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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Chicago,IL
Team Record:  83-79   .512
Result:   4th in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Leo Durocher
General Manager:   John Holland
Stadium:  Wrigley Field
Attendance:  1,653,007
Playoffs:  -

Chicago Cubs affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Ernie Banks (40)
Youngest Player:  Burt Hooton (21)
Longest Tenure:  Ernie Banks (19)
Top Hitter:  Billy Williams (7)
Top Pitcher:  Fergie Jenkins (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Jeff Wehmeier (#16)

Roster Continuity:  85.06%
National League Standings
St. Louis9072.5567.0
Chi Cubs8379.51214.0
NY Mets8379.51214.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-04-06vs SLN1W  2-11-0139,079 Fergie JenkinsBob GibsonFergie JenkinsBob Gibson 211
1971-04-07vs SLN2L  3-141-1323,287 Bill HandsSteve CarltonSteve CarltonBill Hands 515-10
1971-04-08@ HOU3L  3-71-2511,375Ken HoltzmanJack BillinghamJack BillinghamKen Holtzman 822-14
1971-04-09@ HOU4W  6-02-2217,359Milt PappasTom GriffinMilt PappasTom Griffin 1422-8
1971-04-10@ HOU5L  1-22-3322,341Fergie JenkinsLarry DierkerGeorge CulverFergie Jenkins 1524-9
1971-04-11@ HOU6L  4-72-4512,978Bill HandsDon WilsonDon WilsonBill Hands 1931-12
1971-04-12@ LAN7L  3-42-5515,407Ken HoltzmanSandy VanceSandy VanceKen HoltzmanJim Brewer2235-13
1971-04-13@ LAN8W  3-23-5515,458Milt PappasBill SingerMilt PappasBill Singer 2537-12
1971-04-15@ SDN9W  4-34-534,515Bill HandsSteve ArlinBill HandsSteve Arlin 2940-11
1971-04-16@ SFN10L  0-94-648,133Fergie JenkinsJuan MarichalJuan MarichalFergie Jenkins 2949-20
1971-04-17@ SFN11L  3-54-7532,896Ken HoltzmanGaylord PerryGaylord PerryKen Holtzman 3254-22
1971-04-18@ SFN12L  1-54-950Milt PappasSteve StoneJohn CumberlandMilt Pappas 3359-26
1971-04-18@ SFN13L  1-84-9527,714Bill BonhamRich RobertsonRich RobertsonBill Bonham 3467-33
1971-04-20vs HOU14W  3-15-966,199 Fergie JenkinsTom GriffinFergie JenkinsTom Griffin 3768-31
1971-04-22vs HOU15L  1-65-1054,100 Bill HandsLarry DierkerLarry DierkerBill Hands 3874-36
1971-04-23vs NYN16L  6-75-1168,418 Ken HoltzmanJerry KoosmanNolan RyanRon Tompkins 4481-37
1971-04-24vs NYN17W  7-56-11623,749 Milt PappasGary GentryMilt PappasGary GentryEarl Stephenson5186-35
1971-04-25vs NYN18W  9-37-11527,223 Fergie JenkinsJim McAndrewFergie JenkinsJim McAndrew 6089-29
1971-04-28vs MON19W  3-28-1154,374 Bill HandsCarl MortonBill HandsCarl Morton 6391-28
1971-04-29vs MON20L  6-78-1257,889 Ken HoltzmanErnie McAnallyClaude RaymondPhil ReganMike Marshall6998-29
1971-04-30vs PHI21L  0-18-1359,110 Milt PappasChris ShortChris ShortMilt Pappas 6999-30
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-05-01vs PHI22W  7-49-13516,618 Fergie JenkinsRick WiseFergie JenkinsRick Wise 76103-27
1971-05-02vs PHI23W  7-110-1359,585 Bill HandsJim BunningBill HandsJim Bunning 83104-21
1971-05-03@ NYN24L  2-310-14516,174Ken HoltzmanGary GentryTug McGrawKen Holtzman 85107-22
1971-05-04@ NYN25L  1-210-15517,963Milt PappasNolan RyanNolan RyanMilt PappasDanny Frisella86109-23
1971-05-05@ NYN26W  5-411-15521,437Fergie JenkinsJim McAndrewFergie JenkinsCharlie Williams 91113-22
1971-05-07@ MON27L  1-311-16517,723Bill HandsCarl MortonCarl MortonBill Hands 92116-24
1971-05-08@ MON28W  3-012-16520,699Ken HoltzmanErnie McAnallyKen HoltzmanErnie McAnally 95116-21
1971-05-09@ MON29L  3-712-17516,872Milt PappasBill StonemanBill StonemanMilt Pappas 98123-25
1971-05-10@ PHI30W  3-013-1758,606Fergie JenkinsChris ShortFergie JenkinsChris Short 101123-22
1971-05-11@ PHI31W  6-214-1759,873Bill HandsRick WiseBill HandsRick Wise 107125-18
1971-05-12@ PHI32W  9-415-1758,518Ken HoltzmanJim BunningKen HoltzmanJim Bunning 116129-13
1971-05-14vs SDN33W  3-216-1747,060 Milt PappasSteve ArlinMilt PappasSteve Arlin 119131-12
1971-05-15vs SDN34W  6-417-17423,845 Fergie JenkinsTom PhoebusFergie JenkinsDick Kelley 125135-10
1971-05-16vs SDN35W  9-819-1740 Bill HandsDanny CoombsEarl StephensonAl Santorini 134143-9
1971-05-16vs SDN36W  6-419-17437,972 Ken HoltzmanClay KirbyKen HoltzmanClay KirbyPhil Regan140147-7
1971-05-18vs SFN37L  3-719-18412,600 Milt PappasRon BryantRon BryantMilt PappasJerry Johnson143154-11
1971-05-19vs SFN38W  9-520-18410,643 Fergie JenkinsSteve StoneFergie JenkinsSteve Stone 152159-7
1971-05-20vs SFN39L  7-820-19416,027 Ken HoltzmanJuan MarichalDon McMahonRon Tompkins 159167-8
1971-05-21vs LAN40L  1-820-20411,859 Bill HandsClaude OsteenClaude OsteenBill Hands 160175-15
1971-05-22vs LAN41W  5-221-20427,538 Milt PappasDon SuttonMilt PappasDon Sutton 165177-12
1971-05-23vs LAN42L  3-421-21427,168 Fergie JenkinsAl DowningPete MikkelsenFergie JenkinsJim Brewer168181-13
1971-05-25@ SLN43L  2-421-22412,667Bill HandsSteve CarltonSteve CarltonBill Hands 170185-15
1971-05-26@ SLN44L  4-921-23512,690Ken HoltzmanJerry ReussChuck TaylorKen Holtzman 174194-20
1971-05-27@ SLN45L  0-1021-24514,167Fergie JenkinsChris ZacharyChris ZacharyFergie Jenkins 174204-30
1971-05-28@ PIT46W  4-222-24412,776Milt PappasLuke WalkerMilt PappasLuke Walker 178206-28
1971-05-29@ PIT47L  4-922-25412,336Bill HandsBob JohnsonBob JohnsonBill HandsDave Giusti182215-33
1971-05-30@ PIT48L  0-1022-26414,643Ken HoltzmanBob MooseBob MooseKen Holtzman 182225-43
1971-05-31@ PIT49L  0-622-27419,589Fergie JenkinsSteve BlassSteve BlassFergie Jenkins 182231-49
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-06-02@ CIN50W  6-324-2740Bill HandsMilt WilcoxBill HandsClay Carroll 188234-46
1971-06-02@ CIN51W  4-124-27420,034Joe DeckerDon GullettPhil ReganWayne GrangerRon Tompkins192235-43
1971-06-03@ CIN52W  1-025-27411,751Ken HoltzmanGary NolanKen HoltzmanGary Nolan 193235-42
1971-06-04@ ATL53W  11-026-27410,761Fergie JenkinsPhil NiekroFergie JenkinsPhil Niekro 204235-31
1971-06-05@ ATL54L  4-626-28414,024Bill BonhamGeorge StoneCecil UpshawPhil Regan 208241-33
1971-06-06@ ATL55W  6-327-28421,533Bill HandsJim NashBill HandsJim Nash 214244-30
1971-06-07vs PIT56L  6-1127-29416,478 Milt PappasNelson BrilesBob VealeMilt PappasDave Giusti220255-35
1971-06-08vs PIT57W  1-028-29414,878 Ken HoltzmanJim NelsonKen HoltzmanMudcat Grant 221255-34
1971-06-09vs PIT58W  3-129-29416,438 Fergie JenkinsBob MooseFergie JenkinsBob Moose 224256-32
1971-06-11vs CIN59L  3-429-30417,871 Bill HandsDon GullettWayne GrangerBill HandsJoe Gibbon227260-33
1971-06-12vs CIN60W  5-230-30432,346 Ken HoltzmanJim McGlothlinKen HoltzmanJim McGlothlinRon Tompkins232262-30
1971-06-13vs CIN61L  3-430-31435,190 Fergie JenkinsGary NolanWayne GrangerFergie Jenkins 235266-31
1971-06-14vs ATL62W  3-231-31414,381 Phil ReganPhil NiekroPhil ReganPhil NiekroRon Tompkins238268-30
1971-06-15vs ATL63W  3-132-31418,758 Bill HandsTom KelleyBill HandsTom Kelley 241269-28
1971-06-16vs ATL64L  5-632-32419,204 Ken HoltzmanJim NashJim NashKen HoltzmanPhil Niekro246275-29
1971-06-17vs SLN65W  7-633-32422,749 Burt HootonSteve CarltonBill BonhamChris Zachary 253281-28
1971-06-18vs SLN66W  15-534-32423,540 Milt PappasJerry ReussMilt PappasJerry ReussPhil Regan268286-18
1971-06-19vs SLN67W  7-135-32432,809 Bill HandsReggie ClevelandBill HandsReggie Cleveland 275287-12
1971-06-20vs SLN68L  4-535-33434,574 Ken HoltzmanAl SantoriniMoe DrabowskyKen Holtzman 279292-13
1971-06-22@ SFN69L  0-235-34412,526Fergie JenkinsJohn CumberlandJohn CumberlandFergie JenkinsJerry Johnson279294-15
1971-06-23@ SFN70L  2-535-35412,418Milt PappasJuan MarichalJuan MarichalMilt Pappas 281299-18
1971-06-25@ SLN71W  12-036-35428,743Bill HandsAl SantoriniBill BonhamAl Santorini 293299-6
1971-06-26@ SLN72W  5-137-35443,300Ken HoltzmanBob GibsonKen HoltzmanBob Gibson 298300-2
1971-06-27@ SLN73W  4-138-35334,964Fergie JenkinsSteve CarltonFergie JenkinsSteve Carlton 3023011
1971-06-28vs LAN74L  4-638-36316,567 Milt PappasAl DowningAl DowningMilt PappasJim Brewer306307-1
1971-06-29vs LAN75W  3-239-36316,580 Bill HandsBob O'BrienBill HandsJoe MoellerPhil Regan3093090
1971-06-30vs LAN76W  10-540-36322,283 Ken HoltzmanClaude OsteenKen HoltzmanClaude Osteen 3193145
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-07-02vs PIT77L  1-540-37328,919 Fergie JenkinsBob MooseBob MooseFergie Jenkins 3203191
1971-07-03vs PIT78W  3-141-37331,422 Milt PappasBob JohnsonMilt PappasBob Johnson 3233203
1971-07-04vs PIT79W  9-742-37330,401 Bill HandsBruce KisonPhil ReganDave GiustiRay Newman3323275
1971-07-05vs PIT80L  2-642-38337,734 Ken HoltzmanSteve BlassSteve BlassKen Holtzman 3343331
1971-07-06@ LAN81W  3-143-38318,671Fergie JenkinsBob O'BrienFergie JenkinsBob O'Brien 3373343
1971-07-07@ LAN82W  6-545-3830Milt PappasAl DowningMilt PappasAl DowningPhil Regan3433394
1971-07-07@ LAN83W  4-345-38331,604Juan PizarroDoyle AlexanderJuan PizarroDoyle AlexanderRay Newman3473425
1971-07-08@ LAN84W  4-246-38321,166Ken HoltzmanJoe MoellerKen HoltzmanJoe Moeller 3513447
1971-07-09@ SDN85L  0-146-4030Bill HandsDave RobertsDave RobertsBill HandsBob Miller3513456
1971-07-09@ SDN86L  2-746-40312,465Joe DeckerSteve ArlinSteve ArlinJoe Decker 3533521
1971-07-10@ SDN87W  3-147-4033,423Fergie JenkinsFred NormanFergie JenkinsFred Norman 3563533
1971-07-11@ SDN88W  2-048-4120Milt PappasTom PhoebusMilt PappasTom Phoebus 3583535
1971-07-11@ SDN89L  5-748-41213,274Juan PizarroClay KirbyClay KirbyJuan PizarroBob Miller3633603
1971-07-15vs PHI90W  7-649-41226,346 Ken HoltzmanRick WiseJoe DeckerJim Bunning 3703664
1971-07-16vs PHI91W  11-250-41223,212 Fergie JenkinsChris ShortFergie JenkinsChris Short 38136813
1971-07-17vs PHI92L  2-550-42230,352 Bill HandsWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanBill HandsJoe Hoerner38337310
1971-07-18vs MON93W  8-451-42231,985 Milt PappasDan McGinnRay NewmanDan McGinn 39137714
1971-07-19vs MON94L  3-551-43213,514 Ken HoltzmanJohn StrohmayerJohn StrohmayerKen HoltzmanMike Marshall39438212
1971-07-20vs NYN95W  4-252-43237,270 Fergie JenkinsGary GentryFergie JenkinsGary Gentry 39838414
1971-07-21vs NYN96W  11-753-43237,828 Bill HandsCharlie WilliamsJoe DeckerCharlie WilliamsPhil Regan40939118
1971-07-22vs NYN97L  1-553-44235,459 Milt PappasTom SeaverTom SeaverMilt Pappas 41039614
1971-07-23@ PHI98L  3-453-45248,543Ken HoltzmanKen ReynoldsKen ReynoldsKen HoltzmanBill Wilson41340013
1971-07-24@ PHI99W  2-154-45230,240Fergie JenkinsRick WiseFergie JenkinsRick Wise 41540114
1971-07-25@ PHI100L  1-254-46219,572Bill HandsChris ShortBill WilsonBill Hands 41640313
1971-07-26@ MON101W  5-255-46216,037Milt PappasSteve RenkoMilt PappasSteve Renko 42140516
1971-07-27@ MON102L  1-655-47220,401Ken HoltzmanErnie McAnallyErnie McAnallyKen Holtzman 42241111
1971-07-28@ MON103W  10-256-47217,063Fergie JenkinsCarl MortonFergie JenkinsCarl Morton 43241319
1971-07-30@ NYN104L  0-456-48330,638Bill HandsGary GentryGary GentryBill Hands 43241715
1971-07-31@ NYN105L  2-556-49343,844Milt PappasRay SadeckiRay SadeckiMilt PappasTug McGraw43442212
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-08-01@ NYN106W  3-257-49343,733Juan PizarroTom SeaverJuan PizarroTom Seaver 43742413
1971-08-02@ HOU107L  1-257-50320,020Fergie JenkinsDon WilsonDon WilsonFergie Jenkins 43842612
1971-08-03@ HOU108W  5-058-50314,622Bill HandsLarry DierkerBill HandsLarry Dierker 44342617
1971-08-04vs SDN109W  3-059-50331,653 Milt PappasFred NormanMilt PappasFred Norman 44642620
1971-08-05vs SDN110W  3-060-50325,233 Juan PizarroClay KirbyJuan PizarroClay Kirby 44942623
1971-08-07vs SFN111W  6-561-50336,715 Fergie JenkinsDon CarrithersFergie JenkinsDon Carrithers 45543124
1971-08-08vs SFN112L  2-462-5130 Bill HandsGaylord PerryGaylord PerryBill Hands 45743522
1971-08-08vs SFN113W  8-062-51343,066 Milt PappasRon BryantMilt PappasRon Bryant 46543530
1971-08-10@ PIT114W  2-163-51221,789Juan PizarroBruce KisonJuan PizarroBruce Kison 46743631
1971-08-11@ PIT115L  2-363-52224,147Fergie JenkinsDock EllisDock EllisPhil Regan 46943930
1971-08-13@ CIN116L  2-863-53326,350Bill HandsDon GullettDon GullettBill HandsWayne Granger47144724
1971-08-14@ CIN117W  3-164-53332,678Milt PappasJim McGlothlinMilt PappasJim McGlothlin 47444826
1971-08-15@ CIN118L  1-564-54328,383Juan PizarroRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyJuan Pizarro 47545322
1971-08-16@ ATL119W  3-065-54312,282Fergie JenkinsTom KelleyFergie JenkinsTom Kelley 47845325
1971-08-17@ ATL120L  4-565-55310,070Bill HandsRon ReedJim NashRay Newman 48245824
1971-08-18@ ATL121W  7-266-55313,432Milt PappasPhil NiekroMilt PappasPhil Niekro 48946029
1971-08-20vs HOU122W  3-268-5520 Fergie JenkinsRon CookFergie JenkinsRon Cook 49246230
1971-08-20vs HOU123W  5-468-55230,711 Ken HoltzmanKen ForschPhil ReganGeorge Culver 49746631
1971-08-21vs HOU124L  0-368-56226,386 Bill HandsJack BillinghamJack BillinghamBill Hands 49746928
1971-08-22vs HOU125L  3-468-57228,933 Milt PappasWade BlasingameJim RayMilt Pappas 50047327
1971-08-23vs CIN126W  6-369-57231,893 Juan PizarroDon GullettJuan PizarroDon Gullett 50647630
1971-08-24vs CIN127L  4-569-58338,065 Fergie JenkinsJim McGlothlinJim McGlothlinFergie JenkinsClay Carroll51048129
1971-08-25vs CIN128L  4-969-59333,111 Bill HandsRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyBill HandsClay Carroll51449024
1971-08-27vs ATL129W  3-070-59323,150 Milt PappasRon ReedMilt PappasRon Reed 51749027
1971-08-28vs ATL130L  3-470-60334,988 Fergie JenkinsPhil NiekroPhil NiekroFergie Jenkins 52049426
1971-08-29vs ATL131L  4-570-61329,685 Juan PizarroTom KelleySteve BarberJuan PizarroJim Nash52449925
1971-08-30vs MON132L  2-670-62313,651 Bill HandsSteve RenkoSteve RenkoBill HandsMike Marshall52650521
1971-08-31vs MON133W  7-671-6330 Milt PappasCarl MortonPhil ReganHowie Reed 53351122
1971-08-31vs MON134L  2-1171-63318,699 Ken HoltzmanJohn StrohmayerJohn StrohmayerKen HoltzmanMike Marshall53552213
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-09-01vs MON135W  5-272-63311,575 Fergie JenkinsBill StonemanFergie JenkinsBill Stoneman 54052416
1971-09-02vs MON136L  5-972-6439,402 Juan PizarroErnie McAnallyErnie McAnallyJuan PizarroMike Marshall54553312
1971-09-03@ SLN137L  1-672-65326,708Bill HandsReggie ClevelandReggie ClevelandBill Hands 5465397
1971-09-04@ SLN138W  7-573-65331,807Milt PappasSteve CarltonMilt PappasSteve CarltonPhil Regan5535449
1971-09-05@ SLN139L  5-1273-66339,309Fergie JenkinsJerry ReussJerry ReussFergie JenkinsChuck Taylor5585562
1971-09-06@ PIT140L  1-473-68439,236Juan PizarroNelson BrilesNelson BrilesJuan Pizarro 559560-1
1971-09-06@ PIT141L  5-1073-68439,236Ken HoltzmanLuke WalkerLuke WalkerKen HoltzmanBob Moose564570-6
1971-09-08@ PIT142L  1-1073-69315,937Milt PappasSteve BlassSteve BlassMilt Pappas 565580-15
1971-09-10vs SLN143L  7-873-7046,792 Fergie JenkinsSteve CarltonStan WilliamsJim Colborn 572588-16
1971-09-11vs SLN144W  7-074-70424,010 Juan PizarroJerry ReussJuan PizarroJerry Reuss 579588-9
1971-09-12vs SLN145L  0-474-71424,017 Ken HoltzmanBob GibsonBob GibsonKen Holtzman 579592-13
1971-09-13vs PIT146L  1-574-7246,477 Milt PappasSteve BlassSteve BlassMilt Pappas 580597-17
1971-09-14vs PIT147L  3-474-7349,706 Fergie JenkinsBob JohnsonBob MooseFergie Jenkins 583601-18
1971-09-15@ NYN148W  6-276-7340Bill HandsJerry KoosmanBill HandsJerry Koosman 589603-14
1971-09-15@ NYN149W  3-276-73421,302Burt HootonTug McGrawBurt HootonDanny Frisella 592605-13
1971-09-16@ NYN150W  1-077-7335,174Juan PizarroTom SeaverJuan PizarroTom Seaver 593605-12
1971-09-17@ PHI151W  4-378-73313,644Joe DeckerKen ReynoldsJoe DeckerKen ReynoldsLarry Gura597608-11
1971-09-18@ PHI152L  3-478-7437,740Milt PappasRick WiseRick WisePhil Regan 600612-12
1971-09-19@ PHI153W  6-379-74320,815Fergie JenkinsBarry LerschFergie JenkinsBarry Lersch 606615-9
1971-09-21vs NYN154W  3-080-7435,464 Burt HootonTom SeaverBurt HootonTom Seaver 609615-6
1971-09-22vs NYN155W  4-181-7434,036 Bill HandsGary GentryBill HandsGary Gentry 613616-3
1971-09-23vs NYN156L  4-581-7532,579 Juan PizarroNolan RyanNolan RyanJuan PizarroTug McGraw617621-4
1971-09-24vs PHI157L  1-681-7632,183 Milt PappasBarry LerschBarry LerschMilt Pappas 618627-9
1971-09-25vs PHI158W  4-282-7638,891 Fergie JenkinsBill ChampionFergie JenkinsBill Champion 622629-7
1971-09-26vs PHI159L  1-582-77318,505 Joe DeckerKen ReynoldsKen ReynoldsJoe Decker 623634-11
1971-09-28@ MON160L  4-582-78310,232Juan PizarroErnie McAnallyErnie McAnallyPhil Regan 627639-12
1971-09-29@ MON161L  5-682-7939,786Milt PappasSteve RenkoMike MarshallRay Newman 632645-13
1971-09-30@ MON162W  5-383-79327,274Fergie JenkinsBill StonemanFergie JenkinsBill Stoneman 637648-11

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