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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Baltimore,MD
Team Record:  91-71   .562
Result:   2nd in American League
Manager(s):  Hank Bauer, Earl Weaver
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  Memorial Stadium
Attendance:  943,977
Playoffs:  -

Baltimore Orioles affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Fred Valentine (33)
Youngest Player:  Mike Adamson (20)
Longest Tenure:  Brooks Robinson (14)
Top Hitter:  Brooks Robinson (10)
Top Pitcher:  Dave McNally (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Junior Kennedy (#10)

Roster Continuity:  68.95%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8379.51220.0
Chi White Sox6795.41436.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-04-10vs OAK1W  3-11-0122,050 Tom PhoebusCatfish HunterTom PhoebusCatfish HunterEddie Watt312
1968-04-13vs CAL2W  3-02-016,559 Jim HardinJim McGlothlinJim HardinJim McGlothlinEddie Watt615
1968-04-14vs CAL3L  2-62-1312,810 Bruce HowardGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetBruce HowardClyde Wright871
1968-04-15vs MIN4L  3-62-246,491 Tom PhoebusDave BoswellDave BoswellTom Phoebus 1113-2
1968-04-17@ OAK5W  4-13-2350,164Dave McNallyLew KrausseDave McNallyLew Krausse 15141
1968-04-18@ OAK6L  3-43-355,304Jim HardinChuck DobsonPaul LindbladGene Brabender 18180
1968-04-19@ CAL7L  1-23-4712,747Bruce HowardGeorge BrunetMinnie RojasEddie Watt 1920-1
1968-04-20@ CAL8W  10-14-4615,173Tom PhoebusSammy EllisTom PhoebusSammy EllisRoger Nelson29218
1968-04-21@ CAL9W  11-45-4520,695Dave LeonhardRickey ClarkMoe DrabowskyTom BurgmeierEddie Watt402515
1968-04-22@ MIN10W  2-16-434,591Dave McNallyJim MerrittDave McNallyJim MerrittJohn O'Donoghue422616
1968-04-24@ MIN11W  7-37-422,011Jim HardinDean ChanceJim HardinDean ChanceEddie Watt492920
1968-04-26vs BOS12L  3-67-549,573 Bruce HowardDick EllsworthLee StangePete Richert 523517
1968-04-27vs BOS13W  6-08-533,147 Tom PhoebusGary WaslewskiTom PhoebusGary Waslewski 583523
1968-04-28vs BOS14L  0-39-620 Dave McNallyJose SantiagoJose SantiagoDave McNally 583820
1968-04-28vs BOS15W  6-19-6222,179 Jim HardinJerry StephensonJim HardinJerry Stephenson 643925
1968-04-30vs NYA16W  6-510-635,826 Bruce HowardStan BahnsenGene BrabenderStan BahnsenMoe Drabowsky704426
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-05-01vs NYA17W  6-111-627,493 Dave LeonhardMel StottlemyreDave LeonhardMel Stottlemyre 764531
1968-05-02vs NYA18W  7-312-627,630 Tom PhoebusFritz PetersonTom PhoebusFritz Peterson 834835
1968-05-03@ WS219W  6-113-6114,696Dave McNallyCamilo PascualDave McNallyCamilo Pascual 894940
1968-05-04@ WS220W  5-314-615,342Jim HardinPhil OrtegaJim HardinPhil Ortega 945242
1968-05-05@ WS221W  8-015-6128,964Gene BrabenderBarry MooreGene BrabenderBarry Moore 1025250
1968-05-06vs DET22W  4-016-618,000 Dave LeonhardJoe SparmaDave LeonhardJoe Sparma 1065254
1968-05-07vs DET23L  1-216-7115,215 Tom PhoebusMickey LolichMickey LolichTom PhoebusJon Warden1075453
1968-05-08vs DET24L  1-316-8112,031 Dave McNallyEarl WilsonEarl WilsonDave McNallyJon Warden1085751
1968-05-10vs CLE25L  0-1216-9210,964 Jim HardinSonny SiebertSonny SiebertJim Hardin 1086939
1968-05-11vs CLE26L  3-416-1026,511 Gene BrabenderSam McDowellSam McDowellEddie Watt 1117338
1968-05-12vs CLE27L  0-216-1220 Tom PhoebusLuis TiantLuis TiantTom Phoebus 1117536
1968-05-12vs CLE28L  1-416-12218,982 Dave LeonhardStan WilliamsStan WilliamsDave Leonhard 1127933
1968-05-14@ DET29L  0-416-13318,123Dave McNallyEarl WilsonEarl WilsonDave McNally 1128329
1968-05-15@ DET30W  10-817-13320,358Jim HardinDenny McLainEddie WattDenny McLain 1229131
1968-05-17@ CLE31W  6-218-13214,125Gene BrabenderLuis TiantGene BrabenderLuis Tiant 1289335
1968-05-18@ CLE32L  0-118-1435,394Tom PhoebusStan WilliamsStan WilliamsTom Phoebus 1289434
1968-05-19@ CLE33L  6-1118-1630Dave LeonhardSteve HarganSteve HarganDave Leonhard 13410529
1968-05-19@ CLE34L  0-218-16315,363Dave McNallySonny SiebertSonny SiebertDave McNally 13410727
1968-05-20vs CHA35W  2-119-1636,021 Jim HardinJack FisherJim HardinJack Fisher 13610828
1968-05-21vs CHA36L  1-219-1737,612 Gene BrabenderJoe HorlenBob LockerEddie WattHoyt Wilhelm13711027
1968-05-22@ NYA37W  4-320-17310,281Tom PhoebusBill MonbouquetteMoe DrabowskyJohn Wyatt 14111328
1968-05-24vs WS238W  5-322-1730 Dave McNallyPhil OrtegaDave McNallyPhil OrtegaPete Richert14611630
1968-05-24vs WS239W  3-222-1737,311 Dave LeonhardJim HannanEddie WattDave Baldwin 14911831
1968-05-25vs WS240W  5-223-17212,346 Jim HardinJoe ColemanJim HardinJoe Coleman 15412034
1968-05-26vs WS241W  8-724-17222,344 Gene BrabenderFrank BertainaGene BrabenderFrank BertainaMoe Drabowsky16212735
1968-05-28@ CHA42W  3-225-17118,748Tom PhoebusTommy JohnPete RichertHoyt Wilhelm 16512936
1968-05-29@ CHA43L  1-325-1829,175Dave McNallyJoe HorlenJoe HorlenDave McNally 16613234
1968-05-30@ CHA44W  5-026-18212,755Dave LeonhardBob PriddyDave LeonhardBob Priddy 17113239
1968-05-31@ BOS45L  0-326-19229,301Jim HardinGary BellGary BellJim Hardin 17113536
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-06-01@ BOS46L  1-526-20225,608Gene BrabenderRay CulpRay CulpGene Brabender 17214032
1968-06-02@ BOS47W  4-327-20234,053Tom PhoebusLee StangeTom PhoebusLee Stange 17614333
1968-06-03vs CAL48W  2-028-2024,140 Dave McNallyRickey ClarkDave McNallyRickey Clark 17814335
1968-06-04vs CAL49L  3-528-2139,579 Dave LeonhardSammy EllisMinnie RojasMoe Drabowsky 18114833
1968-06-05vs CAL50W  7-129-2136,485 Jim HardinClyde WrightJim HardinClyde Wright 18814939
1968-06-06vs CAL51L  6-829-2237,189 Gene BrabenderMarty PattinTom BurgmeierEddie WattMinnie Rojas19415737
1968-06-07vs OAK52L  1-629-2430 Tom PhoebusBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomTom Phoebus 19516332
1968-06-07vs OAK53L  0-629-24313,229 Bruce HowardJim NashJim NashBruce Howard 19516926
1968-06-08vs OAK54W  8-130-24317,575 Dave McNallyCatfish HunterDave McNallyCatfish Hunter 20317033
1968-06-10@ WS255W  4-131-2436,846Jim HardinCamilo PascualJim HardinCamilo Pascual 20717136
1968-06-11@ WS256W  8-432-2435,825Gene BrabenderFrank BertainaRoger NelsonFrank BertainaMoe Drabowsky21517540
1968-06-14@ MIN57L  1-232-25222,953Tom PhoebusJim RolandJim RolandTom PhoebusRon Perranoski21617739
1968-06-15@ MIN58L  1-332-26220,614Dave McNallyDean ChanceDean ChanceDave McNally 21718037
1968-06-16@ OAK59L  2-432-2820Jim HardinChuck DobsonChuck DobsonPete Richert 21918435
1968-06-16@ OAK60L  4-632-28219,263Dave LeonhardLew KrausseLew KrausseDave LeonhardCatfish Hunter22319033
1968-06-17@ OAK61L  2-332-2925,732Gene BrabenderBlue Moon OdomPaul LindbladMoe Drabowsky 22519332
1968-06-18@ OAK62W  3-233-2926,176Tom PhoebusJim NashTom PhoebusJim NashPete Richert22819533
1968-06-19@ OAK63L  3-533-3035,811Wally BunkerCatfish HunterCatfish HunterRoger Nelson 23120031
1968-06-21@ CAL64W  4-234-30315,795Dave McNallyGeorge BrunetDave McNallyGeorge BrunetPete Richert23520233
1968-06-22@ CAL65L  2-534-31318,271Jim HardinJim McGlothlinJim McGlothlinJim HardinMinnie Rojas23720730
1968-06-23@ CAL66L  2-334-32313,255Tom PhoebusTom MurphyClyde WrightTom Phoebus 23921029
1968-06-25vs BOS67W  6-035-32325,610 Wally BunkerRay CulpWally BunkerRay Culp 24521035
1968-06-26vs BOS68W  6-236-32317,861 Dave McNallyBill LandisDave McNallyBill Landis 25121239
1968-06-27vs MIN69L  0-236-3345,457 Jim HardinDave BoswellDave BoswellJim Hardin 25121437
1968-06-28vs MIN70L  2-536-34513,188 Tom PhoebusJim KaatJim KaatTom PhoebusAl Worthington25321934
1968-06-29vs MIN71W  5-137-34520,402 Dave LeonhardJim MerrittPete RichertJim Merritt 25822038
1968-06-30vs MIN72W  6-438-34312,275 Wally BunkerDean ChanceEddie WattAl WorthingtonMoe Drabowsky26422440
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-07-01vs CHA73L  3-638-3539,575 Dave McNallyBob PriddyWilbur WoodDave McNallyBob Locker26723037
1968-07-03vs CHA74W  3-140-3530 Jim HardinJack FisherJim HardinHoyt Wilhelm 27023139
1968-07-03vs CHA75W  1-040-3539,990 Tom PhoebusGary PetersTom PhoebusGary Peters 27123140
1968-07-04vs CHA76W  4-341-35319,256 Wally BunkerJoe HorlenEddie WattWilbur Wood 27523441
1968-07-05@ NYA77L  1-241-36316,178Dave McNallyFritz PetersonFritz PetersonDave McNally 27623640
1968-07-06@ NYA78W  5-142-36313,220Dave LeonhardSteve BarberDave LeonhardSteve Barber 28123744
1968-07-07@ NYA79L  1-343-3730Jim HardinMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreJim Hardin 28224042
1968-07-07@ NYA80W  3-243-37342,376Tom PhoebusJoe VerbanicTom PhoebusStan BahnsenMoe Drabowsky28524243
1968-07-11vs WS281W  2-044-3736,499 Dave McNallyJoe ColemanDave McNallyJoe Coleman 28724245
1968-07-12vs WS282W  3-245-37310,403 Jim HardinCamilo PascualJim HardinCamilo PascualPete Richert29024446
1968-07-13vs WS283W  3-146-3725,877 Tom PhoebusJim HannanTom PhoebusJim Hannan 29324548
1968-07-14vs NYA84W  6-447-37217,510 Dave LeonhardStan BahnsenDave LeonhardStan BahnsenEddie Watt29924950
1968-07-15vs NYA85W  8-248-37212,460 Dave McNallyFritz PetersonDave McNallyFritz PetersonMoe Drabowsky30725156
1968-07-16@ CHA86W  4-249-37211,865Jim HardinTommy JohnJim HardinTommy John 31125358
1968-07-17@ CHA87L  0-149-38310,278Tom PhoebusJoe HorlenJoe HorlenTom PhoebusHoyt Wilhelm31125457
1968-07-18@ CHA88L  1-249-3935,804Dave LeonhardJack FisherJack FisherDave LeonhardHoyt Wilhelm31225656
1968-07-19@ DET89L  4-549-40353,208Wally BunkerMickey LolichPat DobsonMoe Drabowsky 31626155
1968-07-20@ DET90W  5-350-40331,748Dave McNallyDenny McLainDave McNallyDenny McLainJohn O'Donoghue32126457
1968-07-21@ DET91W  5-252-4030Jim HardinEarl WilsonJim HardinEarl Wilson 32626660
1968-07-21@ DET92W  4-152-40348,568Tom PhoebusPat DobsonTom PhoebusPat DobsonGene Brabender33026763
1968-07-22vs CLE93L  3-752-41321,045 Mike AdamsonSonny SiebertSonny SiebertMike AdamsonEddie Fisher33327459
1968-07-23vs CLE94W  8-653-41313,039 Wally BunkerStan WilliamsJohn MorrisStan WilliamsMoe Drabowsky34128061
1968-07-24vs CLE95W  1-054-41215,768 Dave McNallyLuis TiantDave McNallyLuis Tiant 34228062
1968-07-26vs DET96L  1-454-42235,627 Jim HardinEarl WilsonEarl WilsonJim HardinDaryl Patterson34328459
1968-07-27vs DET97L  0-954-43245,729 Tom PhoebusDenny McLainDenny McLainTom Phoebus 34329350
1968-07-28vs DET98W  5-155-43225,872 Dave McNallyMickey LolichDave McNallyMickey Lolich 34829454
1968-07-29@ BOS99L  2-355-45320,539Wally BunkerRay CulpRay CulpMoe Drabowsky 35029753
1968-07-29@ BOS100L  3-855-45328,328Mike AdamsonJuan PizarroJuan PizarroMike Adamson 35330548
1968-07-30@ BOS101W  8-356-45333,136Jim HardinDick EllsworthJim HardinDick Ellsworth 36130853
1968-07-31@ CLE102W  4-257-45210,703Tom PhoebusSonny SiebertTom PhoebusSonny SiebertGene Brabender36531055
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-08-01@ CLE103W  5-158-45212,208Dave McNallyLuis TiantDave McNallyLuis Tiant 37031159
1968-08-02@ NYA104W  4-159-45217,960Wally BunkerFritz PetersonJohn MorrisFritz PetersonEddie Watt37431262
1968-08-03@ NYA105L  1-359-46213,708Jim HardinMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreJim Hardin 37531560
1968-08-04@ NYA106W  5-360-46220,704Tom PhoebusSteve BarberTom PhoebusSteve BarberEddie Watt38031862
1968-08-05@ NYA107W  5-361-46214,961Dave McNallyStan BahnsenPete RichertDooley Womack 38532164
1968-08-06vs MIN108L  4-561-47214,201 Gene BrabenderJim MerrittJim MerrittGene BrabenderRon Perranoski38932663
1968-08-07vs MIN109W  3-063-4720 Jim HardinDave BoswellJim HardinDave Boswell 39232666
1968-08-07vs MIN110W  9-663-47212,798 Wally BunkerDean ChancePete RichertRon PerranoskiEddie Watt40133269
1968-08-08vs MIN111W  10-364-4727,874 Tom PhoebusJim KaatTom PhoebusJim KaatDave Leonhard41133576
1968-08-09vs CAL112W  3-065-47212,414 Dave McNallyBill HarrelsonDave McNallyBill Harrelson 41433579
1968-08-10vs CAL113W  1-066-47210,921 Gene BrabenderTom MurphyGene BrabenderTom Murphy 41533580
1968-08-11vs CAL114L  1-1166-48210,943 Jim HardinJim McGlothlinJim McGlothlinJim Hardin 41634670
1968-08-12@ OAK115W  3-167-4825,057Tom PhoebusLew KraussePete RichertLew KrausseGene Brabender41934772
1968-08-13@ OAK116W  6-568-4824,799Dave McNallyCatfish HunterPete RichertCatfish HunterEddie Watt42535273
1968-08-14@ OAK117L  1-468-4928,101Dave LeonhardChuck DobsonChuck DobsonDave LeonhardDiego Segui42635670
1968-08-15@ MIN118W  4-369-5020Jim HardinDean ChanceJim HardinDean Chance 43035971
1968-08-15@ MIN119L  1-269-50218,126Gene BrabenderDave BoswellRon PerranoskiGene Brabender 43136170
1968-08-16@ MIN120L  2-569-51219,812Tom PhoebusJim KaatJim KaatTom Phoebus 43336667
1968-08-17@ MIN121W  8-270-51221,160Dave McNallyJim RolandDave McNallyBob Miller 44136873
1968-08-18@ MIN122W  7-171-51223,348Dave LeonhardJim MerrittDave LeonhardJim Merritt 44836979
1968-08-19@ CAL123W  1-072-5129,802Jim HardinJim McGlothlinJim HardinJim McGlothlin 44936980
1968-08-20@ CAL124L  2-772-52210,136Tom PhoebusRickey ClarkClyde WrightTom Phoebus 45137675
1968-08-21@ CAL125W  4-373-52210,514Dave McNallyGeorge BrunetGene BrabenderMarty Pattin 45537976
1968-08-23vs BOS126L  3-473-53214,354 Dave LeonhardJuan PizarroJuan PizarroDave Leonhard 45838375
1968-08-24vs BOS127W  6-374-53216,222 Jim HardinDave MoreheadJim HardinDave Morehead 46438678
1968-08-25vs BOS128W  3-275-53212,714 Tom PhoebusGary BellRoger NelsonJerry Stephenson 46738879
1968-08-26vs OAK129W  8-276-5420 Dave McNallyChuck DobsonDave McNallyChuck Dobson 47539085
1968-08-26vs OAK130L  0-276-54212,922 Gene BrabenderCatfish HunterCatfish HunterGene BrabenderDiego Segui47539283
1968-08-27vs OAK131W  5-378-5420 Dave LeonhardLew KrausseEddie WattJack Aker 48039585
1968-08-27vs OAK132W  7-278-54213,320 Wally BunkerEd SpragueWally BunkerEd Sprague 48739790
1968-08-28vs WS2133L  2-378-55211,339 Jim HardinJim HannanJim HannanJim HardinDennis Higgins48940089
1968-08-29vs WS2134L  4-578-5628,320 Roger NelsonBarry MooreDick BosmanEddie Watt 49340588
1968-08-30@ DET135L  1-978-57253,575Tom PhoebusEarl WilsonEarl WilsonTom Phoebus 49441480
1968-08-31@ DET136W  5-179-57228,974Dave McNallyJohn HillerDave McNallyJohn Hiller 49941584
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-09-01@ DET137L  3-779-58241,698Jim HardinDenny McLainDenny McLainJim Hardin 50242280
1968-09-02vs NYA138L  2-480-5920 Dave LeonhardMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreDave LeonhardSteve Hamilton50442678
1968-09-02vs NYA139W  4-380-59217,965 Roger NelsonSteve BarberMoe DrabowskyLindy McDaniel 50842979
1968-09-03vs NYA140L  1-680-6027,236 Tom PhoebusFritz PetersonFritz PetersonTom PhoebusDooley Womack50943574
1968-09-04vs NYA141W  6-381-6027,015 Dave McNallyStan BahnsenDave McNallyStan Bahnsen 51543877
1968-09-06vs CHA142L  2-381-6127,130 Jim HardinJoe HorlenHoyt WilhelmPete RichertBob Locker51744176
1968-09-07vs CHA143W  4-082-6124,531 Tom PhoebusCisco CarlosTom PhoebusCisco Carlos 52144180
1968-09-08vs CHA144W  3-283-61210,189 Dave McNallyJack FisherDave McNallyJack Fisher 52444381
1968-09-09@ WS2145L  2-683-6223,120Gene BrabenderJim HannanJim HannanGene BrabenderDennis Higgins52644977
1968-09-11@ WS2146W  6-185-6220Jim HardinCamilo PascualJim HardinCamilo Pascual 53245082
1968-09-11@ WS2147W  4-185-6223,507Tom PhoebusBarry MooreMoe DrabowskyBob HumphreysPete Richert53645185
1968-09-12@ WS2148L  1-485-6321,069Dave McNallyFrank BertainaFrank BertainaDave McNallyDennis Higgins53745582
1968-09-13@ CLE149L  2-1085-6426,591Gene BrabenderSonny SiebertMike PaulGene Brabender 53946574
1968-09-14@ CLE150W  5-386-6426,395Roger NelsonSteve BaileyRoger NelsonSteve BaileyEddie Watt54446876
1968-09-15@ CLE151L  0-286-6526,076Jim HardinStan WilliamsStan WilliamsJim Hardin 54447074
1968-09-16@ BOS152W  8-187-65217,357Tom PhoebusJim LonborgTom PhoebusJim LonborgEddie Watt55247181
1968-09-17@ BOS153L  0-287-66217,523Dave McNallyRay CulpRay CulpDave McNally 55247379
1968-09-18@ BOS154L  0-487-6728,918Roger NelsonDick EllsworthDick EllsworthRoger NelsonLee Stange55247775
1968-09-20@ CHA155L  1-287-6826,822Jim HardinJerry NymanWilbur WoodJim HardinHoyt Wilhelm55347974
1968-09-21@ CHA156W  8-588-6822,182Tom PhoebusGary PetersDave LeonhardGary Peters 56148477
1968-09-22@ CHA157W  3-089-6824,861Dave McNallyJoe HorlenDave McNallyJoe Horlen 56448480
1968-09-23vs DET158W  2-190-6827,559 Roger NelsonDenny McLainRoger NelsonDenny McLainPete Richert56648581
1968-09-24vs DET159L  3-590-6926,943 Jim HardinMickey LolichMickey LolichJim HardinDaryl Patterson56949079
1968-09-25vs DET160L  3-490-7026,344 Tom PhoebusEarl WilsonDon McMahonTom Phoebus 57249478
1968-09-26vs CLE161W  7-191-7022,567 Dave McNallyStan WilliamsDave McNallyStan Williams 57949584
1968-09-27vs CLE162L  0-291-7127,528 Roger NelsonSam McDowellSam McDowellRoger Nelson 57949782

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