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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Los Angeles,CA
Team Record:  99-63   .611
Result:   1st in National League
Manager(s):  Walter Alston
General Manager:   Buzzie Bavasi
Stadium:  Dodger Stadium
Attendance:  2,538,602
Playoffs:  Won World Series (Yankees)

Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jim Gilliam (34)
Youngest Player:  Dick Calmus (19)
Longest Tenure:  Ron Fairly, Sandy Koufax, Frank Howard, Johnny Podres, Jim Gilliam, Johnny Roseboro, Larry Sherry, Don Drysdale (6)
Top Hitter:  Tommy Davis (18)
Top Pitcher:  Sandy Koufax (1)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  79.65%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9963.611--
St. Louis9369.5746.0
SF Giants8874.54311.0
Chi Cubs8280.50617.0
NY Mets51111.31548.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-04-09@ CHN1W  5-11-0118,589Don DrysdaleLarry JacksonDon DrysdaleLarry Jackson 514
1963-04-10@ CHN2W  2-12-012,673Sandy KoufaxBob BuhlSandy KoufaxBob Buhl 725
1963-04-11@ CHN3L  0-22-153,735Johnny PodresDick EllsworthDick EllsworthJohnny Podres 743
1963-04-12@ HOU4L  1-22-2512,044Bob MillerTurk FarrellTurk FarrellEd Roebuck 862
1963-04-13@ HOU5W  3-13-2515,164Don DrysdaleGeorge BrunetDon DrysdaleGeorge Brunet 1174
1963-04-14@ HOU6L  4-53-3610,180Sandy KoufaxDon NottebartDon NottebartSandy KoufaxDon McMahon15123
1963-04-16vs CHN7L  1-23-4733,758 Johnny PodresBob BuhlLindy McDanielEd RoebuckBarney Schultz16142
1963-04-17vs CHN8W  1-04-4615,617 Bob MillerDick EllsworthRon PerranoskiDick Ellsworth 17143
1963-04-18vs CHN9L  1-54-5716,412 Don DrysdaleGlen HobbieGlen HobbieDon DrysdaleDon Elston1819-1
1963-04-19vs HOU10W  2-05-5515,654 Sandy KoufaxTurk FarrellSandy KoufaxTurk Farrell 20191
1963-04-20vs HOU11L  6-95-6717,110 Johnny PodresDon NottebartDon NottebartJohnny PodresDon McMahon2628-2
1963-04-21vs HOU12W  11-37-650 Bob MillerConrad CardinalBob MillerConrad CardinalRon Perranoski37316
1963-04-21vs HOU13W  6-57-6533,196 Pete RichertBob BruceEd RoebuckGeorge Brunet 43367
1963-04-22vs MLN14L  2-107-7618,795 Don DrysdaleBob HendleyBob HendleyDon Drysdale 4546-1
1963-04-23vs MLN15W  2-18-7620,298 Sandy KoufaxBob ShawRon PerranoskiClaude Raymond 47470
1963-04-24vs CIN16W  7-09-7519,089 Johnny PodresJim OwensJohnny PodresJim Owens 54477
1963-04-25vs CIN17W  7-110-7417,067 Bob MillerJoey JayBob MillerJoey Jay 614813
1963-04-26vs SLN18L  7-810-8524,959 Don DrysdaleBob GibsonEd BautaRon PerranoskiBobby Shantz685612
1963-04-27vs SLN19L  0-310-9533,949 Larry SherryRay WashburnRay WashburnLarry Sherry 68599
1963-04-28vs SLN20L  5-910-10536,245 Johnny PodresErnie BroglioErnie BroglioJohnny PodresRon Taylor73685
1963-04-29@ NYN21L  2-410-11523,494Bob MillerRoger CraigRoger CraigBob Miller 75723
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-05-02@ PHI22W  3-211-11511,288Don DrysdaleArt MahaffeyRon PerranoskiArt Mahaffey 78744
1963-05-03@ PIT23L  2-1311-12616,960Larry SherryAl McBeanAl McBeanLarry Sherry 8087-7
1963-05-04@ PIT24L  0-511-13712,037Bob MillerDon SchwallDon SchwallBob Miller 8092-12
1963-05-05@ PIT25W  7-312-13618,743Pete RichertVern LawRon PerranoskiVern Law 8795-8
1963-05-06@ PIT26L  4-712-1475,376Don DrysdaleBob FriendJoe GibbonDon DrysdaleRoy Face91102-11
1963-05-07@ SLN27W  11-113-14516,609Sandy KoufaxRay WashburnSandy KoufaxRay WashburnKen Rowe102103-1
1963-05-08@ SLN28W  11-514-14510,918Bob MillerErnie BroglioRon PerranoskiBobby ShantzDick Scott1131085
1963-05-09@ SLN29L  7-1014-15510,762Pete RichertBob GibsonBob GibsonPete RichertHarry Fanok1201182
1963-05-10vs SFN30W  2-115-15550,407 Don DrysdaleJack SanfordDon DrysdaleJack Sanford 1221193
1963-05-11vs SFN31W  8-016-15549,807 Sandy KoufaxJuan MarichalSandy KoufaxJuan Marichal 13011911
1963-05-12vs SFN32W  6-517-15443,964 Johnny PodresJack FisherDick CalmusJack FisherRon Perranoski13612412
1963-05-14vs PHI33L  1-517-16519,294 Don DrysdaleCal McLishCal McLishDon Drysdale 1371298
1963-05-15vs PHI34W  3-218-16320,512 Sandy KoufaxChris ShortSandy KoufaxJohnny Klippstein 1401319
1963-05-16vs PIT35W  1-019-16221,287 Johnny PodresDon SchwallJohnny PodresDon Schwall 14113110
1963-05-17vs PIT36W  9-320-16234,216 Bob MillerJoe GibbonBob MillerJoe GibbonDick Scott15013416
1963-05-18vs PIT37W  6-421-16221,140 Don DrysdaleVern LawDon DrysdaleVern Law 15613818
1963-05-19vs NYN38W  1-023-1620 Sandy KoufaxRoger CraigSandy KoufaxRoger Craig 15713819
1963-05-19vs NYN39W  4-223-16242,541 Pete RichertAl JacksonRon PerranoskiKen MacKenzie 16114021
1963-05-21vs NYN40W  4-224-16221,108 Johnny PodresGalen CiscoJohnny PodresGalen Cisco 16514223
1963-05-22vs NYN41W  7-325-16222,714 Don DrysdaleCarl WilleyDon DrysdaleCarl Willey 17214527
1963-05-24@ SFN42L  1-725-17240,676Sandy KoufaxJuan MarichalJuan MarichalSandy Koufax 17315221
1963-05-25@ SFN43L  2-625-18239,858Johnny PodresBilly O'DellBilly O'DellJohnny PodresDon Larsen17515817
1963-05-26@ SFN44W  4-326-18241,668Don DrysdaleJack SanfordDon DrysdaleDon Larsen 17916118
1963-05-28@ MLN45W  7-027-1824,573Sandy KoufaxDenny LemasterSandy KoufaxDenny Lemaster 18616125
1963-05-29@ MLN46L  3-327-19211,968Johnny PodresBob Hendley 18916425
1963-05-30@ MLN47L  4-727-20212,403Don DrysdaleWarren SpahnWarren SpahnDon DrysdaleClaude Raymond19317122
1963-05-31@ CIN48L  4-727-21314,171Bob MillerJim MaloneyJim MaloneyEd RoebuckAl Worthington19717819
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-06-01@ CIN49L  0-127-22323,737Sandy KoufaxJoey JayJoey JaySandy Koufax 19717918
1963-06-02@ CIN50L  2-527-23418,682Johnny PodresJim O'TooleJim O'TooleJohnny PodresBill Henry19918415
1963-06-03@ HOU51L  1-227-24415,659Don DrysdaleTurk FarrellTurk FarrellDon Drysdale 20018614
1963-06-04@ HOU52W  2-128-24410,429Bob MillerDick DrottBob MillerDick DrottRon Perranoski20218715
1963-06-05@ HOU53W  5-129-24415,365Sandy KoufaxKen JohnsonSandy KoufaxKen Johnson 20718819
1963-06-07@ CHN54W  4-130-24412,741Don DrysdalePaul TothDon DrysdalePaul Toth 21118922
1963-06-08@ CHN55W  9-531-24226,577Johnny PodresBob BuhlRon PerranoskiDon Elston 22019426
1963-06-09@ CHN56W  11-832-24135,743Sandy KoufaxDick EllsworthLarry SherryDick Ellsworth 23120229
1963-06-10vs SFN57L  3-732-25252,993 Bob MillerBilly PierceDon LarsenRon Perranoski 23420925
1963-06-11vs SFN58L  0-332-26353,436 Don DrysdaleJuan MarichalJuan MarichalDon Drysdale 23421222
1963-06-12vs HOU59W  9-133-26317,389 Johnny PodresDon NottebartJohnny PodresDon Nottebart 24321330
1963-06-13vs HOU60W  3-034-26321,873 Sandy KoufaxBob BruceSandy KoufaxBob Bruce 24621333
1963-06-14vs CHN61L  1-434-27332,648 Bob MillerGlen HobbieGlen HobbieBob Miller 24721730
1963-06-15vs CHN62W  4-135-27322,179 Don DrysdaleLarry JacksonDon DrysdaleLarry Jackson 25121833
1963-06-16vs CHN63L  3-836-2830 Johnny PodresBob BuhlBob BuhlJohnny Podres 25422628
1963-06-16vs CHN64W  2-036-28345,239 Nick WillhitePaul TothNick WillhitePaul Toth 25622630
1963-06-17@ SFN65W  2-037-28336,818Sandy KoufaxBilly O'DellSandy KoufaxBilly O'Dell 25822632
1963-06-18@ SFN66L  3-937-29337,780Bob MillerJack SanfordJack SanfordBob Miller 26123526
1963-06-19@ SFN67L  3-837-30341,384Don DrysdaleJuan MarichalJuan MarichalDon DrysdaleBilly Pierce26424321
1963-06-21@ SLN68W  5-338-30328,423Sandy KoufaxCurt SimmonsSandy KoufaxCurt SimmonsRon Perranoski26924623
1963-06-22@ SLN69L  1-238-31420,875Nick WillhiteBob GibsonBob GibsonNick WillhiteRon Taylor27024822
1963-06-23@ SLN70W  4-339-31426,553Johnny PodresErnie BroglioBob MillerErnie BroglioRon Perranoski27425123
1963-06-24@ CIN71W  5-440-31417,273Don DrysdaleJoey JayDon DrysdaleJoey JayRon Perranoski27925524
1963-06-25@ CIN72W  4-141-31322,831Sandy KoufaxJim O'TooleSandy KoufaxJim O'Toole 28325627
1963-06-26@ CIN73W  5-242-31219,122Nick WillhiteJim MaloneyRon PerranoskiJim Maloney 28825830
1963-06-28vs MLN74L  0-142-32344,894 Don DrysdaleWarren SpahnWarren SpahnDon Drysdale 28825929
1963-06-29vs MLN75W  6-543-32244,075 Sandy KoufaxDenny LemasterRon PerranoskiBob Shaw 29426430
1963-06-30vs MLN76L  0-743-33329,953 Nick WillhiteTony CloningerTony CloningerNick Willhite 29427123
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-07-01vs MLN77W  2-144-33221,603 Johnny PodresBob SadowskiJohnny PodresBob Sadowski 29627224
1963-07-02vs SLN78W  1-045-33139,824 Don DrysdaleCurt SimmonsDon DrysdaleCurt Simmons 29727225
1963-07-03vs SLN79W  5-046-33151,898 Sandy KoufaxBob GibsonSandy KoufaxBob Gibson 30227230
1963-07-04vs SLN80W  10-747-33130,726 Bob MillerErnie BroglioEd RoebuckErnie BroglioRon Perranoski31227933
1963-07-05vs CIN81W  1-048-33135,536 Johnny PodresJim O'TooleJohnny PodresJim O'Toole 31327934
1963-07-06vs CIN82L  1-348-34127,793 Don DrysdaleJim MaloneyJim MaloneyDon Drysdale 31428232
1963-07-07vs CIN83W  4-050-3410 Sandy KoufaxBob PurkeySandy KoufaxBob Purkey 31828236
1963-07-07vs CIN84W  3-150-34153,856 Nick WillhiteJohn TsitourisNick WillhiteJohn TsitourisRon Perranoski32128338
1963-07-10@ NYN85W  1-051-34117,106Johnny PodresCarl WilleyJohnny PodresCarl Willey 32228339
1963-07-11@ NYN86W  4-352-34123,890Don DrysdaleRoger CraigDon DrysdaleRoger CraigRon Perranoski32628640
1963-07-12@ NYN87W  6-053-34134,889Sandy KoufaxAl JacksonSandy KoufaxAl Jackson 33228646
1963-07-13@ NYN88W  11-254-34121,461Bob MillerTracy StallardBob MillerTracy Stallard 34328855
1963-07-14@ PHI89W  3-255-34123,542Johnny PodresCal McLishJohnny PodresCal McLish 34629056
1963-07-15@ PHI90L  4-555-35119,488Don DrysdaleRay CulpJack BaldschunEd Roebuck 35029555
1963-07-16@ PHI91W  5-256-3610Sandy KoufaxArt MahaffeySandy KoufaxArt Mahaffey 35529758
1963-07-16@ PHI92L  2-1056-36135,353Nick WillhiteDallas GreenDallas GreenNick Willhite 35730750
1963-07-17@ PIT93W  3-257-36116,658Bob MillerVern LawBob MillerVern LawRon Perranoski36030951
1963-07-18@ PIT94W  10-558-36115,883Johnny PodresEarl FrancisJohnny PodresEarl FrancisLarry Sherry37031456
1963-07-19@ MLN95W  4-259-36118,547Don DrysdaleBob HendleyDon DrysdaleBob Hendley 37431658
1963-07-20@ MLN96W  5-460-36111,804Sandy KoufaxDenny LemasterRon PerranoskiClaude Raymond 37932059
1963-07-21@ MLN97L  2-760-3810Bob MillerBob SadowskiBob SadowskiBob MillerBob Shaw38132754
1963-07-21@ MLN98L  7-1360-38128,534Nick WillhiteHank FischerTony CloningerLarry Sherry 38834048
1963-07-23vs PIT99W  6-061-38133,167 Johnny PodresBob FriendJohnny PodresBob Friend 39434054
1963-07-24vs PIT100W  5-162-38130,462 Don DrysdaleEarl FrancisDon DrysdaleEarl Francis 39934158
1963-07-25vs PIT101L  2-662-39141,154 Sandy KoufaxJoe GibbonTommie SiskSandy Koufax 40134754
1963-07-26vs PHI102L  5-662-40130,589 Nick WillhiteChris ShortChris ShortBob MillerJack Baldschun40635353
1963-07-27vs PHI103L  1-462-41136,262 Johnny PodresDennis BennettDennis BennettJohnny PodresJohnny Klippstein40735750
1963-07-28vs PHI104L  4-762-42132,996 Don DrysdaleDallas GreenJohn BoozerDon Drysdale 41136447
1963-07-29vs PHI105W  6-263-42132,835 Sandy KoufaxCal McLishSandy KoufaxCal McLish 41736651
1963-07-30vs NYN106L  1-563-43124,525 Bob MillerTracy StallardTracy StallardBob Miller 41837147
1963-07-31vs NYN107W  5-364-43124,589 Pete RichertRoger CraigPete RichertRoger CraigRon Perranoski42337449
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-08-02@ HOU108L  1-464-44113,054Don DrysdaleTurk FarrellTurk FarrellDon Drysdale 42437846
1963-08-03@ HOU109W  2-065-44125,473Sandy KoufaxBob BruceSandy KoufaxBob Bruce 42637848
1963-08-04@ HOU110W  4-066-44114,237Johnny PodresKen JohnsonJohnny PodresKen JohnsonLarry Sherry43037852
1963-08-06@ CHN111W  4-167-44115,276Don DrysdaleLarry JacksonDon DrysdaleLarry Jackson 43437955
1963-08-07@ CHN112W  3-168-44127,184Sandy KoufaxDick EllsworthRon PerranoskiLindy McDaniel 43738057
1963-08-08@ CHN113L  4-568-45116,408Bob MillerBob BuhlLindy McDanielLarry Sherry 44138556
1963-08-09@ CIN114L  4-868-46118,178Johnny PodresJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallJohnny PodresAl Worthington44539352
1963-08-10@ CIN115W  10-369-46129,034Don DrysdaleBob PurkeyDon DrysdaleBob Purkey 45539659
1963-08-11@ CIN116L  4-969-47126,195Sandy KoufaxJim O'TooleJim O'TooleSandy KoufaxAl Worthington45940554
1963-08-13@ MLN117L  3-469-48113,529Johnny PodresWarren SpahnWarren SpahnBob Miller 46240953
1963-08-14@ MLN118L  3-569-49113,429Don DrysdaleBob SadowskiBob SadowskiDon DrysdaleDenny Lemaster46541451
1963-08-15@ MLN119W  7-570-49113,425Sandy KoufaxBob HendleyRon PerranoskiHank Fischer 47241953
1963-08-16@ NYN120W  9-771-49131,405Johnny PodresRoger CraigRon PerranoskiLarry BearnarthBob Miller48142655
1963-08-17@ NYN121W  3-272-49121,841Sandy KoufaxTracy StallardSandy KoufaxTracy StallardRon Perranoski48442856
1963-08-18@ NYN122W  7-074-4910Don DrysdaleAl JacksonDon DrysdaleAl Jackson 49142863
1963-08-18@ NYN123W  3-274-49146,184Pete RichertCarl WilleyDick CalmusCarl Willey 49443064
1963-08-20vs SLN124W  7-575-49150,122 Johnny PodresLew BurdetteBob MillerLew Burdette 50143566
1963-08-21vs SLN125W  2-176-49154,125 Sandy KoufaxCurt SimmonsLarry SherryRon Taylor 50343667
1963-08-22vs SLN126L  2-376-50148,569 Don DrysdaleErnie BroglioErnie BroglioDon DrysdaleSam Jones50543966
1963-08-23vs MLN127L  1-676-51136,013 Dick CalmusWarren SpahnWarren SpahnDick Calmus 50644561
1963-08-24vs MLN128L  1-276-52136,479 Johnny PodresDenny LemasterDenny LemasterJohnny PodresBob Shaw50744760
1963-08-25vs MLN129W  2-177-52132,137 Sandy KoufaxBob SadowskiBob MillerBob Shaw 50944861
1963-08-26vs CIN130L  1-377-53136,694 Don DrysdaleJim O'TooleJim O'TooleDon Drysdale 51045159
1963-08-27vs CIN131W  3-278-53128,070 Pete RichertBob PurkeyPete RichertBob PurkeyRon Perranoski51345360
1963-08-28vs CIN132L  5-978-54128,921 Johnny PodresJim MaloneyJim MaloneyJohnny PodresJoey Jay51846256
1963-08-29vs SFN133W  11-179-54154,978 Sandy KoufaxBobby BolinSandy KoufaxBilly Pierce 52946366
1963-08-30vs SFN134W  3-180-54154,843 Don DrysdaleJuan MarichalDon DrysdaleJuan Marichal 53246468
1963-08-31vs SFN135L  3-480-55154,858 Bob MillerJack SanfordDon LarsenLarry Sherry 53546867
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-09-01vs SFN136W  5-381-55154,263 Pete RichertBilly O'DellDick CalmusDon LarsenJohnny Podres54047169
1963-09-02vs HOU137W  7-383-5510 Sandy KoufaxTurk FarrellSandy KoufaxTurk Farrell 54747473
1963-09-02vs HOU138W  7-183-55139,378 Johnny PodresChris ZacharyJohnny PodresChris ZacharyRon Perranoski55447579
1963-09-03vs HOU139W  4-384-55123,235 Don DrysdaleKen JohnsonRon PerranoskiTurk Farrell 55847880
1963-09-04vs CHN140L  1-284-56121,840 Bob MillerCal KoonceLindy McDanielKen Rowe 55948079
1963-09-05vs CHN141W  4-085-56135,256 Pete RichertBob BuhlPete RichertBob BuhlLarry Sherry56348083
1963-09-06@ SFN142W  5-286-56138,161Sandy KoufaxBilly O'DellSandy KoufaxBilly O'DellRon Perranoski56848286
1963-09-07@ SFN143L  3-586-57136,879Don DrysdaleJuan MarichalJuan MarichalDon Drysdale 57148784
1963-09-08@ SFN144L  4-586-58138,569Bob MillerJack SanfordDon LarsenRon Perranoski 57549283
1963-09-10@ PIT145W  4-287-58111,152Sandy KoufaxDon CardwellSandy KoufaxDon Cardwell 57949485
1963-09-11@ PIT146W  9-488-5818,514Don DrysdaleBob VealePete RichertBob VealeRon Perranoski58849890
1963-09-12@ PIT147W  5-389-5812,644Johnny PodresBob FriendJohnny PodresBob FriendRon Perranoski59350192
1963-09-13@ PHI148L  2-390-5910Sandy KoufaxChris ShortChris ShortLarry Sherry 59550491
1963-09-13@ PHI149W  2-190-59126,024Bob MillerDennis BennettRon PerranoskiDennis Bennett 59750592
1963-09-14@ PHI150W  5-191-59110,410Pete RichertJohn BoozerPete RichertJohn Boozer 60250696
1963-09-15@ PHI151L  1-691-60116,796Don DrysdaleDallas GreenDallas GreenDon Drysdale 60351291
1963-09-16@ SLN152W  3-192-60132,442Johnny PodresErnie BroglioJohnny PodresBobby ShantzRon Perranoski60651393
1963-09-17@ SLN153W  4-093-60130,450Sandy KoufaxCurt SimmonsSandy KoufaxCurt Simmons 61051397
1963-09-18@ SLN154W  6-594-60125,975Pete RichertBob GibsonRon PerranoskiLew Burdette 61651898
1963-09-20vs PIT155W  2-095-60140,476 Don DrysdaleDon CardwellDon DrysdaleDon Schwall 618518100
1963-09-21vs PIT156W  5-396-60148,038 Sandy KoufaxBob FriendBob MillerTommie Sisk 623521102
1963-09-22vs PIT157L  0-496-61136,878 Johnny PodresBob VealeBob VealeJohnny PodresRoy Face62352598
1963-09-24vs NYN158W  4-197-61127,988 Don DrysdaleTracy StallardDon DrysdaleTracy StallardRon Perranoski627526101
1963-09-25vs NYN159W  1-098-61124,181 Sandy KoufaxRoger CraigSandy KoufaxRoger CraigRon Perranoski628526102
1963-09-26vs NYN160W  5-499-61118,546 Larry SherryCarl WilleyKen RoweGalen CiscoRon Perranoski633530103
1963-09-27vs PHI161L  3-599-62134,689 Pete RichertChris ShortJohn BoozerPete RichertRyne Duren636535101
1963-09-28vs PHI162L  3-1299-63137,212 Johnny PodresDennis BennettDennis BennettJohnny Podres 63954792
1963-09-29vs PHI163L  1-399-64119,237 Don DrysdaleArt MahaffeyChris ShortPete Richert 64055090

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