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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  76-86   .469
Result:   4th in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Red Schoendienst
General Manager:   Bing Devine
Stadium:  Busch Stadium II
Attendance:  1,629,736
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Ted Abernathy (37)
Youngest Player:  Jorge Roque (20)
Longest Tenure:  Bob Gibson (12)
Top Hitter:  Joe Torre (8)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Gibson (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Jim Browning (#11)

Roster Continuity:  59.73%
National League Standings
Chi Cubs8478.5195.0
NY Mets8379.5126.0
St. Louis7686.46913.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-04-08@ MON1W  7-21-0321,173Bob GibsonBill StonemanBob GibsonBill StonemanChuck Taylor725
1970-04-09@ MON2W  7-32-025,688Mike TorrezSteve RenkoMike TorrezSteve RenkoTom Hilgendorf1459
1970-04-10vs NYN3W  7-33-0245,960 George CulverJim McAndrewGeorge CulverJim McAndrewChuck Taylor21813
1970-04-11vs NYN4L  1-43-1217,541 Nelson BrilesGary GentryGary GentryNelson BrilesRon Taylor221210
1970-04-12vs NYN5L  4-63-2417,313 Steve CarltonTom SeaverTom SeaverSteve CarltonRon Taylor26188
1970-04-14vs MON6W  6-54-229,891 Bob GibsonSteve RenkoSal CampisiHowie Reed 32239
1970-04-15vs MON7W  10-05-218,193 Mike TorrezJoe SparmaMike TorrezJoe Sparma 422319
1970-04-17@ PIT8W  5-26-2114,369George CulverSteve BlassGeorge CulverSteve Blass 472522
1970-04-18@ PIT9W  6-17-218,465Steve CarltonLuke WalkerSteve CarltonLuke Walker 532627
1970-04-21@ CHN10L  4-77-325,527Bob GibsonBill HandsBill HandsBob GibsonPhil Regan573324
1970-04-22@ CHN11L  5-77-438,783Mike TorrezFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsMike Torrez 624022
1970-04-24vs CIN12W  3-18-4240,273 George CulverWayne SimpsonGeorge CulverWayne Simpson 654124
1970-04-25vs CIN13L  2-38-5322,119 Steve CarltonJim MerrittJim MerrittSteve CarltonDon Gullett674423
1970-04-26vs CIN14W  4-19-5218,418 Bob GibsonJim McGlothlinBob GibsonJim McGlothlin 714526
1970-04-28vs ATL15L  2-39-6312,231 Mike TorrezPat JarvisHoyt WilhelmMike Torrez 734825
1970-04-29vs ATL16L  6-109-7310,562 George CulverJim NashBob PriddyChuck Taylor 795821
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-05-01vs HOU17L  3-99-8410,547 Steve CarltonLarry DierkerLarry DierkerSteve Carlton 826715
1970-05-02vs HOU18L  3-59-9423,069 Bob GibsonDon WilsonFred GladdingTom Hilgendorf 857213
1970-05-03vs HOU19W  7-410-1050 Nelson BrilesTom GriffinNelson BrilesTom GriffinJerry Johnson927616
1970-05-03vs HOU20L  1-810-10516,950 George CulverDenny LemasterDenny LemasterGeorge Culver 93849
1970-05-04@ CIN21L  3-710-1158,865Mike TorrezGary NolanGary NolanMike TorrezWayne Granger96915
1970-05-05@ CIN22L  1-510-12511,697Steve CarltonWayne SimpsonWayne SimpsonSteve Carlton 97961
1970-05-08@ ATL23L  7-810-13523,711Bob GibsonPat JarvisBob PriddyChuck Taylor 1041040
1970-05-09@ ATL24L  3-510-14528,381George CulverJim NashJim NashGeorge CulverHoyt Wilhelm107109-2
1970-05-10@ ATL25W  6-511-14523,166Mike TorrezGeorge StoneJerry JohnsonBob PriddySal Campisi113114-1
1970-05-11vs PHI26W  3-012-14411,310 Steve CarltonJim BunningSteve CarltonJim Bunning 1161142
1970-05-12vs PHI27W  9-513-14310,454 Nelson BrilesChris ShortChuck TaylorLowell Palmer 1251196
1970-05-13vs PIT28L  1-513-15412,677 Bob GibsonBob MooseBob MooseBob GibsonDave Giusti1261242
1970-05-14vs PIT29W  11-714-15310,840 George CulverDock EllisJerry JohnsonGene Garber 1371316
1970-05-15vs CHN30W  1-015-15324,627 Mike TorrezJoe DeckerMike TorrezPhil ReganBilly McCool1381317
1970-05-16vs CHN31L  2-315-16327,535 Steve CarltonKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanSteve CarltonPhil Regan1401346
1970-05-17vs CHN32W  4-316-16333,799 Nelson BrilesFergie JenkinsSal CampisiFergie JenkinsChuck Taylor1441377
1970-05-18@ HOU33L  0-616-17317,916Bob GibsonLarry DierkerLarry DierkerBob Gibson 1441431
1970-05-19@ HOU34W  12-317-17312,219Santiago GuzmanScipio SpinksSantiago GuzmanScipio Spinks 15614610
1970-05-20@ HOU35W  3-218-17213,977Mike TorrezTom GriffinMike TorrezTom GriffinChuck Taylor15914811
1970-05-21@ PHI36L  3-418-18311,769Steve CarltonWoodie FrymanJoe HoernerFrank Linzy 16215210
1970-05-22@ PHI37W  6-319-18212,003Nelson BrilesGrant JacksonFrank LinzyMike Jackson 16815513
1970-05-23@ PHI38W  3-120-18212,333Bob GibsonJim BunningBob GibsonJim Bunning 17115615
1970-05-24@ PHI39L  5-620-19211,939Santiago GuzmanChris ShortMike JacksonChuck Taylor 17616214
1970-05-26@ NYN40L  1-520-20313,473Mike TorrezRay SadeckiRay SadeckiMike Torrez 17716710
1970-05-27@ NYN41L  0-320-21328,597Steve CarltonGary GentryGary GentrySteve Carlton 1771707
1970-05-28@ NYN42W  9-221-21320,919Bob GibsonJim McAndrewBob GibsonJim McAndrew 18617214
1970-05-29vs LAN43L  6-821-22330,536 Nelson BrilesAlan FosterJose PenaBilly McCoolJim Brewer19218012
1970-05-30vs LAN44L  6-721-23322,437 Santiago GuzmanClaude OsteenClaude OsteenSantiago GuzmanJoe Moeller19818711
1970-05-31vs LAN45L  6-821-24417,166 Mike TorrezSandy VanceJose PenaGeorge Culver 2041959
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-06-02vs SFN46W  12-122-24311,111 Steve CarltonGaylord PerrySteve CarltonGaylord Perry 21619620
1970-06-03vs SFN47W  6-523-24311,808 Bob GibsonRich RobertsonBob GibsonFrank Reberger 22220121
1970-06-05vs SDN48L  2-323-25314,856 Mike TorrezPat DobsonPat DobsonMike TorrezRoberto Rodriguez22420420
1970-06-06vs SDN49L  4-523-26449,027 Steve CarltonMike CorkinsRon HerbelSteve CarltonTom Dukes22820919
1970-06-07vs SDN50W  10-724-26318,474 Bob GibsonDanny CoombsBob GibsonRon HerbelTed Abernathy23821622
1970-06-09@ LAN51W  4-025-26417,111Chuck TaylorClaude OsteenChuck TaylorClaude Osteen 24221626
1970-06-10@ LAN52L  2-425-27416,516Mike TorrezJoe MoellerJoe MoellerMike Torrez 24422024
1970-06-11@ LAN53L  1-225-28417,487Steve CarltonDon SuttonJim BrewerFrank Linzy 24522223
1970-06-12@ SFN54W  4-126-2848,634Bob GibsonSkip PitlockBob GibsonSkip Pitlock 24922326
1970-06-13@ SFN55L  5-626-29415,651Nelson BrilesRich RobertsonDon McMahonSal Campisi 25422925
1970-06-14@ SFN56L  4-726-30413,955Chuck TaylorJuan MarichalJuan MarichalChuck Taylor 25823622
1970-06-15@ SDN57W  5-427-3045,324Mike TorrezPat DobsonMike TorrezPat Dobson 26324023
1970-06-16@ SDN58L  0-427-3147,012Steve CarltonMike CorkinsDave RobertsSteve Carlton 26324419
1970-06-17@ SDN59W  8-028-31413,624Bob GibsonDanny CoombsBob GibsonDanny Coombs 27124427
1970-06-19@ CHN60W  5-329-31429,320Chuck TaylorJoe DeckerAl HraboskySteve Barber 27624729
1970-06-20@ CHN61L  3-829-32427,351Mike TorrezBill HandsBill HandsMike Torrez 27925524
1970-06-21@ CHN62W  3-031-3240Steve CarltonKen HoltzmanSteve CarltonKen Holtzman 28225527
1970-06-21@ CHN63W  3-231-32436,583Bob GibsonJim ColbornBob GibsonPhil Regan 28525728
1970-06-22@ PIT64W  6-132-3340Jerry ReussDock EllisJerry ReussDock Ellis 29125833
1970-06-22@ PIT65L  0-132-33415,158Mike TorrezJim NelsonJim NelsonFrank Linzy 29125932
1970-06-23@ PIT66L  2-732-3447,654Chuck TaylorBob MooseBob MooseChuck Taylor 29326627
1970-06-24@ PIT67L  3-432-3548,095Al HraboskySteve BlassLuke WalkerBilly McCool 29627026
1970-06-25@ PIT68L  2-332-3649,910Steve CarltonBob VealeDave GiustiSteve Carlton 29827325
1970-06-26vs PHI69W  7-033-36440,221 Bob GibsonRick WiseBob GibsonRick Wise 30527332
1970-06-27vs PHI70W  9-834-36420,549 Jerry ReussWoodie FrymanTed AbernathyJoe HoernerSal Campisi31428133
1970-06-28vs PHI71W  5-435-3740 Mike TorrezJim BunningMike TorrezDick Selma 31928534
1970-06-28vs PHI72L  3-835-37438,194 Chuck TaylorChris ShortDick SelmaBilly McCool 32229329
1970-06-29vs CHN73W  8-636-37328,910 Steve CarltonKen HoltzmanSteve CarltonPhil Regan 33029931
1970-06-30vs CHN74W  5-437-37334,039 Bob GibsonJoe DeckerBob GibsonLarry Gura 33530332
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-07-01vs CHN75L  0-537-38326,006 Jerry ReussFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsJerry Reuss 33530827
1970-07-02@ MON76L  10-1337-39417,576Mike TorrezCarl MortonCarl MortonMike TorrezClaude Raymond34532124
1970-07-03@ MON77W  9-738-39317,262Chuck TaylorBill StonemanChuck TaylorBill StonemanSal Campisi35432826
1970-07-04@ MON78L  0-838-40323,715Steve CarltonSteve RenkoSteve RenkoSteve Carlton 35433618
1970-07-05@ MON79W  6-339-40324,174Bob GibsonRich NyeBob GibsonRich Nye 36033921
1970-07-06@ NYN80L  3-1039-41436,801Jerry ReussJim McAndrewJim McAndrewJerry ReussTug McGraw36334914
1970-07-07@ NYN81L  3-439-42442,858Mike TorrezGary GentryDanny FrisellaSal Campisi 36635313
1970-07-08@ NYN82L  5-739-43438,932Nelson BrilesRay SadeckiRay SadeckiNelson BrilesRon Taylor37136011
1970-07-09vs PIT83L  0-639-44422,345 Steve CarltonDock EllisDock EllisSteve Carlton 3713665
1970-07-10vs PIT84L  2-639-45423,920 Bob GibsonJim NelsonDave GiustiBob Gibson 3733721
1970-07-11vs PIT85L  7-839-46425,686 Jerry ReussBob VealeBruce Dal CantonChuck TaylorOrlando Pena3803800
1970-07-12vs PIT86L  6-739-47445,776 Mike TorrezSteve BlassDave GiustiAl HraboskyBruce Dal Canton386387-1
1970-07-16vs ATL87L  3-739-48421,324 Steve CarltonPat JarvisPat JarvisSteve Carlton 389394-5
1970-07-17vs ATL88W  11-640-48420,899 Nelson BrilesGeorge StoneNelson BrilesGeorge StoneFrank Linzy4004000
1970-07-18vs ATL89L  7-840-49432,593 Bob GibsonJim NashHoyt WilhelmFrank Linzy 407408-1
1970-07-19vs ATL90W  3-141-49424,415 Mike TorrezRon ReedMike TorrezRon Reed 4104091
1970-07-20vs CIN91L  3-441-5140 Jerry ReussGary NolanGary NolanJerry ReussWayne Granger4134130
1970-07-20vs CIN92L  0-441-51432,557 Chuck TaylorTony CloningerWayne GrangerBob Chlupsa 413417-4
1970-07-21vs CIN93L  5-641-52525,288 Steve CarltonWayne SimpsonClay CarrollSteve CarltonWayne Granger418423-5
1970-07-22vs HOU94L  9-1341-53516,315 Nelson BrilesLarry DierkerGeorge CulverNelson BrilesFred Gladding427436-9
1970-07-23vs HOU95L  2-341-54617,532 Bob GibsonJack BillinghamJack BillinghamBob Gibson 429439-10
1970-07-24@ CIN96L  0-441-55651,019Mike TorrezGary NolanGary NolanMike TorrezWayne Granger429443-14
1970-07-25@ CIN97L  3-541-56649,223Jerry ReussTony CloningerTony CloningerJerry ReussClay Carroll432448-16
1970-07-26@ CIN98L  5-1241-57640,202Steve CarltonWayne SimpsonWayne SimpsonSteve CarltonWayne Granger437460-23
1970-07-27@ CIN99W  16-942-57621,013Nelson BrilesJim MerrittChuck TaylorJim MerrittFrank Linzy453469-16
1970-07-28@ ATL100W  6-443-57613,904Bob GibsonJim NashBob GibsonJim Nash 459473-14
1970-07-29@ ATL101L  7-943-5868,499Mike TorrezRon ReedRon ReedFrank LinzyHoyt Wilhelm466482-16
1970-07-30@ ATL102W  4-244-5869,895Jerry ReussPhil NiekroJerry ReussPhil NiekroChuck Taylor470484-14
1970-07-31@ HOU103W  5-145-58621,697Steve CarltonRon CookSteve CarltonRon Cook 475485-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-08-01@ HOU104W  14-746-58629,923Nelson BrilesDon WilsonNelson BrilesDon WilsonSal Campisi489492-3
1970-08-02@ HOU105W  3-247-58523,965Bob GibsonJack BillinghamBob GibsonJack Billingham 492494-2
1970-08-03@ PHI106W  4-148-58512,163Mike TorrezGrant JacksonMike TorrezGrant Jackson 4964951
1970-08-04@ PHI107W  3-249-58414,253Jerry ReussChris ShortJerry ReussChris ShortChuck Taylor4994972
1970-08-05vs NYN108L  3-549-59424,188 Steve CarltonDanny FrisellaDanny FrisellaSteve CarltonRon Taylor5025020
1970-08-06vs NYN109W  3-050-59423,412 Nelson BrilesTom SeaverNelson BrilesTom Seaver 5055023
1970-08-07vs MON110W  2-151-59418,990 Bob GibsonDan McGinnBob GibsonDan McGinn 5075034
1970-08-08vs MON111W  11-1052-59417,341 Harry ParkerMike MarshallAl HraboskyClaude Raymond 5185135
1970-08-09vs MON112L  6-753-6040 Steve CarltonMike WegenerMike WegenerSteve CarltonSteve Renko5245204
1970-08-09vs MON113W  4-053-60428,479 Jerry ReussBill StonemanJerry ReussBill Stoneman 5285208
1970-08-11vs SDN114W  11-1054-60416,734 Nelson BrilesEarl WilsonHarry ParkerRon Herbel 5395309
1970-08-12vs SDN115W  5-455-60418,563 Bob GibsonDanny CoombsBob GibsonRon Willis 54453410
1970-08-13vs SDN116L  7-955-61430,021 Reggie ClevelandClay KirbyClay KirbyReggie ClevelandRon Herbel5515438
1970-08-14vs SFN117W  2-156-6240 Steve CarltonJuan MarichalChuck TaylorDon McMahon 5535449
1970-08-14vs SFN118L  4-556-62436,349 Jerry ReussSkip PitlockDon McMahonTom HilgendorfMike Davison5575498
1970-08-15vs SFN119L  2-356-63435,835 Nelson BrilesFrank RebergerDon CarrithersNelson BrilesJerry Johnson5595527
1970-08-16vs SFN120L  2-556-64428,093 Harry ParkerRon BryantRon BryantReggie ClevelandJerry Johnson5615574
1970-08-17vs LAN121W  11-857-64421,114 Bob GibsonDon SuttonBob GibsonDon SuttonChuck Taylor5725657
1970-08-18vs LAN122L  2-757-65424,532 Jerry ReussSandy VanceSandy VanceJerry Reuss 5745722
1970-08-19vs LAN123L  2-457-66421,499 Steve CarltonJoe MoellerJim BrewerSteve CarltonPete Mikkelsen5765760
1970-08-21@ SDN124W  14-858-6649,721Nelson BrilesEarl WilsonNelson BrilesEarl WilsonChuck Taylor5905846
1970-08-22@ SDN125W  7-059-6646,942Bob GibsonDanny CoombsBob GibsonDanny Coombs 59758413
1970-08-23@ SDN126W  8-760-6645,797Jerry ReussClay KirbyFrank LinzyPat Dobson 60559114
1970-08-25@ SFN127L  2-460-6745,025Steve CarltonSkip PitlockSkip PitlockSteve CarltonDon McMahon60759512
1970-08-26@ SFN128L  7-860-6845,643Nelson BrilesFrank RebergerMike DavisonTom Hilgendorf 61460311
1970-08-27@ SFN129W  4-161-6846,317Bob GibsonGaylord PerryBob GibsonGaylord Perry 61860414
1970-08-28@ LAN130W  1-062-68419,964Jerry ReussDon SuttonJerry ReussDon Sutton 61960415
1970-08-29@ LAN131W  3-263-68425,001Frank BertainaAlan FosterChuck TaylorJim BrewerTom Hilgendorf62260616
1970-08-30@ LAN132W  2-164-68418,535Steve CarltonSandy VanceSteve CarltonSandy Vance 62460717
1970-08-31vs NYN133L  5-1164-69417,284 Nelson BrilesJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanNelson BrilesRon Taylor62961811
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-09-01vs NYN134L  3-464-70422,527 Bob GibsonJim McAndrewRon HerbelBob GibsonTug McGraw63262210
1970-09-02vs NYN135L  3-764-71413,749 Jerry ReussTom SeaverTom SeaverJerry Reuss 6356296
1970-09-03vs NYN136W  5-365-71413,169 Steve CarltonGary GentrySteve CarltonGary Gentry 6406328
1970-09-04vs MON137L  7-965-72420,970 Mike TorrezSteve RenkoClaude RaymondReggie Cleveland 6476416
1970-09-05vs MON138L  0-665-73416,143 Frank BertainaBill StonemanBill StonemanFrank Bertaina 6476470
1970-09-06vs MON139W  7-266-73417,215 Bob GibsonJohn O'DonoghueBob GibsonJohn O'Donoghue 6546495
1970-09-07@ PHI140L  1-566-7540Jerry ReussChris ShortChris ShortJerry Reuss 6556541
1970-09-07@ PHI141L  2-366-75414,166Mike TorrezLowell PalmerJoe HoernerBob Chlupsa 6576570
1970-09-08@ PHI142W  6-367-7543,995Steve CarltonRick WiseSteve CarltonRick Wise 6636603
1970-09-09@ PIT143W  6-468-75414,927Frank BertainaFred CambriaFrank BertainaFred CambriaTom Hilgendorf6696645
1970-09-10@ PIT144L  0-268-76414,386Nelson BrilesLuke WalkerLuke WalkerNelson Briles 6696663
1970-09-11@ NYN145W  5-269-76450,555Bob GibsonTom SeaverBob GibsonTom Seaver 6746686
1970-09-12@ NYN146L  0-369-77435,402Jerry ReussJim McAndrewJim McAndrewJerry Reuss 6746713
1970-09-13@ NYN147W  5-470-77443,592Mike TorrezGary GentryFrank LinzyRon Herbel 6796754
1970-09-15@ CHN148L  3-570-78413,727Steve CarltonKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanSteve CarltonPhil Regan6826802
1970-09-16@ CHN149W  8-171-78421,121Bob GibsonMilt PappasBob GibsonMilt Pappas 6906819
1970-09-17@ CHN150W  9-272-78416,605Jerry ReussBill HandsJerry ReussBill Hands 69968316
1970-09-18vs PHI151L  7-972-79412,385 Mike TorrezLowell PalmerGrant JacksonNelson BrilesDick Selma70669214
1970-09-19vs PHI152L  6-1072-80411,143 Frank BertainaRick WiseRick WiseFrank BertainaFred Wenz71270210
1970-09-20vs PHI153L  4-772-81414,681 Steve CarltonBarry LerschDick SelmaHarry Parker 7167097
1970-09-23vs CHN154W  2-174-8140 Bob GibsonFergie JenkinsBob GibsonFergie Jenkins 7187108
1970-09-23vs CHN155W  2-174-81421,340 Jerry ReussBill HandsJerry ReussBill Hands 7207119
1970-09-24vs CHN156L  1-774-82415,955 Mike TorrezKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanMike Torrez 7217183
1970-09-25@ MON157L  5-774-83420,998Frank BertainaJohn O'DonoghueHowie ReedChuck Taylor 7267251
1970-09-26@ MON158W  7-275-83419,120Steve CarltonBill StonemanSteve CarltonDan McGinn 7337276
1970-09-27@ MON159L  0-175-84430,029Harry ParkerCarl MortonCarl MortonTom Hilgendorf 7337285
1970-09-29vs PIT160L  2-775-85413,232 Bob GibsonLuke WalkerBruce Dal CantonBob GibsonJohn Lamb7357350
1970-09-30vs PIT161W  4-376-8548,084 Jerry ReussBob VealeNelson BrilesMudcat Grant 7397381
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-10-01vs PIT162L  5-976-8648,457 Harry ParkerSteve BlassGeorge BrunetReggie ClevelandEd Acosta744747-3

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