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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  93-69   .574
Result:   1st in National League
Manager(s):  Johnny Keane
General Manager:   Bing Devine
Stadium:  Sportsman's Park
Attendance:  1,143,294
Playoffs:  Won World Series (Yankees)

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bobby Shantz (38)
Youngest Player:  Dave Bakenhaster (19)
Longest Tenure:  Ken Boyer (10)
Top Hitter:  Ken Boyer (6)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Gibson (5)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  76.12%
National League Standings
St. Louis9369.574--
SF Giants9072.5563.0
LA Dodgers8082.49413.0
Chi Cubs7686.46917.0
NY Mets53109.32740.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-04-14@ LAN1L  0-40-1650,451Ernie BroglioSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxErnie Broglio 04-4
1964-04-15@ LAN2W  6-21-1528,025Bob GibsonDon DrysdaleBob GibsonDon Drysdale 660
1964-04-16@ SFN3W  2-02-129,875Curt SimmonsBob HendleyCurt SimmonsBob Hendley 862
1964-04-17@ SFN4L  4-52-2519,524Roger CraigBilly O'DellBob ShawBobby Shantz 12111
1964-04-18@ SFN5W  3-23-2423,483Ernie BroglioBobby BolinErnie BroglioBobby Bolin 15132
1964-04-19@ HOU6W  6-14-2212,913Bob GibsonDon NottebartBob GibsonDon Nottebart 21147
1964-04-20@ HOU7L  1-74-347,441Ray SadeckiTurk FarrellTurk FarrellRay Sadecki 22211
1964-04-22vs LAN8W  7-65-3431,410 Curt SimmonsSandy KoufaxCurt SimmonsSandy KoufaxRoger Craig29272
1964-04-23vs LAN9L  5-75-4510,276 Ernie BroglioDon DrysdaleRon PerranoskiRon Taylor 34340
1964-04-24vs HOU10W  3-26-446,789 Bob GibsonDon NottebartLew BurdetteHal Woodeshick 37361
1964-04-25vs HOU11L  2-46-5611,796 Roger CraigTurk FarrellTurk FarrellBobby ShantzHal Woodeshick3940-1
1964-04-26vs HOU12L  4-66-669,700 Curt SimmonsJim OwensJim OwensCurt SimmonsHal Woodeshick4346-3
1964-04-28vs NYN13W  8-07-653,471 Ernie BroglioAl JacksonErnie BroglioAl Jackson 51465
1964-04-29vs NYN14W  4-38-643,844 Bob GibsonJack FisherBobby ShantzLarry Bearnarth 55496
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-05-01vs PIT15W  6-29-6314,701 Roger CraigVern LawRoger CraigVern Law 615110
1964-05-02vs PIT16L  4-59-7412,534 Curt SimmonsBob FriendTommie SiskCurt SimmonsFrank Bork65569
1964-05-03vs PIT17L  8-129-8611,051 Ernie BroglioBob VealeDon SchwallRay SadeckiRoy Face73685
1964-05-04vs PHI18W  9-210-857,437 Bob GibsonDennis BennettRoger CraigDennis Bennett 827012
1964-05-05vs PHI19W  2-111-8510,443 Ray WashburnJim BunningRay WashburnJim BunningRon Taylor847113
1964-05-06@ PIT20L  0-111-968,659Ray SadeckiBob FriendBob FriendRay Sadecki 847212
1964-05-07@ PIT21W  4-212-947,219Curt SimmonsBob VealeCurt SimmonsBob VealeRoger Craig887414
1964-05-08@ NYN22L  4-512-10532,386Ernie BroglioJack FisherLarry BearnarthBobby Shantz 927913
1964-05-09@ NYN23W  5-113-10416,757Bob GibsonGalen CiscoBob GibsonGalen Cisco 978017
1964-05-10@ NYN24L  1-414-1140Roger CraigTracy StallardTracy StallardRoger Craig 988414
1964-05-10@ NYN25W  10-114-11430,776Ray WashburnJerry HinsleyRay WashburnJerry HinsleyRon Taylor1088523
1964-05-11@ PHI26W  3-215-11411,200Ray SadeckiRay CulpRay SadeckiRay Culp 1118724
1964-05-12@ PHI27W  4-216-11414,412Curt SimmonsArt MahaffeyCurt SimmonsArt MahaffeyRoger Craig1158926
1964-05-14@ PHI28L  2-316-12416,626Ernie BroglioJim BunningJim BunningErnie BroglioEd Roebuck1179225
1964-05-15vs MLN29W  10-617-12422,400 Bob GibsonDenny LemasterRoger CraigBobby Tiefenauer 1279829
1964-05-16vs MLN30W  6-518-12413,564 Ray SadeckiBob SadowskiRay SadeckiBob SadowskiRon Taylor13310330
1964-05-17vs MLN31W  7-319-1340 Curt SimmonsHank FischerCurt SimmonsHank Fischer 14010634
1964-05-17vs MLN32L  2-419-13428,594 Ray WashburnTony CloningerTony CloningerRay Washburn 14211032
1964-05-19vs CHN33L  4-719-1448,541 Ernie BroglioDick EllsworthDick EllsworthErnie Broglio 14611729
1964-05-20vs CHN34W  1-020-1448,612 Bob GibsonLarry JacksonBob GibsonLarry Jackson 14711730
1964-05-21vs CHN35W  10-321-1447,877 Ray SadeckiGlen HobbieRay SadeckiGlen Hobbie 15712037
1964-05-22@ MLN36W  6-122-14320,489Curt SimmonsTony CloningerCurt SimmonsTony Cloninger 16312142
1964-05-23@ MLN37L  4-822-15310,567Roger CraigHank FischerBilly HoeftRoger Craig 16712938
1964-05-24@ MLN38L  4-722-1740Ray WashburnWarren SpahnWarren SpahnRay SadeckiBob Sadowski17113635
1964-05-24@ MLN39L  0-1022-17426,084Ernie BroglioDenny LemasterDenny LemasterErnie Broglio 17114625
1964-05-27vs SFN40L  1-222-18414,786 Bob GibsonJuan MarichalJuan MarichalBob Gibson 17214824
1964-05-28vs SFN41L  1-222-19514,092 Curt SimmonsBob HendleyBob HendleyCurt SimmonsBobby Bolin17315023
1964-05-29vs CIN42W  4-323-19410,219 Ray SadeckiJim O'TooleRay SadeckiJim O'Toole 17715324
1964-05-30vs CIN43W  7-124-19411,051 Ernie BroglioSammy EllisErnie BroglioSammy Ellis 18415430
1964-05-31vs CIN44L  0-625-2040 Ray WashburnBob PurkeyBob PurkeyRay Washburn 18416024
1964-05-31vs CIN45W  2-125-20420,240 Bob GibsonJohn TsitourisBob GibsonJohn Tsitouris 18616125
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-06-02@ CHN46L  2-525-2145,129Curt SimmonsLarry JacksonLarry JacksonCurt Simmons 18816622
1964-06-03@ CHN47W  7-526-2146,718Ray SadeckiBob BuhlRay SadeckiBob BuhlRoger Craig19517124
1964-06-04@ CHN48L  1-226-2248,019Bob GibsonDick EllsworthDick EllsworthBob Gibson 19617323
1964-06-05@ CIN49L  4-526-23510,692Glen HobbieBob PurkeyJoey JayRoger Craig 20017822
1964-06-06@ CIN50L  0-326-24517,386Ray WashburnJohn TsitourisJohn TsitourisRay WashburnSammy Ellis20018119
1964-06-07@ CIN51L  6-1126-25512,925Curt SimmonsJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallCurt SimmonsJoey Jay20619214
1964-06-09@ SFN52W  1-027-25514,348Ray SadeckiJuan MarichalRay SadeckiJuan Marichal 20719215
1964-06-10@ SFN53L  0-328-2650Bob GibsonBob HendleyBob HendleyBob GibsonGaylord Perry20719512
1964-06-10@ SFN54W  2-128-26516,684Glen HobbieRon HerbelGlen HobbieRon Herbel 20919613
1964-06-11@ LAN55L  0-528-27529,272Ray WashburnDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleRay Washburn 2092018
1964-06-12@ LAN56L  0-328-28544,476Ernie BroglioSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxErnie Broglio 2092045
1964-06-13@ LAN57L  2-328-29529,199Ray SadeckiJoe MoellerJoe MoellerRay SadeckiRon Perranoski2112074
1964-06-14@ HOU58L  1-428-30715,341Bob GibsonTurk FarrellTurk FarrellBob Gibson 2122111
1964-06-15@ HOU59L  3-928-3178,584Glen HobbieDon NottebartJim OwensGlen Hobbie 215220-5
1964-06-16@ HOU60W  7-129-31512,383Curt SimmonsBob BruceCurt SimmonsBob Bruce 2222211
1964-06-17@ HOU61W  2-130-31510,777Ray WashburnKen JohnsonRay WashburnKen JohnsonRon Taylor2242222
1964-06-18vs SFN62W  7-631-31514,876 Ray SadeckiJuan MarichalRay SadeckiJuan MarichalRon Taylor2312283
1964-06-19vs SFN63W  3-132-31524,533 Bob GibsonRon HerbelBob GibsonRon HerbelRon Taylor2342295
1964-06-20vs SFN64L  3-1432-32520,646 Glen HobbieBob HendleyBob HendleyGlen HobbieJim Duffalo237243-6
1964-06-21vs SFN65L  3-732-33525,848 Curt SimmonsJack SanfordJack SanfordCurt SimmonsGaylord Perry240250-10
1964-06-23vs HOU66W  5-433-3359,679 Ray WashburnTurk FarrellRon TaylorDon LarsenMike Cuellar245254-9
1964-06-24vs HOU67L  5-733-3458,621 Ray SadeckiDon NottebartJim OwensRay SadeckiHal Woodeshick250261-11
1964-06-25vs HOU68W  4-234-3456,842 Roger CraigBob BruceRoger CraigBob BruceGlen Hobbie254263-9
1964-06-26vs PHI69L  5-634-35518,484 Bob GibsonJim BunningEd RoebuckRon Taylor 259269-10
1964-06-27vs PHI70W  9-435-35512,388 Curt SimmonsDennis BennettCurt SimmonsRick Wise 268273-5
1964-06-28vs PHI71L  0-536-3650 Mike CuellarChris ShortChris ShortMike Cuellar 268278-10
1964-06-28vs PHI72W  8-236-36527,805 Ray SadeckiRay CulpRay SadeckiRay Culp 276280-4
1964-06-29vs MLN73L  4-736-37511,336 Ray WashburnDan SchneiderBobby TiefenauerBob Gibson 280287-7
1964-06-30vs MLN74L  4-536-3867,484 Roger CraigWade BlasingameBob SadowskiRoger CraigBobby Tiefenauer284292-8
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-07-01@ MLN75W  6-137-38513,608Curt SimmonsHank FischerCurt SimmonsHank Fischer 290293-3
1964-07-02@ MLN76W  4-338-3856,863Ray SadeckiWarren SpahnRay SadeckiWarren SpahnBob Humphreys294296-2
1964-07-03@ CIN77L  1-438-39511,975Bob GibsonJohn TsitourisJohn TsitourisBob Gibson 295300-5
1964-07-04@ CIN78L  2-338-40521,320Mike CuellarJim O'TooleJim O'TooleMike CuellarBilly McCool297303-6
1964-07-05@ CIN79W  3-139-40511,854Roger CraigJoey JayRoger CraigJoey Jay 300304-4
1964-07-09@ NYN80L  3-439-41513,804Curt SimmonsAl JacksonAl JacksonCurt Simmons 303308-5
1964-07-10@ NYN81W  3-140-41533,634Bob GibsonJack FisherBob GibsonJack Fisher 306309-3
1964-07-11@ NYN82W  11-441-41519,475Ray SadeckiTracy StallardRay SadeckiTracy StallardRon Taylor3173134
1964-07-13@ PIT83W  5-443-4150Roger CraigSteve BlassRon TaylorTommie Sisk 3223175
1964-07-13@ PIT84W  12-543-41514,773Mike CuellarVern LawMike CuellarVern LawRay Washburn33432212
1964-07-14vs LAN85W  8-744-41524,817 Curt SimmonsSandy KoufaxRon TaylorRon Perranoski 34232913
1964-07-15vs LAN86L  3-1344-42517,304 Bob GibsonLarry MillerLarry MillerBob GibsonRon Perranoski3453423
1964-07-16vs LAN87L  2-1044-43515,780 Ray SadeckiJoe MoellerJoe MoellerRay SadeckiBob Miller347352-5
1964-07-17vs NYN88W  9-845-43510,759 Roger CraigGalen CiscoMike CuellarTracy StallardBob Gibson356360-4
1964-07-18vs NYN89W  15-746-4359,424 Glen HobbieAl JacksonRon TaylorBill WakefieldRay Sadecki3713674
1964-07-19vs NYN90L  2-347-4450 Curt SimmonsJack FisherJack FisherCurt Simmons 3733703
1964-07-19vs NYN91W  7-647-44518,377 Bob GibsonFrank LaryBob GibsonWillard Hunter 3803764
1964-07-21vs PIT92L  4-847-45511,805 Ray SadeckiJoe GibbonJoe GibbonRay SadeckiFrank Bork3843840
1964-07-22vs PIT93L  2-1347-46511,089 Roger CraigBob VealeBob VealeRoger Craig 386397-11
1964-07-23vs PIT94L  5-847-4757,893 Mike CuellarDon SchwallSteve BlassMike CuellarRoy Face391405-14
1964-07-24@ PHI95L  1-947-48522,628Bob GibsonChris ShortChris ShortBob Gibson 392414-22
1964-07-25@ PHI96W  10-948-48510,948Curt SimmonsDennis BennettCurt SimmonsDennis BennettMike Cuellar402423-21
1964-07-26@ PHI97W  6-150-4850Gordie RichardsonJohn BoozerGordie RichardsonJohn Boozer 408424-16
1964-07-26@ PHI98W  4-150-48528,118Ray SadeckiArt MahaffeyRay SadeckiArt Mahaffey 412425-13
1964-07-28@ CHN99W  12-751-48516,052Bob GibsonErnie BroglioRon TaylorLarry JacksonMike Cuellar424432-8
1964-07-29@ CHN100W  9-152-48516,781Curt SimmonsLew BurdetteCurt SimmonsLew Burdette 4334330
1964-07-30@ CHN101W  5-253-48511,173Ray SadeckiDick EllsworthRay SadeckiDick EllsworthRoger Craig4384353
1964-07-31vs CIN102L  6-753-49522,136 Gordie RichardsonJohn TsitourisJohn TsitourisGordie RichardsonBob Purkey4444422
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-08-01vs CIN103L  5-653-50513,057 Bob GibsonJoey JayJoey JayBob GibsonSammy Ellis4494481
1964-08-02vs CIN104W  5-454-50514,010 Curt SimmonsJim MaloneyMike CuellarBilly McCoolRon Taylor4544522
1964-08-04vs CHN105L  0-454-51512,723 Ray SadeckiLew BurdetteLew BurdetteRay Sadecki 454456-2
1964-08-05vs CHN106W  4-255-51511,614 Gordie RichardsonBob BuhlGordie RichardsonBob BuhlBob Humphreys4584580
1964-08-06vs CHN107W  5-356-5158,258 Bob GibsonDick EllsworthBob GibsonDick EllsworthBarney Schultz4634612
1964-08-07vs HOU108W  4-057-51514,344 Curt SimmonsHal BrownCurt SimmonsHal Brown 4674616
1964-08-08vs HOU109L  3-457-52514,842 Ron TaylorDon NottebartDon NottebartRon TaylorJim Owens4704655
1964-08-09vs HOU110W  8-258-52519,658 Ray SadeckiBob BruceRay SadeckiBob Bruce 47846711
1964-08-10vs SFN111W  2-159-52518,779 Bob GibsonRon HerbelBob GibsonRon HerbelBarney Schultz48046812
1964-08-11vs SFN112L  3-659-53521,075 Curt SimmonsBob HendleyBob HendleyCurt SimmonsBilly Pierce4834749
1964-08-12vs SFN113W  6-460-53517,676 Roger CraigGaylord PerryRoger CraigBob ShawBarney Schultz48947811
1964-08-14@ LAN114W  4-361-53533,835Ray SadeckiDon DrysdaleRay SadeckiDon DrysdaleMike Cuellar49348112
1964-08-15@ LAN115L  3-461-54522,218Bob GibsonJoe MoellerJoe MoellerBob GibsonRon Perranoski49648511
1964-08-16@ LAN116L  0-362-5550Gordie RichardsonSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxGordie Richardson 4964888
1964-08-16@ LAN117W  4-062-55538,072Curt SimmonsLarry MillerCurt SimmonsLarry Miller 50048812
1964-08-17@ HOU118W  3-163-5558,053Roger CraigHal BrownMike CuellarHal BrownBarney Schultz50348914
1964-08-18@ HOU119W  5-264-5558,617Ray SadeckiDon LarsenRay SadeckiDon LarsenBarney Schultz50849117
1964-08-19@ HOU120L  7-864-5658,149Bob GibsonDon NottebartJim OwensBarney Schultz 51549916
1964-08-21@ SFN121W  6-565-56519,644Curt SimmonsBob HendleyRon TaylorJim DuffaloBarney Schultz52150417
1964-08-22@ SFN122L  2-465-57522,910Roger CraigBobby BolinBobby BolinRoger Craig 52350815
1964-08-23@ SFN123L  2-365-58528,712Ray SadeckiGaylord PerryBilly O'DellBarney Schultz 52551114
1964-08-24vs PIT124W  5-166-58510,881 Bob GibsonBob FriendBob GibsonBob Friend 53051218
1964-08-25vs PIT125W  7-667-5848,664 Curt SimmonsBob VealeRon TaylorAl McBean 53751819
1964-08-26vs PIT126W  4-268-5849,662 Mike CuellarFrank BorkMike CuellarFrank Bork 54152021
1964-08-28vs LAN127W  5-369-58420,180 Ray SadeckiPhil OrtegaRay SadeckiPhil Ortega 54652323
1964-08-29vs LAN128W  4-170-58420,001 Bob GibsonHowie ReedBob GibsonHowie Reed 55052426
1964-08-30vs LAN129W  5-171-58424,766 Curt SimmonsLarry MillerCurt SimmonsLarry Miller 55552530
1964-08-31vs LAN130L  3-1271-59416,387 Mike CuellarDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleMike Cuellar 55853721
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-09-01vs MLN131W  5-472-5938,079 Ray SadeckiDenny LemasterRon TaylorDenny Lemaster 56354122
1964-09-02vs MLN132W  6-273-5938,369 Bob GibsonHank FischerBob GibsonHank Fischer 56954326
1964-09-03vs MLN133L  0-773-6048,221 Roger CraigWade BlasingameWade BlasingameRoger Craig 56955019
1964-09-04vs CHN134W  8-574-60310,220 Curt SimmonsDick EllsworthGordie RichardsonDon Elston 57755522
1964-09-05vs CHN135L  5-874-61312,185 Mike CuellarLarry JacksonLarry JacksonMike CuellarLindy McDaniel58256319
1964-09-06vs CHN136W  5-475-61316,161 Ray SadeckiErnie BroglioBob HumphreysLindy McDaniel 58756720
1964-09-07vs CIN137W  3-277-6130 Bob GibsonJim O'TooleBob GibsonBill Henry 59056921
1964-09-07vs CIN138W  3-277-61322,187 Roger CraigJohn TsitourisBarney SchultzJoe Nuxhall 59357122
1964-09-09@ PHI139W  10-578-61225,339Curt SimmonsJim BunningBob HumphreysJack Baldschun 60357627
1964-09-10@ PHI140L  1-578-62314,552Ray SadeckiChris ShortChris ShortRay Sadecki 60458123
1964-09-11@ CHN141W  5-079-6222,240Bob GibsonErnie BroglioBob GibsonErnie Broglio 60958128
1964-09-12@ CHN142L  2-379-6328,330Roger CraigBob BuhlBob BuhlRoger Craig 61158427
1964-09-13@ CHN143W  15-280-63211,606Curt SimmonsDick EllsworthCurt SimmonsDick EllsworthRay Washburn62658640
1964-09-15@ MLN144W  11-682-6320Ray SadeckiTony CloningerRay SadeckiTony CloningerBarney Schultz63759245
1964-09-15@ MLN145W  3-182-6325,843Bob GibsonWade BlasingameBob GibsonWade Blasingame 64059347
1964-09-16@ MLN146L  2-382-6423,019Ron TaylorDenny LemasterDenny LemasterRon TaylorBobby Tiefenauer64259646
1964-09-19@ CIN147L  5-783-6520Bob GibsonBob PurkeySammy EllisBob Gibson 64760344
1964-09-19@ CIN148W  2-083-65213,221Ray SadeckiBilly McCoolRay SadeckiBilly McCoolBarney Schultz64960346
1964-09-20@ CIN149L  6-983-66311,544Gordie RichardsonJoe NuxhallSammy EllisBarney Schultz 65561243
1964-09-22@ NYN150W  2-184-66310,443Curt SimmonsTracy StallardCurt SimmonsTracy Stallard 65761344
1964-09-23@ NYN151L  1-284-6733,941Roger CraigGalen CiscoGalen CiscoRoger CraigWillard Hunter65861543
1964-09-24@ PIT152W  4-286-6730Bob GibsonWilbur WoodBob GibsonWilbur Wood 66261745
1964-09-24@ PIT153W  4-086-6732,846Ray SadeckiTom ButtersRay SadeckiTom Butters 66661749
1964-09-25@ PIT154W  5-387-6733,694Gordie RichardsonDon CardwellGordie RichardsonDon CardwellBarney Schultz67162051
1964-09-26@ PIT155W  6-388-6734,085Curt SimmonsBob VealeCurt SimmonsBob VealeBarney Schultz67762354
1964-09-27@ PIT156W  5-089-67319,287Roger CraigVern LawRoger CraigVern LawBarney Schultz68262359
1964-09-28vs PHI157W  5-190-67224,146 Bob GibsonChris ShortBob GibsonChris ShortBarney Schultz68762463
1964-09-29vs PHI158W  4-291-67227,433 Ray SadeckiDennis BennettRay SadeckiDennis BennettBarney Schultz69162665
1964-09-30vs PHI159W  8-592-67129,920 Curt SimmonsJim BunningCurt SimmonsJim BunningGordie Richardson69963168
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-10-02vs NYN160L  0-192-68119,019 Bob GibsonAl JacksonAl JacksonBob Gibson 69963267
1964-10-03vs NYN161L  5-1592-69218,650 Ray SadeckiJack FisherTom ParsonsRay Sadecki 70464757
1964-10-04vs NYN162W  11-593-69130,146 Curt SimmonsGalen CiscoBob GibsonGalen CiscoBarney Schultz71565263

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