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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  90-72   .556
Result:   2nd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Red Schoendienst
General Manager:   Bing Devine
Stadium:  Busch Stadium II
Attendance:  1,604,671
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dick Schofield (36)
Youngest Player:  Rudy Arroyo (21)
Longest Tenure:  Bob Gibson (13)
Top Hitter:  Joe Torre (1)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Gibson (7)
Top Draft Pick:  Ed Kurpiel (#8)

Roster Continuity:  69.98%
National League Standings
St. Louis9072.5567.0
Chi Cubs8379.51214.0
NY Mets8379.51214.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-04-06@ CHN1L  1-20-1639,079Bob GibsonFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsBob Gibson 12-1
1971-04-07@ CHN2W  14-31-1423,287Steve CarltonBill HandsSteve CarltonBill Hands 15510
1971-04-10vs SFN3L  4-61-2626,841 Jerry ReussFrank RebergerFrank RebergerJerry ReussJerry Johnson19118
1971-04-11vs SFN4W  4-22-340 Bob GibsonRich RobertsonBob GibsonRich Robertson 231310
1971-04-11vs SFN5L  2-72-3427,104 Reggie ClevelandJuan MarichalJuan MarichalReggie Cleveland 25205
1971-04-12vs HOU6W  5-43-3311,270 Steve CarltonWade BlasingameSteve CarltonWade BlasingameFrank Linzy30246
1971-04-13vs HOU7L  4-83-435,105 Mike TorrezJack BillinghamGeorge CulverMike TorrezDenny Lemaster34322
1971-04-14@ LAN8W  7-14-4311,644Jerry ReussClaude OsteenJerry ReussClaude OsteenFrank Linzy41338
1971-04-15@ LAN9L  1-24-5412,632Reggie ClevelandAl DowningAl DowningReggie Cleveland 42357
1971-04-16@ SDN10W  7-15-536,782Bob GibsonDanny CoombsBob GibsonDanny Coombs 493613
1971-04-17@ SDN11W  4-06-533,462Steve CarltonTom PhoebusSteve CarltonTom Phoebus 533617
1971-04-18@ SDN12W  4-27-538,777Mike TorrezClay KirbyMike TorrezGary RossFrank Linzy573819
1971-04-19@ SFN13L  2-47-643,630Jerry ReussFrank RebergerRon BryantJerry Reuss 594217
1971-04-20@ SFN14W  2-18-619,791Reggie ClevelandJuan MarichalReggie ClevelandJuan MarichalMoe Drabowsky614318
1971-04-21@ SFN15W  5-39-616,178Bob GibsonGaylord PerryBob GibsonGaylord Perry 664620
1971-04-22vs PHI16W  5-210-618,411 Steve CarltonJim BunningSteve CarltonJim Bunning 714823
1971-04-23vs PHI17L  6-810-7229,290 Mike TorrezBarry LerschBucky BrandonGeorge Brunet 775621
1971-04-24vs PHI18W  5-011-7217,733 Jerry ReussBill ChampionJerry ReussBill Champion 825626
1971-04-25vs PHI19W  5-412-7213,122 Reggie ClevelandChris ShortFrank LinzyWoodie Fryman 876027
1971-04-26vs NYN20L  2-1212-8220,402 Bob GibsonTom SeaverTom SeaverBob Gibson 897217
1971-04-27vs NYN21L  1-212-928,575 Steve CarltonJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanSteve CarltonDanny Frisella907416
1971-04-28vs NYN22L  1-912-1048,171 Mike TorrezGary GentryGary GentryMike Torrez 91838
1971-04-29vs NYN23L  0-712-11410,215 Jerry ReussNolan RyanNolan RyanJerry ReussDanny Frisella91901
1971-04-30vs MON24W  4-213-11410,766 Reggie ClevelandBill StonemanDon ShawClaude Raymond 95923
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-05-01vs MON25W  2-214-11432,061 Bob GibsonSteve Renko 97943
1971-05-02vs MON26W  1-015-11310,320 Steve CarltonCarl MortonSteve CarltonCarl Morton 98944
1971-05-03@ PHI27L  2-315-1239,102Chris ZacharyBarry LerschBarry LerschChris ZacharyJoe Hoerner100973
1971-05-04@ PHI28W  7-316-1239,339Jerry ReussChris ShortJerry ReussChris Short 1071007
1971-05-05@ PHI29W  5-117-12210,184Reggie ClevelandRick WiseReggie ClevelandJoe Hoerner 11210111
1971-05-07@ NYN30L  1-317-13344,304Bob GibsonTom SeaverTom SeaverBob Gibson 1131049
1971-05-09@ NYN31L  5-917-14327,189Steve CarltonJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanSteve CarltonDanny Frisella1181135
1971-05-10@ MON32W  8-518-14316,703Jerry ReussSteve RenkoJerry ReussSteve RenkoFrank Linzy1261188
1971-05-11@ MON33W  10-419-1438,862Reggie ClevelandCarl MortonReggie ClevelandCarl MortonFrank Linzy13612214
1971-05-14@ HOU34W  4-220-14316,437Bob GibsonJack BillinghamBob GibsonJack Billingham 14012416
1971-05-15@ HOU35W  6-521-14219,285Steve CarltonWade BlasingameSteve CarltonTom GriffinChuck Taylor14612917
1971-05-16@ HOU36L  4-1221-15314,983Jerry ReussLarry DierkerLarry DierkerJerry ReussJim Ray1501419
1971-05-18vs LAN37W  6-522-15314,753 Reggie ClevelandDon SuttonMoe DrabowskyJim Brewer 15614610
1971-05-19vs LAN38L  5-622-16313,869 Bob GibsonAl DowningPete MikkelsenBob Gibson 1611529
1971-05-20vs LAN39W  5-023-16211,875 Steve CarltonBill SingerSteve CarltonBill Singer 16615214
1971-05-21vs SDN40W  15-824-16227,298 Jerry ReussDanny CoombsDon ShawBill LaxtonMoe Drabowsky18116021
1971-05-22vs SDN41W  7-425-16110,776 Chris ZacharyDave RobertsChris ZacharyDave RobertsDon Shaw18816424
1971-05-23vs SDN42W  6-126-1619,475 Reggie ClevelandSteve ArlinReggie ClevelandSteve Arlin 19416529
1971-05-24vs SDN43L  3-1226-1728,609 Bob GibsonTom PhoebusTom PhoebusBob GibsonBob Miller19717720
1971-05-25vs CHN44W  4-227-17212,667 Steve CarltonBill HandsSteve CarltonBill Hands 20117922
1971-05-26vs CHN45W  9-428-17112,690 Jerry ReussKen HoltzmanChuck TaylorKen Holtzman 21018327
1971-05-27vs CHN46W  10-029-17114,167 Chris ZacharyFergie JenkinsChris ZacharyFergie Jenkins 22018337
1971-05-28vs ATL47W  4-030-17114,537 Reggie ClevelandRon ReedReggie ClevelandRon Reed 22418341
1971-05-29vs ATL48W  8-731-17147,598 Bob GibsonJim NashMoe DrabowskyCecil Upshaw 23219042
1971-05-30vs ATL49W  8-332-17124,380 Steve CarltonPhil NiekroSteve CarltonPhil Niekro 24019347
1971-05-31vs ATL50W  3-233-17120,349 Jerry ReussGeorge StoneJerry ReussGeorge Stone 24319548
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-06-01@ PIT51L  0-933-18121,516Chris ZacharyDock EllisDock EllisChris Zachary 24320439
1971-06-02@ PIT52L  1-1033-1919,612Reggie ClevelandLuke WalkerLuke WalkerReggie ClevelandBob Veale24421430
1971-06-03@ PIT53W  7-134-19118,947Steve CarltonBob JohnsonSteve CarltonBob Johnson 25121536
1971-06-04@ CIN54L  0-1234-20117,120Chris ZacharyRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyChris Zachary 25122724
1971-06-05@ CIN55W  5-335-20118,144Jerry ReussTony CloningerJerry ReussTony CloningerMoe Drabowsky25623026
1971-06-06@ CIN56L  2-435-21120,189Reggie ClevelandDon GullettDon GullettReggie ClevelandJoe Gibbon25823424
1971-06-07@ ATL57W  7-636-21110,354Mike TorrezRon ReedMoe DrabowskyBob Priddy 26524025
1971-06-08@ ATL58L  7-836-2218,518Steve CarltonPat JarvisCecil UpshawFrank Linzy 27224824
1971-06-09@ ATL59L  3-836-2327,506Chris ZacharyPhil NiekroPhil NiekroChris Zachary 27525619
1971-06-10vs PIT60L  1-336-24318,950 Jerry ReussSteve BlassSteve BlassJerry Reuss 27625917
1971-06-11vs PIT61L  4-1136-25327,308 Reggie ClevelandDock EllisDock EllisReggie ClevelandDave Giusti28027010
1971-06-12vs PIT62L  3-436-26324,565 Mike TorrezNelson BrilesMudcat GrantRudy Arroyo 2832749
1971-06-13vs PIT63L  4-836-27321,205 Steve CarltonLuke WalkerDave GiustiSteve CarltonRamon Hernandez2872825
1971-06-14vs CIN64L  2-736-28318,613 Jerry ReussRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyJerry ReussClay Carroll2892890
1971-06-15vs CIN65W  6-137-28219,514 Reggie ClevelandJim MerrittReggie ClevelandJim Merritt 2952905
1971-06-16vs CIN66L  0-137-29319,232 Al SantoriniDon GullettDon GullettAl Santorini 2952914
1971-06-17@ CHN67L  6-737-30322,749Steve CarltonBurt HootonBill BonhamChris Zachary 3012983
1971-06-18@ CHN68L  5-1537-31323,540Jerry ReussMilt PappasMilt PappasJerry ReussPhil Regan306313-7
1971-06-19@ CHN69L  1-737-32332,809Reggie ClevelandBill HandsBill HandsReggie Cleveland 307320-13
1971-06-20@ CHN70W  5-438-32334,574Al SantoriniKen HoltzmanMoe DrabowskyKen Holtzman 312324-12
1971-06-21@ LAN71L  0-438-33318,480Bob GibsonBob O'BrienBob O'BrienBob Gibson 312328-16
1971-06-22@ LAN72W  6-539-33321,004Steve CarltonClaude OsteenSteve CarltonClaude Osteen 318333-15
1971-06-23@ LAN73W  3-140-33319,910Jerry ReussDon SuttonMoe DrabowskyJim BrewerDon Shaw321334-13
1971-06-24@ LAN74L  4-1140-34319,282Reggie ClevelandAl DowningAl DowningReggie ClevelandJose Pena325345-20
1971-06-25vs CHN75L  0-1240-35328,743 Al SantoriniBill HandsBill BonhamAl Santorini 325357-32
1971-06-26vs CHN76L  1-540-36343,300 Bob GibsonKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanBob Gibson 326362-36
1971-06-27vs CHN77L  1-440-37434,964 Steve CarltonFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsSteve Carlton 327366-39
1971-06-28vs PIT78L  5-1140-38415,024 Jerry ReussBob MooseBob MooseJerry ReussMudcat Grant332377-45
1971-06-29vs PIT79W  8-341-38414,586 Reggie ClevelandLuke WalkerReggie ClevelandLuke Walker 340380-40
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-07-01@ SFN80L  7-841-3947,794Al SantoriniRon BryantDon McMahonChris ZacharyJerry Johnson347388-41
1971-07-02@ SFN81W  7-242-39411,268Bob GibsonSteve StoneBob GibsonSteve Stone 354390-36
1971-07-03@ SFN82L  1-1042-40424,896Steve CarltonJohn CumberlandJohn CumberlandSteve Carlton 355400-45
1971-07-04@ SDN83W  3-243-4045,095Jerry ReussSteve ArlinJerry ReussSteve ArlinMoe Drabowsky358402-44
1971-07-05@ SDN84L  2-343-4144,588Reggie ClevelandFred NormanBob MillerReggie Cleveland 360405-45
1971-07-07@ SDN85L  1-443-4247,456Bob GibsonClay KirbyClay KirbyBob Gibson 361409-48
1971-07-09vs HOU86W  5-245-4240 Steve CarltonKen ForschSteve CarltonKen Forsch 366411-45
1971-07-09vs HOU87W  9-545-42424,748 Jerry ReussWade BlasingameJerry ReussWade BlasingameMoe Drabowsky375416-41
1971-07-10vs HOU88W  6-546-42432,895 Reggie ClevelandJack BillinghamFrank LinzyFred Gladding 381421-40
1971-07-11vs HOU89W  7-347-42415,252 Bob GibsonJim RayBob GibsonJim Ray 388424-36
1971-07-15vs MON90W  7-348-4340 Steve CarltonJohn StrohmayerSteve CarltonJohn Strohmayer 395427-32
1971-07-15vs MON91L  4-648-43419,409 Jerry ReussBill StonemanBill StonemanJerry Reuss 399433-34
1971-07-16vs MON92W  6-049-43423,765 Reggie ClevelandSteve RenkoReggie ClevelandSteve Renko 405433-28
1971-07-17vs MON93L  3-549-44422,791 Bob GibsonErnie McAnallyErnie McAnallyBob Gibson 408438-30
1971-07-18vs NYN94W  8-550-44327,497 Al SantoriniJon MatlackChuck TaylorJon MatlackFrank Linzy416443-27
1971-07-19vs NYN95L  2-550-45420,003 Steve CarltonRay SadeckiRay SadeckiSteve Carlton 418448-30
1971-07-20vs PHI96L  1-550-46414,650 Jerry ReussChris ShortChris ShortJerry Reuss 419453-34
1971-07-21vs PHI97W  6-151-46316,200 Reggie ClevelandBarry LerschReggie ClevelandBarry Lersch 425454-29
1971-07-22vs PHI98W  8-052-46320,547 Bob GibsonWoodie FrymanBob GibsonWoodie Fryman 433454-21
1971-07-23@ MON99W  6-253-46320,480Chuck TaylorDan McGinnChris ZacharyDan McGinn 439456-17
1971-07-24@ MON100W  8-755-4630Steve CarltonJohn StrohmayerDon ShawClaude Raymond 447463-16
1971-07-24@ MON101W  9-355-46324,109Jerry ReussCarl MortonJerry ReussCarl Morton 456466-10
1971-07-25@ MON102L  4-555-47320,346Reggie ClevelandBill StonemanBill StonemanReggie Cleveland 460471-11
1971-07-26@ NYN103W  4-056-47330,586Bob GibsonRay SadeckiBob GibsonRay Sadecki 464471-7
1971-07-27@ NYN104L  2-356-48335,597Chris ZacharyTom SeaverDanny FrisellaChris Zachary 466474-8
1971-07-28@ NYN105W  6-357-48330,796Steve CarltonJon MatlackSteve CarltonJon Matlack 472477-5
1971-07-29@ NYN106W  3-158-48230,254Jerry ReussNolan RyanJerry ReussCharlie Williams 475478-3
1971-07-30@ PHI107W  4-359-48226,461Bob GibsonChris ShortBob GibsonChris Short 479481-2
1971-07-31@ PHI108L  4-559-49219,269Reggie ClevelandKen ReynoldsBucky BrandonMoe Drabowsky 483486-3
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-08-01@ PHI109W  9-660-49222,432Chris ZacharyWoodie FrymanStan WilliamsManny Muniz 4924920
1971-08-02vs SDN110W  3-161-49213,591 Steve CarltonDave RobertsSteve CarltonDave Roberts 4954932
1971-08-03vs SDN111L  1-661-50214,246 Jerry ReussSteve ArlinSteve ArlinJerry Reuss 496499-3
1971-08-04vs SFN112W  7-262-50227,024 Bob GibsonGaylord PerryBob GibsonGaylord Perry 5035012
1971-08-05vs SFN113W  3-263-50218,641 Reggie ClevelandJuan MarichalReggie ClevelandJuan MarichalMoe Drabowsky5065033
1971-08-06vs SFN114W  12-864-50227,192 Chris ZacharyJohn CumberlandDon ShawDon McMahonDaryl Patterson5185117
1971-08-07vs LAN115W  3-265-50236,633 Steve CarltonClaude OsteenFrank LinzyPete Mikkelsen 5215138
1971-08-08vs LAN116L  2-465-51245,195 Jerry ReussDon SuttonDon SuttonJerry ReussJim Brewer5235176
1971-08-09vs LAN117L  5-665-52226,723 Bob GibsonAl DowningAl DowningBob GibsonJim Brewer5285235
1971-08-10vs ATL118L  1-265-53320,921 Reggie ClevelandGeorge StoneGeorge StoneReggie ClevelandCecil Upshaw5295254
1971-08-11vs ATL119L  3-965-54321,906 Chris ZacharyTom KelleyTom KelleyChris ZacharyMike McQueen532534-2
1971-08-12@ PIT120W  3-266-54221,805Steve CarltonLuke WalkerSteve CarltonLuke Walker 535536-1
1971-08-13@ PIT121W  2-067-54231,563Jerry ReussSteve BlassJerry ReussSteve Blass 5375361
1971-08-14@ PIT122W  11-068-54230,678Bob GibsonBob JohnsonBob GibsonBob Johnson 54853612
1971-08-15@ PIT123W  6-469-54249,329Reggie ClevelandBruce KisonFrank LinzyBob MillerMoe Drabowsky55454014
1971-08-16@ CIN124L  5-669-55213,259Steve CarltonWayne SimpsonClay CarrollFrank Linzy 55954613
1971-08-17@ CIN125L  3-569-56214,578Jerry ReussGary NolanWayne GrangerChuck Taylor 56255111
1971-08-18@ CIN126L  0-569-57228,228Bob GibsonDon GullettDon GullettBob Gibson 5625566
1971-08-20@ ATL127L  5-669-58316,099Reggie ClevelandPat JarvisSteve BarberDon Shaw 5675625
1971-08-21@ ATL128L  5-869-59322,451Steve CarltonGeorge StoneGeorge StoneSteve Carlton 5725702
1971-08-22@ ATL129W  13-470-59319,650Jerry ReussRon ReedJerry ReussRon ReedChuck Taylor58557411
1971-08-23@ HOU130W  3-271-59319,167Bob GibsonDon WilsonBob GibsonDon Wilson 58857612
1971-08-24@ HOU131W  2-172-59213,860Reggie ClevelandKen ForschReggie ClevelandKen ForschAl Santorini59057713
1971-08-25@ HOU132W  4-173-59211,025Steve CarltonRon CookSteve CarltonRon Cook 59457816
1971-08-27vs CIN133L  7-873-60233,273 Jerry ReussWayne SimpsonWayne GrangerFrank LinzyJoe Gibbon60158615
1971-08-28vs CIN134W  4-074-60240,823 Bob GibsonGary NolanBob GibsonGary Nolan 60558619
1971-08-29vs CIN135W  4-375-60228,624 Reggie ClevelandDon GullettDon ShawWayne Granger 60958920
1971-08-30vs NYN136W  3-276-60215,257 Steve CarltonJerry KoosmanSteve CarltonJerry Koosman 61259121
1971-08-31vs NYN137W  2-177-60215,854 Jerry ReussNolan RyanJerry ReussDanny Frisella 61459222
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-09-01vs NYN138L  1-777-61222,204 Bob GibsonTom SeaverTom SeaverBob Gibson 61559916
1971-09-03vs CHN139W  6-178-61226,708 Reggie ClevelandBill HandsReggie ClevelandBill Hands 62160021
1971-09-04vs CHN140L  5-778-62231,807 Steve CarltonMilt PappasMilt PappasSteve CarltonPhil Regan62660719
1971-09-05vs CHN141W  12-579-62239,309 Jerry ReussFergie JenkinsJerry ReussFergie JenkinsChuck Taylor63861226
1971-09-06@ PHI142W  6-380-6320Bob GibsonRick WiseBob GibsonRick Wise 64461529
1971-09-06@ PHI143L  1-280-63213,193Chris ZacharyBill ChampionBill ChampionChris ZacharyJoe Hoerner64561728
1971-09-07@ PHI144W  7-581-6329,339Reggie ClevelandKen ReynoldsDon ShawBill WilsonAl Santorini65262230
1971-09-10@ CHN145W  8-782-6326,792Steve CarltonFergie JenkinsStan WilliamsJim Colborn 66062931
1971-09-11@ CHN146L  0-782-64224,010Jerry ReussJuan PizarroJuan PizarroJerry Reuss 66063624
1971-09-12@ CHN147W  4-083-64224,017Bob GibsonKen HoltzmanBob GibsonKen Holtzman 66463628
1971-09-13vs PHI148L  5-683-65213,863 Reggie ClevelandKen ReynoldsBill WilsonDon Shaw 66964227
1971-09-14vs PHI149L  4-583-66210,640 Chris ZacharyRick WiseRick WiseChris ZacharyChris Short67364726
1971-09-15@ PIT150L  1-483-67221,751Steve CarltonDock EllisDock EllisSteve CarltonRamon Hernandez67465123
1971-09-16@ PIT151L  1-683-68218,127Jerry ReussLuke WalkerLuke WalkerJerry ReussRamon Hernandez67565718
1971-09-17@ MON152W  7-284-68213,371Bob GibsonCarl MortonBob GibsonCarl Morton 68265923
1971-09-18@ MON153L  2-484-69216,779Reggie ClevelandBill StonemanBill StonemanReggie Cleveland 68466321
1971-09-19@ MON154W  11-085-69225,769Steve CarltonErnie McAnallySteve CarltonErnie McAnally 69566332
1971-09-21vs PIT155W  6-486-69213,348 Jerry ReussDock EllisMoe DrabowskyDock Ellis 70166734
1971-09-22vs PIT156L  1-586-70214,845 Bob GibsonLuke WalkerLuke WalkerBob GibsonDave Giusti70267230
1971-09-23vs PIT157L  0-586-71210,918 Reggie ClevelandNelson BrilesNelson BrilesReggie Cleveland 70267725
1971-09-24vs MON158W  10-687-7128,109 Steve CarltonSteve RenkoChuck TaylorMike Marshall 71268329
1971-09-25vs MON159W  8-688-7129,114 Jerry ReussCarl MortonDon ShawCarl Morton 72068931
1971-09-26vs MON160W  7-189-71211,473 Daryl PattersonBill StonemanDennis HigginsBill Stoneman 72769037
1971-09-27@ NYN161W  6-190-71211,331Santiago GuzmanRay SadeckiStan WilliamsBuzz CapraMoe Drabowsky73369142
1971-09-28@ NYN162W  5-291-7123,338Steve CarltonNolan RyanSteve CarltonNolan Ryan 73869345
1971-09-30@ NYN163L  1-691-72242,344Daryl PattersonTom SeaverTom SeaverDaryl Patterson 73969940

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