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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Los Angeles,CA
Team Record:  97-65   .599
Result:   1st in National League
Manager(s):  Walter Alston
General Manager:   Buzzie Bavasi
Stadium:  Dodger Stadium
Attendance:  2,553,577
Playoffs:  Won World Series (Twins)

Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jim Gilliam (36)
Youngest Player:  Willie Crawford (18)
Longest Tenure:  Ron Fairly, Sandy Koufax, Jim Gilliam, Johnny Podres, Don Drysdale, Johnny Roseboro (8)
Top Hitter:  Maury Wills (19)
Top Pitcher:  Sandy Koufax (1)
Top Draft Pick:  John Wyatt (#8)

Roster Continuity:  78.29%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9765.599--
SF Giants9567.5862.0
St. Louis8081.49716.5
Chi Cubs7290.44425.0
NY Mets50112.30947.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-04-12@ NYN1W  6-11-0437,999Don DrysdaleAl JacksonDon DrysdaleAl Jackson 615
1965-04-14@ PIT2W  3-12-027,770Claude OsteenJoe GibbonClaude OsteenJoe Gibbon 927
1965-04-17@ PHI3L  2-32-1417,021Don DrysdaleChris ShortChris ShortDon DrysdaleJack Baldschun1156
1965-04-18@ PHI4W  6-23-1111,107Sandy KoufaxBo BelinskySandy KoufaxBo Belinsky 17710
1965-04-20vs NYN5L  2-33-2536,161 Claude OsteenWarren SpahnWarren SpahnClaude Osteen 19109
1965-04-21vs NYN6W  5-14-2218,134 Don DrysdaleCarl WilleyDon DrysdaleCarl WilleyBob Miller241113
1965-04-22vs NYN7W  2-15-2120,888 Sandy KoufaxJack FisherSandy KoufaxJack Fisher 261214
1965-04-23vs PHI8W  4-06-2129,120 Johnny PodresJim BunningJohnny PodresJim Bunning 301218
1965-04-24vs PHI9W  9-37-2136,500 Claude OsteenBo BelinskyClaude OsteenBo Belinsky 391524
1965-04-25vs PHI10L  4-67-3225,766 Don DrysdaleRay HerbertRay HerbertDon DrysdaleJack Baldschun432122
1965-04-26vs PHI11L  3-47-4224,703 Sandy KoufaxChris ShortChris ShortSandy KoufaxJack Baldschun462521
1965-04-27vs PIT12W  5-48-4117,630 Johnny PodresJoe GibbonHowie ReedJoe GibbonBob Miller512922
1965-04-28vs PIT13L  0-28-5217,464 Claude OsteenBob VealeBob VealeClaude Osteen 513120
1965-04-29vs SFN14W  2-19-5130,219 Don DrysdaleJuan MarichalDon DrysdaleJuan Marichal 533221
1965-04-30vs SFN15W  6-310-5148,586 Sandy KoufaxBob HendleyBob MillerBobby Bolin 593524
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-05-01vs SFN16W  4-211-5149,758 Johnny PodresGaylord PerryJohn PurdinGaylord PerryJim Brewer633726
1965-05-02vs SFN17L  2-411-6240,439 Claude OsteenJack SanfordJack SanfordBob MillerFrank Linzy654124
1965-05-04@ CIN18W  8-612-629,767Don DrysdaleJoey JayJim BrewerJoey Jay 734726
1965-05-05@ CIN19W  4-213-619,753Sandy KoufaxJim O'TooleSandy KoufaxJim O'Toole 774928
1965-05-06@ CIN20W  4-314-617,821Johnny PodresJohn TsitourisJohnny PodresJohn TsitourisBob Miller815229
1965-05-07@ SFN21W  4-315-6133,977Claude OsteenJack SanfordClaude OsteenBill Henry 855530
1965-05-08@ SFN22W  9-016-6137,548Don DrysdaleRon HerbelDon DrysdaleRon Herbel 945539
1965-05-09@ SFN23L  3-616-7140,596Sandy KoufaxGaylord PerryJuan MarichalSandy Koufax 976136
1965-05-10vs HOU24W  3-217-7122,535 Johnny PodresDanny CoombsBob MillerHal Woodeshick 1006337
1965-05-11vs HOU25L  1-217-8121,086 Claude OsteenDave GiustiDave GiustiClaude Osteen 1016536
1965-05-12vs HOU26W  4-218-8119,302 Don DrysdaleDon NottebartDon DrysdaleDon Nottebart 1056738
1965-05-13vs HOU27W  3-019-8120,963 Sandy KoufaxBob BruceSandy KoufaxBob Bruce 1086741
1965-05-14vs CHN28L  1-219-9126,356 John PurdinBob BuhlBob BuhlJohn PurdinTed Abernathy1096940
1965-05-15vs CHN29W  3-120-9122,047 Claude OsteenDick EllsworthBob MillerDick EllsworthJim Brewer1127042
1965-05-16vs CHN30L  3-521-1010 Johnny PodresLarry JacksonLarry JacksonRon Perranoski 1157540
1965-05-16vs CHN31W  3-221-10145,739 Don DrysdaleCal KoonceDon DrysdaleLindy McDaniel 1187741
1965-05-17@ HOU32W  5-322-10140,858Sandy KoufaxBob BruceSandy KoufaxBob BruceBob Miller1238043
1965-05-18@ HOU33L  1-422-11122,220Jim BrewerKen JohnsonKen JohnsonJim BrewerHal Woodeshick1248440
1965-05-19@ HOU34W  4-223-11130,885Claude OsteenDave GiustiJohn PurdinKen MacKenzieDon Drysdale1288642
1965-05-21@ CHN35L  3-423-1214,716Don DrysdaleDick EllsworthDick EllsworthDon Drysdale 1319041
1965-05-22@ CHN36W  3-124-12117,922Sandy KoufaxCal KoonceSandy KoufaxCal Koonce 1349143
1965-05-23@ CHN37L  2-324-13117,139Johnny PodresBob BuhlDick EllsworthHowie Reed 1369442
1965-05-24vs SLN38L  4-624-14122,987 Claude OsteenTracy StallardTracy StallardClaude OsteenBarney Schultz14010040
1965-05-25vs SLN39W  2-025-14128,515 Don DrysdaleBob GibsonDon DrysdaleBob Gibson 14210042
1965-05-26vs SLN40L  1-225-15130,794 Sandy KoufaxCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsSandy Koufax 14310241
1965-05-27vs MLN41W  3-226-15119,001 Johnny PodresDenny LemasterJohnny PodresDenny Lemaster 14610442
1965-05-28vs MLN42L  4-526-16130,107 Claude OsteenKen JohnsonBilly O'DellClaude Osteen 15010941
1965-05-29vs MLN43W  5-327-16123,707 Don DrysdaleHank FischerDon DrysdaleClay Carroll 15511243
1965-05-30vs CIN44W  12-528-16136,309 Sandy KoufaxSammy EllisSandy KoufaxSammy Ellis 16711750
1965-05-31vs CIN45W  4-329-1710 Johnny PodresJim MaloneyRon PerranoskiJim Maloney 17112051
1965-05-31vs CIN46L  1-629-17150,997 Claude OsteenJoey JayJoey JayClaude Osteen 17212646
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-06-02@ SLN47W  4-130-17117,560Don DrysdaleRay WashburnDon DrysdaleRay WashburnRon Perranoski17612749
1965-06-03@ SLN48W  11-1031-17119,946Sandy KoufaxBob PurkeyJim BrewerBarney SchultzBob Miller18713750
1965-06-04@ MLN49L  2-531-1815,760Claude OsteenWade BlasingameWade BlasingameBob Miller 18914247
1965-06-05@ MLN50L  1-931-1914,116Johnny PodresTony CloningerTony CloningerJohnny Podres 19015139
1965-06-06@ MLN51W  4-032-2010Don DrysdaleDick KelleyDon DrysdaleDick Kelley 19415143
1965-06-06@ MLN52L  4-632-20117,175Howie ReedDenny LemasterDenny LemasterHowie ReedBilly O'Dell19815741
1965-06-07@ PHI53W  14-333-20123,345Sandy KoufaxLew BurdetteSandy KoufaxLew Burdette 21216052
1965-06-08@ PHI54W  2-134-20114,975Claude OsteenJim BunningClaude OsteenJim BunningRon Perranoski21416153
1965-06-09@ PHI55L  3-734-21116,241Mike KekichChris ShortChris ShortMike Kekich 21716849
1965-06-10@ PHI56L  0-434-22119,467Johnny PodresRay HerbertRay HerbertJohnny Podres 21717245
1965-06-11@ NYN57W  2-135-22155,023Don DrysdaleWarren SpahnDon DrysdaleWarren Spahn 21917346
1965-06-12@ NYN58W  5-036-22238,915Sandy KoufaxAl JacksonSandy KoufaxAl Jackson 22417351
1965-06-13@ NYN59W  5-238-2210Claude OsteenJack FisherClaude OsteenJack FisherBob Miller22917554
1965-06-13@ NYN60W  4-338-22157,175Nick WillhiteGalen CiscoRon PerranoskiGary KrollJohnny Podres23317855
1965-06-15vs SFN61L  1-238-23252,357 Don DrysdaleJuan MarichalJuan MarichalDon Drysdale 23418054
1965-06-16vs SFN62W  2-139-23144,499 Sandy KoufaxBob ShawSandy KoufaxBob Shaw 23618155
1965-06-17vs SFN63W  3-040-23140,707 Claude OsteenGaylord PerryClaude OsteenGaylord Perry 23918158
1965-06-18vs PHI64L  2-440-24130,401 Johnny PodresChris ShortChris ShortJohnny Podres 24118556
1965-06-19vs PHI65W  4-041-24120,518 Nick WillhiteRay HerbertNick WillhiteRay HerbertRon Perranoski24518560
1965-06-20vs NYN66W  2-142-2510 Sandy KoufaxWarren SpahnSandy KoufaxWarren Spahn 24718661
1965-06-20vs NYN67L  2-342-25152,248 Don DrysdaleFrank LaryLarry MillerDon Drysdale 24918960
1965-06-21vs NYN68L  0-142-26118,867 Claude OsteenAl JacksonAl JacksonClaude Osteen 24919059
1965-06-22vs NYN69W  4-243-26120,633 Johnny PodresGalen CiscoHowie ReedTom ParsonsRon Perranoski25319261
1965-06-24vs PIT70L  3-1343-27128,867 Don DrysdaleDon CardwellDon CardwellDon Drysdale 25620551
1965-06-25vs PIT71W  4-144-27132,060 Sandy KoufaxBob FriendSandy KoufaxBob Friend 26020654
1965-06-26vs PIT72L  1-644-28121,769 Claude OsteenVern LawVern LawClaude Osteen 26121249
1965-06-27vs PIT73L  2-1044-29133,161 Johnny PodresBob VealeBob VealeJohnny Podres 26322241
1965-06-28@ SFN74L  0-544-30136,702Don DrysdaleJuan MarichalJuan MarichalDon Drysdale 26322736
1965-06-29@ SFN75W  9-345-30129,380Sandy KoufaxBob ShawSandy KoufaxBob Shaw 27223042
1965-06-30@ CHN76L  1-446-3110Claude OsteenDick EllsworthDick EllsworthClaude Osteen 27323439
1965-06-30@ CHN77W  4-346-31117,950Nick WillhiteBob BuhlBob MillerBilly Hoeft 27723740
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-07-01@ CHN78L  3-646-3217,420Johnny PodresBob HendleyLindy McDanielJohnny PodresTed Abernathy28024337
1965-07-02@ HOU79L  3-446-33133,044Don DrysdaleBob BruceMike CuellarDon Drysdale 28324736
1965-07-03@ HOU80W  3-147-33150,136Sandy KoufaxLarry DierkerSandy KoufaxLarry Dierker 28624838
1965-07-04@ HOU81L  1-347-34147,642Claude OsteenClaude RaymondClaude RaymondClaude Osteen 28725136
1965-07-05@ CIN82L  4-747-35229,047Nick WillhiteJim MaloneyJim MaloneyBob MillerBilly McCool29125833
1965-07-06@ CIN83W  11-748-35118,833Don DrysdaleJim O'TooleDon DrysdaleJim O'TooleRon Perranoski30226537
1965-07-07@ CIN84L  6-748-36225,785Sandy KoufaxSammy EllisJoe NuxhallBob Miller 30827236
1965-07-08@ PIT85W  9-449-36122,247Claude OsteenVern LawHowie ReedVern Law 31727641
1965-07-09@ PIT86L  1-449-37216,284Johnny PodresBob VealeBob VealeNick Willhite 31828038
1965-07-10@ PIT87W  8-450-37214,880Don DrysdaleDon CardwellDon DrysdaleDon CardwellRon Perranoski32628442
1965-07-11@ PIT88W  4-251-3820Sandy KoufaxJoe GibbonSandy KoufaxJoe Gibbon 33028644
1965-07-11@ PIT89L  3-451-38237,631Claude OsteenBob FriendFrank CarpinBob Miller 33329043
1965-07-15vs CHN90W  5-052-38225,538 Don DrysdaleDick EllsworthDon DrysdaleDick Ellsworth 33829048
1965-07-16vs CHN91W  3-053-38247,947 Sandy KoufaxLarry JacksonSandy KoufaxLarry Jackson 34129051
1965-07-17vs CHN92W  7-254-38131,228 Claude OsteenCal KoonceClaude OsteenCal Koonce 34829256
1965-07-18vs CHN93W  4-355-38127,508 Nick WillhiteBob BuhlHowie ReedBob Hendley 35229557
1965-07-19vs HOU94W  8-356-38122,756 Don DrysdaleDon NottebartDon DrysdaleDon Nottebart 36029862
1965-07-20vs HOU95W  3-257-38130,937 Sandy KoufaxMike CuellarSandy KoufaxRon Taylor 36330063
1965-07-21vs MLN96L  4-657-39128,721 Claude OsteenWade BlasingameWade BlasingameClaude OsteenBilly O'Dell36730661
1965-07-22vs MLN97L  2-557-40127,179 Bob MillerTony CloningerTony CloningerBob MillerBilly O'Dell36931158
1965-07-23vs SLN98L  3-457-41140,286 Don DrysdaleTracy StallardRay WashburnNick Willhite 37231557
1965-07-24vs SLN99L  2-357-42148,998 Sandy KoufaxRay SadeckiDon DennisRon PerranoskiHal Woodeshick37431856
1965-07-25vs SLN100W  5-158-42131,710 Claude OsteenCurt SimmonsClaude OsteenCurt Simmons 37931960
1965-07-26vs CIN101W  5-459-42139,978 Johnny PodresJim MaloneyJohnny PodresJim MaloneyRon Perranoski38432361
1965-07-27vs CIN102W  9-760-42146,537 Don DrysdaleJoey JayRon PerranoskiJoey Jay 39333063
1965-07-28vs CIN103L  1-460-43153,604 Sandy KoufaxSammy EllisSammy EllisSandy Koufax 39433460
1965-07-30@ SLN104W  4-261-43129,497Claude OsteenCurt SimmonsBob MillerDon DennisRon Perranoski39833662
1965-07-31@ SLN105L  3-461-44130,109Don DrysdaleBob GibsonBob GibsonRon Perranoski 40134061
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-08-01@ SLN106W  3-262-44130,605Sandy KoufaxRay SadeckiSandy KoufaxRay Sadecki 40434262
1965-08-02@ SLN107L  5-662-45120,518Johnny PodresTracy StallardTracy StallardRon PerranoskiDon Dennis40934861
1965-08-04@ MLN108L  3-463-4610Don DrysdaleDick KelleyHank FischerDon DrysdaleBilly O'Dell41235260
1965-08-04@ MLN109W  3-263-46119,950Claude OsteenDenny LemasterClaude OsteenDenny LemasterBob Miller41535461
1965-08-05@ MLN110W  6-364-46118,368Sandy KoufaxWade BlasingameSandy KoufaxWade Blasingame 42135764
1965-08-06@ CIN111L  4-564-47125,668Johnny PodresJoey JayBilly McCoolRon Perranoski 42536263
1965-08-07@ CIN112W  5-365-47127,844Howie ReedSammy EllisHowie ReedSammy EllisRon Perranoski43036565
1965-08-08@ CIN113L  0-1865-48128,335Don DrysdaleJim MaloneyJim MaloneyDon Drysdale 43038347
1965-08-10vs NYN114W  4-366-48136,815 Sandy KoufaxAl JacksonSandy KoufaxAl Jackson 43438648
1965-08-11vs NYN115W  1-067-48123,376 Don DrysdaleLarry MillerDon DrysdaleGordie Richardson 43538649
1965-08-13vs PIT116W  3-168-48132,551 Claude OsteenBob VealeClaude OsteenBob Veale 43838751
1965-08-14vs PIT117W  1-069-48129,237 Sandy KoufaxDon CardwellSandy KoufaxDon Cardwell 43938752
1965-08-15vs PIT118L  2-469-49225,175 Don DrysdaleTommie SiskTommie SiskDon DrysdaleAl McBean44139150
1965-08-16vs PHI119L  1-669-50222,611 Johnny PodresChris ShortChris ShortJohnny Podres 44239745
1965-08-17vs PHI120W  4-270-50223,144 Claude OsteenRay HerbertClaude OsteenRay HerbertRon Perranoski44639947
1965-08-18vs PHI121L  3-670-51238,267 Sandy KoufaxJim BunningGary WagnerJim Brewer 44940544
1965-08-19@ SFN122W  8-571-51235,901Don DrysdaleWarren SpahnRon PerranoskiGaylord Perry 45741047
1965-08-20@ SFN123L  1-571-52241,858Howie ReedBob ShawBob ShawHowie Reed 45841543
1965-08-21@ SFN124W  6-472-52242,283Claude OsteenBobby BolinJohnny PodresBill Henry 46441945
1965-08-22@ SFN125L  3-472-53242,807Sandy KoufaxJuan MarichalRon HerbelSandy KoufaxMasanori Murakami46742344
1965-08-23@ NYN126W  8-473-53233,393Don DrysdaleLarry MillerDon DrysdaleLarry MillerBob Miller47542748
1965-08-24@ NYN127L  3-473-54237,023Howie ReedAl JacksonDave EilersBob Miller 47843147
1965-08-25@ NYN128L  5-773-55232,432Claude OsteenJack FisherGordie RichardsonClaude Osteen 48343845
1965-08-26@ NYN129L  2-573-56245,950Sandy KoufaxTug McGrawTug McGrawSandy KoufaxJack Fisher48544342
1965-08-27@ PHI130W  9-874-56226,740Don DrysdaleRay HerbertDon DrysdaleRay HerbertHowie Reed49445143
1965-08-28@ PHI131W  8-475-56127,439John PurdinChris ShortJim BrewerChris ShortSandy Koufax50245547
1965-08-29@ PHI132L  3-1375-57121,744Claude OsteenRay CulpRay CulpClaude Osteen 50546837
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-09-01@ PIT133L  2-375-5920Sandy KoufaxTommie SiskJoe GibbonSandy Koufax 50747136
1965-09-01@ PIT134L  1-275-59226,394Don DrysdaleVern LawVern LawDon Drysdale 50847335
1965-09-02@ PIT135W  7-176-59129,200Claude OsteenBob VealeClaude OsteenBob VealeRon Perranoski51547441
1965-09-03@ HOU136W  3-077-59131,154Nick WillhiteDon NottebartNick WillhiteDon NottebartRon Perranoski51847444
1965-09-04@ HOU137W  5-078-59141,951Jim BrewerBob BruceJohnny PodresBob BruceRon Perranoski52347449
1965-09-05@ HOU138W  4-279-59149,442Sandy KoufaxRobin RobertsHowie ReedRobin Roberts 52747651
1965-09-06vs SFN139L  6-779-60153,581 Don DrysdaleWarren SpahnFrank LinzyHowie Reed 53348350
1965-09-07vs SFN140L  1-379-61148,586 Claude OsteenBob ShawBob ShawClaude OsteenMasanori Murakami53448648
1965-09-09vs CHN141W  1-080-61329,139 Sandy KoufaxBob HendleySandy KoufaxBob Hendley 53548649
1965-09-10vs HOU142W  5-281-61230,200 Don DrysdaleRobin RobertsDon DrysdaleRobin RobertsRon Perranoski54048852
1965-09-11vs HOU143W  8-382-61230,278 Claude OsteenTurk FarrellClaude OsteenTurk FarrellRon Perranoski54849157
1965-09-12vs HOU144L  2-382-62221,918 Johnny PodresLarry DierkerJim OwensRon PerranoskiClaude Raymond55049456
1965-09-14@ CHN145L  1-282-6336,220Sandy KoufaxBob HendleyBob HendleySandy Koufax 55149655
1965-09-15@ CHN146L  6-882-6431,886Don DrysdaleDick EllsworthDick EllsworthHowie ReedBilly Hoeft55750453
1965-09-16@ CHN147W  2-083-643550Claude OsteenBill FaulClaude OsteenBill FaulSandy Koufax55950455
1965-09-17@ SLN148W  3-284-64319,042Don DrysdaleCurt SimmonsDon DrysdaleCurt SimmonsRon Perranoski56250656
1965-09-18@ SLN149W  1-085-64229,063Sandy KoufaxRay WashburnSandy KoufaxRay Washburn 56350657
1965-09-19@ SLN150W  5-086-64223,941Claude OsteenBob GibsonClaude OsteenBob GibsonRon Perranoski56850662
1965-09-21@ MLN151W  3-187-6425,169Don DrysdaleDenny LemasterDon DrysdaleDenny Lemaster 57150764
1965-09-22@ MLN152W  7-688-64212,577Sandy KoufaxWade BlasingameRon PerranoskiChi-Chi OlivoBob Miller57851365
1965-09-24vs SLN153W  4-389-64237,450 Claude OsteenBob GibsonRon PerranoskiBob Gibson 58251666
1965-09-25vs SLN154W  2-090-64231,532 Sandy KoufaxNelson BrilesSandy KoufaxNelson Briles 58451668
1965-09-26vs SLN155W  1-091-64140,317 Don DrysdaleRay SadeckiDon DrysdaleRay Sadecki 58551669
1965-09-27vs CIN156W  6-192-64132,593 Johnny PodresSammy EllisJohnny PodresSammy EllisRon Perranoski59151774
1965-09-28vs CIN157W  2-193-64138,424 Claude OsteenJim O'TooleHowie ReedJoey Jay 59351875
1965-09-29vs CIN158W  5-094-64152,312 Sandy KoufaxJim MaloneySandy KoufaxJim Maloney 59851880
1965-09-30vs MLN159W  4-095-64136,006 Don DrysdaleHank FischerDon DrysdaleHank Fischer 60251884
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-10-01vs MLN160L  0-295-65150,813 Claude OsteenDenny LemasterDenny LemasterClaude Osteen 60252082
1965-10-02vs MLN161W  3-196-65141,574 Sandy KoufaxTony CloningerSandy KoufaxTony Cloninger 60552184
1965-10-03vs MLN162W  3-097-65139,922 Howie ReedBob SadowskiBob MillerBob SadowskiNick Willhite60852187

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