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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  91-71   .562
Result:   2nd in National League
Manager(s):  Herman Franks
General Manager:   Chub Feeney
Stadium:  Candlestick Park
Attendance:  1,242,480
Playoffs:  -

San Francisco Giants affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bill Henry (39)
Youngest Player:  Ron Bryant (19)
Longest Tenure:  Willie Mays, Jim Davenport (10)
Top Hitter:  Jim Ray Hart (9)
Top Pitcher:  Gaylord Perry (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Dave Rader (#18)

Roster Continuity:  83.17%
National League Standings
St. Louis10160.627--
SF Giants9171.56210.5
Chi Cubs8774.54014.0
LA Dodgers7389.45128.5
NY Mets61101.37740.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1967-04-11@ SLN1L  0-60-1538,117Juan MarichalBob GibsonBob GibsonJuan Marichal 06-6
1967-04-13@ ATL2W  2-01-1333,225Gaylord PerryTony CloningerGaylord PerryTony Cloninger 26-4
1967-04-14@ ATL3L  5-61-2613,837Bobby BolinPat JarvisPat JarvisBobby BolinPhil Niekro712-5
1967-04-15@ ATL4L  3-41-3827,972Juan MarichalDick KelleyClay CarrollJuan MarichalRamon Hernandez1016-6
1967-04-16@ CIN5L  1-41-590Ron HerbelBilly McCoolBilly McCoolLindy McDanielTed Abernathy1120-9
1967-04-16@ CIN6L  0-61-5923,133Mike McCormickMel QueenMel QueenMike McCormick 1126-15
1967-04-18vs SLN7L  1-21-61031,900 Gaylord PerryRay WashburnHal WoodeshickGaylord Perry 1228-16
1967-04-19vs SLN8L  5-71-7109,223 Juan MarichalLarry JasterLarry JasterJuan MarichalJoe Hoerner1735-18
1967-04-20vs SLN9W  7-52-7106,308 Bobby BolinAl JacksonBobby BolinAl JacksonFrank Linzy2440-16
1967-04-22vs ATL10W  6-53-7813,918 Gaylord PerryDenny LemasterFrank LinzyClay Carroll 3045-15
1967-04-25vs CIN11W  6-14-7910,084 Juan MarichalGary NolanJuan MarichalGary Nolan 3646-10
1967-04-26vs CIN12L  2-44-895,979 Bobby BolinBilly McCoolBilly McCoolBobby BolinTed Abernathy3850-12
1967-04-27vs CIN13L  2-34-995,030 Gaylord PerryMel QueenMel QueenGaylord PerryTed Abernathy4053-13
1967-04-28@ LAN14W  5-45-9824,168Mike McCormickDon SuttonRon HerbelDon SuttonFrank Linzy4557-12
1967-04-29@ LAN15W  5-06-9838,963Juan MarichalBob MillerJuan MarichalBob Miller 5057-7
1967-04-30@ LAN16W  5-17-9736,848Bobby BolinDon DrysdaleBobby BolinDon DrysdaleFrank Linzy5558-3
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1967-05-02@ NYN17L  2-37-10817,402Gaylord PerryJack FisherDon ShawLindy McDaniel 5761-4
1967-05-03@ NYN18W  8-08-10728,531Juan MarichalBill DenehyJuan MarichalBill Denehy 65614
1967-05-04@ NYN19W  3-19-10720,295Mike McCormickDon CardwellMike McCormickDon CardwellFrank Linzy68626
1967-05-05@ PIT20L  2-79-11718,294Bobby BolinTommie SiskTommie SiskBobby Bolin 70691
1967-05-06@ PIT21L  5-69-1277,662Gaylord PerryBilly O'DellRoy FaceFrank Linzy 75750
1967-05-08@ CHN22W  9-210-1272,811Juan MarichalFergie JenkinsJuan MarichalFergie Jenkins 84777
1967-05-09@ CHN23L  2-1010-1372,263Bobby BolinRay CulpRay CulpBobby BolinBill Hands8687-1
1967-05-10@ CHN24L  4-510-1472,176Gaylord PerryKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanGaylord PerryDick Radatz9092-2
1967-05-12vs HOU25W  6-111-14713,992 Juan MarichalChris ZacharyJuan MarichalChris Zachary 96933
1967-05-13vs HOU26W  4-312-14742,555 Mike McCormickMike CuellarFrank LinzyBarry LatmanBill Henry100964
1967-05-14vs HOU27W  11-614-1460 Gaylord PerryLarry DierkerRay SadeckiJim OwensJoe Gibbon1111029
1967-05-14vs HOU28W  4-314-14628,933 Bobby BolinDon WilsonMike McCormickClaude Raymond 11510510
1967-05-15vs CHN29L  3-914-1566,193 Ron HerbelRay CulpRay CulpRon HerbelBob Hendley1181144
1967-05-16vs CHN30W  3-115-15615,435 Juan MarichalFergie JenkinsJuan MarichalFergie Jenkins 1211156
1967-05-17vs CHN31W  4-216-1567,259 Mike McCormickCurt SimmonsMike McCormickCurt SimmonsFrank Linzy1251178
1967-05-18@ HOU32L  2-616-16613,319Gaylord PerryLarry DierkerLarry DierkerGaylord Perry 1271234
1967-05-19@ HOU33W  6-217-16616,297Ray SadeckiDon WilsonBobby BolinDon Wilson 1331258
1967-05-20@ HOU34W  3-218-16625,687Juan MarichalDave GiustiJuan MarichalDave Giusti 1361279
1967-05-21@ HOU35L  0-218-17619,841Mike McCormickMike CuellarMike CuellarMike McCormick 1361297
1967-05-22@ PHI36W  3-119-1769,341Gaylord PerryJim BunningGaylord PerryJim Bunning 1391309
1967-05-23@ PHI37W  5-420-1769,920Bobby BolinLarry JacksonFrank LinzyTurk FarrellBill Henry14413410
1967-05-26vs LAN38W  4-121-17531,619 Juan MarichalDon SuttonJuan MarichalDon Sutton 14813513
1967-05-27vs LAN39L  5-1021-18534,283 Mike McCormickDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleFrank LinzyRon Perranoski1531458
1967-05-28vs LAN40W  4-122-18434,092 Gaylord PerryClaude OsteenGaylord PerryClaude Osteen 15714611
1967-05-29vs PHI41W  12-923-1846,875 Bobby BolinDick EllsworthJoe GibbonDick EllsworthLindy McDaniel16915514
1967-05-30vs PHI42L  4-523-19426,981 Juan MarichalJim BunningJim BunningJuan Marichal 17316013
1967-05-31vs PIT43W  15-424-1937,393 Mike McCormickBob VealeRon HerbelBob VealeFrank Linzy18816424
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1967-06-01vs PIT44W  7-125-1937,000 Gaylord PerryJuan PizarroGaylord PerryJuan Pizarro 19516530
1967-06-03vs NYN45W  11-226-2030 Juan MarichalJack FisherJuan MarichalJack Fisher 20616739
1967-06-03vs NYN46L  1-226-20315,460 Bobby BolinBob ShawBob ShawBobby Bolin 20716938
1967-06-04vs NYN47W  7-028-2030 Joe GibbonBill DenehyJoe GibbonBill Denehy 21416945
1967-06-04vs NYN48W  5-028-20330,235 Mike McCormickChuck EstradaMike McCormickChuck Estrada 21916950
1967-06-06@ CIN49L  2-328-21315,982Gaylord PerryMilt PappasMilt PappasGaylord PerryDon Nottebart22117249
1967-06-07@ CIN50W  4-329-21221,693Juan MarichalGary NolanLindy McDanielBob LeeFrank Linzy22517550
1967-06-08@ CIN51W  8-530-21213,504Bobby BolinSammy EllisBill HenryGerry ArrigoFrank Linzy23318053
1967-06-09@ ATL52L  3-530-22324,174Mike McCormickKen JohnsonKen JohnsonMike McCormickPhil Niekro23618551
1967-06-10@ ATL53W  7-431-22340,047Gaylord PerryTony CloningerGaylord PerryTony Cloninger 24318954
1967-06-11@ ATL54L  3-431-23327,465Juan MarichalDenny LemasterDenny LemasterJuan Marichal 24619353
1967-06-12@ HOU55L  2-531-24318,328Lindy McDanielLarry DierkerLarry DierkerFrank LinzyClaude Raymond24819850
1967-06-13@ HOU56W  6-232-24315,021Joe GibbonDave GiustiMike McCormickDave Giusti 25420054
1967-06-14@ HOU57L  4-732-25317,417Gaylord PerryDon WilsonDon WilsonGaylord Perry 25820751
1967-06-15@ HOU58L  2-632-26321,264Bobby BolinMike CuellarMike CuellarBobby Bolin 26021347
1967-06-16vs SLN59L  3-532-27321,780 Lindy McDanielRay WashburnRay WashburnLindy McDanielJoe Hoerner26321845
1967-06-17vs SLN60W  3-233-27328,018 Joe GibbonSteve CarltonJoe GibbonSteve CarltonFrank Linzy26622046
1967-06-18vs SLN61L  1-433-28438,280 Gaylord PerryDick HughesDick HughesGaylord Perry 26722443
1967-06-19vs CIN62W  6-334-28315,359 Mike McCormickGary NolanMike McCormickGary Nolan 27322746
1967-06-20vs CIN63W  5-135-28319,280 Juan MarichalMel QueenJuan MarichalMel Queen 27822850
1967-06-21vs ATL64L  2-935-29410,042 Joe GibbonPat JarvisPat JarvisJoe Gibbon 28023743
1967-06-22vs ATL65L  1-235-3150 Gaylord PerryPhil NiekroPhil NiekroGaylord Perry 28123942
1967-06-22vs ATL66L  4-635-31519,443 Bobby BolinTony CloningerClaude RaymondFrank Linzy 28524540
1967-06-23@ LAN67W  7-136-31539,658Mike McCormickDon SuttonMike McCormickDon Sutton 29224646
1967-06-24@ LAN68L  0-236-32428,525Juan MarichalBill SingerBill SingerJuan Marichal 29224844
1967-06-25@ LAN69L  1-236-33636,494Ray SadeckiDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleFrank Linzy 29325043
1967-06-26@ SLN70L  1-336-34620,563Gaylord PerryJim CosmanJim CosmanGaylord PerryNelson Briles29425341
1967-06-27@ SLN71W  6-037-34517,384Mike McCormickSteve CarltonMike McCormickSteve Carlton 30025347
1967-06-28@ SLN72W  9-138-34529,384Ray SadeckiDick HughesRay SadeckiDick Hughes 30925455
1967-06-29@ SLN73W  12-439-34423,668Joe GibbonBob GibsonBobby BolinBob Gibson 32125863
1967-06-30@ PHI74L  3-1040-3540Gaylord PerryChris ShortChris ShortGaylord Perry 32426856
1967-06-30@ PHI75W  12-340-35422,618Juan MarichalGrant JacksonJuan MarichalTurk Farrell 33627165
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1967-07-01@ PHI76W  3-241-35420,181Mike McCormickRick WiseMike McCormickRick WiseFrank Linzy33927366
1967-07-02@ PHI77L  7-841-36411,667Ray SadeckiDick EllsworthDick HallLindy McDaniel 34628165
1967-07-03@ NYN78L  3-541-37437,125Bobby BolinTom SeaverTom SeaverBobby Bolin 34928663
1967-07-04@ NYN79L  7-841-38526,767Juan MarichalJack FisherJack FisherJuan MarichalHal Reniff35629462
1967-07-05@ NYN80W  2-142-38529,641Mike McCormickBob ShawMike McCormickBob ShawGaylord Perry35829563
1967-07-07vs LAN81W  2-143-38526,941 Ray SadeckiBill SingerRay SadeckiBill SingerFrank Linzy36029664
1967-07-08vs LAN82W  8-444-38531,849 Juan MarichalDon DrysdaleJuan MarichalDon Drysdale 36830068
1967-07-09vs LAN83W  1-045-38338,918 Mike McCormickClaude OsteenMike McCormickClaude Osteen 36930069
1967-07-13vs HOU84W  5-446-3839,848 Ray SadeckiBo BelinskyFrank LinzyCarroll Sembera 37430470
1967-07-14vs HOU85L  6-846-39414,194 Juan MarichalDave GiustiDave GiustiJuan MarichalLarry Sherry38031268
1967-07-15vs HOU86W  3-147-39414,214 Mike McCormickMike CuellarMike McCormickMike Cuellar 38331370
1967-07-16vs CHN87L  0-947-4150 Gaylord PerryRay CulpRay CulpGaylord Perry 38332261
1967-07-16vs CHN88L  2-347-41540,647 Ron HerbelBill StonemanChuck HartensteinRon Herbel 38532560
1967-07-17vs CHN89L  3-447-42512,710 Ray SadeckiRich NyeRich NyeRay SadeckiChuck Hartenstein38832959
1967-07-18@ PIT90L  6-848-4350Juan MarichalSteve BlassSteve BlassJuan MarichalRoy Face39433757
1967-07-18@ PIT91W  3-248-43528,023Joe GibbonTommie SiskJoe GibbonBilly O'DellFrank Linzy39733958
1967-07-19@ PIT92L  1-248-44516,013Mike McCormickDennis RibantDennis RibantMike McCormick 39834157
1967-07-20@ PIT93W  6-149-44510,359Gaylord PerryVern LawGaylord PerryVern Law 40434262
1967-07-21@ CHN94L  4-549-45518,465Ray SadeckiBill StonemanCal KoonceRon Herbel 40834761
1967-07-22@ CHN95L  5-649-46529,079Juan MarichalRich NyeChuck HartensteinGaylord Perry 41335360
1967-07-23@ CHN96W  5-250-4750Mike McCormickFergie JenkinsMike McCormickFergie Jenkins 41835563
1967-07-23@ CHN97L  3-650-47534,922Joe GibbonJoe NiekroJoe NiekroJoe GibbonChuck Hartenstein42136160
1967-07-25vs NYN98W  5-451-47512,165 Gaylord PerryJack FisherFrank LinzyHal Reniff 42636561
1967-07-26vs NYN99L  5-1151-4859,721 Ray SadeckiTom SeaverTom SeaverRay SadeckiRon Taylor43137655
1967-07-27vs PHI100L  3-851-4959,786 Mike McCormickJohn BoozerJohn BoozerMike McCormick 43438450
1967-07-28vs PHI101W  7-252-49516,155 Juan MarichalLarry JacksonJuan MarichalLarry Jackson 44138655
1967-07-29vs PHI102W  6-153-49516,839 Gaylord PerryJim BunningGaylord PerryJim Bunning 44738760
1967-07-30vs PIT103L  3-453-50532,209 Ray SadeckiVern LawVern LawRay SadeckiRoy Face45039159
1967-07-31vs PIT104W  8-454-5058,683 Mike McCormickTommie SiskMike McCormickJuan PizarroFrank Linzy45839563
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1967-08-01vs PIT105W  3-155-50515,501 Juan MarichalWoodie FrymanJuan MarichalWoodie Fryman 46139665
1967-08-02vs PIT106W  7-256-50411,654 Gaylord PerryDennis RibantGaylord PerryDennis Ribant 46839870
1967-08-04@ NYN107W  3-057-50440,566Ray SadeckiTom SeaverRay SadeckiTom SeaverFrank Linzy47139873
1967-08-06@ NYN108W  9-759-5030Mike McCormickJack FisherBill HenryDon ShawRon Herbel48040575
1967-08-06@ NYN109W  4-159-50346,615Joe GibbonDanny FrisellaJoe GibbonDanny Frisella 48440678
1967-08-07@ PHI110L  0-859-51315,383Gaylord PerryJim BunningJim BunningGaylord Perry 48441470
1967-08-08@ PHI111L  4-559-52415,896Ray SadeckiDick EllsworthTurk FarrellFrank Linzy 48841969
1967-08-10@ SLN112W  5-260-52431,841Mike McCormickRay WashburnMike McCormickRay Washburn 49342172
1967-08-11@ SLN113L  1-260-53436,042Gaylord PerryNelson BrilesNelson BrilesGaylord PerryJoe Hoerner49442371
1967-08-12@ SLN114L  2-360-54549,093Joe GibbonSteve CarltonJack LamabeLindy McDaniel 49642670
1967-08-13@ SLN115L  1-260-55545,217Ray SadeckiDick HughesDick HughesRay SadeckiJoe Hoerner49742869
1967-08-14@ ATL116W  6-261-55525,968Mike McCormickPat JarvisMike McCormickPat Jarvis 50343073
1967-08-15@ ATL117W  4-162-55526,644Gaylord PerryPhil NiekroGaylord PerryPhil Niekro 50743176
1967-08-16@ ATL118L  3-662-56528,778Bobby BolinKen JohnsonKen JohnsonBobby BolinCecil Upshaw51043773
1967-08-18vs CIN119W  3-163-56416,624 Ray SadeckiMilt PappasRay SadeckiMilt Pappas 51343875
1967-08-19vs CIN120L  1-363-57520,573 Mike McCormickGary NolanGary NolanMike McCormickTed Abernathy51444173
1967-08-20vs CIN121W  3-264-57523,408 Gaylord PerryMel QueenGaylord PerryBilly McCool 51744374
1967-08-21vs CIN122L  0-264-5857,646 Ron HerbelJim MaloneyJim MaloneyRon Herbel 51744572
1967-08-22vs SLN123L  0-964-59518,300 Ray SadeckiNelson BrilesNelson BrilesRay Sadecki 51745463
1967-08-23vs SLN124W  6-065-59515,068 Mike McCormickSteve CarltonMike McCormickSteve Carlton 52345469
1967-08-24vs SLN125L  0-265-60513,857 Gaylord PerryDick HughesDick HughesGaylord Perry 52345667
1967-08-25vs ATL126L  1-565-61611,871 Juan MarichalPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJuan Marichal 52446163
1967-08-26vs ATL127W  3-167-6150 Ray SadeckiKen JohnsonRay SadeckiKen Johnson 52746265
1967-08-26vs ATL128W  3-267-61518,689 Ron HerbelDenny LemasterBobby BolinCecil Upshaw 53046466
1967-08-27vs ATL129W  2-068-6250 Mike McCormickClay CarrollMike McCormickClay Carroll 53246468
1967-08-27vs ATL130L  1-468-62523,592 Lindy McDanielEd RakowEd RakowLindy McDanielPhil Niekro53346865
1967-08-28vs LAN131W  7-069-62511,762 Gaylord PerryDon SuttonGaylord PerryDon Sutton 54046872
1967-08-29vs LAN132W  11-170-62511,594 Joe GibbonBill SingerJoe GibbonBill Singer 55146982
1967-08-30vs LAN133L  3-970-63514,526 Ray SadeckiDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleRay SadeckiRon Perranoski55447876
1967-08-31@ CIN134L  1-370-64512,355Mike McCormickJim MaloneyJim MaloneyMike McCormick 55548174
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1967-09-01@ CIN135W  1-071-64413,745Gaylord PerryMel QueenFrank LinzyBob Lee 55648175
1967-09-02@ CIN136W  4-372-64414,213Ron HerbelSammy EllisRon HerbelSammy EllisFrank Linzy56048476
1967-09-03@ CIN137W  4-073-64415,126Ray SadeckiMilt PappasRay SadeckiMilt Pappas 56448480
1967-09-04@ HOU138W  4-374-64419,385Mike McCormickMike CuellarMike McCormickMike Cuellar 56848781
1967-09-06vs HOU139W  2-075-6434,229 Gaylord PerryDave GiustiGaylord PerryDave Giusti 57048783
1967-09-07vs HOU140W  3-276-6434,222 Ron HerbelBruce Von HoffBobby BolinDave Eilers 57348984
1967-09-08vs CHN141W  4-377-64212,020 Ray SadeckiJoe NiekroRay SadeckiJoe Niekro 57749285
1967-09-09vs CHN142L  2-877-65324,873 Mike McCormickRich NyeRich NyeMike McCormick 57950079
1967-09-10vs CHN143W  2-178-65218,791 Gaylord PerryFergie JenkinsGaylord PerryFergie Jenkins 58150180
1967-09-11@ LAN144W  4-079-65219,167Ron HerbelDon DrysdaleRon HerbelDon Drysdale 58550184
1967-09-12@ LAN145W  4-280-65219,986Ray SadeckiDon SuttonRay SadeckiDon Sutton 58950386
1967-09-13@ LAN146L  3-680-66221,548Mike McCormickClaude OsteenClaude OsteenMike McCormick 59250983
1967-09-15@ PIT147W  6-381-6626,332Gaylord PerrySteve BlassGaylord PerrySteve Blass 59851286
1967-09-16@ PIT148L  4-581-6725,056Ron HerbelWoodie FrymanBruce Dal CantonMike McCormick 60251785
1967-09-17@ PIT149L  4-581-6825,733Ray SadeckiAl McBeanAl McBeanFrank Linzy 60652284
1967-09-19@ CHN150W  6-282-6824,025Mike McCormickFergie JenkinsMike McCormickFergie JenkinsFrank Linzy61252488
1967-09-20@ CHN151W  5-183-6824,012Gaylord PerryRich NyeGaylord PerryRich Nye 61752592
1967-09-22vs PIT152W  1-084-68210,238 Ray SadeckiAl McBeanRay SadeckiAl McBean 61852593
1967-09-23vs PIT153W  8-485-68212,431 Mike McCormickTommie SiskLindy McDanielRoy FaceFrank Linzy62652997
1967-09-24vs PIT154L  1-285-69216,123 Gaylord PerrySteve BlassSteve BlassGaylord PerryWoodie Fryman62753196
1967-09-25vs NYN155W  2-186-6922,818 Ron HerbelDanny FrisellaFrank LinzyDick Selma 62953297
1967-09-26vs NYN156W  8-387-6925,266 Ray SadeckiJerry KoosmanRay SadeckiJerry Koosman 637535102
1967-09-27vs NYN157W  7-288-6923,246 Mike McCormickTug McGrawMike McCormickTug McGraw 644537107
1967-09-28vs PHI158L  1-288-7023,471 Gaylord PerryRick WiseRick WiseGaylord PerryTurk Farrell645539106
1967-09-29vs PHI159L  1-988-7126,997 Ron HerbelChris ShortChris ShortRon Herbel 64654898
1967-09-30vs PHI160W  3-290-7120 Ray SadeckiLarry JacksonRay SadeckiLarry Jackson 64955099
1967-09-30vs PHI161W  1-090-71211,667 Bill HenryJohn BoozerNestor ChavezJohn BoozerLindy McDaniel650550100
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1967-10-01vs PHI162W  2-191-71233,615 Mike McCormickJim BunningMike McCormickTurk Farrell 652551101

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