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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Baltimore,MD
Team Record:  108-54   .667
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Earl Weaver
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  Memorial Stadium
Attendance:  1,057,069
Playoffs:  Won World Series (Reds)

Baltimore Orioles affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dick Hall (39)
Youngest Player:  Don Baylor (21)
Longest Tenure:  Brooks Robinson (16)
Top Hitter:  Boog Powell (8)
Top Pitcher:  Mike Cuellar (1)
Top Draft Pick:  James West (#24)

Roster Continuity:  98.29%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9369.57415.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-04-07@ CLE1W  8-21-0138,180Dave McNallySam McDowellDave McNallySam McDowell 826
1970-04-08@ CLE2W  3-22-012,811Mike CuellarBarry MooreMike CuellarBarry Moore 1147
1970-04-09@ CLE3W  13-13-012,440Tom PhoebusRich HandTom PhoebusRich Hand 24519
1970-04-10vs DET4W  3-24-0132,536 Jim PalmerMickey LolichDick HallMickey Lolich 27720
1970-04-11vs DET5W  5-35-016,436 Dave McNallyEarl WilsonDave McNallyEarl WilsonPete Richert321022
1970-04-12vs DET6L  2-75-1113,253 Mike CuellarJoe NiekroJoe NiekroMike CuellarTom Timmermann341717
1970-04-16vs WS27L  2-45-214,674 Jim PalmerJoe ColemanJoe ColemanJim Palmer 362115
1970-04-17vs NYA8L  1-45-327,715 Tom PhoebusMel StottlemyreLindy McDanielDick Hall 372512
1970-04-18vs NYA9W  5-46-325,282 Dave McNallyFritz PetersonDave McNallyFritz PetersonPete Richert422913
1970-04-19vs NYA10W  4-37-420 Mike CuellarBill BurbachMike CuellarBill Burbach 463214
1970-04-19vs NYA11L  5-87-4219,213 Jim HardinRon KlimkowskiJoe VerbanicJim HardinJack Aker514011
1970-04-20@ BOS12W  3-28-4229,000Jim PalmerRay CulpJim PalmerRay Culp 544212
1970-04-22@ BOS13L  2-58-5225,660Dave McNallyJim LonborgVicente RomoDave McNally 56479
1970-04-24@ KCA14W  7-59-529,011Mike CuellarDick DragoJim HardinMike HedlundPete Richert635211
1970-04-25@ KCA15W  9-310-5210,311Jim PalmerBill ButlerJim PalmerBill ButlerEddie Watt725517
1970-04-26@ KCA16W  10-911-5117,695Dave McNallyDave MoreheadDick HallAl FitzmorrisPete Richert826418
1970-04-28@ CHA17W  4-212-515,633Mike CuellarGerry JaneskiMike CuellarGerry Janeski 866620
1970-04-29@ CHA18W  18-213-515,188Jim PalmerTommie SiskJim PalmerTommie Sisk 1046836
1970-04-30@ CHA19L  3-613-611,469Tom PhoebusTommy JohnTommy JohnTom PhoebusWilbur Wood1077433
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-05-01vs MIN20W  9-314-6112,813 Dave McNallyDave BoswellDave McNallyDave BoswellDick Hall1167739
1970-05-02vs MIN21L  2-414-7126,229 Mike CuellarJim PerryJim PerryMike CuellarRon Perranoski1188137
1970-05-03vs MIN22L  3-414-819,632 Jim PalmerJim KaatJim KaatJim PalmerRon Perranoski1218536
1970-05-05vs KCA23W  7-315-814,614 Tom PhoebusDick DragoTom PhoebusDick Drago 1288840
1970-05-06vs KCA24W  3-116-815,080 Dave McNallyBill ButlerDave McNallyBill ButlerPete Richert1318942
1970-05-07vs KCA25W  7-617-815,063 Mike CuellarDave MoreheadEddie WattMoe Drabowsky 1389543
1970-05-08vs CHA26W  6-118-816,913 Jim PalmerGerry JaneskiJim PalmerGerry Janeski 1449648
1970-05-09vs CHA27W  4-319-817,466 Tom PhoebusTommy JohnTom PhoebusTommy JohnEddie Watt1489949
1970-05-10vs CHA28W  7-221-810 Dave McNallyGerry ArrigoDave McNallyGerry Arrigo 15510154
1970-05-10vs CHA29W  4-221-8114,725 Jim HardinJoe HorlenDick HallWilbur Wood 15910356
1970-05-12@ MIN30W  5-422-8111,760Mike CuellarJim PerryMike CuellarJim PerryPete Richert16410757
1970-05-13@ MIN31L  4-522-9113,829Jim PalmerJim KaatRon PerranoskiEddie Watt 16811256
1970-05-15@ WS232W  4-323-9111,968Tom PhoebusDick BosmanPete RichertDarold KnowlesJim Hardin17211557
1970-05-16@ WS233W  4-324-918,917Dave McNallyCasey CoxDave McNallyCasey CoxEddie Watt17611858
1970-05-18@ NYA34L  4-1024-10110,061Mike CuellarFritz PetersonFritz PetersonMike Cuellar 18012852
1970-05-19@ NYA35W  5-125-10114,147Jim PalmerJohn CumberlandJim PalmerJohn Cumberland 18512956
1970-05-20@ DET36L  0-425-11117,586Tom PhoebusMickey LolichMickey LolichTom Phoebus 18513352
1970-05-21@ DET37L  4-626-1210Dave McNallyLes CainLes CainDave McNallyJohn Hiller18913950
1970-05-21@ DET38W  3-126-12130,901Mike CuellarEarl WilsonPete RichertJohn HillerEddie Watt19214052
1970-05-22vs BOS39W  7-427-12116,904 Jim HardinGary PetersDick HallGary Peters 19914455
1970-05-23vs BOS40W  3-028-12111,819 Jim PalmerRay CulpJim PalmerRay Culp 20214458
1970-05-24vs BOS41W  2-129-1310 Mike CuellarMike NagyEddie WattSparky Lyle 20414559
1970-05-24vs BOS42L  3-429-13122,681 Tom PhoebusSonny SiebertSonny SiebertTom Phoebus 20714958
1970-05-25vs CLE43W  6-230-1315,573 Dave McNallyBob MillerDave McNallyBob Miller 21315162
1970-05-26vs CLE44W  7-031-1315,744 Jim HardinDean ChanceJim HardinDean Chance 22015169
1970-05-27vs CLE45W  5-432-1319,445 Jim PalmerRich HandDick HallMike PaulPete Richert22515570
1970-05-29@ CAL46W  2-033-13118,889Mike CuellarAndy MessersmithMike CuellarAndy Messersmith 22715572
1970-05-30@ CAL47L  2-333-14134,473Tom PhoebusTom MurphyTom MurphyDick Hall 22915871
1970-05-31@ CAL48L  1-633-15115,183Dave McNallyClyde WrightClyde WrightDave McNallyKen Tatum23016466
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-06-02@ OAK49W  5-134-1516,288Jim PalmerChuck DobsonJim PalmerChuck Dobson 23516570
1970-06-03@ OAK50L  1-434-1615,488Mike CuellarRollie FingersMudcat GrantMike Cuellar 23616967
1970-06-04@ OAK51L  2-434-1715,378Tom PhoebusCatfish HunterCatfish HunterTom PhoebusMudcat Grant23817365
1970-06-05@ MIL52W  3-235-17113,548Dave McNallyBobby BolinDave McNallyBobby BolinEddie Watt24117566
1970-06-06@ MIL53L  4-635-18112,076Jim PalmerGene BrabenderGene BrabenderJim PalmerJohn Gelnar24518164
1970-06-07@ MIL54W  7-636-18116,692Mike CuellarMarty PattinMike CuellarMarty PattinEddie Watt25218765
1970-06-09vs CAL55L  5-736-19111,392 Dave McNallyTom MurphyEddie FisherDick Hall 25719463
1970-06-10vs CAL56W  2-137-1919,637 Jim PalmerClyde WrightJim PalmerClyde Wright 25919564
1970-06-11vs CAL57W  9-138-1917,280 Mike CuellarRudy MayMike CuellarRudy May 26819672
1970-06-12vs OAK58L  2-438-20121,059 Tom PhoebusRollie FingersMudcat GrantEddie Watt 27020070
1970-06-13vs OAK59L  7-1038-21119,249 Dave McNallyCatfish HunterCatfish HunterDave McNallyMarcel Lachemann27721067
1970-06-14vs OAK60W  4-239-21124,879 Jim PalmerBlue Moon OdomJim PalmerFred Talbot 28121269
1970-06-15vs MIL61L  6-939-2214,231 Mike CuellarBobby BolinKen SandersEddie WattDave Baldwin28722166
1970-06-17vs MIL62L  1-539-2317,037 Dave McNallyGene BrabenderGene BrabenderDave McNallyBob Humphreys28822662
1970-06-19vs WS263W  12-1041-2310 Jim PalmerDick BosmanJim PalmerDick BosmanDick Hall30023664
1970-06-19vs WS264W  3-241-23118,298 Jim HardinCasey CoxPete RichertDarold Knowles 30323865
1970-06-20vs WS265W  5-442-23119,876 Mike CuellarJoe ColemanMike CuellarJoe ColemanPete Richert30824266
1970-06-21vs WS266W  4-243-23110,634 Dave McNallyDick SuchDave McNallyDick SuchPete Richert31224468
1970-06-22@ BOS67W  9-844-23122,676Tom PhoebusKen BrettDick HallSparky LyleEddie Watt32125269
1970-06-23@ BOS68L  1-544-24123,798Jim PalmerRay CulpRay CulpJim Palmer 32225765
1970-06-24@ BOS69L  5-644-25125,003Jim HardinSonny SiebertGary WagnerEddie WattVicente Romo32726364
1970-06-25@ BOS70W  13-845-25120,548Mike CuellarMike NagyMoe DrabowskyJose Santiago 34027169
1970-06-26@ WS271W  12-246-25113,194Dave McNallyJoe ColemanDave McNallyJoe Coleman 35227379
1970-06-27@ WS272L  3-546-26112,220Jim PalmerDick SuchJim HannanJim PalmerHoracio Pina35527877
1970-06-28@ WS273L  3-446-27119,043Jim HardinGeorge BrunetJim HannanEddie Watt 35828276
1970-06-29@ WS274L  3-546-28110,069Mike CuellarCasey CoxJim ShellenbackMike Cuellar 36128774
1970-06-30vs CLE75W  4-247-28111,346 Dave McNallySteve DunningDave McNallySteve Dunning 36528976
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-07-01vs CLE76W  3-048-2817,489 Jim PalmerRick AustinJim PalmerRick Austin 36828979
1970-07-02vs CLE77L  9-1048-2916,135 Jim HardinSam McDowellDennis HigginsMoe DrabowskyDean Chance37729978
1970-07-03vs DET78W  4-049-29114,010 Mike CuellarMickey LolichMike CuellarMickey Lolich 38129982
1970-07-04vs DET79L  5-649-30126,513 Dave McNallyMike KilkennyJohn HillerPete RichertTom Timmermann38630581
1970-07-05vs DET80W  2-050-30121,243 Jim PalmerDenny McLainJim PalmerDenny McLain 38830583
1970-07-07vs NYA81W  6-251-30128,906 Mike CuellarMel StottlemyreMike CuellarLindy McDaniel 39430787
1970-07-08vs NYA82W  9-852-30133,749 Dave McNallyStan BahnsenMoe DrabowskyLindy McDaniel 40331588
1970-07-09vs NYA83L  5-752-31118,725 Jim HardinFritz PetersonJohn CumberlandMarcelino LopezJack Aker40832286
1970-07-10@ DET84L  2-452-32144,568Jim PalmerLes CainLes CainJim PalmerTom Timmermann41032684
1970-07-11@ DET85W  6-553-32127,295Mike CuellarJoe NiekroMike CuellarJoe NiekroPete Richert41633185
1970-07-12@ DET86L  3-754-3310Dave McNallyMickey LolichMickey LolichDave McNallyTom Timmermann41933881
1970-07-12@ DET87W  13-354-33153,959Tom PhoebusDenny McLainDick HallDenny McLain 43234191
1970-07-16vs MIN88W  5-155-33118,591 Mike CuellarTom HallMike CuellarTom Hall 43734295
1970-07-17vs MIN89L  5-655-34140,169 Jim HardinBill ZeppRon PerranoskiEddie Watt 44234894
1970-07-18vs MIN90L  3-655-35116,524 Dave McNallyJim PerryJim PerryDave McNallyRon Perranoski44535491
1970-07-19@ CHA91W  8-256-3610Jim PalmerJoe HorlenJim PalmerJoe Horlen 45335697
1970-07-19@ CHA92L  3-756-36118,587Tom PhoebusBob MillerBob MillerTom PhoebusJerry Crider45636393
1970-07-20@ CHA93W  14-557-3615,130Mike CuellarGerry JaneskiMike CuellarGerry Janeski 470368102
1970-07-21@ KCA94W  2-158-3619,334Jim HardinBob JohnsonEddie WattBob Johnson 472369103
1970-07-22@ KCA95W  4-359-3619,130Dave McNallyBill ButlerPete RichertTed AbernathyMoe Drabowsky476372104
1970-07-23@ KCA96W  5-460-36111,222Jim PalmerDick DragoJim PalmerDick DragoEddie Watt481376105
1970-07-24@ MIN97L  0-860-37133,719Mike CuellarJim KaatJim KaatMike Cuellar 48138497
1970-07-25@ MIN98W  6-561-37134,588Jim HardinBill ZeppDick HallTom Hall 48738998
1970-07-26@ MIN99W  11-162-37135,294Dave McNallyJim PerryDave McNallyJim Perry 498390108
1970-07-27@ MIN100L  2-562-38129,259Jim PalmerBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJim PalmerRon Perranoski500395105
1970-07-28vs CHA101W  4-263-38123,913 Mike CuellarJoe HorlenMike CuellarJoe Horlen 504397107
1970-07-29vs CHA102L  1-263-39115,302 Jim HardinBob MillerWilbur WoodJim Hardin 505399106
1970-07-31vs KCA103W  3-164-39110,159 Dave McNallyBill ButlerDave McNallyDave Morehead 508400108
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-08-01vs KCA104W  9-165-39113,640 Jim PalmerDick DragoJim PalmerDick Drago 517401116
1970-08-02vs KCA105W  10-866-39112,108 Mike CuellarJim RookerMike CuellarJim RookerEddie Watt527409118
1970-08-04vs BOS106W  5-267-39139,011 Dave McNallyRay CulpDave McNallyRay Culp 532411121
1970-08-05vs BOS107W  3-068-39116,747 Jim PalmerSonny SiebertJim PalmerSonny Siebert 535411124
1970-08-06@ CLE108L  0-469-4010Mike CuellarDean ChanceDean ChanceMike Cuellar 535415120
1970-08-06@ CLE109W  7-169-40118,562Jim HardinSteve DunningJim HardinSteve Dunning 542416126
1970-08-07@ CLE110L  4-1069-41113,462Tom PhoebusRich HandDennis HigginsDick Hall 546426120
1970-08-08@ NYA111W  4-270-41147,194Dave McNallyMike KekichDave McNallyMike Kekich 550428122
1970-08-09@ NYA112L  4-671-4210Jim PalmerFritz PetersonJack AkerDick Hall 554434120
1970-08-09@ NYA113W  12-971-42141,610Marcelino LopezSteve KlineEddie WattRon KlimkowskiDave Leonhard566443123
1970-08-11@ CAL114W  7-072-42116,215Mike CuellarAndy MessersmithMike CuellarAndy Messersmith 573443130
1970-08-12@ CAL115W  5-473-42111,371Dave McNallyRudy MayDave McNallyRudy MayPete Richert578447131
1970-08-13@ CAL116L  2-373-43112,156Jim PalmerTom MurphyMel QueenMoe Drabowsky 580450130
1970-08-14@ OAK117L  0-473-44113,047Jim HardinChuck DobsonChuck DobsonJim HardinMudcat Grant580454126
1970-08-15@ OAK118W  7-174-44126,311Mike CuellarDiego SeguiMike CuellarDiego Segui 587455132
1970-08-16@ OAK119W  2-175-44119,892Dave McNallyCatfish HunterDave McNallyCatfish Hunter 589456133
1970-08-17@ MIL120W  3-276-44112,015Jim PalmerLew KrausseJim PalmerLew Krausse 592458134
1970-08-18@ MIL121W  3-077-44112,417Jim HardinMarty PattinJim HardinMarty Pattin 595458137
1970-08-19@ MIL122W  3-278-44116,049Mike CuellarSkip LockwoodMike CuellarSkip LockwoodEddie Watt598460138
1970-08-21vs CAL123W  5-079-44121,852 Dave McNallyTom MurphyDave McNallyTom Murphy 603460143
1970-08-22vs CAL124L  2-379-45120,674 Jim PalmerClyde WrightAndy MessersmithEddie WattMel Queen605463142
1970-08-23vs CAL125W  6-580-45112,745 Mike CuellarRudy MayMike CuellarMel Queen 611468143
1970-08-25vs OAK126W  5-181-45113,609 Dave McNallyDiego SeguiDave McNallyDiego Segui 616469147
1970-08-26vs OAK127W  5-182-45113,937 Jim PalmerCatfish HunterJim PalmerCatfish Hunter 621470151
1970-08-27vs OAK128W  6-483-45110,230 Mike CuellarChuck DobsonMike CuellarChuck Dobson 627474153
1970-08-28vs MIL129L  1-284-4610 Jim HardinMarty PattinMarty PattinJim Hardin 628476152
1970-08-28vs MIL130W  8-484-46112,334 Tom PhoebusGene BrabenderPete RichertGene Brabender 636480156
1970-08-29vs MIL131W  6-185-46111,250 Dave McNallyBobby BolinDave McNallyBobby Bolin 642481161
1970-08-30vs MIL132L  2-585-47111,442 Jim PalmerSkip LockwoodSkip LockwoodJim PalmerKen Sanders644486158
1970-08-31@ NYA133W  10-286-47115,301Mike CuellarStan BahnsenMike CuellarStan Bahnsen 654488166
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-09-01@ NYA134L  2-486-48114,437Jim HardinFritz PetersonFritz PetersonJim HardinLindy McDaniel656492164
1970-09-02@ NYA135L  2-386-49120,008Dave McNallyMike KekichMike KekichDave McNallyLindy McDaniel658495163
1970-09-03@ NYA136W  8-487-49114,898Jim PalmerMel StottlemyreJim PalmerMel StottlemyrePete Richert666499167
1970-09-04@ BOS137W  8-688-49122,735Mike CuellarMike NagyMoe DrabowskyChuck HartensteinEddie Watt674505169
1970-09-05@ BOS138W  3-289-49118,790Tom PhoebusRay CulpDick HallRay Culp 677507170
1970-09-06@ BOS139L  8-989-50124,580Dave McNallySonny SiebertSparky LylePete Richert 685516169
1970-09-07@ DET140L  2-589-51114,848Jim PalmerJoe NiekroJoe NiekroJim PalmerTom Timmermann687521166
1970-09-08@ DET141W  6-390-51114,246Marcelino LopezMickey LolichMarcelino LopezMickey LolichDick Hall693524169
1970-09-09vs NYA142W  1-091-51111,823 Mike CuellarSteve KlineMike CuellarSteve Kline 694524170
1970-09-10vs NYA143W  2-192-51110,049 Dave McNallyStan BahnsenDave McNallyStan Bahnsen 696525171
1970-09-11vs BOS144W  3-293-51115,799 Jim PalmerSonny SiebertEddie WattSparky Lyle 699527172
1970-09-12vs BOS145W  5-194-51114,054 Tom PhoebusGary PetersTom PhoebusGary Peters 704528176
1970-09-13vs BOS146W  13-295-51112,063 Mike CuellarKen BrettMike CuellarKen Brett 717530187
1970-09-15@ WS2147W  6-296-5117,942Dave McNallyCasey CoxDave McNallyCasey Cox 723532191
1970-09-16@ WS2148L  0-296-5216,196Jim PalmerBill GogolewskiBill GogolewskiJim PalmerDarold Knowles723534189
1970-09-17@ WS2149L  0-296-5317,393Mike CuellarDick BosmanDick BosmanMike Cuellar 723536187
1970-09-18vs CLE150W  4-397-5315,752 Tom PhoebusSteve HarganPete RichertFred Lasher 727539188
1970-09-19vs CLE151L  2-497-5417,857 Dave McNallyJim RittwageJim RittwageDave McNally 729543186
1970-09-20vs CLE152W  7-098-5419,085 Jim PalmerMike PaulJim PalmerMike Paul 736543193
1970-09-21vs DET153W  4-399-5415,470 Marcelino LopezJoe NiekroJim HardinTom Timmermann 740546194
1970-09-22vs DET154W  10-2100-5417,972 Tom PhoebusBob ReedTom PhoebusBob ReedEddie Watt750548202
1970-09-24vs DET155W  7-4101-5413,069 Mike CuellarJohn HillerMike CuellarJohn Hiller 757552205
1970-09-25@ CLE156W  9-7102-5414,386Dave McNallyJim RittwagePete RichertRich Hand 766559207
1970-09-26@ CLE157W  7-4103-5415,397Jim PalmerMike PaulEddie WattFred LasherPete Richert773563210
1970-09-27@ CLE158W  4-3104-5416,718Jim HardinSam McDowellDick HallSam McDowell 777566211
1970-09-29vs WS2159W  3-2106-5410 Mike CuellarJoe ColemanMoe DrabowskyJoe Coleman 780568212
1970-09-29vs WS2160W  3-2106-5415,616 Tom PhoebusJackie BrownEddie WattDarold Knowles 783570213
1970-09-30vs WS2161W  6-2107-5415,202 Dave McNallyBill GogolewskiDave McNallyJim Hannan 789572217
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-10-01vs WS2162W  3-2108-5414,358 Jim PalmerDick BosmanJim HardinHoracio Pina 792574218

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