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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  97-65   .599
Result:   1st in National League
Manager(s):  Red Schoendienst
General Manager:   Bing Devine
Stadium:  Busch Stadium II
Attendance:  2,011,167
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Tigers)

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Roger Maris (33)
Youngest Player:  Ted Simmons (18)
Longest Tenure:  Curt Flood (11)
Top Hitter:  Lou Brock (8)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Gibson (1)
Top Draft Pick:  James Hairston (#19)

Roster Continuity:  84.63%
National League Standings
St. Louis9765.599--
SF Giants8874.5439.0
Chi Cubs8478.51913.0
LA Dodgers7686.46921.0
NY Mets7389.45124.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-04-10vs ATL1W  2-11-0134,740 Bob GibsonPat JarvisRay WashburnPat Jarvis 211
1968-04-11vs ATL2W  10-32-0116,214 Nelson BrilesDick KelleyNelson BrilesDick KelleyJoe Hoerner1248
1968-04-13@ CHN3W  8-53-0133,875Steve CarltonRich NyeSteve CarltonBill HandsRon Willis20911
1968-04-14@ CHN4L  6-73-128,343Dick HughesJoe NiekroJoe NiekroDick HughesBobby Tiefenauer261610
1968-04-15@ ATL5W  4-34-1211,738Bob GibsonPat JarvisJoe HoernerPat JarvisDick Hughes301911
1968-04-16@ ATL6W  6-25-118,412Nelson BrilesTony CloningerNelson BrilesTony CloningerJoe Hoerner362115
1968-04-17@ CIN7L  3-45-213,374Steve CarltonMilt PappasBob LeeRon Willis 392514
1968-04-18@ CIN8L  3-45-336,728Ray WashburnGeorge CulverBob LeeLarry Jaster 422913
1968-04-19vs CHN9W  9-26-3113,129 Mike TorrezRich NyeMike TorrezRich NyeHal Gilson513120
1968-04-20vs CHN10L  1-56-4229,348 Bob GibsonFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsBob Gibson 523616
1968-04-21vs CHN11W  9-27-4126,942 Nelson BrilesKen HoltzmanNelson BrilesKen Holtzman 613823
1968-04-23vs CIN12W  4-28-418,706 Steve CarltonGeorge CulverJoe HoernerBilly McCool 654025
1968-04-24vs CIN13W  7-09-419,666 Ray WashburnJohn TsitourisRay WashburnJohn Tsitouris 724032
1968-04-26vs PIT14W  2-110-4139,866 Bob GibsonBob VealeBob GibsonBob Veale 744133
1968-04-27vs PIT15W  7-511-4120,863 Nelson BrilesAl McBeanNelson BrilesAl McBeanJoe Hoerner814635
1968-04-28vs PIT16W  4-212-4120,562 Steve CarltonTommie SiskSteve CarltonTommie Sisk 854837
1968-04-29@ LAN17L  2-312-5121,562Mike TorrezDon SuttonDon SuttonMike TorrezJim Brewer875136
1968-04-30@ LAN18W  2-113-5120,901Ray WashburnBill SingerRay WashburnBill SingerJoe Hoerner895237
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-05-01@ HOU19W  3-114-5114,726Bob GibsonDave GiustiBob GibsonWade Blasingame 925339
1968-05-02@ HOU20L  0-414-6111,431Nelson BrilesDenny LemasterDenny LemasterNelson Briles 925735
1968-05-03@ SFN21L  4-514-7115,935Steve CarltonJuan MarichalJuan MarichalSteve Carlton 966234
1968-05-04@ SFN22W  11-615-7117,485Dick HughesRay SadeckiMike TorrezRay SadeckiJoe Hoerner1076839
1968-05-05@ SFN23L  4-815-8128,007Ray WashburnMike McCormickMike McCormickRay Washburn 1117635
1968-05-06vs NYN24W  2-116-8112,741 Bob GibsonTom SeaverBob GibsonTom Seaver 1137736
1968-05-07vs NYN25L  1-416-919,687 Nelson BrilesNolan RyanNolan RyanNelson Briles 1148133
1968-05-08vs NYN26W  2-017-9111,282 Steve CarltonAl JacksonSteve CarltonAl Jackson 1168135
1968-05-11vs HOU27W  4-318-9116,093 Ray WashburnDenny LemasterLarry JasterMike Cuellar 1208436
1968-05-12vs HOU28L  2-318-10119,085 Bob GibsonLarry DierkerLarry DierkerBob Gibson 1228735
1968-05-13@ PIT29W  1-019-10110,082Nelson BrilesJim BunningNelson BrilesJim Bunning 1238736
1968-05-15@ PIT30W  1-020-1019,461Steve CarltonSteve BlassSteve CarltonSteve Blass 1248737
1968-05-16@ PIT31L  0-320-1119,595Ray WashburnBob VealeBob VealeRay Washburn 1249034
1968-05-17@ PHI32L  0-120-12117,034Bob GibsonWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanBob Gibson 1249133
1968-05-18@ PHI33L  2-320-13112,941Nelson BrilesLarry JacksonLarry JacksonNelson Briles 1269432
1968-05-19@ PHI34L  3-420-14127,725Steve CarltonChris ShortTurk FarrellJoe Hoerner 1299831
1968-05-20vs LAN35W  2-121-14112,764 Larry JasterDon SuttonLarry JasterDon Sutton 1319932
1968-05-21vs LAN36L  2-921-15113,633 Ray WashburnBill SingerBill SingerRay Washburn 13310825
1968-05-22vs LAN37L  0-221-1619,560 Bob GibsonDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleBob Gibson 13311023
1968-05-23vs LAN38L  2-321-17211,065 Nelson BrilesClaude OsteenJohn PurdinDick Hughes 13511322
1968-05-24vs PHI39W  5-122-17234,515 Steve CarltonChris ShortSteve CarltonChris Short 14011426
1968-05-25vs PHI40L  0-122-18219,432 Larry JasterLarry JacksonLarry JacksonLarry JasterTurk Farrell14011525
1968-05-26vs PHI41L  3-922-19242,446 Ray WashburnWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanHal Gilson 14312419
1968-05-28vs SFN42L  1-322-20419,392 Bob GibsonGaylord PerryGaylord PerryBob Gibson 14412717
1968-05-29vs SFN43L  1-222-21425,412 Nelson BrilesJuan MarichalJuan MarichalNelson Briles 14512916
1968-05-30vs SFN44W  6-023-21323,246 Steve CarltonRay SadeckiSteve CarltonRay Sadecki 15112922
1968-05-31@ NYN45W  2-024-21241,075Larry JasterTom SeaverLarry JasterTom Seaver 15312924
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-06-01@ NYN46W  6-525-21128,006Ray WashburnNolan RyanJoe HoernerCal Koonce 15913425
1968-06-02@ NYN47W  6-327-2110Bob GibsonAl JacksonBob GibsonAl Jackson 16513728
1968-06-02@ NYN48W  3-227-21132,520Dick HughesDon CardwellDick HughesDon CardwellRon Willis16813929
1968-06-03@ HOU49W  7-228-21117,970Nelson BrilesDenny LemasterNelson BrilesDenny Lemaster 17514134
1968-06-04@ HOU50W  3-229-21118,867Steve CarltonMike CuellarSteve CarltonJohn BuzhardtJoe Hoerner17814335
1968-06-05@ HOU51W  3-130-21118,475Larry JasterLarry DierkerLarry JasterLarry DierkerWayne Granger18114437
1968-06-06@ HOU52W  4-031-21115,218Bob GibsonDon WilsonBob GibsonDon Wilson 18514441
1968-06-07@ CIN53L  2-431-22117,685Dick HughesJim MaloneyJim MaloneyHal Gilson 18714839
1968-06-08@ CIN54W  7-232-22113,368Nelson BrilesGeorge CulverNelson BrilesGeorge Culver 19415044
1968-06-09@ CIN55W  10-833-2310Steve CarltonGerry ArrigoRon WillisBob Lee 20415846
1968-06-09@ CIN56L  6-733-23128,141Ray WashburnBilly McCoolGeorge CulverSteve Carlton 21016545
1968-06-10@ ATL57W  4-334-23126,836Larry JasterPhil NiekroLarry JasterPhil NiekroWayne Granger21416846
1968-06-11@ ATL58W  6-035-23123,345Bob GibsonDick KelleyBob GibsonDick Kelley 22016852
1968-06-12@ ATL59L  1-735-24116,656Nelson BrilesPat JarvisPat JarvisNelson Briles 22117546
1968-06-13@ ATL60W  3-136-24120,254Steve CarltonKen JohnsonJoe HoernerPhil NiekroHal Gilson22417648
1968-06-14vs CIN61L  0-736-25131,507 Larry JasterBilly McCoolBilly McCoolLarry JasterTed Abernathy22418341
1968-06-15vs CIN62W  2-037-25135,831 Bob GibsonGary NolanBob GibsonGary Nolan 22618343
1968-06-16vs CIN63W  4-238-25131,737 Ray WashburnGeorge CulverRay WashburnGeorge CulverRon Willis23018545
1968-06-18vs CHN64W  1-039-25128,235 Nelson BrilesBill HandsNelson BrilesBill Hands 23118546
1968-06-19vs CHN65W  4-040-25127,577 Steve CarltonRich NyeSteve CarltonRich Nye 23518550
1968-06-20vs CHN66W  1-041-25126,550 Bob GibsonFergie JenkinsBob GibsonFergie Jenkins 23618551
1968-06-21vs ATL67W  4-342-25137,869 Larry JasterPhil NiekroWayne GrangerClaude Raymond 24018852
1968-06-22vs ATL68W  6-143-25124,608 Ray WashburnPat JarvisRay WashburnPat Jarvis 24618957
1968-06-23vs ATL69L  1-544-2610 Nelson BrilesDick KelleyCecil UpshawNelson Briles 24719453
1968-06-23vs ATL70W  3-144-26149,743 Mel NelsonKen JohnsonMel NelsonKen Johnson 25019555
1968-06-25vs PIT71L  2-344-27126,927 Steve CarltonBob VealeBob VealeSteve CarltonLuke Walker25219854
1968-06-26vs PIT72W  3-045-2810 Bob GibsonAl McBeanBob GibsonAl McBean 25519857
1968-06-26vs PIT73L  1-345-28130,641 Larry JasterSteve BlassSteve BlassLarry JasterRon Kline25620155
1968-06-28@ CHN74W  9-546-28117,433Nelson BrilesFergie JenkinsNelson BrilesFergie JenkinsWayne Granger26520659
1968-06-29@ CHN75L  8-1046-29118,872Ray WashburnJoe NiekroPhil ReganMel Nelson 27321657
1968-06-30@ CHN76L  2-646-30136,414Steve CarltonBill HandsBill HandsSteve Carlton 27522253
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-07-01@ LAN77W  5-147-30142,603Bob GibsonDon DrysdaleBob GibsonDon Drysdale 28022357
1968-07-02@ LAN78W  5-348-30122,828Larry JasterBill SingerWayne GrangerJim BrewerJoe Hoerner28522659
1968-07-03@ LAN79W  2-149-30124,178Nelson BrilesMike KekichNelson BrilesMike Kekich 28722760
1968-07-04@ LAN80W  3-250-30121,681Ray WashburnClaude OsteenRay WashburnClaude OsteenDick Hughes29022961
1968-07-05@ SFN81W  4-351-30115,556Steve CarltonMike McCormickWayne GrangerJoe Gibbon 29423262
1968-07-06@ SFN82W  3-052-30128,233Bob GibsonJuan MarichalBob GibsonJuan Marichal 29723265
1968-07-07@ SFN83W  2-053-30123,993Larry JasterGaylord PerryLarry JasterGaylord PerryRon Willis29923267
1968-07-11vs HOU84L  4-554-3110 Nelson BrilesLarry DierkerJohn BuzhardtRon WillisTom Dukes30323766
1968-07-11vs HOU85W  8-754-31135,300 Mel NelsonMike CuellarRon WillisTom DukesJoe Hoerner31124467
1968-07-12vs HOU86W  8-155-31128,944 Bob GibsonDenny LemasterBob GibsonDenny Lemaster 31924574
1968-07-13vs HOU87W  5-456-31137,139 Steve CarltonWade BlasingameSteve CarltonDanny CoombsJoe Hoerner32424975
1968-07-14vs LAN88W  5-157-31134,761 Larry JasterMike KekichLarry JasterMike KekichJoe Hoerner32925079
1968-07-15vs LAN89W  4-258-31124,081 Ray WashburnClaude OsteenRay WashburnClaude OsteenMel Nelson33325281
1968-07-16vs SFN90W  6-159-31127,249 Nelson BrilesRay SadeckiNelson BrilesRay Sadecki 33925386
1968-07-18vs SFN91L  0-359-32129,359 Steve CarltonJuan MarichalJuan MarichalSteve Carlton 33925683
1968-07-19vs NYN92L  2-459-33140,510 Larry JasterAl JacksonAl JacksonLarry JasterRon Taylor34126081
1968-07-20vs NYN93W  2-060-33122,794 Ray WashburnDick SelmaRay WashburnDick Selma 34326083
1968-07-21vs NYN94W  2-061-3410 Bob GibsonJim McAndrewBob GibsonJim McAndrew 34526085
1968-07-21vs NYN95L  0-161-34145,408 Nelson BrilesJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanNelson Briles 34526184
1968-07-22vs PHI96W  5-462-34117,619 Steve CarltonWoodie FrymanWayne GrangerJohn Boozer 35026585
1968-07-23vs PHI97W  11-563-34126,199 Larry JasterRick WiseLarry JasterRick WiseDick Hughes36127091
1968-07-24vs PHI98W  3-164-34123,828 Ray WashburnLarry JacksonRay WashburnLarry JacksonJoe Hoerner36427193
1968-07-25vs PHI99W  5-065-34128,147 Bob GibsonChris ShortBob GibsonChris Short 36927198
1968-07-26@ PIT100W  9-166-3510Nelson BrilesSteve BlassNelson BrilesSteve Blass 378272106
1968-07-26@ PIT101L  4-566-35123,515Mel NelsonJim BunningRon KlineWayne Granger 382277105
1968-07-27@ PIT102W  4-067-35112,147Steve CarltonBob MooseSteve CarltonBob Moose 386277109
1968-07-28@ PIT103L  1-767-36114,926Larry JasterAl McBeanAl McBeanLarry Jaster 387284103
1968-07-29@ NYN104W  5-168-36130,486Ray WashburnNolan RyanRay WashburnNolan Ryan 392285107
1968-07-30@ NYN105W  7-169-36134,835Bob GibsonDick SelmaBob GibsonDick Selma 399286113
1968-07-31@ PHI106W  3-270-36114,811Nelson BrilesWoodie FrymanNelson BrilesWoodie Fryman 402288114
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-08-01@ PHI107W  2-171-36112,674Steve CarltonLarry JacksonSteve CarltonLarry Jackson 404289115
1968-08-02vs CHN108L  0-371-37139,621 Larry JasterKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanLarry Jaster 404292112
1968-08-03vs CHN109L  2-371-38138,264 Ray WashburnBill HandsBill HandsRay WashburnPhil Regan406295111
1968-08-04vs CHN110L  5-671-39147,445 Bob GibsonFergie JenkinsJack LamabeJoe HoernerJoe Niekro411301110
1968-08-05vs CIN111W  3-272-39126,607 Nelson BrilesGerry ArrigoNelson BrilesGerry ArrigoJoe Hoerner414303111
1968-08-06vs CIN112L  0-572-40126,299 Steve CarltonJim MaloneyJim MaloneySteve Carlton 414308106
1968-08-07vs CIN113W  3-173-40124,995 Mel NelsonGeorge CulverMel NelsonGeorge CulverDick Hughes417309108
1968-08-08vs CIN114W  1-074-40124,324 Ray WashburnTony CloningerJoe HoernerClay Carroll 418309109
1968-08-09@ ATL115W  1-075-40141,267Bob GibsonPhil NiekroBob GibsonPhil Niekro 419309110
1968-08-10@ ATL116W  7-176-40131,094Nelson BrilesMilt PappasNelson BrilesMilt Pappas 426310116
1968-08-11@ ATL117L  3-576-41134,874Steve CarltonPat JarvisPat JarvisSteve CarltonPhil Niekro429315114
1968-08-12@ CHN118L  3-776-42130,693Larry JasterBill HandsBill HandsLarry Jaster 432322110
1968-08-13@ CHN119L  3-1076-43135,198Ray WashburnFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsRay Washburn 435332103
1968-08-14@ CHN120W  3-177-43132,733Bob GibsonJoe NiekroBob GibsonJoe Niekro 438333105
1968-08-15@ CHN121W  8-078-43123,116Nelson BrilesKen HoltzmanNelson BrilesKen Holtzman 446333113
1968-08-16vs ATL122L  1-578-44142,580 Steve CarltonMilt PappasMilt PappasSteve CarltonClaude Raymond447338109
1968-08-17vs ATL123L  2-378-45146,537 Larry JasterPat JarvisPat JarvisLarry Jaster 449341108
1968-08-18vs ATL124W  10-179-45137,571 Ray WashburnRon ReedRay WashburnRon Reed 459342117
1968-08-19@ PHI125W  2-080-45112,278Bob GibsonWoodie FrymanBob GibsonWoodie Fryman 461342119
1968-08-20@ PHI126L  2-880-4619,379Nelson BrilesLarry JacksonLarry JacksonNelson Briles 463350113
1968-08-21@ PHI127W  8-381-4619,500Steve CarltonJerry JohnsonDick HughesJerry JohnsonJoe Hoerner471353118
1968-08-22@ PHI128L  3-781-47110,193Larry JasterChris ShortChris ShortLarry Jaster 474360114
1968-08-23vs PIT129W  3-282-47134,845 Ray WashburnBob VealeJoe HoernerRon Kline 477362115
1968-08-24vs PIT130L  4-682-48131,019 Bob GibsonBob MooseRoy FaceBob Gibson 481368113
1968-08-25vs PIT131W  4-283-48126,756 Nelson BrilesDock EllisNelson BrilesDock EllisJoe Hoerner485370115
1968-08-26vs NYN132L  0-183-49123,340 Steve CarltonJim McAndrewJim McAndrewSteve Carlton 485371114
1968-08-27vs NYN133L  0-483-50127,541 Larry JasterDick SelmaDick SelmaLarry Jaster 485375110
1968-08-28@ PIT134W  8-084-50111,197Bob GibsonBob VealeBob GibsonBob Veale 493375118
1968-08-29@ PIT135W  5-085-5017,681Ray WashburnBob MooseRay WashburnBob Moose 498375123
1968-08-30@ NYN136L  2-885-51134,425Nelson BrilesTom SeaverTom SeaverNelson Briles 500383117
1968-08-31@ NYN137W  2-086-51130,714Steve CarltonJim McAndrewSteve CarltonJim McAndrewJoe Hoerner502383119
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-09-01@ NYN138W  3-287-51128,656Dick HughesDick SelmaLarry JasterBill Short 505385120
1968-09-02@ CIN139W  1-088-51111,846Bob GibsonGary NolanBob GibsonTed Abernathy 506385121
1968-09-03@ CIN140W  5-389-5117,446Ray WashburnGeorge CulverJoe HoernerDan McGinnWayne Granger511388123
1968-09-04@ CIN141L  3-889-5218,211Nelson BrilesJim MaloneyJim MaloneyNelson BrilesClay Carroll514396118
1968-09-06vs SFN142L  2-389-5410 Bob GibsonBobby BolinBobby BolinBob GibsonFrank Linzy516399117
1968-09-06vs SFN143L  7-889-54146,550 Steve CarltonJuan MarichalJuan MarichalSteve CarltonFrank Linzy523407116
1968-09-07vs SFN144L  1-589-55128,718 Ray WashburnGaylord PerryGaylord PerryRay Washburn 524412112
1968-09-08vs SFN145W  3-290-55132,926 Nelson BrilesMike McCormickJoe HoernerFrank Linzy 527414113
1968-09-09vs LAN146L  1-1090-56113,508 Larry JasterDon SuttonDon SuttonLarry Jaster 528424104
1968-09-10vs LAN147L  0-390-57114,860 Steve CarltonBill SingerBill SingerSteve Carlton 528427101
1968-09-11vs LAN148W  5-491-57118,835 Bob GibsonMike KekichBob GibsonMike Kekich 533431102
1968-09-13@ HOU149L  2-491-58115,425Ray WashburnDave GiustiDave GiustiRay WashburnSteve Shea535435100
1968-09-14@ HOU150W  8-092-58116,324Nelson BrilesLarry DierkerNelson BrilesLarry Dierker 543435108
1968-09-15@ HOU151W  7-493-58116,638Steve CarltonDon WilsonSteve CarltonDon Wilson 550439111
1968-09-17@ SFN152L  0-193-5919,546Bob GibsonGaylord PerryGaylord PerryBob Gibson 550440110
1968-09-18@ SFN153W  2-094-5914,703Ray WashburnBobby BolinRay WashburnBobby Bolin 552440112
1968-09-19@ SFN154L  5-1194-6014,502Nelson BrilesRich RobertsonRich RobertsonNelson BrilesFrank Linzy557451106
1968-09-20@ LAN155L  4-594-61117,888Steve CarltonBill SingerBill SingerRon WillisJim Brewer561456105
1968-09-21@ LAN156L  0-394-62113,842Larry JasterClaude OsteenClaude OsteenLarry JasterMudcat Grant561459102
1968-09-22@ LAN157L  2-394-63118,529Bob GibsonDon SuttonDon SuttonBob GibsonJim Brewer563462101
1968-09-24vs PHI158L  1-294-64110,530 Ray WashburnJerry JohnsonJerry JohnsonRay Washburn 564464100
1968-09-25vs PHI159W  5-495-64110,992 Nelson BrilesChris ShortNelson BrilesChris ShortJoe Hoerner569468101
1968-09-27vs HOU160W  1-096-64118,658 Bob GibsonLarry DierkerBob GibsonLarry Dierker 570468102
1968-09-28vs HOU161L  2-396-65121,502 Steve CarltonDon WilsonTom DukesWayne GrangerSteve Shea572471101
1968-09-29vs HOU162W  11-197-65123,792 Ray WashburnMike CuellarRay WashburnMike CuellarJoe Hoerner583472111

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