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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Queens,NY
Team Record:  83-79   .512
Result:   3rd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Gil Hodges
General Manager:   Bob Scheffing
Stadium:  Shea Stadium
Attendance:  2,697,479
Playoffs:  -

New York Mets affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Donn Clendenon (34)
Youngest Player:  Tim Foli (19)
Longest Tenure:  Ed Kranepool (9)
Top Hitter:  Bud Harrelson (19)
Top Pitcher:  Tom Seaver (4)
Top Draft Pick:  George Ambrow (#23)

Roster Continuity:  87.65%
National League Standings
Chi Cubs8478.5195.0
NY Mets8379.5126.0
St. Louis7686.46913.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-04-07@ PIT1W  5-31-0134,249Tom SeaverSteve BlassRon TaylorChuck HartensteinTug McGraw532
1970-04-09@ PIT2L  1-21-139,884Jerry KoosmanDock EllisDock EllisJerry Koosman 651
1970-04-10@ SLN3L  3-71-2445,960Jim McAndrewGeorge CulverGeorge CulverJim McAndrewChuck Taylor912-3
1970-04-11@ SLN4W  4-12-2317,541Gary GentryNelson BrilesGary GentryNelson BrilesRon Taylor13130
1970-04-12@ SLN5W  6-43-2117,313Tom SeaverSteve CarltonTom SeaverSteve CarltonRon Taylor19172
1970-04-14vs PIT6L  4-63-3341,679 Jerry KoosmanDock EllisChuck HartensteinTug McGraw 23230
1970-04-16vs PIT7L  4-73-448,623 Gary GentryBob VealeBruce Dal CantonDon Cardwell 2730-3
1970-04-17vs PHI8W  6-04-445,951 Tom SeaverGrant JacksonTom SeaverGrant Jackson 33303
1970-04-18vs PHI9W  7-05-4323,500 Nolan RyanJim BunningNolan RyanJim Bunning 403010
1970-04-19vs PHI10L  2-36-540 Jerry KoosmanRick WiseRick WiseJerry Koosman 42339
1970-04-19vs PHI11W  10-26-5449,898 Jim McAndrewChris ShortJim McAndrewChris ShortRon Taylor523517
1970-04-21vs SDN12L  3-56-647,712 Gary GentryClay KirbyRon HerbelCal Koonce 554015
1970-04-22vs SDN13W  2-17-6414,197 Tom SeaverMike CorkinsTom SeaverMike Corkins 574116
1970-04-24@ LAN14L  0-17-7422,551Jerry KoosmanAlan FosterRay LambRon Taylor 574215
1970-04-25@ LAN15L  0-17-8428,349Nolan RyanClaude OsteenClaude OsteenNolan Ryan 574314
1970-04-26@ LAN16W  3-18-8426,708Tom SeaverSandy VanceTom SeaverSandy Vance 604416
1970-04-28@ SFN17W  5-29-858,253Gary GentryGaylord PerryGary GentryGaylord PerryTug McGraw654619
1970-04-29@ SFN18L  6-89-956,139Jerry KoosmanJuan MarichalFrank LinzyRon TaylorDon McMahon715417
1970-04-30@ SFN19W  4-110-945,149Nolan RyanMike McCormickNolan RyanMike McCormick 755520
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-05-01@ SDN20W  2-111-9218,176Tom SeaverAl SantoriniTom SeaverAl Santorini 775621
1970-05-02@ SDN21L  4-511-1026,465Jim McAndrewClay KirbyClay KirbyJim McAndrewRon Herbel816120
1970-05-03@ SDN22L  3-412-1120Jerry KoosmanMike CorkinsDave RobertsCal Koonce 846519
1970-05-03@ SDN23W  3-212-11219,657Gary GentryPat DobsonGary GentryPat DobsonTug McGraw876720
1970-05-05vs LAN24L  0-412-12224,321 Nolan RyanSandy VanceSandy VanceNolan RyanFred Norman877116
1970-05-06vs LAN25W  5-413-12218,027 Tom SeaverDon SuttonTom SeaverDon SuttonRon Taylor927517
1970-05-07vs LAN26L  4-713-13216,552 Ray SadeckiAlan FosterRay LambJim McAndrew 968214
1970-05-08vs SFN27L  1-713-14243,109 Gary GentryMigel PuenteMigel PuenteGary Gentry 97898
1970-05-09vs SFN28W  14-514-14241,655 Jerry KoosmanRich RobertsonJerry KoosmanFrank LinzyRon Taylor1119417
1970-05-10vs SFN29L  7-1114-15236,018 Nolan RyanJuan MarichalJuan MarichalNolan Ryan 11810513
1970-05-11vs MON30L  0-314-16215,016 Tom SeaverDan McGinnDan McGinnTom Seaver 11810810
1970-05-12vs MON31W  8-415-1628,521 Ray SadeckiCarl MortonRay SadeckiCarl MortonTug McGraw12611214
1970-05-13@ CHN32W  4-016-1629,823Gary GentryBill HandsGary GentryBill Hands 13011218
1970-05-15@ PHI33W  4-017-1626,373Tom SeaverWoodie FrymanTom SeaverWoodie Fryman 13411222
1970-05-16@ PHI34W  6-018-1624,826Jerry KoosmanGrant JacksonJerry KoosmanGrant Jackson 14011228
1970-05-18@ MON35L  4-818-17231,004Gary GentryBill StonemanClaude RaymondTug McGraw 14412024
1970-05-19@ MON36W  7-419-17220,324Ray SadeckiDan McGinnRay SadeckiDan McGinnTug McGraw15112427
1970-05-20@ MON37L  0-219-18311,361Tom SeaverCarl MortonCarl MortonTom Seaver 15112625
1970-05-22vs CHN38L  4-619-19350,586 Jerry KoosmanKen HoltzmanJim ColbornJerry Koosman 15513223
1970-05-23vs CHN39L  8-1419-20335,500 Gary GentryFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsGary GentryPhil Regan16314617
1970-05-24vs CHN40L  1-320-2130 Tom SeaverBill HandsBill HandsTom SeaverPhil Regan16414915
1970-05-24vs CHN41W  3-120-21353,284 Nolan RyanJoe DeckerNolan RyanJoe Decker 16715017
1970-05-26vs SLN42W  5-121-21213,473 Ray SadeckiMike TorrezRay SadeckiMike Torrez 17215121
1970-05-27vs SLN43W  3-022-21228,597 Gary GentrySteve CarltonGary GentrySteve Carlton 17515124
1970-05-28vs SLN44L  2-922-22220,919 Jim McAndrewBob GibsonBob GibsonJim McAndrew 17716017
1970-05-29vs HOU45L  0-522-23235,753 Tom SeaverTom GriffinJack BillinghamTom Seaver 17716512
1970-05-30vs HOU46W  4-323-23254,421 Nolan RyanLarry DierkerNolan RyanLarry DierkerRon Taylor18116813
1970-05-31vs HOU47W  14-425-2320 Ray SadeckiDenny LemasterRay SadeckiDenny LemasterRon Taylor19517223
1970-05-31vs HOU48W  4-325-23247,193 Jim McAndrewDon WilsonTug McGrawDenny Lemaster 19917524
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-06-02@ ATL49L  1-425-24210,585Gary GentryPhil NiekroPhil NiekroGary Gentry 20017921
1970-06-04@ ATL50L  1-325-25219,809Tom SeaverPat JarvisPat JarvisTom Seaver 20118219
1970-06-05@ CIN51L  4-525-26220,101Nolan RyanJim McGlothlinJim McGlothlinNolan RyanDon Gullett20518718
1970-06-06@ CIN52L  1-525-27325,266Ray SadeckiJim MerrittJim MerrittRay Sadecki 20619214
1970-06-07@ CIN53L  2-1025-28424,813Gary GentryWayne SimpsonWayne SimpsonGary Gentry 2082026
1970-06-08@ HOU54W  2-026-28313,957Jim McAndrewJack BillinghamJim McAndrewJack Billingham 2102028
1970-06-09@ HOU55W  2-127-28319,935Tom SeaverTom GriffinTom SeaverTom Griffin 2122039
1970-06-10@ HOU56L  3-527-29317,973Nolan RyanDenny LemasterDenny LemasterNolan RyanFred Gladding2152087
1970-06-12vs ATL57W  8-128-29346,710 Gary GentryPhil NiekroGary GentryPhil NiekroRon Taylor22320914
1970-06-13vs ATL58W  4-129-29241,515 Ray SadeckiMike McQueenRay SadeckiMike McQueen 22721017
1970-06-14vs ATL59W  7-530-29252,674 Tom SeaverPat JarvisTom SeaverPat Jarvis 23421519
1970-06-16vs CIN60W  8-131-29234,260 Jim McAndrewJim MerrittJim McAndrewJim Merritt 24221626
1970-06-17vs CIN61L  4-731-30240,462 Gary GentryWayne SimpsonClay CarrollRon TaylorWayne Granger24622323
1970-06-19vs PHI62W  13-332-30243,866 Tom SeaverJim BunningTom SeaverJim Bunning 25922633
1970-06-20vs PHI63L  1-232-31241,897 Jerry KoosmanChris ShortChris ShortJerry Koosman 26022832
1970-06-22@ CHN64W  9-533-31224,867Gary GentryFergie JenkinsRon TaylorFergie Jenkins 26923336
1970-06-23@ CHN65W  12-1034-31228,118Ray SadeckiJoe DeckerRon TaylorPhil ReganJim McAndrew28124338
1970-06-24@ CHN66W  9-536-3110Tom SeaverBill HandsTom SeaverBill Hands 29024842
1970-06-24@ CHN67W  6-136-31135,071Nolan RyanArchie ReynoldsNolan RyanArchie ReynoldsTug McGraw29624947
1970-06-25@ CHN68W  8-337-31128,015Jerry KoosmanKen HoltzmanJerry KoosmanKen Holtzman 30425252
1970-06-26@ MON69L  5-637-32121,012Jim McAndrewSteve RenkoSteve RenkoJim McAndrewClaude Raymond30925851
1970-06-27@ MON70W  8-338-32121,398Gary GentryDan McGinnGary GentryDan McGinn 31726156
1970-06-28@ MON71L  2-338-33127,154Ray SadeckiCarl MortonCarl MortonRay Sadecki 31926455
1970-06-29vs PIT72W  3-239-33142,416 Tom SeaverSteve BlassTom SeaverSteve Blass 32226656
1970-06-30vs PIT73W  7-640-33138,681 Jerry KoosmanBob VealeJerry KoosmanBob VealeRon Taylor32927257
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-07-01vs PIT74L  3-440-34134,316 Jim McAndrewDock EllisDock EllisJim McAndrewDave Giusti33227656
1970-07-02@ PHI75L  1-640-3610Gary GentryJim BunningJim BunningGary GentryDick Selma33328251
1970-07-02@ PHI76L  2-340-36124,474Don CardwellChris ShortChris ShortDon CardwellDick Selma33528550
1970-07-03@ PHI77W  4-341-36110,508Ray SadeckiRick WiseRay SadeckiRick WiseRich Folkers33928851
1970-07-04@ PHI78W  7-242-3617,866Tom SeaverGrant JacksonTom SeaverGrant Jackson 34629056
1970-07-05@ PHI79W  5-443-36112,609Jerry KoosmanWoodie FrymanJerry KoosmanWoodie FrymanDanny Frisella35129457
1970-07-06vs SLN80W  10-344-36136,801 Jim McAndrewJerry ReussJim McAndrewJerry ReussTug McGraw36129764
1970-07-07vs SLN81W  4-345-36142,858 Gary GentryMike TorrezDanny FrisellaSal Campisi 36530065
1970-07-08vs SLN82W  7-546-36138,932 Ray SadeckiNelson BrilesRay SadeckiNelson BrilesRon Taylor37230567
1970-07-09vs MON83W  7-147-36126,549 Tom SeaverRich NyeTom SeaverRich Nye 37930673
1970-07-10vs MON84L  7-947-37129,394 Jerry KoosmanCarl MortonCarl MortonJerry KoosmanClaude Raymond38631571
1970-07-11vs MON85L  2-647-38253,968 Jim McAndrewMike WegenerMike WegenerJim McAndrewClaude Raymond38832167
1970-07-12vs MON86L  3-547-39238,186 Ray SadeckiSteve RenkoHowie ReedRay SadeckiClaude Raymond39132665
1970-07-16@ LAN87L  1-347-40232,619Jim McAndrewBill SingerBill SingerJim McAndrew 39232963
1970-07-17@ LAN88L  0-147-41243,713Tom SeaverDon SuttonDon SuttonTug McGraw 39233062
1970-07-18@ LAN89W  4-348-41229,511Ray SadeckiClaude OsteenDanny FrisellaJim BrewerRon Taylor39633363
1970-07-19@ SFN90L  3-549-4220Nolan RyanRich RobertsonDon McMahonRon Taylor 39933861
1970-07-19@ SFN91W  7-649-42230,303Jerry KoosmanSkip PitlockRon TaylorDon McMahon 40634462
1970-07-20@ SFN92L  4-749-4327,815Rich FolkersFrank RebergerMike DavisonRich FolkersDon McMahon41035159
1970-07-21@ SDN93W  3-050-43210,373Jim McAndrewClay KirbyJim McAndrewClay Kirby 41335162
1970-07-22@ SDN94L  4-550-44218,981Tom SeaverEarl WilsonJack BaldschunNolan Ryan 41735661
1970-07-24vs LAN95W  2-151-44253,657 Jerry KoosmanBill SingerTug McGrawJim Brewer 41935762
1970-07-25vs LAN96W  6-452-44245,433 Ray SadeckiAlan FosterDanny FrisellaJose PenaJim McAndrew42536164
1970-07-26vs LAN97L  3-552-45251,139 Gary GentryDon SuttonDon SuttonGary GentryJim Brewer42836662
1970-07-27vs SFN98W  5-353-45251,061 Tom SeaverGaylord PerryTom SeaverGaylord Perry 43336964
1970-07-28vs SFN99W  12-254-45250,174 Jim McAndrewRich RobertsonJim McAndrewRich Robertson 44537174
1970-07-29vs SFN100L  2-454-46243,029 Jerry KoosmanSkip PitlockSkip PitlockRich FolkersDon McMahon44737572
1970-07-31vs SDN101W  6-555-46130,684 Gary GentryPat DobsonDanny FrisellaRon HerbelTug McGraw45338073
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-08-01vs SDN102W  4-256-46125,919 Tom SeaverEarl WilsonTom SeaverEarl Wilson 45738275
1970-08-02vs SDN103L  0-356-4820 Jim McAndrewDanny CoombsDanny CoombsJim McAndrewTom Dukes45738572
1970-08-02vs SDN104L  2-456-48249,373 Ray SadeckiDave RobertsRon WillisDanny Frisella 45938970
1970-08-03vs CHN105L  1-656-49250,669 Jerry KoosmanFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsJerry Koosman 46039565
1970-08-04vs CHN106W  4-057-49242,786 Nolan RyanJoe DeckerNolan RyanJoe Decker 46439569
1970-08-05@ SLN107W  5-358-49224,188Danny FrisellaSteve CarltonDanny FrisellaSteve CarltonRon Taylor46939871
1970-08-06@ SLN108L  0-358-50223,412Tom SeaverNelson BrilesNelson BrilesTom Seaver 46940168
1970-08-07@ PIT109L  1-658-51237,556Jim McAndrewBob MooseBob MooseJim McAndrew 47040763
1970-08-08@ PIT110W  12-959-51227,843Jerry KoosmanBob VealeJerry KoosmanBob VealeGary Gentry48241666
1970-08-09@ PIT111L  3-859-52241,772Nolan RyanLuke WalkerLuke WalkerNolan RyanOrlando Pena48542461
1970-08-10@ PIT112W  10-260-52247,148Tom SeaverDock EllisTom SeaverDock Ellis 49542669
1970-08-11@ CIN113L  1-860-53235,491Jim McAndrewGary NolanGary NolanJim McAndrew 49643462
1970-08-12@ CIN114W  2-161-53232,902Gary GentryTony CloningerGary GentryTony Cloninger 49843563
1970-08-13@ CIN115L  1-661-54242,748Ray SadeckiJim MerrittJim MerrittRay Sadecki 49944158
1970-08-14@ ATL116L  2-1062-5520Nolan RyanRon ReedRon ReedNolan Ryan 50145150
1970-08-14@ ATL117W  4-262-55227,922Jerry KoosmanPat JarvisJerry KoosmanPat JarvisRich Folkers50545352
1970-08-15@ ATL118L  2-362-56231,897Tom SeaverPhil NiekroHoyt WilhelmTom Seaver 50745651
1970-08-16@ ATL119W  2-163-56225,383Jim McAndrewJim NashJim McAndrewJim Nash 50945752
1970-08-18vs HOU120W  7-164-56236,496 Gary GentryLarry DierkerGary GentryLarry Dierker 51645858
1970-08-19vs HOU121L  4-964-57238,539 Tom SeaverWade BlasingameWade BlasingameTom SeaverFred Gladding52046753
1970-08-21vs CIN122W  4-165-57253,320 Jerry KoosmanTony CloningerJerry KoosmanTony Cloninger 52446856
1970-08-22vs CIN123L  2-365-58245,943 Jim McAndrewJim MerrittJim MerrittTug McGrawWayne Granger52647155
1970-08-23vs CIN124W  5-466-5920 Gary GentryGary NolanRon TaylorWayne Granger 53147556
1970-08-23vs CIN125L  5-766-59243,712 Tom SeaverJim McGlothlinDon GullettTom Seaver 53648254
1970-08-25vs ATL126L  6-766-60248,561 Nolan RyanPat JarvisPat JarvisNolan RyanBob Priddy54248953
1970-08-26vs ATL127L  7-966-61245,567 Jerry KoosmanRon ReedBob PriddyGary Gentry 54949851
1970-08-27vs ATL128W  5-167-61239,810 Jim McAndrewPhil NiekroJim McAndrewPhil Niekro 55449955
1970-08-28@ HOU129L  1-267-62219,076Tom SeaverWade BlasingameWade BlasingameTom Seaver 55550154
1970-08-29@ HOU130L  8-967-63216,203Gary GentryJack BillinghamGeorge CulverTug McGraw 56351053
1970-08-30@ HOU131L  5-967-64315,754Nolan RyanDon WilsonDon WilsonNolan RyanFred Gladding56851949
1970-08-31@ SLN132W  11-568-64317,284Jerry KoosmanNelson BrilesJerry KoosmanNelson BrilesRon Taylor57952455
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-09-01@ SLN133W  4-369-64222,527Jim McAndrewBob GibsonRon HerbelBob GibsonTug McGraw58352756
1970-09-02@ SLN134W  7-370-64213,749Tom SeaverJerry ReussTom SeaverJerry Reuss 59053060
1970-09-03@ SLN135L  3-570-65313,169Gary GentrySteve CarltonSteve CarltonGary Gentry 59353558
1970-09-04@ CHN136L  4-770-66329,327Nolan RyanBill HandsRoberto RodriguezDanny FrisellaBob Miller59754255
1970-09-05@ CHN137W  5-371-66337,821Jerry KoosmanKen HoltzmanJerry KoosmanKen HoltzmanTug McGraw60254557
1970-09-07vs MON138W  5-473-6620 Tom SeaverCarl MortonDanny FrisellaMike Marshall 60754958
1970-09-07vs MON139W  5-173-66246,163 Jim McAndrewDan McGinnJim McAndrewDan McGinn 61255062
1970-09-08vs MON140W  10-574-66215,505 Gary GentrySteve RenkoTug McGrawSteve RenkoRon Herbel62255567
1970-09-09vs PHI141L  2-375-6710 Nolan RyanBarry LerschBarry LerschDanny Frisella 62455866
1970-09-09vs PHI142W  3-175-67126,005 Ray SadeckiGrant JacksonRay SadeckiGrant Jackson 62755968
1970-09-10vs PHI143W  3-276-67114,307 Jerry KoosmanJim BunningRon HerbelJoe Hoerner 63056169
1970-09-11vs SLN144L  2-576-68250,555 Tom SeaverBob GibsonBob GibsonTom Seaver 63256666
1970-09-12vs SLN145W  3-077-68235,402 Jim McAndrewJerry ReussJim McAndrewJerry Reuss 63556669
1970-09-13vs SLN146L  4-577-69243,592 Gary GentryMike TorrezFrank LinzyRon Herbel 63957168
1970-09-14@ MON147W  9-578-69215,462Ray SadeckiBill StonemanDanny FrisellaMike MarshallNolan Ryan64857672
1970-09-15@ MON148L  4-578-70312,806Jerry KoosmanCarl MortonJohn O'DonoghueJerry Koosman 65258171
1970-09-16@ MON149L  2-478-71312,152Tom SeaverSteve RenkoSteve RenkoTom Seaver 65458569
1970-09-18vs PIT150L  2-378-72342,225 Jim McAndrewSteve BlassSteve BlassJim McAndrewDave Giusti65658868
1970-09-19vs PIT151L  1-278-73341,323 Gary GentryLuke WalkerLuke WalkerGary GentryJoe Gibbon65759067
1970-09-20vs PIT152W  4-179-7430 Jerry KoosmanBob MooseJerry KoosmanBob Moose 66159170
1970-09-20vs PIT153L  5-979-74354,806 Tom SeaverFred CambriaDave GiustiTug McGraw 66660066
1970-09-22@ PHI154W  7-680-7435,064Jim McAndrewJim BunningNolan RyanDick SelmaDean Chance67360667
1970-09-23@ PHI155W  5-481-7425,683Ray SadeckiChris ShortTug McGrawDick Selma 67861068
1970-09-25@ PIT156L  3-481-75341,484Jerry KoosmanBob MooseMudcat GrantDean ChanceJoe Gibbon68161467
1970-09-26@ PIT157L  3-481-76334,311Tom SeaverSteve BlassMudcat GrantRon Herbel 68461866
1970-09-27@ PIT158L  1-281-77350,469Jim McAndrewDock EllisDock EllisJim McAndrewDave Giusti68562065
1970-09-28vs CHN159W  6-382-77321,670 Gary GentryKen HoltzmanDanny FrisellaHoyt Wilhelm 69162368
1970-09-29vs CHN160W  3-183-77226,832 Jerry KoosmanMilt PappasJerry KoosmanMilt Pappas 69462470
1970-09-30vs CHN161L  0-283-7836,895 Nolan RyanBill HandsBill HandsNolan Ryan 69462668
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-10-01vs CHN162L  1-483-79348,314 Jim McAndrewFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsJim McAndrew 69563065

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