Update:   Expansion Drafts History -  All historical picks for the 6 expansion drafts between 1960 and 1997.


+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  88-74   .543
Result:   3rd in National League
Manager(s):  Alvin Dark
General Manager:   Chub Feeney
Stadium:  Candlestick Park
Attendance:  1,571,306
Playoffs:  -

San Francisco Giants affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Billy Pierce (36)
Youngest Player:  Al Stanek (19)
Longest Tenure:  Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda, Jim Davenport, Felipe Alou (6)
Top Hitter:  Willie Mays (4)
Top Pitcher:  Juan Marichal (2)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  86.37%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9963.611--
St. Louis9369.5746.0
SF Giants8874.54311.0
Chi Cubs8280.50617.0
NY Mets51111.31548.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-04-09@ HOU1W  9-21-0419,591Jack SanfordTurk FarrellJack SanfordTurk FarrellJack Fisher927
1963-04-10@ HOU2W  8-72-0412,469Juan MarichalBob BruceJim DuffaloDon McMahonBobby Bolin1798
1963-04-11@ HOU3W  7-13-028,827Billy O'DellKen JohnsonBilly O'DellKen Johnson 241014
1963-04-13@ CHN4W  2-14-0212,090Jack SanfordGlen HobbieJack SanfordPaul Toth 261115
1963-04-14@ CHN5L  1-34-1210,072Juan MarichalLarry JacksonLarry JacksonJuan MarichalLindy McDaniel271413
1963-04-16vs HOU6W  7-05-1140,782 Billy PierceBob BruceBilly PierceBob Bruce 341420
1963-04-17vs HOU7L  1-25-2310,190 Billy O'DellKen JohnsonKen JohnsonDon LarsenDon McMahon351619
1963-04-18vs HOU8W  6-36-226,462 Jack SanfordGeorge BrunetJack SanfordGeorge Brunet 411922
1963-04-19vs CHN9W  5-17-2111,838 Juan MarichalLarry JacksonJuan MarichalLarry Jackson 462026
1963-04-20vs CHN10L  0-47-3110,868 Billy PierceBob BuhlBob BuhlBilly PierceLindy McDaniel462422
1963-04-21vs CHN11L  1-48-410 Jack FisherDick EllsworthDick EllsworthJack FisherBarney Schultz472819
1963-04-21vs CHN12W  3-28-4139,074 Billy O'DellCal KoonceBilly O'DellCal Koonce 503020
1963-04-22vs CIN13L  4-78-5313,431 Jack SanfordJim O'TooleJim O'TooleJack SanfordBill Henry543717
1963-04-23vs CIN14W  4-29-528,914 Juan MarichalJoe NuxhallJuan MarichalJoe Nuxhall 583919
1963-04-24vs SLN15L  3-49-638,773 Billy PierceCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsBilly Pierce 614318
1963-04-25vs SLN16W  8-410-626,157 Billy O'DellRay SadeckiBobby BolinRay SadeckiJohn Pregenzer694722
1963-04-26vs MLN17L  2-910-7320,586 Jack FisherLew BurdetteLew BurdetteJack Fisher 715615
1963-04-27vs MLN18L  5-610-8421,103 Jack SanfordBob HendleyClaude RaymondGaylord PerryTony Cloninger766214
1963-04-28vs MLN19L  1-310-9432,144 Juan MarichalWarren SpahnWarren SpahnJuan Marichal 776512
1963-04-29@ PHI20W  4-311-948,233Jack FisherCal McLishJack FisherCal McLish 816813
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-05-01@ PIT21W  5-112-936,122Jack SanfordBob FriendJack SanfordBob Friend 866917
1963-05-02@ PIT22W  2-113-939,563Juan MarichalDon CardwellJuan MarichalDon Cardwell 887018
1963-05-03@ NYN23W  5-314-9349,431Jack FisherJay HookJack FisherJay Hook 937320
1963-05-04@ NYN24W  17-415-9325,674Billy O'DellRoger CraigBilly O'DellRoger CraigGaylord Perry1107733
1963-05-05@ NYN25W  6-316-1030Jack SanfordGalen CiscoJack SanfordGalen Cisco 1168036
1963-05-05@ NYN26L  2-416-10353,880Billy PierceCarl WilleyCarl WilleyBilly Pierce 1188434
1963-05-07@ MLN27W  5-217-1017,299Juan MarichalLew BurdetteJuan MarichalLew Burdette 1238637
1963-05-08@ MLN28W  12-518-1016,902Jack FisherBob HendleyJack FisherBob HendleyBobby Bolin1359144
1963-05-09@ MLN29W  8-219-1013,920Billy O'DellWarren SpahnBilly O'DellWarren Spahn 1439350
1963-05-10@ LAN30L  1-219-11150,407Jack SanfordDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleJack Sanford 1449549
1963-05-11@ LAN31L  0-819-12149,807Juan MarichalSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxJuan Marichal 14410341
1963-05-12@ LAN32L  5-619-13143,964Jack FisherJohnny PodresDick CalmusJack FisherRon Perranoski14910940
1963-05-14vs PIT33W  3-120-13114,847 Jack SanfordBob FriendJack SanfordBob FriendBobby Bolin15211042
1963-05-15vs PIT34W  4-321-13110,386 Juan MarichalDon CardwellJuan MarichalDon CardwellBobby Bolin15611343
1963-05-16vs NYN35W  6-522-1318,849 Billy O'DellJay HookBilly O'DellJay HookGaylord Perry16211844
1963-05-17vs NYN36W  4-323-13119,352 Billy PierceGalen CiscoGaylord PerryRoger Craig 16612145
1963-05-18vs NYN37L  0-423-14117,019 Jack SanfordCarl WilleyCarl WilleyJack Sanford 16612541
1963-05-19vs PHI38L  0-324-1510 Jack FisherCal McLishCal McLishJack Fisher 16612838
1963-05-19vs PHI39W  6-524-15137,632 Juan MarichalJohn BoozerBobby BolinRyne Duren 17213339
1963-05-21vs PHI40W  3-225-1517,556 Billy O'DellRay CulpBilly O'DellRay Culp 17513540
1963-05-22vs PHI41W  10-226-1516,501 Jack SanfordDallas GreenJack SanfordDallas Green 18513748
1963-05-24vs LAN42W  7-127-15140,676 Juan MarichalSandy KoufaxJuan MarichalSandy Koufax 19213854
1963-05-25vs LAN43W  6-228-15139,858 Billy O'DellJohnny PodresBilly O'DellJohnny PodresDon Larsen19814058
1963-05-26vs LAN44L  3-428-16141,668 Jack SanfordDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleDon Larsen 20114457
1963-05-28@ CIN45L  6-1028-1718,717Jack FisherJim O'TooleJim O'TooleJack FisherDom Zanni20715453
1963-05-29@ CIN46W  5-429-17113,964Juan MarichalBob PurkeyJuan MarichalBob PurkeyBilly Pierce21215854
1963-05-30@ CIN47W  5-430-17111,206Billy O'DellJoe NuxhallBilly O'DellJoe NuxhallBobby Bolin21716255
1963-05-31@ SLN48L  5-630-18121,564Jack SanfordCurt SimmonsBob GibsonDon Larsen 22216854
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-06-01@ SLN49L  4-730-19114,152Jack FisherRon TaylorRon TaylorJack Fisher 22617551
1963-06-02@ SLN50W  6-431-19122,857Juan MarichalErnie BroglioJuan MarichalErnie BroglioBobby Bolin23217953
1963-06-04@ CHN51L  1-631-2019,126Billy O'DellBob BuhlBob BuhlBilly O'Dell 23318548
1963-06-05@ CHN52L  5-931-2210Jack FisherDick EllsworthDick EllsworthJack FisherDon Elston23819444
1963-06-05@ CHN53L  4-531-22119,710Jack SanfordGlen HobbieLindy McDanielJack Sanford 24219943
1963-06-06@ CHN54L  2-331-23311,240Juan MarichalLarry JacksonLindy McDanielBilly Pierce 24420242
1963-06-07@ HOU55L  1-231-24317,014Bobby BolinDon NottebartHal WoodeshickGaylord Perry 24520441
1963-06-08@ HOU56L  1-231-25419,134Billy O'DellBob BruceBob BruceBilly O'DellHal Woodeshick24620640
1963-06-09@ HOU57L  0-331-26417,437Jack SanfordTurk FarrellHal BrownJack Sanford 24620937
1963-06-10@ LAN58W  7-332-26452,993Billy PierceBob MillerDon LarsenRon Perranoski 25321241
1963-06-11@ LAN59W  3-033-26253,436Juan MarichalDon DrysdaleJuan MarichalDon Drysdale 25621244
1963-06-12vs CHN60W  3-134-26215,218 Bobby BolinBob BuhlBobby BolinBob Buhl 25921346
1963-06-13vs CHN61W  2-135-26212,217 Billy O'DellDick EllsworthBilly O'DellDick Ellsworth 26121447
1963-06-14vs HOU62W  2-136-26215,775 Jack SanfordHal BrownJack SanfordHal BrownBilly Pierce26321548
1963-06-15vs HOU63W  1-037-26118,869 Juan MarichalDick DrottJuan MarichalDick Drott 26421549
1963-06-16vs HOU64L  0-338-2710 Bobby BolinDon NottebartJim UmbrichtBobby Bolin 26421846
1963-06-16vs HOU65W  4-338-27140,499 Gaylord PerryKen JohnsonDon LarsenHal WoodeshickJim Duffalo26822147
1963-06-17vs LAN66L  0-238-28236,818 Billy O'DellSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBilly O'Dell 26822345
1963-06-18vs LAN67W  9-339-28237,780 Jack SanfordBob MillerJack SanfordBob Miller 27722651
1963-06-19vs LAN68W  8-340-28241,384 Juan MarichalDon DrysdaleJuan MarichalDon DrysdaleBilly Pierce28522956
1963-06-21@ MLN69L  3-640-29213,753Bobby BolinTony CloningerTony CloningerBobby BolinBob Hendley28823553
1963-06-22@ MLN70W  3-041-29211,208Billy O'DellBob ShawBilly O'DellBob Shaw 29123556
1963-06-23@ MLN71L  4-1041-30219,016Jack SanfordWarren SpahnWarren SpahnJack Sanford 29524550
1963-06-24@ SLN72W  4-342-30122,413Juan MarichalLew BurdetteJuan MarichalLew BurdetteBilly Pierce29924851
1963-06-25@ SLN73L  5-642-31219,051Jim DuffaloRay SadeckiRon TaylorBobby Bolin 30425450
1963-06-26@ SLN74L  5-642-32321,959Billy O'DellCurt SimmonsBobby ShantzBilly Pierce 30926049
1963-06-28vs CIN75W  7-343-32223,615 Juan MarichalBob PurkeyBilly HoeftAl WorthingtonDon Larsen31626353
1963-06-29vs CIN76L  3-743-33324,232 Jack SanfordJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallJack Sanford 31927049
1963-06-30vs CIN77W  7-344-33232,456 Billy PierceJim O'TooleBilly PierceJim O'Toole 32627353
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-07-01vs CIN78L  3-444-34311,589 Billy O'DellJim MaloneyJim MaloneyBilly O'DellBill Henry32927752
1963-07-02vs MLN79W  1-045-34315,921 Juan MarichalWarren SpahnJuan MarichalWarren Spahn 33027753
1963-07-03vs MLN80L  5-645-35311,189 Jack SanfordDenny LemasterFrank FunkJack SanfordBob Shaw33528352
1963-07-04vs MLN81L  3-645-36423,557 Jack FisherTony CloningerTony CloningerGaylord PerryBob Hendley33828949
1963-07-05vs SLN82W  6-546-36325,665 Billy O'DellLew BurdetteJim DuffaloEd Bauta 34429450
1963-07-06vs SLN83W  5-347-36230,619 Billy PierceRay SadeckiBilly PierceRay Sadecki 34929752
1963-07-07vs SLN84W  4-348-3720 Jack SanfordCurt SimmonsBobby BolinErnie Broglio 35330053
1963-07-07vs SLN85L  0-548-37242,787 Juan MarichalBob GibsonBob GibsonJuan Marichal 35330548
1963-07-10@ PHI86L  2-1048-38212,240Billy O'DellCal McLishCal McLishBilly O'DellJohnny Klippstein35531540
1963-07-11@ PHI87W  4-349-38226,303Juan MarichalRay CulpJuan MarichalRay CulpBobby Bolin35931841
1963-07-12@ PHI88L  5-749-39222,496Jack SanfordArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyJack SanfordJack Baldschun36432539
1963-07-13@ PHI89L  3-449-40210,453Billy PierceRyne DurenRyne DurenBilly PierceJack Baldschun36732938
1963-07-15@ PIT90L  1-249-4240Juan MarichalBob FriendAl McBeanJuan Marichal 36833137
1963-07-15@ PIT91L  1-449-42424,357Billy O'DellJoe GibbonJoe GibbonBilly O'Dell 36933534
1963-07-16@ PIT92W  3-250-4340Bobby BolinDon CardwellJack FisherDon CardwellBilly Pierce37233735
1963-07-16@ PIT93L  2-350-43423,251Jack SanfordDon SchwallDon SchwallJack SanfordAl McBean37434034
1963-07-17@ NYN94L  7-950-44426,574Gaylord PerryTracy StallardGalen CiscoDon Larsen 38134932
1963-07-18@ NYN95W  6-551-44424,463Jim DuffaloLarry BearnarthJuan MarichalGalen Cisco 38735433
1963-07-19@ CIN96L  2-551-45520,316Billy PierceJohn TsitourisJohn TsitourisBilly Pierce 38935930
1963-07-20@ CIN97L  2-351-46527,033Jack SanfordJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallJack Sanford 39136229
1963-07-21@ CIN98W  10-552-46522,736Billy O'DellJim O'TooleBobby BolinJim O'Toole 40136734
1963-07-23vs NYN99W  9-153-46514,878 Juan MarichalRoger CraigJuan MarichalRoger Craig 41036842
1963-07-24vs NYN100W  4-354-46411,236 Jack SanfordAl JacksonBilly HoeftAl Jackson 41437143
1963-07-25vs NYN101W  8-655-46310,514 Billy PierceGalen CiscoBobby BolinGalen CiscoBilly Hoeft42237745
1963-07-26vs PIT102W  6-456-46327,017 Billy O'DellDon CardwellJack FisherRoy Face 42838147
1963-07-27vs PIT103W  3-157-46323,021 Juan MarichalBob FriendJuan MarichalAl McBean 43138249
1963-07-28vs PIT104W  3-158-46332,412 Jack SanfordDon SchwallJack SanfordDon Schwall 43438351
1963-07-29vs PIT105W  5-459-46212,089 Gaylord PerryEarl FrancisJim DuffaloVern LawBilly Pierce43938752
1963-07-30vs PHI106W  5-060-46220,686 Billy O'DellRay CulpBilly O'DellRay Culp 44438757
1963-07-31vs PHI107L  3-760-47217,927 Juan MarichalChris ShortJack BaldschunBobby BolinJohnny Klippstein44739453
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-08-02@ CHN108L  11-1260-48318,698Jack SanfordDick EllsworthGlen HobbieDon Larsen 45840652
1963-08-03@ CHN109W  9-561-48325,149Jack SanfordBob BuhlJack FisherBob Buhl 46741156
1963-08-04@ CHN110W  2-162-48233,289Billy O'DellPaul TothDon LarsenLindy McDaniel 46941257
1963-08-05@ HOU111L  5-662-49311,822Juan MarichalDon NottebartHal WoodeshickJack Fisher 47441856
1963-08-06@ HOU112W  3-163-49310,466Jim DuffaloHal BrownJim DuffaloHal BrownDon Larsen47741958
1963-08-07@ HOU113L  0-163-50315,604Jack SanfordTurk FarrellTurk FarrellJack SanfordHal Woodeshick47742057
1963-08-09@ PHI114W  4-064-50227,145Juan MarichalRay CulpJuan MarichalRay Culp 48142061
1963-08-10@ PHI115W  7-665-50211,012Billy O'DellDennis BennettBobby BolinDennis BennettBilly Hoeft48842662
1963-08-11@ PHI116W  5-166-50215,874Jack SanfordCal McLishJack SanfordCal McLishDon Larsen49342766
1963-08-12@ PHI117L  1-366-51220,671Jim DuffaloChris ShortChris ShortJim Duffalo 49443064
1963-08-13@ CIN118L  0-466-52215,453Juan MarichalJim MaloneyJim MaloneyJuan Marichal 49443460
1963-08-14@ CIN119W  7-667-52214,706Frank LinzyJohn TsitourisDon LarsenBill HenryJim Duffalo50144061
1963-08-15@ CIN120W  6-368-52213,488Jack SanfordJoe NuxhallJack SanfordJoe NuxhallBilly Hoeft50744364
1963-08-16@ SLN121L  0-1368-53230,680Jim DuffaloCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsJim Duffalo 50745651
1963-08-17@ SLN122L  7-868-54328,306Juan MarichalErnie BroglioBarney SchultzBilly Pierce 51446450
1963-08-19@ SLN123L  7-868-55310,384Jack SanfordBob GibsonSam JonesJack Fisher 52147249
1963-08-20vs MLN124L  1-668-56319,983 Billy PierceBob SadowskiBob SadowskiBilly PierceBob Shaw52247844
1963-08-21vs MLN125L  2-668-57314,015 Gaylord PerryBob HendleyBob HendleyGaylord Perry 52448440
1963-08-22vs MLN126W  8-669-57312,535 Juan MarichalTony CloningerJuan MarichalTony Cloninger 53249042
1963-08-23vs CIN127W  11-370-57322,256 Jack SanfordJim MaloneyBobby BolinJim Maloney 54349350
1963-08-24vs CIN128W  4-371-57324,838 Billy O'DellJohn TsitourisDon LarsenJohn Tsitouris 54749651
1963-08-25vs CIN129L  7-871-58331,553 Billy PierceJoe NuxhallJoey JayGaylord PerryAl Worthington55450450
1963-08-26vs SLN130L  3-671-59318,744 Juan MarichalErnie BroglioRon TaylorJuan MarichalBobby Shantz55751047
1963-08-27vs SLN131W  7-272-59330,514 Jack SanfordCurt SimmonsJack SanfordCurt Simmons 56451252
1963-08-28vs SLN132W  5-373-59223,462 Billy O'DellBob GibsonBilly O'DellBob Gibson 56951554
1963-08-29@ LAN133L  1-1173-60254,978Bobby BolinSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBilly Pierce 57052644
1963-08-30@ LAN134L  1-373-61454,843Juan MarichalDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleJuan Marichal 57152942
1963-08-31@ LAN135W  4-374-61454,858Jack SanfordBob MillerDon LarsenLarry Sherry 57553243
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-09-01@ LAN136L  3-574-62454,263Billy O'DellPete RichertDick CalmusDon LarsenJohnny Podres57853741
1963-09-02vs CHN137L  5-774-6440 Bobby BolinDick EllsworthDick EllsworthGaylord PerryLindy McDaniel58354439
1963-09-02vs CHN138L  0-674-64434,590 Jack FisherGlen HobbieGlen HobbieJack Fisher 58355033
1963-09-03vs CHN139W  16-375-6435,448 Juan MarichalLarry JacksonJuan MarichalLarry JacksonBilly Hoeft59955346
1963-09-04vs HOU140W  8-376-6434,559 Jack SanfordDick DrottJack SanfordDick Drott 60755651
1963-09-05vs HOU141L  2-576-6545,107 Bobby BolinDon NottebartDon NottebartBobby Bolin 60956148
1963-09-06vs LAN142L  2-576-66438,161 Billy O'DellSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBilly O'DellRon Perranoski61156645
1963-09-07vs LAN143W  5-377-66436,879 Juan MarichalDon DrysdaleJuan MarichalDon Drysdale 61656947
1963-09-08vs LAN144W  5-478-66438,569 Jack SanfordBob MillerDon LarsenRon Perranoski 62157348
1963-09-10@ NYN145L  2-478-67414,945Billy O'DellCarl WilleyCarl WilleyBilly O'Dell 62357746
1963-09-11@ NYN146L  2-478-6847,178Jack SanfordAl JacksonAl JacksonJack Sanford 62558144
1963-09-12@ NYN147W  6-079-68427,839Juan MarichalTracy StallardJuan MarichalTracy Stallard 63158150
1963-09-13@ PIT148L  4-579-6946,100Bobby BolinJoe GibbonBob FriendBob Garibaldi 63558649
1963-09-14@ PIT149W  7-380-6945,489Jack SanfordDon CardwellJack SanfordDon CardwellBilly Pierce64258953
1963-09-15@ PIT150W  13-581-69318,916Billy O'DellDon SchwallBilly O'DellDon Schwall 65559461
1963-09-16@ MLN151W  4-382-6935,437Juan MarichalTony CloningerJuan MarichalTony Cloninger 65959762
1963-09-17@ MLN152W  11-383-69333,676Bobby BolinWarren SpahnBobby BolinWarren Spahn 67060070
1963-09-18@ MLN153L  4-683-7033,865Jack SanfordBob SadowskiBob ShawBilly O'Dell 67460668
1963-09-20vs NYN154W  6-384-7039,326 Juan MarichalCarl WilleyJuan MarichalCarl Willey 68060971
1963-09-21vs NYN155L  4-584-71310,245 Billy O'DellAl JacksonAl JacksonBilly O'DellLarry Bearnarth68461470
1963-09-22vs NYN156W  13-485-71314,735 Bobby BolinJay HookBobby BolinJay HookBob Garibaldi69761879
1963-09-24vs PHI157L  4-585-7238,360 Juan MarichalDennis BennettJack BaldschunDon Larsen 70162378
1963-09-25vs PHI158L  4-685-7334,360 Jack SanfordRay CulpArt MahaffeyBilly PierceJack Baldschun70562976
1963-09-26vs PHI159W  10-086-7333,691 Billy O'DellDallas GreenBilly O'DellDallas Green 71562986
1963-09-27vs PIT160L  3-886-74310,725 Bobby BolinBob VealeBob VealeBobby Bolin 71863781
1963-09-28vs PIT161W  3-287-74310,332 Juan MarichalJoe GibbonJuan MarichalJoe Gibbon 72163982
1963-09-29vs PIT162W  4-288-74333,301 Jack SanfordTommie SiskJack SanfordTommie SiskBilly O'Dell72564184

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