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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  82-80   .506
Result:   3rd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Lum Harris
General Manager:   Paul Richards
Stadium:  Atlanta Stadium
Attendance:  1,006,320
Playoffs:  -

Atlanta Braves affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Hoyt Wilhelm (47)
Youngest Player:  Leo Foster (20)
Longest Tenure:  Phil Niekro, Hank Aaron, Pat Jarvis, Felix Millan, Ron Reed (6)
Top Hitter:  Hank Aaron (6)
Top Pitcher:  Phil Niekro (8)
Top Draft Pick:  Taylor Duncan (#10)

Roster Continuity:  78.00%
National League Standings
SF Giants9072.556--
LA Dodgers8973.5491.0
San Diego61100.37928.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-04-05@ CIN1W  7-41-0151,702Phil NiekroGary NolanCecil UpshawWayne Granger 743
1971-04-07@ CIN2W  2-12-0110,452Ron ReedJim McGlothlinRon ReedJim McGlothlinCecil Upshaw954
1971-04-09vs PIT3L  2-82-1132,734 Pat JarvisBob MooseBob MoosePat JarvisDave Giusti1113-2
1971-04-10vs PIT4W  5-43-1113,079 Phil NiekroSteve BlassCecil UpshawNelson Briles 1617-1
1971-04-11vs PIT5W  3-14-1110,220 Jim NashDock EllisJim NashDock Ellis 19181
1971-04-12vs CIN6L  3-74-2215,178 Ron ReedJim McGlothlinJim McGlothlinRon ReedClay Carroll2225-3
1971-04-13vs CIN7L  4-54-338,870 Pat JarvisDon GullettDon GullettPat JarvisJoe Gibbon2630-4
1971-04-14vs CIN8L  3-84-439,266 Phil NiekroTony CloningerTony CloningerPhil NiekroClay Carroll2938-9
1971-04-16@ PHI9W  8-75-4215,099Jim NashJim BunningCecil UpshawJim Bunning 3745-8
1971-04-17@ PHI10W  6-26-4210,686Ron ReedBarry LerschRon ReedBarry Lersch 4347-4
1971-04-18@ PHI11W  5-47-4229,583Pat JarvisRick WiseCecil UpshawWoodie Fryman 4851-3
1971-04-20@ PIT12W  2-08-428,755Phil NiekroBob MoosePhil NiekroBob Moose 5051-1
1971-04-21@ PIT13L  2-108-527,992Jim NashDock EllisDock EllisJim Nash 5261-9
1971-04-22@ PIT14L  4-78-624,708Ron ReedSteve BlassSteve BlassRon ReedDave Giusti5668-12
1971-04-24vs SDN15L  2-38-738,115 Pat JarvisTom PhoebusTom PhoebusCecil UpshawAl Severinsen5871-13
1971-04-25vs SDN16L  2-39-830 Phil NiekroDave RobertsDave RobertsPhil NiekroAl Severinsen6074-14
1971-04-25vs SDN17W  4-39-8325,922 George StoneClay KirbyCecil UpshawGary Ross 6477-13
1971-04-27vs SFN18L  5-69-9313,494 Ron ReedGaylord PerryJohn CumberlandBob PriddyJerry Johnson6983-14
1971-04-28vs SFN19L  3-59-1047,250 Jim NashSteve StoneSteve StoneJim NashDon McMahon7288-16
1971-04-29vs SFN20L  2-59-1146,194 Pat JarvisRon BryantDon McMahonCecil UpshawJohn Cumberland7493-19
1971-04-30vs LAN21W  7-210-1147,759 Phil NiekroBill SingerPhil NiekroBill Singer 8195-14
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-05-01vs LAN22W  7-511-11316,726 George StoneClaude OsteenMike McQueenSandy Vance 88100-12
1971-05-02vs LAN23W  4-112-11234,906 Ron ReedDon SuttonRon ReedDon Sutton 92101-9
1971-05-04@ SDN24L  2-312-1232,924Pat JarvisTom PhoebusAl SeverinsenPat Jarvis 94104-10
1971-05-05@ SDN25L  1-513-1320Phil NiekroDave RobertsDave RobertsPhil NiekroAl Severinsen95109-14
1971-05-05@ SDN26W  3-113-1324,973Jim NashClay KirbyJim NashClay KirbyCecil Upshaw98110-12
1971-05-07@ SFN27L  3-413-14411,097George StoneGaylord PerryJerry JohnsonGeorge Stone 101114-13
1971-05-08@ SFN28W  5-214-14210,751Ron ReedRon BryantRon ReedRon BryantCecil Upshaw106116-10
1971-05-09@ SFN29L  2-515-1520Pat JarvisSteve StoneSteve StonePat JarvisDon McMahon108121-13
1971-05-09@ SFN30W  6-515-15228,744Phil NiekroRich RobertsonBob PriddyJerry JohnsonCecil Upshaw114126-12
1971-05-11@ LAN31L  1-615-16332,959Jim NashClaude OsteenClaude OsteenJim Nash 115132-17
1971-05-12@ LAN32L  0-515-17315,702George StoneDon SuttonDon SuttonGeorge Stone 115137-22
1971-05-14vs PHI33W  3-216-17310,164 Ron ReedBarry LerschRon ReedBarry LerschCecil Upshaw118139-21
1971-05-15vs PHI34W  6-217-1724,976 Phil NiekroChris ShortPhil NiekroChris Short 124141-17
1971-05-16vs PHI35L  3-417-18316,990 Pat JarvisRick WiseRick WisePat JarvisWoodie Fryman127145-18
1971-05-17vs NYN36W  4-318-18216,051 George StoneTom SeaverBob PriddyRon Taylor 131148-17
1971-05-18vs NYN37W  8-619-1829,264 Mike McQueenJim McAndrewMike McQueenJim McAndrewBob Priddy139154-15
1971-05-19vs MON38W  10-420-1824,686 Jim NashErnie McAnallyJim NashErnie McAnallySteve Barber149158-9
1971-05-20vs MON39L  3-420-1925,497 Phil NiekroSteve RenkoMike MarshallRon Herbel 152162-10
1971-05-21@ NYN40L  2-620-20236,843Pat JarvisNolan RyanNolan RyanPat JarvisDanny Frisella154168-14
1971-05-22@ NYN41L  7-820-21243,649George StoneTom SeaverRon TaylorCecil Upshaw 161176-15
1971-05-23@ NYN42L  0-420-22350,999Mike McQueenRay SadeckiRay SadeckiMike McQueen 161180-19
1971-05-24@ MON43W  9-421-22223,018Jim NashSteve RenkoJim NashSteve RenkoBob Priddy170184-14
1971-05-25@ MON44L  2-321-2338,426Phil NiekroCarl MortonCarl MortonPhil Niekro 172187-15
1971-05-26@ MON45L  1-1121-2436,263Pat JarvisBill StonemanBill StonemanPat Jarvis 173198-25
1971-05-27@ MON46W  4-122-24313,156Tom KelleyErnie McAnallyTom KelleyErnie McAnally 177199-22
1971-05-28@ SLN47L  0-422-25414,537Ron ReedReggie ClevelandReggie ClevelandRon Reed 177203-26
1971-05-29@ SLN48L  7-822-26447,598Jim NashBob GibsonMoe DrabowskyCecil Upshaw 184211-27
1971-05-30@ SLN49L  3-822-27424,380Phil NiekroSteve CarltonSteve CarltonPhil Niekro 187219-32
1971-05-31@ SLN50L  2-322-28420,349George StoneJerry ReussJerry ReussGeorge Stone 189222-33
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-06-01vs HOU51L  6-722-2846,754 Tom KelleyWade BlasingameWade BlasingameTom KelleyFred Gladding195229-34
1971-06-02vs HOU52W  3-122-2844,586 Ron ReedDon WilsonRon ReedDon WilsonCecil Upshaw198230-32
1971-06-03vs HOU53W  5-222-2845,425 Jim NashKen ForschPat JarvisKen ForschBob Priddy203232-29
1971-06-04vs CHN54L  0-1122-29410,761 Phil NiekroFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsPhil Niekro 203243-40
1971-06-05vs CHN55W  6-423-29414,024 George StoneBill BonhamCecil UpshawPhil Regan 209247-38
1971-06-06vs CHN56L  3-623-30421,533 Jim NashBill HandsBill HandsJim Nash 212253-41
1971-06-07vs SLN57L  6-723-31410,354 Ron ReedMike TorrezMoe DrabowskyBob Priddy 218260-42
1971-06-08vs SLN58W  8-724-3148,518 Pat JarvisSteve CarltonCecil UpshawFrank Linzy 226267-41
1971-06-09vs SLN59W  8-325-3147,506 Phil NiekroChris ZacharyPhil NiekroChris Zachary 234270-36
1971-06-10@ HOU60W  2-126-31414,591Tom KelleyLarry DierkerTom KelleyLarry DierkerCecil Upshaw236271-35
1971-06-11@ HOU61L  4-526-32414,885Jim NashWade BlasingameFred GladdingBob Priddy 240276-36
1971-06-12@ HOU62L  2-326-33423,876Ron ReedKen ForschKen ForschRon Reed 242279-37
1971-06-13@ HOU63W  9-027-33419,646Pat JarvisDon WilsonPat JarvisDon Wilson 251279-28
1971-06-14@ CHN64L  2-327-34414,381Phil NiekroPhil ReganPhil ReganPhil NiekroRon Tompkins253282-29
1971-06-15@ CHN65L  1-327-35418,758Tom KelleyBill HandsBill HandsTom Kelley 254285-31
1971-06-16@ CHN66W  6-528-35419,204Jim NashKen HoltzmanJim NashKen HoltzmanPhil Niekro260290-30
1971-06-17@ CIN67L  1-528-36419,068Ron ReedJim McGlothlinJim McGlothlinRon Reed 261295-34
1971-06-18@ CIN68L  1-628-37520,600Pat JarvisGary NolanGary NolanPat Jarvis 262301-39
1971-06-19@ CIN69W  9-329-37434,009Phil NiekroRoss GrimsleyPhil NiekroRoss Grimsley 271304-33
1971-06-20@ CIN70L  4-529-3950George StoneWayne SimpsonJoe GibbonBob Priddy 275309-34
1971-06-20@ CIN71L  0-229-39537,488Tom KelleyDon GullettDon GullettTom KelleyClay Carroll275311-36
1971-06-21vs MON72W  6-430-4050 Jim NashJohn StrohmayerCecil UpshawClaude Raymond 281315-34
1971-06-21vs MON73L  3-530-4058,203 Steve BarberDan McGinnHowie ReedCecil UpshawCarl Morton284320-36
1971-06-22vs MON74W  4-031-4055,567 Ron ReedSteve RenkoRon ReedSteve Renko 288320-32
1971-06-23vs MON75L  3-631-4155,262 Pat JarvisCarl MortonCarl MortonPat JarvisJohn Strohmayer291326-35
1971-06-25vs CIN76W  8-633-4140 Tom KelleyWayne SimpsonBob PriddyJim MerrittCecil Upshaw299332-33
1971-06-25vs CIN77W  10-333-41425,903 Phil NiekroTony CloningerPhil NiekroTony Cloninger 309335-26
1971-06-26vs CIN78W  1-034-41420,436 George StoneJim McGlothlinGeorge StoneJim McGlothlin 310335-25
1971-06-27vs CIN79L  5-734-42415,937 Ron ReedGary NolanGary NolanRon ReedWayne Granger315342-27
1971-06-28@ HOU80L  5-634-4450Steve BarberDon WilsonDon WilsonSteve Barber 320348-28
1971-06-28@ HOU81L  4-634-44518,908Jim NashWade BlasingameJim RayJim NashGeorge Culver324354-30
1971-06-29@ HOU82W  5-435-44514,855Phil NiekroJack BillinghamPhil NiekroJack BillinghamCecil Upshaw329358-29
1971-06-30@ MON83W  6-536-44413,906Tom KelleySteve RenkoTom KelleySteve RenkoRon Herbel335363-28
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-07-01@ MON84W  7-337-44411,176George StoneJohn StrohmayerPhil NiekroMike MarshallCecil Upshaw342366-24
1971-07-02@ NYN85W  3-238-44437,146Ron ReedCharlie WilliamsRon ReedDanny Frisella 345368-23
1971-07-03@ NYN86W  7-139-44430,249Jim NashGary GentryJim NashGary Gentry 352369-17
1971-07-04@ NYN87W  2-040-44427,451Phil NiekroTom SeaverPhil NiekroTom Seaver 354369-15
1971-07-05vs PHI88L  5-640-45433,353 Tom KelleyBill ChampionWoodie FrymanBob PriddyJoe Hoerner359375-16
1971-07-06vs PHI89W  5-241-4547,950 George StoneRick WiseGeorge StoneRick WiseCecil Upshaw364377-13
1971-07-07vs PHI90W  4-242-45412,268 Ron ReedBarry LerschRon ReedBarry Lersch 368379-11
1971-07-09@ PIT91L  2-1142-46429,678Jim NashNelson BrilesNelson BrilesJim Nash 370390-20
1971-07-10@ PIT92L  4-542-47418,955Phil NiekroSteve BlassMudcat GrantPhil NiekroDave Giusti374395-21
1971-07-15vs LAN93L  0-642-48411,431 Ron ReedClaude OsteenClaude OsteenRon Reed 374401-27
1971-07-16vs LAN94W  3-143-48415,884 Phil NiekroDon SuttonPhil NiekroDon Sutton 377402-25
1971-07-17vs LAN95W  10-044-48421,698 George StoneDoyle AlexanderGeorge StoneDoyle Alexander 387402-15
1971-07-18vs SFN96L  4-545-4940 Jim NashDon CarrithersJerry JohnsonBob Priddy 391407-16
1971-07-18vs SFN97W  4-245-49446,489 Tom KelleySteve StoneTom KelleySteve StonePat Jarvis395409-14
1971-07-19vs SFN98L  8-1145-50413,361 Steve BarberJohn CumberlandDon McMahonBob PriddySteve Hamilton403420-17
1971-07-20vs SDN99W  3-146-5045,127 Ron ReedDave RobertsRon ReedDave Roberts 406421-15
1971-07-21vs SDN100W  8-748-5040 Phil NiekroSteve ArlinCecil UpshawAl Severinsen 414428-14
1971-07-21vs SDN101W  1-048-50411,585 Pat JarvisFred NormanPat JarvisFred Norman 415428-13
1971-07-22vs SDN102W  1-049-5047,533 Tom KelleyTom PhoebusTom KelleyTom PhoebusBob Priddy416428-12
1971-07-23@ LAN103W  5-350-50421,705George StoneBill SingerGeorge StoneBill SingerCecil Upshaw421431-10
1971-07-24@ LAN104L  1-250-51445,260Ron ReedClaude OsteenJim BrewerBob Priddy 422433-11
1971-07-25@ LAN105W  3-151-51320,271Phil NiekroDon SuttonPhil NiekroDon Sutton 425434-9
1971-07-27@ SFN106W  4-352-5149,021Pat JarvisJuan MarichalPat JarvisJuan MarichalCecil Upshaw429437-8
1971-07-28@ SFN107L  1-252-5247,580George StoneJohn CumberlandJohn CumberlandJim NashJerry Johnson430439-9
1971-07-29@ SFN108W  4-253-5247,829Ron ReedRon BryantRon ReedRon Bryant 434441-7
1971-07-30@ SDN109W  3-153-5246,669Phil NiekroSteve ArlinBob PriddyBob MillerCecil Upshaw437442-5
1971-07-31@ SDN110W  3-253-5246,228Tom KelleyFred NormanTom KelleyFred NormanJim Nash440444-4
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-08-01@ SDN111L  0-253-5244,327Pat JarvisClay KirbyClay KirbyPat Jarvis 440446-6
1971-08-02@ PHI112L  0-453-53412,104George StoneRick WiseRick WiseGeorge Stone 440450-10
1971-08-03@ PHI113L  2-353-54417,703Ron ReedChris ShortChris ShortBob Priddy 442453-11
1971-08-04@ PHI114W  5-354-54419,086Phil NiekroBarry LerschMike McQueenBucky Brandon 447456-9
1971-08-05vs NYN115W  2-155-54423,598 Tom KelleyRay SadeckiSteve BarberRon Taylor 449457-8
1971-08-06vs NYN116L  1-955-55421,008 Pat JarvisTom SeaverTom SeaverPat Jarvis 450466-16
1971-08-07vs NYN117L  6-2055-56420,827 Ron ReedNolan RyanNolan RyanRon ReedRon Taylor456486-30
1971-08-08vs NYN118W  5-056-56415,664 Phil NiekroCharlie WilliamsPhil NiekroCharlie Williams 461486-25
1971-08-10@ SLN119W  2-157-56420,921George StoneReggie ClevelandGeorge StoneReggie ClevelandCecil Upshaw463487-24
1971-08-11@ SLN120W  9-358-56421,906Tom KelleyChris ZacharyTom KelleyChris ZacharyMike McQueen472490-18
1971-08-12vs HOU121W  10-559-56310,430 Ron ReedWade BlasingameRon ReedWade Blasingame 482495-13
1971-08-13vs HOU122L  2-859-57411,568 Phil NiekroDon WilsonDon WilsonPhil Niekro 484503-19
1971-08-14vs HOU123W  7-060-57325,188 Pat JarvisRon CookPat JarvisRon Cook 491503-12
1971-08-15vs HOU124L  4-560-58412,895 George StoneKen ForschGeorge CulverCecil Upshaw 495508-13
1971-08-16vs CHN125L  0-360-59412,282 Tom KelleyFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsTom Kelley 495511-16
1971-08-17vs CHN126W  5-461-59410,070 Ron ReedBill HandsJim NashRay Newman 500515-15
1971-08-18vs CHN127L  2-761-60413,432 Phil NiekroMilt PappasMilt PappasPhil Niekro 502522-20
1971-08-20vs SLN128W  6-562-60316,099 Pat JarvisReggie ClevelandSteve BarberDon Shaw 508527-19
1971-08-21vs SLN129W  8-563-60322,451 George StoneSteve CarltonGeorge StoneSteve Carlton 516532-16
1971-08-22vs SLN130L  4-1363-61319,650 Ron ReedJerry ReussJerry ReussRon ReedChuck Taylor520545-25
1971-08-23vs PIT131L  3-463-6330 Phil NiekroSteve BlassSteve BlassPhil NiekroDave Giusti523549-26
1971-08-23vs PIT132L  4-1563-63316,163 Tom KelleyBob MooseBob MooseTom KelleyNelson Briles527564-37
1971-08-24vs PIT133W  15-564-6338,478 Mike McQueenBob JohnsonMike McQueenBob JohnsonCecil Upshaw542569-27
1971-08-25vs PIT134L  6-1364-6438,365 Pat JarvisBruce KisonBob MoosePat JarvisBob Miller548582-34
1971-08-27@ CHN135L  0-364-65423,150Ron ReedMilt PappasMilt PappasRon Reed 548585-37
1971-08-28@ CHN136W  4-365-65334,988Phil NiekroFergie JenkinsPhil NiekroFergie Jenkins 552588-36
1971-08-29@ CHN137W  5-466-65329,685Tom KelleyJuan PizarroSteve BarberJuan PizarroJim Nash557592-35
1971-08-31@ SFN138L  0-966-66313,615George StoneGaylord PerryGaylord PerryGeorge Stone 557601-44
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-09-01@ SFN139L  0-466-67310,760Ron ReedJohn CumberlandJohn CumberlandRon Reed 557605-48
1971-09-03@ SDN140L  2-366-6834,169Phil NiekroSteve ArlinSteve ArlinPhil Niekro 559608-49
1971-09-04@ SDN141W  11-767-6834,498Pat JarvisClay KirbyJim NashClay Kirby 570615-45
1971-09-05@ SDN142W  5-268-6834,339Tom KelleyEd AcostaTom KelleyEd AcostaPhil Niekro575617-42
1971-09-06vs HOU143L  4-668-6837,978 George StoneScipio SpinksScipio SpinksGeorge Stone 579623-44
1971-09-07vs HOU144L  1-568-6935,753 Ron ReedDon WilsonDon WilsonRon Reed 580628-48
1971-09-10vs SFN145W  7-569-6938,403 Phil NiekroGaylord PerryJim NashJerry Johnson 587633-46
1971-09-11vs SFN146W  5-470-69311,365 Tom KelleyDon CarrithersCecil UpshawDon McMahon 592637-45
1971-09-12vs SFN147L  1-670-70315,584 George StoneJohn CumberlandJohn CumberlandGeorge Stone 593643-50
1971-09-13@ CIN148L  1-270-7147,144Gary NeibauerGary NolanJoe GibbonPat Jarvis 594645-51
1971-09-14@ CIN149W  5-271-7138,385Ron ReedDon GullettRon ReedDon GullettCecil Upshaw599647-48
1971-09-15@ HOU150W  4-272-7136,513Phil NiekroJack BillinghamPhil NiekroJack Billingham 603649-46
1971-09-16@ HOU151W  4-373-7137,906Tom KelleyJ.R. RichardPat JarvisJ.R. Richard 607652-45
1971-09-17@ LAN152W  3-274-71332,952George StoneClaude OsteenCecil UpshawHoyt Wilhelm 610654-44
1971-09-18@ LAN153W  9-675-71325,482Jim NashBill SingerGary NeibauerJoe MoellerSteve Barber619660-41
1971-09-19@ LAN154L  0-1275-7330Phil NiekroAl DowningAl DowningPhil Niekro 619672-53
1971-09-19@ LAN155L  0-475-73346,735Ron ReedDon SuttonDon SuttonRon Reed 619676-57
1971-09-21vs SDN156W  5-276-7333,504 Tom KelleyJay FranklinTom KelleyJay Franklin 624678-54
1971-09-22vs SDN157L  3-776-7434,474 Pat JarvisEd AcostaEd AcostaPat Jarvis 627685-58
1971-09-24vs LAN158L  0-276-7539,183 Phil NiekroAl DowningAl DowningPhil Niekro 627687-60
1971-09-25vs LAN159L  4-576-7637,887 Ron ReedDon SuttonDon SuttonRon ReedJim Brewer631692-61
1971-09-26vs LAN160L  2-576-77318,923 George StoneClaude OsteenClaude OsteenGeorge StoneJim Brewer633697-64
1971-09-28vs CIN161W  4-077-7734,992 Phil NiekroRoss GrimsleyPhil NiekroRoss Grimsley 637697-60
1971-09-30vs CIN162W  6-277-7735,317 Tom HouseMilt WilcoxTom HouseMilt WilcoxGary Neibauer643699-56

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