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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Kansas City,MO
Team Record:  85-76   .528
Result:   2nd in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Bob Lemon
General Manager:   Cedric Tallis
Stadium:  Municipal Stadium
Attendance:  910,784
Playoffs:  -

Kansas City Royals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Ted Abernathy (38)
Youngest Player:  Buck Martinez (22)
Longest Tenure:  Bill Butler, Roger Nelson, Bob Oliver, Mike Hedlund, Al Fitzmorris, Buck Martinez, Lou Piniella, Dick Drago, Jim Rooker, Paul Schaal, Ed Kirkpatrick, Joe Keough, Tom Burgmeier, Wally Bunker (3)
Top Hitter:  Paul Schaal (11)
Top Pitcher:  Dick Drago (19)
Top Draft Pick:  Roy Branch (#5)

Roster Continuity:  66.23%
American League Standings
KC Royals8576.52816.0
Chi White Sox7983.48822.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-04-06@ CAL1W  4-11-0124,434Dick DragoClyde WrightDick DragoClyde Wright 413
1971-04-07@ CAL2L  3-71-128,042Wally BunkerTom MurphyTom MurphyWally Bunker 78-1
1971-04-08@ CAL3W  3-22-128,754Mike HedlundAndy MessersmithMike HedlundAndy MessersmithJim York10100
1971-04-09@ OAK4L  0-52-223,131Jim RookerVida BlueVida BlueJim Rooker 1015-5
1971-04-10@ OAK5L  4-52-344,444Bruce Dal CantonDiego SeguiBob LockerJim York 1420-6
1971-04-11@ OAK6W  10-53-345,238Al FitzmorrisCatfish HunterAl FitzmorrisCatfish HunterTed Abernathy2425-1
1971-04-12vs MIN7L  0-23-4432,728 Dick DragoBert BlylevenBert BlylevenDick Drago 2427-3
1971-04-13vs MIN8W  5-34-426,740 Mike HedlundSteve BarberMike HedlundStan WilliamsTed Abernathy2930-1
1971-04-14vs CAL9L  1-44-556,885 Jim RookerClyde WrightClyde WrightJim RookerMel Queen3034-4
1971-04-15vs CAL10L  2-54-657,510 Bruce Dal CantonTom MurphyEddie FisherJim YorkLloyd Allen3239-7
1971-04-17@ MIL11W  5-35-647,509Dick DragoMarty PattinDick DragoMarty PattinTed Abernathy3742-5
1971-04-18@ MIL12W  2-16-740Mike HedlundBill ParsonsTom BurgmeierBill Parsons 3943-4
1971-04-18@ MIL13L  2-36-7420,622Wally BunkerLew KrausseKen SandersTom Burgmeier 4146-5
1971-04-19@ MIN14L  8-96-842,908Jim RookerJim KaatSteve BarberJim RookerRon Perranoski4955-6
1971-04-20@ MIN15L  4-56-953,491Bruce Dal CantonJim PerryJim PerryBruce Dal CantonRon Perranoski5360-7
1971-04-23vs CLE16W  5-27-947,696 Dick DragoSam McDowellDick DragoSam McDowellTom Burgmeier5862-4
1971-04-24vs CLE17W  6-08-937,625 Mike HedlundAlan FosterMike HedlundAlan Foster 64622
1971-04-25vs CLE18W  6-49-929,648 Wally BunkerSteve HarganWally BunkerSteve HarganKen Wright70664
1971-04-26vs DET19L  3-89-1046,424 Jim RookerJoe NiekroJoe NiekroJim RookerBill Zepp7374-1
1971-04-27vs DET20W  8-110-1036,275 Bruce Dal CantonDean ChanceBruce Dal CantonDean Chance 81756
1971-04-28vs DET21L  1-210-1137,006 Dick DragoMickey LolichMickey LolichTed Abernathy 82775
1971-04-30vs BAL22W  5-411-1139,432 Mike HedlundPat DobsonTed AbernathyTom Dukes 87816
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-05-01vs BAL23W  5-212-1138,151 Wally BunkerDave McNallyWally BunkerDave McNallyTed Abernathy92839
1971-05-02vs BAL24L  3-512-12329,120 Ken WrightMike CuellarMike CuellarKen Wright 95887
1971-05-04@ CLE25W  2-013-1232,931Bruce Dal CantonSteve HarganBruce Dal CantonSteve HarganTed Abernathy97889
1971-05-05@ CLE26W  4-214-1223,056Dick DragoSteve DunningDick DragoSteve DunningTom Burgmeier1019011
1971-05-07@ DET27L  1-314-13213,973Mike HedlundMickey LolichMickey LolichMike Hedlund 102939
1971-05-08@ DET28L  1-214-14315,441Wally BunkerJoe ColemanJoe ColemanWally BunkerFred Scherman103958
1971-05-09@ DET29W  6-215-14225,570Ken WrightJoe NiekroTom BurgmeierJoe Niekro 1099712
1971-05-10@ BAL30W  4-116-1425,577Bruce Dal CantonDave McNallyBruce Dal CantonDave McNally 1139815
1971-05-11@ BAL31L  4-516-1524,979Dick DragoPat DobsonEddie WattTed Abernathy 11710314
1971-05-12@ BAL32L  0-616-1625,900Mike HedlundMike CuellarMike CuellarMike Hedlund 1171098
1971-05-13vs OAK33L  3-616-1749,796 Wally BunkerCatfish HunterCatfish HunterWally Bunker 1201155
1971-05-14vs OAK34L  3-516-18421,237 Ken WrightVida BlueBob LockerTed AbernathyDarold Knowles1231203
1971-05-15vs OAK35W  5-417-18412,667 Bruce Dal CantonRollie FingersBruce Dal CantonDarold KnowlesTed Abernathy1281244
1971-05-16vs OAK36L  2-418-1930 Dick DragoChuck DobsonChuck DobsonJim RookerBob Locker1301282
1971-05-16vs OAK37W  10-418-19321,316 Mike McCormickBlue Moon OdomJim YorkBob LockerTed Abernathy1401328
1971-05-19vs CHA38W  2-019-1937,015 Mike HedlundBart JohnsonMike HedlundBart JohnsonTed Abernathy14213210
1971-05-22vs MIL39L  0-1219-2036,654 Ken WrightMarty PattinMarty PattinKen Wright 142144-2
1971-05-23vs MIL40L  0-419-21426,765 Bruce Dal CantonBill ParsonsBill ParsonsBruce Dal Canton 142148-6
1971-05-25@ CHA41W  8-320-2132,241Dick DragoTom BradleyJim YorkTom BradleyTed Abernathy150151-1
1971-05-26@ CHA42L  2-720-2242,605Mike HedlundWilbur WoodWilbur WoodMike Hedlund 152158-6
1971-05-28@ WS243W  5-021-2244,139Ken WrightDenny McLainKen WrightDenny McLain 157158-1
1971-05-31@ BOS44W  7-323-2220Bruce Dal CantonRay CulpBruce Dal CantonRay CulpTed Abernathy1641613
1971-05-31@ BOS45W  9-423-22231,110Dick DragoGary PetersDick DragoGary PetersTom Burgmeier1731658
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-06-01@ BOS46W  4-224-2229,816Mike HedlundJim LonborgMike HedlundJim Lonborg 17716710
1971-06-04@ NYA47W  6-225-22210,803Ken WrightFritz PetersonKen WrightFritz PetersonTom Burgmeier18316914
1971-06-05@ NYA48W  11-726-22210,874Bruce Dal CantonSteve KlineTed AbernathyGary Waslewski 19417618
1971-06-06@ NYA49L  2-526-23259,348Dick DragoStan BahnsenStan BahnsenDick Drago 19618115
1971-06-08vs WS250W  4-227-23213,207 Paul SplittorffCasey CoxPaul SplittorffCasey CoxTed Abernathy20018317
1971-06-09vs WS251W  5-428-2329,242 Mike HedlundGerry JaneskiTom BurgmeierPaul Lindblad 20518718
1971-06-11vs BOS52W  6-329-23215,827 Bruce Dal CantonLuis TiantBruce Dal CantonLuis TiantTed Abernathy21119021
1971-06-12vs BOS53W  7-030-23221,557 Dick DragoJim LonborgDick DragoJim Lonborg 21819028
1971-06-13vs BOS54W  4-331-23215,631 Paul SplittorffSonny SiebertJim YorkSonny SiebertTom Burgmeier22219329
1971-06-14vs NYA55W  4-132-23211,870 Mike HedlundMike KekichMike HedlundMike Kekich 22619432
1971-06-15vs NYA56L  1-232-24215,348 Ken WrightSteve KlineSteve KlineKen Wright 22719631
1971-06-16vs NYA57L  2-332-25225,496 Bruce Dal CantonStan BahnsenStan BahnsenTom Burgmeier 22919930
1971-06-17vs CAL58W  5-033-25210,509 Dick DragoRudy MayDick DragoRudy May 23419935
1971-06-18vs CAL59W  6-134-25214,657 Paul SplittorffAndy HasslerPaul SplittorffAndy Hassler 24020040
1971-06-19vs CAL60L  4-734-2629,800 Mike HedlundAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithJim YorkDave LaRoche24420737
1971-06-20vs CAL61W  5-135-2720 Bruce Dal CantonClyde WrightBruce Dal CantonClyde WrightTed Abernathy24920841
1971-06-20vs CAL62L  4-835-27235,295 Al FitzmorrisTom MurphyTom MurphyAl FitzmorrisLloyd Allen25321637
1971-06-21@ CHA63L  1-535-2827,821Jim RookerTommy JohnTommy JohnJim Rooker 25422133
1971-06-22@ CHA64L  6-1135-2929,105Dick DragoTom BradleyTom BradleyDick DragoBart Johnson26023228
1971-06-23@ CHA65L  3-1235-3025,910Paul SplittorffWilbur WoodWilbur WoodPaul Splittorff 26324419
1971-06-25@ OAK66L  0-735-31233,888Mike HedlundVida BlueVida BlueMike Hedlund 26325112
1971-06-26@ OAK67L  2-435-32239,920Bruce Dal CantonCatfish HunterCatfish HunterBruce Dal CantonRollie Fingers26525510
1971-06-27@ OAK68L  0-336-3320Dick DragoBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomDick Drago 2652587
1971-06-27@ OAK69W  6-336-33233,477Bill ButlerDiego SeguiBill ButlerDiego SeguiTed Abernathy27126110
1971-06-28@ CAL70W  3-037-3328,920Paul SplittorffArchie ReynoldsPaul SplittorffArchie Reynolds 27426113
1971-06-29@ CAL71W  2-138-3328,297Mike HedlundTom MurphyMike HedlundTom Murphy 27626214
1971-06-30@ CAL72L  3-438-34220,635Bruce Dal CantonRudy MayLloyd AllenTed Abernathy 27926613
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-07-01@ CAL73W  9-439-3426,657Dick DragoAndy MessersmithDick DragoAndy Messersmith 28827018
1971-07-02vs CHA74L  1-239-35211,050 Bill ButlerJim MagnusonJim MagnusonBill ButlerBart Johnson28927217
1971-07-03vs CHA75L  0-139-36211,520 Paul SplittorffTommy JohnTommy JohnPaul Splittorff 28927316
1971-07-04vs CHA76L  0-139-37212,146 Mike HedlundWilbur WoodWilbur WoodMike Hedlund 28927415
1971-07-05vs CHA77W  6-141-3720 Bruce Dal CantonTom BradleyBruce Dal CantonTom BradleyTom Burgmeier29527520
1971-07-05vs CHA78W  1-041-37213,296 Jim RookerJoe HorlenJim RookerJoe Horlen 29627521
1971-07-06@ MIL79W  1-042-3726,947Dick DragoMarty PattinDick DragoMarty Pattin 29727522
1971-07-07@ MIL80L  2-842-3827,469Bill ButlerBill ParsonsBill ParsonsBill Butler 29928316
1971-07-08@ MIL81L  1-242-3927,367Paul SplittorffMarcelino LopezMarcelino LopezPaul SplittorffKen Sanders30028515
1971-07-09@ MIN82W  6-343-39211,698Mike HedlundJim PerryTom BurgmeierJim PerryTed Abernathy30628818
1971-07-11@ MIN83L  5-643-4120Bruce Dal CantonJim KaatSteve LuebberTom Burgmeier 31129417
1971-07-11@ MIN84L  1-743-41218,207Dick DragoRay CorbinRay CorbinDick Drago 31230111
1971-07-15vs CLE85W  1-044-4129,663 Dick DragoSam McDowellDick DragoSam McDowell 31330112
1971-07-16vs CLE86L  4-844-42211,221 Bruce Dal CantonSteve DunningSteve DunningBruce Dal CantonPhil Hennigan3173098
1971-07-17vs CLE87W  7-245-42210,319 Mike HedlundRay LambMike HedlundRay LambTom Burgmeier32431113
1971-07-18vs DET88W  8-247-4220 Paul SplittorffBill GilbrethPaul SplittorffBill GilbrethTed Abernathy33231319
1971-07-18vs DET89W  4-347-42226,182 Bill ButlerJoe NiekroJim YorkFred Scherman 33631620
1971-07-19vs DET90L  2-547-4329,831 Jim RookerMickey LolichMickey LolichJim Rooker 33832117
1971-07-20vs BAL91W  7-148-43213,165 Dick DragoMike CuellarDick DragoMike Cuellar 34532223
1971-07-21vs BAL92W  7-249-43213,239 Al FitzmorrisJim PalmerAl FitzmorrisJim PalmerTom Burgmeier35232428
1971-07-22vs BAL93L  0-449-44215,615 Mike HedlundDave LeonhardDave LeonhardMike Hedlund 35232824
1971-07-23@ CLE94W  6-450-44214,004Paul SplittorffSam McDowellJim RookerSam McDowellTom Burgmeier35833226
1971-07-24@ CLE95W  6-151-4428,930Bill ButlerAlan FosterJim YorkAlan Foster 36433331
1971-07-25@ CLE96W  4-352-4520Dick DragoRay LambDick DragoRay Lamb 36833632
1971-07-25@ CLE97L  1-252-45212,247Bruce Dal CantonMike PaulEd FarmerTom BurgmeierSteve Mingori36933831
1971-07-27@ DET98L  4-552-46218,718Mike HedlundMickey LolichMickey LolichJim York 37334330
1971-07-28@ DET99L  7-852-47210,928Paul SplittorffLes CainDean ChanceJim York 38035129
1971-07-29@ DET100L  9-1052-48223,207Bill ButlerJoe ColemanFred SchermanTom Burgmeier 38936128
1971-07-30@ BAL101L  0-152-4926,828Dick DragoJim PalmerJim PalmerDick Drago 38936227
1971-07-31@ BAL102L  0-452-50213,222Bruce Dal CantonPat DobsonPat DobsonBruce Dal Canton 38936623
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-08-02vs OAK103L  1-252-51214,726 Paul SplittorffDiego SeguiDiego SeguiPaul SplittorffRollie Fingers39036822
1971-08-03vs OAK104L  5-752-52235,623 Ken WrightVida BlueBob LockerTom BurgmeierRollie Fingers39537520
1971-08-04vs MIN105W  2-154-5220 Dick DragoBert BlylevenDick DragoBert Blyleven 39737621
1971-08-04vs MIN106W  3-054-52210,803 Al FitzmorrisRay CorbinAl FitzmorrisRay Corbin 40037624
1971-08-05vs MIN107W  7-455-5229,255 Roger NelsonTom HallTed AbernathyStan WilliamsTom Burgmeier40738027
1971-08-06vs MIL108L  1-255-5328,730 Paul SplittorffSkip LockwoodSkip LockwoodPaul SplittorffKen Sanders40838226
1971-08-07vs MIL109L  5-655-5429,738 Ken WrightMarty PattinMarty PattinKen Wright 41338825
1971-08-08vs MIL110W  7-256-54216,758 Dick DragoJim SlatonDick DragoJim Slaton 42039030
1971-08-10@ WS2111W  9-258-5420Al FitzmorrisDick BosmanAl FitzmorrisDick BosmanJim York42939237
1971-08-10@ WS2112W  3-158-5426,409Mike HedlundMike ThompsonMike HedlundMike ThompsonTed Abernathy43239339
1971-08-11@ WS2113W  1-059-5422,799Paul SplittorffBill GogolewskiPaul SplittorffBill Gogolewski 43339340
1971-08-12@ WS2114W  2-060-5520Ken WrightJim ShellenbackKen WrightJim ShellenbackTom Burgmeier43539342
1971-08-12@ WS2115L  1-260-5525,477Lance ClemonsPete BrobergPete BrobergRoger NelsonCasey Cox43639541
1971-08-13@ BOS116W  5-161-55222,700Dick DragoJim LonborgDick DragoJim Lonborg 44139645
1971-08-14@ BOS117W  6-162-55221,325Al FitzmorrisGary PetersAl FitzmorrisGary PetersJim York44739750
1971-08-15@ BOS118W  5-163-55222,453Mike HedlundRay CulpMike HedlundRay CulpTom Burgmeier45239854
1971-08-17@ NYA119L  0-263-5720Paul SplittorffFritz PetersonFritz PetersonPaul Splittorff 45240052
1971-08-17@ NYA120L  5-863-57217,223Lance ClemonsMike KekichMike KekichTed AbernathyRoger Hambright45740849
1971-08-18@ NYA121L  1-363-58211,829Dick DragoMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreDick Drago 45841147
1971-08-20vs WS2122L  3-663-6020 Al FitzmorrisDenny McLainDenny McLainAl Fitzmorris 46141744
1971-08-20vs WS2123L  2-863-60211,523 Ken WrightDick BosmanDick BosmanKen Wright 46342538
1971-08-21vs WS2124W  8-564-6028,489 Mike HedlundMike ThompsonMike HedlundMike ThompsonTom Burgmeier47143041
1971-08-22vs WS2125W  4-165-60212,502 Paul SplittorffJackie BrownPaul SplittorffJackie BrownTom Burgmeier47543144
1971-08-24vs BOS126W  5-466-6029,963 Dick DragoJim LonborgTom BurgmeierLuis Tiant 48043545
1971-08-25vs BOS127W  7-567-6028,101 Al FitzmorrisGary PetersLance ClemonsGary Peters 48744047
1971-08-26vs BOS128L  0-767-6129,216 Ken WrightRay CulpRay CulpKen Wright 48744740
1971-08-27vs NYA129W  4-068-61210,425 Paul SplittorffStan BahnsenPaul SplittorffStan Bahnsen 49144744
1971-08-28vs NYA130W  4-369-61215,845 Mike HedlundFritz PetersonMike HedlundFritz Peterson 49545045
1971-08-29vs NYA131L  3-1069-62213,229 Dick DragoMel StottlemyreAl ClosterDick Drago 49846038
1971-08-31@ MIL132W  6-470-6224,863Al FitzmorrisSkip LockwoodTom BurgmeierSkip LockwoodTed Abernathy50446440
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-09-01@ MIL133L  2-370-6324,976Paul SplittorffLew KrausseKen SandersTom Burgmeier 50646739
1971-09-02@ MIL134L  0-170-6425,385Mike HedlundMarty PattinMarty PattinMike Hedlund 50646838
1971-09-03@ CHA135W  3-172-6420Dick DragoTommy JohnDick DragoTommy John 50946940
1971-09-03@ CHA136W  8-672-64221,138Lance ClemonsJoe HorlenTom BurgmeierSteve KealeyTed Abernathy51747542
1971-09-04@ CHA137W  3-173-64221,092Al FitzmorrisTom BradleyAl FitzmorrisTom BradleyTed Abernathy52047644
1971-09-05@ CHA138L  0-873-6529,367Paul SplittorffWilbur WoodWilbur WoodPaul Splittorff 52048436
1971-09-06vs MIL139W  4-375-6520 Mike HedlundLew KrausseMike HedlundLew KrausseTom Burgmeier52448737
1971-09-06vs MIL140W  6-475-6528,383 Bruce Dal CantonMarcelino LopezTom BurgmeierBob Reynolds 53049139
1971-09-07vs MIL141W  4-376-6525,905 Dick DragoMarty PattinTom BurgmeierKen SandersTed Abernathy53449440
1971-09-08vs MIL142L  6-776-6625,790 Al FitzmorrisJim SlatonJerry BellAl FitzmorrisKen Sanders54050139
1971-09-10vs CHA143W  6-177-6627,158 Paul SplittorffTom BradleyPaul SplittorffTom Bradley 54650244
1971-09-11vs CHA144W  4-278-6628,665 Mike HedlundTommy JohnMike HedlundTommy JohnTom Burgmeier55050446
1971-09-12vs CHA145L  0-378-67210,880 Dick DragoWilbur WoodWilbur WoodDick Drago 55050743
1971-09-13vs OAK146L  1-278-68212,638 Al FitzmorrisCatfish HunterCatfish HunterAl FitzmorrisRollie Fingers55150942
1971-09-14vs OAK147W  2-079-6829,363 Paul SplittorffDiego SeguiMonty MontgomeryDiego Segui 55350944
1971-09-15vs CAL148L  2-679-6925,370 Bruce Dal CantonAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithBruce Dal Canton 55551540
1971-09-16vs CAL149L  1-279-7025,801 Dick DragoClyde WrightClyde WrightDick Drago 55651739
1971-09-17@ MIN150W  2-180-70216,194Mike HedlundJim PerryMike HedlundJim Perry 55851840
1971-09-18@ MIN151W  4-281-7029,811Al FitzmorrisJim KaatAl FitzmorrisJim Kaat 56252042
1971-09-19@ MIN152L  3-682-7120Paul SplittorffBert BlylevenBert BlylevenPaul Splittorff 56552639
1971-09-19@ MIN153W  5-282-7129,665Monty MontgomeryPete HammMonty MontgomeryPete HammTed Abernathy57052842
1971-09-21@ CAL154W  6-283-7126,084Dick DragoClyde WrightDick DragoClyde Wright 57653046
1971-09-22@ CAL155W  10-384-7125,030Mike HedlundRudy MayTed AbernathyLloyd AllenTom Burgmeier58653353
1971-09-25vs MIN156L  2-784-7320 Al FitzmorrisBert BlylevenBert BlylevenAl Fitzmorris 58854048
1971-09-25vs MIN157L  0-784-7327,191 Paul SplittorffJim KaatJim KaatPaul Splittorff 58854741
1971-09-26vs MIN158L  2-685-7420 Dick DragoJim PerryJim PerryDick DragoTom Hall59055337
1971-09-26vs MIN159W  5-385-74212,338 Monty MontgomerySteve LuebberMonty MontgomerySteve LuebberTed Abernathy59555639
1971-09-28@ OAK160L  1-285-7521,252Mike HedlundCatfish HunterCatfish HunterMike HedlundDarold Knowles59655838
1971-09-29@ OAK161L  7-885-7621,415Al FitzmorrisChuck DobsonBob LockerTed Abernathy 60356637

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