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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Pittsburgh,PA
Team Record:  80-82   .494
Result:   6th in National League
Manager(s):  Larry Shepard
General Manager:   Joe Brown
Stadium:  Forbes Field
Attendance:  693,485
Playoffs:  -

Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bill Henry (40)
Youngest Player:  Richie Hebner (20)
Longest Tenure:  Roy Face (15)
Top Hitter:  Roberto Clemente (15)
Top Pitcher:  Steve Blass (14)
Top Draft Pick:  Dick Sharon (#9)

Roster Continuity:  73.73%
National League Standings
St. Louis9765.599--
SF Giants8874.5439.0
Chi Cubs8478.51913.0
LA Dodgers7686.46921.0
NY Mets7389.45124.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-04-10@ HOU1L  4-50-1621,320Jim BunningLarry DierkerLarry DierkerJuan Pizarro 45-1
1968-04-11@ SFN2W  3-11-147,844Bob VealeMike McCormickRoy FaceFrank LinzyBob Moose761
1968-04-13@ SFN3W  2-12-1311,488Al McBeanGaylord PerryAl McBeanGaylord Perry 972
1968-04-14@ LAN4W  3-03-1327,136Jim BunningClaude OsteenJim BunningClaude Osteen 1275
1968-04-15@ LAN5L  2-33-2416,214Bob VealeBill SingerBill SingerBob Veale 14104
1968-04-17vs HOU6W  13-44-2330,779 Al McBeanDenny LemasterAl McBeanDenny Lemaster 271413
1968-04-19vs SFN7L  2-54-3424,224 Jim BunningJuan MarichalJuan MarichalJim Bunning 291910
1968-04-20vs SFN8L  0-14-458,156 Bob VealeRay SadeckiRay SadeckiBob Veale 29209
1968-04-21vs SFN9W  10-05-4317,337 Al McBeanMike McCormickAl McBeanMike McCormick 392019
1968-04-22vs LAN10L  3-55-587,963 Tommie SiskMudcat GrantJim BrewerBob MooseJack Billingham422517
1968-04-24vs LAN11W  4-36-534,938 Jim BunningClaude OsteenJim BunningClaude OsteenRoy Face462818
1968-04-26@ SLN12L  1-26-6439,866Bob VealeBob GibsonBob GibsonBob Veale 473017
1968-04-27@ SLN13L  5-76-7820,863Al McBeanNelson BrilesNelson BrilesAl McBeanJoe Hoerner523715
1968-04-28@ SLN14L  2-46-8820,562Tommie SiskSteve CarltonSteve CarltonTommie Sisk 544113
1968-04-29vs CHN15W  7-47-885,603 Steve BlassFergie JenkinsSteve BlassFergie JenkinsBob Moose614516
1968-04-30vs CHN16W  4-38-833,710 Bob VealeBill HandsJuan PizarroChuck Hartenstein 654817
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-05-01vs CHN17W  4-09-835,449 Al McBeanRich NyeAl McBeanRich Nye 694821
1968-05-02vs CHN18L  0-19-947,249 Jim BunningJoe NiekroJoe NiekroJim Bunning 694920
1968-05-03@ PHI19L  2-39-1069,433Steve BlassRick WiseTurk FarrellRon Kline 715219
1968-05-04@ PHI20L  2-39-11815,834Tommie SiskChris ShortDick HallRoy Face 735518
1968-05-05@ PHI21W  5-210-1179,407Luke WalkerLarry JacksonDave WickershamLarry JacksonBob Moose785721
1968-05-06@ ATL22W  2-111-1149,131Jim BunningPat JarvisJim BunningPat JarvisRon Kline805822
1968-05-07@ ATL23L  1-211-1276,610Al McBeanDick KelleyCecil UpshawAl McBean 816021
1968-05-08@ ATL24W  4-312-1257,035Steve BlassPhil NiekroRon KlineCecil UpshawRoy Face856322
1968-05-09@ ATL25L  2-412-1375,704Bob MooseRon ReedRon ReedBob MooseJim Britton876720
1968-05-10vs PHI26W  2-113-1359,397 Bob VealeWoodie FrymanBob VealeWoodie FrymanRoy Face896821
1968-05-12vs PHI27W  2-114-13212,203 Al McBeanJeff JamesAl McBeanJeff James 916922
1968-05-13vs SLN28L  0-114-14410,082 Jim BunningNelson BrilesNelson BrilesJim Bunning 917021
1968-05-15vs SLN29L  0-114-1569,461 Steve BlassSteve CarltonSteve CarltonSteve Blass 917120
1968-05-16vs SLN30W  3-015-1539,595 Bob VealeRay WashburnBob VealeRay Washburn 947123
1968-05-17vs CIN31L  2-315-16713,499 Al McBeanJim MaloneyJim MaloneyAl McBeanTed Abernathy967422
1968-05-18vs CIN32L  3-815-1783,670 Jim BunningMel QueenBilly McCoolJim Bunning 998217
1968-05-19vs CIN33L  3-915-1899,458 Steve BlassGeorge CulverGeorge CulverSteve BlassBill Kelso1029111
1968-05-20@ NYN34L  1-215-191012,221Bob VealeJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanBob Veale 1039310
1968-05-21@ NYN35L  3-415-20108,188Al McBeanTom SeaverRon TaylorBob Moose 106979
1968-05-22@ CHN36W  13-616-20105,075Jim BunningJoe NiekroTommie SiskJoe NiekroDave Wickersham11910316
1968-05-24@ CIN37W  8-517-2099,379Steve BlassGeorge CulverRon KlineGeorge Culver 12710819
1968-05-25@ CIN38W  5-418-20912,153Bob VealeGerry ArrigoTommie SiskBilly McCool 13211220
1968-05-26@ CIN39L  8-818-2199,672Al McBeanMel Queen 14012020
1968-05-30vs NYN40L  3-618-23100 Jim BunningJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanJim BunningCal Koonce14312617
1968-05-30vs NYN41L  4-518-231019,779 Bob VealeDick SelmaDick SelmaBob VealeAl Jackson14713116
1968-05-31vs ATL42L  2-518-23107,301 Al McBeanPhil NiekroPhil NiekroAl McBean 14913613
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-06-02vs ATL43W  8-418-2390 Tommie SiskDick KelleyRon KlineTony Cloninger 15714017
1968-06-02vs ATL44L  5-1018-23921,491 Steve BlassPat JarvisPat JarvisBob MoosePhil Niekro16215012
1968-06-03@ LAN45L  0-218-24914,568Bob VealeClaude OsteenClaude OsteenBob Veale 16215210
1968-06-04@ LAN46L  0-518-251030,422Jim BunningDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleJim Bunning 1621575
1968-06-05@ LAN47L  1-218-261014,660Al McBeanBill SingerBill SingerAl McBean 1631594
1968-06-06@ LAN48L  2-418-271014,112Tommie SiskDon SuttonDon SuttonTommie Sisk 1651632
1968-06-07@ HOU49W  5-018-271014,578Steve BlassDave GiustiSteve BlassDave Giusti 1701637
1968-06-08@ HOU50L  2-318-281021,447Jim BunningDenny LemasterDenny LemasterJim BunningJohn Buzhardt1721666
1968-06-09@ HOU51W  3-119-281012,862Bob MooseMike CuellarBob MooseMike CuellarRon Kline1751678
1968-06-10@ SFN52L  0-819-29104,356Bob VealeJuan MarichalJuan MarichalBob Veale 1751750
1968-06-11@ SFN53W  7-420-29107,807Steve BlassRay SadeckiRon KlineRay SadeckiRoy Face1821793
1968-06-12@ SFN54L  2-420-30104,771Jim BunningBobby BolinBobby BolinJim BunningFrank Linzy1841831
1968-06-13@ SFN55W  8-721-30106,028Al McBeanGaylord PerryTommie SiskFrank LinzyRoy Face1921902
1968-06-14vs HOU56W  3-021-30108,603 Bob MooseDenny LemasterBob MooseDenny Lemaster 1951905
1968-06-15vs HOU57W  13-221-30105,005 Bob VealeDon WilsonBob VealeDon Wilson 20819216
1968-06-16vs HOU58W  3-122-30100 Steve BlassMike CuellarSteve BlassMike CuellarRoy Face21119318
1968-06-16vs HOU59W  11-222-30108,448 Tommie SiskLarry DierkerTommie SiskLarry DierkerRon Kline22219527
1968-06-17vs HOU60W  4-323-3095,887 Al McBeanDave GiustiAl McBeanDave GiustiRoy Face22619828
1968-06-18vs LAN61W  3-224-30913,721 Bob MooseDon DrysdaleDock EllisHank Aguirre 22920029
1968-06-19vs LAN62W  2-125-30910,799 Bob VealeBill SingerBob VealeBill Singer 23120130
1968-06-20vs LAN63W  7-326-3190 Steve BlassDon SuttonSteve BlassDon Sutton 23820434
1968-06-20vs LAN64L  2-326-31919,838 Tommie SiskMike KekichJack BillinghamRoy FaceJohn Purdin24020733
1968-06-21vs SFN65L  0-326-32916,222 Al McBeanBobby BolinBobby BolinAl McBean 24021030
1968-06-22vs SFN66L  3-1026-33915,617 Bob MooseMike McCormickMike McCormickBob Moose 24322023
1968-06-23vs SFN67L  1-226-341016,843 Jim BunningJuan MarichalJuan MarichalJim Bunning 24422222
1968-06-25@ SLN68W  3-227-341026,927Bob VealeSteve CarltonBob VealeSteve CarltonLuke Walker24722423
1968-06-26@ SLN69L  0-328-3590Al McBeanBob GibsonBob GibsonAl McBean 24722720
1968-06-26@ SLN70W  3-128-35930,641Steve BlassLarry JasterSteve BlassLarry JasterRon Kline25022822
1968-06-28@ PHI71W  10-129-35918,994Jim BunningWoodie FrymanJim BunningWoodie Fryman 26022931
1968-06-29@ PHI72W  1-030-35917,052Bob MooseLarry JacksonBob MooseLarry Jackson 26122932
1968-06-30@ PHI73W  5-231-3588,884Bob VealeJeff JamesBob VealeTurk Farrell 26623135
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-07-02@ NYN74W  2-132-35827,350Al McBeanDick SelmaAl McBeanDick SelmaRoy Face26823236
1968-07-03@ NYN75W  8-133-35714,909Steve BlassNolan RyanSteve BlassNolan Ryan 27623343
1968-07-04@ NYN76W  3-234-3670Bob MooseJerry KoosmanRon KlineJerry Koosman 27923544
1968-07-04@ NYN77L  3-434-36729,587Jim BunningDon CardwellDon CardwellJim BunningRon Taylor28223943
1968-07-05@ CHN78W  4-035-36616,040Bob VealeRich NyeBob VealeRich Nye 28623947
1968-07-06@ CHN79L  1-635-3860Luke WalkerFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsLuke Walker 28724542
1968-07-06@ CHN80L  2-1035-38630,794Tommie SiskGary RossGary RossTommie Sisk 28925534
1968-07-07@ CHN81L  4-535-4090Steve BlassKen HoltzmanPhil ReganBob Veale 29326033
1968-07-07@ CHN82L  3-435-40932,447Al McBeanBill HandsPhil ReganRoy Face 29626432
1968-07-11vs PHI83L  0-535-42100 Bob VealeLarry JacksonLarry JacksonBob Veale 29626927
1968-07-11vs PHI84L  1-435-421015,371 Bob MooseChris ShortChris ShortBob MooseJohn Boozer29727324
1968-07-12vs PHI85L  2-335-43109,206 Jim BunningJeff JamesJeff JamesJim BunningJohn Boozer29927623
1968-07-13vs PHI86L  2-335-44106,869 Steve BlassWoodie FrymanChris ShortDock Ellis 30127922
1968-07-14vs CHN87L  2-635-451019,335 Al McBeanJoe NiekroJoe NiekroAl McBean 30328518
1968-07-15vs CHN88L  1-235-46106,648 Bob MooseFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsLuke Walker 30428717
1968-07-16vs NYN89W  3-236-46106,123 Bob VealeDick SelmaRon KlineDick Selma 30728918
1968-07-17vs NYN90W  8-237-47100 Steve BlassJerry KoosmanSteve BlassJerry Koosman 31529124
1968-07-17vs NYN91L  4-537-47108,974 Tommie SiskDon CardwellCal KoonceLuke WalkerRon Taylor31929623
1968-07-18vs NYN92L  0-337-48106,234 Al McBeanTom SeaverTom SeaverAl McBean 31929920
1968-07-19@ ATL93W  2-038-481017,286Bob MooseRon ReedBob MooseRon Reed 32129922
1968-07-20@ ATL94W  2-138-481020,771Bob VealePhil NiekroBob VealePhil Niekro 32330023
1968-07-21@ ATL95W  6-039-481025,109Steve BlassMilt PappasSteve BlassMilt Pappas 32930029
1968-07-23vs CIN96L  6-739-49108,739 Al McBeanJim MaloneyGerry ArrigoRoy FaceBob Lee33530728
1968-07-25vs CIN97L  0-239-50105,797 Bob VealeGeorge CulverGeorge CulverBob VealeClay Carroll33530926
1968-07-26vs SLN98L  1-940-51100 Steve BlassNelson BrilesNelson BrilesSteve Blass 33631818
1968-07-26vs SLN99W  5-440-511023,515 Jim BunningMel NelsonRon KlineWayne Granger 34132219
1968-07-27vs SLN100L  0-440-521012,147 Bob MooseSteve CarltonSteve CarltonBob Moose 34132615
1968-07-28vs SLN101W  7-141-521014,926 Al McBeanLarry JasterAl McBeanLarry Jaster 34832721
1968-07-29vs ATL102W  3-242-5297,357 Bob VealeRon ReedBob VealeRon Reed 35132922
1968-07-30vs ATL103W  8-544-5290 Steve BlassKen JohnsonSteve BlassKen JohnsonTommie Sisk35933425
1968-07-30vs ATL104W  5-444-52911,624 Jim BunningPhil NiekroRon KlinePhil Niekro 36433826
1968-07-31@ CIN105L  2-845-5380Bob MooseGerry ArrigoGerry ArrigoBob Moose 36634620
1968-07-31@ CIN106W  10-145-53814,780Dock EllisJay RitchieDock EllisJay RitchieRoy Face37634729
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-08-01@ CIN107W  6-146-53710,926Tommie SiskJim MaloneyTommie SiskJim MaloneyRoy Face38234834
1968-08-02@ SFN108W  3-147-5376,423Al McBeanGaylord PerryAl McBeanGaylord Perry 38534936
1968-08-03@ SFN109L  0-747-5479,251Bob VealeRay SadeckiRay SadeckiBob Veale 38535629
1968-08-04@ SFN110L  0-247-55818,151Jim BunningBobby BolinBobby BolinJim Bunning 38535827
1968-08-05@ LAN111L  0-147-56817,851Steve BlassJack BillinghamJim BrewerSteve Blass 38535926
1968-08-06@ LAN112W  4-148-56815,732Bob MooseDon DrysdaleBob MooseDon DrysdaleRon Kline38936029
1968-08-07@ LAN113L  2-648-57813,848Al McBeanDon SuttonDon SuttonAl McBean 39136625
1968-08-08@ HOU114W  4-349-57814,851Bob VealeMike CuellarRon KlineMike CuellarRoy Face39536926
1968-08-09@ HOU115L  1-249-57815,270Jim BunningDenny LemasterSteve SheaDock Ellis 39637125
1968-08-10@ HOU116L  3-1649-57812,814Steve BlassJohn BuzhardtDanny CoombsSteve Blass 39938712
1968-08-10@ HOU117W  7-449-57825,814Al McBeanDave GiustiRon KlinePat House 40639115
1968-08-11@ HOU118L  1-549-58816,892Tommie SiskLarry DierkerLarry DierkerTommie SiskDave Giusti40739611
1968-08-13vs SFN119L  0-349-5999,135 Bob VealeJuan MarichalJuan MarichalBob Veale 4073998
1968-08-14vs SFN120L  1-249-6096,926 Dock EllisGaylord PerryGaylord PerryRon Kline 4084017
1968-08-15vs SFN121W  2-050-6096,859 Steve BlassBobby BolinSteve BlassBobby Bolin 4104019
1968-08-16vs LAN122L  4-850-6098,221 Al McBeanDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleAl McBeanJack Billingham4144095
1968-08-17vs LAN123W  3-050-6088,181 Bob MooseMike KekichBob MooseMike KekichRon Kline4174098
1968-08-18vs LAN124W  5-151-60817,423 Bob VealeDon SuttonBob VealeDon Sutton 42241012
1968-08-19@ CIN125L  3-851-6186,659Jim BunningGerry ArrigoGerry ArrigoJim Bunning 4254187
1968-08-20@ CIN126W  8-352-6188,103Dock EllisJay RitchieDock EllisJay RitchieRon Kline43342112
1968-08-21@ CIN127W  19-153-6178,155Steve BlassJim MaloneySteve BlassJim MaloneyRoy Face45242230
1968-08-22@ CIN128L  5-753-6287,195Al McBeanTony CloningerTed AbernathyTommie Sisk 45742928
1968-08-23@ SLN129L  2-353-63834,845Bob VealeRay WashburnJoe HoernerRon Kline 45943227
1968-08-24@ SLN130W  6-454-63831,019Bob MooseBob GibsonRoy FaceBob Gibson 46543629
1968-08-25@ SLN131L  2-454-64826,756Dock EllisNelson BrilesNelson BrilesDock EllisJoe Hoerner46744027
1968-08-26@ ATL132W  4-054-6487,491Steve BlassMilt PappasSteve BlassMilt Pappas 47144031
1968-08-27@ ATL133W  4-354-6486,633Jim BunningRon ReedRon KlineJim BrittonRoy Face47544332
1968-08-28vs SLN134L  0-854-65811,197 Bob VealeBob GibsonBob GibsonBob Veale 47545124
1968-08-29vs SLN135L  0-554-6697,681 Bob MooseRay WashburnRay WashburnBob Moose 47545619
1968-08-30vs ATL136L  0-254-6795,896 Dock EllisMilt PappasMilt PappasDock Ellis 47545817
1968-08-31vs ATL137W  8-054-6794,671 Steve BlassRon ReedSteve BlassRon Reed 48345825
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-09-01vs ATL138L  7-854-6795,650 Jim BunningPat JarvisClaude RaymondRon KlineJim Britton49046624
1968-09-02vs HOU139W  6-154-6790 Bob VealeMike CuellarBob VealeMike Cuellar 49646729
1968-09-02vs HOU140W  4-354-6796,225 Bob MooseDave GiustiBruce Dal CantonJim Ray 50047030
1968-09-03vs HOU141W  3-254-6793,003 Dock EllisLarry DierkerDock EllisLarry DierkerLuke Walker50347231
1968-09-06vs NYN142W  2-155-6784,082 Steve BlassJim McAndrewSteve BlassJim McAndrew 50547332
1968-09-07vs NYN143L  3-455-6894,002 Jim BunningJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanJim BunningRon Taylor50847731
1968-09-08vs NYN144W  3-056-6885,424 Bob VealeTom SeaverBob VealeTom Seaver 51147734
1968-09-09vs PHI145L  7-856-69102,664 Bob MooseLarry JacksonChris ShortBruce Dal Canton 51848533
1968-09-11vs PHI146L  6-857-70100 Dock EllisGrant JacksonGary WagnerAl McBeanTurk Farrell52449331
1968-09-11vs PHI147W  6-457-70102,789 Steve BlassRick WiseSteve BlassRick WiseLuke Walker53049733
1968-09-13@ NYN148L  0-257-711017,245Bob MooseJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanBob Moose 53049931
1968-09-14@ NYN149W  6-058-711015,676Bob VealeTom SeaverBob VealeTom Seaver 53649937
1968-09-15@ NYN150W  3-059-71933,838Steve BlassDon CardwellSteve BlassDon Cardwell 53949940
1968-09-16@ PHI151W  6-160-7192,087Dock EllisRick WiseDock EllisRick Wise 54550045
1968-09-17@ PHI152W  4-261-7192,576Bob MooseChris ShortBob MooseChris ShortBruce Dal Canton54950247
1968-09-18@ PHI153L  1-261-7292,463Bob VealeJerry JohnsonJerry JohnsonBob VealeGary Wagner55050446
1968-09-20vs CHN154W  5-062-7294,478 Steve BlassFergie JenkinsSteve BlassFergie Jenkins 55550451
1968-09-21vs CHN155W  5-163-7293,429 Dock EllisJoe NiekroDock EllisJoe Niekro 56050555
1968-09-22vs CHN156W  5-164-72827,405 Bob MooseKen HoltzmanBob MooseKen HoltzmanBruce Dal Canton56550659
1968-09-23vs CIN157L  6-965-7380 Al McBeanGeorge CulverBill KelsoRon KlineClay Carroll57151556
1968-09-23vs CIN158W  2-165-7384,232 Jim BunningClay CarrollRon KlineBill Kelso 57351657
1968-09-24vs CIN159W  2-066-7374,044 Steve BlassGary NolanSteve BlassGary Nolan 57551659
1968-09-25vs CIN160L  0-366-7474,577 Dock EllisJim MaloneyJim MaloneyDock Ellis 57551956
1968-09-27@ CHN161L  1-466-7592,384Bob MooseKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanBob MoosePhil Regan57652353
1968-09-28@ CHN162L  3-466-76910,940Steve BlassFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsSteve Blass 57952752
1968-09-29@ CHN163L  4-566-77916,860Bob VealeBill HandsPhil ReganBob Moose 58353251

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