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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Pittsburgh,PA
Team Record:  93-68   .578
Result:   4th in National League
Manager(s):  Danny Murtaugh
General Manager:   Joe Brown
Stadium:  Forbes Field
Attendance:  1,090,648
Playoffs:  -

Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Diomedes Olivo (43)
Youngest Player:  Bob Bailey (19)
Longest Tenure:  Bob Friend (12)
Top Hitter:  Bob Skinner (19)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Friend (8)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  77.50%
National League Standings
SF Giants10362.624--
LA Dodgers10263.6181.0
St. Louis8478.51917.5
Chi Cubs59103.36442.5
NY Mets40120.25060.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-04-10vs PHI1W  6-01-0128,813 Bob FriendJim OwensBob FriendJim Owens 606
1962-04-13@ NYN2W  4-32-0112,447Tom SturdivantSherman JonesTom SturdivantSherman JonesRoy Face1037
1962-04-14@ NYN3W  6-23-019,231Vinegar Bend MizellAl JacksonVinegar Bend MizellAl JacksonRoy Face16511
1962-04-15@ NYN4W  7-24-0111,278Bob FriendRoger CraigBob FriendRoger Craig 23716
1962-04-16@ CHN5W  6-55-011,642Bob VealeGlen HobbieDiomedes OlivoBob AndersonRoy Face291217
1962-04-17@ CHN6W  10-66-011,937Tom SturdivantJack CurtisHarvey HaddixBarney Schultz 391821
1962-04-18@ PHI7W  4-37-017,284Vinegar Bend MizellJack HamiltonEarl FrancisJack Hamilton 432122
1962-04-19@ PHI8W  6-38-018,427Al McBeanArt MahaffeyAl McBeanArt MahaffeyJack Lamabe492425
1962-04-21vs NYN9W  8-49-0117,927 Bob FriendRobert Lane MillerBob FriendRobert Lane MillerRoy Face572829
1962-04-22vs NYN10W  4-310-0113,780 Bob VealeRoger CraigBob VealeSherman Jones 613130
1962-04-23vs NYN11L  1-910-1116,676 Tom SturdivantJay HookJay HookTom Sturdivant 624022
1962-04-24vs SFN12W  7-311-1118,620 Al McBeanJuan MarichalAl McBeanJuan MarichalRoy Face694326
1962-04-25vs SFN13L  3-811-2121,652 Bob FriendGaylord PerryGaylord PerryBob FriendDon Larsen725121
1962-04-27@ LAN14L  2-711-3240,509Bob VealeDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleBob Veale 745816
1962-04-28@ LAN15L  1-211-4226,332Earl FrancisSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxEarl Francis 756015
1962-04-29@ LAN16W  6-113-420Bob FriendJohnny PodresBob FriendJohnny Podres 816120
1962-04-29@ LAN17W  1-013-4251,574Al McBeanJoe MoellerAl McBeanJoe Moeller 826121
1962-04-30@ SFN18L  1-413-539,543Vinegar Bend MizellGaylord PerryGaylord PerryVinegar Bend Mizell 836518
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-05-01@ SFN19L  2-413-6323,657Bob VealeBilly O'DellBilly O'DellBob Veale 856916
1962-05-02@ SFN20L  2-313-739,926Earl FrancisJuan MarichalJuan MarichalEarl Francis 877215
1962-05-03@ SFN21L  4-813-8310,723Al McBeanJack SanfordJack SanfordHarvey Haddix 918011
1962-05-04vs LAN22W  5-414-8320,986 Bob FriendJohnny PodresRoy FaceJoe Moeller 968412
1962-05-05vs LAN23L  1-1014-9313,366 Tom SturdivantDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleTom Sturdivant 97943
1962-05-09@ MLN24L  2-414-1043,673Bob FriendRon PicheRon PicheBob FriendHank Fischer99981
1962-05-10@ MLN25L  3-414-1142,746Earl FrancisBob HendleyHank FischerRoy Face 1021020
1962-05-11@ CIN26L  2-314-12410,448Al McBeanJoey JayJoey JayAl McBean 104105-1
1962-05-12@ CIN27L  2-914-13516,858Vern LawJim O'TooleJim O'TooleVern Law 106114-8
1962-05-13@ CIN28L  4-614-14512,004Bob FriendBob PurkeyBob PurkeyBob FriendJim Brosnan110120-10
1962-05-15vs MLN29W  5-415-1459,641 Earl FrancisRon PicheHarvey HaddixJack Curtis 115124-9
1962-05-16vs MLN30W  6-015-14511,168 Al McBeanBob HendleyAl McBeanBob HendleyDiomedes Olivo121124-3
1962-05-17vs MLN31L  2-715-14510,010 Bob FriendBob ShawBob ShawBob Friend 123131-8
1962-05-18vs CIN32L  1-415-15517,425 Harvey HaddixBob PurkeyBob PurkeyHarvey Haddix 124135-11
1962-05-20vs CIN33W  8-216-15514,971 Vern LawJoey JayVern LawJoey Jay 132137-5
1962-05-21vs CHN34W  8-417-1557,560 Earl FrancisDick EllsworthTom SturdivantDick Ellsworth 140141-1
1962-05-22vs CHN35L  1-317-1659,584 Bob FriendDon CardwellDon CardwellBob Friend 141144-3
1962-05-23@ SLN36W  6-318-1659,147Harvey HaddixLarry JacksonHarvey HaddixLarry JacksonDiomedes Olivo1471470
1962-05-24@ SLN37W  5-219-1658,536Al McBeanRay SadeckiAl McBeanRay SadeckiRoy Face1521493
1962-05-25@ HOU38W  4-319-16511,350Earl FrancisBob BruceRoy FaceBobby TiefenauerTom Sturdivant1561524
1962-05-26@ HOU39L  0-219-16513,909Bob FriendJim GoldenJim GoldenBob Friend 1561542
1962-05-27@ HOU40W  7-219-16511,793Vern LawKen JohnsonVern LawKen Johnson 1631567
1962-05-28vs SLN41W  3-120-1658,051 Harvey HaddixErnie BroglioHarvey HaddixErnie Broglio 1661579
1962-05-29vs SLN42W  7-621-16417,171 Al McBeanRay SadeckiTom SturdivantBobby Shantz 17316310
1962-05-30vs SLN43W  3-122-16417,186 Earl FrancisRay WashburnEarl FrancisRay WashburnDiomedes Olivo17616412
1962-05-31vs SLN44W  5-423-16410,466 Bob FriendCurt SimmonsBob FriendCurt SimmonsDiomedes Olivo18116813
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-06-01vs HOU45W  8-424-16414,961 Joe GibbonJim GoldenRoy FaceJim Golden 18917217
1962-06-02vs HOU46W  9-225-16411,703 Vern LawTurk FarrellVern LawTurk Farrell 19817424
1962-06-03vs HOU47L  6-1025-1840 Harvey HaddixDave GiustiBobby TiefenauerTom SturdivantDon McMahon20418420
1962-06-03vs HOU48L  3-1025-18424,282 Al McBeanKen JohnsonKen JohnsonAl McBean 20719413
1962-06-05vs LAN49L  2-325-2040 Earl FrancisStan WilliamsStan WilliamsEarl FrancisLarry Sherry20919712
1962-06-05vs LAN50L  3-825-20418,579 Bob FriendDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleBob FriendSandy Koufax2122057
1962-06-06vs LAN51L  3-525-21413,667 Joe GibbonJoe MoellerJoe MoellerJoe GibbonRon Perranoski2152105
1962-06-07vs LAN52W  3-226-21412,177 Harvey HaddixJohnny PodresRoy FaceLarry Sherry 2182126
1962-06-09@ MLN53L  3-426-2250Vern LawBob ShawBob ShawVern Law 2212165
1962-06-09@ MLN54L  3-526-2258,901Al McBeanTony CloningerTony CloningerAl McBeanDon Nottebart2242213
1962-06-10@ MLN55W  12-826-2250Bob FriendRon PicheBob FriendRon PicheTom Sturdivant2362297
1962-06-10@ MLN56W  3-226-22514,082Earl FrancisBob HendleyEarl FrancisBob HendleyRoy Face2392318
1962-06-11@ CHN57W  6-127-2255,354Joe GibbonDon CardwellJoe GibbonDon CardwellDiomedes Olivo24523213
1962-06-12@ CHN58W  4-328-2243,200Harvey HaddixGlen HobbieHarvey HaddixGlen HobbieRoy Face24923514
1962-06-13@ CHN59W  6-429-2244,872Al McBeanCal KoonceAl McBeanCal KoonceRoy Face25523916
1962-06-14@ CHN60W  6-330-2235,005Bob FriendDick EllsworthBob FriendDick Ellsworth 26124219
1962-06-15vs MLN61W  9-830-22421,673 Earl FrancisTony CloningerJack LamabeDon NottebartRoy Face27025020
1962-06-16vs MLN62L  1-230-22322,437 Vern LawLew BurdetteLew BurdetteVern Law 27125219
1962-06-17vs MLN63W  7-331-22315,448 Harvey HaddixWarren SpahnHarvey HaddixWarren Spahn 27825523
1962-06-18vs CIN64L  5-631-2430 Bob FriendJoey JayJoey JayBob FriendJohnny Klippstein28326122
1962-06-18vs CIN65L  2-431-24321,884 Al McBeanBob PurkeyBob PurkeyAl McBean 28526520
1962-06-19vs CIN66L  1-231-25412,167 Earl FrancisJim MaloneyJim MaloneyEarl FrancisBill Henry28626719
1962-06-20vs CIN67W  5-432-25312,965 Vern LawJim O'TooleVern LawJim O'TooleRoy Face29127120
1962-06-22vs CHN68W  7-533-25313,710 Joe GibbonBob AndersonJoe GibbonBarney SchultzRoy Face29827622
1962-06-23vs CHN69W  4-334-2538,521 Bob FriendDon CardwellDiomedes OlivoDon Elston 30227923
1962-06-24vs CHN70L  3-434-2740 Al McBeanBob BuhlBob BuhlAl McBeanBob Anderson30528322
1962-06-24vs CHN71L  4-834-27415,676 Earl FrancisCal KoonceCal KoonceEarl FrancisBarney Schultz30929118
1962-06-25vs NYN72W  13-335-2739,310 Vern LawCraig AndersonVern LawCraig Anderson 32229428
1962-06-26vs NYN73W  5-236-2739,534 Joe GibbonWillard HunterEarl FrancisWillard HunterRoy Face32729631
1962-06-27vs NYN74W  6-537-27312,468 Bob FriendRoger CraigDiomedes OlivoRoger Craig 33330132
1962-06-29@ SLN75L  0-537-28418,531Harvey HaddixCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsHarvey Haddix 33330627
1962-06-30@ SLN76W  17-738-28322,527Vern LawRay WashburnVern LawRay WashburnDiomedes Olivo35031337
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-07-01@ SLN77W  7-239-28325,977Al McBeanLarry JacksonAl McBeanLarry Jackson 35731542
1962-07-02@ HOU78W  4-239-28311,760Bob FriendHal WoodeshickBob FriendHal WoodeshickRoy Face36131744
1962-07-03@ HOU79W  5-239-28310,729Harvey HaddixKen JohnsonHarvey HaddixKen JohnsonRoy Face36631947
1962-07-04@ HOU80W  7-039-2830Vern LawBob BruceVern LawBob Bruce 37331954
1962-07-04@ HOU81W  4-339-28320,005Earl FrancisJim GoldenEarl FrancisJim GoldenRoy Face37732255
1962-07-05vs PHI82W  5-040-28313,623 Al McBeanJim OwensAl McBeanJim Owens 38232260
1962-07-06vs PHI83L  2-640-29315,836 Bob FriendArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyBob Friend 38432856
1962-07-07vs PHI84W  6-441-2938,781 Harvey HaddixJack HamiltonRoy FaceChris Short 39033258
1962-07-08vs PHI85L  4-842-3030 Vern LawDennis BennettJack BaldschunVern Law 39434054
1962-07-08vs PHI86W  6-542-30316,147 Earl FrancisBill SmithTom SturdivantBill SmithRoy Face40034555
1962-07-12vs HOU87W  6-443-30314,784 Al McBeanJim GoldenAl McBeanJim Golden 40634957
1962-07-13vs HOU88W  4-044-30315,376 Bob FriendTurk FarrellBob FriendTurk Farrell 41034961
1962-07-14vs HOU89W  4-245-3037,343 Vern LawBob BruceVern LawBob Bruce 41435163
1962-07-15vs SLN90L  2-346-3130 Harvey HaddixRay WashburnRay WashburnRoy FaceLindy McDaniel41635462
1962-07-15vs SLN91W  8-746-31326,905 Earl FrancisCurt SimmonsRoy FaceDon Ferrarese 42436163
1962-07-16vs SLN92W  5-247-31316,747 Al McBeanRay SadeckiAl McBeanRay Sadecki 42936366
1962-07-19@ NYN93W  5-149-3130Bob FriendAl JacksonBob FriendAl Jackson 43436470
1962-07-19@ NYN94W  7-649-31316,540Tommie SiskJay HookRoy FaceJay Hook 44137071
1962-07-20vs SFN95L  3-649-32337,705 Vern LawJack SanfordJack SanfordVern LawDon Larsen44437668
1962-07-21vs SFN96W  7-650-32323,917 Al McBeanBilly O'DellRoy FaceDon Larsen 45138269
1962-07-22vs SFN97L  4-550-33327,973 Harvey HaddixJuan MarichalJuan MarichalHarvey Haddix 45538768
1962-07-23@ CIN98L  0-350-34311,168Bob FriendJim O'TooleJim O'TooleBob Friend 45539065
1962-07-24@ CIN99L  4-650-35311,521Earl FrancisJoey JayJoey JayEarl FrancisBill Henry45939663
1962-07-25@ CIN100L  6-1350-36313,347Al McBeanBob PurkeyBob PurkeyAl McBean 46540956
1962-07-26@ CIN101L  3-550-3748,349Vern LawJohnny KlippsteinJohnny KlippsteinVern LawBill Henry46841454
1962-07-27@ PHI102L  3-551-3840Harvey HaddixDallas GreenDallas GreenHarvey HaddixChris Short47141952
1962-07-27@ PHI103W  4-151-38421,159Bob FriendJack HamiltonBob FriendJack HamiltonRoy Face47542055
1962-07-28@ PHI104L  2-951-39412,450Earl FrancisArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyEarl Francis 47742948
1962-07-29@ PHI105L  1-851-4048,502Al McBeanCal McLishCal McLishAl McBean 47843741
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-08-01@ LAN106W  9-152-40442,068Bob FriendStan WilliamsBob FriendStan Williams 48743849
1962-08-02@ LAN107L  3-552-41440,722Vern LawJohnny PodresJohnny PodresJoe GibbonLarry Sherry49044347
1962-08-03@ SFN108W  5-253-41415,910Al McBeanJuan MarichalAl McBeanJuan MarichalRoy Face49544550
1962-08-04@ SFN109L  5-653-42429,370Harvey HaddixJack SanfordJack SanfordDiomedes OlivoBobby Bolin50045149
1962-08-05@ SFN110L  1-253-43525,532Bob FriendBilly O'DellBilly O'DellBob Friend 50145348
1962-08-07vs SLN111L  0-553-44517,294 Joe GibbonErnie BroglioErnie BroglioJoe Gibbon 50145843
1962-08-08vs SLN112L  0-253-45511,267 Al McBeanBob GibsonBob GibsonAl McBean 50146041
1962-08-10@ CHN113L  6-753-4667,656Bob FriendDon CardwellBarney SchultzRoy Face 50746740
1962-08-11@ CHN114W  10-654-4651,238Vern LawDick EllsworthVern LawDick EllsworthRoy Face51747344
1962-08-12@ CHN115W  5-455-46514,261Harvey HaddixCal KoonceJack LamabeDon ElstonRoy Face52247745
1962-08-14vs LAN116W  2-156-4652,121 Al McBeanJohnny PodresAl McBeanJohnny Podres 52447846
1962-08-15vs LAN117W  6-357-46525,670 Bob FriendDon DrysdaleBob FriendDon DrysdaleDiomedes Olivo53048149
1962-08-16vs LAN118L  3-757-47523,291 Joe GibbonStan WilliamsStan WilliamsJoe GibbonRon Perranoski53348845
1962-08-17vs PHI119W  9-158-47513,713 Harvey HaddixJack HamiltonHarvey HaddixJack Hamilton 54248953
1962-08-18vs PHI120W  5-259-47510,611 Tom SturdivantCal McLishTom SturdivantCal McLishRoy Face54749156
1962-08-19vs PHI121L  2-359-48515,680 Vern LawDennis BennettChris ShortRoy FaceJack Baldschun54949455
1962-08-20@ NYN122W  2-061-4850Bob FriendJay HookBob FriendJay Hook 55149457
1962-08-20@ NYN123W  6-361-4858,214Al McBeanRobert Lane MillerAl McBeanRobert Lane MillerRoy Face55749760
1962-08-21@ NYN124W  8-662-4950Joe GibbonCraig AndersonDiomedes OlivoRoger CraigRoy Face56550362
1962-08-21@ NYN125L  4-562-4954,184Harvey HaddixBob MoorheadRobert Gerald MillerRoy Face 56950861
1962-08-22vs HOU126W  3-063-49410,553 Tom SturdivantGeorge BrunetTom SturdivantGeorge Brunet 57250864
1962-08-23vs HOU127W  4-064-49410,742 Vern LawKen JohnsonVern LawKen Johnson 57650868
1962-08-25@ SLN128L  2-365-5040Bob FriendLarry JacksonLarry JacksonBob Friend 57851167
1962-08-25@ SLN129W  4-065-5048,959Earl FrancisCurt SimmonsEarl FrancisCurt Simmons 58251171
1962-08-26@ SLN130L  5-666-5140Harvey HaddixRay WashburnBobby ShantzRoy Face 58751770
1962-08-26@ SLN131W  7-666-51425,556Tom SturdivantLindy McDanielTom SturdivantLindy McDanielJack Lamabe59452371
1962-08-28vs CHN132W  7-667-51410,175 Vern LawBob BuhlDiomedes OlivoDon Elston 60152972
1962-08-29vs CHN133W  5-268-51410,714 Bob FriendCal KoonceBob FriendCal KoonceRoy Face60653175
1962-08-30vs CHN134W  5-369-51413,639 Al McBeanDon CardwellAl McBeanDon CardwellRoy Face61153477
1962-08-31@ PHI135L  2-369-5248,191Earl FrancisDallas GreenJack BaldschunEarl Francis 61353776
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-09-01@ PHI136W  7-670-5248,297Tom SturdivantJim OwensTom SturdivantJim OwensRoy Face62054377
1962-09-03vs NYN137W  2-072-5240 Bob FriendJay HookBob FriendJay Hook 62254379
1962-09-03vs NYN138W  5-472-52414,289 Al McBeanRoger CraigAl McBeanRoger CraigRoy Face62754780
1962-09-04vs NYN139W  5-173-5244,364 Harvey HaddixCraig AndersonHarvey HaddixCraig Anderson 63254884
1962-09-05@ HOU140L  3-573-5244,593Vern LawGeorge BrunetJim UmbrichtVern LawDon McMahon63555382
1962-09-06@ HOU141L  3-473-5245,196Tom SturdivantKen JohnsonRuss KemmererRoy Face 63855781
1962-09-07@ LAN142W  10-174-52436,368Earl FrancisStan WilliamsEarl FrancisStan Williams 64855890
1962-09-08@ LAN143L  1-674-53443,887Al McBeanPete RichertPete RichertAl McBean 64956485
1962-09-09@ LAN144L  3-574-54437,594Bob FriendJohnny PodresJohnny PodresBob FriendRon Perranoski65256983
1962-09-10@ SFN145L  1-474-55419,498Harvey HaddixBilly O'DellBilly O'DellHarvey Haddix 65357380
1962-09-11@ SFN146L  0-274-56410,283Tom SturdivantJack SanfordJack SanfordTom Sturdivant 65357578
1962-09-14vs SFN147W  5-175-56414,354 Earl FrancisBilly O'DellEarl FrancisBilly O'Dell 65857682
1962-09-15vs SFN148W  5-176-56410,340 Bob FriendJack SanfordBob FriendJack Sanford 66357786
1962-09-16vs SFN149W  6-477-56414,216 Al McBeanGaylord PerryJoe GibbonStu Miller 66958188
1962-09-17vs SFN150W  5-278-5648,364 Tom SturdivantMike McCormickTom SturdivantMike McCormick 67458391
1962-09-18vs CIN151L  4-778-5745,656 Earl FrancisJim O'TooleBill HenryJack LamabeJohnny Klippstein67859088
1962-09-19vs CIN152W  1-079-5743,437 Bob FriendJim MaloneyBob FriendJim Maloney 67959089
1962-09-20vs CIN153W  4-380-5743,957 Bob VealeBob PurkeyBob PriddyBill Henry 68359390
1962-09-21vs MLN154L  3-780-5846,339 Al McBeanWarren SpahnWarren SpahnAl McBean 68660086
1962-09-22vs MLN155L  0-280-5945,153 Tommie SiskJim ConstableJim ConstableTommie Sisk 68660284
1962-09-23vs MLN156L  3-1080-60424,323 Bob FriendTony CloningerTony CloningerBob Friend 68961277
1962-09-25@ CIN157L  1-280-6144,500Tom SturdivantBob PurkeyBob PurkeyTom Sturdivant 69061476
1962-09-26@ CIN158W  1-081-6143,623Earl FrancisJim MaloneyEarl FrancisJohnny KlippsteinBob Friend69161477
1962-09-28@ MLN159W  8-282-6144,274Bob VealeJim ConstableBob VealeJim Constable 69961683
1962-09-29@ MLN160L  3-782-62411,339Tommie SiskWarren SpahnWarren SpahnTommie Sisk 70262379
1962-09-30@ MLN161W  4-382-6247,376Diomedes OlivoJack CurtisJack LamabeClaude RaymondBob Veale70662680

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