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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  81-81   .500
Result:   5th in National League
Manager(s):  Lum Harris
General Manager:   Paul Richards
Stadium:  Atlanta Stadium
Attendance:  1,126,540
Playoffs:  -

Atlanta Braves affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Stu Miller (40)
Youngest Player:  Dusty Baker (19)
Longest Tenure:  Phil Niekro, Pat Jarvis, Hank Aaron, Tony Cloninger, Woody Woodward, Dick Kelley, Clay Carroll, Ken Johnson, Cecil Upshaw, Ron Reed, Joe Torre, Felipe Alou, Felix Millan (3)
Top Hitter:  Hank Aaron (1)
Top Pitcher:  Pat Jarvis (7)
Top Draft Pick:  Curtis Moore (#7)

Roster Continuity:  59.60%
National League Standings
St. Louis9765.599--
SF Giants8874.5439.0
Chi Cubs8478.51913.0
LA Dodgers7686.46921.0
NY Mets7389.45124.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-04-10@ SLN1L  1-20-11034,740Pat JarvisBob GibsonRay WashburnPat Jarvis 12-1
1968-04-11@ SLN2L  3-100-21016,214Dick KelleyNelson BrilesNelson BrilesDick KelleyJoe Hoerner412-8
1968-04-12vs CIN3W  4-31-2920,128 Phil NiekroJohn TsitourisPhil NiekroJohn TsitourisCecil Upshaw815-7
1968-04-13vs CIN4W  2-12-2430,222 Ken JohnsonGeorge CulverTony CloningerBob Lee 1016-6
1968-04-15vs SLN5L  3-42-3811,738 Pat JarvisBob GibsonJoe HoernerPat JarvisDick Hughes1320-7
1968-04-16vs SLN6L  2-62-498,412 Tony CloningerNelson BrilesNelson BrilesTony CloningerJoe Hoerner1526-11
1968-04-17vs CHN7W  2-03-485,475 Phil NiekroBill HandsPhil NiekroBill Hands 1726-9
1968-04-18vs CHN8W  5-34-466,719 Ken JohnsonJoe NiekroClaude RaymondChuck Hartenstein 2229-7
1968-04-19@ CIN9W  3-05-456,662Jim BrittonJohn TsitourisJim BrittonJohn Tsitouris 2529-4
1968-04-20@ CIN10L  1-25-567,727Pat JarvisGerry ArrigoJim MaloneyCecil Upshaw 2631-5
1968-04-21@ CIN11W  5-26-5419,415Dick KelleyMilt PappasDick KelleyMilt PappasClaude Raymond3133-2
1968-04-23@ CHN12L  4-106-654,399Phil NiekroJoe NiekroJoe NiekroPhil NiekroChuck Hartenstein3543-8
1968-04-25@ CHN13L  2-56-762,528Ken JohnsonFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsKen Johnson 3748-11
1968-04-26vs PHI14W  3-17-7510,614 Pat JarvisLarry JacksonPat JarvisLarry Jackson 4049-9
1968-04-27vs PHI15L  1-47-8614,207 Dick KelleyWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanDick Kelley 4153-12
1968-04-28vs PHI16L  3-47-9713,442 Phil NiekroRick WiseRick WisePhil NiekroTurk Farrell4457-13
1968-04-29@ SFN17W  7-28-964,090Ron ReedJuan MarichalRon ReedJuan Marichal 5159-8
1968-04-30@ SFN18L  0-78-1073,408Ken JohnsonRay SadeckiRay SadeckiKen Johnson 5166-15
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-05-01@ LAN19W  7-39-10614,815Pat JarvisDon DrysdalePat JarvisMudcat GrantClaude Raymond5869-11
1968-05-02@ LAN20L  1-29-11713,667Dick KelleyClaude OsteenMudcat GrantClay Carroll 5971-12
1968-05-03@ HOU21L  3-59-121013,658Phil NiekroDon WilsonDon WilsonPhil Niekro 6276-14
1968-05-04@ HOU22W  5-29-121025,888Ron ReedLarry DierkerRon ReedLarry DierkerCecil Upshaw6778-11
1968-05-05@ HOU23W  2-09-121013,685Ken JohnsonDave GiustiKen JohnsonDave GiustiClaude Raymond6978-9
1968-05-06vs PIT24L  1-29-13109,131 Pat JarvisJim BunningJim BunningPat JarvisRon Kline7080-10
1968-05-07vs PIT25W  2-110-13106,610 Dick KelleyAl McBeanCecil UpshawAl McBean 7281-9
1968-05-08vs PIT26L  3-410-14107,035 Phil NiekroSteve BlassRon KlineCecil UpshawRoy Face7585-10
1968-05-09vs PIT27W  4-211-1495,704 Ron ReedBob MooseRon ReedBob MooseJim Britton7987-8
1968-05-10vs LAN28W  2-112-14813,210 Ken JohnsonDon DrysdaleKen JohnsonDon Drysdale 8188-7
1968-05-11vs LAN29W  5-113-14513,910 Pat JarvisClaude OsteenPat JarvisClaude Osteen 8689-3
1968-05-12vs LAN30L  0-113-15915,202 Dick KelleyDon SuttonJack BillinghamCecil UpshawMudcat Grant8690-4
1968-05-13@ PHI31W  4-214-1573,126Phil NiekroChris ShortPhil NiekroChris Short 9092-2
1968-05-14@ PHI32W  3-115-1544,531Ron ReedLarry JacksonRon ReedLarry Jackson 93930
1968-05-17@ NYN33W  3-116-15328,169Pat JarvisDon CardwellJim BrittonDanny Frisella 96942
1968-05-18@ NYN34L  2-516-16412,323Ken JohnsonDick SelmaDick SelmaKen Johnson 9899-1
1968-05-19@ NYN35W  3-218-1630Ron ReedNolan RyanRon ReedNolan Ryan 1011010
1968-05-19@ NYN36W  2-018-16340,606Dick KelleyAl JacksonDick KelleyAl Jackson 1031012
1968-05-20vs SFN37W  6-519-16227,160 Phil NiekroJuan MarichalClaude RaymondFrank Linzy 1091063
1968-05-21vs SFN38L  4-619-1739,311 Jim BrittonRay SadeckiRay SadeckiJim BrittonFrank Linzy1131121
1968-05-22vs SFN39L  1-219-18415,097 Pat JarvisMike McCormickMike McCormickPat Jarvis 1141140
1968-05-23vs SFN40L  4-519-19415,163 Ken JohnsonGaylord PerryFrank LinzyCecil Upshaw 118119-1
1968-05-24vs NYN41W  4-220-19313,873 Ron ReedNolan RyanRon ReedNolan RyanJim Britton1221211
1968-05-25vs NYN42L  1-920-20421,672 Dick KelleyJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanDick Kelley 123130-7
1968-05-26vs NYN43W  2-121-20416,599 Phil NiekroTom SeaverPhil NiekroTom Seaver 125131-6
1968-05-28vs HOU44W  3-122-2037,883 Pat JarvisDave GiustiPat JarvisDave Giusti 128132-4
1968-05-30vs HOU45L  0-1122-21414,145 Ron ReedMike CuellarMike CuellarRon Reed 128143-15
1968-05-31@ PIT46W  5-222-2147,301Phil NiekroAl McBeanPhil NiekroAl McBean 133145-12
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-06-02@ PIT47L  4-822-2150Dick KelleyTommie SiskRon KlineTony Cloninger 137153-16
1968-06-02@ PIT48W  10-522-21521,491Pat JarvisSteve BlassPat JarvisBob MoosePhil Niekro147158-11
1968-06-03@ CIN49W  3-223-2145,564Ken JohnsonGeorge CulverKen JohnsonGeorge CulverClaude Raymond150160-10
1968-06-04@ CIN50L  1-323-2246,544Ron ReedGerry ArrigoGerry ArrigoRon ReedBilly McCool151163-12
1968-06-05@ CIN51L  0-1023-2367,357Phil NiekroGary NolanGary NolanPhil Niekro 151173-22
1968-06-07@ CHN52W  7-624-2366,553Pat JarvisJoe NiekroCecil UpshawFrank Reberger 158179-21
1968-06-09@ CHN53W  4-025-2450Ken JohnsonFergie JenkinsKen JohnsonFergie JenkinsClaude Raymond162179-17
1968-06-09@ CHN54L  5-625-24534,027Ron ReedBill HandsPhil ReganTony Cloninger 167185-18
1968-06-10vs SLN55L  3-425-25626,836 Phil NiekroLarry JasterLarry JasterPhil NiekroWayne Granger170189-19
1968-06-11vs SLN56L  0-625-26623,345 Dick KelleyBob GibsonBob GibsonDick Kelley 170195-25
1968-06-12vs SLN57W  7-126-26516,656 Pat JarvisNelson BrilesPat JarvisNelson Briles 177196-19
1968-06-13vs SLN58L  1-326-27720,254 Ken JohnsonSteve CarltonJoe HoernerPhil NiekroHal Gilson178199-21
1968-06-14vs CHN59L  1-226-28811,719 Ron ReedRich NyeRich NyeRon Reed 179201-22
1968-06-15vs CHN60W  3-227-28727,263 Milt PappasJoe NiekroCecil UpshawPhil Regan 182203-21
1968-06-16vs CHN61W  1-028-28518,356 Phil NiekroFergie JenkinsJim BrittonChuck Hartenstein 183203-20
1968-06-17vs CIN62W  3-229-28410,352 Pat JarvisJim MaloneyPat JarvisTed Abernathy 186205-19
1968-06-18vs CIN63L  5-729-29512,021 Ken JohnsonTony CloningerTed AbernathyClaude Raymond 191212-21
1968-06-19vs CIN64W  3-130-29410,174 Ron ReedBilly McCoolRon ReedBilly McCool 194213-19
1968-06-20vs CIN65W  3-131-29313,259 Milt PappasGary NolanMilt PappasGary NolanCecil Upshaw197214-17
1968-06-21@ SLN66L  3-431-30437,869Phil NiekroLarry JasterWayne GrangerClaude Raymond 200218-18
1968-06-22@ SLN67L  1-631-31524,608Pat JarvisRay WashburnRay WashburnPat Jarvis 201224-23
1968-06-23@ SLN68W  5-132-3240Dick KelleyNelson BrilesCecil UpshawNelson Briles 206225-19
1968-06-23@ SLN69L  1-332-32449,743Ken JohnsonMel NelsonMel NelsonKen Johnson 207228-21
1968-06-25vs PHI70W  6-133-32311,876 Ron ReedLarry JacksonRon ReedLarry Jackson 213229-16
1968-06-26vs PHI71L  2-333-33410,128 Phil NiekroRick WiseJohn BoozerJim BrittonTurk Farrell215232-17
1968-06-27vs PHI72W  4-334-33312,347 Pat JarvisChris ShortPat JarvisChris ShortCecil Upshaw219235-16
1968-06-28@ LAN73W  3-035-33351,747Milt PappasMike KekichMilt PappasMike Kekich 222235-13
1968-06-29@ LAN74L  2-735-34321,923Ken JohnsonClaude OsteenClaude OsteenKen JohnsonJim Brewer224242-18
1968-06-30@ LAN75L  2-335-35519,136Ron ReedMudcat GrantMudcat GrantRon Reed 226245-19
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-07-01@ SFN76W  5-136-3544,706Phil NiekroBobby BolinPhil NiekroBobby BolinCecil Upshaw231246-15
1968-07-02@ SFN77L  0-536-3647,351Pat JarvisJuan MarichalJuan MarichalPat Jarvis 231251-20
1968-07-03@ SFN78W  2-037-3644,837Milt PappasGaylord PerryMilt PappasGaylord PerryClaude Raymond233251-18
1968-07-04@ SFN79L  4-637-37414,249Jim BrittonRay SadeckiFrank LinzyGeorge Stone 237257-20
1968-07-05vs HOU80L  9-1337-38517,390 Ron ReedMike CuellarJohn BuzhardtClaude RaymondWade Blasingame246270-24
1968-07-06vs HOU81W  5-037-3846,808 Phil NiekroDave GiustiPhil NiekroDave Giusti 251270-19
1968-07-06vs HOU82W  2-137-38414,554 Pat JarvisDenny LemasterKen JohnsonDon Wilson 253271-18
1968-07-07vs HOU83L  4-537-39527,604 Milt PappasLarry DierkerLarry DierkerMilt PappasTom Dukes257276-19
1968-07-11vs LAN84W  1-038-39513,813 Phil NiekroClaude OsteenPhil NiekroClaude Osteen 258276-18
1968-07-12vs LAN85W  7-039-39521,615 Jim BrittonDon DrysdaleJim BrittonDon Drysdale 265276-11
1968-07-13vs LAN86W  5-140-39430,244 Pat JarvisBill SingerPat JarvisBill SingerDick Kelley270277-7
1968-07-14vs SFN87W  4-241-39334,283 Ron ReedMike McCormickRon ReedMike McCormickCecil Upshaw274279-5
1968-07-15vs SFN88W  4-242-39320,110 Phil NiekroGaylord PerryPhil NiekroGaylord Perry 278281-3
1968-07-16@ HOU89W  6-242-39322,313George StoneDenny LemasterCecil UpshawDenny Lemaster 2842831
1968-07-17@ HOU90L  2-542-40319,929Jim BrittonDanny CoombsDanny CoombsJim BrittonJohn Buzhardt286288-2
1968-07-18@ HOU91W  7-142-40319,820Pat JarvisDave GiustiPat JarvisDave Giusti 2932894
1968-07-19vs PIT92L  0-242-41317,286 Ron ReedBob MooseBob MooseRon Reed 2932912
1968-07-20vs PIT93L  1-242-41320,771 Phil NiekroBob VealeBob VealePhil Niekro 2942931
1968-07-21vs PIT94L  0-642-42525,109 Milt PappasSteve BlassSteve BlassMilt Pappas 294299-5
1968-07-22vs NYN95L  2-542-43610,115 Jim BrittonDon CardwellDon CardwellJim Britton 296304-8
1968-07-23vs NYN96L  1-242-44610,265 Pat JarvisTom SeaverTom SeaverPat JarvisCal Koonce297306-9
1968-07-24vs NYN97W  3-243-4458,094 Ron ReedNolan RyanCecil UpshawBill Connors 300308-8
1968-07-25vs NYN98W  4-244-4449,306 Phil NiekroDick SelmaPhil NiekroDick Selma 304310-6
1968-07-26@ PHI99W  5-446-4430Ken JohnsonRick WiseGeorge StoneGrant JacksonClaude Raymond309314-5
1968-07-26@ PHI100W  3-246-44316,334Milt PappasJeff JamesMilt PappasJeff JamesCecil Upshaw312316-4
1968-07-27@ PHI101L  0-146-45312,020Jim BrittonWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanJim Britton 312317-5
1968-07-28@ PHI102L  0-346-4658,173Pat JarvisLarry JacksonLarry JacksonPat Jarvis 312320-8
1968-07-29@ PIT103L  2-346-4757,357Ron ReedBob VealeBob VealeRon Reed 314323-9
1968-07-30@ PIT104L  5-846-4950Ken JohnsonSteve BlassSteve BlassKen JohnsonTommie Sisk319331-12
1968-07-30@ PIT105L  4-546-49511,624Phil NiekroJim BunningRon KlinePhil Niekro 323336-13
1968-07-31@ NYN106W  3-247-49520,436Milt PappasJerry KoosmanMilt PappasJerry KoosmanClaude Raymond326338-12
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-08-01@ NYN107W  4-248-49518,580Jim BrittonDon CardwellCecil UpshawDon Cardwell 330340-10
1968-08-03vs CIN108W  1-049-5050 Ron ReedGeorge CulverRon ReedGeorge Culver 331340-9
1968-08-03vs CIN109L  3-549-50523,961 Pat JarvisGary NolanClay CarrollKen Johnson 334345-11
1968-08-04vs CIN110L  4-649-51514,507 Phil NiekroTony CloningerJay RitchieCecil Upshaw 338351-13
1968-08-05vs CHN111W  6-150-51510,908 Milt PappasGary RossMilt PappasBill Stoneman 344352-8
1968-08-06vs CHN112L  3-450-52510,602 Pat JarvisJoe NiekroJoe NiekroPat JarvisPhil Regan347356-9
1968-08-07vs CHN113W  10-251-5258,432 George StoneKen HoltzmanGeorge StoneKen Holtzman 357358-1
1968-08-08vs CHN114L  0-451-5359,437 Ron ReedBill HandsBill HandsRon Reed 357362-5
1968-08-09vs SLN115L  0-151-54541,267 Phil NiekroBob GibsonBob GibsonPhil Niekro 357363-6
1968-08-10vs SLN116L  1-751-55531,094 Milt PappasNelson BrilesNelson BrilesMilt Pappas 358370-12
1968-08-11vs SLN117W  5-352-55534,874 Pat JarvisSteve CarltonPat JarvisSteve CarltonPhil Niekro363373-10
1968-08-12@ CIN118W  9-253-5557,312George StoneGeorge CulverGeorge StoneGeorge CulverCecil Upshaw372375-3
1968-08-13@ CIN119L  8-953-5657,654Ron ReedTony CloningerClay CarrollMilt Pappas 380384-4
1968-08-14@ CIN120L  4-753-5758,944Phil NiekroGerry ArrigoGerry ArrigoPhil NiekroClay Carroll384391-7
1968-08-16@ SLN121W  5-154-57542,580Milt PappasSteve CarltonMilt PappasSteve CarltonClaude Raymond389392-3
1968-08-17@ SLN122W  3-255-57546,537Pat JarvisLarry JasterPat JarvisLarry Jaster 392394-2
1968-08-18@ SLN123L  1-1055-58537,571Ron ReedRay WashburnRay WashburnRon Reed 393404-11
1968-08-19@ CHN124L  1-555-59611,363George StoneKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanGeorge Stone 394409-15
1968-08-20@ CHN125L  5-655-60616,749Phil NiekroBill HandsJoe NiekroClaude Raymond 399415-16
1968-08-21@ CHN126L  4-555-6260Milt PappasFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsCecil UpshawPhil Regan403420-17
1968-08-21@ CHN127L  5-1355-62622,842Ron ReedRich NyeJack LamabeKen JohnsonKen Holtzman408433-25
1968-08-23vs PHI128W  6-056-62623,408 Pat JarvisRick WisePat JarvisRick Wise 414433-19
1968-08-24vs PHI129L  3-456-6369,053 George StoneJerry JohnsonJerry JohnsonGeorge StoneGary Wagner417437-20
1968-08-25vs PHI130L  1-456-6478,049 Phil NiekroLarry JacksonLarry JacksonPhil Niekro 418441-23
1968-08-26vs PIT131L  0-456-6467,491 Milt PappasSteve BlassSteve BlassMilt Pappas 418445-27
1968-08-27vs PIT132L  3-456-6466,633 Ron ReedJim BunningRon KlineJim BrittonRoy Face421449-28
1968-08-28@ PHI133W  9-258-6460George StoneWoodie FrymanGeorge StoneWoodie Fryman 430451-21
1968-08-28@ PHI134W  2-158-6466,713Pat JarvisJerry JohnsonPat JarvisJerry Johnson 432452-20
1968-08-29@ PHI135W  6-059-6464,396Phil NiekroLarry JacksonPhil NiekroLarry Jackson 438452-14
1968-08-30@ PIT136W  2-060-6465,896Milt PappasDock EllisMilt PappasDock Ellis 440452-12
1968-08-31@ PIT137L  0-860-6464,671Ron ReedSteve BlassSteve BlassRon Reed 440460-20
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-09-01@ PIT138W  8-760-6465,650Pat JarvisJim BunningClaude RaymondRon KlineJim Britton448467-19
1968-09-02@ NYN139W  3-161-6560George StoneJerry KoosmanGeorge StoneJerry KoosmanCecil Upshaw451468-17
1968-09-02@ NYN140L  2-261-65624,263Phil NiekroDon Cardwell 453470-17
1968-09-03@ NYN141L  3-462-6660Milt PappasTom SeaverTom SeaverMilt PappasRon Taylor456474-18
1968-09-03@ NYN142W  7-662-66612,799Jim BrittonCal KoonceCecil UpshawAl Jackson 463480-17
1968-09-06vs HOU143W  7-162-6665,479 Pat JarvisDon WilsonPat JarvisDon Wilson 470481-11
1968-09-07vs HOU144L  3-662-6666,429 Phil NiekroDenny LemasterDanny CoombsClaude RaymondJohn Buzhardt473487-14
1968-09-08vs HOU145W  4-162-6665,641 Milt PappasDave GiustiMilt PappasDave Giusti 477488-11
1968-09-09vs SFN146W  2-163-6663,777 George StoneRay SadeckiGeorge StoneRay SadeckiCecil Upshaw479489-10
1968-09-10vs SFN147L  2-463-6764,934 Al SantoriniBobby BolinMike McCormickAl Santorini 481493-12
1968-09-11vs SFN148W  3-164-6758,196 Pat JarvisJuan MarichalPat JarvisJuan Marichal 484494-10
1968-09-13@ LAN149L  0-264-68613,944Phil NiekroClaude OsteenClaude OsteenPhil Niekro 484496-12
1968-09-14@ LAN150L  0-364-6969,148Milt PappasDon SuttonDon SuttonMilt Pappas 484499-15
1968-09-15@ LAN151W  5-265-69511,908George StoneJoe MoellerGeorge StoneJoe MoellerCecil Upshaw489501-12
1968-09-16@ LAN152L  0-665-7059,253Ron ReedBill SingerBill SingerRon Reed 489507-18
1968-09-17@ HOU153L  1-565-70519,820Pat JarvisMike CuellarMike CuellarPat Jarvis 490512-22
1968-09-18@ HOU154W  2-066-7056,392Phil NiekroDenny LemasterPhil NiekroDenny Lemaster 492512-20
1968-09-19@ HOU155W  4-166-7055,431Milt PappasDave GiustiMilt PappasDave GiustiCecil Upshaw496513-17
1968-09-20@ SFN156L  1-866-7155,592George StoneJuan MarichalJuan MarichalGeorge Stone 497521-24
1968-09-21@ SFN157W  2-167-7156,841Ron ReedGaylord PerryRon ReedGaylord PerryCecil Upshaw499522-23
1968-09-22@ SFN158L  2-1067-72529,457Pat JarvisBobby BolinBobby BolinPat Jarvis 501532-31
1968-09-24vs NYN159W  7-468-7253,058 Phil NiekroJerry KoosmanPhil NiekroJerry Koosman 508536-28
1968-09-25vs NYN160L  0-368-7352,639 Milt PappasTom SeaverTom SeaverMilt Pappas 508539-31
1968-09-27vs LAN161L  2-568-7453,609 Ron ReedClaude OsteenJim BrewerCecil UpshawJack Billingham510544-34
1968-09-28vs LAN162L  2-468-7566,095 Pat JarvisDon SuttonDon SuttonPat JarvisJim Brewer512548-36
1968-09-29vs LAN163W  2-169-75512,210 Phil NiekroAlan FosterPhil NiekroBill Singer 514549-35

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