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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  79-83   .488
Result:   4th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Harry Walker
General Manager:   Spec Richardson
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  1,261,589
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Fred Gladding (35)
Youngest Player:  Cesar Cedeno (20)
Longest Tenure:  Norm Miller, Jimmy Wynn, Larry Dierker, Joe Morgan (7)
Top Hitter:  Joe Morgan (9)
Top Pitcher:  Don Wilson (6)
Top Draft Pick:  Neil Rasmussen (#12)

Roster Continuity:  84.95%
National League Standings
SF Giants9072.556--
LA Dodgers8973.5491.0
San Diego61100.37928.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-04-05vs LAN1W  5-2-22,421 Larry DierkerBill SingerLarry DierkerBill Singer 523
1971-04-06vs LAN2L  0-2-11,883 Don WilsonClaude OsteenClaude OsteenDon Wilson 541
1971-04-07vs LAN3W  2-1-11,009 Wade BlasingameDon SuttonWade BlasingameDon SuttonGeorge Culver752
1971-04-08vs CHN4W  7-3-11,375 Jack BillinghamKen HoltzmanJack BillinghamKen Holtzman 1486
1971-04-09vs CHN5L  0-6-17,359 Tom GriffinMilt PappasMilt PappasTom Griffin 14140
1971-04-10vs CHN6W  2-1-22,341 Larry DierkerFergie JenkinsGeorge CulverFergie Jenkins 16151
1971-04-11vs CHN7W  7-4-12,978 Don WilsonBill HandsDon WilsonBill Hands 23194
1971-04-12@ SLN8L  4-5-11,270Wade BlasingameSteve CarltonSteve CarltonWade BlasingameFrank Linzy27243
1971-04-13@ SLN9W  8-4-5,105Jack BillinghamMike TorrezGeorge CulverMike TorrezDenny Lemaster35287
1971-04-14@ SFN10L  1-2-3,588Tom GriffinSteve StoneDon McMahonGeorge Culver 36306
1971-04-15@ SFN11L  3-4-3,557Larry DierkerFrank RebergerJerry JohnsonJim Ray 39345
1971-04-16@ LAN12L  5-6-18,492Don WilsonSandy VancePete MikkelsenGeorge Culver 44404
1971-04-17@ LAN13W  5-3-16,172Wade BlasingameBill SingerWade BlasingameBill SingerDenny Lemaster49436
1971-04-18@ LAN14W  8-6-19,097Jack BillinghamClaude OsteenJack BillinghamClaude OsteenGeorge Culver57498
1971-04-20@ CHN15L  1-3-6,199Tom GriffinFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsTom Griffin 58526
1971-04-22@ CHN16W  6-1-4,100Larry DierkerBill HandsLarry DierkerBill Hands 645311
1971-04-23vs MON17L  2-3-25,430 Don WilsonCarl MortonCarl MortonDon WilsonMike Marshall665610
1971-04-24vs MON18L  2-3-17,252 Wade BlasingameSteve RenkoSteve RenkoWade BlasingameMike Marshall68599
1971-04-25vs MON19L  1-2-12,122 Jack BillinghamBill StonemanBill StonemanJack Billingham 69618
1971-04-26vs PHI20L  1-2-7,227 Tom GriffinRick WiseRick WiseTom Griffin 70637
1971-04-27vs PHI21W  1-0-8,152 Larry DierkerJim BunningLarry DierkerJim Bunning 71638
1971-04-28vs PHI22W  4-3-8,576 Don WilsonBarry LerschJim RayBucky Brandon 75669
1971-04-30vs NYN23L  3-4-13,860 Tom GriffinJim McAndrewTug McGrawGeorge Culver 78708
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-05-01vs NYN24W  3-1-23,571 Larry DierkerTom SeaverLarry DierkerTom Seaver 817110
1971-05-02vs NYN25L  5-6-15,616 Don WilsonJerry KoosmanRon TaylorGeorge Culver 86779
1971-05-05@ MON26L  1-5-8,282Wade BlasingameBill StonemanBill StonemanWade Blasingame 87825
1971-05-06@ MON27W  5-2-7,403Larry DierkerSteve RenkoLarry DierkerSteve RenkoFred Gladding92848
1971-05-07@ PHI28W  8-1-15,728Don WilsonJim BunningDon WilsonJim Bunning 1008515
1971-05-09@ PHI29L  1-2-36,145Jack BillinghamBarry LerschBarry LerschJack Billingham 1018714
1971-05-10@ NYN30L  1-2-16,056Wade BlasingameGary GentryGary GentryWade BlasingameTug McGraw1028913
1971-05-11@ NYN31L  1-8-20,612Larry DierkerNolan RyanNolan RyanLarry Dierker 103976
1971-05-12@ NYN32W  5-4-20,547Don WilsonTom SeaverDon WilsonTom SeaverFred Gladding1081017
1971-05-14vs SLN33L  2-4-16,437 Jack BillinghamBob GibsonBob GibsonJack Billingham 1101055
1971-05-15vs SLN34L  5-6-19,285 Wade BlasingameSteve CarltonSteve CarltonTom GriffinChuck Taylor1151114
1971-05-16vs SLN35W  12-4-14,983 Larry DierkerJerry ReussLarry DierkerJerry ReussJim Ray12711512
1971-05-17vs SDN36W  2-0-7,457 Don WilsonDave RobertsDon WilsonDave Roberts 12911514
1971-05-18vs SDN37W  3-2-8,015 Ken ForschSteve ArlinFred GladdingBob Miller 13211715
1971-05-19vs SDN38L  1-2-8,816 Jack BillinghamTom PhoebusBob MillerFred Gladding 13311914
1971-05-20vs SDN39L  2-4-7,162 Wade BlasingameClay KirbyClay KirbyWade BlasingameAl Severinsen13512312
1971-05-21vs SFN40W  4-1-18,555 Larry DierkerGaylord PerryLarry DierkerGaylord PerryFred Gladding13912415
1971-05-22vs SFN41W  2-1-25,893 Don WilsonRich RobertsonGeorge CulverDon McMahon 14112516
1971-05-23vs SFN42L  4-7-23,692 Tom GriffinRon BryantRon BryantTom GriffinJerry Johnson14513213
1971-05-25@ SDN43W  3-2-2,863Jack BillinghamClay KirbyJack BillinghamClay KirbyFred Gladding14813414
1971-05-26@ SDN44W  2-1-0Wade BlasingameAl SantoriniWade BlasingameDave RobertsGeorge Culver15013515
1971-05-26@ SDN45W  8-0-4,221Larry DierkerAl SantoriniLarry DierkerAl Santorini 15813523
1971-05-28@ CIN46L  0-1-11,471Don WilsonDon GullettClay CarrollGeorge Culver 15813622
1971-05-29@ CIN47W  2-1-15,285Ken ForschGary NolanKen ForschGary Nolan 16013723
1971-05-30@ CIN48L  1-2-23,111Jack BillinghamRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyJack Billingham 16113922
1971-05-31@ CIN49W  4-1-12,186Larry DierkerTony CloningerLarry DierkerTony Cloninger 16514025
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-06-01@ ATL50W  7-6-6,754Wade BlasingameTom KelleyWade BlasingameTom KelleyFred Gladding17214626
1971-06-02@ ATL51L  1-3-4,586Don WilsonRon ReedRon ReedDon WilsonCecil Upshaw17314924
1971-06-03@ ATL52L  2-5-5,425Ken ForschJim NashPat JarvisKen ForschBob Priddy17515421
1971-06-04@ PIT53L  2-3-14,025Jack BillinghamBob MooseBob MooseJack BillinghamDave Giusti17715720
1971-06-05@ PIT54W  4-1-23,793Larry DierkerSteve BlassLarry DierkerSteve BlassFred Gladding18115823
1971-06-06@ PIT55L  8-9-23,051Wade BlasingameDock EllisDock EllisWade BlasingameBob Veale18916722
1971-06-08vs CIN56W  2-0-1,740 Don WilsonGary NolanDon WilsonGary Nolan 19116724
1971-06-09vs CIN57L  1-2-16,354 Jack BillinghamRoss GrimsleyClay CarrollJack Billingham 19216923
1971-06-10vs ATL58L  1-2-14,591 Larry DierkerTom KelleyTom KelleyLarry DierkerCecil Upshaw19317122
1971-06-11vs ATL59W  5-4-14,885 Wade BlasingameJim NashFred GladdingBob Priddy 19817523
1971-06-12vs ATL60W  3-2-23,876 Ken ForschRon ReedKen ForschRon Reed 20117724
1971-06-13vs ATL61L  0-9-19,646 Don WilsonPat JarvisPat JarvisDon Wilson 20118615
1971-06-14vs PIT62W  5-4-11,655 Jack BillinghamBob MooseFred GladdingJim Nelson 20619016
1971-06-15vs PIT63L  0-3-16,307 Larry DierkerSteve BlassSteve BlassLarry Dierker 20619313
1971-06-16vs PIT64L  4-6-16,098 Wade BlasingameDock EllisDock EllisWade Blasingame 21019911
1971-06-18@ LAN65L  4-5-20,756Don WilsonClaude OsteenClaude OsteenDon WilsonJim Brewer21420410
1971-06-19@ LAN66L  0-4-24,677Jack BillinghamDon SuttonDon SuttonJack Billingham 2142086
1971-06-20@ LAN67W  9-7-24,277Larry DierkerAl DowningJim RayAl DowningFred Gladding2232158
1971-06-22@ SDN68W  4-2-4,300Ken ForschSteve ArlinKen ForschSteve ArlinFred Gladding22721710
1971-06-23@ SDN69L  2-3-0Don WilsonClay KirbyBob MillerFred Gladding 2292209
1971-06-23@ SDN70L  3-4-5,936Wade BlasingameTom PhoebusBob MillerGeorge Culver 2322248
1971-06-25vs SFN71W  5-4-24,713 Jack BillinghamGaylord PerryJim RayGaylord Perry 2372289
1971-06-26vs SFN72L  1-3-32,025 Larry DierkerRon BryantRon BryantLarry DierkerSteve Hamilton2382317
1971-06-27vs SFN73W  5-2-24,908 Ken ForschSteve StoneKen ForschSteve Stone 24323310
1971-06-28vs ATL74W  6-5-0 Don WilsonSteve BarberDon WilsonSteve Barber 24923811
1971-06-28vs ATL75W  6-4-18,908 Wade BlasingameJim NashJim RayJim NashGeorge Culver25524213
1971-06-29vs ATL76L  4-5-14,855 Jack BillinghamPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJack BillinghamCecil Upshaw25924712
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-07-02vs CIN77W  3-2-17,996 Larry DierkerGary NolanLarry DierkerGary NolanFred Gladding26224913
1971-07-03vs CIN78W  4-3-26,217 Don WilsonDon GullettJim RayJoe Gibbon 26625214
1971-07-04vs CIN79W  6-1-25,768 Ken ForschRoss GrimsleyKen ForschRoss Grimsley 27225319
1971-07-05vs CIN80W  4-3-19,854 Wade BlasingameWayne SimpsonWade BlasingameWayne SimpsonFred Gladding27625620
1971-07-06@ SFN81W  5-2-5,765Jack BillinghamRon BryantJack BillinghamRon BryantGeorge Culver28125823
1971-07-07@ SFN82W  18-4-5,791Larry DierkerSteve StoneLarry DierkerSteve StoneJim Ray29926237
1971-07-08@ SFN83L  2-4-6,849Don WilsonJohn CumberlandJohn CumberlandDon Wilson 30126635
1971-07-09@ SLN84L  2-5-0Ken ForschSteve CarltonSteve CarltonKen Forsch 30327132
1971-07-09@ SLN85L  5-9-24,748Wade BlasingameJerry ReussJerry ReussWade BlasingameMoe Drabowsky30828028
1971-07-10@ SLN86L  5-6-32,895Jack BillinghamReggie ClevelandFrank LinzyFred Gladding 31328627
1971-07-11@ SLN87L  3-7-15,252Jim RayBob GibsonBob GibsonJim Ray 31629323
1971-07-15vs NYN88L  4-9-20,412 Ken ForschGary GentryTug McGrawKen Forsch 32030218
1971-07-16vs NYN89W  9-4-20,621 Jack BillinghamNolan RyanJack BillinghamNolan RyanFred Gladding32930623
1971-07-17vs NYN90W  2-1-32,852 Larry DierkerTom SeaverJim RayTom Seaver 33130724
1971-07-18vs PHI91L  0-1-0 Don WilsonKen ReynoldsKen ReynoldsDon Wilson 33130823
1971-07-18vs PHI92W  10-7-32,181 Wade BlasingameJim BunningGeorge CulverJim Bunning 34131526
1971-07-19vs PHI93W  3-2-13,693 Bill GreifRick WiseBuddy HarrisBill Wilson 34431727
1971-07-20vs MON94L  3-4-12,397 Ken ForschBill StonemanMike MarshallBuddy Harris 34732126
1971-07-21vs MON95L  3-5-13,780 Jack BillinghamSteve RenkoSteve RenkoFred Gladding 35032624
1971-07-22vs MON96W  8-2-15,058 Wade BlasingameErnie McAnallyWade BlasingameErnie McAnallyGeorge Culver35832830
1971-07-23@ NYN97W  5-1-37,227Don WilsonNolan RyanDon WilsonNolan Ryan 36332934
1971-07-24@ NYN98L  3-9-24,368Bill GreifJon MatlackTug McGrawBill Greif 36633828
1971-07-25@ NYN99L  6-7-28,776Ken ForschGary GentryGary GentryKen ForschRon Taylor37234527
1971-07-26@ PHI100W  7-4-10,848Jack BillinghamBarry LerschJim RayBucky Brandon 37934930
1971-07-27@ PHI101L  3-8-0Larry DierkerWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanLarry Dierker 38235725
1971-07-27@ PHI102W  5-1-20,779Wade BlasingameKen ReynoldsWade BlasingameKen Reynolds 38735829
1971-07-28@ PHI103W  6-3-15,802Don WilsonRick WiseDon WilsonRick Wise 39336132
1971-07-30@ MON104L  4-7-0Ken ForschJohn StrohmayerJohn StrohmayerKen ForschMike Marshall39736829
1971-07-30@ MON105W  6-5-23,654Bill GreifBill StonemanJim RayMike Marshall 40337330
1971-07-31@ MON106L  4-6-14,306Jack BillinghamSteve RenkoSteve RenkoJack BillinghamMike Marshall40737928
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-08-01@ MON107W  8-1-17,605Wade BlasingameErnie McAnallyWade BlasingameErnie McAnally 41538035
1971-08-02vs CHN108W  2-1-20,020 Don WilsonFergie JenkinsDon WilsonFergie Jenkins 41738136
1971-08-03vs CHN109L  0-5-14,622 Larry DierkerBill HandsBill HandsLarry Dierker 41738631
1971-08-04vs LAN110W  2-0-23,338 Ken ForschAl DowningKen ForschAl Downing 41938633
1971-08-05vs LAN111L  0-3-17,893 Jack BillinghamBill SingerBill SingerJack Billingham 41938930
1971-08-06vs SDN112L  3-4-21,915 Wade BlasingameDave RobertsDave RobertsJim RayBob Miller42239329
1971-08-07vs SDN113W  5-3-23,334 Don WilsonSteve ArlinDon WilsonSteve ArlinGeorge Culver42739631
1971-08-08vs SDN114L  2-3-19,757 Larry DierkerFred NormanFred NormanDenny LemasterBob Miller42939930
1971-08-10@ CIN115W  3-2-15,083Ken ForschWayne SimpsonKen ForschWayne Simpson 43240131
1971-08-11@ CIN116L  1-5-15,053Jack BillinghamGary NolanGary NolanJack Billingham 43340627
1971-08-12@ ATL117L  5-10-10,430Wade BlasingameRon ReedRon ReedWade Blasingame 43841622
1971-08-13@ ATL118W  8-2-11,568Don WilsonPhil NiekroDon WilsonPhil Niekro 44641828
1971-08-14@ ATL119L  0-7-25,188Ron CookPat JarvisPat JarvisRon Cook 44642521
1971-08-15@ ATL120W  5-4-12,895Ken ForschGeorge StoneGeorge CulverCecil Upshaw 45142922
1971-08-16@ PIT121L  3-8-12,664Jack BillinghamDock EllisDock EllisJack BillinghamDave Giusti45443717
1971-08-17@ PIT122W  6-5-16,694Wade BlasingameLuke WalkerWade BlasingameBob MillerJim Ray46044218
1971-08-18@ PIT123L  2-3-29,670Don WilsonSteve BlassBob MillerDenny Lemaster 46244517
1971-08-20@ CHN124L  2-3-0Ron CookFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsRon Cook 46444816
1971-08-20@ CHN125L  4-5-30,711Ken ForschKen HoltzmanPhil ReganGeorge Culver 46845315
1971-08-21@ CHN126W  3-0-26,386Jack BillinghamBill HandsJack BillinghamBill Hands 47145318
1971-08-22@ CHN127W  4-3-28,933Wade BlasingameMilt PappasJim RayMilt Pappas 47545619
1971-08-23vs SLN128L  2-3-19,167 Don WilsonBob GibsonBob GibsonDon Wilson 47745918
1971-08-24vs SLN129L  1-2-13,860 Ken ForschReggie ClevelandReggie ClevelandKen ForschAl Santorini47846117
1971-08-25vs SLN130L  1-4-11,025 Ron CookSteve CarltonSteve CarltonRon Cook 47946514
1971-08-27vs PIT131L  3-7-14,933 Jack BillinghamDock EllisDock EllisJack BillinghamDave Giusti48247210
1971-08-28vs PIT132W  4-0-25,619 Don WilsonSteve BlassDon WilsonSteve Blass 48647214
1971-08-29vs PIT133L  2-5-15,723 Wade BlasingameBob JohnsonBob JohnsonWade BlasingameDave Giusti48847711
1971-08-30vs LAN134L  2-3-6,410 Ken ForschAl DowningAl DowningKen ForschJim Brewer49048010
1971-08-31vs LAN135L  1-6-7,340 Ron CookDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderRon Cook 4914865
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1971-09-01vs LAN136L  2-9-6,474 Jack BillinghamDon SuttonDon SuttonJack Billingham 493495-2
1971-09-02vs LAN137W  9-3-7,508 Don WilsonClaude OsteenDon WilsonClaude Osteen 5024984
1971-09-03@ SFN138L  6-16-9,120Wade BlasingameJuan MarichalJim BarrJim RayJerry Johnson508514-6
1971-09-04@ SFN139L  0-1-10,698Ken ForschDon CarrithersDon CarrithersKen Forsch 508515-7
1971-09-05@ SFN140W  1-0-0Jack BillinghamGaylord PerryJack BillinghamGaylord Perry 509515-6
1971-09-05@ SFN141W  5-3-25,527J.R. RichardJim WilloughbyJ.R. RichardJim Willoughby 514518-4
1971-09-06@ ATL142W  6-4-7,978Scipio SpinksGeorge StoneScipio SpinksGeorge Stone 520522-2
1971-09-07@ ATL143W  5-1-5,753Don WilsonRon ReedDon WilsonRon Reed 5255232
1971-09-10@ CIN144W  1-0-12,002Jack BillinghamJim McGlothlinJack BillinghamJim McGlothlin 5265233
1971-09-11@ CIN145W  5-2-17,092J.R. RichardRoss GrimsleyJ.R. RichardRoss GrimsleyFred Gladding5315256
1971-09-12@ CIN146W  4-2-12,529Don WilsonWayne SimpsonDon WilsonWayne Simpson 5355278
1971-09-13vs SDN147W  3-2-7,476 Ken ForschClay KirbyJim RayClay Kirby 5385299
1971-09-14vs SDN148L  2-5-5,986 Wade BlasingameEd AcostaEd AcostaWade Blasingame 5405346
1971-09-15vs ATL149L  2-4-6,513 Jack BillinghamPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJack Billingham 5425384
1971-09-16vs ATL150L  3-4-7,906 J.R. RichardTom KelleyPat JarvisJ.R. Richard 5455423
1971-09-17vs CIN151W  4-1-8,070 Don WilsonWayne SimpsonDon WilsonWayne Simpson 5495436
1971-09-18vs CIN152L  2-3-6,963 Ken ForschGary NolanClay CarrollGeorge CulverMilt Wilcox5515465
1971-09-19vs CIN153W  5-4-9,260 Scipio SpinksJim MerrittFred GladdingClay Carroll 5565506
1971-09-21vs SFN154W  3-1-7,777 Jack BillinghamJohn CumberlandJack BillinghamJohn Cumberland 5595518
1971-09-22vs SFN155L  1-3-11,208 J.R. RichardJuan MarichalJuan MarichalTom Griffin 5605546
1971-09-23vs SFN156L  1-2-12,281 Don WilsonGaylord PerryGaylord PerryDon Wilson 5615565
1971-09-24@ SDN157W  2-1-0Ken ForschClay KirbyBill GreifGary RossSkip Guinn5635576
1971-09-24@ SDN158L  4-5-6,339Scipio SpinksDave RobertsDave RobertsFred Gladding 5675625
1971-09-25@ SDN159W  5-1-2,718Jack BillinghamSteve ArlinJack BillinghamSteve Arlin 5725639
1971-09-28@ LAN160L  1-2-29,628Don WilsonBill SingerBill SingerDon Wilson 5735658
1971-09-29@ LAN161W  11-0-34,802Ken ForschAl DowningKen ForschAl Downing 58456519
1971-09-30@ LAN162L  1-2-52,684Jack BillinghamDon SuttonDon SuttonJack Billingham 58556718

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