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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  65-97   .401
Result:   4th in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Dave Bristol
General Manager:   Marvin Milkes
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  933,690
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Tito Francona (36)
Youngest Player:  Wayne Twitchell (22)
Longest Tenure:  
Top Hitter:  Tommy Harper (4)
Top Pitcher:  Marty Pattin (13)
Top Draft Pick:  Darrell Porter (#4)

Roster Continuity:  49.66%
American League Standings
KC Royals6597.40133.0
Chi White Sox56106.34642.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-04-07vs CAL1L  0-12-36,107 Lew KrausseAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithLew Krausse 012-12
1970-04-08vs CAL2L  1-6-7,575 Marty PattinTom MurphyTom MurphyMarty PattinKen Tatum118-17
1970-04-10@ CHA3L  4-5-1,036Gene BrabenderGerry JaneskiGerry JaneskiGene BrabenderWilbur Wood523-18
1970-04-11@ CHA4W  8-4-2,696Bobby BolinBilly WynneJohn O'DonoghueGene RounsavilleBob Locker1327-14
1970-04-12@ CHA5W  5-2-0Lew KrausseTommy JohnLew KrausseTommy JohnJohn Gelnar1829-11
1970-04-12@ CHA6W  16-2-6,220George LauzeriqueGerry ArrigoGeorge LauzeriqueGerry Arrigo 34313
1970-04-13@ OAK7L  1-2-26,270Marty PattinCatfish HunterCatfish HunterMarty PattinDiego Segui35332
1970-04-14@ OAK8L  1-9-2,991Gene BrabenderAl DowningAl DowningGene BrabenderPaul Lindblad3642-6
1970-04-16vs KCA9L  6-8-7,110 Lew KrausseBill ButlerBill ButlerLew KrausseMoe Drabowsky4250-8
1970-04-18vs CHA10L  5-8-7,788 Bobby BolinBilly WynneWilbur WoodJohn GelnarDanny Murphy4758-11
1970-04-20@ CAL11L  4-5-4,358Gene BrabenderRudy MayPaul DoyleLew Krausse 5163-12
1970-04-21@ CAL12L  1-3-8,659Marty PattinTom MurphyTom MurphyMarty PattinKen Tatum5266-14
1970-04-22@ CAL13L  1-3-5,120George LauzeriqueClyde WrightClyde WrightGeorge Lauzerique 5369-16
1970-04-25@ BOS14W  10-4-0Lew KrausseSonny SiebertLew KrausseLee StangeBob Locker6373-10
1970-04-25@ BOS15L  0-3-22,004Bobby BolinGary PetersGary PetersBobby Bolin 6376-13
1970-04-26@ BOS16W  5-3-19,811Gene BrabenderRay CulpGene BrabenderRay CulpBob Locker6879-11
1970-04-27@ WS217L  5-6-3,291Marty PattinJoe ColemanHoracio PinaBob Locker 7385-12
1970-04-28@ WS218L  6-9-4,415George LauzeriqueJim ShellenbackDick SuchGeorge LauzeriqueHoracio Pina7994-15
1970-04-29@ WS219L  0-4-4,452Lew KrausseDick BosmanDick BosmanLew Krausse 7998-19
1970-04-30@ WS220L  2-12-7,575Bobby BolinGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetBobby Bolin 81110-29
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-05-01@ NYA21L  3-6-8,476Gene BrabenderMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreGene BrabenderJack Aker84116-32
1970-05-02@ NYA22L  6-7-7,813Marty PattinFritz PetersonSteve HamiltonJohn Gelnar 90123-33
1970-05-03@ NYA23L  7-8-0George LauzeriqueBill BurbachSteve HamiltonBob Meyer 97131-34
1970-05-03@ NYA24L  2-4-11,490Lew KrausseJohn CumberlandLindy McDanielLew Krausse 99135-36
1970-05-05vs BOS25L  0-6-6,780 Gene BrabenderSonny SiebertSonny SiebertGene Brabender 99141-42
1970-05-06vs BOS26W  4-3-5,320 Bobby BolinGary PetersBobby BolinEd PhillipsJohn Gelnar103144-41
1970-05-07vs BOS27W  5-1-8,194 Lew KrausseRay CulpLew KrausseRay CulpJohn Gelnar108145-37
1970-05-09vs WS228W  3-2-8,935 John MorrisDick BosmanJohn GelnarJoe Grzenda 111147-36
1970-05-10vs WS229W  6-5-0 Gene BrabenderGeorge BrunetMarty PattinDarold Knowles 117152-35
1970-05-10vs WS230W  7-6-13,941 Skip LockwoodCasey CoxJohn O'DonoghueJoe Grzenda 124158-34
1970-05-11vs NYA31W  5-5-4,822 Bobby BolinMel Stottlemyre 129163-34
1970-05-12vs NYA32L  5-9-5,382 Lew KrausseFritz PetersonFritz PetersonLew KrausseLindy McDaniel134172-38
1970-05-13vs NYA33W  3-1-4,719 John MorrisJohn CumberlandJohn MorrisJohn Cumberland 137173-36
1970-05-16vs MIN34L  7-11-9,145 Gene BrabenderDave BoswellDave BoswellGene BrabenderRon Perranoski144184-40
1970-05-17vs MIN35L  1-6-16,393 Lew KrausseJim PerryJim PerryLew Krausse 145190-45
1970-05-19vs OAK36W  6-3-7,826 John MorrisCatfish HunterJohn MorrisCatfish Hunter 151193-42
1970-05-20vs OAK37W  8-7-8,747 Skip LockwoodChuck DobsonMarty PattinRollie Fingers 159200-41
1970-05-22@ KCA38L  3-6-8,201Bobby BolinDick DragoDick DragoBobby BolinAl Fitzmorris162206-44
1970-05-23@ KCA39L  1-3-9,001Lew KrausseJim RookerJim RookerLew Krausse 163209-46
1970-05-24@ KCA40L  5-6-30,035John MorrisBill ButlerMoe DrabowskyGene Brabender 168215-47
1970-05-25@ MIN41L  5-6-6,787Skip LockwoodBill ZeppTom HallSkip LockwoodRon Perranoski173221-48
1970-05-26@ MIN42L  2-6-7,542Bobby BolinJim KaatJim KaatBobby Bolin 175227-52
1970-05-28@ MIN43L  2-11-8,100John MorrisLuis TiantLuis TiantJohn MorrisStan Williams177238-61
1970-05-29vs DET44L  4-5-11,567 Skip LockwoodMickey LolichMickey LolichSkip LockwoodDennis Saunders181243-62
1970-05-30vs DET45W  9-7-11,704 Lew KrausseLes CainJohn GelnarJohn Hiller 190250-60
1970-05-31vs DET46W  7-6-10,132 Bobby BolinEarl WilsonDave BaldwinDennis Saunders 197256-59
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-06-02vs CLE47L  1-4-0 Gene BrabenderSam McDowellSam McDowellGene Brabender 198260-62
1970-06-02vs CLE48L  5-9-7,812 Skip LockwoodDean ChancePhil HenniganSkip Lockwood 203269-66
1970-06-03vs CLE49L  6-7-6,719 Lew KrausseRich HandBob MillerMarty PattinDick Ellsworth209276-67
1970-06-04vs CLE50L  4-8-8,625 Ray PetersBarry MoorePhil HenniganRay PetersDean Chance213284-71
1970-06-05vs BAL51L  2-3-13,548 Bobby BolinDave McNallyDave McNallyBobby BolinEddie Watt215287-72
1970-06-06vs BAL52W  6-4-12,076 Gene BrabenderJim PalmerGene BrabenderJim PalmerJohn Gelnar221291-70
1970-06-07vs BAL53L  6-7-16,692 Marty PattinMike CuellarMike CuellarMarty PattinEddie Watt227298-71
1970-06-08vs CHA54W  5-2-7,697 Lew KrausseBart JohnsonLew KrausseBart Johnson 232300-68
1970-06-09@ DET55L  3-8-12,647Ray PetersLes CainLes CainRay PetersDaryl Patterson235308-73
1970-06-10@ DET56L  5-7-11,872Bobby BolinEarl WilsonDennis SaundersJohn GelnarTom Timmermann240315-75
1970-06-11@ DET57L  2-6-10,789Gene BrabenderJoe NiekroJoe NiekroGene BrabenderTom Timmermann242321-79
1970-06-12@ CLE58W  4-1-8,156Marty PattinRich HandMarty PattinRich Hand 246322-76
1970-06-13@ CLE59L  6-10-8,162Lew KraussePhil HenniganDean ChanceLew KrausseFred Lasher252332-80
1970-06-14@ CLE60L  2-9-25,380Skip LockwoodSteve DunningSteve DunningSkip LockwoodBob Miller254341-87
1970-06-15@ BAL61W  9-6-4,231Bobby BolinMike CuellarKen SandersEddie WattDave Baldwin263347-84
1970-06-17@ BAL62W  5-1-7,037Gene BrabenderDave McNallyGene BrabenderDave McNallyBob Humphreys268348-80
1970-06-19@ CAL63W  5-2-9,842Marty PattinTom MurphyMarty PattinTom MurphyBob Humphreys273350-77
1970-06-20@ CAL64L  0-4-11,017Lew KrausseClyde WrightClyde WrightLew KrausseKen Tatum273354-81
1970-06-21@ CAL65L  5-6-14,450Skip LockwoodRudy MayKen TatumBob Humphreys 278360-82
1970-06-22vs MIN66L  3-4-18,291 Gene BrabenderJim KaatJim KaatGene BrabenderRon Perranoski281364-83
1970-06-23vs MIN67W  4-3-13,500 Bobby BolinBert BlylevenDave BaldwinTom Hall 285367-82
1970-06-24vs MIN68L  2-3-12,041 Marty PattinDave BoswellDave BoswellMarty PattinStan Williams287370-83
1970-06-25vs MIN69W  4-1-7,055 Lew KrausseJim PerryLew KrausseJim Perry 291371-80
1970-06-26vs OAK70W  3-2-11,506 Skip LockwoodCatfish HunterBob HumphreysChuck Dobson 294373-79
1970-06-27vs OAK71W  3-1-13,142 Gene BrabenderRollie FingersGene BrabenderRollie Fingers 297374-77
1970-06-28vs OAK72L  1-4-0 Bobby BolinDiego SeguiDiego SeguiBobby BolinMudcat Grant298378-80
1970-06-28vs OAK73L  1-4-26,397 Al DowningChuck DobsonChuck DobsonAl Downing 299382-83
1970-06-29vs CAL74L  3-10-8,406 Marty PattinClyde WrightClyde WrightMarty PattinEddie Fisher302392-90
1970-06-30vs CAL75W  5-4-8,515 Lew KrausseRudy MayLew KrausseRudy MayBob Humphreys307396-89
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-07-01vs CAL76L  3-4-7,792 Skip LockwoodAndy MessersmithGreg GarrettSkip LockwoodEddie Fisher310400-90
1970-07-02vs CAL77L  7-10-12,099 Gene BrabenderTom MurphyTom MurphyGene BrabenderKen Tatum317410-93
1970-07-03vs KCA78L  3-5-0 Marty PattinDick DragoTed AbernathyBob Humphreys 320415-95
1970-07-03vs KCA79L  3-4-29,661 Al DowningBob JohnsonBob JohnsonAl DowningTed Abernathy323419-96
1970-07-04vs KCA80L  6-8-9,665 Lew KrausseDon O'RileyTed AbernathyDave Baldwin 329427-98
1970-07-05vs KCA81W  2-1-10,323 Skip LockwoodBill ButlerSkip LockwoodBill Butler 331428-97
1970-07-06vs CHA82W  3-1-11,364 Gene BrabenderGerry JaneskiGene BrabenderGerry Janeski 334429-95
1970-07-07vs CHA83W  4-3-0 Marty PattinJim MagnusonMarty PattinWilbur Wood 338432-94
1970-07-07vs CHA84W  1-0-15,280 Lew KrausseJoe HorlenLew KrausseJoe Horlen 339432-93
1970-07-08vs CHA85L  1-2-12,119 Al DowningTommy JohnTommy JohnAl Downing 340434-94
1970-07-09vs CHA86L  5-6-14,288 Skip LockwoodJerry CriderJerry CriderSkip LockwoodDanny Murphy345440-95
1970-07-10@ OAK87W  2-1-5,436Bobby BolinRollie FingersBobby BolinRollie Fingers 347441-94
1970-07-11@ OAK88L  1-11-19,521Gene BrabenderDiego SeguiDiego SeguiGene Brabender 348452-104
1970-07-12@ OAK89L  3-4-0Marty PattinChuck DobsonMudcat GrantMarty Pattin 351456-105
1970-07-12@ OAK90W  2-1-14,195Lew KrausseCatfish HunterLew KrausseCatfish Hunter 353457-104
1970-07-16@ BOS91L  5-6-20,484Skip LockwoodMike NagyVicente RomoBobby Bolin 358463-105
1970-07-17@ BOS92L  2-8-27,114Gene BrabenderSonny SiebertSonny SiebertGene BrabenderCal Koonce360471-111
1970-07-18@ BOS93W  10-5-22,723Lew KrausseGary PetersLew KrausseSparky LyleKen Sanders370476-106
1970-07-19@ WS294L  3-4-10,023Marty PattinJim ShellenbackJim ShellenbackBob Humphreys 373480-107
1970-07-20@ WS295L  0-2-4,897Al DowningJim HannanJim HannanAl DowningDarold Knowles373482-109
1970-07-21@ NYA96L  2-4-12,315Skip LockwoodStan BahnsenStan BahnsenSkip LockwoodLindy McDaniel375486-111
1970-07-22@ NYA97W  4-1-11,943Bobby BolinMel StottlemyreBobby BolinMel Stottlemyre 379487-108
1970-07-24vs BOS98W  8-4-20,294 Lew KrausseRay CulpLew KrausseRay Culp 387491-104
1970-07-25vs BOS99W  6-2-22,199 Marty PattinMike NagyMarty PattinMike Nagy 393493-100
1970-07-26vs BOS100L  5-12-29,117 Skip LockwoodGary PetersGary PetersSkip LockwoodGary Wagner398505-107
1970-07-28vs WS2101W  5-1-12,773 Al DowningJim HannanAl DowningJim Hannan 403506-103
1970-07-29vs WS2102L  2-4-13,237 Lew KrausseDick BosmanDick BosmanLew KrausseJoe Grzenda405510-105
1970-07-30vs WS2103W  6-2-10,938 Marty PattinGeorge BrunetMarty PattinGeorge BrunetKen Sanders411512-101
1970-07-31vs NYA104L  3-7-0 Bobby BolinStan BahnsenStan BahnsenBobby BolinLindy McDaniel414519-105
1970-07-31vs NYA105L  3-5-18,861 Gene BrabenderFritz PetersonFritz PetersonGene BrabenderJack Aker417524-107
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-08-01vs NYA106L  1-4-21,773 Al DowningMel StottlemyreRon KlimkowskiBob HumphreysLindy McDaniel418528-110
1970-08-02vs NYA107W  9-5-20,365 Skip LockwoodMike McCormickJohn GelnarRon Klimkowski 427533-106
1970-08-03@ MIN108L  1-2-0Marty PattinJim PerryJim PerryMarty PattinTom Hall428535-107
1970-08-03@ MIN109W  4-2-22,822Lew KrausseLuis TiantLew KrausseLuis TiantKen Sanders432537-105
1970-08-04@ MIN110L  2-5-13,313Bobby BolinBert BlylevenBert BlylevenBobby Bolin 434542-108
1970-08-05@ CHA111L  3-9-4,583Gene BrabenderJim MagnusonJim MagnusonGene BrabenderDanny Murphy437551-114
1970-08-06@ CHA112L  3-7-4,725Al DowningGerry JaneskiGerry JaneskiAl DowningWilbur Wood440558-118
1970-08-07@ KCA113L  0-4-0Skip LockwoodBob JohnsonBob JohnsonSkip LockwoodTed Abernathy440562-122
1970-08-07@ KCA114L  2-10-11,363Lew KrausseDave MoreheadDave MoreheadLew KrausseTed Abernathy442572-130
1970-08-08@ KCA115W  5-3-8,383Marty PattinBill ButlerMarty PattinBill ButlerKen Sanders447575-128
1970-08-09@ KCA116W  4-2-9,492Bobby BolinDick DragoBobby BolinDick DragoKen Sanders451577-126
1970-08-11vs DET117L  1-2-15,853 Al DowningMike KilkennyMike KilkennyAl DowningTom Timmermann452579-127
1970-08-12vs DET118W  6-5-17,648 Lew KrausseLes CainGene BrabenderTom TimmermannBobby Bolin458584-126
1970-08-13vs DET119W  3-2-19,977 Marty PattinDenny McLainMarty PattinDenny McLain 461586-125
1970-08-14vs CLE120W  4-3-12,780 Skip LockwoodSteve DunningBobby BolinDean Chance 465589-124
1970-08-16vs CLE121W  4-3-44,387 Al DowningSteve HarganKen SandersDennis Higgins 469592-123
1970-08-17vs BAL122L  2-3-12,015 Lew KrausseJim PalmerJim PalmerLew Krausse 471595-124
1970-08-18vs BAL123L  0-3-12,417 Marty PattinJim HardinJim HardinMarty Pattin 471598-127
1970-08-19vs BAL124L  2-3-16,049 Skip LockwoodMike CuellarMike CuellarSkip LockwoodEddie Watt473601-128
1970-08-21@ DET125L  4-6-19,778Al DowningLes CainLes CainAl Downing 477607-130
1970-08-22@ DET126L  2-5-19,286Lew KrausseDenny McLainDenny McLainLew Krausse 479612-133
1970-08-23@ DET127L  0-1-15,323Marty PattinMickey LolichMickey LolichMarty PattinTom Timmermann479613-134
1970-08-25@ CLE128W  4-2-13,564Skip LockwoodSam McDowellKen SandersDennis Higgins 483615-132
1970-08-26@ CLE129L  2-7-5,407Al DowningSteve HarganSteve HarganAl DowningVince Colbert485622-137
1970-08-27@ CLE130W  14-2-5,156Lew KrausseSteve DunningLew KrausseSteve Dunning 499624-125
1970-08-28@ BAL131W  2-1-0Marty PattinJim HardinMarty PattinJim Hardin 501625-124
1970-08-28@ BAL132L  4-8-12,334Gene BrabenderTom PhoebusPete RichertGene Brabender 505633-128
1970-08-29@ BAL133L  1-6-11,250Bobby BolinDave McNallyDave McNallyBobby Bolin 506639-133
1970-08-30@ BAL134W  5-2-11,442Skip LockwoodJim PalmerSkip LockwoodJim PalmerKen Sanders511641-130
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-09-01vs MIN135L  0-4-0 Lew KrausseJim PerryJim PerryLew Krausse 511645-134
1970-09-01vs MIN136L  1-7-16,670 Al DowningTom HallJim KaatBobby Bolin 512652-140
1970-09-03vs MIN137W  8-3-6,583 Marty PattinBill ZeppMarty PattinBill ZeppKen Sanders520655-135
1970-09-04vs CHA138W  3-2-11,953 Skip LockwoodGerry JaneskiKen SandersDanny Murphy 523657-134
1970-09-07@ MIN139L  6-7-0Lew KrausseBill ZeppStan WilliamsLew KrausseRon Perranoski529664-135
1970-09-07@ MIN140L  3-8-19,964Al DowningLuis TiantHal HaydelAl DowningRon Perranoski532672-140
1970-09-08@ MIN141W  3-2-6,702Marty PattinBert BlylevenMarty PattinRon Perranoski 535674-139
1970-09-10@ KCA142L  0-2-0Skip LockwoodBill ButlerBill ButlerSkip LockwoodTed Abernathy535676-141
1970-09-10@ KCA143L  2-10-7,369John MorrisDick DragoDick DragoJohn Morris 537686-149
1970-09-11@ CAL144W  2-1-5,646Lew KrausseTom BradleyLew KrausseTom Bradley 539687-148
1970-09-12@ CAL145W  3-2-12,149Al DowningRudy MayJohn GelnarDave LaRoche 542689-147
1970-09-13@ CAL146L  1-2-6,640Marty PattinTom MurphyTom MurphyMarty PattinMel Queen543691-148
1970-09-15vs OAK147W  1-0-0 Skip LockwoodBlue Moon OdomSkip LockwoodBlue Moon Odom 544691-147
1970-09-15vs OAK148L  5-6-6,468 John MorrisVida BlueBob LockerKen SandersJim Roland549697-148
1970-09-16vs OAK149L  1-4-6,161 Lew KrausseRollie FingersRollie FingersLew Krausse 550701-151
1970-09-17vs KCA150W  4-3-7,116 Marty PattinDick DragoKen SandersTom Burgmeier 554704-150
1970-09-18vs KCA151W  4-3-10,424 Al DowningBill ButlerAl DowningBill ButlerKen Sanders558707-149
1970-09-19vs KCA152L  1-4-12,562 John MorrisWally BunkerWally BunkerJohn MorrisTed Abernathy559711-152
1970-09-20vs KCA153W  4-3-12,841 Skip LockwoodBob JohnsonSkip LockwoodBob JohnsonKen Sanders563714-151
1970-09-21vs CAL154L  6-7-4,891 Lew KrausseTom MurphyTom MurphyLew KrausseEddie Fisher569721-152
1970-09-22vs CAL155W  4-2-5,795 Marty PattinRudy MayMarty PattinMel QueenKen Sanders573723-150
1970-09-24vs CAL156W  7-3-6,549 John MorrisTom BradleyJohn MorrisTom BradleyKen Sanders580726-146
1970-09-25@ CHA157L  1-5-0Skip LockwoodTommy JohnTommy JohnSkip Lockwood 581731-150
1970-09-25@ CHA158W  3-2-3,826Bob HumphreysGerry JaneskiBob HumphreysGerry JaneskiDick Ellsworth584733-149
1970-09-26@ CHA159W  9-5-1,602Lew KrausseFloyd WeaverJohn MorrisDanny MurphyGene Brabender593738-145
1970-09-27@ CHA160W  9-3-3,094Marty PattinJoe HorlenMarty PattinJoe Horlen 602741-139
1970-09-29@ OAK161L  3-4-1,960Al DowningCatfish HunterCatfish HunterAl Downing 605745-140
1970-09-30@ OAK162W  4-1-2,302Skip LockwoodBlue Moon OdomSkip LockwoodBlue Moon OdomKen Sanders609746-137
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1970-10-01@ OAK163L  4-5-4,045Marty PattinVida BluePaul LindbladKen Sanders 613751-138

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