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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  93-68   .578
Result:   2nd in National League
Manager(s):  Herman Franks
General Manager:   Chub Feeney
Stadium:  Candlestick Park
Attendance:  1,657,192
Playoffs:  -

San Francisco Giants affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bill Henry (38)
Youngest Player:  Ken Henderson (20)
Longest Tenure:  Jim Davenport, Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda (9)
Top Hitter:  Willie McCovey (8)
Top Pitcher:  Juan Marichal (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Bob Reynolds (#17)

Roster Continuity:  82.17%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9567.586--
SF Giants9368.5781.5
St. Louis8379.51212.0
NY Mets6695.41028.5
Chi Cubs59103.36436.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-04-12vs CHN1W  9-11-0140,960 Juan MarichalLarry JacksonJuan MarichalLarry Jackson 918
1966-04-13vs CHN2W  4-02-0112,631 Bobby BolinErnie BroglioBobby BolinErnie Broglio 13112
1966-04-14vs CHN3L  4-92-139,579 Ron HerbelBob BuhlBill HandsLindy McDanielTed Abernathy17107
1966-04-15vs HOU4W  6-23-1220,274 Bob ShawTurk FarrellBob ShawTurk FarrellFrank Linzy231211
1966-04-16vs HOU5W  7-14-1118,472 Juan MarichalDave GiustiJuan MarichalDave Giusti 301317
1966-04-17vs HOU6W  3-15-1123,403 Bobby BolinBarry LatmanBobby BolinBarry LatmanFrank Linzy331419
1966-04-19@ CHN7W  11-106-1115,396Ron HerbelErnie BroglioGaylord PerryTed AbernathyBobby Bolin442420
1966-04-21@ CHN8W  5-27-112,566Juan MarichalBill HandsJuan MarichalBill Hands 492623
1966-04-22@ HOU9L  0-27-2120,094Bob ShawDave GiustiDave GiustiBob Shaw 492821
1966-04-23@ HOU10L  0-48-3211,963Bobby BolinBarry LatmanBarry LatmanBobby Bolin 493217
1966-04-23@ HOU11W  2-18-3228,041Gaylord PerryRobin RobertsGaylord PerryRobin Roberts 513318
1966-04-24@ HOU12W  4-29-3120,197Ron HerbelLarry DierkerJoe GibbonJim OwensFrank Linzy553520
1966-04-25vs ATL13L  0-59-418,259 Bob ShawKen JohnsonKen JohnsonBob Shaw 554015
1966-04-26vs ATL14L  3-119-5314,069 Bobby BolinTony CloningerTony CloningerBobby BolinClay Carroll58517
1966-04-27vs CIN15L  6-89-637,847 Gaylord PerryMilt PappasJack BaldschunFrank LinzyTed Davidson64595
1966-04-28vs CIN16W  3-010-627,073 Juan MarichalSammy EllisJuan MarichalSammy Ellis 67598
1966-04-29vs SLN17L  1-510-7418,675 Bob ShawRay SadeckiRay SadeckiBob Shaw 68644
1966-04-30vs SLN18W  6-111-7340,807 Bobby BolinLarry JasterBobby BolinLarry Jaster 74659
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-05-01vs SLN19W  2-012-7231,273 Gaylord PerryBob GibsonGaylord PerryBob Gibson 766511
1966-05-03vs LAN20W  8-113-7235,193 Juan MarichalDon DrysdaleJuan MarichalDon Drysdale 846618
1966-05-04vs LAN21W  6-114-7228,220 Joe GibbonClaude OsteenJoe GibbonClaude Osteen 906723
1966-05-05vs LAN22W  9-815-7126,326 Bobby BolinSandy KoufaxBob PriddyRon Perranoski 997524
1966-05-06@ SLN23W  4-216-7114,764Gaylord PerryBob GibsonGaylord PerryBob GibsonFrank Linzy1037726
1966-05-07@ SLN24W  15-217-7115,369Juan MarichalArt MahaffeyJuan MarichalArt MahaffeyRon Herbel1187939
1966-05-08@ SLN25W  10-518-7117,503Bob ShawLarry JasterLindy McDanielTracy Stallard 1288444
1966-05-10@ PIT26W  2-119-716,750Bobby BolinSteve BlassFrank LinzyBob PurkeyJoe Gibbon1308545
1966-05-11@ PIT27W  6-120-714,373Gaylord PerryDon SchwallGaylord PerryDon Schwall 1368650
1966-05-12@ PIT28W  3-021-715,343Juan MarichalBob VealeJuan MarichalBob Veale 1398653
1966-05-13@ NYN29W  5-422-7156,658Ray SadeckiJack HamiltonBob PriddyDave Eilers 1449054
1966-05-14@ NYN30L  4-1122-8132,680Bobby BolinJack FisherJack FisherBobby BolinDick Selma14810147
1966-05-15@ NYN31L  1-622-9155,226Gaylord PerryRob GardnerRob GardnerGaylord Perry 14910742
1966-05-17@ LAN32L  1-222-10153,561Juan MarichalDon DrysdalePhil ReganFrank Linzy 15010941
1966-05-18@ LAN33W  6-423-10141,726Ray SadeckiClaude OsteenLindy McDanielClaude OsteenFrank Linzy15611343
1966-05-19@ LAN34L  0-423-11149,409Joe GibbonSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxJoe Gibbon 15611739
1966-05-20vs NYN35L  5-723-12115,541 Gaylord PerryJack FisherDick SelmaLindy McDanielDennis Ribant16112437
1966-05-21vs NYN36W  4-324-12117,801 Bobby BolinRob GardnerBob PriddyRob GardnerFrank Linzy16512738
1966-05-22vs NYN37W  5-025-1310 Juan MarichalLarry BearnarthJuan MarichalLarry Bearnarth 17012743
1966-05-22vs NYN38L  2-725-13140,496 Ray SadeckiJack HamiltonJack HamiltonRay Sadecki 17213438
1966-05-24vs PIT39W  5-226-13114,158 Gaylord PerryVern LawGaylord PerryVern LawFrank Linzy17713641
1966-05-25vs PIT40L  2-326-1419,663 Bob ShawDon SchwallDon SchwallBob ShawRoy Face17913940
1966-05-26vs PHI41W  1-027-1417,529 Juan MarichalJim BunningJuan MarichalDarold Knowles 18013941
1966-05-27vs PHI42L  2-927-15116,063 Ray SadeckiLarry JacksonLarry JacksonRay Sadecki 18214834
1966-05-28vs PHI43L  0-227-16117,331 Ron HerbelRay CulpRay CulpJoe GibbonDarold Knowles18215032
1966-05-29vs PHI44W  6-528-16125,237 Bobby BolinChris ShortLindy McDanielBo Belinsky 18815533
1966-05-30@ CIN45W  8-429-16110,955Ray SadeckiMilt PappasRay SadeckiMilt Pappas 19615937
1966-05-31@ CIN46W  5-330-1618,612Juan MarichalSammy EllisJuan MarichalSammy Ellis 20116239
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-06-01@ ATL47W  4-331-16126,951Ron HerbelKen JohnsonRon HerbelKen JohnsonLindy McDaniel20516540
1966-06-02@ ATL48W  5-032-16129,467Bobby BolinDenny LemasterBobby BolinDenny Lemaster 21016545
1966-06-03@ PHI49L  1-632-17127,759Ray SadeckiJim BunningJim BunningRay Sadecki 21117140
1966-06-04@ PHI50L  1-632-18136,494Juan MarichalChris ShortChris ShortJuan Marichal 21217735
1966-06-05@ PHI51W  7-633-18122,587Ron HerbelRay CulpFrank LinzyBo Belinsky 21918336
1966-06-06@ PHI52L  2-633-19119,200Bobby BolinRick WiseRick WiseBobby Bolin 22118932
1966-06-07@ HOU53L  9-1033-20128,467Ray SadeckiDave GiustiDave GiustiLindy McDanielClaude Raymond23019931
1966-06-08@ HOU54L  1-633-21142,925Juan MarichalMike CuellarMike CuellarJuan Marichal 23120526
1966-06-09@ HOU55W  3-134-21125,901Ron HerbelLarry DierkerBill HenryJim Owens 23420628
1966-06-10vs LAN56L  1-634-22240,048 Joe GibbonSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxJoe Gibbon 23521223
1966-06-11vs LAN57L  2-434-23241,280 Bobby BolinClaude OsteenPhil ReganFrank LinzyJim Brewer23721621
1966-06-12vs LAN58W  3-235-23242,402 Juan MarichalDon DrysdaleJuan MarichalDon Drysdale 24021822
1966-06-13vs CHN59W  8-036-2317,103 Gaylord PerryErnie BroglioGaylord PerryErnie BroglioLindy McDaniel24821830
1966-06-14vs CHN60W  11-737-2316,724 Ron HerbelChuck EstradaLindy McDanielBilly Hoeft 25922534
1966-06-15vs HOU61W  4-038-2319,788 Joe GibbonTurk FarrellJoe GibbonTurk FarrellFrank Linzy26322538
1966-06-16vs HOU62W  2-139-23112,087 Juan MarichalBob BruceJuan MarichalBob Bruce 26522639
1966-06-17@ LAN63W  4-140-23150,316Gaylord PerryDon SuttonGaylord PerryDon Sutton 26922742
1966-06-18@ LAN64L  2-340-24154,567Ray SadeckiSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxRay Sadecki 27123041
1966-06-19@ LAN65L  1-240-25153,527Bobby BolinClaude OsteenPhil ReganJoe GibbonRon Perranoski27223240
1966-06-21@ CHN66W  9-741-25111,483Juan MarichalBill HandsJuan MarichalBill Hands 28123942
1966-06-22@ CHN67W  3-243-2510Gaylord PerryCal KoonceGaylord PerryCal KoonceFrank Linzy28424143
1966-06-22@ CHN68W  9-543-25116,732Ron HerbelErnie BroglioRon HerbelErnie BroglioBill Henry29324647
1966-06-23@ CHN69W  6-444-2519,623Ray SadeckiDick EllsworthLindy McDanielDick Ellsworth 29925049
1966-06-24@ CIN70L  1-1244-26119,155Bobby BolinSammy EllisSammy EllisBobby Bolin 30026238
1966-06-25@ CIN71L  2-344-27127,864Juan MarichalHank FischerBilly McCoolFrank Linzy 30226537
1966-06-26@ CIN72W  10-045-27121,246Gaylord PerryJim MaloneyGaylord PerryJim Maloney 31226547
1966-06-27@ SLN73W  2-146-27130,308Ron HerbelBob GibsonRon HerbelBob GibsonLindy McDaniel31426648
1966-06-28@ SLN74W  7-147-27129,587Bobby BolinTracy StallardBobby BolinTracy Stallard 32126754
1966-06-29@ SLN75L  1-247-28129,119Juan MarichalNelson BrilesNelson BrilesJuan MarichalJoe Hoerner32226953
1966-06-30vs ATL76W  3-148-28112,526 Gaylord PerryKen JohnsonGaylord PerryKen Johnson 32527055
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-07-01vs ATL77W  9-549-28115,670 Ron HerbelDenny LemasterFrank LinzyTed AbernathyBob Priddy33427559
1966-07-02vs ATL78L  1-349-29119,794 Bobby BolinJoey JayChi-Chi OlivoFrank LinzyClay Carroll33527857
1966-07-03vs ATL79L  3-1749-30127,002 Joe GibbonTony CloningerTony CloningerJoe Gibbon 33829543
1966-07-04vs SLN80L  2-650-3110 Juan MarichalRay WashburnRay WashburnJuan MarichalJoe Hoerner34030139
1966-07-04vs SLN81W  3-250-31139,172 Gaylord PerryNelson BrilesGaylord PerryNelson Briles 34330340
1966-07-05vs SLN82L  1-350-3217,418 Ron HerbelAl JacksonAl JacksonRon Herbel 34430638
1966-07-06vs SLN83W  3-251-32111,154 Bobby BolinTracy StallardLindy McDanielDon DennisFrank Linzy34730839
1966-07-07vs CIN84W  7-552-32110,831 Ray SadeckiSammy EllisRay SadeckiSammy Ellis 35431341
1966-07-08vs CIN85W  7-253-32121,347 Juan MarichalHank FischerJuan MarichalHank Fischer 36131546
1966-07-09vs CIN86W  8-754-32122,104 Gaylord PerryJim MaloneyFrank LinzyJoe Nuxhall 36932247
1966-07-10vs CIN87L  1-254-33131,903 Ron HerbelMilt PappasMilt PappasRon Herbel 37032446
1966-07-14@ PHI88L  0-554-34124,347Gaylord PerryLarry JacksonLarry JacksonGaylord Perry 37032941
1966-07-15@ PHI89W  8-155-34129,966Juan MarichalJim BunningJuan MarichalJim Bunning 37833048
1966-07-16@ PHI90L  5-655-35114,484Ray SadeckiBob BuhlTerry FoxJoe Gibbon 38333647
1966-07-17@ PIT91L  4-755-3710Ron HerbelSteve BlassSteve BlassRon HerbelPete Mikkelsen38734344
1966-07-17@ PIT92L  1-755-37135,184Bob PriddyTommie SiskTommie SiskBob Priddy 38835038
1966-07-18@ PIT93W  3-256-37133,908Gaylord PerryBob VealeGaylord PerryBob VealeLindy McDaniel39135239
1966-07-20vs NYN94L  2-356-38113,155 Juan MarichalJack FisherJack FisherBill Henry 39335538
1966-07-21vs NYN95L  3-1456-39110,904 Ray SadeckiDennis RibantDennis RibantRay Sadecki 39636927
1966-07-22vs PHI96W  4-157-39123,420 Gaylord PerryLarry JacksonGaylord PerryLarry Jackson 40037030
1966-07-23vs PHI97L  0-857-40123,846 Bobby BolinJim BunningJim BunningBobby Bolin 40037822
1966-07-24vs PHI98W  4-158-40130,835 Ron HerbelBob BuhlRon HerbelBob BuhlFrank Linzy40437925
1966-07-25vs PIT99W  2-159-40122,191 Juan MarichalWoodie FrymanJuan MarichalWoodie Fryman 40638026
1966-07-26vs PIT100W  8-360-40121,786 Gaylord PerrySteve BlassGaylord PerrySteve BlassLindy McDaniel41438331
1966-07-27vs PIT101L  3-560-41122,154 Bobby BolinTommie SiskPete MikkelsenFrank LinzyRoy Face41738829
1966-07-29@ ATL102L  6-760-42131,069Ron HerbelTony CloningerTed AbernathyFrank Linzy 42339528
1966-07-30@ ATL103L  5-660-44329,706Gaylord PerryKen JohnsonTed AbernathyFrank Linzy 42840127
1966-07-30@ ATL104L  2-1560-44345,767Bob PriddyDenny LemasterDenny LemasterBob Priddy 43041614
1966-07-31@ ATL105W  4-361-44243,987Bobby BolinDick KelleyBobby BolinDick Kelley 43441915
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-08-01@ NYN106W  4-262-44239,778Joe GibbonBob FriendBob PriddyBob Friend 43842117
1966-08-02@ NYN107W  5-463-44138,258Ray SadeckiGerry ArrigoJuan MarichalJack Hamilton 44342518
1966-08-03@ NYN108W  11-164-44147,545Gaylord PerryJack FisherGaylord PerryJack Fisher 45442628
1966-08-04@ NYN109L  6-864-45141,038Juan MarichalDennis RibantJack HamiltonLindy McDaniel 46043426
1966-08-05@ CHN110L  3-464-46111,160Bobby BolinBill HandsArnold EarleyFrank Linzy 46343825
1966-08-06@ CHN111L  2-564-47217,844Bob PriddyRobin RobertsBill HandsBob Priddy 46544322
1966-08-07@ CHN112W  9-665-47229,265Gaylord PerryKen HoltzmanGaylord PerryKen HoltzmanFrank Linzy47444925
1966-08-08@ CIN113L  6-1066-4810Ray SadeckiJim MaloneyJim MaloneyRon HerbelTed Davidson48045921
1966-08-08@ CIN114W  7-566-48132,552Joe GibbonSammy EllisLindy McDanielJack BaldschunFrank Linzy48746423
1966-08-09@ CIN115L  2-366-49116,631Bobby BolinMilt PappasSammy EllisBobby Bolin 48946722
1966-08-12vs HOU116W  1-067-49216,934 Gaylord PerryMike CuellarGaylord PerryMike Cuellar 49046723
1966-08-13vs HOU117L  0-367-50219,599 Juan MarichalDave GiustiDave GiustiJuan Marichal 49047020
1966-08-14vs HOU118W  5-269-5020 Bobby BolinBarry LatmanBobby BolinBarry Latman 49547223
1966-08-14vs HOU119W  5-369-50235,144 Joe GibbonBob BruceLindy McDanielClaude RaymondFrank Linzy50047525
1966-08-16vs SLN120W  3-170-50224,178 Gaylord PerryAl JacksonGaylord PerryAl Jackson 50347627
1966-08-17vs SLN121W  4-371-50121,956 Juan MarichalRay WashburnFrank LinzyNelson Briles 50747928
1966-08-19vs ATL122L  5-871-51120,625 Bobby BolinDenny LemasterPhil NiekroBobby Bolin 51248725
1966-08-20vs ATL123W  6-172-51123,706 Gaylord PerryTony CloningerGaylord PerryTony Cloninger 51848830
1966-08-21vs ATL124W  9-473-51130,740 Ron HerbelKen JohnsonBob PriddyClay CarrollFrank Linzy52749235
1966-08-22vs CIN125W  5-274-51111,446 Joe GibbonSammy EllisJoe GibbonSammy EllisLindy McDaniel53249438
1966-08-23vs CIN126W  7-375-51118,020 Juan MarichalMilt PappasJuan MarichalMilt Pappas 53949742
1966-08-24vs CIN127L  4-975-52118,587 Gaylord PerryJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallGaylord Perry 54350637
1966-08-26vs LAN128L  0-475-53142,647 Bobby BolinSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBobby Bolin 54351033
1966-08-27vs LAN129W  4-276-53141,876 Juan MarichalDon DrysdaleJuan MarichalDon Drysdale 54751235
1966-08-28vs LAN130L  2-576-54141,952 Gaylord PerryDon SuttonDon SuttonGaylord Perry 54951732
1966-08-29@ PHI131L  1-576-55125,994Ray SadeckiJim BunningJim BunningRay Sadecki 55052228
1966-08-30@ PHI132W  7-177-55125,086Bobby BolinRick WiseBobby BolinRick WiseFrank Linzy55752334
1966-08-31@ NYN133W  2-178-55150,508Juan MarichalJack FisherJuan MarichalJack Fisher 55952435
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-09-01@ NYN134L  1-278-56137,516Gaylord PerryDennis RibantDennis RibantGaylord Perry 56052634
1966-09-02@ SLN135L  5-678-57126,257Joe GibbonRay WashburnJoe HoernerLindy McDaniel 56553233
1966-09-03@ SLN136L  2-378-58320,574Bobby BolinLarry JasterLarry JasterBobby Bolin 56753532
1966-09-04@ SLN137W  9-279-58333,824Juan MarichalAl JacksonJuan MarichalAl Jackson 57653739
1966-09-05@ LAN138L  1-479-59354,769Gaylord PerryDon SuttonBob MillerFrank LinzyPhil Regan57754136
1966-09-06@ LAN139W  6-080-59252,360Ray SadeckiDon DrysdaleRay SadeckiDon Drysdale 58354142
1966-09-07@ LAN140W  3-281-59154,993Bobby BolinSandy KoufaxFrank LinzyJoe Moeller 58654343
1966-09-09vs CHN141L  0-681-60219,779 Juan MarichalKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanJuan MarichalBill Hands58654937
1966-09-10vs CHN142L  3-1281-61219,436 Gaylord PerryDick EllsworthDick EllsworthGaylord PerryCal Koonce58956128
1966-09-11vs CHN143L  3-482-6220 Ray SadeckiFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsRay SadeckiBob Hendley59256527
1966-09-11vs CHN144W  2-082-62234,039 Bobby BolinCurt SimmonsBobby BolinCurt Simmons 59456529
1966-09-13vs PHI145W  7-283-62211,930 Juan MarichalLarry JacksonJuan MarichalLarry Jackson 60156734
1966-09-14vs PHI146L  0-283-6328,328 Gaylord PerryJim BunningJim BunningGaylord Perry 60156932
1966-09-15vs NYN147W  10-484-6326,072 Bobby BolinBob ShawBobby BolinBob Shaw 61157338
1966-09-16vs NYN148L  4-584-64217,273 Ray SadeckiJack FisherDarrell SutherlandBilly HoeftJack Hamilton61557837
1966-09-17vs NYN149W  6-485-64219,024 Juan MarichalDennis RibantFrank LinzyLarry Miller 62158239
1966-09-18vs PIT150L  1-385-65241,981 Gaylord PerryWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanGaylord Perry 62258537
1966-09-19vs PIT151L  1-685-66312,871 Bobby BolinBob VealePete MikkelsenFrank Linzy 62359132
1966-09-20vs PIT152L  0-685-67330,187 Ron HerbelVern LawVern LawRon Herbel 62359726
1966-09-21vs PIT153W  6-586-67315,338 Juan MarichalTommie SiskJuan MarichalRoy Face 62960227
1966-09-24@ HOU154W  9-587-67231,173Gaylord PerryMike CuellarBob PriddyChris Zachary 63860731
1966-09-25@ HOU155L  4-587-68328,925Bobby BolinLarry DierkerLarry DierkerBilly HoeftBarry Latman64261230
1966-09-26@ ATL156W  8-288-68217,055Juan MarichalRon ReedJuan MarichalRon Reed 65061436
1966-09-27@ ATL157W  6-389-68225,325Ray SadeckiPat JarvisLindy McDanielPat Jarvis 65661739
1966-09-28@ ATL158W  5-290-68223,148Gaylord PerryTony CloningerGaylord PerryTony Cloninger 66161942
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-10-01@ PIT159W  5-492-6820Juan MarichalWoodie FrymanJuan MarichalPete Mikkelsen 66662343
1966-10-01@ PIT160W  2-092-68218,928Bobby BolinTommie SiskBobby BolinTommie Sisk 66862345
1966-10-02@ PIT161W  7-393-68233,827Gaylord PerryBob VealeLindy McDanielSteve Blass 67562649

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