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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  87-75   .537
Result:   5th in American League
Manager(s):  Birdie Tebbetts
General Manager:   Gabe Paul
Stadium:  Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Attendance:  934,786
Playoffs:  -

Cleveland Indians affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dick Donovan (37)
Youngest Player:  Mike Hedlund (18)
Longest Tenure:  Gary Bell (8)
Top Hitter:  Rocky Colavito (1)
Top Pitcher:  Sam McDowell (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Ray Fosse (#7)

Roster Continuity:  67.90%
American League Standings
Chi White Sox9567.5867.0
NY Yankees7785.47525.0
KC Athletics59103.36443.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-04-13@ CAL1W  7-11-0411,278Ralph TerryFred NewmanRalph TerryFred Newman 716
1965-04-15@ KC12L  3-71-142,170Sam McDowellJohn O'DonoghueJohn O'DonoghueSam McDowell 1082
1965-04-17@ MIN3L  0-31-284,492Dick DonovanJim KaatJim KaatDick Donovan 1011-1
1965-04-18@ MIN4L  3-61-383,273Ralph TerryMudcat GrantDave BoswellRalph TerryAl Worthington1317-4
1965-04-21vs CAL5W  6-52-3744,335 Sam McDowellFred NewmanSonny SiebertRon Piche 1922-3
1965-04-23vs KC16W  6-23-369,812 Dick DonovanOrlando PenaDick DonovanOrlando PenaLuis Tiant25241
1965-04-24vs KC17W  4-14-354,088 Ralph TerryMoe DrabowskyRalph TerryFred TalbotGary Bell29254
1965-04-27vs MIN8L  1-114-453,827 Sam McDowellCamilo PascualCamilo PascualSam McDowell 3036-6
1965-04-28vs MIN9W  9-35-453,691 Jack KralickJim KaatSonny SiebertJim Kaat 39390
1965-04-30vs WS210W  5-26-447,234 Ralph TerryBuster NarumRalph TerryBuster Narum 44413
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-05-01vs WS211W  7-27-443,442 Luis TiantBennie DanielsGary BellBennie Daniels 51438
1965-05-02vs WS212L  2-37-650 Jack KralickMike McCormickRon KlineDon McMahon 53467
1965-05-02vs WS213L  2-47-6513,414 Sam McDowellDallas GreenBuster NarumGary BellRon Kline55505
1965-05-04vs NYA14L  3-57-769,040 Sonny SiebertJim BoutonJim BoutonSonny SiebertPedro Ramos58553
1965-05-05vs NYA15W  4-08-7410,737 Ralph TerryWhitey FordRalph TerryWhitey Ford 62557
1965-05-07@ BOS16W  5-19-749,093Luis TiantEarl WilsonLuis TiantEarl Wilson 675611
1965-05-08@ BOS17L  8-159-8420,187Jack KralickBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteJack KralickDick Radatz75714
1965-05-09@ BOS18W  9-411-840Sam McDowellDave MoreheadSam McDowellDave MoreheadGary Bell84759
1965-05-09@ BOS19W  10-711-8413,852Sonny SiebertJerry StephensonSonny SiebertJerry StephensonGary Bell948212
1965-05-11@ BAL20L  2-311-946,502Ralph TerrySteve BarberDick HallJack Kralick 968511
1965-05-12@ BAL21L  2-411-1065,348Luis TiantDave McNallyDave McNallyLuis Tiant 98899
1965-05-13@ BAL22L  2-311-1165,487Jack KralickMilt PappasMilt PappasLuis TiantStu Miller100928
1965-05-14@ WS223W  2-112-11610,135Sam McDowellPhil OrtegaSam McDowellPhil Ortega 102939
1965-05-15@ WS224L  7-912-1262,675Sonny SiebertBuster NarumBennie DanielsSonny SiebertRon Kline1091027
1965-05-16@ WS225L  7-813-1360Ralph TerryMike McCormickPhil OrtegaDick Donovan 1161106
1965-05-16@ WS226W  7-313-13612,630Luis TiantFrank KreutzerLuis TiantFrank Kreutzer 12311310
1965-05-18vs BAL27W  1-014-1366,593 Jack KralickRobin RobertsJack KralickRobin RobertsDon McMahon12411311
1965-05-19vs BAL28W  2-015-1346,719 Sam McDowellSteve BarberSam McDowellSteve Barber 12611313
1965-05-20vs BAL29W  5-216-1346,231 Sonny SiebertDave McNallySonny SiebertDave McNallyGary Bell13111516
1965-05-21vs BOS30W  11-617-1339,685 Luis TiantEarl WilsonFloyd WeaverJay RitchieGary Bell14212121
1965-05-22vs BOS31L  4-817-1445,287 Ralph TerryDave MoreheadDave MoreheadRalph Terry 14612917
1965-05-23vs BOS32L  2-617-1660 Sam McDowellJim LonborgJim LonborgSam McDowell 14813513
1965-05-23vs BOS33L  3-817-16618,213 Dick DonovanJerry StephensonJerry StephensonDick DonovanJay Ritchie1511438
1965-05-24@ NYA34L  5-1517-1769,973Jack KralickMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreJack Kralick 156158-2
1965-05-25@ NYA35W  5-118-1754,925Sonny SiebertJim BoutonSonny SiebertJim BoutonSam McDowell1611592
1965-05-26@ CHA36W  3-119-17511,138Luis TiantGary PetersLuis TiantGary Peters 1641604
1965-05-28@ DET37L  0-119-18511,291Ralph TerryHank AguirreHank AguirreRalph Terry 1641613
1965-05-29@ DET38L  0-119-1965,953Jack KralickMickey LolichMickey LolichJack Kralick 1641622
1965-05-30@ DET39W  10-220-19517,524Sam McDowellPhil ReganSam McDowellPhil Regan 17416410
1965-05-31vs CHA40L  3-421-2050 Sonny SiebertJohn BuzhardtEddie FisherFloyd Weaver 1771689
1965-05-31vs CHA41W  4-321-20523,565 Luis TiantJuan PizarroLuis TiantBruce Howard 18117110
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-06-04vs DET42W  7-622-20517,693 Ralph TerryHank AguirreSonny SiebertLarry SherryGary Bell18817711
1965-06-05vs DET43W  2-123-20513,084 Sam McDowellMickey LolichSam McDowellTerry Fox 19017812
1965-06-06vs DET44W  10-124-20329,183 Jack KralickJoe SparmaJack KralickJoe SparmaGary Bell20017921
1965-06-07@ MIN45W  2-125-20313,567Luis TiantMudcat GrantLuis TiantMudcat Grant 20218022
1965-06-08@ MIN46L  2-625-21311,268Sonny SiebertCamilo PascualCamilo PascualSonny Siebert 20418618
1965-06-09@ MIN47W  2-126-21318,194Ralph TerryJim KaatRalph TerryJim KaatGary Bell20618719
1965-06-10@ MIN48W  4-127-21312,798Sam McDowellDave BoswellSam McDowellDave BoswellGary Bell21018822
1965-06-11@ KC149L  2-527-2234,901Jack KralickRollie SheldonRollie SheldonJack Kralick 21219319
1965-06-12@ KC150L  0-727-2348,822Luis TiantFred TalbotFred TalbotLuis Tiant 21220012
1965-06-13@ KC151L  4-828-2440Sonny SiebertDon BuschhornDon MossiGary Bell 2162088
1965-06-13@ KC152W  5-228-2447,179Lee StangeJohn O'DonoghueLee StangeJohn O'Donoghue 22121011
1965-06-14vs NYA53W  5-429-24416,421 Ralph TerryBill StaffordDon McMahonPete Mikkelsen 22621412
1965-06-15vs WS254W  8-330-2444,537 Sam McDowellHowie KoplitzSam McDowellHowie KoplitzGary Bell23421717
1965-06-16vs WS255W  5-031-2446,250 Luis TiantPhil OrtegaLuis TiantPhil Ortega 23921722
1965-06-17vs WS256W  5-032-2444,893 Sonny SiebertBennie DanielsSonny SiebertBennie Daniels 24421727
1965-06-18vs CAL57W  3-233-24312,805 Lee StangeRudy MayFloyd WeaverRudy May 24721928
1965-06-19vs CAL58W  1-034-2435,791 Ralph TerryFred NewmanRalph TerryFred Newman 24821929
1965-06-20vs CAL59W  5-036-2430 Sam McDowellMarcelino LopezSam McDowellMarcelino Lopez 25321934
1965-06-20vs CAL60W  3-136-24324,616 Lee StangeDean ChanceLee StangeBarry Latman 25622036
1965-06-22vs MIN61W  5-437-24320,425 Luis TiantJim KaatGary BellAl Worthington 26122437
1965-06-23vs MIN62L  3-637-25325,553 Sonny SiebertMudcat GrantMudcat GrantJack SpringDick Stigman26423034
1965-06-24vs MIN63W  3-138-25314,513 Ralph TerryCamilo PascualRalph TerryCamilo PascualGary Bell26723136
1965-06-25vs KC164W  2-039-25312,073 Sam McDowellCatfish HunterSam McDowellCatfish HunterGary Bell26923138
1965-06-26vs KC165L  2-439-2636,509 Lee StangeFred TalbotFred TalbotLee StangeDon Mossi27123536
1965-06-27vs KC166W  10-741-2630 Luis TiantJohn O'DonoghueJack SpringJim Dickson 28124239
1965-06-27vs KC167W  11-741-26317,829 Floyd WeaverWes StockSonny SiebertDon Mossi 29224943
1965-06-28@ BOS68W  9-242-26212,069Luis TiantBill MonbouquetteLuis TiantBill MonbouquetteFloyd Weaver30125150
1965-06-29@ BOS69W  8-543-2618,906Ralph TerryDennis BennettRalph TerryDennis BennettDon McMahon30925653
1965-06-30@ WS270L  1-243-2717,040Sam McDowellPhil OrtegaPhil OrtegaSam McDowellRon Kline31025852
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-07-01@ WS271W  7-244-2716,620Sonny SiebertHowie KoplitzSonny SiebertHowie Koplitz 31726057
1965-07-02@ BAL72W  8-045-27125,070Lee StangeJohn MillerLee StangeJohn Miller 32526065
1965-07-03@ BAL73L  4-845-2827,403Luis TiantWally BunkerDick HallJack Kralick 32926861
1965-07-04vs BAL74W  4-246-28232,756 Ralph TerryMilt PappasRalph TerryMilt Pappas 33327063
1965-07-05@ CHA75L  1-346-29231,723Sam McDowellBruce HowardBob LockerSam McDowellEddie Fisher33427361
1965-07-07@ CHA76W  4-248-2920Luis TiantGary PetersGary BellGary PetersSam McDowell33827563
1965-07-07@ CHA77W  4-248-29229,713Lee StangeJohn BuzhardtLee StangeHoyt WilhelmDon McMahon34227765
1965-07-08@ CHA78L  2-348-3029,374Jack KralickTommy JohnTommy JohnJack KralickEddie Fisher34428064
1965-07-09@ CAL79L  3-448-3220Ralph TerryGeorge BrunetBob LeeDon McMahon 34728463
1965-07-09@ CAL80L  0-248-32215,450Sonny SiebertMarcelino LopezMarcelino LopezSonny Siebert 34728661
1965-07-10@ CAL81L  0-148-33210,337Sam McDowellFred NewmanFred NewmanSam McDowellBob Lee34728760
1965-07-11@ CAL82L  0-248-3428,424Lee StangeDean ChanceDean ChanceLee Stange 34728958
1965-07-14vs CHA83L  10-1248-35312,351 Ralph TerryGary PetersEddie FisherGary Bell 35730156
1965-07-15vs BOS84W  6-349-3527,739 Sonny SiebertJim LonborgSonny SiebertJim Lonborg 36330459
1965-07-16vs BOS85W  4-350-35212,328 Sam McDowellBill MonbouquetteDon McMahonDick Radatz 36730760
1965-07-17vs BOS86W  8-551-35212,351 Luis TiantEarl WilsonLuis TiantEarl WilsonDon McMahon37531263
1965-07-18vs BOS87L  1-451-36324,573 Jack KralickDave MoreheadDave MoreheadJack KralickDick Radatz37631660
1965-07-19vs BAL88W  5-052-3629,337 Lee StangeSteve BarberLee StangeSteve Barber 38131665
1965-07-20vs BAL89L  1-652-37311,511 Ralph TerryDave McNallyDave McNallyRalph Terry 38232260
1965-07-21@ DET90L  5-1052-3940Sam McDowellMickey LolichMickey LolichSam McDowellTerry Fox38733255
1965-07-21@ DET91L  1-252-39432,704Sonny SiebertDenny McLainDenny McLainSonny Siebert 38833454
1965-07-23vs NYA92W  5-253-39330,132 Luis TiantJim BoutonLuis TiantJim BoutonDon McMahon39333657
1965-07-24vs NYA93W  3-054-39348,777 Sam McDowellPete MikkelsenSam McDowellPete Mikkelsen 39633660
1965-07-25vs NYA94L  0-355-4030 Sonny SiebertMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreSonny Siebert 39633957
1965-07-25vs NYA95W  7-455-40356,634 Lee StangeAl DowningJack KralickAl DowningDon McMahon40334360
1965-07-27vs CHA96W  7-356-40312,062 Ralph TerryJohn BuzhardtRalph TerryJohn BuzhardtSonny Siebert41034664
1965-07-28vs CHA97W  4-257-40314,188 Sam McDowellJoe HorlenGary BellJoe Horlen 41434866
1965-07-29vs CHA98L  4-957-41313,167 Luis TiantTommy JohnHoyt WilhelmLuis Tiant 41835761
1965-07-30@ NYA99W  5-058-41323,006Sonny SiebertAl DowningSonny SiebertAl DowningDon McMahon42335766
1965-07-31@ NYA100L  6-758-42342,170Luis TiantWhitey FordHal ReniffJack Spring 42936465
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-08-01@ NYA101L  6-1059-4330Ralph TerryJim BoutonPedro RamosGary Bell 43537461
1965-08-01@ NYA102W  4-159-43334,978Sam McDowellJack CullenSam McDowellJack Cullen 43937564
1965-08-03vs DET103L  7-1259-4439,372 Steve HarganMickey LolichTerry FoxLee Stange 44638759
1965-08-04vs DET104W  4-160-44317,796 Sonny SiebertJoe SparmaSonny SiebertJoe Sparma 45038862
1965-08-05vs DET105W  5-261-44313,639 Sam McDowellDave WickershamSam McDowellDave Wickersham 45539065
1965-08-06@ CHA106L  5-1161-4535,183Ralph TerryJoe HorlenJoe HorlenFloyd WeaverHoyt Wilhelm46040159
1965-08-07@ CHA107L  3-461-4639,247Luis TiantJohn BuzhardtEddie FisherLuis Tiant 46340558
1965-08-08@ CHA108W  6-462-46321,165Sonny SiebertGary PetersSonny SiebertGary PetersGary Bell46940960
1965-08-09vs CAL109L  0-962-4737,240 Sam McDowellDean ChanceDean ChanceSam McDowell 46941851
1965-08-10vs CAL110L  2-562-4834,950 Steve HarganMarcelino LopezMarcelino LopezSteve HarganBob Lee47142348
1965-08-11vs CAL111W  6-063-4837,125 Luis TiantGeorge BrunetLuis TiantGeorge Brunet 47742354
1965-08-12vs CAL112L  1-563-4936,931 Jack KralickFred NewmanBob LeeJack Kralick 47842850
1965-08-13vs MIN113W  3-164-49327,449 Sonny SiebertJim PerryLee StangeJim PerryBobby Tiefenauer48142952
1965-08-14vs MIN114W  3-165-49215,909 Sam McDowellJim KaatSam McDowellJim Kaat 48443054
1965-08-15vs MIN115L  3-466-5030 Luis TiantMudcat GrantMudcat GrantLuis TiantAl Worthington48743453
1965-08-15vs MIN116W  6-466-50341,029 Steve HarganDick StigmanJack KralickBill Pleis 49343855
1965-08-17vs KC1117L  2-366-5147,298 Lee StangeLew KrausseLew KrausseLee StangeDon Mossi49544154
1965-08-18vs KC1118L  2-467-5250 Sam McDowellJohn O'DonoghueJack AkerSam McDowellJohn Wyatt49744552
1965-08-18vs KC1119W  4-167-52511,736 Jack KralickFred TalbotJack KralickFred TalbotGary Bell50144655
1965-08-20@ WS2120L  2-367-5359,203Luis TiantBuster NarumRon KlineLuis Tiant 50344954
1965-08-21@ WS2121L  2-467-5453,317Steve HarganMike McCormickHowie KoplitzSteve Hargan 50545352
1965-08-22@ WS2122W  8-568-5455,026Sam McDowellPhil OrtegaGary BellRon KlineBobby Tiefenauer51345855
1965-08-23@ CAL123L  2-868-5553,763Jack KralickMarcelino LopezMarcelino LopezJack Kralick 51546649
1965-08-24@ CAL124L  1-768-5654,591Luis TiantGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetLuis Tiant 51647343
1965-08-25@ CAL125W  6-370-5650Steve HarganJack SanfordSteve HarganJack SanfordBobby Tiefenauer52247646
1965-08-25@ CAL126W  8-270-5656,609Ralph TerryFred NewmanRalph TerryFred NewmanBobby Tiefenauer53047852
1965-08-27@ MIN127L  0-770-57536,999Sam McDowellMudcat GrantMudcat GrantSam McDowell 53048545
1965-08-28@ MIN128W  6-571-57434,255Luis TiantJim PerryLee StangeAl WorthingtonGary Bell53649046
1965-08-29@ MIN129W  3-172-57331,781Steve HarganJim MerrittSteve HarganJim MerrittSam McDowell53949148
1965-08-31@ KC1130W  8-173-5840Sam McDowellCatfish HunterSam McDowellCatfish Hunter 54749255
1965-08-31@ KC1131L  2-373-5843,970Sonny SiebertFred TalbotJim DicksonBobby Tiefenauer 54949554
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-09-01@ KC1132L  3-473-5943,466Luis TiantJohn O'DonoghueJohn O'DonoghueLuis TiantJack Aker55249953
1965-09-02@ KC1133W  10-674-5932,113Ralph TerryRollie SheldonDon McMahonDon Mossi 56250557
1965-09-03@ BAL134L  3-574-6058,348Steve HarganWally BunkerWally BunkerSteve HarganStu Miller56551055
1965-09-04@ BAL135L  0-174-61511,925Sam McDowellSteve BarberStu MillerBobby Tiefenauer 56551154
1965-09-05@ BAL136L  5-974-6258,920Lee StangeJohn MillerJim PalmerBobby TiefenauerDon Larsen57052050
1965-09-06vs WS2137W  5-376-6240 Sonny SiebertPete CraigSonny SiebertPete CraigDon McMahon57552352
1965-09-06vs WS2138W  4-376-62411,734 Luis TiantFrank KreutzerLuis TiantFrank KreutzerSteve Hargan57952653
1965-09-07@ CHA139W  9-577-6242,651Jack KralickJuan PizarroSteve HarganTommy JohnDon McMahon58853157
1965-09-08vs BOS140L  3-577-6344,000 Sam McDowellDennis BennettDick RadatzDon McMahonBob Duliba59153655
1965-09-10vs DET141L  0-277-6456,774 Sonny SiebertMickey LolichMickey LolichSonny Siebert 59153853
1965-09-11vs DET142L  3-577-6553,576 Luis TiantJoe SparmaJoe SparmaLuis TiantOrlando Pena59454351
1965-09-14@ BOS143L  4-577-6652,811Sam McDowellBill MonbouquetteDick RadatzBobby Tiefenauer 59854850
1965-09-15@ BOS144W  8-478-6651,900Sonny SiebertDennis BennettSteve HarganDennis Bennett 60655254
1965-09-16@ BOS145L  0-278-6751,247Luis TiantDave MoreheadDave MoreheadLuis Tiant 60655452
1965-09-17vs CHA146L  4-578-6855,274 Tom KelleyGary PetersHoyt WilhelmGary BellFrank Lary61055951
1965-09-18vs CHA147L  5-878-6952,940 Steve HarganTommy JohnEddie FisherBobby Tiefenauer 61556748
1965-09-19vs CHA148L  5-778-7055,710 Sonny SiebertJuan PizarroJuan PizarroSonny SiebertHoyt Wilhelm62057446
1965-09-20vs DET149W  5-479-7051,831 Luis TiantHank AguirreSam McDowellOrlando Pena 62557847
1965-09-21@ NYA150L  4-979-7157,222Ralph TerryMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreRalph Terry 62958742
1965-09-22@ NYA151W  4-380-7155,541Tom KelleyWhitey FordTom KelleyWhitey FordSam McDowell63359043
1965-09-23@ NYA152W  2-181-7153,004Sonny SiebertJim BoutonSonny SiebertJim BoutonGary Bell63559144
1965-09-24@ DET153W  3-282-71512,564Sam McDowellJoe SparmaSam McDowellOrlando PenaDon McMahon63859345
1965-09-25@ DET154L  1-482-7256,725Jack KralickDenny McLainDenny McLainJack Kralick 63959742
1965-09-26@ DET155L  0-283-7350Ralph TerryMickey LolichMickey LolichRalph Terry 63959940
1965-09-26@ DET156W  7-183-73510,986Tom KelleyPhil ReganTom KelleyPhil Regan 64660046
1965-09-28vs NYA157W  6-384-7353,674 Sonny SiebertRich BeckSonny SiebertRich BeckDon McMahon65260349
1965-09-29vs NYA158W  5-385-7354,150 Sam McDowellAl DowningSam McDowellBill Stafford 65760651
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-10-01vs BAL159L  0-286-7450 Tom KelleyDave McNallyDave McNallyTom Kelley 65760849
1965-10-01vs BAL160W  3-286-7452,881 Lee StangeJohn MillerLee StangeJohn MillerSteve Hargan66061050
1965-10-02vs BAL161W  2-187-7452,064 Sonny SiebertWally BunkerGary BellDick Hall 66261151
1965-10-03vs BAL162L  1-287-75521,651 Sam McDowellSteve BarberSteve BarberSam McDowell 66361350

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