ TEX97L  3-449-4847,187Joe ColemanJim BibbyJackie BrownJohn Hiller 388392-4
1973-07-26vs BOS98W  6-550-48422,364 Mickey LolichLuis TiantJohn HillerBobby Bolin 394397-3
1973-07-27vs BOS99W  4-251-48431,828 Jim PerryBill LeeJohn HillerBill Lee 398399-1
1973-07-28@ BAL100W  3-252-48429,509Joe ColemanMike CuellarJoe ColemanMike CuellarBob Miller4014010
1973-07-29@ BAL101W  8-353-48416,504Mike StrahlerDon HoodMike StrahlerDon Hood 4094045
1973-07-30@ BAL102W  4-354-48415,584Mickey LolichJesse JeffersonMickey LolichJesse JeffersonJohn Hiller4134076
1973-07-31@ MIL103W  6-556-4830Jim PerryJim ColbornBob MillerJim ColbornJohn Hiller4194127
1973-07-31@ MIL104W  9-456-48327,315Woodie FrymanJim SlatonWoodie FrymanJim SlatonEd Farmer42841612
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-08-01@ MIL105W  2-157-48312,913Joe ColemanSkip LockwoodJoe ColemanEduardo Rodriguez 43041713
1973-08-02@ MIL106L  3-657-49317,008Mike StrahlerJerry BellJerry BellMike Strahler 43342310
1973-08-03vs NYA107W  7-258-49243,334 Mickey LolichSam McDowellMickey LolichSam McDowell 44042515
1973-08-04vs NYA108L  2-358-50348,120 Woodie FrymanFritz PetersonLindy McDanielJohn Hiller 44242814
1973-08-05vs NYA109W  8-659-50242,174 Joe ColemanPat DobsonJoe ColemanPat DobsonJohn Hiller45043416
1973-08-06vs NYA110W  5-460-50151,001 Mike StrahlerMel StottlemyreBob MillerSparky Lyle 45543817
1973-08-07vs OAK111L  4-861-5110 Mickey LolichVida BlueVida BlueMickey LolichDarold Knowles45944613
1973-08-07vs OAK112W  2-061-51142,007 Jim PerryPaul LindbladJim PerryPaul LindbladJohn Hiller46144615
1973-08-08vs OAK113W  3-262-51128,000 Woodie FrymanKen HoltzmanWoodie FrymanKen HoltzmanJohn Hiller46444816
1973-08-09vs CHA114L  4-562-52218,369 Joe ColemanTerry ForsterCy AcostaJoe Coleman 46845315
1973-08-10vs CHA115W  7-363-52131,080 Mike StrahlerSteve StoneFred SchermanSteve Stone 47545619
1973-08-11vs CHA116W  4-264-52141,764 Mickey LolichWilbur WoodMickey LolichWilbur WoodJohn Hiller47945821
1973-08-12vs CHA117W  6-265-52143,211 Jim PerryStan BahnsenJim PerryStan Bahnsen 48546025
1973-08-13@ MIN118W  9-366-52117,633Woodie FrymanBert BlylevenWoodie FrymanBert BlylevenJohn Hiller49446331
1973-08-14@ MIN119L  1-1266-53115,214Joe ColemanDave GoltzDave GoltzJoe Coleman 49547520
1973-08-15@ MIN120L  7-966-54217,214Mickey LolichJoe DeckerBill CampbellBob Miller 50248418
1973-08-17@ CAL121L  2-1066-55216,201Woodie FrymanNolan RyanNolan RyanWoodie Fryman 50449410
1973-08-18@ CAL122L  1-466-56212,490Joe ColemanBill SingerBill SingerJoe Coleman 5054987
1973-08-19@ CAL123W  4-367-56210,289Mickey LolichClyde WrightJohn HillerAurelio Monteagudo 5095018
1973-08-20@ OAK124L  2-767-57241,969Jim PerryVida BlueVida BlueJim Perry 5115083
1973-08-21@ OAK125W  6-468-5728,250Woodie FrymanKen HoltzmanJohn HillerKen Holtzman 5175125
1973-08-22@ OAK126L  3-768-5837,159Joe ColemanBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomJoe ColemanRollie Fingers5205191
1973-08-24@ CHA127W  6-569-58328,850Mickey LolichWilbur WoodFred SchermanCy Acosta 5265242
1973-08-25@ CHA128W  4-270-58324,743Jim PerryStan BahnsenJim PerryStan BahnsenJohn Hiller5305264
1973-08-26@ CHA129L  1-470-6030Joe ColemanJim KaatJim KaatJoe Coleman 5315301
1973-08-26@ CHA130L  1-370-60320,828Woodie FrymanTerry ForsterTerry ForsterWoodie FrymanCy Acosta532533-1
1973-08-27vs MIN131L  3-570-61330,212 Mike StrahlerDanny FifeDanny FifeMike StrahlerBill Campbell535538-3
1973-08-28vs MIN132L  0-570-62318,325 Mickey LolichJoe DeckerJoe DeckerMickey Lolich 535543-8
1973-08-29vs MIN133W  9-571-62316,227 Jim PerryDave GoltzJohn HillerDave Goltz 544548-4
1973-08-30vs CLE134L  0-371-63312,681 Joe ColemanGaylord PerryGaylord PerryJoe Coleman 544551-7
1973-08-31vs CLE135L  3-671-64318,442 Mickey LolichMike KekichMike KekichMickey LolichTom Hilgendorf547557-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-09-01vs CLE136L  4-571-65318,819 Woodie FrymanTom TimmermannTom HilgendorfJohn HillerKen Sanders551562-11
1973-09-02vs CLE137W  2-172-65317,265 Jim PerryDick TidrowJim PerryDick TidrowJohn Hiller553563-10
1973-09-03vs NYA138L  3-472-66320,396 Joe ColemanDoc MedichDoc MedichJoe Coleman 556567-11
1973-09-04vs NYA139W  2-173-66317,908 Mickey LolichMel StottlemyreMickey LolichMel StottlemyreJohn Hiller558568-10
1973-09-05@ CLE140W  7-374-6632,514Lerrin LaGrowTom TimmermannLerrin LaGrowTom TimmermannFred Scherman565571-6
1973-09-06@ CLE141L  4-1074-6732,871Woodie FrymanDick TidrowDick TidrowWoodie Fryman 569581-12
1973-09-07@ BOS142L  3-1174-68329,147Jim PerryMarty PattinMarty PattinJim Perry 572592-20
1973-09-08@ BOS143W  6-175-68324,694Joe ColemanBill LeeJoe ColemanBill LeeJohn Hiller578593-15
1973-09-09@ BOS144W  5-476-68325,224Mickey LolichJohn CurtisMickey LolichJohn CurtisJohn Hiller583597-14
1973-09-10@ MIL145L  5-676-6936,705Lerrin LaGrowJim ColbornJim ColbornLerrin LaGrow 588603-15
1973-09-11@ MIL146W  4-277-6936,438Woodie FrymanJim SlatonWoodie FrymanJim SlatonJohn Hiller592605-13
1973-09-14vs MIL147W  2-178-69312,291 Mickey LolichJim ColbornMickey LolichJim ColbornJohn Hiller594606-12
1973-09-15vs MIL148W  4-379-69315,410 Joe ColemanJim SlatonJoe ColemanJim SlatonJohn Hiller598609-11
1973-09-16vs MIL149L  3-579-70313,043 Woodie FrymanEduardo RodriguezEduardo RodriguezWoodie FrymanBill Champion601614-13
1973-09-18vs BAL150L  2-679-71312,845 Mickey LolichJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonMickey Lolich 603620-17
1973-09-19vs BAL151W  10-180-71312,339 Joe ColemanDave McNallyJoe ColemanDave McNallyJohn Hiller613621-8
1973-09-20vs BAL152L  0-980-72310,529 Woodie FrymanJim PalmerJim PalmerWoodie Fryman 613630-17
1973-09-21vs BOS153W  5-181-72314,827 Jim PerryRoger MoretJim PerryRoger MoretJohn Hiller618631-13
1973-09-22vs BOS154W  4-382-72316,009 Mickey LolichBill LeeMickey LolichBill LeeLerrin LaGrow622634-12
1973-09-23vs BOS155W  3-083-72317,324 Joe ColemanLuis TiantJoe ColemanLuis Tiant 625634-9
1973-09-24vs BOS156L  0-1483-73312,108 Fred HoldsworthMarty PattinMarty PattinFred Holdsworth 625648-23
1973-09-25@ BAL157L  3-883-7438,176Jim PerryJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonJim PerryGrant Jackson628656-28
1973-09-26@ BAL158L  0-483-7535,380Mickey LolichDon HoodDon HoodMickey Lolich 628660-32
1973-09-27@ BAL159W  5-284-7534,719Joe ColemanWayne GarlandJoe ColemanWayne Garland 633662-29
1973-09-28@ NYA160L  1-484-7639,313Woodie FrymanMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreWoodie Fryman 634666-32
1973-09-29@ NYA161L  0-384-7739,502Lerrin LaGrowDoc MedichDoc MedichLerrin LaGrow 634669-35
1973-09-30@ NYA162W  8-585-77332,238Fred HoldsworthFritz PetersonJohn HillerLindy McDaniel 642674-32

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