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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Detroit,MI
Team Record:  103-59   .636
Result:   1st in American League
Manager(s):  Mayo Smith
General Manager:   Jim Campbell
Stadium:  Tiger Stadium
Attendance:  2,031,847
Playoffs:  Won World Series (Cardinals)

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Roy Face (40)
Youngest Player:  Les Cain (20)
Longest Tenure:  Al Kaline (16)
Top Hitter:  Willie Horton (3)
Top Pitcher:  Denny McLain (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Robert Robinson (#18)

Roster Continuity:  78.52%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8379.51220.0
Chi White Sox6795.41436.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-04-10vs BOS1L  3-70-1641,429 Earl WilsonDick EllsworthDick EllsworthEarl Wilson 37-4
1968-04-11vs BOS2W  4-31-156,142 Denny McLainJose SantiagoJon WardenJohn Wyatt 710-3
1968-04-13vs CHA3W  5-22-1310,147 Joe SparmaGary PetersDaryl PattersonGary PetersFred Lasher12120
1968-04-14vs CHA4W  5-43-128,744 Mickey LolichTommy JohnFred LasherBob Locker 17161
1968-04-16@ BOS5W  9-24-1232,849Earl WilsonRay CulpEarl WilsonRay Culp 26188
1968-04-17vs CLE6W  4-35-129,970 Denny McLainSam McDowellJon WardenEddie Fisher 30219
1968-04-18vs CLE7W  5-06-129,753 Joe SparmaSteve HarganJoe SparmaSteve Hargan 352114
1968-04-20@ CHA8W  4-17-114,067Mickey LolichTommy JohnJon WardenWilbur WoodDennis Ribant392217
1968-04-21@ CHA9W  4-19-110Earl WilsonJoe HorlenEarl WilsonJoe Horlen 432320
1968-04-21@ CHA10W  4-29-1111,543Denny McLainCisco CarlosDenny McLainCisco Carlos 472522
1968-04-24@ CLE11L  0-29-214,636Joe SparmaSteve HarganSteve HarganJoe Sparma 472720
1968-04-26@ NYA12L  0-59-3112,836Earl WilsonMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreEarl Wilson 473215
1968-04-27@ NYA13W  7-010-3111,078Denny McLainFritz PetersonDenny McLainFritz Peterson 543222
1968-04-28@ NYA14L  1-211-410Joe SparmaBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteJoe SparmaSteve Hamilton553421
1968-04-28@ NYA15W  3-211-4138,734Les CainFred TalbotJohn HillerDooley WomackFred Lasher583622
1968-04-29vs OAK16W  2-112-419,125 Mickey LolichChuck DobsonMickey LolichJack Aker 603723
1968-04-30vs OAK17L  1-312-518,791 Earl WilsonJim NashPaul LindbladEarl Wilson 614021
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-05-01vs MIN18W  3-213-5117,523 Denny McLainJim MerrittDenny McLainJim Merritt 644222
1968-05-02vs MIN19L  2-313-6116,801 Joe SparmaDean ChanceDean ChanceDennis RibantAl Worthington664521
1968-05-03vs CAL20L  5-613-7216,242 Mickey LolichClyde WrightJack HamiltonMickey LolichSammy Ellis715120
1968-05-04vs CAL21L  2-713-828,997 Earl WilsonJim McGlothlinJim McGlothlinEarl Wilson 735815
1968-05-05vs CAL22W  5-214-8214,125 Denny McLainGeorge BrunetDenny McLainGeorge Brunet 786018
1968-05-06@ BAL23L  0-414-928,000Joe SparmaDave LeonhardDave LeonhardJoe Sparma 786414
1968-05-07@ BAL24W  2-115-9215,215Mickey LolichTom PhoebusMickey LolichTom PhoebusJon Warden806515
1968-05-08@ BAL25W  3-116-9212,031Earl WilsonDave McNallyEarl WilsonDave McNallyJon Warden836617
1968-05-10@ WS226W  12-117-919,504Denny McLainBarry MooreDenny McLainBarry Moore 956728
1968-05-11@ WS227W  12-218-913,435Joe SparmaFrank BertainaJoe SparmaFrank Bertaina 1076938
1968-05-12@ WS228L  3-618-10113,200Mickey LolichJoe ColemanJoe ColemanDaryl Patterson 1107535
1968-05-14vs BAL29W  4-019-10118,123 Earl WilsonDave McNallyEarl WilsonDave McNally 1147539
1968-05-15vs BAL30L  8-1019-11120,358 Denny McLainJim HardinEddie WattDenny McLain 1228537
1968-05-17vs WS231W  7-320-11118,168 Joe SparmaJoe ColemanJoe SparmaSteve Jones 1298841
1968-05-18vs WS232L  4-820-12113,887 Mickey LolichFrank BertainaFrank BertainaMickey Lolich 1339637
1968-05-19vs WS233W  5-422-1210 Earl WilsonPhil OrtegaFred LasherSteve JonesJohn Hiller13810038
1968-05-19vs WS234W  7-022-12145,491 Les CainCamilo PascualLes CainCamilo PascualFred Lasher14510045
1968-05-20@ MIN35W  4-323-12110,007Denny McLainJim MerrittDenny McLainJim Merritt 14910346
1968-05-21@ MIN36L  1-323-1319,024Joe SparmaDean ChanceDean ChanceJoe Sparma 15010644
1968-05-22@ MIN37L  3-423-14113,972Mickey LolichJim PerryRon PerranoskiFred LasherAl Worthington15311043
1968-05-24@ OAK38L  2-223-1519,378Earl WilsonCatfish Hunter 15511243
1968-05-25@ OAK39W  2-124-15129,484Denny McLainLew KrausseDenny McLainLew Krausse 15711344
1968-05-26@ OAK40L  6-724-16114,587Joe SparmaChuck DobsonPaul LindbladJohn Hiller 16312043
1968-05-27@ CAL41L  6-724-1728,712Mickey LolichSammy EllisClyde WrightDaryl Patterson 16912742
1968-05-28@ CAL42W  4-125-17219,601Les CainGeorge BrunetJohn HillerGeorge Brunet 17312845
1968-05-29@ CAL43W  3-026-17113,840Denny McLainJim McGlothlinDenny McLainJim McGlothlin 17612848
1968-05-30@ CAL44W  7-327-17114,890Joe SparmaRickey ClarkJoe SparmaRickey ClarkFred Lasher18313152
1968-05-31vs NYA45W  1-028-17131,155 Mickey LolichMel StottlemyreMickey LolichMel Stottlemyre 18413153
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-06-01vs NYA46W  5-429-17111,237 Les CainBill MonbouquetteFred LasherDooley Womack 18913554
1968-06-02vs NYA47L  3-430-1810 Denny McLainFritz PetersonJoe VerbanicJon Warden 19213953
1968-06-02vs NYA48W  8-130-18143,912 John HillerSteve BarberJohn HillerSteve Barber 20014060
1968-06-03@ BOS49L  3-430-19117,552Joe SparmaJose SantiagoJose SantiagoJoe SparmaSparky Lyle20314459
1968-06-04@ BOS50L  0-231-2010Mickey LolichGary BellGary BellMickey LolichSparky Lyle20314657
1968-06-04@ BOS51W  2-031-20131,698Pat DobsonGary WaslewskiPat DobsonGary Waslewski 20514659
1968-06-05@ BOS52W  5-432-20122,385Denny McLainRay CulpDenny McLainBill LandisDaryl Patterson21015060
1968-06-06@ BOS53W  5-333-20116,513Joe SparmaLee StangeJoe SparmaLee StangeFred Lasher21515362
1968-06-07vs CLE54W  5-434-20131,646 John HillerSteve HarganFred LasherMike Paul 22015763
1968-06-08vs CLE55W  3-135-20128,100 Mickey LolichSam McDowellMickey LolichSam McDowell 22315865
1968-06-09vs CLE56L  0-235-21152,938 Denny McLainLuis TiantLuis TiantDenny McLain 22316063
1968-06-11vs MIN57W  3-137-2110 Pat DobsonDean ChancePat DobsonDean ChanceDaryl Patterson22616165
1968-06-11vs MIN58W  3-237-21126,662 Joe SparmaDave BoswellJohn HillerAl Worthington 22916366
1968-06-12vs MIN59W  2-138-21120,082 Mickey LolichJim KaatMickey LolichJim Kaat 23116467
1968-06-13vs MIN60W  3-139-21113,880 Denny McLainJim MerrittDenny McLainJim Merritt 23416569
1968-06-14@ CHA61W  6-540-21118,520Earl WilsonGary PetersJohn HillerBob Priddy 24017070
1968-06-15@ CHA62L  4-740-2219,326Joe SparmaTommy JohnTommy JohnJoe SparmaWilbur Wood24417767
1968-06-16@ CHA63L  2-341-2310Mickey LolichJoe HorlenHoyt WilhelmMickey LolichWilbur Wood24618066
1968-06-16@ CHA64W  6-141-23121,853Denny McLainCisco CarlosDenny McLainCisco CarlosPat Dobson25218171
1968-06-18vs BOS65W  2-142-23125,140 Earl WilsonJose SantiagoEarl WilsonJose SantiagoPat Dobson25418272
1968-06-19vs BOS66L  5-842-24130,573 Joe SparmaGary BellBill LandisJoe SparmaLee Stange25919069
1968-06-20vs BOS67W  5-143-24130,977 Denny McLainDick EllsworthDenny McLainDick Ellsworth 26419173
1968-06-21@ CLE68L  3-443-25120,341Mickey LolichSonny SiebertEddie FisherPat Dobson 26719572
1968-06-22@ CLE69L  0-243-26111,433Earl WilsonSteve HarganSteve HarganEarl WilsonStan Williams26719770
1968-06-23@ CLE70L  0-344-2710John HillerLuis TiantLuis TiantJohn Hiller 26720067
1968-06-23@ CLE71W  4-144-27144,245Joe SparmaSam McDowellJoe SparmaSam McDowellPat Dobson27120170
1968-06-24@ CLE72W  14-345-27112,808Denny McLainMike PaulDenny McLainMike Paul 28520481
1968-06-25@ NYA73W  8-546-27117,117Mickey LolichSteve BarberDennis RibantBill MonbouquettePat Dobson29320984
1968-06-28vs CHA74W  5-447-27137,433 Earl WilsonJoe HorlenFred LasherWilbur Wood 29821385
1968-06-29vs CHA75W  5-248-27134,001 Denny McLainCisco CarlosDenny McLainCisco Carlos 30321588
1968-06-30vs CHA76L  0-1248-28145,114 Joe SparmaTommy JohnTommy JohnJoe Sparma 30322776
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-07-01vs CAL77W  5-149-28124,659 Mickey LolichGeorge BrunetMickey LolichGeorge Brunet 30822880
1968-07-02vs CAL78W  3-150-28117,892 Earl WilsonTom MurphyEarl WilsonTom Murphy 31122982
1968-07-03vs CAL79W  5-251-28123,109 Denny McLainJim McGlothlinDenny McLainJim McGlothlin 31623185
1968-07-04vs CAL80W  13-1052-28118,186 Joe SparmaSammy EllisDennis RibantTom BurgmeierJohn Hiller32924188
1968-07-05vs OAK81W  8-553-28124,434 Mickey LolichCatfish HunterMickey LolichCatfish HunterPat Dobson33724691
1968-07-06vs OAK82L  1-453-29126,008 Earl WilsonChuck DobsonChuck DobsonEarl Wilson 33825088
1968-07-07vs OAK83W  5-455-2910 Denny McLainLew KrausseDenny McLainEd Sprague 34325489
1968-07-07vs OAK84W  7-655-29136,685 Joe SparmaJim NashJoe SparmaJim NashMickey Lolich35026090
1968-07-11@ MIN85L  4-555-30125,330Mickey LolichDean ChanceRon PerranoskiJohn Hiller 35426589
1968-07-12@ MIN86W  5-156-30127,342Denny McLainJim KaatDenny McLainJim Kaat 35926693
1968-07-13@ MIN87L  6-756-31126,079Joe SparmaDave BoswellJim RolandDennis Ribant 36527392
1968-07-14@ CAL88L  3-756-32119,971Earl WilsonSammy EllisSammy EllisEarl WilsonBobby Locke36828088
1968-07-15@ CAL89L  0-456-33122,098Mickey LolichGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetMickey Lolich 36828484
1968-07-16@ OAK90W  4-057-33115,587Denny McLainChuck DobsonDenny McLainChuck Dobson 37228488
1968-07-17@ OAK91L  2-357-34112,130Joe SparmaCatfish HunterCatfish HunterJoe Sparma 37428787
1968-07-18@ OAK92W  3-158-34111,856Earl WilsonLew KrausseEarl WilsonLew Krausse 37728889
1968-07-19vs BAL93W  5-459-34153,208 Mickey LolichWally BunkerPat DobsonMoe Drabowsky 38229290
1968-07-20vs BAL94L  3-559-35131,748 Denny McLainDave McNallyDave McNallyDenny McLainJohn O'Donoghue38529788
1968-07-21vs BAL95L  2-559-3710 Earl WilsonJim HardinJim HardinEarl Wilson 38730285
1968-07-21vs BAL96L  1-459-37148,568 Pat DobsonTom PhoebusTom PhoebusPat DobsonGene Brabender38830682
1968-07-23@ WS297W  6-460-37112,368Denny McLainCamilo PascualDenny McLainPhil OrtegaJon Warden39431084
1968-07-24@ WS298L  3-660-3817,065Mickey LolichJim HannanJim HannanMickey LolichBarry Moore39731681
1968-07-25@ WS299W  4-161-3816,754Joe SparmaBruce HowardJoe SparmaBruce Howard 40131784
1968-07-26@ BAL100W  4-162-38135,627Earl WilsonJim HardinEarl WilsonJim HardinDaryl Patterson40531887
1968-07-27@ BAL101W  9-063-38145,729Denny McLainTom PhoebusDenny McLainTom Phoebus 41431896
1968-07-28@ BAL102L  1-563-39125,872Mickey LolichDave McNallyDave McNallyMickey Lolich 41532392
1968-07-29vs NYA103L  2-763-40131,231 Joe SparmaJoe VerbanicJoe VerbanicJoe SparmaLindy McDaniel41733087
1968-07-30vs NYA104W  5-064-40133,308 Earl WilsonMel StottlemyreEarl WilsonMel StottlemyreDaryl Patterson42233092
1968-07-31vs WS2105W  4-065-40137,453 Denny McLainFrank BertainaDenny McLainFrank Bertaina 42633096
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-08-01vs WS2106L  3-965-41118,278 Pat DobsonJoe ColemanJoe ColemanPat Dobson 42933990
1968-08-02@ MIN107W  6-566-41124,514Joe SparmaJim MerrittDon McMahonBob MillerDaryl Patterson43534491
1968-08-03@ MIN108L  0-466-42122,828Earl WilsonDean ChanceDean ChanceEarl Wilson 43534887
1968-08-04@ MIN109W  2-167-42128,911Denny McLainJim KaatDenny McLainJim Kaat 43734988
1968-08-06vs CLE110W  2-169-4210 John HillerLuis TiantJohn WyattMike Paul 43935089
1968-08-06vs CLE111W  5-269-42148,413 Joe SparmaStan WilliamsMickey LolichStan WilliamsJohn Wyatt44435292
1968-08-07vs CLE112W  6-170-42130,402 Earl WilsonSam McDowellEarl WilsonSam McDowellDaryl Patterson45035397
1968-08-08vs CLE113W  13-171-42123,904 Denny McLainSonny SiebertDenny McLainSonny Siebert 463354109
1968-08-09vs BOS114L  3-571-43141,674 Pat DobsonJuan PizarroLee StangePat Dobson 466359107
1968-08-10vs BOS115W  4-372-43127,964 Daryl PattersonDave MoreheadMickey LolichBill Landis 470362108
1968-08-11vs BOS116W  5-474-4310 Earl WilsonJim LonborgMickey LolichLee Stange 475366109
1968-08-11vs BOS117W  6-574-43149,087 John HillerGary BellJon WardenJerry Stephenson 481371110
1968-08-12@ CLE118W  6-375-43115,919Denny McLainVicente RomoDenny McLainVicente Romo 487374113
1968-08-13@ CLE119L  0-175-44116,319Pat DobsonSonny SiebertSonny SiebertPat Dobson 487375112
1968-08-14@ CLE120W  3-076-44117,312Joe SparmaLuis TiantMickey LolichLuis Tiant 490375115
1968-08-16@ BOS121W  4-077-44135,323Denny McLainJim LonborgDenny McLainJim Lonborg 494375119
1968-08-17@ BOS122W  10-978-44128,778Pat DobsonRay CulpDon McMahonLee StangeJohn Wyatt504384120
1968-08-18@ BOS123L  1-478-45131,428Earl WilsonJuan PizarroJuan PizarroEarl Wilson 505388117
1968-08-20vs CHA124W  7-079-4610 John HillerJack FisherJohn HillerJack Fisher 512388124
1968-08-20vs CHA125L  2-1079-46148,814 Denny McLainGary PetersGary PetersDenny McLain 514398116
1968-08-21vs CHA126W  3-280-46129,540 Pat DobsonCisco CarlosDaryl PattersonWilbur Wood 517400117
1968-08-22vs CHA127W  4-281-46125,931 Mickey LolichTommy JohnMickey LolichDennis RibantDon McMahon521402119
1968-08-23@ NYA128L  1-281-4810Earl WilsonStan BahnsenStan BahnsenEarl Wilson 522404118
1968-08-23@ NYA129L  3-381-48133,880Joe SparmaJoe Verbanic 525407118
1968-08-24@ NYA130L  1-281-49128,840Denny McLainMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreDenny McLain 526409117
1968-08-25@ NYA131L  5-681-5110Pat DobsonSteve BarberRocky ColavitoDaryl PattersonLindy McDaniel531415116
1968-08-25@ NYA132L  4-581-51131,291Mickey LolichFred TalbotSteve HamiltonMickey Lolich 535420115
1968-08-26@ CHA133W  3-082-51142,808Earl WilsonCisco CarlosEarl WilsonCisco Carlos 538420118
1968-08-27@ CHA134L  1-282-52110,656John HillerJack FisherWilbur WoodJohn Hiller 539422117
1968-08-28vs CAL135W  6-183-52135,740 Denny McLainTom BurgmeierDenny McLainTom Burgmeier 545423122
1968-08-29vs CAL136W  2-084-52123,964 Mickey LolichGeorge BrunetMickey LolichGeorge Brunet 547423124
1968-08-30vs BAL137W  9-185-52153,575 Earl WilsonTom PhoebusEarl WilsonTom Phoebus 556424132
1968-08-31vs BAL138L  1-585-53128,974 John HillerDave McNallyDave McNallyJohn Hiller 557429128
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-09-01vs BAL139W  7-386-53141,698 Denny McLainJim HardinDenny McLainJim Hardin 564432132
1968-09-02@ OAK140L  0-487-5410Mickey LolichJim NashJim NashMickey Lolich 564436128
1968-09-02@ OAK141W  4-387-54120,464Joe SparmaLew KraussePat DobsonDiego Segui 568439129
1968-09-03@ OAK142W  6-388-5415,955Earl WilsonCatfish HunterPat DobsonEd Sprague 574442132
1968-09-04@ OAK143W  4-289-5413,388John HillerChuck DobsonJohn HillerChuck DobsonPat Dobson578444134
1968-09-06vs MIN144W  8-390-54142,269 Denny McLainJim KaatDenny McLainJim Kaat 586447139
1968-09-07vs MIN145L  1-290-55135,814 Pat DobsonJim PerryAl WorthingtonPat Dobson 587449138
1968-09-08vs MIN146L  1-390-56127,777 Earl WilsonDean ChanceDean ChanceEarl Wilson 588452136
1968-09-09@ CAL147W  6-091-56110,299Mickey LolichDennis BennettMickey LolichDennis Bennett 594452142
1968-09-10@ CAL148W  7-292-56122,618Denny McLainAndy MessersmithDenny McLainAndy Messersmith 601454147
1968-09-11@ CAL149W  8-293-5619,261John HillerGeorge BrunetJohn HillerGeorge Brunet 609456153
1968-09-13vs OAK150W  3-094-56125,455 Earl WilsonCatfish HunterEarl WilsonCatfish Hunter 612456156
1968-09-14vs OAK151W  5-495-56133,688 Denny McLainChuck DobsonDenny McLainDiego Segui 617460157
1968-09-15vs OAK152W  13-096-56123,260 Mickey LolichLew KrausseMickey LolichLew Krausse 630460170
1968-09-16vs NYA153W  9-197-56128,354 John HillerJoe VerbanicJohn HillerJoe Verbanic 639461178
1968-09-17vs NYA154W  2-198-56146,512 Joe SparmaStan BahnsenJoe SparmaSteve Hamilton 641462179
1968-09-19vs NYA155W  6-299-5619,063 Denny McLainMel StottlemyreDenny McLainMel Stottlemyre 647464183
1968-09-20@ WS2156W  6-3100-5615,929Mickey LolichJim HannanMickey LolichBob HumphreysPat Dobson653467186
1968-09-21@ WS2157W  4-3101-5614,075Earl WilsonJoe ColemanJoe SparmaCasey Cox 657470187
1968-09-22@ WS2158L  0-6101-5717,327John HillerCamilo PascualCamilo PascualJohn Hiller 657476181
1968-09-23@ BAL159L  1-2101-5817,559Denny McLainRoger NelsonRoger NelsonDenny McLainPete Richert658478180
1968-09-24@ BAL160W  5-3102-5816,943Mickey LolichJim HardinMickey LolichJim HardinDaryl Patterson663481182
1968-09-25@ BAL161W  4-3103-5816,344Earl WilsonTom PhoebusDon McMahonTom Phoebus 667484183
1968-09-27vs WS2162L  1-3103-59126,361 Joe SparmaJoe ColemanJoe ColemanPat Dobson 668487181
1968-09-28vs WS2163L  1-2103-60118,393 Denny McLainCamilo PascualBob HumphreysDon McMahon 669489180
1968-09-29vs WS2164L  2-3103-61124,198 Mickey LolichBarry MooreBarry MoorePat DobsonDennis Higgins671492179

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