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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Baltimore,MD
Team Record:  77-85   .475
Result:   7th in American League
Manager(s):  Billy Hitchcock
General Manager:   Lee MacPhail
Stadium:  Memorial Stadium
Attendance:  790,254
Playoffs:  -

Baltimore Orioles affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Hoyt Wilhelm (38)
Youngest Player:  Andy Etchebarren (19)
Longest Tenure:  Hal Brown, Gus Triandos, Brooks Robinson (8)
Top Hitter:  Brooks Robinson (4)
Top Pitcher:  Robin Roberts (16)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  88.50%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9666.593--
LA Angels8676.53110.0
Chi White Sox8577.52511.0
KC Athletics7290.44424.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-04-10@ NYA1L  6-70-11022,978Billy HoeftWhitey FordRalph TerryHal BrownLuis Arroyo67-1
1962-04-14vs BOS2W  3-01-1411,379 Chuck EstradaGene ConleyChuck EstradaGene ConleyDick Hall972
1962-04-15vs BOS3W  5-12-240 Steve BarberDon SchwallSteve BarberDon Schwall 1486
1962-04-15vs BOS4L  4-52-2410,134 Billy HoeftGalen CiscoGalen CiscoBilly HoeftDick Radatz18135
1962-04-17vs NYA5L  3-82-3612,210 Hal BrownWhitey FordJim CoatesDick Hall 21210
1962-04-18vs NYA6W  1-03-3613,544 Milt PappasBill StaffordMilt PappasBill StaffordHoyt Wilhelm22211
1962-04-19vs NYA7L  1-33-4516,376 Chuck EstradaRalph TerryRalph TerryChuck Estrada 2324-1
1962-04-20@ WS28W  5-44-445,729Billy HoeftPete BurnsideDick HallMarty KutynaHoyt Wilhelm28280
1962-04-21@ WS29W  3-05-4410,821Art QuirkClaude OsteenArt QuirkClaude OsteenWes Stock31283
1962-04-22@ WS210W  8-36-4310,713Steve BarberBennie DanielsSteve BarberBennie Daniels 39318
1962-04-24vs MIN11W  5-47-439,721 Milt PappasJack KralickMilt PappasJoe Bonikowski 44359
1962-04-25vs MIN12L  1-37-5312,286 Chuck EstradaDon LeeDon LeeChuck EstradaRay Moore45387
1962-04-26vs MIN13L  2-37-659,826 Hal BrownCamilo PascualCamilo PascualHal Brown 47416
1962-04-27@ KC114L  5-147-647,838Art QuirkEd RakowEd RakowArt Quirk 5255-3
1962-04-28@ KC115W  3-27-647,183Steve BarberNorm BassSteve BarberNorm BassHoyt Wilhelm5557-2
1962-04-29@ KC116W  8-37-6511,429Milt PappasDan PfisterWes StockDan PfisterDick Hall63603
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-05-01@ MIN17L  3-87-755,934Chuck EstradaCamilo PascualCamilo PascualChuck Estrada 6668-2
1962-05-02@ MIN18W  6-58-745,926Hal BrownJim KaatHal BrownJim KaatDick Hall7273-1
1962-05-03@ MIN19L  4-88-855,569Milt PappasJack KralickJack KralickMilt PappasRay Moore7681-5
1962-05-04@ LAA20L  4-58-9710,222Art QuirkTed BowsfieldDean ChanceHoyt WilhelmRyne Duren8086-6
1962-05-05@ LAA21L  0-28-10715,886Steve BarberBo BelinskyBo BelinskySteve Barber 8088-8
1962-05-06@ LAA22L  7-158-11710,667Chuck EstradaKen McBrideJack SpringBilly Hoeft 87103-16
1962-05-09vs KC123W  6-39-1175,157 Milt PappasEd RakowMilt PappasEd Rakow 93106-13
1962-05-10vs KC124W  5-210-1174,433 Chuck EstradaJerry WalkerChuck EstradaJerry WalkerHoyt Wilhelm98108-10
1962-05-11vs WS225L  1-1210-1274,037 Art QuirkDave StenhouseDave StenhouseArt Quirk 99120-21
1962-05-12vs WS226W  3-211-1266,677 Steve BarberPete BurnsideSteve BarberPete Burnside 102122-20
1962-05-13vs WS227W  3-212-1263,959 Jack FisherDon RudolphHoyt WilhelmMarty Kutyna 105124-19
1962-05-15vs LAA28W  7-113-1267,239 Milt PappasTed BowsfieldMilt PappasTed Bowsfield 112125-13
1962-05-16vs LAA29L  1-313-1367,735 Chuck EstradaKen McBrideKen McBrideChuck EstradaRyne Duren113128-15
1962-05-17vs LAA30W  6-414-1359,924 Art QuirkBo BelinskyArt QuirkBo BelinskyHoyt Wilhelm119132-13
1962-05-18@ CHA31W  7-415-13421,337Jack FisherJuan PizarroHoyt WilhelmFrank Baumann 126136-10
1962-05-19@ CHA32W  11-616-1337,668Steve BarberJoe HorlenDick HallRuss Kemmerer 137142-5
1962-05-20@ CHA33L  3-816-1550Milt PappasJohn BuzhardtJohn BuzhardtMilt Pappas 140150-10
1962-05-20@ CHA34L  3-816-15522,122Chuck EstradaRay HerbertRay HerbertChuck EstradaFrank Baumann143158-15
1962-05-21@ CLE35L  7-1016-1664,658Hal BrownMudcat GrantGary BellBilly Hoeft 150168-18
1962-05-22@ CLE36W  4-117-1656,799Milt PappasJim PerryMilt PappasJim PerryHoyt Wilhelm154169-15
1962-05-24vs DET37L  4-517-17512,301 Jack FisherJim BunningRon NischwitzHoyt WilhelmRon Kline158174-16
1962-05-25@ BOS38W  9-518-17413,487Chuck EstradaBill MonbouquetteChuck EstradaBill MonbouquetteDick Hall167179-12
1962-05-26@ BOS39L  6-1218-1856,279Steve BarberGene ConleyGene ConleySteve Barber 173191-18
1962-05-27@ BOS40W  4-219-18410,954Robin RobertsIke DelockWes StockDick Radatz 177193-16
1962-05-28@ DET41L  1-519-18424,110Milt PappasJim BunningJim BunningMilt Pappas 178198-20
1962-05-29@ DET42L  4-1219-1845,286Jack FisherDon MossiDon MossiJack Fisher 182210-28
1962-05-30vs CLE43L  0-720-1940 Chuck EstradaPedro RamosPedro RamosChuck Estrada 182217-35
1962-05-30vs CLE44W  7-020-19419,696 Hal BrownBarry LatmanHal BrownBarry LatmanHoyt Wilhelm189217-28
1962-05-31vs CLE45L  3-420-2058,991 Robin RobertsMudcat GrantMudcat GrantRobin RobertsGary Bell192221-29
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-06-01vs CHA46L  2-320-21719,357 Milt PappasRay HerbertTurk LownHoyt Wilhelm 194224-30
1962-06-02vs CHA47L  2-1021-2275,562 Steve BarberJuan PizarroJuan PizarroSteve Barber 196234-38
1962-06-02vs CHA48W  11-421-2279,433 Jack FisherEarly WynnJack FisherEarly Wynn 207238-31
1962-06-03vs CHA49L  0-221-2377,961 Chuck EstradaJohn BuzhardtJohn BuzhardtChuck Estrada 207240-33
1962-06-05vs WS250W  6-522-2376,758 Milt PappasDon RudolphBilly HoeftMarty KutynaHoyt Wilhelm213245-32
1962-06-06vs WS251L  1-222-2476,590 Robin RobertsClaude OsteenClaude OsteenRobin Roberts 214247-33
1962-06-07vs WS252W  12-523-2455,163 Jack FisherPete BurnsideBilly HoeftPete Burnside 226252-26
1962-06-08@ NYA53L  0-123-25628,164Chuck EstradaWhitey FordJim CoatesHoyt Wilhelm 226253-27
1962-06-09@ NYA54L  3-723-26528,730Steve BarberRollie SheldonRollie SheldonSteve BarberMarshall Bridges229260-31
1962-06-10@ NYA55W  5-125-2650Milt PappasRalph TerryMilt PappasRalph Terry 234261-27
1962-06-10@ NYA56W  7-225-26538,765Hal BrownBob TurleyHal BrownBob TurleyBilly Hoeft241263-22
1962-06-11@ NYA57W  5-326-26412,046Robin RobertsBud DaleyRobin RobertsBud DaleyHoyt Wilhelm246266-20
1962-06-12@ BOS58L  3-426-2756,080Jack FisherIke DelockIke DelockJack FisherArnold Earley249270-21
1962-06-13@ BOS59L  0-426-2854,692Chuck EstradaDon SchwallDon SchwallChuck Estrada 249274-25
1962-06-14@ BOS60W  7-427-2852,415Steve BarberBill MonbouquetteSteve BarberBill MonbouquetteHoyt Wilhelm256278-22
1962-06-15@ WS261W  8-328-28515,198Milt PappasDon RudolphMilt PappasDon Rudolph 264281-17
1962-06-16@ WS262W  4-329-28518,054Robin RobertsPete BurnsideRobin RobertsPete BurnsideWes Stock268284-16
1962-06-17@ WS263W  4-330-2849,186Hal BrownBennie DanielsHoyt WilhelmBennie Daniels 272287-15
1962-06-19vs NYA64W  3-131-28438,703 Chuck EstradaRalph TerryChuck EstradaRalph TerryJack Fisher275288-13
1962-06-21vs NYA65L  0-331-29418,049 Steve BarberWhitey FordWhitey FordSteve BarberMarshall Bridges275291-16
1962-06-22vs BOS66L  1-232-3050 Milt PappasIke DelockIke DelockHoyt Wilhelm 276293-17
1962-06-22vs BOS67W  4-332-30514,452 Robin RobertsDon SchwallRobin RobertsDick Radatz 280296-16
1962-06-23vs BOS68W  5-333-3055,954 Hal BrownGalen CiscoBilly HoeftGalen Cisco 285299-14
1962-06-24vs BOS69L  2-333-3250 Chuck EstradaBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteWes Stock 287302-15
1962-06-24vs BOS70L  5-833-3258,921 Steve BarberGene ConleyGene ConleyJack Fisher 292310-18
1962-06-26vs CHA71W  1-034-32516,565 Milt PappasJohn BuzhardtMilt PappasJohn Buzhardt 293310-17
1962-06-27vs CHA72W  3-135-32412,760 Robin RobertsJuan PizarroRobin RobertsJuan Pizarro 296311-15
1962-06-28vs CHA73W  6-036-3249,037 Steve BarberDom ZanniSteve BarberDom Zanni 302311-9
1962-06-29vs DET74L  0-136-33428,363 Chuck EstradaHank AguirreHank AguirreChuck Estrada 302312-10
1962-06-30vs DET75W  6-337-3440 Jack FisherFrank LaryJack FisherFrank LaryBilly Hoeft308315-7
1962-06-30vs DET76L  4-737-34421,271 Milt PappasDon MossiDon MossiMilt PappasTerry Fox312322-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-07-01vs DET77L  2-337-35511,764 Robin RobertsJim BunningJim BunningRobin RobertsTerry Fox314325-11
1962-07-02@ CLE78L  0-237-3658,195Steve BarberDick DonovanDick DonovanSteve Barber 314327-13
1962-07-04@ CHA79W  7-338-3750Milt PappasRay HerbertMilt PappasRay HerbertBilly Hoeft321330-9
1962-07-04@ CHA80L  2-538-37524,697Chuck EstradaJuan PizarroJuan PizarroChuck Estrada 323335-12
1962-07-05@ CHA81W  5-439-37515,614Jack FisherFrank BaumannHal BrownFrank BaumannWes Stock328339-11
1962-07-06@ DET82L  4-539-37531,300Robin RobertsJim BunningJim BunningHoyt Wilhelm 332344-12
1962-07-07@ DET83W  7-639-37414,695Chuck EstradaSam JonesBilly HoeftDon Mossi 339350-11
1962-07-08@ DET84L  1-539-3750Milt PappasPaul FoytackPaul FoytackMilt Pappas 340355-15
1962-07-08@ DET85L  2-339-37529,180Steve BarberHank AguirreHank AguirreBilly Hoeft 342358-16
1962-07-12vs CLE86L  4-639-38513,538 Robin RobertsRuben GomezGary BellWes StockFrank Funk346364-18
1962-07-13vs CLE87W  10-340-38523,961 Steve BarberJim PerrySteve BarberJim PerryHal Brown356367-11
1962-07-14vs CLE88W  4-341-38414,465 Milt PappasDick DonovanDick HallGary Bell 360370-10
1962-07-15@ CLE89W  6-443-3840Chuck EstradaMudcat GrantChuck EstradaMudcat Grant 366374-8
1962-07-15@ CLE90W  6-543-38416,462Jack FisherPedro RamosHal BrownBarry Latman 372379-7
1962-07-17@ KC191W  3-243-3836,094Robin RobertsEd RakowRobin RobertsEd Rakow 375381-6
1962-07-18@ KC192L  2-343-3836,399Milt PappasBob GiggieBob GiggieMilt PappasJohn Wyatt377384-7
1962-07-19@ KC193W  7-343-3835,255Steve BarberBill FischerHoyt WilhelmBill Fischer 384387-3
1962-07-20@ MIN94L  5-743-39318,992Chuck EstradaJack KralickRay MooreHal Brown 389394-5
1962-07-21@ MIN95L  6-743-40419,669Jack FisherJoe BonikowskiBill PleisJack FisherLee Stange395401-6
1962-07-22@ MIN96W  8-644-40430,031Robin RobertsCamilo PascualRobin RobertsCamilo PascualHoyt Wilhelm403407-4
1962-07-23@ LAA97L  5-644-4158,251Milt PappasEli GrbaDean ChanceDick Hall 408413-5
1962-07-24@ LAA98W  3-245-4250Steve BarberBo BelinskySteve BarberBo BelinskyHoyt Wilhelm411415-4
1962-07-24@ LAA99L  5-845-42517,015Chuck EstradaTed BowsfieldTed BowsfieldChuck EstradaDan Osinski416423-7
1962-07-25@ LAA100L  0-545-43511,185Jack FisherDon LeeDon LeeJack FisherDean Chance416428-12
1962-07-27vs KC1101W  3-246-4359,121 Robin RobertsDan PfisterHoyt WilhelmDanny McDevitt 419430-11
1962-07-28vs KC1102W  3-048-4330 Steve BarberEd RakowSteve BarberEd Rakow 422430-8
1962-07-28vs KC1103W  7-148-43311,399 Dick HallJerry WalkerDick HallJerry Walker 429431-2
1962-07-29vs KC1104L  3-748-4434,768 Chuck EstradaBill FischerBill FischerChuck Estrada 432438-6
1962-07-31vs MIN105W  8-749-4438,929 Jack FisherJackie CollumJack FisherJackie CollumHoyt Wilhelm440445-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-08-01vs MIN106L  1-349-45311,425 Robin RobertsJim KaatJim KaatRobin Roberts 441448-7
1962-08-02vs MIN107L  3-649-4638,256 Dick HallDick StigmanFrank SullivanHoyt WilhelmRay Moore444454-10
1962-08-03vs LAA108W  6-350-4638,161 Milt PappasKen McBrideMilt PappasKen McBrideBilly Hoeft450457-7
1962-08-04vs LAA109W  3-151-4639,012 Jack FisherDon LeeJack FisherDon Lee 453458-5
1962-08-05vs LAA110W  7-252-4638,272 Robin RobertsEli GrbaRobin RobertsEli Grba 4604600
1962-08-06@ CHA111L  4-552-47314,933Chuck EstradaEarly WynnMike JoyceBilly Hoeft 464465-1
1962-08-07@ CHA112L  0-452-4844,839Dick HallRay HerbertRay HerbertDick Hall 464469-5
1962-08-08@ NYA113L  2-353-4930Milt PappasBill StaffordMarshall BridgesMilt Pappas 466472-6
1962-08-08@ NYA114W  4-353-49329,137Jack FisherJim BoutonJack FisherJim BoutonBilly Hoeft470475-5
1962-08-11@ BOS115L  0-353-5145,657Robin RobertsIke DelockIke DelockRobin Roberts 470478-8
1962-08-11@ BOS116L  3-753-5148,058Chuck EstradaDon SchwallDon SchwallChuck Estrada 473485-12
1962-08-12@ BOS117L  1-453-5245,461Milt PappasEarl WilsonEarl WilsonMilt Pappas 474489-15
1962-08-14@ DET118L  10-1353-5240Jack FisherHowie KoplitzSam JonesBilly HoeftTerry Fox484502-18
1962-08-14@ DET119L  4-553-52428,366Hal BrownPhil ReganPhil ReganHal BrownJim Bunning488507-19
1962-08-15@ DET120L  1-353-52412,706Robin RobertsHank AguirreHank AguirreRobin Roberts 489510-21
1962-08-17vs CLE121W  5-254-52412,243 Milt PappasDick DonovanMilt PappasDick Donovan 494512-18
1962-08-18vs CLE122L  3-454-5347,442 Chuck EstradaPedro RamosGary BellHoyt Wilhelm 497516-19
1962-08-19vs CLE123W  6-555-5347,642 Jack FisherBarry LatmanDick HallBarry LatmanBilly Hoeft503521-18
1962-08-21vs CHA124W  9-156-5349,632 Robin RobertsEarly WynnRobin RobertsEarly Wynn 512522-10
1962-08-22vs CHA125L  6-756-5448,353 Milt PappasJohn BuzhardtFrank BaumannHoyt Wilhelm 518529-11
1962-08-24vs NYA126W  6-258-5440 Chuck EstradaJim BoutonChuck EstradaJim Bouton 524531-7
1962-08-24vs NYA127W  14-258-54432,627 Jack FisherBob TurleyJack FisherBob Turley 5385335
1962-08-25vs NYA128W  8-660-54417,331 Dick HallJim CoatesDick HallMarshall BridgesHoyt Wilhelm5465397
1962-08-25vs NYA129W  4-360-54424,215 Hal BrownBud DaleyHoyt WilhelmJim Bouton 5505428
1962-08-26vs NYA130W  2-161-54332,646 Robin RobertsWhitey FordRobin RobertsWhitey Ford 5525439
1962-08-27@ WS2131L  0-761-5546,526Billy HoeftTom CheneyTom CheneyBilly Hoeft 5525502
1962-08-28@ WS2132L  0-461-5649,107Jack FisherDon RudolphDon RudolphJack Fisher 552554-2
1962-08-29@ WS2133W  9-362-5638,002Chuck EstradaBennie DanielsChuck EstradaBennie Daniels 5615574
1962-08-30vs WS2134L  2-362-5733,712 Dick HallDave StenhouseDave StenhouseDick Hall 5635603
1962-08-31@ CLE135L  6-962-5849,161Robin RobertsDick DonovanDick DonovanRobin Roberts 5695690
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-09-01@ CLE136W  8-263-5842,342Jack FisherSam McDowellJack FisherSam McDowell 5775716
1962-09-02@ CLE137W  4-165-5830Milt PappasMudcat GrantMilt PappasMudcat Grant 5815729
1962-09-02@ CLE138W  2-165-5838,046Hal BrownJim PerryHal BrownJim PerryHoyt Wilhelm58357310
1962-09-03vs DET139L  0-165-6030 Dick HallDon MossiDon MossiDick HallTerry Fox5835749
1962-09-03vs DET140L  1-465-60313,023 Chuck EstradaPhil ReganPhil ReganChuck Estrada 5845786
1962-09-05vs DET141L  2-565-6240 Robin RobertsJim BunningJim BunningRobin Roberts 5865833
1962-09-05vs DET142L  0-665-6246,630 Jack FisherHank AguirreHank AguirreJack Fisher 586589-3
1962-09-07vs LAA143L  4-565-6348,342 Milt PappasEli GrbaDan OsinskiDick LuebkeTom Morgan590594-4
1962-09-08vs LAA144L  1-265-6446,515 Chuck EstradaBo BelinskyBo BelinskyChuck EstradaDon Lee591596-5
1962-09-09vs LAA145W  4-366-6445,453 Jack FisherTed BowsfieldHoyt WilhelmJulio Navarro 595599-4
1962-09-10vs BOS146W  2-167-6449,063 Robin RobertsEarl WilsonWes StockEarl Wilson 597600-3
1962-09-12vs WS2147L  1-267-6544,098 Milt PappasTom CheneyTom CheneyDick Hall 598602-4
1962-09-13vs WS2148W  7-168-6543,132 Chuck EstradaDon RudolphChuck EstradaDon Rudolph 6056032
1962-09-15@ KC1149L  3-468-6540Jack FisherEd RakowJohn WyattHoyt Wilhelm 6086071
1962-09-15@ KC1150L  4-568-6547,884Robin RobertsBill FischerDave WickershamBilly Hoeft 6126120
1962-09-16@ KC1151L  5-1268-6546,607Milt PappasOrlando PenaOrlando PenaMilt PappasDave Wickersham617624-7
1962-09-18@ LAA152W  5-269-6546,730Chuck EstradaBo BelinskyChuck EstradaBo BelinskyBilly Hoeft622626-4
1962-09-19@ LAA153L  4-969-6645,864Jack FisherDean ChanceTed BowsfieldJack Fisher 626635-9
1962-09-21vs MIN154W  3-270-6646,944 Robin RobertsCamilo PascualRobin RobertsCamilo PascualDick Hall629637-8
1962-09-22vs MIN155W  5-371-6644,071 Milt PappasJack KralickJohn MillerJack KralickDick Hall634640-6
1962-09-23vs MIN156L  2-971-6743,744 Chuck EstradaDick StigmanDick StigmanChuck EstradaJim Kaat636649-13
1962-09-24vs KC1157L  2-571-6842,297 Jack FisherEd RakowEd RakowJack Fisher 638654-16
1962-09-26vs KC1158W  3-072-6940 Dave McNallyBill FischerDave McNallyBill Fischer 641654-13
1962-09-26vs KC1159L  2-672-6942,840 Robin RobertsOrlando PenaOrlando PenaRobin Roberts 643660-17
1962-09-28@ MIN160L  5-1172-7044,655Milt PappasJim KaatJim KaatMilt PappasJoe Bonikowski648671-23
1962-09-29@ MIN161L  4-872-71410,696Chuck EstradaJack KralickJack KralickChuck Estrada 652679-27
1962-09-30@ MIN162L  0-172-72411,550John MillerCamilo PascualCamilo PascualJohn Miller 652680-28

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