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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  65-97   .401
Result:   9th in National League
Manager(s):  Lum Harris
General Manager:   Paul Richards
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  2,151,470
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Robin Roberts (38)
Youngest Player:  Larry Dierker (18)
Longest Tenure:  
Top Hitter:  Joe Morgan (15)
Top Pitcher:  Ken Johnson (15)
Top Draft Pick:  Alex Barrett (#4)

Roster Continuity:  85.05%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9765.599--
SF Giants9567.5862.0
St. Louis8081.49716.5
Chi Cubs7290.44425.0
NY Mets50112.30947.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-04-12vs PHI1L  0-2-42,652 Bob BruceChris ShortChris ShortBob Bruce 02-2
1965-04-14@ NYN2W  7-6-7,277Turk FarrellWarren SpahnTurk FarrellLarry BearnarthJim Owens78-1
1965-04-15@ NYN3L  4-5-7,894Ken JohnsonJack FisherJim BethkeClaude Raymond 1113-2
1965-04-17@ PIT4L  2-3-6,129Don NottebartBob VealeRoy FaceJim Owens 1316-3
1965-04-18@ PIT5W  3-1-0Bob BruceVern LawBob BruceVern Law 1617-1
1965-04-18@ PIT6L  4-5-7,176Don LarsenDon CardwellAl McBeanKen MacKenzie 2022-2
1965-04-19@ PHI7L  0-8-4,668Turk FarrellJim BunningJim BunningTurk Farrell 2030-10
1965-04-20@ PHI8L  1-2-6,627Ken JohnsonRay HerbertJack BaldschunHal Woodeshick 2132-11
1965-04-21@ PHI9W  11-4-8,267Don NottebartChris ShortDave GiustiChris Short 3236-4
1965-04-23vs PIT10W  4-3-25,399 Bob BruceBob VealeDave GiustiAl McBean 3639-3
1965-04-24vs PIT11W  5-0-30,736 Turk FarrellVern LawTurk FarrellVern Law 41392
1965-04-25vs PIT12W  5-4-19,116 Ken JohnsonDon CardwellClaude RaymondRoy Face 46433
1965-04-26vs PIT13W  2-0-15,053 Dave GiustiBob FriendDave GiustiBob Friend 48435
1965-04-27vs NYN14W  3-2-16,837 Don NottebartJack FisherHal WoodeshickDennis Ribant 51456
1965-04-28vs NYN15W  12-9-27,690 Bob BruceFrank LaryJim OwensTug McGrawClaude Raymond63549
1965-04-30vs CHN16W  4-3-27,491 Turk FarrellBob BuhlTurk FarrellBob BuhlHal Woodeshick675710
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-05-01vs CHN17W  6-4-13,048 Ken JohnsonLew BurdetteKen JohnsonLew BurdetteClaude Raymond736112
1965-05-01vs CHN18W  6-1-37,255 Dave GiustiDick EllsworthDave GiustiDick Ellsworth 796217
1965-05-02vs CHN19L  3-6-32,775 Don NottebartLarry JacksonLarry JacksonDon NottebartTed Abernathy826814
1965-05-04@ MLN20L  3-9-913Bob BruceTony CloningerTony CloningerBob Bruce 85778
1965-05-05@ MLN21L  1-2-1,391Turk FarrellWade BlasingameWade BlasingameClaude Raymond 86797
1965-05-07@ CHN22W  5-4-3,424Dave GiustiLew BurdetteDave GiustiLew BurdetteJim Owens91838
1965-05-08@ CHN23W  11-6-10,186Don NottebartCal KoonceLarry DierkerCal Koonce 1028913
1965-05-09@ CHN24W  11-5-0Ken JohnsonBob BuhlKen JohnsonBob BuhlJim Owens1139419
1965-05-09@ CHN25L  1-7-17,796Bob BruceDick EllsworthDick EllsworthBob BruceTed Abernathy11410113
1965-05-10@ LAN26L  2-3-22,535Danny CoombsJohnny PodresBob MillerHal Woodeshick 11610412
1965-05-11@ LAN27W  2-1-21,086Dave GiustiClaude OsteenDave GiustiClaude Osteen 11810513
1965-05-12@ LAN28L  2-4-19,302Don NottebartDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleDon Nottebart 12010911
1965-05-13@ LAN29L  0-3-20,963Bob BruceSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBob Bruce 1201128
1965-05-14@ SFN30L  1-2-11,900Ken JohnsonGaylord PerryGaylord PerryKen Johnson 1211147
1965-05-15@ SFN31L  2-8-13,177Larry DierkerRon HerbelBobby BolinLarry Dierker 1231221
1965-05-16@ SFN32L  5-10-0Dave GiustiJuan MarichalJuan MarichalDave Giusti 128132-4
1965-05-16@ SFN33L  3-4-33,368Don NottebartBob ShawBob ShawDon NottebartMasanori Murakami131136-5
1965-05-17vs LAN34L  3-5-40,858 Bob BruceSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBob BruceBob Miller134141-7
1965-05-18vs LAN35W  4-1-22,220 Ken JohnsonJim BrewerKen JohnsonJim BrewerHal Woodeshick138142-4
1965-05-19vs LAN36L  2-4-30,885 Dave GiustiClaude OsteenJohn PurdinKen MacKenzieDon Drysdale140146-6
1965-05-21vs SFN37L  1-8-33,094 Don NottebartRon HerbelRon HerbelDon Nottebart 141154-13
1965-05-22vs SFN38L  1-10-22,560 Bob BruceJuan MarichalJuan MarichalBob Bruce 142164-22
1965-05-22vs SFN39W  3-2-43,367 Turk FarrellJack SanfordHal WoodeshickMasanori Murakami 145166-21
1965-05-23vs SFN40L  2-5-31,493 Ken JohnsonGaylord PerryGaylord PerryKen JohnsonBill Henry147171-24
1965-05-24vs CIN41L  2-5-15,496 Dave GiustiJim MaloneyJim MaloneyDave GiustiJoey Jay149176-27
1965-05-25vs CIN42L  4-7-15,148 Don NottebartSammy EllisSammy EllisJim Owens 153183-30
1965-05-26vs CIN43W  8-3-9,247 Bob BruceBilly McCoolBob BruceBilly McCool 161186-25
1965-05-27vs SLN44W  6-1-22,430 Turk FarrellRay WashburnTurk FarrellRay Washburn 167187-20
1965-05-28vs SLN45W  3-2-31,190 Dave GiustiRay SadeckiJim OwensRon Taylor 170189-19
1965-05-29vs SLN46W  4-3-35,553 Don NottebartTracy StallardHal WoodeshickBob Purkey 174192-18
1965-05-30vs MLN47L  5-6-38,734 Larry DierkerWade BlasingameWade BlasingameLarry DierkerBilly O'Dell179198-19
1965-05-31vs MLN48W  7-2-25,120 Bob BruceTony CloningerBob BruceTony Cloninger 186200-14
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-06-01vs MLN49L  1-2-28,692 Turk FarrellDenny LemasterBilly O'DellHal Woodeshick 187202-15
1965-06-02@ CIN50L  2-5-5,592Dave GiustiSammy EllisSammy EllisDave Giusti 189207-18
1965-06-03@ CIN51W  8-3-4,393Don NottebartGerry ArrigoDon NottebartGerry ArrigoHal Woodeshick197210-13
1965-06-04@ SLN52W  5-2-24,640Bob BruceBob GibsonBob BruceBob GibsonJim Owens202212-10
1965-06-05@ SLN53L  3-4-8,862Larry DierkerCurt SimmonsRay WashburnKen MacKenzie 205216-11
1965-06-06@ SLN54W  10-1-20,878Claude RaymondRay SadeckiClaude RaymondRay Sadecki 215217-2
1965-06-08@ PIT55L  6-7-8,084Turk FarrellBob FriendJoe GibbonHal Woodeshick 221224-3
1965-06-09@ PIT56L  3-11-9,412Don NottebartVern LawVern LawDon Nottebart 224235-11
1965-06-10@ PIT57L  2-4-9,839Bob BruceBob VealeBob VealeBob Bruce 226239-13
1965-06-11@ PHI58L  5-6-16,825Dave GiustiRay CulpGary WagnerJim Owens 231245-14
1965-06-12@ PHI59L  4-5-7,870Turk FarrellJim BunningEd RoebuckTurk Farrell 235250-15
1965-06-13@ PHI60L  0-5-12,936Claude RaymondChris ShortChris ShortClaude Raymond 235255-20
1965-06-14vs CHN61L  0-2-26,761 Bob BruceLarry JacksonLarry JacksonBob Bruce 235257-22
1965-06-15vs CHN62L  0-5-19,167 Larry DierkerBob BuhlBob BuhlLarry DierkerTed Abernathy235262-27
1965-06-16vs CHN63W  3-2-21,835 Turk FarrellDick EllsworthJim OwensLindy McDaniel 238264-26
1965-06-17vs CHN64L  5-6-16,616 Dave GiustiBob HendleyErnie BroglioJim OwensTed Abernathy243270-27
1965-06-18vs PIT65W  5-1-24,286 Bob BruceBob VealeBob BruceBob Veale 248271-23
1965-06-19vs PIT66L  3-5-27,785 Claude RaymondDon CardwellJoe GibbonDon NottebartFrank Carpin251276-25
1965-06-20vs PHI67L  2-3-0 Larry DierkerJim BunningJim BunningRon TaylorGary Wagner253279-26
1965-06-20vs PHI68L  1-7-42,648 Mike CuellarBo BelinskyBo BelinskyMike Cuellar 254286-32
1965-06-21vs PHI69W  6-2-18,271 Turk FarrellRay CulpTurk FarrellRay Culp 260288-28
1965-06-22vs PHI70L  2-7-19,331 Bob BruceChris ShortChris ShortBob BruceGary Wagner262295-33
1965-06-24vs NYN71W  4-2-22,329 Claude RaymondJack FisherClaude RaymondJack FisherJim Owens266297-31
1965-06-25vs NYN72W  6-2-27,161 Larry DierkerWarren SpahnLarry DierkerWarren SpahnDave Giusti272299-27
1965-06-26vs NYN73W  2-0-33,500 Turk FarrellFrank LaryTurk FarrellFrank Lary 274299-25
1965-06-27vs NYN74W  4-2-25,224 Bob BruceAl JacksonBob BruceAl JacksonMike Cuellar278301-23
1965-06-28@ CHN75L  2-7-4,464Dave GiustiLarry JacksonLarry JacksonDave Giusti 280308-28
1965-06-30vs SFN76W  6-4-38,823 Turk FarrellGaylord PerryClaude RaymondFrank Linzy 286312-26
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-07-02vs LAN77W  4-3-33,044 Bob BruceDon DrysdaleMike CuellarDon Drysdale 290315-25
1965-07-03vs LAN78L  1-3-50,136 Larry DierkerSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxLarry Dierker 291318-27
1965-07-04vs LAN79W  3-1-47,642 Claude RaymondClaude OsteenClaude RaymondClaude Osteen 294319-25
1965-07-05@ MLN80W  5-4-7,775Turk FarrellWade BlasingameJim OwensBob SadowskiMike Cuellar299323-24
1965-07-07@ MLN81L  2-5-4,840Bob BruceKen JohnsonKen JohnsonBob BruceBilly O'Dell301328-27
1965-07-08@ MLN82L  8-9-2,522Don NottebartTony CloningerWade BlasingameRon Taylor 309337-28
1965-07-09@ NYN83W  6-2-29,645Larry DierkerJack FisherLarry DierkerJack FisherRon Taylor315339-24
1965-07-10@ NYN84W  10-1-13,837Turk FarrellWarren SpahnTurk FarrellWarren SpahnRon Taylor325340-15
1965-07-16@ SFN85L  1-2-13,240Bob BruceBob ShawBob ShawBob BruceRon Herbel326342-16
1965-07-17@ SFN86L  0-7-15,771Turk FarrellJuan MarichalJuan MarichalTurk Farrell 326349-23
1965-07-18@ SFN87W  5-2-20,198Claude RaymondGaylord PerryClaude RaymondGaylord PerryRon Taylor331351-20
1965-07-19@ LAN88L  3-8-22,756Don NottebartDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleDon Nottebart 334359-25
1965-07-20@ LAN89L  2-3-30,937Mike CuellarSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxRon Taylor 336362-26
1965-07-21vs SLN90W  2-0-43,324 Bob BruceBob GibsonBob BruceBob Gibson 338362-24
1965-07-22vs SLN91W  3-2-30,668 Larry DierkerBob PurkeyLarry DierkerBob Purkey 341364-23
1965-07-23vs CIN92L  1-9-31,595 Claude RaymondJoey JayJoey JayClaude Raymond 342373-31
1965-07-24vs CIN93W  4-2-30,738 Don NottebartSammy EllisDon NottebartSammy Ellis 346375-29
1965-07-24vs CIN94L  0-2-42,595 Turk FarrellJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallTurk Farrell 346377-31
1965-07-25vs CIN95L  1-3-36,515 Mike CuellarJohn TsitourisJohn TsitourisMike CuellarBilly McCool347380-33
1965-07-26vs MLN96L  0-6-24,395 Bob BruceWade BlasingameWade BlasingameBob Bruce 347386-39
1965-07-27vs MLN97L  1-7-23,642 Larry DierkerTony CloningerTony CloningerLarry DierkerBilly O'Dell348393-45
1965-07-28vs MLN98L  4-6-32,772 Turk FarrellKen JohnsonKen JohnsonTurk FarrellBilly O'Dell352399-47
1965-07-30@ CIN99L  1-7-18,646Don NottebartJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallDon Nottebart 353406-53
1965-07-31@ CIN100L  4-11-6,778Bob BruceJim MaloneyJim MaloneyBob BruceSammy Ellis357417-60
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-08-01@ CIN101L  4-6-0Mike CuellarJoey JayTed DavidsonMike CuellarBilly McCool361423-62
1965-08-01@ CIN102W  7-6-16,286Dave GiustiJohn TsitourisJim OwensBilly McCoolTurk Farrell368429-61
1965-08-03@ SLN103W  10-7-0Larry DierkerBob PurkeyLarry DierkerBob PurkeyRon Taylor378436-58
1965-08-03@ SLN104L  0-7-17,818Turk FarrellRay WashburnRay WashburnTurk Farrell 378443-65
1965-08-04@ SLN105L  4-9-12,066Don NottebartCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsDon Nottebart 382452-70
1965-08-05@ SLN106L  1-3-11,334Bob BruceBob GibsonBob GibsonBob Bruce 383455-72
1965-08-06@ MLN107L  4-8-2,805Ron TaylorTony CloningerTony CloningerRon Taylor 387463-76
1965-08-07@ MLN108W  4-0-3,778Turk FarrellKen JohnsonTurk FarrellKen Johnson 391463-72
1965-08-08@ MLN109L  5-8-0Don NottebartWade BlasingameWade BlasingameDon NottebartBilly O'Dell396471-75
1965-08-08@ MLN110L  3-8-20,882Larry DierkerDenny LemasterBilly O'DellLarry Dierker 399479-80
1965-08-09vs PHI111W  8-0-31,209 Robin RobertsLew BurdetteRobin RobertsLew Burdette 407479-72
1965-08-10vs PHI112L  0-2-24,533 Bob BruceJim BunningJim BunningBob Bruce 407481-74
1965-08-11vs PHI113L  1-5-28,224 Danny CoombsRay CulpRay CulpDanny Coombs 408486-78
1965-08-12vs PHI114L  3-7-22,011 Turk FarrellChris ShortChris ShortTurk FarrellEd Roebuck411493-82
1965-08-13vs NYN115W  3-2-27,978 Don NottebartJack FisherDon NottebartJack Fisher 414495-81
1965-08-14vs NYN116L  0-1-41,732 Larry DierkerGalen CiscoDarrell SutherlandDave Giusti 414496-82
1965-08-15vs NYN117L  0-3-33,952 Bob BruceAl JacksonAl JacksonBob Bruce 414499-85
1965-08-16vs PIT118W  3-0-26,549 Robin RobertsBob FriendRobin RobertsBob Friend 417499-82
1965-08-17vs PIT119L  6-8-24,863 Turk FarrellVern LawVern LawTurk FarrellAl McBean423507-84
1965-08-18vs PIT120L  7-8-30,470 Don NottebartBob VealeBob VealeDon NottebartAl McBean430515-85
1965-08-20@ CHN121W  7-4-0Bob BruceBob BuhlBob BruceTed Abernathy 437519-82
1965-08-20@ CHN122L  0-2-7,936Larry DierkerBill FaulBill FaulLarry Dierker 437521-84
1965-08-21@ CHN123W  9-2-6,362Robin RobertsDick EllsworthRobin RobertsDick Ellsworth 446523-77
1965-08-22@ CHN124L  1-3-9,106Turk FarrellBilly HoeftBilly HoeftTurk Farrell 447526-79
1965-08-24@ PHI125W  4-3-13,863Don NottebartChris ShortDon NottebartGary Wagner 451529-78
1965-08-25@ PHI126W  7-6-11,066Bob BruceRay CulpRon TaylorJack BaldschunJim Owens458535-77
1965-08-26@ PHI127W  6-4-21,805Robin RobertsJim BunningDave GiustiGary WagnerJim Owens464539-75
1965-08-27@ PIT128L  9-10-12,917Turk FarrellVern LawAl McBeanMike Cuellar 473549-76
1965-08-28@ PIT129W  9-6-7,051Larry DierkerDon CardwellLarry DierkerDon SchwallDave Giusti482555-73
1965-08-29@ PIT130L  2-4-30,002Don NottebartBob FriendWilbur WoodDon NottebartJoe Gibbon484559-75
1965-08-31@ NYN131W  4-3-0Robin RobertsLarry MillerRobin RobertsLarry MillerJim Owens488562-74
1965-08-31@ NYN132W  3-2-25,562Bob BruceTug McGrawBob BruceTug McGraw 491564-73
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-09-01@ NYN133L  1-4-0Danny CoombsAl JacksonAl JacksonDanny Coombs 492568-76
1965-09-01@ NYN134W  8-5-13,880Turk FarrellRob GardnerTurk FarrellRob GardnerDave Giusti500573-73
1965-09-02@ NYN135W  4-3-11,430Larry DierkerJack FisherLarry DierkerJack FisherClaude Raymond504576-72
1965-09-03vs LAN136L  0-3-31,154 Don NottebartNick WillhiteNick WillhiteDon NottebartRon Perranoski504579-75
1965-09-04vs LAN137L  0-5-41,951 Bob BruceJim BrewerJohnny PodresBob BruceRon Perranoski504584-80
1965-09-05vs LAN138L  2-4-49,442 Robin RobertsSandy KoufaxHowie ReedRobin Roberts 506588-82
1965-09-06vs CHN139W  2-1-31,814 Turk FarrellLarry JacksonTurk FarrellLarry Jackson 508589-81
1965-09-08@ SFN140L  3-12-8,922Don NottebartBobby BolinBobby BolinDon Nottebart 511601-90
1965-09-09@ SFN141L  0-4-20,076Bob BruceJuan MarichalJuan MarichalBob Bruce 511605-94
1965-09-10@ LAN142L  2-5-30,200Robin RobertsDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleRobin RobertsRon Perranoski513610-97
1965-09-11@ LAN143L  3-8-30,278Turk FarrellClaude OsteenClaude OsteenTurk FarrellRon Perranoski516618-102
1965-09-12@ LAN144W  3-2-21,918Larry DierkerJohnny PodresJim OwensRon PerranoskiClaude Raymond519620-101
1965-09-13vs SFN145L  1-5-19,827 Don NottebartJuan MarichalJuan MarichalDon Nottebart 520625-105
1965-09-14vs SFN146L  5-7-15,415 Bob BruceRon HerbelBob PriddyJim OwensBobby Bolin525632-107
1965-09-15vs SFN147L  2-3-19,176 Robin RobertsBob ShawFrank LinzyDave Giusti 527635-108
1965-09-16vs SFN148L  1-5-15,187 Turk FarrellBobby BolinBobby BolinTurk Farrell 528640-112
1965-09-17@ CIN149L  2-4-10,431Larry DierkerSammy EllisSammy EllisLarry DierkerBilly McCool530644-114
1965-09-19@ CIN150W  8-6-0Bob BruceJoey JayClaude RaymondTed Davidson 538650-112
1965-09-19@ CIN151L  3-4-19,907Jack LamabeJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallJack LamabeBilly McCool541654-113
1965-09-21@ SLN152L  0-3-4,348Chris ZacharyRay SadeckiRay SadeckiChris ZacharyHal Woodeshick541657-116
1965-09-22@ SLN153L  1-4-5,896Jim RayLarry JasterLarry JasterJim Ray 542661-119
1965-09-25vs CIN154L  0-1-24,443 Robin RobertsJim MaloneyJim MaloneyDave Giusti 542662-120
1965-09-26vs CIN155W  4-2-15,540 Bob BruceJoe NuxhallTurk FarrellBilly McCool 546664-118
1965-09-27vs MLN156W  4-3-8,380 Larry DierkerWade BlasingameDave GiustiDan Osinski 550667-117
1965-09-28vs MLN157L  1-7-9,809 Chris ZacharyTony CloningerTony CloningerChris Zachary 551674-123
1965-09-29vs MLN158L  1-5-8,895 Jack LamabeKen JohnsonKen JohnsonJack Lamabe 552679-127
1965-09-30vs SLN159L  8-19-7,494 Jim RayNelson BrilesNelson BrilesJim RayDennis Aust560698-138
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1965-10-01vs SLN160W  4-2-10,247 Robin RobertsRay SadeckiRobin RobertsRay SadeckiClaude Raymond564700-136
1965-10-02vs SLN161L  3-6-12,698 Don ArlichLarry JasterLarry JasterRon Taylor 567706-139
1965-10-03vs SLN162L  2-5-13,535 Carroll SemberaBob GibsonBob GibsonCarroll Sembera 569711-142

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