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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bloomington,MN
Team Record:  79-83   .488
Result:   7th in American League
Manager(s):  Cal Ermer
General Manager:   Calvin Griffith
Stadium:  Metropolitan Stadium
Attendance:  1,143,257
Playoffs:  -

Minnesota Twins affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Al Worthington (39)
Youngest Player:  Tom Hall (20)
Longest Tenure:  Harmon Killebrew, Bob Allison, Jim Kaat, Rich Rollins (8)
Top Hitter:  Cesar Tovar (7)
Top Pitcher:  Dean Chance (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Alex Rowell (#16)

Roster Continuity:  76.14%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8379.51220.0
Chi White Sox6795.41436.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-04-10@ WS21W  2-01-0332,063Dean ChanceCamilo PascualDean ChanceCamilo Pascual 202
1968-04-11@ WS22W  5-42-031,086Jim MerrittJoe ColemanJim MerrittDennis Higgins 743
1968-04-13@ NYA3W  6-03-0215,611Jim PerryBill MonbouquetteJim PerryBill Monbouquette 1349
1968-04-14@ NYA4W  4-34-0112,410Dean ChanceFred TalbotDean ChanceFred TalbotAl Worthington17710
1968-04-15@ BAL5W  6-35-016,491Dave BoswellTom PhoebusDave BoswellTom Phoebus 231013
1968-04-17vs WS26W  13-16-0122,926 Jim MerrittDick BosmanJim MerrittDick Bosman 361125
1968-04-18vs WS27L  6-76-117,238 Dean ChancePhil OrtegaPhil OrtegaDean ChanceDave Baldwin421824
1968-04-20vs NYA8L  2-46-2214,029 Jim PerryMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreJim Perry 442222
1968-04-21vs NYA9W  5-27-2219,220 Dave BoswellFred TalbotDave BoswellFred TalbotAl Worthington492425
1968-04-22vs BAL10L  1-27-324,591 Jim MerrittDave McNallyDave McNallyJim MerrittJohn O'Donoghue502624
1968-04-24vs BAL11L  3-77-432,011 Dean ChanceJim HardinJim HardinDean ChanceEddie Watt533320
1968-04-25vs CHA12W  3-28-426,001 Jim PerryGary PetersJim PerryGary PetersAl Worthington563521
1968-04-26vs CHA13L  2-38-535,974 Dave BoswellTommy JohnTommy JohnDave BoswellWilbur Wood583820
1968-04-27vs CHA14W  4-19-5211,868 Jim MerrittJoe HorlenJim MerrittJoe Horlen 623923
1968-04-28vs CHA15L  2-39-6336,234 Dean ChanceJack FisherBob LockerDean Chance 644222
1968-04-29@ BOS16W  11-210-6226,256Jim PerryGary BellJim PerryGary Bell 754431
1968-04-30@ BOS17W  7-611-627,310Dave BoswellDick EllsworthDave BoswellDick EllsworthRon Perranoski825032
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-05-01@ DET18L  2-311-7317,523Jim MerrittDenny McLainDenny McLainJim Merritt 845331
1968-05-02@ DET19W  3-212-7316,801Dean ChanceJoe SparmaDean ChanceDennis RibantAl Worthington875532
1968-05-03@ CLE20L  0-412-835,106Jim PerryLuis TiantLuis TiantJim Perry 875928
1968-05-04@ CLE21L  0-212-934,420Dave BoswellSteve HarganSteve HarganDave Boswell 876126
1968-05-05@ CLE22L  1-212-1037,888Jim MerrittSonny SiebertSonny SiebertAl WorthingtonStan Williams886325
1968-05-06@ OAK23L  1-212-1148,023Dean ChanceJim NashJim NashDean ChanceTony Pierce896524
1968-05-07@ OAK24W  2-113-1138,039Jim PerryBlue Moon OdomJim PerryBlue Moon OdomAl Worthington916625
1968-05-08@ OAK25L  0-413-1246,298Dave BoswellCatfish HunterCatfish HunterDave Boswell 917021
1968-05-09@ CAL26W  4-314-1239,287Jim MerrittJim McGlothlinRon PerranoskiJim WeaverAl Worthington957322
1968-05-10@ CAL27L  0-315-1330Jim KaatGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetJim Kaat 957619
1968-05-10@ CAL28W  6-515-13321,270Dean ChanceRickey ClarkRon PerranoskiMinnie RojasAl Worthington1018120
1968-05-11@ CAL29L  1-515-14417,307Jim PerrySammy EllisSammy EllisJim Perry 1028616
1968-05-12@ CAL30W  4-216-14419,148Dave BoswellClyde WrightRon PerranoskiMinnie RojasAl Worthington1068818
1968-05-14vs OAK31L  8-1316-15413,357 Jim MerrittCatfish HunterCatfish HunterJim MerrittJack Aker11410113
1968-05-16vs OAK32W  4-317-1546,857 Dean ChanceChuck DobsonAl WorthingtonChuck Dobson 11810414
1968-05-19vs CAL33L  1-218-1640 Dave BoswellSammy EllisSammy EllisDave BoswellMinnie Rojas11910613
1968-05-19vs CAL34W  3-218-16416,856 Jim KaatClyde WrightJim KaatClyde WrightRon Perranoski12210814
1968-05-20vs DET35L  3-418-17410,007 Jim MerrittDenny McLainDenny McLainJim Merritt 12511213
1968-05-21vs DET36W  3-119-1749,024 Dean ChanceJoe SparmaDean ChanceJoe Sparma 12811315
1968-05-22vs DET37W  4-320-17413,972 Jim PerryMickey LolichRon PerranoskiFred LasherAl Worthington13211616
1968-05-24vs BOS38L  7-920-18412,858 Dave BoswellRay CulpLee StangeDave Boswell 13912514
1968-05-25vs BOS39W  1-021-18416,589 Jim KaatJose SantiagoJim KaatJose Santiago 14012515
1968-05-26vs BOS40W  5-422-18415,964 Jim MerrittDick EllsworthAl WorthingtonSparky Lyle 14512916
1968-05-27vs CLE41L  1-322-1947,206 Dean ChanceStan WilliamsStan WilliamsDean ChanceMike Paul14613214
1968-05-28vs CLE42W  3-123-19410,109 Jim PerrySonny SiebertJim PerrySonny SiebertAl Worthington14913316
1968-05-29vs CLE43W  1-024-19311,417 Dave BoswellSteve HarganDave BoswellSteve Hargan 15013317
1968-05-30vs CLE44L  1-324-20425,843 Jim KaatSam McDowellSam McDowellJim Kaat 15113615
1968-05-31@ CHA45L  1-224-2149,667Jim MerrittGary PetersDon McMahonBob Miller 15213814
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-06-01@ CHA46L  0-124-2243,857Dean ChanceCisco CarlosWilbur WoodDean Chance 15213913
1968-06-02@ CHA47L  2-324-2450Jim PerryJack FisherJack FisherJim PerryWilbur Wood15414212
1968-06-02@ CHA48L  3-424-24518,148Dave BoswellJoe HorlenWilbur WoodRon Perranoski 15714611
1968-06-03@ NYA49W  4-325-2447,238Jim KaatJim BoutonRon PerranoskiJohn Wyatt 16114912
1968-06-04@ NYA50W  3-026-2449,131Jim MerrittStan BahnsenJim MerrittStan Bahnsen 16414915
1968-06-05@ NYA51L  2-726-25410,042Dean ChanceMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreDean Chance 16615610
1968-06-06@ NYA52W  2-027-2545,946Dave BoswellFred TalbotDave BoswellFred TalbotAl Worthington16815612
1968-06-07@ WS253W  5-328-2640Jim KaatPhil OrtegaJim KaatPhil OrtegaAl Worthington17315914
1968-06-07@ WS254L  2-328-26416,334Dean ChanceJim HannanBob HumphreysRon Perranoski 17516213
1968-06-09@ WS255L  4-728-27433,977Jim MerrittJoe ColemanJoe ColemanJim Merritt 17916910
1968-06-11@ DET56L  1-328-2940Dean ChancePat DobsonPat DobsonDean ChanceDaryl Patterson1801728
1968-06-11@ DET57L  2-328-29426,662Dave BoswellJoe SparmaJohn HillerAl Worthington 1821757
1968-06-12@ DET58L  1-228-30520,082Jim KaatMickey LolichMickey LolichJim Kaat 1831776
1968-06-13@ DET59L  1-328-31613,880Jim MerrittDenny McLainDenny McLainJim Merritt 1841804
1968-06-14vs BAL60W  2-129-31622,953 Jim RolandTom PhoebusJim RolandTom PhoebusRon Perranoski1861815
1968-06-15vs BAL61W  3-130-31520,614 Dean ChanceDave McNallyDean ChanceDave McNally 1891827
1968-06-16vs WS262W  4-231-31620,870 Dave BoswellJim HannanDave BoswellJim Hannan 1931849
1968-06-17vs WS263W  4-132-31612,826 Jim KaatBarry MooreJim KaatBarry Moore 19718512
1968-06-18vs WS264W  9-833-31413,524 Jim MerrittPhil OrtegaJim PerryDennis Higgins 20619313
1968-06-19vs WS265W  4-034-31415,490 Dean ChanceJoe ColemanDean ChanceJoe Coleman 21019317
1968-06-21vs NYA66L  6-1134-32427,456 Dave BoswellMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreDave BoswellSteve Hamilton21620412
1968-06-22vs NYA67L  2-534-33621,340 Jim KaatStan BahnsenStan BahnsenJim Kaat 2182099
1968-06-23vs NYA68W  6-335-33525,102 Jim MerrittFritz PetersonJim MerrittFritz Peterson 22421212
1968-06-24@ CHA69W  1-036-33325,263Dean ChanceBob PriddyDean ChanceBob Priddy 22521213
1968-06-27@ BAL70W  2-037-3325,457Dave BoswellJim HardinDave BoswellJim Hardin 22721215
1968-06-28@ BAL71W  5-238-33213,188Jim KaatTom PhoebusJim KaatTom PhoebusAl Worthington23221418
1968-06-29@ BAL72L  1-538-34320,402Jim MerrittDave LeonhardPete RichertJim Merritt 23321914
1968-06-30@ BAL73L  4-638-35412,275Dean ChanceWally BunkerEddie WattAl WorthingtonMoe Drabowsky23722512
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-07-01@ CLE74L  1-438-36412,795Dave BoswellSam McDowellSam McDowellDave BoswellStan Williams2382299
1968-07-02@ CLE75W  6-039-3649,488Jim KaatSteve HarganJim KaatSteve Hargan 24422915
1968-07-03@ CLE76L  0-139-37421,135Jim MerrittLuis TiantLuis TiantJim Merritt 24423014
1968-07-04@ CLE77L  3-639-38411,847Dean ChanceMike PaulVicente RomoDean ChanceStan Williams24723611
1968-07-05@ BOS78L  2-439-39533,278Jim PerryDick EllsworthDick EllsworthJim PerryLee Stange2492409
1968-07-06@ BOS79L  2-439-40624,617Dave BoswellGary BellGary BellDave BoswellLee Stange2512447
1968-07-07@ BOS80L  3-439-4260Jim KaatRay CulpRay CulpJim KaatJuan Pizarro2542486
1968-07-07@ BOS81L  3-639-42633,486Jim MerrittGary WaslewskiGary WaslewskiJim MerrittLee Stange2572543
1968-07-11vs DET82W  5-440-42625,330 Dean ChanceMickey LolichRon PerranoskiJohn Hiller 2622584
1968-07-12vs DET83L  1-540-43627,342 Jim KaatDenny McLainDenny McLainJim Kaat 2632630
1968-07-13vs DET84W  7-641-43626,079 Dave BoswellJoe SparmaJim RolandDennis Ribant 2702691
1968-07-14vs CLE85L  3-641-44623,051 Jim MerrittLuis TiantLuis TiantJim MerrittStan Williams273275-2
1968-07-15vs CLE86L  2-441-4578,659 Jim PerrySonny SiebertSonny SiebertJim PerryStan Williams275279-4
1968-07-16vs BOS87W  12-342-45619,431 Dean ChanceGary BellDean ChanceGary Bell 2872825
1968-07-17vs BOS88L  5-642-46613,883 Jim KaatRay CulpSparky LyleAl WorthingtonLee Stange2922884
1968-07-18vs BOS89W  7-243-46620,548 Dave BoswellJose SantiagoDave BoswellGary Bell 2992909
1968-07-19vs OAK90L  2-443-47616,446 Jim MerrittBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomJim MerrittDiego Segui3012947
1968-07-20vs OAK91L  1-243-48715,166 Dean ChanceJim NashDiego SeguiRon PerranoskiJack Aker3022966
1968-07-21vs OAK92W  7-545-4860 Jim KaatChuck DobsonJim KaatChuck DobsonAl Worthington3093018
1968-07-21vs OAK93W  10-045-48622,302 Jim PerryPaul LindbladJim PerryPaul Lindblad 31930118
1968-07-22vs CAL94L  5-645-49710,716 Jim RolandMarty PattinAndy MessersmithJim RolandTom Burgmeier32430717
1968-07-23vs CAL95L  1-346-5070 Ron KellerGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetRon Keller 32531015
1968-07-23vs CAL96W  3-146-50714,646 Jim MerrittTom MurphyJim MerrittTom Murphy 32831117
1968-07-24vs CAL97W  12-147-50610,150 Dean ChanceJim McGlothlinDean ChanceJim McGlothlin 34031228
1968-07-26@ OAK98W  10-448-50610,867Jim KaatChuck DobsonJim KaatChuck DobsonRon Perranoski35031634
1968-07-27@ OAK99L  7-848-51612,731Jim PerryCatfish HunterLew KrausseRon Perranoski 35732433
1968-07-28@ OAK100L  3-448-52613,478Jim MerrittJim NashJim NashJim MerrittPaul Lindblad36032832
1968-07-29@ CAL101L  1-248-53614,237Dean ChanceSammy EllisSammy EllisDean Chance 36133031
1968-07-31vs CHA102L  8-1248-54716,058 Jim KaatBob PriddyWilbur WoodAl WorthingtonHoyt Wilhelm36934227
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-08-01vs CHA103W  4-149-54714,140 Jim PerryJack FisherJim PerryJack FisherDean Chance37334330
1968-08-02vs DET104L  5-649-55724,514 Jim MerrittJoe SparmaDon McMahonBob MillerDaryl Patterson37834929
1968-08-03vs DET105W  4-050-55722,828 Dean ChanceEarl WilsonDean ChanceEarl Wilson 38234933
1968-08-04vs DET106L  1-250-56728,911 Jim KaatDenny McLainDenny McLainJim Kaat 38335132
1968-08-06@ BAL107W  5-451-56614,201Jim MerrittGene BrabenderJim MerrittGene BrabenderRon Perranoski38835533
1968-08-07@ BAL108L  0-351-5870Dave BoswellJim HardinJim HardinDave Boswell 38835830
1968-08-07@ BAL109L  6-951-58712,798Dean ChanceWally BunkerPete RichertRon PerranoskiEddie Watt39436727
1968-08-08@ BAL110L  3-1051-5977,874Jim KaatTom PhoebusTom PhoebusJim KaatDave Leonhard39737720
1968-08-09@ NYA111W  4-352-59614,968Tom HallJoe VerbanicJim RolandFritz Peterson 40138021
1968-08-10@ NYA112W  3-253-59636,072Jim MerrittStan BahnsenJim MerrittStan Bahnsen 40438222
1968-08-11@ NYA113W  11-254-59619,666Dean ChanceMel StottlemyreDean ChanceMel Stottlemyre 41538431
1968-08-12vs WS2114L  0-254-60614,730 Jim KaatCamilo PascualCamilo PascualJim Kaat 41538629
1968-08-13vs WS2115W  8-455-6069,994 Tom HallJim HannanTom HallJim HannanAl Worthington42339033
1968-08-14vs WS2116L  2-455-6168,263 Jim MerrittBarry MooreDennis HigginsJim Merritt 42539431
1968-08-15vs BAL117L  3-456-6260 Dean ChanceJim HardinJim HardinDean Chance 42839830
1968-08-15vs BAL118W  2-156-62618,126 Dave BoswellGene BrabenderRon PerranoskiGene Brabender 43039931
1968-08-16vs BAL119W  5-257-62619,812 Jim KaatTom PhoebusJim KaatTom Phoebus 43540134
1968-08-17vs BAL120L  2-857-63621,160 Jim RolandDave McNallyDave McNallyBob Miller 43740928
1968-08-18vs BAL121L  1-757-64723,348 Jim MerrittDave LeonhardDave LeonhardJim Merritt 43841622
1968-08-19vs NYA122W  1-058-64613,029 Dean ChanceStan BahnsenDean ChanceStan Bahnsen 43941623
1968-08-20vs NYA123L  0-558-65716,141 Dave BoswellMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreDave Boswell 43942118
1968-08-21vs NYA124L  1-258-66716,330 Jim KaatAl DowningAl DowningJim KaatLindy McDaniel44042317
1968-08-22vs NYA125W  3-159-66715,898 Jim MerrittFritz PetersonJim MerrittFritz Peterson 44342419
1968-08-23@ CHA126L  2-459-67711,058Dean ChanceJoe HorlenWilbur WoodDean Chance 44542817
1968-08-24@ CHA127L  2-460-6870Tom HallJack FisherJack FisherTom HallHoyt Wilhelm44743215
1968-08-24@ CHA128W  9-160-68710,102Dave BoswellBob PriddyDave BoswellBob Priddy 45643323
1968-08-25@ CHA129W  10-261-6877,211Jim KaatGary PetersJim KaatGary Peters 46643531
1968-08-26@ WS2130W  4-262-6970Jim MerrittJoe ColemanJim MerrittJoe ColemanBob Miller47043733
1968-08-26@ WS2131L  0-162-6975,214Jim PerryFrank BertainaDennis HigginsRon Perranoski 47043832
1968-08-27@ WS2132L  0-263-7070Dean ChanceCamilo PascualCamilo PascualDean Chance 47044030
1968-08-27@ WS2133W  7-163-7075,047Jim RolandDick BosmanJim RolandDick Bosman 47744136
1968-08-28@ CLE134L  2-363-7175,635Dave BoswellLuis TiantVicente RomoDave Boswell 47944435
1968-08-29@ CLE135W  3-264-7178,382Jim KaatMike PaulJim KaatMike Paul 48244636
1968-08-30vs CHA136W  5-465-71711,902 Jim MerrittCisco CarlosAl WorthingtonDennis Ribant 48745037
1968-08-31vs CHA137W  4-366-71711,665 Dean ChanceJack FisherDean ChanceJack FisherAl Worthington49145338
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-09-01vs CHA138L  4-566-72716,373 Dave BoswellJerry NymanWilbur WoodDave Boswell 49545837
1968-09-02vs BOS139W  5-167-72710,489 Jim KaatJuan PizarroJim KaatJuan Pizarro 50045941
1968-09-03vs BOS140L  1-467-7377,053 Jim MerrittDick EllsworthDick EllsworthJim Merritt 50146338
1968-09-04vs BOS141L  2-1067-7478,069 Dean ChanceGary BellGary BellDean Chance 50347330
1968-09-06@ DET142L  3-867-75742,269Jim KaatDenny McLainDenny McLainJim Kaat 50648125
1968-09-07@ DET143W  2-168-75735,814Jim PerryPat DobsonAl WorthingtonPat Dobson 50848226
1968-09-08@ DET144W  3-169-75727,777Dean ChanceEarl WilsonDean ChanceEarl Wilson 51148328
1968-09-09vs CLE145L  1-669-7677,042 Jim MerrittLuis TiantLuis TiantJim Merritt 51248923
1968-09-10vs CLE146L  2-669-77713,456 Jim KaatStan WilliamsStan WilliamsJim Kaat 51449519
1968-09-11vs CLE147L  0-169-7877,547 Jim PerrySam McDowellVicente RomoRon PerranoskiHoracio Pina51449618
1968-09-13@ BOS148L  0-369-79723,171Dean ChanceRay CulpRay CulpDean Chance 51449915
1968-09-14@ BOS149W  7-370-79722,530Dave BoswellDick EllsworthDave BoswellDick Ellsworth 52150219
1968-09-15@ BOS150W  3-271-79726,983Jim KaatDave MoreheadJim KaatDave Morehead 52450420
1968-09-16vs CAL151W  4-372-7973,999 Tom HallGeorge BrunetJim MerrittSammy Ellis 52850721
1968-09-18vs CAL152W  4-373-8070 Dean ChanceJim McGlothlinDean ChanceBill HarrelsonRon Perranoski53251022
1968-09-18vs CAL153L  3-473-8075,104 Danny MorrisClyde WrightClyde WrightDanny MorrisMarty Pattin53551421
1968-09-20vs OAK154L  1-773-8171,710 Buzz StephenCatfish HunterCatfish HunterBuzz Stephen 53652115
1968-09-21vs OAK155W  2-174-8177,997 Jim KaatChuck DobsonJim KaatChuck DobsonJim Perry53852216
1968-09-22vs OAK156W  2-175-81711,340 Cesar TovarBlue Moon OdomTom HallBlue Moon OdomAl Worthington54052317
1968-09-23@ CAL157W  3-076-8176,562Dean ChanceClyde WrightDean ChanceClyde Wright 54352320
1968-09-24@ CAL158W  5-377-8176,710Danny MorrisGeorge BrunetRon PerranoskiBobby LockeBob Miller54852622
1968-09-25@ CAL159W  5-278-8176,995Buzz StephenJim McGlothlinBuzz StephenJim McGlothlinJim Merritt55352825
1968-09-27@ OAK160L  4-878-8275,054Dave BoswellChuck DobsonChuck DobsonDave BoswellDiego Segui55753621
1968-09-28@ OAK161L  1-778-83719,176Dean ChanceBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomDean Chance 55854315
1968-09-29@ OAK162W  4-379-8378,884Jim MerrittJim NashJim MerrittJim NashAl Worthington56254616

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