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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Oakland,CA
Team Record:  89-73   .549
Result:   2nd in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  John McNamara
General Manager:   Charlie Finley
Stadium:  Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
Attendance:  778,355
Playoffs:  -

Oakland Athletics affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Tito Francona (36)
Youngest Player:  Vida Blue (20)
Longest Tenure:  Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando, Bert Campaneris, Chuck Dobson, Dave Duncan, Rollie Fingers, Dick Green, Catfish Hunter, Tony LaRussa, Allan Lewis, Paul Lindblad, Joe Rudi, Blue Moon Odom, Rick Monday (3)
Top Hitter:  Bert Campaneris (22)
Top Pitcher:  Catfish Hunter (9)
Top Draft Pick:  Dan Ford (#18)

Roster Continuity:  67.82%
American League Standings
KC Royals6597.40133.0
Chi White Sox56106.34642.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-04-07@ KCA1W  6-41-0218,127Blue Moon OdomWally BunkerBlue Moon OdomWally BunkerRollie Fingers642
1970-04-08@ KCA2L  0-21-148,668Catfish HunterDick DragoDick DragoCatfish Hunter 660
1970-04-09@ KCA3L  1-31-247,529Chuck DobsonBill ButlerBill ButlerChuck DobsonDave Morehead79-2
1970-04-11@ MIN4L  2-81-3621,653Blue Moon OdomJim KaatJim KaatBlue Moon Odom 917-8
1970-04-13vs MIL5W  2-12-3426,270 Catfish HunterMarty PattinCatfish HunterMarty PattinDiego Segui1118-7
1970-04-14vs MIL6W  9-13-332,991 Al DowningGene BrabenderAl DowningGene BrabenderPaul Lindblad20191
1970-04-15vs CHA7L  0-73-432,901 Chuck DobsonGerry JaneskiGerry JaneskiChuck Dobson 2026-6
1970-04-16vs CHA8W  3-14-432,794 Blue Moon OdomTommy JohnBlue Moon OdomTommy John 2327-4
1970-04-17vs MIN9W  5-25-439,186 Catfish HunterJim KaatCatfish HunterJim Kaat 2829-1
1970-04-18vs MIN10L  5-115-5311,266 Al DowningLuis TiantLuis TiantAl DowningRon Perranoski3340-7
1970-04-19vs MIN11L  3-65-6414,187 Chuck DobsonJim PerryJim PerryChuck DobsonRon Perranoski3646-10
1970-04-20vs KCA12L  2-45-742,631 Blue Moon OdomBill ButlerMike HedlundDiego Segui 3850-12
1970-04-21vs KCA13W  4-36-742,635 Catfish HunterDave MoreheadCatfish HunterJim Rooker 4253-11
1970-04-22vs KCA14W  2-17-735,277 Al DowningWally BunkerAl DowningWally Bunker 4454-10
1970-04-25@ NYA15W  3-08-7310,617Chuck DobsonStan BahnsenChuck DobsonStan Bahnsen 4754-7
1970-04-26@ NYA16L  3-88-8327,009Blue Moon OdomMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreBlue Moon OdomJack Aker5062-12
1970-04-27@ BOS17L  3-48-935,085Catfish HunterVicente RomoVicente RomoCatfish HunterSparky Lyle5366-13
1970-04-28@ BOS18L  1-28-10314,941Al DowningBill LeeBill LeeAl DowningSparky Lyle5468-14
1970-04-29@ BOS19L  3-58-11314,297Chuck DobsonSonny SiebertSonny SiebertChuck DobsonSparky Lyle5773-16
1970-04-30@ BOS20L  7-88-1236,225Jim RolandGary PetersGary PetersJim RolandSparky Lyle6481-17
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-05-01@ WS221W  12-59-12311,014Catfish HunterCasey CoxCatfish HunterCasey CoxMudcat Grant7686-10
1970-05-02@ WS222W  6-310-1235,977Al DowningJoe ColemanAl DowningJoe ColemanDiego Segui8289-7
1970-05-03@ WS223W  3-111-1330Blue Moon OdomDick BosmanRollie FingersDick Bosman 8590-5
1970-05-03@ WS224L  4-611-13321,617Chuck DobsonJim ShellenbackHoracio PinaDiego SeguiDarold Knowles8996-7
1970-05-05vs NYA25W  11-312-1334,737 Catfish HunterStan BahnsenCatfish HunterStan Bahnsen 100991
1970-05-06vs NYA26L  6-712-1433,706 Al DowningMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreAl DowningJack Aker1061060
1970-05-07vs NYA27L  3-712-1544,272 Rollie FingersFritz PetersonFritz PetersonRollie FingersLindy McDaniel109113-4
1970-05-08vs BOS28W  7-113-1536,815 Chuck DobsonJim LonborgChuck DobsonJim Lonborg 1161142
1970-05-09vs BOS29L  3-513-16333,203 Catfish HunterSonny SiebertSonny SiebertDiego Segui 1191190
1970-05-10vs BOS30W  7-414-16310,972 Blue Moon OdomGary PetersRollie FingersGary Peters 1261233
1970-05-12vs WS231W  5-315-1633,230 Chuck DobsonJoe ColemanDiego SeguiGeorge Brunet 1311265
1970-05-13vs WS232W  8-116-1634,487 Blue Moon OdomJim ShellenbackBlue Moon OdomJim ShellenbackRollie Fingers13912712
1970-05-15vs CAL33L  4-516-1738,624 Catfish HunterRudy MayKen TatumCatfish Hunter 14313211
1970-05-16vs CAL34W  11-317-1735,653 Chuck DobsonTom MurphyChuck DobsonTom Murphy 15413519
1970-05-17vs CAL35L  1-718-1830 Blue Moon OdomClyde WrightClyde WrightBlue Moon OdomKen Tatum15514213
1970-05-17vs CAL36W  6-518-18317,326 Rollie FingersEddie FisherJim RolandGreg Garrett 16114714
1970-05-19@ MIL37L  3-618-1937,826Catfish HunterJohn MorrisJohn MorrisCatfish Hunter 16415311
1970-05-20@ MIL38L  7-818-2038,747Chuck DobsonSkip LockwoodMarty PattinRollie Fingers 17116110
1970-05-22@ CHA39W  9-819-2038,886Blue Moon OdomGerry JaneskiPaul LindbladWilbur WoodMudcat Grant18016911
1970-05-23@ CHA40W  12-220-2037,395Catfish HunterJoe HorlenCatfish HunterJoe Horlen 19217121
1970-05-24@ CHA41W  5-122-2030Chuck DobsonTommy JohnChuck DobsonTommy John 19717225
1970-05-24@ CHA42W  5-222-20323,196Blue Moon OdomBart JohnsonBlue Moon OdomBart JohnsonMudcat Grant20217428
1970-05-26@ CAL43L  2-422-2136,712Rollie FingersTom MurphyTom MurphyRollie FingersAndy Messersmith20417826
1970-05-27@ CAL44W  4-323-2136,543Catfish HunterClyde WrightCatfish HunterClyde WrightMudcat Grant20818127
1970-05-28@ CAL45W  2-024-2138,714Chuck DobsonRudy MayChuck DobsonRudy May 21018129
1970-05-29vs CLE46L  1-224-2237,640 Blue Moon OdomSam McDowellSam McDowellBlue Moon Odom 21118328
1970-05-30vs CLE47W  5-425-2239,163 Rollie FingersBarry MooreRollie FingersBarry MooreMudcat Grant21618729
1970-05-31vs CLE48L  2-325-23310,223 Catfish HunterMike PaulDick EllsworthCatfish HunterRich Hand21819028
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-06-02vs BAL49L  1-525-2436,288 Chuck DobsonJim PalmerJim PalmerChuck Dobson 21919524
1970-06-03vs BAL50W  4-126-2435,488 Rollie FingersMike CuellarMudcat GrantMike Cuellar 22319627
1970-06-04vs BAL51W  4-227-2435,378 Catfish HunterTom PhoebusCatfish HunterTom PhoebusMudcat Grant22719829
1970-06-05vs DET52W  4-228-2436,915 Blue Moon OdomEarl WilsonDiego SeguiEarl WilsonMarcel Lachemann23120031
1970-06-06vs DET53L  4-628-25348,758 Chuck DobsonJoe NiekroJoe NiekroChuck DobsonJohn Hiller23520629
1970-06-07vs DET54W  5-229-25312,296 Rollie FingersMickey LolichPaul LindbladMickey Lolich 24020832
1970-06-09@ CLE55W  5-230-2536,283Catfish HunterBarry MooreCatfish HunterBarry MooreMudcat Grant24521035
1970-06-10@ CLE56W  6-431-2535,629Blue Moon OdomMike PaulPaul LindbladMike PaulMudcat Grant25121437
1970-06-11@ CLE57L  5-631-2635,140Chuck DobsonSam McDowellDick EllsworthPaul Lindblad 25622036
1970-06-12@ BAL58W  4-232-26321,059Rollie FingersTom PhoebusMudcat GrantEddie Watt 26022238
1970-06-13@ BAL59W  10-733-26319,249Catfish HunterDave McNallyCatfish HunterDave McNallyMarcel Lachemann27022941
1970-06-14@ BAL60L  2-433-27324,879Blue Moon OdomJim PalmerJim PalmerFred Talbot 27223339
1970-06-15@ DET61W  12-734-27320,929Chuck DobsonJoe NiekroChuck DobsonJoe Niekro 28424044
1970-06-16@ DET62L  1-534-28315,941Rollie FingersMike KilkennyMike KilkennyRollie Fingers 28524540
1970-06-17@ DET63L  7-934-29312,541Catfish HunterLes CainFred SchermanDiego SeguiTom Timmermann29225438
1970-06-19vs CHA64L  2-434-3038,254 Blue Moon OdomJoe HorlenJoe HorlenBlue Moon Odom 29425836
1970-06-20vs CHA65W  8-535-30328,179 Chuck DobsonBarry MooreMudcat GrantBarry Moore 30226339
1970-06-21vs CHA66W  6-337-3030 Catfish HunterTommy JohnCatfish HunterTommy John 30826642
1970-06-21vs CHA67W  5-437-30320,139 Rollie FingersBob MillerRollie FingersBob MillerMudcat Grant31327043
1970-06-22vs KCA68W  2-138-3033,815 Diego SeguiDave MoreheadBob LockerTom Burgmeier 31527144
1970-06-23vs KCA69L  5-738-3135,273 Chuck DobsonDick DragoDick DragoChuck DobsonBob Johnson32027842
1970-06-24vs KCA70W  5-139-3135,737 Darrell OsteenJim RookerDarrell OsteenJim RookerMarcel Lachemann32527946
1970-06-26@ MIL71L  2-339-32311,506Catfish HunterSkip LockwoodBob HumphreysChuck Dobson 32728245
1970-06-27@ MIL72L  1-339-33313,142Rollie FingersGene BrabenderGene BrabenderRollie Fingers 32828543
1970-06-28@ MIL73W  4-141-3330Diego SeguiBobby BolinDiego SeguiBobby BolinMudcat Grant33228646
1970-06-28@ MIL74W  4-141-33326,397Chuck DobsonAl DowningChuck DobsonAl Downing 33628749
1970-06-30@ CHA75W  4-342-3335,751Catfish HunterTommy JohnCatfish HunterTommy JohnMudcat Grant34029050
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-07-01@ CHA76W  3-043-3337,842Rollie FingersGerry JaneskiRollie FingersGerry JaneskiMudcat Grant34329053
1970-07-02@ CHA77W  10-644-3334,697Diego SeguiBarry MooreMarcel LachemannBarry MooreBob Locker35329657
1970-07-03@ CAL78L  0-444-34312,131Chuck DobsonClyde WrightClyde WrightChuck Dobson 35330053
1970-07-04@ CAL79W  7-445-34343,041Catfish HunterRudy MayCatfish HunterRudy MayMudcat Grant36030456
1970-07-05@ CAL80L  1-545-3538,020Rollie FingersAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithRollie FingersKen Tatum36130952
1970-07-06vs MIN81L  1-245-36315,600 Diego SeguiBill ZeppBill ZeppDiego SeguiRon Perranoski36231151
1970-07-07vs MIN82L  2-445-37316,278 Chuck DobsonTom HallStan WilliamsChuck Dobson 36431549
1970-07-08vs MIN83L  6-845-38315,731 Catfish HunterJim PerryJim PerryCatfish HunterRon Perranoski37032347
1970-07-10vs MIL84L  1-245-3935,436 Rollie FingersBobby BolinBobby BolinRollie Fingers 37132546
1970-07-11vs MIL85W  11-146-39319,521 Diego SeguiGene BrabenderDiego SeguiGene Brabender 38232656
1970-07-12vs MIL86W  4-347-4030 Chuck DobsonMarty PattinMudcat GrantMarty Pattin 38632957
1970-07-12vs MIL87L  1-247-40314,195 Catfish HunterLew KrausseLew KrausseCatfish Hunter 38733156
1970-07-16@ NYA88W  8-248-4130Chuck DobsonFritz PetersonChuck DobsonFritz Peterson 39533362
1970-07-16@ NYA89L  1-448-41317,862Diego SeguiStan BahnsenStan BahnsenDiego SeguiLindy McDaniel39633759
1970-07-17@ NYA90L  1-748-42317,821Catfish HunterMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreCatfish Hunter 39734453
1970-07-18@ NYA91L  2-748-43312,780Jim RolandSteve KlineSteve KlineJim Roland 39935148
1970-07-19@ BOS92L  4-948-44328,464Rollie FingersRay CulpRay CulpRollie Fingers 40336043
1970-07-20@ BOS93W  3-249-44322,888Chuck DobsonKen BrettChuck DobsonKen BrettMudcat Grant40636244
1970-07-21@ WS294W  4-050-4438,179Diego SeguiDick BosmanDiego SeguiDick BosmanPaul Lindblad41036248
1970-07-22@ WS295W  4-351-4439,072Catfish HunterCasey CoxMarcel LachemannDarold KnowlesMudcat Grant41436549
1970-07-24vs NYA96W  11-052-44311,991 Chuck DobsonSteve KlineChuck DobsonSteve Kline 42536560
1970-07-25vs NYA97W  1-053-44315,012 Diego SeguiFritz PetersonDiego SeguiFritz Peterson 42636561
1970-07-26vs NYA98W  4-354-44325,271 Catfish HunterStan BahnsenCatfish HunterStan BahnsenMudcat Grant43036862
1970-07-28vs BOS99W  6-455-4438,914 Chuck DobsonVicente RomoChuck DobsonVicente RomoMudcat Grant43637264
1970-07-29vs BOS100L  1-455-4538,883 Diego SeguiRay CulpRay CulpDiego Segui 43737661
1970-07-30vs BOS101W  2-156-4538,082 Catfish HunterCal KoonceCatfish HunterCal KoonceMudcat Grant43937762
1970-07-31vs WS2102W  5-457-4534,382 Rollie FingersJim ShellenbackPaul LindbladDarold Knowles 44438163
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-08-01vs WS2103W  5-058-45214,568 Chuck DobsonCasey CoxChuck DobsonCasey Cox 44938168
1970-08-02vs WS2104L  2-659-4620 Diego SeguiJim HannanJim HannanDiego SeguiDarold Knowles45138764
1970-08-02vs WS2105W  1-059-46218,997 Rollie FingersJoe ColemanMudcat GrantHoracio Pina 45238765
1970-08-03vs CAL106L  0-559-4736,445 Catfish HunterRudy MayRudy MayCatfish Hunter 45239260
1970-08-04vs CAL107W  4-360-4726,036 Blue Moon OdomClyde WrightBlue Moon OdomClyde WrightJim Roland45639561
1970-08-05@ KCA108W  4-161-4729,274Chuck DobsonDick DragoChuck DobsonDick Drago 46039664
1970-08-06@ KCA109L  3-561-4829,833Diego SeguiJim RookerAl FitzmorrisBob LockerTed Abernathy46340162
1970-08-07@ MIN110L  1-261-49320,697Catfish HunterJim PerryJim PerryMarcel Lachemann 46440361
1970-08-08@ MIN111L  1-361-50329,297Rollie FingersLuis TiantLuis TiantRollie FingersStan Williams46540659
1970-08-09@ MIN112W  3-063-5030Chuck DobsonBert BlylevenChuck DobsonBert Blyleven 46840662
1970-08-09@ MIN113W  6-363-50341,339Blue Moon OdomJim KaatJim RolandJim KaatMudcat Grant47440965
1970-08-10@ MIN114W  7-364-5038,083Diego SeguiBill ZeppDiego SeguiRon PerranoskiMudcat Grant48141269
1970-08-11vs CLE115W  6-565-5026,322 Catfish HunterDean ChanceJim RolandDean ChanceBob Locker48741770
1970-08-12vs CLE116W  11-466-5025,561 Rollie FingersSteve HarganMarcel LachemannRick AustinBob Locker49842177
1970-08-13vs CLE117L  3-466-5127,644 Blue Moon OdomSam McDowellSam McDowellPaul Lindblad 50142576
1970-08-14vs BAL118W  4-067-51213,047 Chuck DobsonJim HardinChuck DobsonJim HardinMudcat Grant50542580
1970-08-15vs BAL119L  1-767-52226,311 Diego SeguiMike CuellarMike CuellarDiego Segui 50643274
1970-08-16vs BAL120L  1-267-53219,892 Catfish HunterDave McNallyDave McNallyCatfish Hunter 50743473
1970-08-17vs DET121L  3-567-5435,745 Blue Moon OdomDenny McLainDaryl PattersonMudcat GrantTom Timmermann51043971
1970-08-18vs DET122L  1-367-5537,357 Chuck DobsonMickey LolichMickey LolichChuck Dobson 51144269
1970-08-19vs DET123W  7-068-5536,402 Diego SeguiMike KilkennyDiego SeguiMike Kilkenny 51844276
1970-08-21@ CLE124L  3-668-56320,827Catfish HunterSam McDowellSam McDowellCatfish HunterRick Austin52144873
1970-08-22@ CLE125L  5-668-5739,615Chuck DobsonSteve HarganDennis HigginsMarcel Lachemann 52645472
1970-08-23@ CLE126L  6-868-5838,585Blue Moon OdomRich HandRick AustinBob Locker 53246270
1970-08-25@ BAL127L  1-568-59313,609Diego SeguiDave McNallyDave McNallyDiego Segui 53346766
1970-08-26@ BAL128L  1-568-60313,937Catfish HunterJim PalmerJim PalmerCatfish Hunter 53447262
1970-08-27@ BAL129L  4-668-61310,230Chuck DobsonMike CuellarMike CuellarChuck Dobson 53847860
1970-08-28@ DET130W  6-269-61319,180Blue Moon OdomMickey LolichBlue Moon OdomMickey LolichMudcat Grant54448064
1970-08-29@ DET131W  5-270-61310,536Diego SeguiLes CainDiego SeguiLes CainMudcat Grant54948267
1970-08-30@ DET132L  5-670-62313,782Catfish HunterJoe NiekroTom TimmermannBob LockerBob Reed55448866
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-09-01vs CHA133W  6-571-62310,604 Chuck DobsonTommy JohnPaul LindbladWilbur Wood 56049367
1970-09-02vs CHA134W  2-172-6239,932 Blue Moon OdomBart JohnsonBlue Moon OdomBart JohnsonMudcat Grant56249468
1970-09-03vs CHA135W  4-373-6239,692 Diego SeguiJerry CriderBob LockerWilbur Wood 56649769
1970-09-04vs KCA136W  5-074-6233,720 Catfish HunterAl FitzmorrisCatfish HunterAl Fitzmorris 57149774
1970-09-05vs KCA137W  8-375-6239,824 Chuck DobsonDick DragoPaul LindbladDick DragoBob Locker57950079
1970-09-06vs KCA138W  7-176-6228,245 Blue Moon OdomWally BunkerBlue Moon OdomWally Bunker 58650185
1970-09-07@ CHA139W  7-478-6220Vida BlueTommy JohnRollie FingersTommy John 59350588
1970-09-07@ CHA140W  7-578-6226,115Diego SeguiBart JohnsonDiego SeguiBart JohnsonPaul Lindblad60051090
1970-09-09@ MIN141L  1-378-63214,428Chuck DobsonJim PerryJim PerryChuck DobsonStan Williams60151388
1970-09-10@ MIN142L  1-678-6520Catfish HunterTom HallTom HallCatfish Hunter 60251983
1970-09-10@ MIN143L  2-778-65210,839Blue Moon OdomJim KaatJim KaatBlue Moon OdomStan Williams60452678
1970-09-11@ KCA144W  3-079-6526,993Vida BlueWally BunkerVida BlueWally Bunker 60752681
1970-09-12@ KCA145W  3-280-6526,579Diego SeguiBob JohnsonMudcat GrantBob Johnson 61052882
1970-09-13@ KCA146L  7-880-6720Chuck DobsonJim RookerTom BurgmeierMudcat Grant 61753681
1970-09-13@ KCA147L  7-880-6729,824Catfish HunterAl FitzmorrisTed AbernathyMarcel Lachemann 62454480
1970-09-15@ MIL148L  0-181-6820Blue Moon OdomSkip LockwoodSkip LockwoodBlue Moon Odom 62454579
1970-09-15@ MIL149W  6-581-6826,468Vida BlueJohn MorrisBob LockerKen SandersJim Roland63055080
1970-09-16@ MIL150W  4-182-6826,161Rollie FingersLew KrausseRollie FingersLew Krausse 63455183
1970-09-18vs CAL151W  3-283-6825,379 Chuck DobsonRudy MayChuck DobsonKen Tatum 63755384
1970-09-19vs CAL152W  2-184-6826,619 Catfish HunterGreg GarrettCatfish HunterGreg Garrett 63955485
1970-09-20vs CAL153L  2-484-69210,517 Blue Moon OdomClyde WrightClyde WrightJim RolandMel Queen64155883
1970-09-21vs MIN154W  6-085-6924,284 Vida BlueJim PerryVida BlueJim Perry 64755889
1970-09-22vs MIN155L  3-585-7025,915 Chuck DobsonJim KaatJim KaatChuck DobsonRon Perranoski65056387
1970-09-23vs MIN156L  4-785-7125,066 Catfish HunterTom HallTom HallCatfish HunterBill Zepp65457084
1970-09-25@ CAL157W  6-086-7127,226Blue Moon OdomClyde WrightBlue Moon OdomClyde Wright 66057090
1970-09-26@ CAL158W  4-387-7127,063Vida BlueRudy MayPaul LindbladEddie Fisher 66457391
1970-09-27@ CAL159L  4-987-72211,890Chuck DobsonGreg GarrettGreg GarrettChuck DobsonDave LaRoche66858286
1970-09-29vs MIL160W  4-388-7221,960 Catfish HunterAl DowningCatfish HunterAl Downing 67258587
1970-09-30vs MIL161L  1-488-7322,302 Blue Moon OdomSkip LockwoodSkip LockwoodBlue Moon OdomKen Sanders67358984
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-10-01vs MIL162W  5-489-7324,045 Vida BlueMarty PattinPaul LindbladKen Sanders 67859385

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