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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  86-76   .531
Result:   4th in American League
Manager(s):  Dick Williams
General Manager:   Dick O'Connell
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  1,940,788
Playoffs:  -

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Elston Howard (39)
Youngest Player:  Luis Alvarado (19)
Longest Tenure:  Carl Yastrzemski (8)
Top Hitter:  Carl Yastrzemski (1)
Top Pitcher:  Ray Culp (14)
Top Draft Pick:  Tom Maggard (#20)

Roster Continuity:  82.86%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8379.51220.0
Chi White Sox6795.41436.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-04-10@ DET1W  7-31-0541,429Dick EllsworthEarl WilsonDick EllsworthEarl Wilson 734
1968-04-11@ DET2L  3-41-166,142Jose SantiagoDenny McLainJon WardenJohn Wyatt 1073
1968-04-13@ CLE3W  3-12-146,816Gary WaslewskiSteve HarganGary WaslewskiSteve HarganLee Stange1385
1968-04-14@ CLE4L  4-72-256,025Jerry StephensonSonny SiebertSonny SiebertJerry StephensonEddie Fisher17152
1968-04-16vs DET5L  2-92-3632,849 Ray CulpEarl WilsonEarl WilsonRay Culp 1924-5
1968-04-17vs CHA6W  2-03-3519,655 Dick EllsworthCisco CarlosDick EllsworthCisco Carlos 2124-3
1968-04-18vs CHA7W  3-04-3320,474 Jose SantiagoGary PetersJose SantiagoGary Peters 24240
1968-04-19vs CLE8W  9-25-3334,863 Gary WaslewskiSonny SiebertGary WaslewskiSonny Siebert 33267
1968-04-20vs CLE9W  3-26-3328,955 Jerry StephensonLuis TiantJerry StephensonLuis Tiant 36288
1968-04-21vs CLE10L  0-76-4419,814 Ray CulpSam McDowellSam McDowellRay Culp 36351
1968-04-26@ BAL11W  6-37-429,573Dick EllsworthBruce HowardLee StangePete Richert 42384
1968-04-27@ BAL12L  0-67-553,147Gary WaslewskiTom PhoebusTom PhoebusGary Waslewski 4244-2
1968-04-28@ BAL13W  3-08-650Jose SantiagoDave McNallyJose SantiagoDave McNally 45441
1968-04-28@ BAL14L  1-68-6522,179Jerry StephensonJim HardinJim HardinJerry Stephenson 4650-4
1968-04-29vs MIN15L  2-118-7526,256 Gary BellJim PerryJim PerryGary Bell 4861-13
1968-04-30vs MIN16L  6-78-857,310 Dick EllsworthDave BoswellDave BoswellDick EllsworthRon Perranoski5468-14
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-05-01vs CAL17L  3-58-9612,001 Gary WaslewskiRickey ClarkJack HamiltonJohn Wyatt 5773-16
1968-05-02vs CAL18W  4-19-954,699 Jose SantiagoSammy EllisJose SantiagoSammy Ellis 6174-13
1968-05-03vs OAK19L  2-79-10623,562 Jerry StephensonCatfish HunterCatfish HunterJerry Stephenson 6381-18
1968-05-04vs OAK20L  2-49-11821,967 Dick EllsworthLew KrausseLew KrausseDick EllsworthEd Sprague6585-20
1968-05-05vs OAK21L  2-39-12929,460 Gary WaslewskiChuck DobsonChuck DobsonGary Waslewski 6788-21
1968-05-07@ WS222W  3-210-1276,564Jose SantiagoJoe ColemanJose SantiagoJoe ColemanLee Stange7090-20
1968-05-08@ WS223W  3-111-1267,104Dick EllsworthCamilo PascualDick EllsworthDick BosmanGary Bell7391-18
1968-05-09@ WS224L  1-311-1375,413Jerry StephensonPhil OrtegaPhil OrtegaJerry StephensonDave Baldwin7494-20
1968-05-10@ NYA25L  1-211-14919,620Gary WaslewskiStan BahnsenStan BahnsenGary WaslewskiJoe Verbanic7596-21
1968-05-11@ NYA26L  0-111-15915,751Jose SantiagoMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreJose Santiago 7597-22
1968-05-12@ NYA27W  8-113-1560Dick EllsworthBill MonbouquetteDick EllsworthBill Monbouquette 8398-15
1968-05-12@ NYA28W  4-213-15620,093Gary BellFred TalbotGary BellFred Talbot 87100-13
1968-05-14vs WS229W  5-414-15619,439 Ray CulpPhil OrtegaSparky LyleDennis Higgins 92104-12
1968-05-15vs WS230W  6-415-15510,953 Jose SantiagoDick BosmanJose SantiagoDick BosmanSparky Lyle98108-10
1968-05-16vs NYA31W  11-1016-15522,879 Dick EllsworthMel StottlemyreJohn WyattJoe VerbanicLee Stange109118-9
1968-05-17vs NYA32W  6-417-15535,253 Gary BellBill MonbouquetteSparky LyleBill Monbouquette 115122-7
1968-05-18vs NYA33W  4-018-15432,889 Ray CulpFred TalbotRay CulpFred Talbot 119122-3
1968-05-19vs NYA34L  3-1118-16534,727 Gary WaslewskiStan BahnsenStan BahnsenGary WaslewskiJoe Verbanic122133-11
1968-05-20@ CAL35L  4-518-17510,384Jose SantiagoGeorge BrunetClyde WrightGary Waslewski 126138-12
1968-05-21@ CAL36L  1-518-18510,502Dick EllsworthJim McGlothlinJim McGlothlinDick Ellsworth 127143-16
1968-05-22@ CAL37W  4-019-18513,267Gary BellRickey ClarkGary BellRickey Clark 131143-12
1968-05-24@ MIN38W  9-720-18512,858Ray CulpDave BoswellLee StangeDave Boswell 140150-10
1968-05-25@ MIN39L  0-120-19516,589Jose SantiagoJim KaatJim KaatJose Santiago 140151-11
1968-05-26@ MIN40L  4-520-20515,964Dick EllsworthJim MerrittAl WorthingtonSparky Lyle 144156-12
1968-05-27@ OAK41W  3-221-2056,875Gary BellBlue Moon OdomGary BellBlue Moon Odom 147158-11
1968-05-28@ OAK42L  1-321-2157,145Gary WaslewskiJim NashJim NashGary Waslewski 148161-13
1968-05-29@ OAK43L  4-721-22514,328Jose SantiagoCatfish HunterCatfish HunterJose Santiago 152168-16
1968-05-30@ OAK44L  2-621-23619,964Dick EllsworthLew KrausseLew KrausseDick Ellsworth 154174-20
1968-05-31vs BAL45W  3-022-23529,301 Gary BellJim HardinGary BellJim Hardin 157174-17
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-06-01vs BAL46W  5-123-23525,608 Ray CulpGene BrabenderRay CulpGene Brabender 162175-13
1968-06-02vs BAL47L  3-423-24634,053 Lee StangeTom PhoebusTom PhoebusLee Stange 165179-14
1968-06-03vs DET48W  4-324-24517,552 Jose SantiagoJoe SparmaJose SantiagoJoe SparmaSparky Lyle169182-13
1968-06-04vs DET49W  2-025-2550 Gary BellMickey LolichGary BellMickey LolichSparky Lyle171182-11
1968-06-04vs DET50L  0-225-25531,698 Gary WaslewskiPat DobsonPat DobsonGary Waslewski 171184-13
1968-06-05vs DET51L  4-525-26522,385 Ray CulpDenny McLainDenny McLainBill LandisDaryl Patterson175189-14
1968-06-06vs DET52L  3-525-27516,513 Lee StangeJoe SparmaJoe SparmaLee StangeFred Lasher178194-16
1968-06-07vs CHA53W  3-226-27530,058 Jose SantiagoJoe HorlenJose SantiagoJoe Horlen 181196-15
1968-06-08vs CHA54L  0-426-28524,287 Gary BellGary PetersGary PetersGary Bell 181200-19
1968-06-13vs CAL55L  2-427-2950 Jose SantiagoTom MurphyMinnie RojasJim LonborgClyde Wright183204-21
1968-06-13vs CAL56W  5-127-29515,112 Gary BellJim McGlothlinLee StangeBill Harrelson 188205-17
1968-06-14@ CLE57W  7-228-29521,771Dick EllsworthLuis TiantDick EllsworthLuis Tiant 195207-12
1968-06-15@ CLE58W  9-329-29410,193Ray CulpStan WilliamsRay CulpStan WilliamsGary Waslewski204210-6
1968-06-16@ CLE59W  5-330-29423,227Jim LonborgSonny SiebertBill LandisMike PaulLee Stange209213-4
1968-06-18@ DET60L  1-230-30525,140Jose SantiagoEarl WilsonEarl WilsonJose SantiagoPat Dobson210215-5
1968-06-19@ DET61W  8-531-30530,573Gary BellJoe SparmaBill LandisJoe SparmaLee Stange218220-2
1968-06-20@ DET62L  1-531-31630,977Dick EllsworthDenny McLainDenny McLainDick Ellsworth 219225-6
1968-06-21@ CHA63W  6-332-3250Ray CulpJoe HorlenRay CulpJoe HorlenBill Landis225228-3
1968-06-21@ CHA64L  4-1032-32518,445Jerry StephensonCisco CarlosCisco CarlosJerry StephensonHoyt Wilhelm229238-9
1968-06-22@ CHA65W  7-233-3248,020Jose SantiagoGary PetersJose SantiagoGary Peters 236240-4
1968-06-23@ CHA66W  6-234-3360Gary BellJack FisherGary BellJack Fisher 2422420
1968-06-23@ CHA67L  1-1034-33618,471Jim LonborgWilbur WoodWilbur WoodJim LonborgHoyt Wilhelm243252-9
1968-06-25@ BAL68L  0-634-34625,610Ray CulpWally BunkerWally BunkerRay Culp 243258-15
1968-06-26@ BAL69L  2-634-35617,861Bill LandisDave McNallyDave McNallyBill Landis 245264-19
1968-06-27vs CLE70W  9-335-35621,062 Jose SantiagoSam McDowellJose SantiagoSam McDowellSparky Lyle254267-13
1968-06-29vs CLE71L  1-835-37722,263 Gary BellLuis TiantLuis TiantGary Bell 255275-20
1968-06-29vs CLE72L  1-435-37725,078 Ray CulpSonny SiebertSonny SiebertRay Culp 256279-23
1968-06-30vs CLE73L  5-735-38727,289 Gary WaslewskiSteve HarganStan WilliamsJerry Stephenson 261286-25
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-07-01vs OAK74W  3-036-38727,595 Dick EllsworthChuck DobsonDick EllsworthChuck DobsonJuan Pizarro264286-22
1968-07-02vs OAK75W  4-337-38621,492 Gary BellLew KrausseSparky LylePaul Lindblad 268289-21
1968-07-03vs OAK76W  4-338-38518,714 Ray CulpJim NashSparky LyleKen Sanders 272292-20
1968-07-04vs OAK77W  7-239-38514,332 Jose SantiagoBlue Moon OdomJuan PizarroBlue Moon Odom 279294-15
1968-07-05vs MIN78W  4-240-38433,278 Dick EllsworthJim PerryDick EllsworthJim PerryLee Stange283296-13
1968-07-06vs MIN79W  4-241-38424,617 Gary BellDave BoswellGary BellDave BoswellLee Stange287298-11
1968-07-07vs MIN80W  4-343-3840 Ray CulpJim KaatRay CulpJim KaatJuan Pizarro291301-10
1968-07-07vs MIN81W  6-343-38433,486 Gary WaslewskiJim MerrittGary WaslewskiJim MerrittLee Stange297304-7
1968-07-11@ CAL82L  2-343-39414,623Dick EllsworthGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetLee StangeSammy Ellis299307-8
1968-07-12@ CAL83W  3-244-39418,314Gary BellTom MurphyGary BellTom MurphySparky Lyle302309-7
1968-07-13@ CAL84W  7-645-39411,923Ray CulpJim McGlothlinRay CulpJim McGlothlinLee Stange309315-6
1968-07-14@ OAK85W  5-346-39424,016Juan PizarroBlue Moon OdomJuan PizarroBlue Moon OdomGary Waslewski314318-4
1968-07-15@ OAK86L  5-1246-4047,713Dick EllsworthJim NashDiego SeguiJim LonborgEd Sprague319330-11
1968-07-16@ MIN87L  3-1246-41419,431Gary BellDean ChanceDean ChanceGary Bell 322342-20
1968-07-17@ MIN88W  6-547-41413,883Ray CulpJim KaatSparky LyleAl WorthingtonLee Stange328347-19
1968-07-18@ MIN89L  2-747-42420,548Jose SantiagoDave BoswellDave BoswellGary Bell 330354-24
1968-07-19vs WS290L  3-747-43429,172 Juan PizarroBruce HowardBruce HowardJuan PizarroDennis Higgins333361-28
1968-07-20vs WS291W  7-248-43425,245 Dick EllsworthFrank BertainaDick EllsworthFrank Bertaina 340363-23
1968-07-21vs WS292W  4-349-4440 Ray CulpJoe ColemanGary WaslewskiJoe ColemanSparky Lyle344366-22
1968-07-21vs WS293L  3-449-44432,391 Gary BellDick BosmanDick BosmanGary BellBarry Moore347370-23
1968-07-22@ NYA94W  7-650-44418,361Jim LonborgJoe VerbanicJim LonborgJoe VerbanicSparky Lyle354376-22
1968-07-23@ NYA95L  1-450-45419,195Juan PizarroStan BahnsenStan BahnsenJuan Pizarro 355380-25
1968-07-26@ WS296W  2-151-45410,865Dick EllsworthFrank BertainaDick EllsworthFrank Bertaina 357381-24
1968-07-27@ WS297L  4-551-4645,704Gary BellJoe ColemanJoe ColemanGary BellDennis Higgins361386-25
1968-07-28@ WS298W  10-852-46413,308Jim LonborgCamilo PascualGary BellBob Humphreys 371394-23
1968-07-29vs BAL99W  3-254-46420,539 Ray CulpWally BunkerRay CulpMoe Drabowsky 374396-22
1968-07-29vs BAL100W  8-354-46428,328 Juan PizarroMike AdamsonJuan PizarroMike Adamson 382399-17
1968-07-30vs BAL101L  3-854-47433,136 Dick EllsworthJim HardinJim HardinDick Ellsworth 385407-22
1968-07-31vs NYA102L  3-754-48433,789 Gary BellSteve BarberDooley WomackGary BellSteve Hamilton388414-26
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-08-01vs NYA103L  0-154-49424,672 Dave MoreheadStan BahnsenStan BahnsenDave Morehead 388415-27
1968-08-02vs CAL104L  2-355-5040 Juan PizarroTom MurphyTom MurphyJuan Pizarro 390418-28
1968-08-02vs CAL105W  6-155-50430,462 Jim LonborgRickey ClarkJim LonborgRickey ClarkSparky Lyle396419-23
1968-08-03vs CAL106W  8-357-50423,929 Dick EllsworthSammy EllisDick EllsworthSammy Ellis 404422-18
1968-08-03vs CAL107W  5-357-50426,195 Ray CulpDennis BennettSparky LyleBobby LockeLee Stange409425-16
1968-08-04vs CAL108L  6-1257-51427,182 Gary BellGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetJuan PizarroMarty Pattin415437-22
1968-08-05@ CHA109W  2-158-5148,595Dave MoreheadTommy JohnBill LandisTommy John 417438-21
1968-08-06@ CHA110W  8-259-51310,185Jim LonborgCisco CarlosJim LonborgCisco CarlosSparky Lyle425440-15
1968-08-07@ CHA111W  3-260-5135,429Dick EllsworthBob PriddyDick EllsworthBob Priddy 428442-14
1968-08-08@ CHA112W  1-061-51333,872Ray CulpJoe HorlenRay CulpJoe Horlen 429442-13
1968-08-09@ DET113W  5-362-51341,674Juan PizarroPat DobsonLee StangePat Dobson 434445-11
1968-08-10@ DET114L  3-462-52327,964Dave MoreheadDaryl PattersonMickey LolichBill Landis 437449-12
1968-08-11@ DET115L  4-562-5430Jim LonborgEarl WilsonMickey LolichLee Stange 441454-13
1968-08-11@ DET116L  5-662-54349,087Gary BellJohn HillerJon WardenJerry Stephenson 446460-14
1968-08-12vs CHA117W  2-163-54323,235 Ray CulpJack FisherRay CulpWilbur WoodBill Landis448461-13
1968-08-13vs CHA118W  4-364-54323,648 Juan PizarroJoe HorlenJuan PizarroWilbur Wood 452464-12
1968-08-14vs CHA119L  3-565-55326,469 Dave MoreheadTommy JohnTommy JohnDave MoreheadBob Locker455469-14
1968-08-14vs CHA120W  7-565-55321,402 Jerry StephensonBob PriddyJerry StephensonBob PriddySparky Lyle462474-12
1968-08-15vs CHA121W  3-066-55321,260 Gary BellCisco CarlosGary BellCisco Carlos 465474-9
1968-08-16vs DET122L  0-466-56335,323 Jim LonborgDenny McLainDenny McLainJim Lonborg 465478-13
1968-08-17vs DET123L  9-1066-57328,778 Ray CulpPat DobsonDon McMahonLee StangeJohn Wyatt474488-14
1968-08-18vs DET124W  4-167-57331,428 Juan PizarroEarl WilsonJuan PizarroEarl Wilson 478489-11
1968-08-19@ CLE125W  3-068-5736,020Dave MoreheadLuis TiantDave MoreheadLuis Tiant 481489-8
1968-08-20@ CLE126L  1-268-5836,075Gary BellSam McDowellSam McDowellGary Bell 482491-9
1968-08-21@ CLE127L  2-868-5938,991Jim LonborgHoracio PinaHoracio PinaJim LonborgVicente Romo484499-15
1968-08-22@ CLE128L  1-368-6046,049Ray CulpStan WilliamsStan WilliamsRay CulpVicente Romo485502-17
1968-08-23@ BAL129W  4-369-60414,354Juan PizarroDave LeonhardJuan PizarroDave Leonhard 489505-16
1968-08-24@ BAL130L  3-669-61416,222Dave MoreheadJim HardinJim HardinDave Morehead 492511-19
1968-08-25@ BAL131L  2-369-62412,714Gary BellTom PhoebusRoger NelsonJerry Stephenson 494514-20
1968-08-26vs CLE132W  3-070-62430,926 Jim LonborgHoracio PinaJim LonborgHoracio Pina 497514-17
1968-08-27vs CLE133W  7-171-62329,018 Ray CulpStan WilliamsRay CulpStan Williams 504515-11
1968-08-28vs OAK134L  3-571-63425,865 Juan PizarroBlue Moon OdomDiego SeguiJuan Pizarro 507520-13
1968-08-29vs OAK135W  11-272-63319,101 Dave MoreheadJim NashDick EllsworthJim Nash 518522-4
1968-08-30vs WS2136L  1-572-64325,854 Gary BellJoe ColemanJoe ColemanGary Bell 519527-8
1968-08-31vs WS2137W  6-473-64321,599 Jim LonborgFrank BertainaJim LonborgFrank BertainaBill Landis525531-6
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-09-01vs WS2138W  7-474-64323,910 Ray CulpCamilo PascualRay CulpCamilo Pascual 532535-3
1968-09-02@ MIN139L  1-574-65310,489Juan PizarroJim KaatJim KaatJuan Pizarro 533540-7
1968-09-03@ MIN140W  4-175-6537,053Dick EllsworthJim MerrittDick EllsworthJim Merritt 537541-4
1968-09-04@ MIN141W  10-276-6538,069Gary BellDean ChanceGary BellDean Chance 5475434
1968-09-06@ CAL142L  0-476-6639,675Jim LonborgAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithJim Lonborg 5475470
1968-09-07@ CAL143W  2-177-66312,087Ray CulpGeorge BrunetRay CulpGeorge Brunet 5495481
1968-09-08@ CAL144L  2-377-67310,616Juan PizarroJim McGlothlinClyde WrightJuan PizarroMarty Pattin5515510
1968-09-09@ OAK145W  6-478-6733,997Dick EllsworthChuck DobsonLee StangeDiego Segui 5575552
1968-09-10@ OAK146L  3-578-6834,588Gary BellLew KrausseLew KrausseGary BellJack Aker5605600
1968-09-11@ OAK147L  2-378-6935,393Jim LonborgBlue Moon OdomJack AkerJim Lonborg 562563-1
1968-09-13vs MIN148W  3-079-69323,171 Ray CulpDean ChanceRay CulpDean Chance 5655632
1968-09-14vs MIN149L  3-779-70322,530 Dick EllsworthDave BoswellDave BoswellDick Ellsworth 568570-2
1968-09-15vs MIN150L  2-379-71526,983 Dave MoreheadJim KaatJim KaatDave Morehead 570573-3
1968-09-16vs BAL151L  1-879-72517,357 Jim LonborgTom PhoebusTom PhoebusJim LonborgEddie Watt571581-10
1968-09-17vs BAL152W  2-080-72417,523 Ray CulpDave McNallyRay CulpDave McNally 573581-8
1968-09-18vs BAL153W  4-081-7238,918 Dick EllsworthRoger NelsonDick EllsworthRoger NelsonLee Stange577581-4
1968-09-20@ NYA154W  4-382-72315,737Jim LonborgFritz PetersonJim LonborgFritz Peterson 581584-3
1968-09-21@ NYA155W  2-083-72332,721Ray CulpStan BahnsenRay CulpStan Bahnsen 583584-1
1968-09-22@ NYA156W  5-184-72323,254Dick EllsworthAl DowningDick EllsworthAl Downing 5885853
1968-09-23@ WS2157L  5-684-7332,370Dave MoreheadBarry MooreSteve JonesJuan Pizarro 5935912
1968-09-24@ WS2158L  2-1084-7442,730Jim LonborgFrank BertainaFrank BertainaJim LonborgDennis Higgins595601-6
1968-09-25@ WS2159W  1-085-7443,625Ray CulpJim HannanRay CulpJim Hannan 596601-5
1968-09-27vs NYA160W  12-286-74328,796 Dick EllsworthJoe VerbanicDick EllsworthJoe VerbanicSparky Lyle6086035
1968-09-28vs NYA161L  3-486-75425,534 Jim LonborgMel StottlemyreLindy McDanielJim Lonborg 6116074
1968-09-29vs NYA162L  3-486-76435,209 Ray CulpStan BahnsenStan BahnsenRay CulpLindy McDaniel6146113

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