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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Chicago,IL
Team Record:  56-106   .346
Result:   6th in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Don Gutteridge, Chuck Tanner, Bill Adair
General Manager:   Ed Short
Stadium:  Comiskey Park
Attendance:  495,355
Playoffs:  -

Chicago White Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Luis Aparicio (36)
Youngest Player:  Richie Moloney (20)
Longest Tenure:  Joe Horlen (10)
Top Hitter:  Bill Melton (13)
Top Pitcher:  Tommy John (16)
Top Draft Pick:  Lee Richard (#6)

Roster Continuity:  65.91%
American League Standings
KC Royals6597.40133.0
Chi White Sox56106.34642.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-04-07vs MIN1L  0-120-1411,473 Tommy JohnJim PerryJim PerryTommy John 012-12
1970-04-09vs MIN2L  4-60-251,474 Joe HorlenLuis TiantStan WilliamsJoe HorlenSteve Barber418-14
1970-04-10vs MIL3W  5-41-241,036 Gerry JaneskiGene BrabenderGerry JaneskiGene BrabenderWilbur Wood922-13
1970-04-11vs MIL4L  4-81-342,696 Billy WynneBobby BolinJohn O'DonoghueGene RounsavilleBob Locker1330-17
1970-04-12vs MIL5L  2-51-560 Tommy JohnLew KrausseLew KrausseTommy JohnJohn Gelnar1535-20
1970-04-12vs MIL6L  2-161-566,220 Gerry ArrigoGeorge LauzeriqueGeorge LauzeriqueGerry Arrigo 1751-34
1970-04-14@ CAL7W  3-12-5618,229Joe HorlenClyde WrightJoe HorlenClyde WrightWilbur Wood2052-32
1970-04-15@ OAK8W  7-03-542,901Gerry JaneskiChuck DobsonGerry JaneskiChuck Dobson 2752-25
1970-04-16@ OAK9L  1-33-652,794Tommy JohnBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomTommy John 2855-27
1970-04-18@ MIL10W  8-54-657,788Billy WynneBobby BolinWilbur WoodJohn GelnarDanny Murphy3660-24
1970-04-21@ MIN11L  3-44-753,333Tommy JohnJim KaatJim KaatTommy JohnRon Perranoski3964-25
1970-04-22@ MIN12L  1-34-853,248Joe HorlenLuis TiantLuis TiantJoe Horlen 4067-27
1970-04-23@ MIN13W  7-55-854,372Gerry JaneskiBill ZeppTommie SiskRon PerranoskiWilbur Wood4772-25
1970-04-24@ CLE14L  1-45-953,871Gerry ArrigoBarry MooreBarry MooreGerry ArrigoDennis Higgins4876-28
1970-04-25@ CLE15L  5-65-1053,981Tommy JohnSteve HarganSteve HarganTommy JohnDennis Higgins5382-29
1970-04-26@ CLE16W  2-06-10412,009Joe HorlenDean ChanceJoe HorlenDean ChanceWilbur Wood5582-27
1970-04-28vs BAL17L  2-46-1145,633 Gerry JaneskiMike CuellarMike CuellarGerry Janeski 5786-29
1970-04-29vs BAL18L  2-186-1245,188 Tommie SiskJim PalmerJim PalmerTommie Sisk 59104-45
1970-04-30vs BAL19W  6-37-1241,469 Tommy JohnTom PhoebusTommy JohnTom PhoebusWilbur Wood65107-42
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-05-01vs DET20W  13-68-1247,265 Joe HorlenLes CainJoe HorlenLes CainDanny Murphy78113-35
1970-05-02vs DET21W  3-29-1244,712 Gerry JaneskiJoe NiekroWilbur WoodJoe Niekro 81115-34
1970-05-03vs DET22L  5-69-1348,143 Billy WynneMike KilkennyMike KilkennyBilly WynneFred Lasher86121-35
1970-05-05vs CLE23W  2-110-1342,993 Tommy JohnDean ChanceTommy JohnDean Chance 88122-34
1970-05-06vs CLE24W  2-111-1342,983 Joe HorlenSam McDowellJoe HorlenSam McDowell 90123-33
1970-05-08@ BAL25L  1-611-1446,913Gerry JaneskiJim PalmerJim PalmerGerry Janeski 91129-38
1970-05-09@ BAL26L  3-411-1547,466Tommy JohnTom PhoebusTom PhoebusTommy JohnEddie Watt94133-39
1970-05-10@ BAL27L  2-711-1740Gerry ArrigoDave McNallyDave McNallyGerry Arrigo 96140-44
1970-05-10@ BAL28L  2-411-17414,725Joe HorlenJim HardinDick HallWilbur Wood 98144-46
1970-05-11@ DET29W  9-512-17417,879Billy WynneJoe NiekroJerry CriderJoe NiekroWilbur Wood107149-42
1970-05-12@ DET30W  7-213-1747,803Gerry JaneskiLes CainGerry JaneskiLes CainWilbur Wood114151-37
1970-05-15vs KCA31W  9-314-1745,196 Joe HorlenRoger NelsonJoe HorlenRoger Nelson 123154-31
1970-05-16vs KCA32W  6-115-1743,655 Tommy JohnBob JohnsonTommy JohnBob Johnson 129155-26
1970-05-17vs KCA33L  2-315-1940 Gerry JaneskiDick DragoAl FitzmorrisWilbur Wood 131158-27
1970-05-17vs KCA34L  4-815-19418,145 Bart JohnsonJim RookerJim RookerWilbur Wood 135166-31
1970-05-18vs CAL35L  1-615-2044,124 Billy WynneAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithBilly Wynne 136172-36
1970-05-19vs CAL36L  0-315-2144,059 Joe HorlenRudy MayRudy MayJoe Horlen 136175-39
1970-05-20vs CAL37W  3-216-2143,712 Tommy JohnTom MurphyTommy JohnTom Murphy 139177-38
1970-05-22vs OAK38L  8-916-2248,886 Gerry JaneskiBlue Moon OdomPaul LindbladWilbur WoodMudcat Grant147186-39
1970-05-23vs OAK39L  2-1216-2347,395 Joe HorlenCatfish HunterCatfish HunterJoe Horlen 149198-49
1970-05-24vs OAK40L  1-516-2550 Tommy JohnChuck DobsonChuck DobsonTommy John 150203-53
1970-05-24vs OAK41L  2-516-25523,196 Bart JohnsonBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomBart JohnsonMudcat Grant152208-56
1970-05-25@ KCA42L  1-716-2656,643Jerry CriderDave MoreheadDave MoreheadJerry Crider 153215-62
1970-05-26@ KCA43W  3-117-2657,270Gerry JaneskiBob JohnsonGerry JaneskiBob JohnsonWilbur Wood156216-60
1970-05-27@ KCA44L  3-417-27511,054Joe HorlenDick DragoDick DragoJoe HorlenMoe Drabowsky159220-61
1970-05-29@ BOS45L  3-417-28522,737Tommy JohnSonny SiebertJim LonborgWilbur Wood 162224-62
1970-05-30@ BOS46L  5-717-29521,026Bart JohnsonMike NagyVicente RomoJerry CriderSparky Lyle167231-64
1970-05-31@ BOS47W  22-1318-29521,952Gerry JaneskiGary PetersFloyd WeaverGary Peters 189244-55
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-06-02@ WS248L  3-418-3057,815Joe HorlenGeorge BrunetHoracio PinaWilbur WoodJoe Grzenda192248-56
1970-06-03@ WS249L  4-518-3154,678Tommy JohnJoe ColemanJoe ColemanTommy JohnDarold Knowles196253-57
1970-06-04@ WS250W  7-319-3156,270Jerry CriderDick BosmanJerry CriderDick BosmanDanny Murphy203256-53
1970-06-05@ NYA51L  1-1019-32511,772Gerry JaneskiMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreGerry Janeski 204266-62
1970-06-06@ NYA52L  1-319-33510,384Joe HorlenJohn CumberlandJohn CumberlandJoe Horlen 205269-64
1970-06-07@ NYA53W  4-320-33465,880Tommy JohnFritz PetersonWilbur WoodLindy McDaniel 209272-63
1970-06-08@ MIL54L  2-520-3447,697Bart JohnsonLew KrausseLew KrausseBart Johnson 211277-66
1970-06-09vs BOS55W  4-221-3446,981 Gerry JaneskiSonny SiebertGerry JaneskiSonny Siebert 215279-64
1970-06-10vs BOS56L  6-721-3546,887 Joe HorlenMike NagyVicente RomoWilbur WoodLee Stange221286-65
1970-06-12vs WS257W  6-022-3547,928 Tommy JohnGeorge BrunetTommy JohnGeorge Brunet 227286-59
1970-06-13vs WS258L  7-1222-3648,281 Gerry JaneskiJoe GrzendaJim HannanGerry JaneskiDarold Knowles234298-64
1970-06-14vs WS259L  4-822-3840 Joe HorlenDick BosmanDick BosmanJoe HorlenDarold Knowles238306-68
1970-06-14vs WS260L  3-522-38410,049 Jerry CriderCasey CoxCasey CoxJerry CriderDarold Knowles241311-70
1970-06-16vs NYA61L  2-622-39410,189 Tommy JohnMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreTommy John 243317-74
1970-06-17vs NYA62W  6-323-3948,472 Gerry JaneskiFritz PetersonGerry JaneskiFritz PetersonWilbur Wood249320-71
1970-06-19@ OAK63W  4-224-3948,254Joe HorlenBlue Moon OdomJoe HorlenBlue Moon Odom 253322-69
1970-06-20@ OAK64L  5-824-40428,179Barry MooreChuck DobsonMudcat GrantBarry Moore 258330-72
1970-06-21@ OAK65L  3-624-4250Tommy JohnCatfish HunterCatfish HunterTommy John 261336-75
1970-06-21@ OAK66L  4-524-42520,139Bob MillerRollie FingersRollie FingersBob MillerMudcat Grant265341-76
1970-06-23@ CAL67W  7-325-4249,006Gerry JaneskiAndy MessersmithGerry JaneskiAndy MessersmithWilbur Wood272344-72
1970-06-24@ CAL68L  1-325-4450Joe HorlenTom MurphyTom MurphyJoe Horlen 273347-74
1970-06-24@ CAL69L  1-225-44538,956Barry MooreMel QueenMel QueenBarry MooreEddie Fisher274349-75
1970-06-25@ CAL70L  3-725-45510,160Tommy JohnClyde WrightClyde WrightTommy JohnKen Tatum277356-79
1970-06-26vs MIN71W  4-226-4549,486 Bob MillerJim KaatBob MillerJim KaatJerry Crider281358-77
1970-06-27vs MIN72L  1-926-46619,113 Gerry JaneskiBert BlylevenBert BlylevenGerry Janeski 282367-85
1970-06-28vs MIN73L  1-927-4750 Joe HorlenTom HallTom HallJoe HorlenBill Zepp283376-93
1970-06-28vs MIN74W  11-1027-47524,288 Barry MooreDave BoswellDanny MurphyDick WoodsonWilbur Wood294386-92
1970-06-30vs OAK75L  3-427-4855,751 Tommy JohnCatfish HunterCatfish HunterTommy JohnMudcat Grant297390-93
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-07-01vs OAK76L  0-327-4957,842 Gerry JaneskiRollie FingersRollie FingersGerry JaneskiMudcat Grant297393-96
1970-07-02vs OAK77L  6-1027-5054,697 Barry MooreDiego SeguiMarcel LachemannBarry MooreBob Locker303403-100
1970-07-03@ MIN78L  2-827-51513,286Joe HorlenJim PerryJim PerryJoe Horlen 305411-106
1970-07-04@ MIN79W  5-328-51520,935Tommy JohnDave BoswellWilbur WoodDick WoodsonJerry Crider310414-104
1970-07-05@ MIN80L  3-1228-52518,324Bob MillerJim KaatJim KaatBob MillerStan Williams313426-113
1970-07-06@ MIL81L  1-328-53611,364Gerry JaneskiGene BrabenderGene BrabenderGerry Janeski 314429-115
1970-07-07@ MIL82L  3-428-5560Jim MagnusonMarty PattinMarty PattinWilbur Wood 317433-116
1970-07-07@ MIL83L  0-128-55615,280Joe HorlenLew KrausseLew KrausseJoe Horlen 317434-117
1970-07-08@ MIL84W  2-129-55612,119Tommy JohnAl DowningTommy JohnAl Downing 319435-116
1970-07-09@ MIL85W  6-530-55614,288Jerry CriderSkip LockwoodJerry CriderSkip LockwoodDanny Murphy325440-115
1970-07-10@ KCA86L  6-830-5760Gerry JaneskiBob JohnsonBob JohnsonGerry JaneskiTed Abernathy331448-117
1970-07-10@ KCA87L  0-230-57612,463Bob MillerJim RookerJim RookerBob Miller 331450-119
1970-07-11@ KCA88L  0-430-58610,494Joe HorlenBill ButlerBill ButlerJoe Horlen 331454-123
1970-07-12@ KCA89W  10-531-58610,565Tommy JohnDick DragoTommy JohnDick DragoJerry Crider341459-118
1970-07-16vs DET90L  6-1131-5966,666 Gerry JaneskiLes CainFred SchermanGerry JaneskiTom Timmermann347470-123
1970-07-17vs DET91L  3-431-60613,473 Tommy JohnDenny McLainTom TimmermannWilbur WoodJohn Hiller350474-124
1970-07-18vs DET92L  4-531-61610,288 Jim MagnusonMickey LolichMickey LolichJim Magnuson 354479-125
1970-07-19vs BAL93L  2-832-6260 Joe HorlenJim PalmerJim PalmerJoe Horlen 356487-131
1970-07-19vs BAL94W  7-332-62618,587 Bob MillerTom PhoebusBob MillerTom PhoebusJerry Crider363490-127
1970-07-20vs BAL95L  5-1432-6365,130 Gerry JaneskiMike CuellarMike CuellarGerry Janeski 368504-136
1970-07-21@ CLE96W  5-333-63612,011Tommy JohnSteve DunningTommy JohnSteve Dunning 373507-134
1970-07-22@ CLE97L  2-633-6465,590Jim MagnusonSteve HarganSteve HarganJim MagnusonFred Lasher375513-138
1970-07-23@ CLE98L  2-533-6567,369Joe HorlenSam McDowellSam McDowellJoe Horlen 377518-141
1970-07-24@ DET99W  5-234-6660Bob MillerLes CainLee StangeTom TimmermannWilbur Wood382520-138
1970-07-24@ DET100L  4-534-66636,621Gerry JaneskiMike KilkennyJohn HillerWilbur Wood 386525-139
1970-07-25@ DET101L  4-934-67630,080Jerry CriderDenny McLainDenny McLainJerry CriderTom Timmermann390534-144
1970-07-26@ DET102W  4-035-67649,631Tommy JohnMickey LolichTommy JohnMickey Lolich 394534-140
1970-07-28@ BAL103L  2-435-68623,913Joe HorlenMike CuellarMike CuellarJoe Horlen 396538-142
1970-07-29@ BAL104W  2-136-68615,302Bob MillerJim HardinWilbur WoodJim Hardin 398539-141
1970-07-31vs CLE105W  5-437-6865,467 Tommy JohnSteve DunningDanny MurphyDick Ellsworth 403543-140
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-08-01vs CLE106L  2-337-6964,945 Gerry JaneskiSam McDowellSam McDowellGerry Janeski 405546-141
1970-08-02vs CLE107L  2-438-7060 Jerry CriderRich HandRich HandJerry CriderDennis Higgins407550-143
1970-08-02vs CLE108W  8-738-7069,485 Floyd WeaverDean ChanceWilbur WoodDick Ellsworth 415557-142
1970-08-03vs KCA109L  2-738-7163,587 Bob MillerBob JohnsonBob JohnsonBob Miller 417564-147
1970-08-04vs KCA110W  2-139-7164,533 Tommy JohnBill ButlerTommy JohnBill Butler 419565-146
1970-08-05vs MIL111W  9-340-7164,583 Jim MagnusonGene BrabenderJim MagnusonGene BrabenderDanny Murphy428568-140
1970-08-06vs MIL112W  7-341-7154,725 Gerry JaneskiAl DowningGerry JaneskiAl DowningWilbur Wood435571-136
1970-08-07vs CAL113L  4-641-72512,730 Bart JohnsonTom BradleyEddie FisherDanny Murphy 439577-138
1970-08-08vs CAL114W  8-142-7252,679 Bob MillerRudy MayBob MillerRudy MayWilbur Wood447578-131
1970-08-09vs CAL115L  0-542-7460 Tommy JohnClyde WrightClyde WrightTommy JohnMel Queen447583-136
1970-08-09vs CAL116L  3-642-7468,502 Jerry CriderTom MurphyTom MurphyJerry CriderEddie Fisher450589-139
1970-08-11@ NYA117L  1-742-75613,454Gerry JaneskiMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreGerry Janeski 451596-145
1970-08-12@ NYA118W  5-143-75612,440Bart JohnsonStan BahnsenBart JohnsonStan BahnsenWilbur Wood456597-141
1970-08-13@ NYA119L  3-443-7669,902Bob MillerMike McCormickJack AkerFloyd Weaver 459601-142
1970-08-14@ WS2120L  5-643-7765,140Tommy JohnJoe ColemanJoe GrzendaWilbur Wood 464607-143
1970-08-15@ WS2121L  2-443-7868,610Barry MooreJackie BrownJackie BrownJerry Crider 466611-145
1970-08-16@ WS2122L  1-243-7968,457Gerry JaneskiCasey CoxCasey CoxGerry JaneskiDarold Knowles467613-146
1970-08-17@ BOS123L  2-743-80612,658Bart JohnsonCal KoonceCal KoonceBart JohnsonSparky Lyle469620-151
1970-08-18@ BOS124L  4-843-81625,592Bob MillerVicente RomoKen BrettBob Miller 473628-155
1970-08-19@ BOS125W  13-544-81617,113Tommy JohnRay CulpWilbur WoodRay Culp 486633-147
1970-08-21vs NYA126L  2-444-82612,263 Gerry JaneskiSteve KlineSteve KlineGerry JaneskiLindy McDaniel488637-149
1970-08-22vs NYA127W  3-245-8265,367 Bart JohnsonStan BahnsenBart JohnsonStan BahnsenWilbur Wood491639-148
1970-08-23vs NYA128W  2-046-8360 Tommy JohnFritz PetersonTommy JohnFritz Peterson 493639-146
1970-08-23vs NYA129L  5-746-83617,200 Bob MillerMike KekichMike KekichBob MillerLindy McDaniel498646-148
1970-08-25vs WS2130W  4-347-8366,774 Barry MooreJoe ColemanWilbur WoodDarold Knowles 502649-147
1970-08-26vs WS2131W  3-148-8363,742 Gerry JaneskiCasey CoxGerry JaneskiCasey CoxWilbur Wood505650-145
1970-08-28vs BOS132L  4-548-84612,479 Tommy JohnGary PetersGary PetersTommy JohnGary Wagner509655-146
1970-08-29vs BOS133W  13-949-8466,032 Bart JohnsonCal KoonceBob MillerChuck HartensteinWilbur Wood522664-142
1970-08-30vs BOS134L  11-2149-8660 Gerry JaneskiVicente RomoKen BrettGerry JaneskiSparky Lyle533685-152
1970-08-30vs BOS135L  1-449-8668,552 Jim MagnusonMike NagyMike NagyJim Magnuson 534689-155
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-09-01@ OAK136L  5-649-87610,604Tommy JohnChuck DobsonPaul LindbladWilbur Wood 539695-156
1970-09-02@ OAK137L  1-249-8869,932Bart JohnsonBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomBart JohnsonMudcat Grant540697-157
1970-09-03@ OAK138L  3-449-8969,692Jerry CriderDiego SeguiBob LockerWilbur Wood 543701-158
1970-09-04@ MIL139L  2-349-90611,953Gerry JaneskiSkip LockwoodKen SandersDanny Murphy 545704-159
1970-09-07vs OAK140L  4-749-9260 Tommy JohnVida BlueRollie FingersTommy John 549711-162
1970-09-07vs OAK141L  5-749-9266,115 Bart JohnsonDiego SeguiDiego SeguiBart JohnsonPaul Lindblad554718-164
1970-09-09vs CAL142W  11-451-9260 Gerry JaneskiTom MurphyGerry JaneskiTom Murphy 565722-157
1970-09-09vs CAL143W  3-151-9263,735 Billy WynneClyde WrightBilly WynneClyde WrightWilbur Wood568723-155
1970-09-11@ MIN144L  0-651-93610,575Barry MooreBill ZeppBill ZeppBarry Moore 568729-161
1970-09-12@ MIN145W  5-352-93614,181Bart JohnsonBert BlylevenBart JohnsonBert BlylevenWilbur Wood573732-159
1970-09-13@ MIN146W  8-753-93621,191Billy WynneJim PerryJerry CriderStan WilliamsWilbur Wood581739-158
1970-09-18vs MIN147L  4-553-9465,403 Bart JohnsonBill ZeppBill ZeppBart JohnsonRon Perranoski585744-159
1970-09-19vs MIN148L  3-553-9564,183 Tommy JohnTom HallTom HallTommy JohnStan Williams588749-161
1970-09-20vs MIN149L  1-853-9665,313 Gerry JaneskiBert BlylevenBert BlylevenGerry Janeski 589757-168
1970-09-21vs KCA150W  8-454-9760 Joe HorlenJim RookerWilbur WoodAurelio Monteagudo 597761-164
1970-09-21vs KCA151L  2-854-976672 Floyd WeaverBill ButlerJim YorkFloyd Weaver 599769-170
1970-09-22vs KCA152L  1-254-9960 Billy WynneDick DragoDick DragoBilly WynneTed Abernathy600771-171
1970-09-22vs KCA153L  2-654-9962,369 Jim MagnusonAl FitzmorrisAl FitzmorrisJim Magnuson 602777-175
1970-09-23vs KCA154W  6-055-996693 Bart JohnsonPaul SplittorffBart JohnsonPaul Splittorff 608777-169
1970-09-25vs MIL155W  5-156-10060 Tommy JohnSkip LockwoodTommy JohnSkip Lockwood 613778-165
1970-09-25vs MIL156L  2-356-10063,826 Gerry JaneskiBob HumphreysBob HumphreysGerry JaneskiDick Ellsworth615781-166
1970-09-26vs MIL157L  5-956-10161,602 Floyd WeaverLew KrausseJohn MorrisDanny MurphyGene Brabender620790-170
1970-09-27vs MIL158L  3-956-10263,094 Joe HorlenMarty PattinMarty PattinJoe Horlen 623799-176
1970-09-28@ CAL159L  3-456-10364,170Bart JohnsonTom MurphyTom MurphyBart JohnsonEddie Fisher626803-177
1970-09-29@ CAL160L  2-956-10464,506Billy WynneClyde WrightClyde WrightBilly Wynne 628812-184
1970-09-30@ CAL161L  1-556-10564,530Tommy JohnLloyd AllenLloyd AllenTommy JohnDave LaRoche629817-188
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-10-01@ CAL162L  4-556-10665,689Gerry JaneskiGreg GarrettRudy MayJim Magnuson 633822-189

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