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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Pittsburgh,PA
Team Record:  90-72   .556
Result:   3rd in National League
Manager(s):  Harry Walker
General Manager:   Joe Brown
Stadium:  Forbes Field
Attendance:  909,279
Playoffs:  -

Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Roy Face (37)
Youngest Player:  Jerry May (21)
Longest Tenure:  Bob Friend (15)
Top Hitter:  Donn Clendenon (13)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Veale (8)
Top Draft Pick:  Doug Dickerson (#10)

Roster Continuity:  86.98%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9765.599--
SF Giants9567.5862.0
St. Louis8081.49716.5
Chi Cubs7290.44425.0
NY Mets50112.30947.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-04-12vs SFN1W  1-01-0228,189 Bob VealeJuan MarichalBob VealeJuan Marichal 101
1965-04-13vs SFN2W  5-22-024,444 Bob FriendJack SanfordBob FriendJack SanfordAl McBean624
1965-04-14vs LAN3L  1-32-137,770 Joe GibbonClaude OsteenClaude OsteenJoe Gibbon 752
1965-04-17vs HOU4W  3-23-126,129 Bob VealeDon NottebartRoy FaceJim Owens 1073
1965-04-18vs HOU5L  1-34-230 Vern LawBob BruceBob BruceVern Law 11101
1965-04-18vs HOU6W  5-44-237,176 Don CardwellDon LarsenAl McBeanKen MacKenzie 16142
1965-04-20@ SFN7W  3-15-2237,784Bob FriendBobby BolinBob FriendBobby BolinAl McBean19154
1965-04-21@ SFN8L  2-35-3412,022Joe GibbonJuan MarichalJuan MarichalJoe Gibbon 21183
1965-04-23@ HOU9L  3-45-4425,399Bob VealeBob BruceDave GiustiAl McBean 24222
1965-04-24@ HOU10L  0-55-5430,736Vern LawTurk FarrellTurk FarrellVern Law 2427-3
1965-04-25@ HOU11L  4-55-6719,116Don CardwellKen JohnsonClaude RaymondRoy Face 2832-4
1965-04-26@ HOU12L  0-25-7715,053Bob FriendDave GiustiDave GiustiBob Friend 2834-6
1965-04-27@ LAN13L  4-55-8917,630Joe GibbonJohnny PodresHowie ReedJoe GibbonBob Miller3239-7
1965-04-28@ LAN14W  2-06-8717,464Bob VealeClaude OsteenBob VealeClaude Osteen 3439-5
1965-04-30@ SLN15L  2-36-9820,401Vern LawRay SadeckiRay WashburnVern Law 3642-6
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-05-01@ SLN16L  2-36-1099,689Don CardwellTracy StallardTracy StallardDon Cardwell 3845-7
1965-05-02@ SLN17L  5-96-1290Bob FriendBob GibsonBob GibsonBob FriendRon Taylor4354-11
1965-05-02@ SLN18L  4-56-12923,630Bob VealeBob PurkeyRay WashburnAl McBean 4759-12
1965-05-04@ CHN19W  6-37-1291,527Joe GibbonCal KoonceAl McBeanErnie Broglio 5362-9
1965-05-05@ CHN20L  1-37-1392,093Vern LawBob BuhlBob BuhlVern Law 5465-11
1965-05-06@ CHN21L  3-57-14101,471Don CardwellLarry JacksonLarry JacksonDon SchwallTed Abernathy5770-13
1965-05-07vs CIN22W  5-48-1499,052 Bob FriendSammy EllisTommie SiskRoger Craig 6274-12
1965-05-08vs CIN23L  1-108-15105,790 Bob VealeJim MaloneyJim MaloneyBob Veale 6384-21
1965-05-09vs CIN24L  3-58-16106,858 Joe GibbonJoey JayGerry ArrigoAl McBeanBilly McCool6689-23
1965-05-11vs MLN25W  4-38-16104,694 Don CardwellWade BlasingameDon CardwellWade BlasingameAl McBean7092-22
1965-05-12vs MLN26L  4-58-16104,464 Bob FriendDenny LemasterDenny LemasterTom ButtersBilly O'Dell7497-23
1965-05-13vs MLN27L  4-58-16104,165 Bob VealeTony CloningerPhil NiekroDon Schwall 78102-24
1965-05-14vs SLN28L  7-88-17109,986 Joe GibbonRay SadeckiBarney SchultzAl McBeanBob Purkey85110-25
1965-05-15vs SLN29L  1-58-18105,148 Vern LawTracy StallardTracy StallardVern Law 86115-29
1965-05-16vs SLN30L  3-68-20100 Don CardwellBob GibsonBob GibsonDon Cardwell 89121-32
1965-05-16vs SLN31L  1-58-201011,081 Bob VealeRay WashburnRay WashburnBob VealeBob Purkey90126-36
1965-05-19@ CIN32L  1-38-21106,743Joe GibbonJim MaloneyBilly McCoolJoe Gibbon 91129-38
1965-05-20@ CIN33L  3-118-22105,209Bob FriendSammy EllisSammy EllisBob Friend 94140-46
1965-05-21@ MLN34W  6-18-22102,679Vern LawDenny LemasterVern LawDenny LemasterAl McBean100141-41
1965-05-22@ MLN35W  9-48-22102,662Don CardwellTony CloningerTommie SiskTony CloningerAl McBean109145-36
1965-05-23@ MLN36W  10-18-22102,053Bob VealeBob SadowskiBob VealeBob Sadowski 119146-27
1965-05-24vs CHN37W  6-49-22105,360 Joe GibbonLew BurdetteDon SchwallErnie BroglioAl McBean125150-25
1965-05-25vs CHN38W  7-610-22106,403 Bob FriendLarry JacksonFrank CarpinJack Warner 132156-24
1965-05-26@ PHI39W  5-311-221010,212Don CardwellArt MahaffeyTommie SiskArt Mahaffey 137159-22
1965-05-28@ NYN40W  6-112-221032,011Bob VealeWarren SpahnBob VealeWarren Spahn 143160-17
1965-05-29@ NYN41W  7-413-221011,297Joe GibbonFrank LaryDon SchwallFrank LaryAl McBean150164-14
1965-05-30@ NYN42W  9-115-2290Bob FriendAl JacksonBob FriendAl Jackson 159165-6
1965-05-30@ NYN43W  12-015-22941,552Vern LawTom ParsonsVern LawTom Parsons 1711656
1965-05-31vs PHI44W  5-216-22916,366 Don CardwellChris ShortDon CardwellChris ShortAl McBean1761679
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-06-01vs PHI45W  4-017-22910,478 Bob VealeArt MahaffeyBob VealeArt Mahaffey 18016713
1965-06-03vs NYN46L  6-817-2399,169 Joe GibbonGalen CiscoGalen CiscoJoe GibbonTom Parsons18617511
1965-06-04vs NYN47L  1-217-24911,026 Bob FriendJack FisherJack FisherBob Friend 18717710
1965-06-05vs NYN48W  9-018-2496,581 Vern LawGary KrollVern LawGary Kroll 19617719
1965-06-06vs NYN49W  5-320-2480 Don CardwellAl JacksonDon CardwellAl Jackson 20118021
1965-06-06vs NYN50W  3-020-24816,387 Bob VealeWarren SpahnBob VealeWarren Spahn 20418024
1965-06-08vs HOU51W  7-621-2478,084 Bob FriendTurk FarrellJoe GibbonHal Woodeshick 21118625
1965-06-09vs HOU52W  11-322-2469,412 Vern LawDon NottebartVern LawDon Nottebart 22218933
1965-06-10vs HOU53W  4-223-2459,839 Bob VealeBob BruceBob VealeBob Bruce 22619135
1965-06-11vs SFN54W  5-324-24524,708 Don CardwellBill HandsDon CardwellBill HandsFrank Carpin23119437
1965-06-12vs SFN55L  0-424-25612,213 Bob FriendBob ShawBob ShawBob FriendFrank Linzy23119833
1965-06-13vs SFN56W  2-125-25520,091 Vern LawGaylord PerryVern LawGaylord Perry 23319934
1965-06-14@ SLN57L  2-525-2665,265Bob VealeSteve CarltonRon TaylorBob Veale 23520431
1965-06-15@ SLN58W  10-626-26510,428Don CardwellRay SadeckiFrank CarpinTracy StallardAl McBean24521035
1965-06-16@ SLN59W  10-927-26510,480Bob FriendRay WashburnDon SchwallBarney Schultz 25521936
1965-06-17@ SLN60W  4-128-26511,905Vern LawBob GibsonVern LawBob Gibson 25922039
1965-06-18@ HOU61L  1-528-27524,286Bob VealeBob BruceBob BruceBob Veale 26022535
1965-06-19@ HOU62W  5-329-27527,785Don CardwellClaude RaymondJoe GibbonDon NottebartFrank Carpin26522837
1965-06-20@ SFN63L  3-429-2960Bob FriendBob ShawRon HerbelAl McBean 26823236
1965-06-20@ SFN64L  3-729-29639,757Don SchwallBobby BolinBobby BolinDon SchwallFrank Linzy27123932
1965-06-22@ SFN65W  6-030-29510,537Vern LawGaylord PerryVern LawGaylord Perry 27723938
1965-06-23@ SFN66L  1-630-3068,209Bob VealeJack SanfordRon HerbelBob VealeFrank Linzy27824533
1965-06-24@ LAN67W  13-331-30628,867Don CardwellDon DrysdaleDon CardwellDon Drysdale 29124843
1965-06-25@ LAN68L  1-431-31632,060Bob FriendSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBob Friend 29225240
1965-06-26@ LAN69W  6-132-31521,769Vern LawClaude OsteenVern LawClaude Osteen 29825345
1965-06-27@ LAN70W  10-233-31533,161Bob VealeJohnny PodresBob VealeJohnny Podres 30825553
1965-06-28vs CIN71W  5-434-31515,302 Don CardwellJim O'TooleDon CardwellJim O'TooleAl McBean31325954
1965-06-29vs CIN72W  2-135-3250 Bob FriendSammy EllisDon SchwallBilly McCool 31526055
1965-06-29vs CIN73L  5-735-32528,589 Joe GibbonJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallJoe GibbonRoger Craig32026753
1965-06-30vs SLN74L  1-735-33615,369 Vern LawRay WashburnRay WashburnVern LawHal Woodeshick32127447
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-07-01vs SLN75L  6-735-34611,920 Bob VealeCurt SimmonsHal WoodeshickJoe GibbonRay Sadecki32728146
1965-07-02vs MLN76W  8-335-34612,352 Don CardwellTony CloningerDon CardwellTony CloningerDon Schwall33528451
1965-07-03vs MLN77W  9-535-3469,460 Bob FriendBob SadowskiBob FriendBob SadowskiFrank Carpin34428955
1965-07-04vs MLN78L  2-535-34616,145 Vern LawHank FischerHank FischerVern Law 34629452
1965-07-05@ PHI79L  1-335-3660Bob VealeJim BunningJim BunningBob Veale 34729750
1965-07-05@ PHI80L  2-635-36625,330Wilbur WoodArt MahaffeyEd RoebuckWilbur WoodGary Wagner34930346
1965-07-06@ PHI81W  8-436-36617,357Don CardwellRay CulpDon CardwellRay Culp 35730750
1965-07-07@ PHI82L  0-136-37616,632Bob FriendChris ShortChris ShortBob Friend 35730849
1965-07-08vs LAN83L  4-936-38622,247 Vern LawClaude OsteenHowie ReedVern Law 36131744
1965-07-09vs LAN84W  4-137-38616,284 Bob VealeJohnny PodresBob VealeNick Willhite 36531847
1965-07-10vs LAN85L  4-837-39614,880 Don CardwellDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleDon CardwellRon Perranoski36932643
1965-07-11vs LAN86L  2-438-4060 Joe GibbonSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxJoe Gibbon 37133041
1965-07-11vs LAN87W  4-338-40637,631 Bob FriendClaude OsteenFrank CarpinBob Miller 37533342
1965-07-15@ MLN88L  6-938-4065,180Vern LawKen JohnsonKen JohnsonVern LawDan Osinski38134239
1965-07-16@ MLN89L  2-1238-4066,090Bob VealeWade BlasingameWade BlasingameBob Veale 38335429
1965-07-17@ MLN90L  5-638-4174,518Don CardwellBob SadowskiBilly O'DellFrank Carpin 38836028
1965-07-18@ CIN91W  6-539-4270Bob FriendJim MaloneyDon SchwallRoger Craig 39436529
1965-07-18@ CIN92L  4-839-42725,637Joe GibbonJoey JayJoey JayJoe GibbonBilly McCool39837325
1965-07-19@ CIN93W  3-140-42711,096Vern LawJoe NuxhallVern LawJoe Nuxhall 40137427
1965-07-20@ CIN94W  8-641-4279,669Bob VealeSammy EllisBob VealeSammy EllisAl McBean40938029
1965-07-21vs NYN95L  0-141-43722,670 Don CardwellAl JacksonAl JacksonDon Cardwell 40938128
1965-07-23@ CHN96W  6-042-4365,288Bob FriendDick EllsworthBob FriendDick Ellsworth 41538134
1965-07-24@ CHN97W  8-543-4369,578Vern LawLarry JacksonVern LawLarry JacksonAl McBean42338637
1965-07-25@ CHN98W  3-244-4460Bob VealeCal KoonceVern LawLindy McDaniel 42638838
1965-07-25@ CHN99L  0-544-44620,777Don CardwellBill FaulBill FaulDon Cardwell 42639333
1965-07-27vs PHI100L  1-345-4560 Bob FriendChris ShortGary WagnerBob FriendJack Baldschun42739631
1965-07-27vs PHI101W  3-245-45621,832 Tommie SiskRay HerbertDon SchwallGary Wagner 43039832
1965-07-28vs PHI102L  0-145-46713,207 Vern LawJim BunningJack BaldschunDon Schwall 43039931
1965-07-29vs PHI103L  0-545-47710,160 Bob VealeRay CulpRay CulpBob Veale 43040426
1965-07-30vs CHN104W  3-146-47611,382 Don CardwellErnie BroglioDon CardwellErnie Broglio 43340528
1965-07-31vs CHN105L  6-746-4877,431 Tommie SiskBob BuhlBob BuhlTommie SiskTed Abernathy43941227
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-08-01vs CHN106W  8-248-4860 Al McBeanDick EllsworthAl McBeanDick EllsworthDon Schwall44741433
1965-08-01vs CHN107W  3-148-48614,741 Joe GibbonLarry JacksonJoe GibbonLarry JacksonDon Schwall45041535
1965-08-03@ NYN108W  7-049-48624,597Vern LawGalen CiscoVern LawGalen Cisco 45741542
1965-08-04@ NYN109W  3-050-48620,703Bob VealeJack FisherBob VealeJack FisherDon Schwall46041545
1965-08-05@ NYN110W  11-351-48619,374Don CardwellAl JacksonDon CardwellAl Jackson 47141853
1965-08-06@ PHI111L  0-451-49622,155Bob FriendJim BunningJim BunningBob Friend 47142249
1965-08-07@ PHI112W  4-352-4968,204Vern LawRay CulpAl McBeanRay Culp 47542550
1965-08-08@ PHI113W  7-153-5060Bob VealeChris ShortBob VealeChris Short 48242656
1965-08-08@ PHI114L  2-553-50629,260Tommie SiskRay HerbertRay HerbertTommie Sisk 48443153
1965-08-10@ SFN115L  3-453-51614,457Don CardwellJuan MarichalJuan MarichalDon Cardwell 48743552
1965-08-12@ SFN116L  3-454-5260Bob FriendBob ShawFrank LinzyDon Schwall 49043951
1965-08-12@ SFN117W  5-254-52620,435Vern LawGaylord PerryVern LawGaylord Perry 49544154
1965-08-13@ LAN118L  1-354-53632,551Bob VealeClaude OsteenClaude OsteenBob Veale 49644452
1965-08-14@ LAN119L  0-154-54629,237Don CardwellSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxDon Cardwell 49644551
1965-08-15@ LAN120W  4-255-54625,175Tommie SiskDon DrysdaleTommie SiskDon DrysdaleAl McBean50044753
1965-08-16@ HOU121L  0-355-55626,549Bob FriendRobin RobertsRobin RobertsBob Friend 50045050
1965-08-17@ HOU122W  8-656-55624,863Vern LawTurk FarrellVern LawTurk FarrellAl McBean50845652
1965-08-18@ HOU123W  8-757-55630,470Bob VealeDon NottebartBob VealeDon NottebartAl McBean51646353
1965-08-20vs MLN124L  3-457-55618,653 Don CardwellWade BlasingameWade BlasingameDon Cardwell 51946752
1965-08-21vs MLN125W  3-058-55610,259 Bob FriendDenny LemasterBob FriendDenny Lemaster 52246755
1965-08-22vs MLN126W  5-458-55614,112 Bob VealeTony CloningerDon SchwallDan Osinski 52747156
1965-08-23vs SFN127W  6-259-55615,016 Vern LawWarren SpahnVern LawWarren Spahn 53347360
1965-08-24vs SFN128W  5-260-55615,497 Don CardwellBob ShawDon CardwellBob Shaw 53847563
1965-08-25vs SFN129W  3-361-55613,348 Bob FriendBobby Bolin 54147863
1965-08-26vs SFN130W  8-063-5550 Bob VealeRon HerbelBob VealeRon Herbel 54947871
1965-08-26vs SFN131W  6-563-55518,893 Tommie SiskGaylord PerryTommie SiskGaylord PerryAl McBean55548372
1965-08-27vs HOU132W  10-964-55512,917 Vern LawTurk FarrellAl McBeanMike Cuellar 56549273
1965-08-28vs HOU133L  6-964-5657,051 Don CardwellLarry DierkerLarry DierkerDon SchwallDave Giusti57150170
1965-08-29vs HOU134W  4-265-56530,002 Bob FriendDon NottebartWilbur WoodDon NottebartJoe Gibbon57550372
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-09-01vs LAN135W  3-267-5650 Tommie SiskSandy KoufaxJoe GibbonSandy Koufax 57850573
1965-09-01vs LAN136W  2-167-56526,394 Vern LawDon DrysdaleVern LawDon Drysdale 58050674
1965-09-02vs LAN137L  1-767-57529,200 Bob VealeClaude OsteenClaude OsteenBob VealeRon Perranoski58151368
1965-09-03@ MLN138L  3-467-5755,349Don CardwellKen JohnsonKen JohnsonDon CardwellDan Osinski58451767
1965-09-04@ MLN139L  3-867-5752,471Bob FriendTony CloningerTony CloningerBob FriendBilly O'Dell58752562
1965-09-05@ MLN140W  2-168-57520,409Tommie SiskBob SadowskiTommie SiskBob Sadowski 58952663
1965-09-06@ CIN141W  3-170-5750Bob VealeJoey JayBob VealeJoey Jay 59252765
1965-09-06@ CIN142W  4-270-57516,323Joe GibbonJim MaloneyAl McBeanJim Maloney 59652967
1965-09-07@ CIN143L  0-570-5857,153Don CardwellSammy EllisSammy EllisDon Cardwell 59653462
1965-09-08@ SLN144W  2-171-5859,714Bob FriendRay SadeckiBob FriendRay Sadecki 59853563
1965-09-10vs CIN145W  7-072-58520,694 Bob VealeJoey JayBob VealeJoey Jay 60553570
1965-09-11vs CIN146L  2-372-5959,570 Tommie SiskJim MaloneyJim MaloneyTommie Sisk 60753869
1965-09-13vs CIN147W  8-473-5951,299 Vern LawSammy EllisVern LawSammy Ellis 61554273
1965-09-14vs SLN148L  2-373-6058,224 Bob FriendBob GibsonBob GibsonBob FriendHal Woodeshick61754572
1965-09-15vs SLN149L  3-773-6156,725 Bob VealeRay SadeckiRay SadeckiBob VealeNelson Briles62055268
1965-09-16vs SLN150L  1-273-6254,788 Tommie SiskTracy StallardTracy StallardAl McBeanHal Woodeshick62155467
1965-09-17vs PHI151W  4-074-6258,987 Don CardwellRay CulpDon CardwellRay Culp 62555471
1965-09-18vs PHI152W  4-375-6255,313 Bob FriendJim BunningRoy FaceMorrie Steevens 62955772
1965-09-19vs PHI153W  1-076-62410,026 Bob VealeChris ShortBob VealeJack Baldschun 63055773
1965-09-20vs NYN154W  10-077-6243,892 Tommie SiskJack FisherTommie SiskJack Fisher 64055783
1965-09-21vs NYN155W  6-578-6244,660 Don CardwellAl JacksonRoy FaceDave Eilers 64656284
1965-09-22vs NYN156W  6-279-6244,964 Bob FriendTug McGrawBob FriendTug McGraw 65256488
1965-09-25@ CHN157L  3-679-6342,903Bob VealeBob HendleyBob HendleyBob VealeTed Abernathy65557085
1965-09-26@ CHN158W  5-380-6342,097Don CardwellCal KoonceDon SchwallTed Abernathy 66057387
1965-09-28@ NYN159L  0-180-6446,995Tommie SiskDennis RibantDarrell SutherlandRoy Face 66057486
1965-09-29@ NYN160W  4-281-6432,807Bob FriendDick SelmaDon SchwallDick SelmaAl McBean66457688
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-10-01vs CHN161W  2-181-6433,441 Bob VealeDick EllsworthRoy FaceDick Ellsworth 66657789
1965-10-02vs CHN162W  3-081-6433,626 Don CardwellLarry JacksonDon CardwellLarry Jackson 66957792
1965-10-03vs CHN163W  6-381-64326,527 Tommie SiskBill FaulRoy FaceTed AbernathyAl McBean67558095

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