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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  81-81   .500
Result:   5th in American League
Manager(s):  Birdie Tebbetts, George Strickland
General Manager:   Gabe Paul
Stadium:  Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Attendance:  903,359
Playoffs:  -

Cleveland Indians affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Don McMahon (36)
Youngest Player:  Vern Fuller (22)
Longest Tenure:  Gary Bell (9)
Top Hitter:  Leon Wagner (22)
Top Pitcher:  Sonny Siebert (4)
Top Draft Pick:  John Curtis (#12)

Roster Continuity:  83.64%
American League Standings
Chi White Sox8379.51215.0
KC Athletics7486.46323.0
NY Yankees7089.44026.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-04-11@ WS21W  5-21-0144,468Sam McDowellPete RichertSam McDowellPete RichertSonny Siebert523
1966-04-15vs BOS2W  8-72-0133,198 Sam McDowellJerry StephensonJack KralickKen Sanders 1394
1966-04-16vs BOS3W  3-23-014,317 Gary BellDick StigmanBob AllenDick Radatz 16115
1966-04-17vs BOS4W  6-04-0118,546 Luis TiantEarl WilsonLuis TiantEarl Wilson 221111
1966-04-19vs NYA5W  3-15-016,541 Sam McDowellMel StottlemyreSam McDowellMel Stottlemyre 251213
1966-04-20vs NYA6W  4-26-0111,482 Sonny SiebertBob FriendJohn O'DonoghuePedro Ramos 291415
1966-04-23@ BOS7W  5-47-016,990Gary BellDick StigmanGary BellKen Sanders 341816
1966-04-25vs KC18W  2-08-015,227 Sam McDowellRollie SheldonSam McDowellRollie Sheldon 361818
1966-04-26vs KC19W  4-09-013,789 Luis TiantChuck DobsonLuis TiantChuck Dobson 401822
1966-04-28vs CAL10W  2-110-015,057 Sonny SiebertMarcelino LopezSonny SiebertBob LeeBob Allen421923
1966-04-29vs CHA11L  1-410-1213,023 Gary BellGary PetersGary PetersGary BellBob Locker432320
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-05-01vs CHA12W  1-011-129,655 Sam McDowellTommy JohnSam McDowellTommy John 442321
1966-05-03@ NYA13W  1-012-1111,275Luis TiantAl DowningLuis TiantAl Downing 452322
1966-05-04@ NYA14W  2-113-1111,861Sonny SiebertMel StottlemyreSonny SiebertSteve Hamilton 472423
1966-05-05@ NYA15W  4-014-1112,730John O'DonoghueBob FriendJohn O'DonoghueBob FriendBob Allen512427
1966-05-06@ BAL16L  2-314-2130,767Sam McDowellDave McNallyDick HallBob Allen 532726
1966-05-07@ BAL17W  6-315-219,953Gary BellSteve BarberDon McMahonStu Miller 593029
1966-05-08@ BAL18L  2-815-420Sonny SiebertJim PalmerJim PalmerSonny Siebert 613823
1966-05-08@ BAL19L  3-815-4237,658Luis TiantWally BunkerFrank BertainaLuis Tiant 644618
1966-05-10vs DET20L  2-315-524,000 Gary BellMickey LolichMickey LolichJack KralickFred Gladding664917
1966-05-13vs BAL21W  4-316-5112,301 Sam McDowellJim PalmerJohn O'DonoghueDick Hall 705218
1966-05-14vs BAL22W  2-117-5112,518 Sonny SiebertWally BunkerSonny SiebertWally Bunker 725319
1966-05-15vs BAL23L  0-118-610 Gary BellJohn MillerEddie WattSteve Hargan 725418
1966-05-15vs BAL24W  2-118-6134,186 Lee StangeDave McNallyLee StangeDave McNally 745519
1966-05-17vs WS225W  3-219-615,977 Sam McDowellDiego SeguiTom KelleyDiego SeguiBob Allen775720
1966-05-18vs WS226L  3-419-714,960 Sonny SiebertPete RichertPete RichertSonny SiebertCasey Cox806119
1966-05-19vs WS227L  2-719-816,363 Luis TiantMike McCormickMike McCormickLuis Tiant 826814
1966-05-20@ CHA28W  3-220-8116,530Gary BellTommy JohnGary BellTommy John 857015
1966-05-21@ CHA29L  2-720-918,646Sam McDowellJuan PizarroJuan PizarroSam McDowellBob Locker877710
1966-05-22@ CHA30W  3-222-910Sonny SiebertGary PetersSonny SiebertEddie FisherSam McDowell907911
1966-05-22@ CHA31W  4-122-9140,058John O'DonoghueBruce HowardJohn O'DonoghueBruce Howard 948014
1966-05-24@ DET32L  6-723-1010Gary BellJoe SparmaOrlando PenaSteve HarganLarry Sherry1008713
1966-05-24@ DET33W  2-023-10132,787Luis TiantHank AguirreLuis TiantHank Aguirre 1028715
1966-05-25@ DET34W  13-224-10125,383Sam McDowellDenny McLainTom KelleyDenny McLain 1158926
1966-05-26@ DET35W  8-425-10110,352Sonny SiebertMickey LolichGary BellJohnny PodresDon McMahon1239330
1966-05-27vs MIN36W  5-426-10119,553 John O'DonoghueCamilo PascualBob AllenJohnny Klippstein 1289731
1966-05-28vs MIN37W  2-127-10113,436 Gary BellDave BoswellGary BellDave Boswell 1309832
1966-05-29vs MIN38L  1-527-1210 Tom KelleyJim KaatJim KaatTom Kelley 13110328
1966-05-29vs MIN39L  0-127-12129,038 Luis TiantMudcat GrantMudcat GrantLuis Tiant 13110427
1966-05-30@ CAL40L  3-427-1410Lee StangeJim McGlothlinJack SanfordDon McMahonBob Lee13410826
1966-05-30@ CAL41L  1-527-14130,760Jack KralickMinnie RojasMinnie RojasJack KralickDean Chance13511322
1966-05-31@ CAL42W  7-528-14114,255Sonny SiebertMarcelino LopezSteve HarganDean ChanceLuis Tiant14211824
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-06-01@ KC143L  3-828-1517,458John O'DonoghueRollie SheldonRollie SheldonJohn O'DonoghueJack Aker14512619
1966-06-02@ KC144L  4-1128-16111,050Gary BellRalph TerryRalph TerryGary BellLew Krausse14913712
1966-06-03@ MIN45W  6-529-16115,498Luis TiantMudcat GrantSteve HarganMudcat GrantDick Radatz15514213
1966-06-04@ MIN46W  7-430-16114,574Tom KelleyCamilo PascualJack KralickPete CiminoDick Radatz16214616
1966-06-05@ MIN47L  4-930-17118,415Sonny SiebertDave BoswellDave BoswellSonny Siebert 16615511
1966-06-07vs NYA48L  2-730-18112,572 John O'DonoghueFritz PetersonFritz PetersonJohn O'Donoghue 1681626
1966-06-08vs NYA49W  2-131-18215,191 Gary BellMel StottlemyreGary BellMel StottlemyreSam McDowell1701637
1966-06-10vs WS250W  2-032-18210,469 Sonny SiebertPhil OrtegaSonny SiebertPhil Ortega 1721639
1966-06-11vs WS251W  6-433-1818,535 Sam McDowellMike McCormickSam McDowellMike McCormickDick Radatz17816711
1966-06-12vs WS252W  6-334-18121,759 Gary BellPete RichertGary BellPete Richert 18417014
1966-06-14vs BOS53W  8-735-1920 Sonny SiebertJose SantiagoSonny SiebertJose SantiagoSam McDowell19217715
1966-06-14vs BOS54L  7-1135-19212,610 Luis TiantDick StigmanDon McMahonTom KelleyJohn Wyatt19918811
1966-06-15@ NYA55W  8-536-19218,215John O'DonoghueFritz PetersonJohn O'DonoghueFritz PetersonBob Allen20719314
1966-06-16@ NYA56L  6-736-20212,530Sam McDowellFred TalbotFred TalbotSam McDowellHal Reniff21320013
1966-06-17@ WS257L  4-536-21218,480Gary BellDiego SeguiCasey CoxBob Allen 21720512
1966-06-18@ WS258W  7-237-2124,829Sonny SiebertPhil OrtegaSonny SiebertPhil Ortega 22420717
1966-06-19@ WS259L  1-237-22231,816Jack KralickMike McCormickMike McCormickJack Kralick 22520916
1966-06-20@ WS260L  2-437-2337,967John O'DonoghuePete RichertPete RichertJohn O'Donoghue 22721314
1966-06-21@ BOS61W  2-138-23310,115Gary BellRollie SheldonGary BellRollie Sheldon 22921415
1966-06-22@ BOS62W  3-239-2430Steve HarganJim LonborgSteve HarganJim LonborgDick Radatz23221616
1966-06-22@ BOS63L  5-639-24310,936Sonny SiebertBob SadowskiDick StigmanTom Kelley 23722215
1966-06-23@ BOS64W  8-640-2435,705Luis TiantLee StangeLuis TiantLee StangeDick Radatz24522817
1966-06-24vs KC165L  5-740-25313,347 Jack KralickLew KrausseLew KrausseJack KralickJack Aker25023515
1966-06-25vs KC166L  1-740-26314,923 Gary BellPaul LindbladPaul LindbladGary BellJim Dickson2512429
1966-06-26vs KC167L  2-441-2730 Steve HarganCatfish HunterCatfish HunterSteve HarganJack Aker2532467
1966-06-26vs KC168W  14-341-27332,249 Sonny SiebertBill StaffordSonny SiebertJim DuckworthDick Radatz26724918
1966-06-27@ MIN69L  2-641-28315,924Luis TiantJim KaatJim KaatLuis Tiant 26925514
1966-06-28@ MIN70L  0-441-29323,896John O'DonoghueCamilo PascualCamilo PascualJohn O'DonoghueAl Worthington26925910
1966-06-29@ MIN71W  4-142-29325,116Gary BellMudcat GrantGary BellMudcat Grant 27326013
1966-06-30@ MIN72W  4-043-29320,061Steve HarganJim PerrySteve HarganJim Perry 27726017
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-07-01vs CAL73W  5-044-29313,990 Sam McDowellDean ChanceSam McDowellDean Chance 28226022
1966-07-02vs CAL74W  5-245-29317,592 Sonny SiebertMarcelino LopezSonny SiebertMarcelino Lopez 28726225
1966-07-03vs CAL75L  2-1045-3130 Gary BellGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetGary BellMinnie Rojas28927217
1966-07-03vs CAL76L  3-445-31322,316 Luis TiantClyde WrightJack SanfordDick RadatzMinnie Rojas29227616
1966-07-04vs MIN77L  4-545-32313,867 Gary BellJim KaatJim KaatJohn O'DonoghueDwight Siebler29628115
1966-07-05vs MIN78L  3-445-33315,204 Tom KelleyJim MerrittJim MerrittTom KelleyPete Cimino29928514
1966-07-06vs MIN79L  3-445-34311,585 Sam McDowellDave BoswellDwight SieblerDick RadatzGarry Roggenburk30228913
1966-07-08@ KC180L  1-245-35315,461Sonny SiebertLew KrausseLew KrausseSonny SiebertJim Duckworth30329112
1966-07-09@ KC181W  6-346-35331,473Gary BellCatfish HunterGary BellCatfish Hunter 30929415
1966-07-10@ KC182L  1-446-3730Sam McDowellJim NashJim NashSam McDowell 31029812
1966-07-10@ KC183L  3-546-37319,238Steve HarganBill StaffordJack AkerSteve Hargan 31330310
1966-07-14@ CHA84L  1-246-38316,886Gary BellTommy JohnTommy JohnGary Bell 3143059
1966-07-15@ CHA85L  2-446-39422,017Sonny SiebertBruce HowardBruce HowardLuis Tiant 3163097
1966-07-16@ CHA86L  2-746-4049,399Steve HarganJoe HorlenJoe HorlenSteve HarganBob Locker3183162
1966-07-17@ DET87W  7-348-4030Tom KelleyHank AguirreTom KelleyHank AguirreDick Radatz3253196
1966-07-17@ DET88W  15-248-40339,244John O'DonoghueJoe SparmaJohn O'DonoghueJoe Sparma 34032119
1966-07-18vs CAL89W  6-149-4037,066 Gary BellMarcelino LopezGary BellMarcelino Lopez 34632224
1966-07-19vs CHA90L  4-549-41314,378 Sonny SiebertBruce HowardHoyt WilhelmJohn O'DonoghueBob Locker35032723
1966-07-20vs CHA91L  3-649-4238,664 Steve HarganJoe HorlenJoe HorlenSteve HarganHoyt Wilhelm35333320
1966-07-21vs CHA92L  2-749-4337,959 Sonny SiebertJohn BuzhardtJohn BuzhardtSonny Siebert 35534015
1966-07-22vs DET93L  5-1049-44418,567 Gary BellMickey LolichMickey LolichGary BellOrlando Pena36035010
1966-07-23vs DET94W  6-550-44414,120 John O'DonoghueJoe SparmaLuis TiantHank Aguirre 36635511
1966-07-24vs DET95W  3-051-4530 Steve HarganDenny McLainSteve HarganDenny McLain 36935514
1966-07-24vs DET96L  1-251-45320,862 Tom KelleyJohnny PodresLarry SherryTom Kelley 37035713
1966-07-25@ WS297W  6-352-4533,734Sonny SiebertMike McCormickSonny SiebertMike McCormick 37636016
1966-07-26@ BAL98W  7-453-45323,990Gary BellSteve BarberGary BellSteve BarberLuis Tiant38336419
1966-07-27@ BAL99L  1-753-46322,294John O'DonoghueDave McNallyDave McNallyJohn O'Donoghue 38437113
1966-07-29@ CAL100L  1-253-47326,660Sonny SiebertGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetSonny SiebertMinnie Rojas38537312
1966-07-30@ CAL101L  1-253-48427,992Gary BellDean ChanceDean ChanceGary Bell 38637511
1966-07-31@ CAL102W  3-254-48319,278Steve HarganFred NewmanSteve HarganFred NewmanLuis Tiant38937712
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-08-02vs BAL103L  6-854-49417,936 Sam McDowellDave McNallyDick HallTom Kelley 39538510
1966-08-03vs BAL104W  9-655-49314,432 Sonny SiebertJim PalmerSonny SiebertJim PalmerLuis Tiant40439113
1966-08-04vs BAL105W  3-156-49313,036 Gary BellBill ShortGary BellBill Short 40739215
1966-08-05vs NYA106W  5-457-5030 Steve HarganFred TalbotSteve HarganFred TalbotLuis Tiant41239616
1966-08-05vs NYA107L  0-357-50326,623 John O'DonoghueSteve HamiltonSteve HamiltonJohn O'Donoghue 41239913
1966-08-06vs NYA108L  4-557-51324,144 Sam McDowellJim BoutonWhitey FordLuis Tiant 41640412
1966-08-07vs NYA109W  6-459-5130 Sonny SiebertMel StottlemyreSonny SiebertMel StottlemyreBob Allen42240814
1966-08-07vs NYA110W  5-359-51337,668 Tom KelleyAl DowningJack KralickAl Downing 42741116
1966-08-08@ BOS111L  1-359-52310,003Gary BellJose SantiagoJose SantiagoGary Bell 42841414
1966-08-09@ BOS112W  5-060-52311,174Steve HarganDennis BennettSteve HarganDennis Bennett 43341419
1966-08-10@ BOS113L  0-260-5336,125Sam McDowellLee StangeLee StangeSam McDowell 43341617
1966-08-11@ BOS114L  3-1360-5438,160Sonny SiebertJim LonborgJim LonborgSonny SiebertDon McMahon4364297
1966-08-12@ NYA115W  3-261-54316,980Gary BellAl DowningGary BellAl DowningLuis Tiant4394318
1966-08-13@ NYA116W  2-162-54338,202Steve HarganJim BoutonSteve HarganHal Reniff 4414329
1966-08-14@ NYA117L  3-762-5630Sam McDowellFritz PetersonDooley WomackSam McDowell 4444395
1966-08-14@ NYA118L  4-662-56331,948Jack KralickFred TalbotSteve HamiltonTom Kelley 4484453
1966-08-15vs WS2119W  4-363-5639,739 Sonny SiebertMike McCormickSonny SiebertMike McCormickLuis Tiant4524484
1966-08-16vs WS2120L  5-663-57314,265 Gary BellJim HannanDick LinesLuis Tiant 4574543
1966-08-17vs WS2121W  5-364-5736,842 Steve HarganPete RichertSteve HarganPete RichertDick Radatz4624575
1966-08-18vs CHA122W  2-065-5735,539 Sam McDowellGary PetersSam McDowellGary Peters 4644577
1966-08-19vs CHA123W  3-266-57319,047 Sonny SiebertJoe HorlenLuis TiantJuan Pizarro 4674598
1966-08-20vs CHA124L  1-466-58412,827 Gary BellTommy JohnTommy JohnGary Bell 4684635
1966-08-21vs CHA125L  2-366-59411,373 Steve HarganJohn BuzhardtJack LamabeSteve HarganHoyt Wilhelm4704664
1966-08-23@ BAL126W  2-167-59322,578Sam McDowellJim PalmerSam McDowellJim Palmer 4724675
1966-08-24@ BAL127W  10-468-59319,427Sonny SiebertEddie WattSonny SiebertEddie WattLuis Tiant48247111
1966-08-25@ BAL128L  3-468-60317,079Gary BellDave McNallyStu MillerLuis Tiant 48547510
1966-08-26@ WS2129L  0-168-6145,255Steve HarganMike McCormickMike McCormickSteve Hargan 4854769
1966-08-27@ WS2130L  1-368-6244,261Sam McDowellPhil OrtegaPhil OrtegaSam McDowell 4864797
1966-08-28@ WS2131L  2-368-6348,063Sonny SiebertPete RichertRon KlineLuis Tiant 4884826
1966-08-29@ CHA132L  0-268-64412,238Gary BellTommy JohnTommy JohnGary Bell 4884844
1966-08-30@ CHA133W  6-269-64414,497Steve HarganJohn BuzhardtTom KelleyJohn Buzhardt 4944868
1966-08-31vs BAL134L  1-569-65518,771 Sam McDowellJohn MillerJohn MillerLuis TiantStu Miller4954914
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-09-01vs BAL135W  4-170-65416,476 Sonny SiebertJim PalmerSonny SiebertJim Palmer 4994927
1966-09-02vs DET136L  2-470-6750 Gary BellDenny McLainDenny McLainGary Bell 5014965
1966-09-02vs DET137L  5-770-67510,257 John O'DonoghueJoe SparmaFred GladdingDick RadatzLarry Sherry5065033
1966-09-03vs DET138L  1-870-6865,829 Tom KelleyEarl WilsonEarl WilsonTom Kelley 507511-4
1966-09-04vs DET139L  3-470-6956,845 Sam McDowellHank AguirreOrlando PenaSam McDowell 510515-5
1966-09-05vs BOS140L  1-571-7050 Steve HarganLee StangeLee StangeSteve Hargan 511520-9
1966-09-05vs BOS141W  3-171-7057,731 Sonny SiebertDennis BennettSonny SiebertDennis Bennett 514521-7
1966-09-06vs BOS142W  6-272-7053,866 Gary BellHank FischerGary BellHank Fischer 520523-3
1966-09-07vs BOS143L  4-572-7154,307 George CulverJim LonborgJim LonborgGeorge CulverJohn Wyatt524528-4
1966-09-09vs CAL144W  8-773-7155,693 Sam McDowellDean ChanceLuis TiantJack Sanford 532535-3
1966-09-10vs CAL145L  2-973-7254,760 Bob HeffnerMarcelino LopezMarcelino LopezBob Heffner 534544-10
1966-09-11vs CAL146L  2-873-73620,075 Gary BellFred NewmanFred NewmanGary BellBob Lee536552-16
1966-09-13vs KC1147L  1-373-7464,025 Steve HarganPaul LindbladJack AkerGeorge Culver 537555-18
1966-09-14vs KC1148L  0-373-7564,027 Sam McDowellBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomSam McDowell 537558-21
1966-09-15vs KC1149L  0-173-7663,786 Sonny SiebertBill EdgertonWes StockSonny SiebertVern Handrahan537559-22
1966-09-16@ DET150L  1-373-77610,061Gary BellHank AguirreHank AguirreGary Bell 538562-24
1966-09-17@ DET151W  6-274-7768,817Steve HarganMickey LolichSteve HarganMickey Lolich 544564-20
1966-09-18@ DET152W  6-575-77611,466Sam McDowellDenny McLainLuis TiantLarry Sherry 550569-19
1966-09-20vs MIN153W  4-176-7754,193 Luis TiantJim PerryLuis TiantJim Perry 554570-16
1966-09-21vs MIN154W  6-277-7755,147 Steve HarganJim KaatSteve HarganJim Kaat 560572-12
1966-09-23@ KC1155L  0-277-7856,665Gary BellBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomGary Bell 560574-14
1966-09-24@ KC1156W  3-178-7858,907Luis TiantPaul LindbladLuis TiantPaul LindbladDick Radatz563575-12
1966-09-25@ KC1157W  4-279-7859,023Steve HarganJim NashSteve HarganBill EdgertonDick Radatz567577-10
1966-09-27@ MIN158L  1-579-7955,554Gary BellJim PerryJim PerryGary Bell 568582-14
1966-09-28@ MIN159W  4-080-7956,923Luis TiantJim KaatLuis TiantJim Kaat 572582-10
1966-09-30@ CAL160L  0-280-8059,531Steve HarganDean ChanceDean ChanceSteve Hargan 572584-12
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-10-01@ CAL161W  2-081-80510,721Sam McDowellGeorge BrunetSam McDowellGeorge Brunet 574584-10
1966-10-02@ CAL162L  0-281-81513,280Luis TiantJorge RubioJorge RubioLuis Tiant 574586-12

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